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July, 2024

Feds go after companies selling snacks laced with THC

Officials confirm a case of bubonic plague in Colorado

Researchers find tampons contain lead, arsenic, and other toxic chemicals

Those recalled ‘microdosed’ treats have sickened at least 59 people

Lithium-ion batteries may contribute to forever chemical pollution

Can Mark Cuban’s CostPlus Drugs really bring down drug costs?

Popular weight loss drugs could lower the risk of certain cancers, study finds

FTC report says pharmacy benefit managers keep drug prices high

USDA tests confirm that pasteurization kills the bird flu virus in milk

Ultra-processed, plant-based food could increase the risk of heart disease

The ins and outs of improving your gut health

FDA tells another website to stop selling injectable semaglutide weight loss drugs

June, 2024

Raw milk is a trend, but health officials say it's a dangerous one

Surgeon General declares gun violence a public health crisis

Have we finally found the best cure for snoring?

CDC identifies drug-resistant flu variant in the U.S.

The food many of us hated as kids is making an impressive comeback

FDA warns consumers about paralytic shellfish poisoning in some contaminated shellfish

Gallup survey finds global ‘loneliness epidemic’

FDA reports recalls of 28 drinks over chemical exposure

White House: Medical debt can no longer be used on credit reports

First human death from bird flu confirmed in Mexico

Recalled cucumbers may be linked to nationwide Salmonella outbreak

People in these states may be most concerned about heart health

Nearly 250 drugs are in short supply and causing a spike in prices

May, 2024

Hearing study reveals new perspectives on tinnitus including help from an Apple Watch

New study links tattoos to cancer

Second case of bird flu in humans confirmed in Michigan

Can’t remember where you put the keys? Maybe you should blame ultra-processed foods you eat

Ozempic craze sweeps the nation: What's the role of 'cultural norms?'

Apricot Power refuses to recall toxic apricot seeds

Mapped: U.S. states that want Ozempic the most

Move over, Ozempic. There might be a new weight loss drug.

What’s the truth about sunscreen and cancer?

Do you live in one of the worst places for summer allergies?

The bed bug picture: bleak and getting worse in some towns

Hy-Vee cream cheese recall for salmonella risk has been expanded

Have a health savings account? Here's what financial experts say you should know.

Wegovy users keep the weight off after four years, study finds

A cure for diabetes? Some researchers think it's possible.

Medicare Advantage extras could be cut in 2025

New evidence links acid reflux medication to migraine headaches

Does Ozempic make birth control pills less effective?

Bird flu is spreading to another farm animal

New guidance recommends women start breast cancer screenings at 40

Is there a disease, an addiction, or a body part that Ozempic can’t make better?

Walmart Health is closing its doors. Now, where do you go?

April, 2024

Bird flu impacts dairy products in nine states

EPA bans chemical found in some paint removers, industrial and consumer

Are you a Kaiser patient? Your personal and health data may be out there.

USDA orders flu testing for dairy cows to avoid spreading bird flu

More food products are being recalled for undeclared allergens

'Forever chemicals' are now found in most fruit and vegetables

The Ozempic diet? Yes, people taking it eat less and spend less on food.

Feds issue safety alert for potentially contaminated ground beef

Novo Nordisk is ending insulin product sales in the U.S. Three senators are not happy.

Weight loss drug Zepbound is also effective for sleep apnea, study finds

CDC is investigating counterfeit Botox injections

Study says Lunchables contains too much lead for school lunches

New EPA standards limit forever chemicals in drinking water

Over-the-counter birth control pills now available in pharmacies

Commonly used flame retardant linked to cancer risk

Diabetes patients find it harder to fill prescriptions for insulin

Costco's new weight loss program will include Ozempic prescriptions

How to watch this month’s total solar eclipse

March, 2024

Study finds Ozempic can be made for $5. U.S. consumers pay nearly $1000.

A visit with your doctor could carry a hefty ‘facility fee’

Asthma drug Singulair linked to severe mental health risks

Here are the 10 worst cities for allergy sufferers

One diet soda per day may affect your heart rhythm

Another drug company slashes the cost of drug inhalers

One blood test could detect multiple cancers

Could Symbicort and Farxiga users be getting a break on prices?

Kellogg continues to get pushback over cereal for dinner idea

Here's a surprising way to improve your memory

CVS and Walgreens get ready to dispense abortion pill

Should you be concerned about pesticides in breakfast cereal?

Just how harmful is ultra-processed food?

Do you need the new COVID booster? Depends on how old you are.

February, 2024

Guess where you'll find more bacteria than your toilet

Magic slimming meds or risky gamble? The truth about the new weight loss drugs.

Wait! Meat can prevent cancer?

Rural hospitals are closing at a faster pace

Kratom craze: Cure or curse?

If you eat cereal, you're probably getting a helping of a pesticide

Pleasant and familiar smells may help treat depression

The bubonic plague shows up in Oregon

Get medical advice from social media? That could be a mistake.

FDA issues warning on three types of copycat eye drops

Do you work at a desk? You may need to consider extra exercise

January, 2024

Bottles of ADHD medication may actually contain allergy pills

Robitussin pulled from shelves due to microbial contamination

FDA finds link between cancer therapy and new tumors

You are what you drink. Liquids, not food, may cause weight gain

Using a weight loss drug? Here's what you need to know.

More healthcare providers charge to read patient emails

Asking ChatGPT for details on what’s making you sick is a big mistake

Should pre-teens be obsessed with skincare routines?

'This is a stick-up!' is the last thing you’d expect a doctor to say

Bottled water may not be as pure as you think, researchers find

Hear ye, hear ye! Getting hearing aids could add years to your life.

Ozempic may not lead to a higher risk of suicidal thoughts, study finds

Want to shed some pounds in 2024? Watch out for scams.

Asthma treatment may prove effective at mitigating allergy symptoms

December, 2023

FDA issues new warning about counterfeit Ozempic

Holiday accidents don’t end on Christmas Day

Weight loss drugs have led to surge in calls to poison control centers

What is ketamine and is it a dangerous drug?

Giving your child melatonin to induce sleep? Maybe you should read this…

FDA warns breakthrough cancer treatment might cause cancer

November, 2023

Mounjaro vs. Ozempic: Which one has the best weight loss results?

Can a food diet mimic Ozempic’s weight loss success?

At least 22 children injured by recalled fruit puree pouches

Prime members can now get a health care benefit for just $9 a month (or $99 a year)

FDA bans potentially harmful additive used in beverages

October, 2023

Cough? Cold? Doctor Amazon is open 24/7.

Over two dozen eye drops pulled from shelves after FDA warning

CVS pulls a number of cough, cold, and allergy meds off its shelves

Weight loss drugs may come with serious digestive risks

Should you consider an adjustable-rate mortgage?

Exercising in the morning may help you lose more weight, study finds

CDC data heighten concerns over RSV and the new COVID-19 variant

Can getting a gel manicure lead to cancer?

September, 2023

Are 'influencer’ dietitians paid to shape eating habits?

Latest perk for Costco members: discounted healthcare

Study finds diet soda and autism link

Do you know someone thinking of suicide? Here's how to help.

FDA warns companies selling unapproved eye products

FDA may pull popular allergy drugs off the market

You could get rewarded for getting your flu shot this year

August, 2023

Narcan will be on drugstore shelves starting next week

Acid reflux medication may carry dementia risks

FDA approves RSV vaccine for pregnant women

Fake Ozempic flooding the market, company says

Are major insurers trying to lower your drug costs?

Want to live longer? Just 4,000 steps a day may be all you need

New app finds cheapest price for medical procedures

FDA approves first oral postpartum depression drug

July, 2023

Kroger and Mark Cuban join forces to spread the availability of low cost prescription drugs

People can avoid and dispute unnecessary medical bills with the help of a new guide

CVS Caremark members are likely to see lower prescription costs with Cost Saver program

Harvard scientists say they can reverse the aging process

Environmental groups say EPA should investigate potential threats from old cables

FDA approves the first non-prescription contraceptive

New study shows that being overweight may not be linked with a higher risk of death

PRIME energy drinks may come under FDA scrutiny

June, 2023

A new report claims that artificial sweeteners could lead to cancer

Additional research suggests remission from type 2 diabetes might be possible with the right diet

An ingredient in energy drinks may extend lifespans, researchers say

A keto diet may help slow the progression of cancer, researchers say

Outrageous medical bill? You have options.

Peanuts can help cognitive function in later life, research says

Smoke from Canadian fires raises health concerns in the U.S.

May, 2023

Cooking out or taking food on the road with you this weekend? Here’s how you can keep from getting sick.

Surgeon General warns social media may be causing mental health crisis among teens

Consumers can receive free mental health screenings with CVS Health

Non-sugar sweeteners shouldn't be used for weight loss, WHO says

Health experts offer tips for saving on prescription drug costs

Can anything be done to bring down prescription drug costs?

April, 2023

Add this to your diet for a healthier heart, new study finds

Summer is expected to produce more Lyme disease caused by tick bites

Eating wild blueberry can help you lose weight, researchers say

March, 2023

FDA makes sales of opioid overdose treatment drug over-the-counter

The FDA proposes to give food producers the OK to use salt substitutes on more than 160 products

Two more people die from contaminated eye drops

Contaminated eye drops have caused multiple injuries and one death

Here's how retailers are changing the future of health care

Finally, an online hearing test that takes the subjectivity out of self-assessment

The high cost of insulin is finally coming down

New study finds a keto-friendly zero calorie sweetener may increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes

February, 2023

Is it COVID-19 or the flu? Now you only have to take one test

Been to the dentist lately? Get ready to pay more when you go

Commuting to work in heavy traffic can cause brain damage, study claims

January, 2023

Are you addicted to high-calorie food?

