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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

I had ADT at a former home. Called them to advise I was selling that home and moving to another city - I asked about transferring the balance remaining (1 year) of my 3 year contract. They told me that could be done... my buyer however hated ADT (now I know why) and refused my request to continue with their service. I called ADT and told them to cancel my service and was informed I would be required to pay an early termination fee of over $600 (remember, I only had one year left). At this point, I didn't bother contacting them further-sold my house and moved, then I started receiving multiple past due and termination fee notices which I ignored.

I was continuing to get these bills at my new residence so I called and said OK - just let me finish out my contract here in my new home. Authorized contractor Protect Our Homes/Defender came out to do the install and presents me with a new 3 year contract which I had to sign. His boss told him not to leave until I had signed the contract electronically. I told him I was just continuing my existing contract term of one year. NO. They would NEVER had told me that I could do that... lots and lots of lies and mistruths from every facet within ADT - including all of the customer service and escalation department representatives.

Fast forward. I was in a situation where I had no choice but to sell this new home after one year of the ADT contract. Again, I called and was advised that yes, my buyer could take over my contract... then on another call inquiry I was told they never said that. I asked that a manager/supervisor listen to the recorded call and provided the specific date and time I called. I also asked that they please get back to me after reviewing the recorded call. They didn't. I call again and get transferred multiple times before actually speaking to someone. That individual told me that the call recording was listened to and nothing to that effect was ever stated... then proceeded to transfer me to the actual woman who first told me that information. She was extremely rude and said she NEVER said that to me and how dare I question her and asked that the recorded conversation be listened to.

I sure wish I had recorded that call myself!! At any rate... I wrote a letter to ADT and mailed it to both the billing address and the corporate address advising once again of my experience thus far with them and that I was cancelling service. I told them that based on what they initially stated to me that I included a clause in the sales contract for my home that the buyers will pick up the ADT service. No response. At the closing attorney's office on 6/20/16 I place a speaker phone call to ADT and Protect Our Homes to discuss with all parties present - Buyer, Seller (me), Closing Agent, Realtor, Paralegal and Attorney.

During this conversation with all parties and the ADT/Protect Our Home reps, they told both of us (buyer and seller) to call back on July 29th, 2016 - that my contract was still with Protect Our Homes/Defender Security and would convert to ADT on August 15th. Apparently, Protect Our Homes owns the contract for 13 months and then it reverts to ADT. They further stated that I needed to give a 30 day notice, (thus the 7/29/16 date to call) for any cancellation. I got a letter in the mail the other day saying please sign and date this form and we will cancel your service. It makes no mention of any termination fee, so we'll see what happens after the 7.29.16 conference call with myself, my buyer and their agent. I did phone them again today regarding the letter mentioned above and was told they had no record of any calls from me other than one on 4/20/16.

I have called them multiple times and the gentleman today said no I didn't... they didn't have it in their notes. I told him that wasn't my problem and that the last call had many witnesses... then he transfers me to their escalation department who never answer the call. This company consistently lies, is extremely rude, is not responsive and I would NEVER utilize them again... EVER... please don't let them suck you in as you will regret it. I hope I have a successful resolution to this matter and I am so sorry I am forcing my buyer by the contract provisions to contract with them.

I like my buyer and don't want them to endure the crap that I have with ADT over the last 3 1/2 years. Even if you tell them you are moving to Egypt, they expect you to take their service with you - sign a new contract for 3 years and they don't even offer service in foreign countries!!! Truly, I ask you to seek out better companies for your security and monitoring need to a company who won't force a 3 year agreement on you and then be non-responsive as is very evident with other posts on this site. ADT should be put out of business for multiple reasons - Fraud would be one!

Beware of the shenanigans these people will pull on you. One of the absolute worst experiences ever and they will not allow you to get out of the deal they didn't follow through on. ADT will blame the contractor and the contractor will blame ADT... ADT takes hours to get on the phone for support. I can go on and on about the negatives regarding this company but I will let it go here. Plain and simple - don't do it! It's not worth it.

