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Choice Home Warranty
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$46.83 to $54.75
Monthly premium cost
49 states (not WA)
30 days
Labor guarantee
Service fee
Overall Rating4.1 out of 5
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About Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home Warranty offers two levels of protection plans and multiple add-on options to protect against unexpected home system or appliance repairs and replacements. Both plans cover household items regardless of age. Customers can make claims 24/7 through the online account center or by phone. Choice Home Warranty plans are available in all states except Washington; the company has partnered with Home Service Club of California to provide Choice Home Warranty-branded products in California.

    Pros & Cons


    • Optional roof leak coverage
    • No transfer fee
    • 24/7 customer service
    • No home inspection


    • $500 roof repair cap
    • Not available in all states

    Bottom Line

    Choice Home Warranty offers basic and comprehensive plans for systems and appliances. It covers items regardless of age. CHW operates through Home Service Club of California and is not available in Washington state.

    Top Choice Home Warranty Reviews


    Filing a claim online was easy. I got an immediate call from the plumber. ... This was not an emergency. Plumber said he could install immediately if needed with different equipme...

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    First, I received the acknowledgment email, then the scheduled repair. The tech called with time update and he was on time, as well as efficient. Couldn’t ask for more. Hopefully,...

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    Choice Home Warranty Plans

    Choice Home Warranty has two coverage plans, Basic or Total, as well as add-on coverage you can use to customize your home warranty. Coverage usually begins 30 days after enrollment (unless you can show proof of prior coverage showing no lapses), and policies typically last one year.

    Basic PlanTotal Plan
    Air conditioning system
    Heating system
    Electrical system
    Plumbing system
    Plumbing stoppage
    Water heater
    Whirlpool bathtub
    Built-in microwave
    Garbage disposal
    Clothes washer
    Clothes dryer
    Garage door opener
    Ceiling and exhaust fans

    All information accurate as of publishing.

    After choosing the Basic or Total Plan, customers can add any or all of the following optional coverages:

    • Pool and spa
    • Central vacuum
    • Second refrigerator
    • Well pump
    • Limited roof leak
    • Stand-alone freezer
    • Sump pump
    • Septic system
    • Septic tank pumping

    Choice Home Warranty cost

    Choice Home Warranty prices range anywhere from $46.83 to $54.75 per month.

    Most plans from Choice Home Warranty have a flat $85 service call fee per claim. You pay this fee to the service provider who comes to your home. If the cost of a repair or replacement exceeds the coverage limit, the customer is responsible for paying the difference.

    Choice Home Warranty refunds your fees if you cancel within 30 days, minus any service costs (unless these charges are prohibited by your state’s laws). If you cancel after the first 30 days, you’ll receive a prorated refund for your agreement fees minus any service costs allowed by your state’s laws. You’re also responsible for a $50 administrative fee (or a lesser amount based on state law).

    Choice Home Warranty exclusions

    Choice Home Warranty plans cover all components and parts of certain appliances, such as washers, dryers, dishwashers and garbage disposals. Other appliances and all systems, including air conditioners and water heaters, have coverage exclusions. It’s important to read the service agreement thoroughly so you understand what’s covered before you sign up.

    Choice Home Warranty has a $3,000 cap per 12-month period on most covered appliances and systems, though some systems and appliances have lower caps. Some notable exceptions are:

    Covered item12-month cap
    Roof leaks$500
    Septic tank pumping$250
    Septic system$500
    Sprinkler system$500
    Stand-alone ice maker$500
    Trash compactor$500
    Well pump$500

    Be sure to ask about coverage limits for any items you’re concerned about before purchasing a service plan.

    Like many other home warranty companies, Choice Home Warranty won’t cover any preexisting conditions, whether known or unknown, or any failures caused by misuse, abuse, neglect or physical damage. Ultimately, it’s up to the company to determine whether a covered system or appliance will be replaced or repaired.

    Choice Home Warranty claims

    If you have a contract with Choice Home Warranty and need to file a claim, follow these steps to request service:

    1. Call or log in to the online account center to request service as soon as you notice a problem. You can make a claim online or call 24/7/365.
    2. Choice Home Warranty will contact service providers within four hours. It will let you know the contractor’s name and phone number and the appointment time — usually within 48 hours.
    3. A contractor will arrive at the appointed time and repair or replace the system or appliance. You pay the service call fee of $85.