Amazon’s RxPass is now available to the public

Will raising your metabolism help you lose weight?

Considering a gym membership? Here’s what ConsumerAffairs reviewers say

What exactly caused Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin’s heart to stop beating?

December, 2022

Dark chocolate contains two heavy metals, a new study shows

November, 2022

Is it safe to buy from an online pharmacy?

The CDC raises alarm about deli counters connected to a new Listeria outbreak

September, 2022

Did someone say that chicken recipe called for… NyQuil?

August, 2022

E. coli outbreak possibly linked to sandwiches from Wendy’s

Consistency may be more important for workouts than duration of exercise, study finds

College students' academic stress may affect their mental health, study finds

Smoking and older age are biggest cancer risk factors, study finds

B vitamins and folic acid may be used to treat fatty liver disease, study finds

Inflation Reduction Act to reduce some consumer health care costs

Low levels of vitamin D may increase risk of chronic inflammation, study finds

CVS Health plans to open primary care doctor offices

Being social, educated, and employed helps prevent cognitive decline, study finds

Inflammatory bowel disease increases risk of pregnancy complications, study finds

USDA to declare salmonella an adulterant in some food products

Low levels of stress may be good for the brain, study finds

Smartphones may help improve memory skills, study finds

Consuming more calcium and potassium helps prevent recurring kidney stones, study finds

Antibiotic use in early childhood may increase risk of lifelong allergies and asthma, study finds

July, 2022

Staying socially and physically active lowers risk of dementia, study finds

Poor sleeping habits may increase risk of fatty liver disease, study finds

FDA wants consumers to have more information before LASIK surgery

Women's diets before pregnancy may affect newborns' health, study finds

Congress may be close to lowering prescription drug prices

Eating foods high in potassium may improve women's heart health, study finds

Exercising at least 2.5 hours per week lowers risk of death, study finds

Taking regular naps may increase risk of high blood pressure, study finds

WHO declares monkeypox as a global health emergency

Fitness trackers may motivate consumers to get physically active, study finds

Following a healthy lifestyle may lower the genetic risk of a stroke, study finds

Marijuana is becoming more popular in states where recreational cannabis is legal

Lower violent crime rates lead to fewer heart disease deaths, study suggests

Moderate drinking linked to cognitive decline

SNAP food assistance benefits linked to lower rates of child maltreatment

Phthalates pose danger to pregnant women and their children, researchers say

FDA to consider over-the-counter sale of birth control pills

Hypothyroidism may increase risk of dementia, study finds

Gardening can help improve consumers' mental health, study finds

Heart failure patients who lose a family member may have a higher risk of dying

Traffic-related injuries and deaths pose a big risk to young people, study finds

Hospitalizations may be higher among consumers who use cannabis, study finds

June, 2022

American Heart Association adds sleep to cardiovascular health checklist

Holiday fireworks accidents are increasing

Flu vaccine may lower the risk of Alzheimer's by 40%, study finds

Hormone levels linked to snoring and sleep apnea among postmenopausal women, study finds

FDA to investigate death of another infant given formula produced by Abbott Labs

Many teens aren't reaching daily exercise recommendations, study finds

Bronchitis during childhood may make lung issues more common in adulthood, study finds

Childhood obesity may affect cognitive function in midlife, study finds

Many asthma sufferers may be overusing their rescue inhalers, study finds

Sitting for long periods of time may increase the risk of early death, heart disease

Vitamin D deficiency may increase the risk for dementia, study finds

Exposure to harmful chemicals may increase women's risk of high blood pressure, study finds

Too much high fructose corn syrup may increase risk of liver disease, study finds

Inhaled vaccines may be a better alternative than nasal sprays, study finds

Optimism may help women live longer, study finds

Social isolation may increase risk for dementia in later life, study finds

Bad dreams may be a predictive factor for Parkinson's disease, study finds

Weight loss from bariatric surgery may lower consumers' risk of cancer, study finds

Three grams of omega-3 fatty acids per day may lower blood pressure, study finds

U.S. ranks seventh in cancer mortality rates despite having highest cost of care, study finds

May, 2022

Officials warn consumers about Hepatitis A outbreak connected to organic strawberries

Pfizer to provide medicines and vaccines for free to 45 lower-income nations

Alcohol may create significant heart health risks, study finds

How safe are your groceries? A new study says it depends on where you shop

Watching less TV may reduce risk of heart disease, study finds

Painkillers linked to serious health risks in new study

Mandating CPR and AED training in schools could help improve cardiac arrest outcomes

Insomnia symptoms could be devastating to consumers' cognitive health, study finds

FDA allows use of phthalates to continue in food packaging

Weight lifting may be beneficial for those struggling with obesity, study finds

Prediabetes may increase risk of heart attack in young adults, study finds

Drug overdoses skyrocketed in 2021, new report finds

Food insecurity may increase the risk of diabetes, study finds

Taking a break from social media can improve mental health, study finds

Higher levels of antioxidants may lower the risk of dementia, study finds

Following a healthy lifestyle lowers risk of gestational diabetes, study finds

New study identifies risk factors for heart attacks in young women

Abuse during childhood may increase risk of high cholesterol as an adult, study finds

Cutting down on sedentary time may lower risk of heart disease and diabetes, study finds

April, 2022

Viral changes in the gut may predict potentially fatal condition in preterm infants, study finds

PTSD creates over $230 billion in annual health care costs, study finds

Intense exercise may help reduce unhealthy food cravings, study finds

Women less likely to return to work after a severe stroke, study finds

Following the Mediterranean diet during pregnancy may reduce the risk of preeclampsia, study finds

Mental illness may increase the risk of cardiovascular-related death, study finds

Wildfires in Pacific Northwest push air pollution across North America, study finds

Telemedicine use during COVID-19 pandemic comes with racial disparities, study finds

Study identifies five childhood risk factors that may predict cardiovascular disease

Home medical treatment is more effective for patients who struggle with mental illness

Participating in meaningful activities may help consumers feel less lonely

Children's opioid prescriptions after surgery have decreased in the last five years

Postmenopausal diets may be detrimental to oral health, study finds

U.S. House passes bill to cap the cost of insulin

Complications after a stroke may increase risk of future heart problems, study finds

March, 2022

First responders play big role in helping consumers survive cardiac arrest, study finds

Staying hydrated may lower long-term risk of heart failure, study finds

Active video games can lead to health benefits, study finds

Cooking healthy meals at home can improve consumers' mental health

Exposure to more fires increases firefighters' risk of heart problems, study finds

Children's exposure to phthalates may increase their risk of cancer, study finds

Lifelong exercise may lower the risk of muscle mass loss in older age, study finds

Medical marijuana may increase the risk of cannabis use disorder, study finds

Men with HIV may have a higher risk of developing cancer, study finds

Living near green spaces may lower the risk of strokes, study finds

Climate change may make allergy season longer and more intense

Even moderate light exposure during sleep creates health risks, study finds

Losing weight may not make women more likely to get pregnant, study finds

Severe mental illness may increase risk of heart disease, study finds

Exposure to lead in the last century may have lowered consumers' IQ scores, study finds

Drinking alcohol may negatively affect consumers' brain size, study finds

Consumers' height may increase their risk of colorectal cancer, study finds

Your daily walking goal should change based on how old you are, study finds

Fungal infections account for nearly $7 billion in U.S. health care costs, study finds

Fitbit recalls nearly 1.7 million smartwatches over reported burn hazards

New study explains why exercise is more difficult after not doing it for a while

Molds commonly found in daycares may increase kids' risk of asthma and allergies

February, 2022

Government agencies and states look to further regulate PBMs

Migraines may increase risk of pregnancy complications, study finds

Smart packages for medication may help older consumers stay on track with prescriptions

Living in walkable neighborhoods helps lower risk of obesity and diabetes, study finds

Teens who are more optimistic have a lower risk of heart disease later in life, study finds

Household chores and activities may lower heart disease risk for older women, study finds

Childhood insomnia symptoms may linger into adulthood, study finds

Bike trailers may expose kids to greater levels of air pollution, study finds

Muscle techniques can help those who get dizzy when standing up

Prunes may help older women prevent bone loss, study finds

Weather-related disasters make consumers age faster, study finds

Virtual mental health services continue to be beneficial for consumers in rural areas

Extracurricular activities and resilience training in school may help prevent mental health problems

Infants' first viral infections may predict their future health, study finds

Cooking with more spice may help older consumers use less salt, study finds

Exercise may help relieve dry eye symptoms, study finds

Daily exercise boosts brain function in older and middle-aged consumers, study finds

January, 2022

Timing of dinner and genetics may impact consumers' blood sugar regulation, study finds

Social media may negatively impact consumers' physical health, study finds

Watching too much TV may increase the risk for serious blood clots, study finds

Consumers living in rural areas may struggle to receive cardiovascular care, study finds

Blood pressure medications may cause kidney damage long-term, study finds

Physical activity may help improve asthma symptoms, study finds

Virtual reality may help consumers feel more comfortable in therapy, study finds

High doses of vitamin D do not increase risk of cardiovascular disease or cancer, study finds

Screening for autism in early intervention helps increase detection, study finds

Chronic hypertension has increased maternal deaths, study finds

Fewer teens meet physical activity recommendations during the COVID-19 pandemic

December, 2021

Exposure to nitrogen dioxide may increase risk of Alzheimer's, study finds

Mayo Clinic launches new diet program focused on weight loss

Gum disease may increase physical and mental health risks, study finds

Long-term exposure to formaldehyde increases risk of cognitive issues, study finds

Increased drinking during the pandemic will lead to more health problems, study finds