I have been working with ADT since May of 2016, I wanted cameras installed. Salesmen William ** came out and he ordered 2 cameras. June 6th was the installation date. Upon arrival the technician had only 1 camera. They said that they would return the following week and install the camera. I had given them 2 checks in the amount of 591. To this day I still have not had my 2nd camera installed. They were scheduled to come out today, July 19th, got a confirmation call the night before. At 7 am I received an email that the technicians were on their way, at 8 am I received a call that they were at the house but nobody was home! Scheduling called and said I need to reschedule because they didn't have the camera! The camera was ordered on July 6th. Today July 19th I was told that the camera is coming in next day air and they will have it July 20th, a install date was set for Friday July 22nd.

Just got a call now stating they can't come on Friday and now I'm pushed back until July 29th. They need to have 2 technicians here. The camera is being installed on a tree which I attached a plate on the tree for easy installation, I ran a conduit for easy installation. This job is not time-consuming and should only take an hour. They say you they need 2 technicians cause someone has to hold the ladder, OSHA regulations from what I'm told. Keep my fingers crossed that I won't get pushed back again by scheduling. What a nightmare.

Resolution In Progress

My alarm starting beeping on July 14 and would not stop. When I called to report it, I was given instructions over the phone how to stop it, but it would start beeping again every 3-4 hours. I was given an appointment for July 25th. When I called back on July 18th to complain about the noise and how often I had to stop the beeping (including getting up throughout the night), I was told they did not have a technician available before the 25th. My inconvenience was of no significance whatsoever. So I still have another week to tolerate the noise. I am one extremely dissatisfied customer.

Resolution In Progress

I wanted to cancel service after 3 years of being an on time perfect customer dealing with less than acceptable service (alarm went off several times where they merely sent me an email! No phone call) AND THEY raised monthly bill with no explanation. When I called to cancel - I was on hold for 15 minutes and the rep claimed I would be charged over $400 for cancellation and when I told her that no way would I have signed a 3 year contract - she said she would email it. Never got it. I went to my online account and it said "no contract available" EXACTLY. I plan on filing a lawsuit for deceptive practices.

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Just when I thought my experience with ADT could not get worse, it did. Exactly one week after I cancelled the service, they put through another charge on my credit card. When I finally got to speak to one of their customer service representatives, I was ready. I explained that I had reported them to the fraud department of my credit card, and I began the recital of my woes and miseries.

Lady Warmth told me that she could save me time, I asked her how. She said she would reimburse all the charges made against my account and send a service man to my house to get all the equipment. Trust me, she has the correct attitude for someone who works for ADT; she did not want to listen to what I had to say, and I am not convinced about my money being refunded. However a service man came as scheduled. Sounds good, right? When he removed the key pad, there was a large hole and several smaller holes left in the wall. I asked what he intended to do about the mess, he said he does not do drywall repair. He packed his stuff and left. So, if you are in the market for a high price system that does not work, despicable customer service and property destruction, ADT is the right company to choose.

A loud, shrill beeping is coming from my system. No one at ADT knows how to shut it off! Everything they have told me to do doesn't work! I have called 3 times & get their automated system. Go through lots of steps to get a person. I asked what happens when you have a real emergency. They told me I should call 911!!! What good is the system? They are supposed to monitor it! Told me back-up battery is low so they will mail me a new one. Beeping may go on until it is installed. I am 73 years old. I do not know how to deal with this system. I have BRINKS for years before they sold out to ADT. Brinks was great. ADT is horrible!!! I am looking for a new system. I cannot deal with ADT lack of customer service. Just take your money!!

Resolution In Progress

I would never recommend ADT to anyone! They never explained that they will lock you down on a 3 year contract, and forget about it if you decide to move cause they will renew your contract without approval. Customer service is so bad, spent 1 hour back and forth between ADT and the approved Contractor to get an answer! Ended up getting sick of games and hang up. In my opinion ADT is the worse company.

Of all the vendors I have ever dealt with ADT is unquestionably the worst ever. They are very good at promises but the system never worked as promised. They put in new thermostats and not only left gaping holes in the wall but the system was miswired and we had oppressive heat in the summer. If you want to have disputes and a great deal of aggravation this is definitely the company to use. On the other hand, if you want an operable system avoid ADT at all costs.

Resolution In Progress

I have been trying to cancel my accounts with ADT for the past 3 weeks and they keep giving me the runaround, transferring me from one extension to another. I believe this is a ploy by ADT to prevent customers from cancelling. For a company as big as ADT, this is unscrupulous and unacceptable. After trying for 3 weeks, I am still not able to do so successfully.