    If your claim is denied, you can ask for Choice Home Warranty to review its decision. The company may ask for maintenance records as part of this review. Choice Home Warranty may deny a claim if the problem is determined to be a preexisting condition or the result of misuse, abuse, neglect or failure to maintain the appliance or system according to the manufacturer’s directions.

    Choice Home Warranty FAQ

    Does Choice Home Warranty require a home inspection?

    A home inspection is not required to get coverage from Choice Home Warranty. But, per the contract, the company does maintain the right to request routine maintenance records and/or home inspection reports when deciding how much it may cover for a repair or replacement.

    What is not covered under Choice Home Warranty?

    Choice Home Warranty does not cover the following:

    • Known or unknown preexisting conditions
    • Routine maintenance or breakdowns due to neglect, abuse or physical damage
    • Items still under warranty by a manufacturer
    • More than one of the same appliance or system (with some exceptions)
    • Specific components and parts of certain appliances and systems
    • Permit fees
    • Other exclusions noted in the contract
    Where is Choice Home Warranty available?

    Choice Home Warranty is available in all states except Washington. The company has partnered with Home Service Club of California to offer Choice Home Warranty-branded products. These products are sold exclusively through Home Service Club of California Insurance Services; Choice Home Warranty is not licensed by the California Department of Insurance.

    Is Choice Home Warranty any good?

    Choice Home Warranty customers who have left reviews on ConsumerAffairs are generally satisfied with the company’s service, with many reviewers praising its representatives for their knowledge and level of customer service. Other customers were pleased by the quick response times and competitive pricing.

    “They were very easy to work with and gave the best pricing for home warranties when I was shopping around,” a customer from Arizona said. “Also, they offer pretty much everything else other companies offer for a lower price.” However, the Better Business Bureau does note that the Arizona attorney general filed a lawsuit in 2019 alleging the company made false promises to customers.

    Overall, we think the company is worth considering if you want a home warranty. It has lower starting costs than some other companies, and it offers occasional specials, like providing the first month of coverage at no charge. Most verified complaints appear to be about claims disputes, which is common among warranty companies.