Reducing frailty in older consumers may reduce dementia risk, study finds

Lifestyle interventions have a strong impact on consumers with prediabetes, study finds

Active, daily activities help reduce risk of dementia in seniors, study finds

Metals found in cannabis may hurt consumers' health, study finds

Abuse during childhood increases risk of suicide in adolescence, study finds

Delaying umbilical cord clamping may benefit premature infants, study finds

Cap on insulin prices added to ‘Build Back Better’ bill

Melatonin may worsen asthma symptoms, study finds

FDA-approved eye drops could reduce need for reading glasses

Exposure to toxic metals may increase risk of clogged arteries, study finds

Binge drinking now more common among older men across the U.S., study finds

Stress may make consumers age faster, study finds

Running for 10 minutes may improve brain function, study finds

Anger and physical exertion may act as triggers for a stroke in some consumers, study finds

Plastic may increase the risk of high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease, study finds

November, 2021

Poor sleep habits may change consumers' outlook on aging, study finds

Aspirin may increase risk of heart failure, study finds

Extreme heat may worsen consumers' cardiovascular health, study finds

Childhood cancer survivors face higher chance of health problems later in life, study finds

Arterial stiffness increases young adults’ risk for obesity and high blood pressure, study finds

Our bodies produce cannabis-like substances after exercise, study finds

Johnson & Johnson to split into two separate companies focused on consumer brands and medical needs

Moderate drinking may provide some health benefits to older consumers, study finds

Exercise may help alleviate anxiety symptoms, study finds

Too much sitting can worsen anxiety and depression symptoms, study finds

Toilets and hand dryers in public restrooms spread germs, study finds

CDC issues advisory on potentially lethal aromatherapy spray

Telehealth visits get mixed reviews from consumers

Greater access to fast-food restaurants increases risk of diabetes, study finds

Environmental and social factors increase risk of childhood pneumonia, study finds

October, 2021

Amino acids from protein may help reduce the risk of dementia, study finds

Time in nature may improve early childhood development, study finds

Sunscreens with zinc oxide may become toxic over time, study finds

Getting the flu increases risk of heart attack for those with cardiovascular disease, study finds

Exercising for at least five hours every week helps prevent cancers, study finds

Telehealth visits for addiction treatment increased during the COVID-19 pandemic

Psychological treatments can help effectively treat chronic pain, study finds

Too much screen time may increase kids' risk of vision problems, study finds

Employees feel more secure when managers are good listeners, study finds

Massages help muscles recover faster and stronger, study finds

Researchers discover new ‘Yezo virus’ in Japan

Aerobic exercise may speed up recovery from a concussion, study suggests

Which oral hygiene products are best at preventing gum disease?

September, 2021

Recommendations for sunlight exposure may need to be revised, researchers say

N95 masks can help protect consumers from wildfire smoke, study finds

Strength training can be just as effective as cardio at burning fat, study finds

Intermittent fasting may help reduce the risk of metabolic disease, study finds

Rooms with poor circulation may be six times as likely to expose consumers to contaminants

Women's exposure to harmful chemicals may impact how long they breastfeed

Socializing may improve cognition for older adults, study finds

Higher levels of stress hormones may increase the risk of high blood pressure, study finds

Having too much free time can be detrimental to people's well-being, study finds

Limiting screen time after a concussion can improve recovery, study finds

The Biden administration unveils plan to reduce drug prices

Keeping kids on a schedule may improve their health outcomes, study finds

Serious infections during pregnancy may increase risk of childbirth complications

Food insecurity may impact college graduation rates, study finds

Alcohol can immediately increase the risk of atrial fibrillation, study finds

August, 2021

Pesticide used to clean fruits and vegetables may cause obesity, study finds

Experts narrow down when consumers are most likely to spread COVID-19

Exposure to tobacco smoke early in life may speed up the aging process

Multiple concussions may change brain function in young athletes, study finds

Starting physical activity later in life can still deliver significant health benefits, study finds

Staying hydrated can reduce the risk of heart failure, study finds

Increase in cardiac arrests may be linked to opioid use, study finds

Some pediatric opioid prescriptions may increase the risk of addiction and overdose, study finds

Consumers may experience hypothermia without knowing it when exercising outdoors

Building muscle is easier for people who have done the work before, study finds

Wearable devices could help Parkinson’s patients receive better quality care

Consumers who work the night shift have increased risk of heart problems, study finds

Only 10% of children with ADHD outgrow the condition, researchers say

Staying active may lower risk of death for stroke survivors, study finds

Short naps don’t make up for lost sleep, study finds

Vitamin D may not improve kidney function for those at risk of type 2 diabetes

Reducing opioid prescriptions for pain patients may lead to more overdoses and mental health problems

Exposure to marijuana smoke may increase risk of children's respiratory infections

July, 2021

Following a healthy lifestyle may reduce the genetic risk of cancer, study finds

Better air quality may reduce dementia risk, study finds

Higher levels of good cholesterol may protect against liver damage

Cognitive decline may increase risk of future bone fractures in older women, study finds

Hospitals may face tougher penalties for hiding their prices

Peloton launches new fitness game called ‘Lanebreak’

Time outside can boost brain function and well-being, study finds

Moderate alcohol consumption may increase the risk of cancer, study finds

Lead exposure during childhood may impact adults' personalities, study finds

Exposure to air pollution may impact kids' academic performance

Good dental health may lead to better cognitive health, study finds

Consumers are taking their health care more seriously since the pandemic started

FDA asks for federal investigation into Alzheimer’s drug approval

Kids' immune systems aren't affected by being too hygienic, study finds

Kids' personalities may affect their eating speeds, study finds

Lawmaker asks for investigation into FDA approval of controversial Alzheimer’s drug

Greenery on buildings may help protect against stress, study finds

Talking to close friends may reduce womens’ stress levels, study finds

June, 2021

Getting wisdom teeth removed may improve your sense of taste, study finds

Pfizer halts shipments of Chantix over cancer concern

Working around a PBM for your prescriptions is hard, but there are some options

Red Cross asks for blood donations to mitigate ‘severe’ blood shortage

Biogen may lower price of new Alzheimer’s drug after facing backlash

Having trouble with your prescriptions? Complaints about PBMs show that you aren’t alone

Exposure to air pollution may speed up the aging process, study finds

CDC bans import of dogs from countries with higher rabies risk

Red Cross warns of critical blood supply shortage

Lack of vitamin D may increase risk of opioid addiction, study finds

High caffeine consumption may increase the risk of glaucoma, study finds

FDA adviser resigns in protest over agency’s Alzheimer’s drug approval

Long-term insomnia symptoms may increase the risk of mental health disorders

FDA gives approval to a drug to treat Alzheimer’s disease

The great sunscreen safe-or-not-safe debate continues

FDA approves new prescription weight loss drug

Exercise can benefit those with mildly high cholesterol and blood pressure, AHA says

Researchers discover a new form of ALS that targets young children

FDA warns of supplements falsely claiming to cure infertility

More than 60% of Nestle products rate as ‘unhealthy,’ company admits

May, 2021

Google partners with hospital chain to develop health care algorithms

Teens who consistently exercise may have better brain function

Diabetes is severely under-treated around the world, study finds

Exposure to air pollution in utero may increase the risk for asthma in preschoolers, study finds

Telehealth services will likely stick around beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, study finds

Icing sore or injured muscles may impede the recovery process

CDC says more adults are dying in bicycle accidents

Alcohol may have an immediate effect on heart rhythm, study finds

Colorectal cancer screenings should start at age 45 instead of 50, experts recommend

FDA warns of magnets in electronic devices affecting implanted medical devices

Study shows how consumers with obesity can maintain healthy weight loss

Too much or too little sleep may compromise heart health in healthy people

One bone fracture increases risk of future fractures in older women, study finds

Air pollution may increase the risk of kids having high blood pressure, study finds

Eating a lot of processed foods may increase the risk of chronic infections, study finds

Mental health concerns are common in children following a concussion, study finds

April, 2021

Many infants aren't getting common childhood vaccines, study finds

Loneliness may increase risk of cancer for middle-aged men, study finds

Excess belly weight may increase risk of heart disease, study finds

Wildfire smoke may increase consumers' risk of skin disease, study finds

Constant sleep disruptions can increase your risk of death, study finds

Shift work leads to different health complications for men and women

Short bursts of HIIT workouts can improve consumers' fitness, study finds

Good oral hygiene may prevent a heart infection caused by mouth bacteria

People with severe asthma need individualized treatments, study suggests

Smoking marijuana can seriously impair consumers' vision, study finds

Treating sleep apnea may reduce the risk of dementia, study finds

Workplace and social stress may increase women's risk of heart disease, study finds

Women aren't taken as seriously as men when describing their pain, study finds

Misusing antihistamines could lead to fatal side effects, researchers warn

Kids with Down syndrome may be more likely to develop leukemia, study suggests

Excess deaths increased by more than 20 percent in 2020, study finds

Walking with a partner may lead to a slower pace, study finds

Following healthy habits during middle age may prevent serious health concerns later in life

March, 2021

More than 20 hand sanitizers found to contain elevated levels of a carcinogen

Congress may consider legislation to lower drug prices

Experts offer tips for taking care of your eyes while working from home

Varying your physical activities can lead to better mental health outcomes, study finds

Severe gum disease may increase the risk of high blood pressure, study finds

FDA says abusing one OTC inhaler product can lead to serious health issues

Food preservative used in many popular products could harm consumers’ immune systems

Younger generations are in poorer health than their parents when they were young

Physical activity helps reduce inflammation in kids, study finds

Trouble with sleep may impact consumers' grieving process, study finds

FDA warns consumers not to drink ‘Real Water’ alkaline water due to hepatitis risk