ADT has what is perhaps the worst customer service of any company with which I have done business in almost 60 years. Rude, curt, uninformed call center representatives are characteristics of more than a decade of ADT service. Getting defective equipment replaced (three times in twelve years of service) takes all but an act of God. They schedule and then do not show up, or show up late and without the parts needed to make the repair.

On one occasion the "technician" ruined a $60 dress shirt by creating a fabric pull while shoving clothing out of his way to get to the ADT panel in a closet. And, of course, he denied any responsibility and we ate the shirt. There are better, higher rated, and much more trustworthy companies offering higher-end, digital, cellular-based equipment for much less. Don't be duped (as we were) by cheesy marketing scams ("I am ADT and..."). ADT is more concerned about their bottom line $ than about your satisfaction or security. Caveat emptor.

I was given Saturday (June 25, 2016) 1-5 PM appointment for installation of new cameras. I had to cancel another important appointment to accommodate them. That Saturday, I waited at home and decided to call ADT at 4 PM to ask about the status. On my first call, the (female) operator placed me on a long hold until I was directed to an end recording message saying that I called during closed hours. So I called again. The second operator (male) informed me that my appointment was on another day, July 7. I explained that it was not the schedule given to me and that I should have been told of the change so that I could keep my other commitments. The operator was not even apologetic and insinuated that I made the change. Naturally I got upset and requested for a supervisor to file a complaint. The operator forwarded my call to a totally different office number - a tax preparer's number. THESE OPERATORS SHOULD BE FIRED!

June 2, 2016 inquired about security cameras at a residential location. Guy starts upselling keypads, door contacts etc. Advised twice didn't need all that, said ok could tell installer. I asked about reconnecting service at my address, was told I could save $100 off install charges but $125 was needed up front. I gave them my debit card to pay and was given confirmation # **. After taking a moment to go over the figures, I called back same day to cancel and was told I would be refunded in 5-7 work days. Lies they told. No money received. Got a call after two weeks from a "retention specialist" who wanted to come to my home to sit and talk with me. I said "no, I just want my money refunded." As of today, June 25,2016, still trying to get my $125 refunded. This company is a greater risk than burglary. Shame on them.

Resolution In Progress

About a year ago we did an acquisition and purchased a business. The company we bought had ADT. We wanted to cancel because we were not interested. However, ADT informed us of their cancellation fees - which were outrageous. It would've been thousands of dollars as this was a commercial policy. We then decided it was not worth it and asked them to transfer the security system to our new office as we were moving and closing that office. That was an even bigger mistake. What they did instead was opened up a NEW account, and started to bill us TWICE for the old location and the new location. Even though they came out to the old location, picked up the equipment themselves - reinstalled it at our new location they still kept billing the old address and then the new address too. They are billing us for a building that we are no longer in and they are NOT providing security for. How is this legal? It's been SIX months!

Countless letters, emails, phone calls - I have even CRIED on the phone because of my frustration. Customer service is ruthless. Their training must be how to be coldblooded. They won't CLOSE the account. Now they want me to contact the original owner who lives in another COUNTRY - have him draft up a letter on company letterhead that he is not the owner of and say HE is cancelling then once they get that letter in 30 days they will close the account because they now also need an additional 30-day notice. For an account that they are not providing SECURITY for and we are not in. They have made it impossible to cancel or close an account.

I've been in business for 20 years and I have never seen anything like this in my entire life. This has to be illegal. It is unethical - a poor business practice. I cannot be alone, there must be so many people like me. The minute you sign that contract they got you for years and hundreds or thousands of dollars. Don't do it!! This is the worst mistake I have ever made. I should've cancelled, paid the fee and never done any transfer or moving etc... I heard they were bad but this is another level of abuse. Abuse is the perfect word.

We were scheduled to make settlement on our new home. I called ADT to transfer the service. They told me that HAD to come out the day we would be making settlement or it would be considered a disconnect and we would be charged $350 fee. Mind you when we signed up there was NEVER a $350 fee discussed for disconnecting! Against my will as you know how stressful a settlement day can be, I said fine. Well as things go with this process my settlement was pushed back a few days. I called ADT right away and said I needed to change the date. Dan ** was my rep and he said "No problem, we got it all set". Yeah right!!! a week after speaking with Dan, still living in my old house, setting my what I thought was an active alarm every night, I get a bill for the $350 disconnect fee!