    Choice Home Warranty video reviews

    choice home warranty video review
    Cindy: Hi, my name is Cindy, I live in Mississippi and I got a home warranty to protect my home in case of anything if anything broke down. I chose home warranty on a recommendation from the gentleman I bought the home from. One of my choices was American Home Shield. I did have a friend that had them that had some bad experiences with them. So I just wanted to go with the company that someone had used before and was happy with it. I went over the phone to set up my home warranty. They had two options for me. There was one that was a limited coverage. The second one was a VIP that covered all of my major appliances. Very easy to do. The operator was very helpful to me and explained everything me. So I believe that I made a good choice with the Choice Home Warranty. Working with the people at Choice Home Warranty has been very easy. I had to file a claim on my air conditioner and everything is done online, very self-explanatory. They were able to get someone out right away. So it was a very good experience. A second time that I had to call them was for a hot water heater. And when they could not find somebody within say a 24 hour period, they gave me the option of finding someone else myself. So that is what I did. And again, everything is done online. The man that was doing the service had to log on and give them the information. So it was a very easy process as long as everybody went through all the steps correctly. My choice using the home warranty has been worth it. I have fortunately have not had any major issues and hopefully I won't, but I am glad that I chose to get this home warranty. Just makes me feel better if I do have a major appliance go out or my air conditioning.
    choice home warranty video review
    Regina: Hi, my name is Regina and I live in Georgia. We own a rental property in Panama City Beach, Florida, which is about a six-hour drive from here. So, it's impossible for us to be there frequently to make repairs and to check on things and make sure they're working well. I was involved with another home warranty company that really wasn't fitting the bill for us and I had just ended a contract with them when I received an email from Choice Home Warranty offering these services at a great price. When I read my email and I saw the services that Choice Home Warranty was offering, I honestly thought it was a little too good to be true because I had been burned by this previous company. They said, you know, they made all these promises, but when it came down to it and I started to use their services, it was almost like an insurance company when they raise your premiums. Each year, I had had them for a couple of years, and it seemed like each year, the price was getting higher and the services were getting less. So that was the reason why I decided I didn't want to continue with using their services. But when I called the representative at Choice, I even said to him, you know, it kinda sounds too good to be true. The price is really much less than, you know, I would expect it to be, and we spent about an hour on the phone and we went through the plans, and we went through my needs in our condo and the types of appliances we had, the type of building it was, what kind of air conditioner we had. They were very thorough, and it was just, um, when I hung up, I said, okay, I'm gonna try it. And I tried it because the representative also said that I could cancel at any time and on top of that there was a special offer of, like three free months if I signed up. So I said, what do I have to lose? So I did, and I'm really thankful that I did. The application process was almost seamless. When I had the representative on the phone, he was going through the plan options with me and I was kind of trepidatious about re-signing with any home warranty company because I had such a bad experience with the previous one, and as we went through the coverage plan, I was asking him, well, what about this type of appliance, and it's, you know, five years old. Every question that I asked, basically, he had a yes answer to. So, I was still a little leery about that and I decided, okay, since you're giving me such a great price, and at the same time, he was also filling out the application online for me, and then sent me an email to prove it, to verify and approve all the information and I said, well, since he, to myself, that since you're, he's giving me such a great price and they're saying they're covering all this, you know, all these appliances that I have and he also did go through a list of providers in the area, and I happened to know a few of them, and I was really quite shocked that he, they had as many providers as they did, because the other company really, as I had mentioned, did not. So, he made it really hard for me to say no. I decided to sign because he also said that I could cancel at any time and there was no, you know, extended period where I'd have to pay for a year in advance and then lose that money if I decided to cancel. So I decided to go ahead and accept it, and I, it was just absolutely hard to say no to them, and I'm happy I didn't. I'm happy- I'm very, very happy with the service of Choice Home Warranty. The customer service that I've received from Choice Home Warranty has been excellent. I've only had to actually get on a phone with them twice because I had questions regarding whether or not they could switch provider to one that I recognized from one that they had assigned to me, to one that I had recognized because I've had previous experiences with them and I liked them, and it was no problem. They said, sure, no problem. We'll let them know. We'll let the original provider know they don't have to go and we'll get the other provider to do it for you. And they did. And other times, I could go online and simply, type in that I needed service, and set up an appointment that way, and then I would get an immediate email back confirming that they received my request and they were gonna let me know when somebody was assigned, and usually it was within minutes of my request online. So, their service has been great. I have no complaints whatsoever. I truly believe that what I paid for my Choice Home Warranty service was well worth it. Over the past year or so that I've had their plan, I've used them several times and just knowing that they care, and the providers care and wanna do the job well gives me a peace of mind, and peace of mind is worth everything. I've literally had a provider stand over an appliance and FaceTime me from Florida, to show me what was going on and that has never happened before with the other home warranty company. So the providers really wanna work for Choice Home Warranty, it seems. They really wanna do a great job. That gives me a peace of mind and I feel well taken care of. So, yes, for the amount of times that I have used them over this year and a half or so it's been beyond worth it. It's great.
    choice home warranty video review
    Doug: Hi. My name is Doug and I am in North Carolina. What put me in the market for a home warranty plan was our realtor friend, when we bought our house, gifted us a subscription to a home warranty plan and we kept it for the first year and found it to be quite useful. And we stayed with that company for several years until we had a disagreement about some things that they said the contract held and did not. So, we changed over and my sister-in-law recommended Choice Home Warranty and we went with them and been with them ever since. The alternatives that we considered, they were only, there was only one and it was to stay with the previous company we were with and that was completely out of the question after we had a disagreement on procedures and again, my sister-in-law recommended Choice Home and we went with it. The ease of options were fairly simple. I didn't have any difficulty trying to navigate through the application process. It was pretty straight forward. The only issue that we ran into was payment options and we had to kind of work around some things to make it happen but we did. My experience with Choice Home Warranty has been sort of varied. We've used the service multiple times and didn't have any complaints until the most recent time that we used the service and it was for our HVAC system. The technician came out, he examined the system, told us that the system was installed improperly and my question to him at that time was, how can the system be installed improperly if it's worked without issue for eight and a half years? And he said it was just installed improperly. It would work but the reason that the HVAC system failed was because it was in fact installed improperly and Choice Home Warranty denied the claim at that time and, I'm a little salty about that, if, to say the least. Choice Home Warranty, I feel was worth the effort for the most part because they did take care of most of our issues promptly, professionally, and again, until we had this most recent issue, we had no complaints with the company.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Nov. 8, 2022