Strawberries have highest traces of pesticides among all fruits and vegetables

Exhaustion can increase the risk of heart attack in men, study finds

CBD may benefit consumers with familial Alzheimer's, study finds

New lung cancer screening recommendations still need more work, researchers say

FDA recalls blood pressure medication for potentially fatal overdose risk

Head injuries may lead to long-term dementia risk, study finds

Night shift workers may have an increased risk of developing cancer, study finds

Air pollution from wildfire smoke is more harmful than other pollution sources, study finds

Excessive weight gain during menopause increases risk of heart disease, study finds

Exposure to air pollution during childhood can increase risk of disease in adulthood

February, 2021

Seasonal changes in daylight may affect consumers' brain function, study finds

Air pollution increases risk of heart and lung disease, study finds

Irregular sleep schedules hurt mental health and wellness, study finds

Depression, anxiety, and loneliness running rampant among college students

Preschoolers with better cardiorespiratory fitness perform better on cognitive tests, study finds

Women have a lower range of healthy blood pressure than men, study finds

Prediabetes may negatively affect consumers' brain health, study finds

Daily vitamin D supplements may lead to longer life and lower health care costs

Higher nighttime blood pressure may increase risk for Alzheimer's, study finds

Peanut allergies affect more adults in the U.S. than children, study finds

Cannabis may help lower blood pressure for older adults, study finds

FDA authorizes new device intended to reduce snoring and treat sleep apnea

School gardens can help kids eat healthier foods, study finds

A bad childhood diet can impact health into adulthood, study finds

Adults now have the highest stress levels since the start of the pandemic, survey finds

Bleeding gums may indicate a vitamin C deficiency, study finds

Eating more mushrooms can provide key nutrients to consumers' diets

January, 2021

Women with high blood pressure symptoms are often mistreated for menopause, study finds

Light pollution may increase risk of preterm birth, study finds

FDA issues new warnings about hand sanitizers produced in Mexico

Exercise can help reduce chronic inflammation, study finds

Methamphetamine overdose deaths are on the rise across the U.S.

Kids with poor motor skills can still be physically fit, study finds

Mental health conditions among kids with autism are on the rise, study finds

Eating more fried food can increase the risk for heart disease and stroke

Experimental drug helped Alzheimer’s patients in small trial

Eating unhealthy foods can reduce the benefits of otherwise healthy diets, study finds

Higher dietary fiber intake could reduce the risk of depression for some women

Kids with greater self-control are more likely to be healthier in middle age, study finds

One in four doctors experience social media harassment, study finds

December, 2020

Eating one avocado a day can improve gut health, study finds

Sleep, exercise, and healthy eating can boost young people's mental health

Eating more meat could worsen childhood asthma symptoms, study finds

Difference in blood pressure between arms could increase risk of early death

Consumers’ motor skills are compromised even after very light drinking, study finds

Nursing staff improvements help prevent sepsis-related deaths, study finds

Sledding-related injuries continue to happen at an alarming rate, study finds

A simple stair climbing test is a good way to measure consumers' heart health, study finds

FDA approves genetically altered pigs for food and medicine

Virtual therapy likely to continue beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, study finds

Genetic skin disorder detected in newborns could predict future heart problems

How long consumers are obese can increase risk of cardiometabolic disease

Alcohol negatively affects brain health throughout consumers' lives, study finds

Swapping red meat for plant-based foods can reduce heart disease risks, study finds

Following the Mediterranean diet can improve consumers' heart health, study finds

Dried fruit could improve consumers' health and diet quality

November, 2020

Plant-based protein eaters at greater risk of bone fractures, study suggests

Exceeding weekly exercise recommendations can help offset risks of a sedentary lifestyle, study finds

Divorce negatively affects physical and mental health, study finds

Social isolation could have lasting impacts on young people's mental health

Opioid overdoses from multiple substances have spiked among young people, study finds

Online searches for insomnia spike during COVID-19 pandemic

Mild weight loss could cut the risk of diabetes in half, study finds

CDC launches probe of a six-state E. Coli outbreak

Physical fitness is more important than BMI for kids, study finds

Chronic lung disease in young adulthood is preventable, study finds

Eating chili pepper could lead to a longer life

Commonly used flame retardants increase diabetes risk, study finds

Eating most of your calories early in the day doesn't impact weight loss, study finds

Experts identify link between food insecurity and heightened risk of cardiovascular disease

Health alert posted for spaghetti and meatballs in marinara sauce

Exercising with a face mask doesn't harm consumers' breathing, study finds

Osteoporosis is under-diagnosed and untreated in older men, study finds

Delaying cancer treatment increases risk of death by 10 percent each month, study finds

Mothers can pass on allergies to infants during pregnancy, study finds

Researchers link vitamin D intake during pregnancy to children’s IQ scores

Eating fewer inflammatory foods lowers risk of heart disease and stroke, study finds

Extracurricular activities linked with better mental health, less screen time for teens

October, 2020

High-sugar diet can increase severity of colitis symptoms, study finds

Having a positive outlook could reduce memory decline in older age, study finds

Newly designed cardiac patch could help aid in heart attack recovery process

Acetaminophen poisonings are on the rise, study finds

FDA investigating two E. coli outbreaks

Medication management app adds drug discounts

Nearly 35 percent of adults are prescribed inappropriate drugs, study finds

Accessible, affordable health care could benefit the climate crisis, study finds

Artificially sweetened drinks and sugary drinks linked with an increased risk of heart disease

New study identifies why night shift workers could be at an increased risk of disease

Nearly 30 percent of young adults don't know common stroke symptoms, study finds

Obesity and disease could be linked to evolutionary diet change, study finds

Cannabis could have short-term benefits for OCD symptoms, study finds

Daily green tea or coffee could lower the risk of death for consumers with diabetes, study finds

Following an exercise and nutrition regimen could benefit physical and cognitive health

Finding a balance between sitting and being physically active is key for consumers' cognitive function

Rural regions have higher mortality rates across the country

Young adults are more susceptible to infectious diseases than children, study finds

Apathy could be an indicator of dementia, study finds

Chronic jet lag found to increase tumor growth and affect immune response

Watching nature content can give consumers a mental health boost

Younger people are drinking less alcohol than previous generations, study finds

Widely used diabetes drug recalled

Kids with allergies and asthma have increased risk of developing IBS, study finds

Pregnancy complications could increase women’s risk for heart disease later in life

Exposure to air pollution could increase risk for Parkinson's and Alzheimer's in young people

Scarlet fever is reemerging as a public health threat

Too much folic acid during pregnancy could affect newborns’ brain development

Yoga and meditation could help reduce chronic pain and depression, study finds

Consistently taking acid reflux drugs could increase risk for type 2 diabetes, study finds

September, 2020

One-third of parents aren’t planning to get their kids vaccinated for the flu this year, study finds

Compound found in blueberries could treat inflammatory diseases

Less-educated consumers experience more pain in midlife, study finds

FDA warns of dangers of TikTok’s ‘Benadryl Challenge’

FDA issues warning about dental fillings that might pose health risks

Weighted blankets could help consumers struggling with insomnia

Health education classes help anxious college students handle stress, study finds

Teens and children across the U.S. get inconsistent treatment for mental illness, study finds

Researchers discover that there are multiple types of Parkinson's disease

Having the flu during pregnancy can lead to life-threatening complications

Loneliness could be an indicator of late-onset type 2 diabetes

A short massage and a little rest helps the body fight stress, study finds

Kids who take steroids could be at an increased risk for several future health risks

Heart attack patients with hostile attitudes have poorer health outcomes, study finds

Adopting healthy habits during pregnancy could also make children healthier, study finds

Practicing mindfulness with paced breathing could lower blood pressure

Probiotics could help manage childhood obesity, study finds

Popular strain of drugs may increase risk of Alzheimer's, study finds

August, 2020

Getting limited sleep could make consumers more irritable, study finds

BMI increases risk of diabetes more than genetics and family history, study finds

Vitamin C boosts muscle mass for consumers over 50, study finds

FDA warns consumers to beware of hand sanitizers packaged in food and drink containers

Teens who struggle with depression and anxiety may be more likely to have a heart attack later in life, study finds

Married couples are likely to share the same risk for cardiovascular disease, study finds

Long naps could be a risk to consumers' health, study finds

COVID-19 has increased online searches for chest pain, study finds

Yoga could help ease symptoms for patients with heart concerns, study finds

Deep chest compressions during cardiac arrest can protect brain function, study finds

Premature delivery could increase the risk for early maternal death, study finds

Peaches sold at ALDI stores linked to salmonella infections

High blood pressure during pregnancy could lead to more severe menopause symptoms

Walking faster could lead to better health outcomes than a slower-paced stroll, study finds

Continuous alcohol use in early weeks of pregnancy increases risk of miscarriage

Driving with the windows down could expose consumers to 80 percent more air pollution

Taking vitamin D twice daily could reduce the risk of vertigo, study finds

Products containing cannabinoids could affect activity of prescription drugs, study finds

Teaching college students breathing techniques could improve their mental health

July, 2020

American Cancer Society updates cervical cancer screening guidelines

Researchers cite benefits of texting services on mental health treatment

Diets high in plant protein could lower consumers’ risk of death

More than half of U.S. kids still aren’t getting enough exercise

Another FDA study shows the body absorbs chemicals in sunscreen products

Meditation linked to lower risk of cardiovascular disease

Intermittent fasting can help consumers lose weight and stay healthy, study finds

Older adults and women have been more active during quarantine, survey finds

Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains significantly reduce risk of diabetes, study finds

Probiotics could be effective in easing depression symptoms

FDA adds to growing list of hand sanitizers that could be fatal to consumers

Sleep problems during infancy can lead to mental health problems in adolescence

Stretching your legs could help prevent disease, study finds

Hot flashes and night sweats after menopause may increase risk of cardiovascular disease