Naturally I call and am like, "What is going on!" Well Dan never told them about the new move date! They are so rude on the phone and no help at all!!! They tell me to call Dan on his cell phone which I do. He doesn't answer! Surprise! He TEXTS me! Admitting the mistake and tells me he talked to billing and it was all fixed, that I had to call ADT 800 # again and PAY A $22.00 reactivation fee WTF! But ok. I am going to do that because I have small kids and do not want to be without the alarm. I call the number. Now they tell me they don't even know a rep named Dan ** and they can only offer me a new 3 YEAR contract to eliminate the $350 term fee!!! Needless to say they are a joke! And I went with a totally new company for my new home!

Resolution In Progress

I replied to an ADT/Defender/Protect Your Home/Defender (why so many names) advertisement for a security systems that cost $19.99/month. After speaking on the phone with a representative at length about the differences between a land line and cell, I purchased the land line package for 19.99. The installation technician came and tested my old system and told me the wires were burned and he would have install a whole new system. He wanted to know where my modem was located, I showed him and began to cut a square out of the wall and attached the panel to the wall.

He then proceeded to attempt to sell me additional items including access to the system using a cell phone which I refused. He eventually told me that the panel would not work with a land line where it was placed and he needed to place it closer to the modem. At this time I'm frustrated and tired, the tech had been there for 2 hours with the majority of time spent trying to sell me something that I did not need or want which I told him.

At this point he needed to call his manager Reggie **, who promised additional bells and whistles but couldn't deliver. The technician called his manager, regional manager and received no reasonable or helpful guidance and informed me that his could not leave until he had permission to do so. I phoned the call center and spoke with James ** who put me on hold almost an hour with no contact or solutions. It is now almost 10 PM and the technician has been in my house since 6 PM. I called back to cancel my order and spoke to Leon ** who accommodated me and gave the technician permission to leave.

Instead of protection against burglars, I feel we need protection for these unscrupulous sales people and managers who try oversell products using untrained/undertrained technicians who are passed off as "professionals." I have a 3-4 inch hole in my kitchen nook and by the entrance to my back door. It has to be prepared and this company representative is telling me that they are not responsible. Others considering buying from this company, PLEASE BEWARE! I now will have to contact the Attorney General's Office and possibly obtain a lawyer to get my walls repaired.

My father, age 75, contacted ADT to switch to their service based on an advertised offer. He explained to the customer service representative he had Vonage for his phone service. The customer service rep said she was not sure if the system could be installed without a landline. She scheduled the appointment and told my father to ask the technician. It seems odd that the customer service representative could not speak to my father's situation, since it is not uncommon. As directed, my father asked the technician about installing the service with Vonage. He further explained the package he was expecting to be installed. The technician stated, "I got you".

The technician then proceeded to install a thousand dollar system. When my father would not agree to the monthly payment, the technician got his supervisor on the phone to apply more pressure. When my father would not agree to pay the monthly fees associated with the system installed, the supervisor directed the technician to take the system out. The technician removed the ADT equipment but refused to reconnect my father's existing equipment. Now my father has to pay for a service call and reinstallation of his previous service. My father is on a fixed income and does not have money to spare. I am thankful that he has his wits about him and did not yield to undue sales pressure. Shame on you ADT!!!

We were moving and we wanted to honor our 3 years contract for the rest of its term in our new location. They treated us very rude and said we only had 2 options. 1. Cancel the service and pay 75% of the remaining bill of the contract in addition of a cancellation fee or 2. They give us a new 3 years contract, and "so kindly" let us buy new equipment with a discount. I will never have any more business the this company. They are deceiving. Don't let their representative gave you a resume the contract, read it. Don't trust him! Look for security elsewhere.

We received the first bill from ADT Security Systems and we already feel like we have been scammed. The bill is a higher monthly payment than what we agreed to. We signed up for $27.99 a month and are being charged $48.99 a month. When I called ADT they said I had to call the company, DEFENDERS, that installed the ADT alarm. What??? We had no idea there was a subcontractor involved. I was told that I would have to contact Defenders so that they could contact ADT to correct the monthly payment amount. When I called Defenders, they spoke to ADT over the phone and then transferred me back to ADT. ADT then said that they would credit the account once they received the contract with the correct monthly amount from Defenders, BUT that I would have to call back in about a week in order to receive the credit.