    The Choice salesman that I talked to gave me a deal I couldn't refuse, and that is I pay less than $300 a year for each of my properties, but I did have to take six years’ worth. So I wound up paying $14,000, and then I was covered for six years on eight properties. But we had some real problems with having somebody come out and work on our air conditioning. But sometimes they're not bad, sometimes they're a little bit longer than I wish they would be.

    When the hot water heater was not working in one of my rental properties, the technician said, "You need a couple of parts. I'll be back tomorrow with the parts." Then I got a call and I was told that I need a new hot water heater. I got a notice from Choice Home Warranty to say that the hot water heater had a leak, and leaks are not covered. So I called back to the tenant and said, "Hey, what's going on here? I thought you said he just needed a couple parts." He said, "That's what the technician said."

    I called over to the office, and I had this young whippersnapper tell me in her professional opinion that I needed a new hot water heater. I said, "First of all, your technician said I needed a couple of parts." She said, "Well, it's so old, it's already 12 years old, I can't be putting more money into it." I said, "Let me tell you something. Well, the price would cost me nothing because I have a warranty on it. But you want me to spend $4,000 to put a new gas water heater in? Are you out of your mind." Then she said, "Well that's my professional opinion." We went round and round.

    I tried to get Choice Warranty to listen to me, but they really didn't do much. They assigned me to one of those upper people, and that person never responded to me. It took so long before I ever heard from anybody that in the meantime, the tenant said to me, "Hey, you know what? My gas stove isn't working either." But he didn't realize it for a week because he's out all the time, and he didn't know his stove wasn't working. It turned out that it didn't have anything to do with his stove. It was his meter that was no good, and they had to fix his meter. But that young snot nose at the place was arguing with me and yelling at me and telling me I didn't know what I was talking about.

    The bottom line is that Choice didn't do me any favors either because they said that they assigned this person who never responded to me. We had another incident where we've had a refrigerator that was going, and it was $1,200 to replace the refrigerator. They were only going to give us 600. I said, "Wait a minute, the identical model is 400 bucks." We went round and round on that. After six months, they sent us a check for $600.

    12 people found this review helpful

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      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: Oct. 18, 2022

      I recommend the repair service man that came to my home for the prompt service he provided me. I was going on a trip (October 13, 2022) and my dryer had a squeezing noise and burning smell while drying my laundry on October 10, 2022, so my husband made a call to Choice Warranty to have my dryer repaired before we leave for our trip. The original date that the repairperson was to come to my home was October 17, 2022, but we needed the repairperson to come earlier so he called customer service to see if it could be rescheduled to an earlier date due to our short notice and we were going on a trip to the mainland.

      Apparently, the repairperson called my husband that he could do the repairs on October 12, 2022 after he got through with the customer in Kapolei and since he was in the area he would be able to do the work. He gave my husband a certain time he would be at my home and saved me from taking my laundry to the laundromat that was pretty far away from my home. My husband talked to the repairperson to see what else had to be done with the dryer after he got through fixing the problem and the repairperson said that he needed to change the heating element and will order the element and my husband will call the repairperson when we get back from our trip.

      The repairperson went out of his way to complete my job and I would recommend the service to anyone who is looking for a warranty company. We got your company by the advertisement on TV and decided to try it out and we like it. We had Sears Warranty before because my husband was working for Sears. Their service was also good but they only did repairs on certain things and we wanted something that covered the whole home such as plumbing, electrical, air condition, refrigeration, etc. So I would recommend your company to my 2 sons should they be looking for a Home Warranty Company. Thank you and ALOHA.