Rituals can help relieve anxiety, study finds

June, 2020

COVID-19 drug remdesivir may cost over $3,000 per treatment

FDA issues warning to consumers to avoid hand sanitizers that could be fatal

Nearly 4 million premature deaths are prevented every year due to physical activity, study finds

Healthy vitamin D levels can reduce the risk of cancer

Physical activity can help middle-aged women maintain muscle mass as their bodies change

Negative thinking could increase the risk of dementia

Eating healthy doesn't always correlate to longer life, experts say

May, 2020

Severity of autism symptoms can change during early childhood

Food processing could eliminate health benefits from high-fiber foods

Swapping long periods of sitting with sleep or activity could improve consumers' moods

Adding certain spices to a meal can help reduce inflammation

Diets high in dairy could reduce risks for diabetes and high blood pressure

Aerobic exercise could improve brain function for all consumers

Fewer consumers are getting evaluated for strokes since the start of COVID-19

Adding yoga to migraine treatments could yield better results

Experts warn parents about possible outbreak of Kawasaki disease

Consumers struggling with poor fitness could have difficulties with weight loss programs

Complications during a first pregnancy could increase the risk for future preterm birth

April, 2020

Childhood obesity could be a predictor of future heart disease

A traumatic childhood could make heart disease as an adult more likely

Playing sports can improve mental health

Blood pressure readings can vary drastically depending on where it's taken

High exposure to wildfire smoke could increase the risk of cardiac arrest

Vegetable-heavy diets could lower the risk for premature birth

Marijuana use could negatively impact fertility, study suggests

March, 2020

High sugar diets can shorten life expectancy

A daily, low-dose aspirin regimen doesn't reduce the risk of dementia

Inconsistencies in sleep schedules could negatively affect heart health

Breast milk could protect premature infants from sepsis

Taking more steps throughout the day can help lower blood pressure

Study links likelihood of opioid addiction to various demographics

Obsessive runners could be putting themselves at increased risk of injury

Intermittent fasting linked to reduced risk of liver disease

Music therapy linked to better recovery in stroke patients

Premature babies can develop healthy immune systems as they age

Eating oranges and tangerines can help reduce risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes

Air pollution continues to pose a serious threat to consumers' health worldwide

Depression during pregnancy can compromise infants' immune systems

Consumers most likely to avoid foods high in sugar when looking for healthy choices

February, 2020

CDC warns consumers about E. coli infections linked to Jimmy John’s restaurants

Different foods are linked to different types of strokes

Consuming olive oil linked to longer lifespan

Infants exposed to cleaning products could be at increased risk of asthma

Consumers generally show strong support for organ and tissue donation programs

Poor sleeping habits can increase women’s risk of heart disease

U.S. consumers pay more for healthcare but receive little in return, Fed Chairman says

Lack of vitamin D during pregnancy increases children’s risk of ADHD

Handwashing could be the key to slowing the rapid spread of germs

Sitting for extended periods of time in class can negatively influence students’ health

Diabetes patients could benefit from new smart-technology insulin patch

Consuming less protein could improve cardiovascular health

Toxic contaminants consumers bring home from work could be a public health hazard

January, 2020

Chronic fatigue syndrome can go undiagnosed in many young people

Maintaining weight loss is possible with the right strategies, experts say

Living close to major roadways can be bad for your health

Youth football players experience concussions more easily than older athletes

Caregivers often neglect their own health while helping others, study finds

Smoking and drinking while pregnant increases risk of SIDS

Women’s blood vessels age faster than men’s, study finds

Too many Americans are physically inactive, CDC says

Children's packed school lunches aren't meeting nutritional requirements

Active commuting will only increase with more federal funding, experts say

RVIVE is an app that organizes your health and wellness program

Cancer death rates continue to decline, experts find

Digital health trends are on display at CES

Watching healthy cooking shows could help kids eat healthier

December, 2019

Evolution could be responsible for higher anxiety rates

Intermittent fasting can help consumers live longer, experts find

Consumers can boost heart health by walking or biking to work

Yoga is good for the brain, experts find

Too much sleep could increase consumers' risk of stroke

Treating chronic pain with non-drug therapies could produce better outcomes

Baby aspirin not effective at reducing risk of heart disease or stroke in consumers with neither condition

Playing sports can boost brain health, researchers say

This year’s flu season has arrived early

Restricting mealtimes to a 10-hour window could boost consumers' health

Doctors warn pregnant women of risks associated with marijuana

November, 2019

FDA issues updated consumer warning on CBD

High school athletes with concussions could be at a higher risk of suicide

Sleep deprivation can affect consumers' memory

Ultra-processed food consumption can negatively affect heart health

Meditating can help consumers with day-to-day tasks

CDC identifies Vitamin E acetate as likely cause of vaping illnesses

Health officials urge consumers to get vaccinated as flu season gets underway

Cannabis use disorder is falling for teens and young adults

Avocados can boost consumers' health in serious ways

October, 2019

Sugary drinks made up over 60 percent of children’s drink sales last year

Lack of sleep increases consumers' junk food cravings

Threat of lung damage looms for both former smokers and light smokers

Antibiotic resistance has surged in livestock in the last two decades

Is telemedicine the future of health care?

U.S. spending to combat dangerous superbugs is too low, experts say

Consumers tend to eat more when they're in the company of friends or family

September, 2019

New study reveals trends in consumers' diets

Plastic teabags found to leave behind remnants of plastic

Current obesity rates linked to dietary habits from decades ago

Hot yoga could help you lower your blood pressure

August, 2019

Healthy foods beat out specific diets in reducing heart disease risk

Having a positive outlook could be the key to longer life

Learning about emotions can help kids eat less junk food

Mild asthma sufferers encouraged to take inhalers only when symptoms worsen

Chronic migraines linked to greater risk of dementia

High fat diets linked to increased risk of diabetes

Access to fast food increases risk of heart attack, study finds

Commuters with easy access to fast food gain more weight

Plant-based diets can help consumers improve heart health

Researchers discover just how detrimental packaged food is to consumers' health

July, 2019

Air pollution linked to deaths of 30,000 people in the U.S.

Risk of obesity increases when teens skip breakfast

A bath before bed could lead to better sleep

Twitter and AI reveal regional and gender differences in gym habits

Walking or biking for shorter trips can lead to better health

Immune responses to vaccines get weaker with age, researchers say

Spending time in nature can help reduce unhealthy cravings, study suggests

CDC provides tips to help consumers beat the heat this summer

Intermittent fasting could help prevent diabetes

June, 2019

CDC offers tips on swimming safety for the summer

Health groups want alcohol labels to warn of cancer risk

Physical activity in middle and older age could lead to longer life

Cancer survivors are twice as likely to suffer from chronic pain

Could the solution for antibiotic resistance be hiding in your kitchen sponge?

Being physically fit in middle age benefits health in several ways

Many pesticides banned around the world are still being used in the U.S.

Time of day could affect the body's response to exercise

Consumers increase their risk for heart attack and gum disease when diabetes goes undetected

Indoor pollution comes with its own set of health risks

CVS to open 1,500 HealthHub stores over the next few years

Selling diabetic test strips is a growing underground business

Depression increases risk of multiple chronic diseases for women

May, 2019

Children and teens who are teased about weight are more likely to gain more

Many hospital infections spread due to human contact

Daily self-weighing can help consumers avoid putting on pounds during the holidays

CDC offers safety tips for summer

Childhood anxiety could be affected by air pollution

Measles cases continue to rise

Liver disease sufferers could benefit from walking or strength training

Overeating, weight gain more likely when consumers eat heavily processed foods

Marijuana legalization helps consumers deal with chronic pain, but accidents and hospitalizations increase

Are you drinking too much coffee?

Digital healthcare is more attractive to tech-savvy consumers

Anger can lead to health complications in older adults

Sunscreen ingredients absorbed into the blood may be cause for concern

Researchers discover daily habits that could affect artery health

Mental disorders are more likely in people who live alone

April, 2019

Consumers are drinking more caffeinated beverages nationwide, study finds

Child health is improving, but maternal mortality is worsening

Obese consumers who commute at increased risk of early death

Stress could trigger excess weight gain

In Monsanto’s old backyard, a school district suspends Roundup

Popular weed killer linked to several dangerous health effects

New study sheds light on cancer patients' use of marijuana and opioids

Elevated arsenic levels found in some bottled water brands

Study uncovers new links between vitamin D and immune system health

Exercise is the key to longer life, experts say

Congress raises the curtain on Medicare for All

Consumers' risk of cardiovascular disease increases if they have a stress-related disorder

Traffic-related pollution causes millions of children to develop asthma

Walgreens to roll out health clinics next to stores

Researchers link premature death with lack of doctor's visits

Americans racked up $88 billion worth of medical debt last year

FDA taking steps to drive down the cost of insulin

Climate change could expose one billion people to new diseases

March, 2019

Allergies could be getting worse because of climate change

Researchers find even small amounts of red and processed meats could cause early death

Experts issue new guidance on sugary drinks for kids

Weight loss is more successful when doctors offer specific tips

Healthy food prescriptions could be cost effective for Medicare/Medicaid recipients

New study finds inflammation may be the link between heart disease and depression

Researchers find heart attacks aren't as frequent or deadly for Americans

Veterans more likely to suffer from heart disease

Green tea linked with better ability to fight obesity

Building moderate muscle strength can reduce risk of type 2 diabetes

Daylight Savings Time can be problematic -- especially for drivers

Napping could help maintain healthy blood pressure

Researchers highlight plan to eat healthy on a budget

Tracking food could be the key to losing weight

February, 2019

Joint use of alcohol and tobacco can cause lasting brain damage

A trip to the park could boost happiness

Traces of glyphosate found in popular beers, wines

New study shows link between diabetes and back pain

New treatment option for rheumatoid arthritis discovered

Junk food linked to varying levels of psychological distress

Treating the world’s deadliest infection means paying a hefty price to Johnson & Johnson