I was told that for security purposes they would not be able to log into the account without me on the phone in order to give me the credit. I asked to speak with a supervisor because this made no sense. How can ADT bill me monthly without having me on the phone but not be able to credit my account? Instead of transferring me to a supervisor the "special" lady on the phone transferred me to another agent who had no idea what I was calling about. He then put me on hold for a long time and then came back and said his manager "Sam" could not come to the phone, but that "Sam" said I should be automatically credited in about 30 days. He also said that he could not give me Sam's last name.

How much do you want to bet that I will have to call back to receive the credit and that I will probably be charged the incorrect amount on the next bill? I am assuming that since the monthly amount is automatically pulled from our account, that ADT was hoping we would not notice they were charging extra and since we did notice they are planning on giving us the runaround. Feeling scammed!

I signed with ADT after my house vandalized. I really wish I DIDN'T. One of the worst company... be careful because their contract is fraud and not accurate and they play with the word and will put you in huge trouble. They told me they will send the contract with the TECH... when he come to the house and they did not at all... let me sign on their IPAD. Service is the worst and contract is tricky and have to be aware that you have to break the contract you will be send to collection and they will take their money anyway if they monitor your house or not. Biggest mistake in my life to sign 3 years contract with them. I do not wish anyone to do this mistake. Hours and hours of argument on the phone. Stay away of trouble and go somewhere else.

I have been with ADT since 2008, and every year my bill increased by about $35. Customer service is basically non-existent. When I finally called to cancel my account 30 days before the renewal, I had to hold for almost two hours! The woman who I finally spoke with begged, BEGGED me not to cancel. I should have hung up on her but I was afraid that they would have taken that as an indication that I was not cancelling. Horrible! I felt annoyed about the total lack of professionalism of ADT and upset about the attitude of that poor woman begging me not to cancel my account. She kept telling me what she could do for me if I stayed with ADT. Never in my life have I experienced anything like this. As soon as my services were cancelled, the alarm started to beep every afternoon at 5pm in intervals of 20 seconds. I called ADT three more times to complain and was put on hold for over one hour each time before I finally hung up!

We have multiple locations that are monitored by ADT, and when I call to inquire about loyalty discounts as I was advised to do by an ADT representative, you would think that I would be transferred to someone who would be aware of the next steps in the process. Well, instead I received a representative would was extremely rude and wanted to be argumentative, however, I stopped her in her tracks and asked to be connected to someone who might know a little more about what I was referring to since it was so baffling and unheard of for her.

The conversation went like this: April loyalty department - ADT - curt and argumentative June 7, 2016 at 9:29pm - on hold since 9pm - been with the company 13 years - "You are not giving me clarification. You don't come to my department and just ask for a discount. We don't just offer anything. You are confusing and you don't know what you want, I mean you're saying you want discounts, but you're not telling me what you want." *I informed her from the beginning that I was calling about loyalty discounts as I was transferred to her for that very reason. She transferred me without even asking me to hold, and she re-routed my call back through the main hold-line, which I'd been waiting on for more than 30 minutes.

System is not what he said. Had wired system, he said wireless would be easy to install because the old system was not being used.

I have been a customer with ADT for 11 years. My experience prior to 6/6/16 has been acceptable. However, on yesterday, I decided to take my neighbor's advice. I am getting rid of ADT. After paying years with this company, and to find out that I did not have maintenance covered for THEIR equipment--and they wanted $100 for someone to come out and check my alarm problems, which by the way - had been going off all times of night, scaring me silly---I LOST IT!!

I told the rep that assisted me on the call, "but people from your company have come out and checked my alarm system before and no one ever said anything about maintenance not been covered." The only response she could give me was, "I am so sorry but there is nothing that I can do." Then she said, "oh wait - I can give you a one time rate the first hour free and then $27 for each hour beyond ---for a tech person to come out!" I said, "WHAT??" Yet, it seems as if every other month - there is a letter that says - "we are increasing your bill by $2, or $3 for some insane reason." I'm done!! I work diligently each and everyday for my money. I refuse to give it away to dishonesty. WOW!!! This was truly a wake up call for me!