FDA advises consumers against seeking ‘young blood’ infusions

Glyphosate raises cancer risk by 41 percent, study finds

Children are exposed to chemicals when they breathe in thirdhand smoke residue

World Health Organization releases annual ‘ten threats to global health’ list

Fruits and vegetables found to be beneficial for mental health

Eating healthy can help consumers suffering from depression symptoms

New study shows teens aren't meeting recommendations for activity, sleep, or screen time

Looking at screens in a dark room before bed could lead to poor sleep for children

Children exposed to air pollution are at a greater risk of developing obesity

January, 2019

Positive personality traits found to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes

New study reveals food may play a role in memory function

New research shows intermittent fasting provides health benefits

Air pollution causes increase in ER visits for breathing problems

Walmart to remain part of CVS Health network

Digital doctor's visits found to be an effective alternative for many patients

Eating more whole grains and fiber associated with lower risk of disease

Missing doctor’s appointments increases risk of premature death

Opioids found to be the driving force behind an increase in suicides and overdoses

Eating eggs may reduce risk for type 2 diabetes

New discovery could lead to breakthrough in treating diabetes

December, 2018

Air pollution once again linked to rise of health problems in children

Nutrition programs in schools found to reduce obesity

Large portion sizes at restaurants found to be a global problem

New study finds various ways for consumers to reduce food cravings

Flu shots could be beneficial to patients with heart failure

More green spaces in neighborhoods could lead to fewer residents with heart disease

Many consumers are lying to their doctors about important health information

November, 2018

Staying active could help to reduce the risk of heart attack

CVS and Aetna complete their merger

A bad night of sleep could increase senior citizens' risk of falling

Growing research suggests women were kept in dark about breast implant dangers

After years of complaints, U.S. and U.K. officials say they want to reform the medical device industry

FDA finds heavy metals in kratom products

New global study reveals childhood activity levels are at 'crisis' levels

Smoke-free policies linked to lower blood pressure

American women are 50 percent more likely to die from pregnancy than their mothers were

A hot bath may improve inflammation and metabolism in people who can't exercise

Low carb diets found to burn more calories and help maintain weight loss

Strength training linked to improved heart health

CDC continues to investigate polio-like disease after possible cases rise past 200

Back pain in older women could be a fatal red flag

Older fathers increase risk of birth complications, study finds

Children's mental health diagnoses continue to skyrocket nationwide

Climate change predicted to cause increase in Lyme disease

Changes to nutrition and policies could cut costs for those with diabetes

October, 2018

How to get your hospital shut down: the bizarre, slow downfall of the most expensive hospital in Texas

Trump administration plans to use Medicare to lower prescription drug costs

Higher levels of vitamin D linked to better exercise ability

Researchers develop unique way to attack the malaria virus

Millennials dropping primary care physicians in exchange for expedited and less expensive alternatives

Sleep deprivation shown to have repercussions big and small, study finds

September, 2018

As opioid industry promotes new addiction treatments, doctors warn that there is no silver bullet

Electric scooter-related accidents are on a meteoric rise

Concussion symptoms in young children last three times longer than older teens and adults, study finds

Mixed chemicals in beauty products could harm women’s health

Over one-third of college students show symptoms of mental health disorder, study finds

August, 2018

New study claims that air pollution causes reduction in intelligence

Health experts warn that no amount of alcohol consumption is safe

Opioid deaths hit record high in 2017

Study finds glyphosate in most oat food products

Health experts release new screen time guidelines

Study finds asbestos in some crayons

Does sparkling water hydrate you as well as plain water?

July, 2018

A soap empire, Burning Man, and Bitcoin riches: MDMA’s unlikely shot at legalization

Chipotle closes Ohio location after illnesses reported

The human tragedy of poorly regulated medical devices gets the spotlight in a Netflix film

Dizziness or fainting when standing up tied to greater risk of dementia and stroke

FDA has 'no questions' about the safety of the Impossible Burger

Mothers who follow five healthy habits may reduce the risk of obesity in children

June, 2018

Most consumers wash hands incorrectly, USDA study finds

Only 23 percent of U.S. adults meet exercise recommendations, CDC report finds

Coffee sold in California may not need a warning label after all

FDA approves generic version of opioid treatment drug

Are nurse practitioners the answer to growing healthcare shortage?

May, 2018

Breaking a smoking habit drastically decreases risk of lung cancer years later, study finds

Researchers identify a new neurodevelopmental disease

CDC report warns of the dangers of hotel swimming pools

FDA shames companies accused of blocking generic drug development

British doctors are calling for the decriminalization of all drugs, including marijuana

Depression increasing among young people

Lyme disease cases are on the rise, CDC warns

Despite shortage, nursing schools reject thousands of applicants

April, 2018

Texas may confiscate CBD products from retailers

Goldman Sachs warns biotech clients that curing patients may not be ‘sustainable’

March, 2018

Ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup spray linked to shorter pregnancies

Bankruptcies caused by health problems aren’t as common as previously thought

Bottled water fans are ingesting small pieces of plastic, report says

Uber launches service for patients who need help getting to medical appointments

February, 2018

Turning the south green: the improbable journey to legal weed in Arkansas

Study finds health risks in 'prolonged standing'

FDA study finds no reason to limit Bisphenol A

Study finds consumers confused about nicotine’s health effects

Kratom linked to multistate Salmonella outbreak

Trump budget could gut agency that treats 9/11 first responders

Study finds cleaning chemicals are as harmful as smoking 20 cigarettes per day for women

Ultra-processed food linked with increased cancer risk

Poor fitness linked to greater risk of dementia, Alzheimer's

Senate report ties drug company money to opioid advocacy

Fitbit announces it will acquire Twine Health

Suit claims Aetna denied treatment without a doctor reviewing the medical records

Fracking chemicals linked to breast cancer in new study

Energy drinks shouldn’t be consumed by kids, organization says

FDA says compounds in kratom are opioids

Fetal alcohol cases more common than previously thought

Consumers have ‘no choice’ in avoiding toxin in plastics, study finds

Researchers: chemical used to make McDonald's french fries may cure baldness

Seven hundred reasons not to eat a Tide laundry pod

CDC to scale back efforts to prevent infectious disease epidemics

Coffee shops in California may soon be required to post cancer warnings

January, 2018

FDA wants to change how Imodium is packaged

NIH releases tools for choosing safe supplements

A baby’s diet early in life is critical to brain development, AAP says

New experimental blood test detects eight types of cancer

California weed researcher explains why we know so little about marijuana health claims

Think you have the flu? Get tested early, experts say

Medicaid recipients may soon be required to work

Deaths and hospitalizations ramp up during this year’s flu season

Study cautions against taking acetaminophen while pregnant

Exercising in winter provides health benefits, expert says

Diabetes drug shows promise treating Alzheimer's disease

December, 2017

Calcium, vitamin D supplements may not be necessary for seniors

Traditional or ‘all-natural’ baby teething medicines still pose danger to infants

Relax and unwind after the holidays

What’s behind the rise of anxiety in children and teens?

Staying healthy when family members have the flu

Hidden hazards cause ER visits to skyrocket during the holidays

The maternal death crisis facing women in America

Can CVS and Aetna really lower healthcare costs?

CVS-Aetna merger aims to transform healthcare

November, 2017

Three holiday health hazards to guard against

Fewer than half the world's 50 busiest airports are smoke-free

Health care spending skyrocketing with no end in sight

Health insurers that ditched the exchange still want Obamacare subsidies

Study suggests hospitals invest in housing to improve patient outcomes

Doctors Without Borders negotiates dramatic cost reduction in Hepatitis C treatment

October, 2017

FDA issues warning over consuming too much black licorice

Three things to focus on to lose weight and get in shape

Online pharmacies gain popularity amid rising drug prices

CPSC bans five types of phthalates from children’s products

Studies illustrate staggering price gouging in U.S. emergency medicine

Consumers with 'Zombie Hands' condition urged to seek medical help

Why it’s important to clean your reusable shopping bags

FDA crackdown on small bakery reveals little patience for whimsical food labels

Study finds few restrictions on opioid prescriptions under Medicare

Tax on healthcare policies set to resume next year

Drug company's patent deal draws outrage

How MRI scans could diagnose autism in infants

State attorneys general urge Congress to respond to opioid epidemic with drug addiction bill

September, 2017

Fast food chains pledge support for antibiotic-free meat, but some promises turn up empty

New discovery may lessen flu symptoms and lower mortality rates

FDA approves new glucose monitoring device

CVS announces initiatives to curb opioid abuse

Opioid-related deaths affecting average life expectancy in the U.S.

WHO report indicates ‘serious lack’ of new antibiotics in development

How cutting down on calories can lengthen your life

Researchers develop paper-based test for tuberculosis

Study links concussions in adolescence to increased risk of MS later in life

Longer periods of sitting linked to greater risk of death

SNAP benefits don't go far enough to ensure a healthy diet, researchers say

Female athletes react differently than men when it comes to concussions

Report finds many emergency room visits are avoidable

August, 2017

Pacemakers vulnerable to cybersecurity flaws, FDA warns

The many women suing Johnson & Johnson

Study finds young children aren't adhering to best dietary and activity guidelines

High salt intake doubles the risk of death from heart failure

U.S. Marshals seize 'unapproved' cancer treatment

Why having too much 'good cholesterol' may actually be a bad thing

Researchers develop antibiotic against deadly superbug

CDC provides update on Salmonella outbreaks linked to poultry and backyard flocks

How to make a device to safely view the eclipse

Researchers create cancer-fighting proteins

Frail consumers living a sedentary lifestyle are at greater risk of death, study finds

Doctors brace for eclipse-related mayhem on Monday

EpiPen maker Mylan agrees to pay states, feds $465 million

Why costs for treating dementia fall primarily on patients and their families

Why the opioid epidemic has reached a 'new level of crisis'

Epilepsy cases on the rise in the U.S.

Insured consumers gouged when buying generic drugs, lawsuit alleges

A new approach to rural healthcare

FDA hopes to clear up generic drug backlog

Researchers develop new method for detecting antibiotic resistance

New treatment for Lou Gehrig's disease available in U.S.

Study links diesel emissions to increased risk of heart failure

Cities and states adopting their own paid sick leave policies

Solving sleep disorders may start in the muscles, not the brain

July, 2017

Walnuts add more credentials to their 'superfood' profile

Feds shift anti-smoking focus to nicotine addiction

How regular dental check-ups prevent disease and save consumers money

Dangerous brain disease much more common in football players than previously thought

Researchers say we're still taking too many antibiotics

Another foodborne illness disaster closes in on Chipotle

Even modest weight gain increases risk of heart failure

How to safely view the solar eclipse

'Communication breakdowns' negatively affect consumers with home health care services

How just one minute of running per day can promote better bone health in women

Chipotle temporarily closes store after reported illnesses

Study of boxers and MMA fighters finds biological markers of brain injury in the blood

Looking to build muscle? BCAA supplements on their own might not be enough

Life-saving EpiPens not being used often enough, study finds

New discovery allows for earlier detection of pancreatic cancer

Tomatoes may help prevent skin cancer

Lack of vitamin D in pregnancy linked to developmental problems in children

Artificial intelligence may help detect long-term concussions in athletes

Phthalates implicated in heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure in men

Scientists discover potential breakthrough for treating viruses

Study finds medication errors are on the rise

Drinking while pregnant found to cause harm across multiple generations

Drug-resistant gonorrhea causing concern

California declares Roundup ingredient a carcinogen

Study finds vitamin D may play huge role in alleviating symptoms of sunburn

Decreasing competition driving up generic drug prices

Huge gap exists among children's probiotics

Big Pharma once again lines docs' pockets

Shingles found to increase risk of heart attack and stroke

Children with food allergies at higher risk of anxiety, study finds

June, 2017

Seniors spending more than necessary on drugs, survey finds

New evidence links air pollution to premature death

Yoga not as safe as previously thought

California will list ingredient in Roundup as carcinogen

Over half of all opioid prescriptions go to those with mental illness, study finds

Marriage and fatherhood lead men to put on a few pounds, study finds

How getting a good night's sleep can help stop overeating

Why healthcare costs so much

Eating fish reduces symptoms related to rheumatoid arthritis

Three medical groups join push to lower drug prices

Some consumers go overboard with taking vitamin D supplements, study finds

Scientists trash antibacterial products, saying they do more harm than good

DEA bust recovers enough opioid drugs to kill 1.4 million people

Nothing healthy about coconut oil, Heart Association warns

Today's teens as sluggish as 60-year-olds, study suggests

EpiPen getting a competitor, Symjepi

Senate Democrats introduce drug price legislation

States join forces to probe opioid drug companies

New drug looks promising for fighting bacteria with antibiotic resistance

Why an antibiotic may not help, but hurt you

Trump may issue executive order to lower drug prices

Most home blood pressure monitor readings are inaccurate

Excessive exercise linked to gastrointestinal issues

Drugs tapped for 'accelerated approval' enter the market under looser standards

Alternatives to treatment in a hospital ER

Moderate drinking linked to brain damage

Study: Online reviews are no way to pick a doctor

Feds trying to track frozen tuna contaminated with hepatitis A

Daily aspirin not effective in preventing heart attack for some patients, study finds

Single-payer health care bill passes California Senate

Study finds huge mark-ups on hospital ER charges

EpiPen maker said to have overcharged taxpayers $1.2 billion

Researchers create antibiotic to fight dangerous superbug

Bicycle injuries climbing steadily as adults take up biking

Ohio sues five opioid drugmakers

May, 2017

Tiger Woods' drugged driving case far from unique

Doctors performing more ankle replacement surgeries

Beta blockers may not be best for all heart attack patients, study finds

Sanofi gets an exclusive on Zika vaccine; what do taxpayers get?

Fight for single-payer exposes divide between the nation's nurses and doctors.

Getting enough sleep is important for those at risk of heart disease

Over-the-counter drugs didn't meet federal standards

Why older and critically ill consumers may be suffering from lack of protein

Public health alert issued for veal imported from the Netherlands

Family caregivers would get a tax break in bill pending in Congress

Pollution from traffic damages our DNA, study finds

Why 'filtered' cigarettes could actually be more dangerous

Why varying opioid prescription standards could be hurting Americans

Holistic medicine earning new respect for treating pain

Crypto becoming summer scourge at swimming pools

What humans can learn from research on turtles exposed to plastics and birth control

Researchers identify major sources of in-home air pollution

Tree nuts may lower the chance of colon cancer recurrence and death

EPA wrongfully approved use of bee-killing pesticides, judge rules

Beyond the binge: extreme drinking becoming more common

Insurance industry supports government-subsidized healthcare when they profit from it

South Carolina teen dies, caffeine overdose blamed

Diabetes drug raises risk of foot and leg amputation

Injuries from household products surge in 2017

Respiratory infections may boost risk of heart attack

Researchers warn of dangers connected to 'raw' milk and cheese

Researchers develop vaccine to fight Zika virus

Working out often lengthens our biological clocks, study finds

Nursing shortage appears to be getting worse

Feds admit marijuana may reduce opioid use

Experts urge consumers to watch out for Powassan virus

Why cutting gluten out of your diet might not be good for your health

Study finds pregnant women exposed to phthalates pass on greater risk of allergies

How meditation can soothe your anxiety and keep you focused

How food can affect your meds

Pancreatic cancer patients survive longer at major cancer centers

Where mosquitoes are, and how to avoid them

Researchers find another reason why walking is good for us

April, 2017

Researchers draft consensus statement on how to treat athlete concussions

Congressional critics fault FDA over handling of defective defibrillators

Beware of 'diet' foods with high sugar content

The high cost of cancer

Beet juice and exercise might make your brain younger

How being more mindful can help college students cope with stress and anxiety

Disabled people can be fired for using medical marijuana, even in Colorado

Cherokee nation sues opioid drug distributors

A simple trick to boost your energy level

Concussion protocols for student athletes may not go far enough

Is the birth control you’re taking safe?

Zika virus found in second species of mosquitoes

Why Chagas disease could be the next major public health crisis

Texas health department issues advisory over mumps outbreaks

Children who use touchscreens the most sleep less, study finds

Five frozen foods that pack a nutritional punch

Feds approve 23andMe to test for 10 medical conditions

Frequent and severe hot flashes linked to cardiovascular risks

Drug companies nix pleas to hold the line on prices

Rat lungworm disease cases proliferate in Hawaii

Survey finds consumers are generally unsure of how to treat their high cholesterol

Why that gray hair may be more worrisome than you think

How one extra protein may help create a new generation of better vaccines

How yoga classes can help men going through radiation therapy for prostate cancer

KFC makes new antibiotics pledge

Coca-Cola funded journalism conference influences obesity coverage

Here's yet another reason to get into shape

Lack of quality sleep leads to memory decline in seniors, researchers say

Why it’s important to get a second opinion

Zika infections reported in 44 states

Why high-potassium foods may be the key to lowering blood pressure

Which states are the most and least stressed?

Researchers say some artificial sweeteners could promote fat formation

Report names top sources of sodium in Americans’ diets

New therapeutic approach allows paralyzed man to move his legs

Lack of sleep leads to lower bone formation, study finds

March, 2017

High doses of Vitamin C shown to reduce duration of colds

Anti-grease chemicals used in fast food wrappers can accumulate in organs, study finds

Consumers urged to reevaluate tree nut allergies

Federal lawsuit filed by widow blames Paxil for attorney's suicide

Is knee-replacement surgery worth it?

Why your salt intake may keep you running to the bathroom at night

More 'difficult' exemption policies could provide greater vaccine coverage, researchers say

Weight-bearing exercise reduces risk of osteoporosis in men, study finds

FDA warns of link between certain breast implants and a rare cancer

New drug to treat Parkinson's disease wins approval

Testosterone drug ads sell drugs, but do they help patients?

Communication found to be lacking when it comes to end-of-life planning

Opioids present a real danger to young children and teens, study finds

Drinking tea reduces risk of cognitive decline, study finds

BPA-free isn't necessarily better, new study says

Many women don't meet nutrition guidelines before pregnancy

Researchers believe they have found the cause behind OCD

Feds want to give one French corporation exclusive rights to create a Zika vaccine

Start-up company produces chicken meat without raising chickens

Suit charges raw milk cheese caused fatal illness

Concussions more common for high school girl athletes, study finds

GOP health plan would mean higher premiums, less coverage for elderly, report cautions

Doctor ratings vary from one review site to another, study finds

How volunteering can lead to greater health benefits

How being bullied can lead to long-term health problems

Study says more access to birth control could save $12 billion

Flame retardants linked to developmental problems in children

Retirement isn't always a prescription for good health

United Nations report accuses pesticide, seed industry of human rights violations

How much sunshine is enough?