The only reason I am giving ONE star is because you cannot give ZERO. I signed up with ADT just shy of one year ago. I was informed that I could cancel service at any time, no holes/damage would be done to walls during installation and if I ever wanted to transfer my service, I would receive credit for my new installation. Let me start by saying I should have read the fine print because you are TIED INTO A CONTRACT FOR A MINIMUM OF THREE YEARS! If you attempt to cancel, they will force you to pay the remaining 36-month balance which was over $800.00 for myself. I explained that I was moving and they still stood firm on their termination fee.

SECOND, when the technician came, he knocked a HUGE HOLE in the wall where he installed the keypad and left all of the pieces of sheetrock just scattered all over my hallway. This also cost me my $750 rental deposit. Third... do not believe the promises of a relocation credit. They will double the price of the original installation and then give you whatever discount that will bring it back down to the same amount that you originally paid. My experience with ADT has been a nightmare from day one and I would advise anyone considering home security to look elsewhere!

Their website is always down. The web cams won't work when the website is down. Their customer service is rude and they don't know what the ** they're doing. They say, "Ok, we will call you back," but they don't call you back until 20 days later. And when they call you back they don't know what the ** they're calling for? Then you have to go to holds and get put on hold many times and when you finally get someone on the phone they disconnect you. I strongly recommend that YOU do NOT use ADT - that company is a worthless piece of **.

I have had my alarm for a little less than 2 years now. About 2 weeks ago the alarm went off around 10 pm, scaring the crap out of me and my children. Turns out it was a false alarm. This happened 3 more times that night, again at 12 am, and then again at 2 am. A week later, this happened again while I was not home. I came home and actually didn't even hear the alarm going off, which is concerning, but ADT sent the police out. Who came to my door and said, "Your alarm is going off right now."

I checked my keypad and could not see that anything was awry so I don't know what that was about. Had to apologize to the police and then called ADT to have someone come out. They said they didn't have an opening for a service call for two weeks. I wasn't happy about this but since the alarm had gone off on its own only twice thus far and I could still use it I figured not a big deal. Well, it went off on its own again the next night and this time when I turned it off I could not set it afterwards. The keypad was doing all sorts of goofball things and would not respond to anything I did to it. Plus beeping over and over and over.

I called ADT and asked that a technician come out within the next day or so, and told them I could not use my alarm at all, that it was completely malfunctioning. I got told "Sorry, we don't have anything open for two weeks." I said, "I can't use my alarm and it's beeping non-stop. I'm afraid it's going to bring the police again and I don't want to get fined. I need my alarm to work. I live in a crappy neighborhood."

Their response: "Sorry, don't know what to tell you." I find it absolutely appalling this company charges me $50 a month and I paid almost 2k for equipment and when it's not working, I get told "too bad, we'll see you in two weeks." This company is in the business of selling safety and if they cannot back their product up by providing timely service when it's needed, then why are they even in business? They are robbing their customers. Period.

I should not be paying $50 a month for this kind of service and I'm pretty certain I'll be getting billed $50 for a full month's service even though I could not use the damn system for half of the month. Oh, and I get to pay $25 for a technician to come out, once they show up in two weeks that is. Do not use this company. They are like Comcast. Too big to properly serve their customers and a ripoff.

I've been reaching out to customer support over the last 6 weeks to request an installation of additional equipment. The case remains unresolved after a eight phone calls, one disconnection, and one dedicated manager that's assigned to our case.

This company will trick you into transferring service over to your new place and not tell you you're signing a new 3 year contract at your new place. Bunch of BS!

ADT installed an alarm system on our property with no authorization from myself, the homeowner. I was never advised of installation. I now want them ADT to remove and repair the walls where the equipment was placed and they responded they will not.

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Established in 1874 as a telegraph delivery company, ADT has evolved into one of the largest security providers in the United States. Offering service in all 50 states, ADT is well known for its state-of-the-art, mostly hardwired alarms, including the interactive Pulse service.

  • Professional installation: Many ADT installation packages roll together equipment fees with professional installation, often for less than $100 total cost.
  • ADT Pulse: This interactive system gives you remote access to home automation, like timed monitoring (e.g. activate a security camera after dark), all accessible via mobile app.
  • Highly customized systems: An ADT technician will do a home visit to discuss your security goals and ADT system capabilities. The company offers comprehensive solutions for almost any security requirement.
  • Monthly cost: ADT's monthly plans top out at $54 for the Pulse package.
  • Systems : ADT systems are hard-wired, making it inconvenient to move at times.
  • Best for Homeowners, hands-off consumers and tech-savvy shoppers.

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