Five foods that can boost your heart health

Blueberries help improve brain function in older adults, study finds

Association found between cancer 'hot spots' and hazardous waste sites

Fragranced products cause health problems, study finds

New drug approved to reduce excessive nighttime bathroom visits

SoulCycle class left woman hanging from bike frame, lawsuit claims

Heart health checked less often in women, study finds

Springtime plants and insects to avoid

Physical therapy may beat surgery for carpal tunnel treatment

Colorectal cancer rates rise dramatically for Gen X'ers and Millennials

Subway angrily responds to report that its chicken strips are mostly soy

40 states join suit claiming generic drugmakers conspired to manipulate prices

Rising drug prices are taxing government health programs, study warns

February, 2017

WHO publishes list of most dangerous drug-resistant super bugs

Study finds indoor cats have high levels of flame retardants

The mental health benefits of bird watching

Why consumers who sleep excessively could be at greater risk of dementia

Why your back pain may be killing you

Simple tips for alleviating your spring allergy symptoms

What are your odds of surviving your surgery?

Researchers link mercury in fish to Lou Gehrig's disease

How walking for 30 minutes per day can improve quality of life for cancer patients

Doctors urge children's hospitals to ban hot dogs from menus

Cardiovascular disease costs to top $1 trillion by 2035, researchers say

Researchers say a new drill-free cavity treatment may soon be available

Drug company delays launch of $89,000 muscular dystrophy drug

Researchers identify a new way to slow the aging process

Dairy farmers rustle up opposition to plant-based milks

Judge halts sale of supplements containing DMAA

5-hour Energy ordered to pay $4.3 million on deceptive advertising conviction

Plastic surgeons don't want to be confused with cosmetic surgeons

New report describes dangers of giving Lupron to kids

Patients like online doctor reviews. Doctors? Not so much.

Will the EPA continue clamping down on asbestos under Trump?

January, 2017

Corporations are regulating the chemicals that federal agencies won't

Trump promises lower drug prices, diabetes patients sue

Chemical industry launches PR war against World Health Organization

Mindfulness training effective at reducing stress, study concludes

Smart glasses constantly adjust lens for best view

Study finds link between vitamin B12 deficiency and preterm birth

Without Obamacare replacement, preventative care costs expected to surge

Use of antidepressants during early pregnancy increases risk of birth defects, study finds

Kids with asthma at higher risk for obesity, study suggests

New software aims to reduce medication errors

Drug company raised price of life-saving drug 85,000%

Four vaccinations seniors should consider

FitTea endorsements unfit to post, watchdog charges

How eating hot peppers could reduce your risk of death

Researchers design a handheld centrifuge that only costs 20 cents to make

How weight training can be good for your heart

Microsoft employees claim PTSD from previewing porn sites

Fake sugar consumption by children has risen 200%, study finds

Federal study raises concerns for people who manufacture BPA

Tanning salons risky for young black gay men, study finds

Orkin releases its list of cities with worst bedbug problems

December, 2016

Researchers find Bisphenol A in canned pet food

MS drug shows promising results in clinical trial

Lawsuit charges Minnesota slaughterhouse abuses pigs

Gelatin supplements plus exercise may be beneficial

Why prescription drugs are so expensive

FDA eases up on warnings about quit-smoking aid Chantix

New Jersey court upholds $11 million verdict in state's first pelvic mesh case

Sen. McCaskill wants FDA to beef up supplement regulations

GNC agrees to stop selling any supplement feds find unsafe or illegal

Baby Boomers the fastest-growing marijuana users

Shoulder replacement surgeries rising dramatically

Study finds white wine increases risk of melanoma

Cancer warning label urged for processed meat

November, 2016

Canadian researchers test boots' traction

Pesticide industry blackballs leading researcher from safety review panel

After FDA suspends testing for pesticide in food, nonprofits release their own report

New startup touts benefit of matching your diet to your DNA

FDA accuses Chinese drug company of hiding ingredients, blocking inspectors

October, 2016

After years of criticism, FDA tries to step up oversight of medical devices

Another lawsuit blaming an anti-seizure drug for serious birth defects goes forward

Drug coupons steer consumers away from cheaper generic drugs

Why people with type 2 diabetes should take a 10-minute walk after dinner

How going for a run may improve your memory after learning

How calcium supplements may be damaging your heart

Vitamin D during pregnancy may provide lasting benefits to children

Selecting fresh seafood: how to tell if fish is fresh

September, 2016

States sue maker of opioid treatment drug

Rare polio-like illness suddenly striking children

Spray-on anesthetic approved for dental use

Minnesota's attorney general probing EpiPen price hike

FDA outlaws antibacterial soap

August, 2016

What's behind surging prescription drug prices?

How to know if you are at risk of sudden cardiac death

EpiPen consumers vs. Senatorial courtesy -- who wins?

EpiPen price increases pose a dilemma for allergy sufferers

Stretchable wristband could soon help autistic adults manage their anxiety

July, 2016

CVS discounts naloxone for people without insurance

Another reason to consider dental implants

June, 2016

Migraines could point to cardiovascular problems in women

Feds issue warning on aspirin in heartburn products

Feds warn of dangers of abusing Imodium

May, 2016

New nutrition labels aim to help reduce obesity, diabetes, heart disease

Simple ways to remove a splinter

April, 2016

Find your next plant-based meal with Food Monster​

New cancer pill costs skyrocket

Blink Health drastically drops the price of generic drugs

Eating certain foods may help reduce anxiety, research shows

FDA-funded study concludes e-cigs may not be so bad after all

British researchers claim toothpaste breakthrough

New advancement in stem cell research could have enormous potential

March, 2016

Five health risks you might encounter at the nail salon

Chipotle steps back from some new food safety policies

Study: Zika virus can lead some patients to contract Guillain-Barré syndrome

February, 2016

Cloud bread: a low-carb bread alternative that fits into an array of diets

Weighted blankets can help relieve anxiety and insomnia, studies show

Drunk walking can be just as deadly as drunk driving, research shows

Are allergy shots worth the money?

Long-term problem: Honey Maid graham crackers smell bad, consumers say

EOS class-action suit reportedly settled

January, 2016

Too much lead in Nabisco Ginger Snaps, California alleges

Monsanto sues California to block listing of Roundup as a carcinogen

America's eating behaviors are shifting as a result of "foodie" culture, research shows

Class action claims EOS lip balm is anything but soothing

Feds issue diet guidelines. In a nutshell: more plants, less meat

Adult coloring books: why they’re good for your health

December, 2015

The miracle treatment that made Jimmy Carter cancer-free

New York and Maryland prohibitions against 23andMe fall

How effective are Brita filters really?

November, 2015

Melatonin supplements face arsenic concerns

Vitamin C may be an anti-cancer weapon after all

October, 2015

Pumpkins: the good, the bad, and the ugly

September, 2015

New hope for people with tinnitus

Complaints about rapidly rising drug prices getting louder

August, 2015

Dartmouth develops device that allows football players to practice at full contact without risk of injury

Healthy breakfasts for kids -- it's not that hard

July, 2015

Class-action suit filed against UCLA Health over patient-data security breach

Increasingly sophisticated hearing aids require a good audiologist

Study: 50% of Americans over 40 should take statins

Individuals on the autism spectrum are at increased risk for malnutrition

Not enough oil in your Olay? P&G agrees to set things right

Procera AVH promoters face $1.4 million settlement

Teens and young children are most at risk for developing internet addiction

June, 2015

Drinking too much water when exercising could pose serious health risks

What's behind the increase in children's food allergies?

Doctors say blood cancer drugs too expensive

An FDA-approved drug may be the new cure for addiction

May, 2015

Popular exercise equipment holds hidden dangers

April, 2015

Study: MS drug prices rising at 'alarming rate'

Researchers find pediatric cancer clusters in Florida

Acetaminophen: A drug that deadens the joy as well as the pain

Can you and your dog share the norovirus?

My pharmacist says he needs "prior authorization" -- what's that all about?

March, 2015

Coalition seeks a ban on flame retardants in common consumer products

You find pills in your child's room -- what should you do?

9 fruits and seeds that scientists say are good for you

Kohler toilet seat is structurally unsound, 91-year-old consumer reports

February, 2015

Dental implants a popular option to replace damaged or missing teeth

How effective is calorie information on fast food menus?

January, 2015

Feds bar distribution of Luvena "prebiotic" feminine care products

Mandatory labels on foods containing DNA? 80% of Americans support that

FTC: "Speak" dietary supplements not shown to relieve autism

Over 50? Get that shingles shot

December, 2014

Study: less than half of Dr. Oz's recommendations are actually supported by evidence

You don't have to drink wine to get resveratrol

Do antidepressants make the grieving process easier?

As you decorate, guard against Christmas tree syndrome

September, 2014

People with mystery illnesses are finding answers in the crowd

23AndMe changes policies again: no longer automatically tells you about long-lost relatives

Supplements now more likely than medications to cause death

Are we getting close to a multiple sclerosis cure?

The lowdown on wine, tea, coffee, energy drinks and heart health

August, 2014

Remind me again: Who wants GMO labeling?

Nickel allergies are on the rise, just like all the others

July, 2014

Are your food fears justified? What about gluten, MSG, high fructose corn syrup?

June, 2014

Op-Ed: Organic purists condemn millions to death

Truvia sweetener kills the sugar craving. Also bugs

Anheuser-Busch adds beer nutrition information to its website

May, 2014

Coca-Cola to remove “flame retardant” from American drinks

More women dying in childbirth in the U.S. than almost anywhere else

March, 2014

Spoiler alert: some of the food in your fridge may be bad

Shortness of breath while bending over may be a symptom of worsening heart failure

Healthy food is not just good for you -- it can sell, too

February, 2014

Why neglecting your teeth can have serious consequences

Researchers: pornography addiction isn't real

January, 2014