      6 people found this review helpful
      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: July 17, 2022

      Overall we are very pleased with the ladies who helped expedite settling our claim. The negatives of this experience are long hold/wait times for callbacks each time—up to 1hr 20 minutes and reimbursement checks Not being sent for 30 days. We made claim on 7/12 that our refrigerator wasn’t working. A day later we were told no one was picking up the claim and we could look for someone on our own. Then ChW assigned a service call for AUG 2, which is ridiculous to be without refrigerator! We found a company on our own who could come the next day. Called Latasha ** who was very helpful in getting this co assigned.

      We Hadn’t heard Choice's decision by the morning of 7/16. CHW said they hadn’t rec’d the service report until 3 AM that day while repair company said they sent it day of service call.

      We looked at several stores for replacements but estimated deliveries were from 6-12 days, which meant we could be without a refrigerator for 2 more weeks. Found one in stock that could be delivered in two days but we hadn’t heard CHW’s decision to repair or replace. On Saturday 7/16 Christine at CHW said a decision on that plus a reimbursement amt might not be until Monday at the earliest. I asked if there was anything she could do to expedite so at least we could buy one. She promised to try and within 2 hrs CHW sent us a fair replacement reimbursement amount, considering the age of old refrigerator.

      Called CHW again and Debbie changed that we’d get check reimbursement cuz we wanted to buy the available one but not at Lowe's. The negative of this was the check would not be sent for 30 DAYS—ridiculous in 2022! Overall, we appreciate the service from real people. However, we feel if we hadn’t kept calling, the process was not going to be resolved by CHS so quickly. Please let these ladies know we appreciate their help. They are models for how CHW should handle claims without customers having to make half a dozen calls to request the type of help these ladies gave.

      9 people found this review helpful
      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: July 2, 2022

      I’ve been with Choice for over five years. From the beginning, I chose them because when I did a comparison of the benefits that I was gonna be receiving, I found that they offered a more excellent package than a lot of the other companies and at a comparable or even better price than some of the other ones for what I'm getting for the money. They offer an exceptional package and the rates aren’t very high.

      Someone else was trying to sell me Choice, and I told him that I had Choice, and he gave me a rate. I asked about what I used to pay when I first signed up and it’s gone up. The next thing I knew, I got a link that said that they were going to go back and readjust me down for being such a valued customer. They readjusted me down to the special offer that they were offering people to come in, which was a real cool deal. Especially now that I’m a senior on a fixed income, it's very important to make sure that I keep within my budget and still have access to the services that I need with comfort. It’s hassle-free.

      One of the reasons I chose to do a home warranty is because I'm not a specialist in a lot of the areas that need to be repaired. So, I'm relying on Choice to make those choices and to contract with contractors who are experts in the fields of whatever needs I have. I don't do a lot of follow-up, but I have found that as a rule, the ones that have come out were very professional, prompt, and good in terms of keeping me up-to-date with what they're going to be doing and what I need to do. I have one right now wherein the pilot on my hot water heater keeps going out. Choice has been sending people out and pretty much keeping me up-to-date. Right now, I've got to call them and find out what's going on ‘cause I got two mixed messages.

      Choice Home Warranty has been very beneficial to me in just having the repairs done and having the comfort and assurance that I'm going to have a reliable source. Not only that, but sometimes, you have to be very careful of who you allow to enter in and out of your house looking around. The people from Choice have a track record and they can be tracked and traced and they come with a reliable recommendation. That's really important. I have not had a lot of claims with Choice, but in general, they're very prompt with responses. Originally, I started just calling in with a claim, then they started encouraging people to use the portal online. That means that now I can submit my claim anytime firsthand, and I don't have to wait until they open up in the morning. They're closed in the evening. Usually, they're pretty good with sending out someone that will repair or take a look at whatever it is that that I have problems with.

      I have given Choice Home Warranty several referrals. Because I found that once you have these houses for a while, they're gonna start breaking down just like your body does and you're gonna need some level of expertise in helping you to find and locate reliable sources that you can count on. My son keeps on me to make sure that I get a warranty. Because he's married and I don’t wanna interfere with him and his house every time I need some help. He's the one that strongly agrees with me that one needs some type of coverage.

      8 people found this review helpful
      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: June 28, 2022

      Even though you have some good, skilled vendors, I will not recommend your company because I feel your policies have not made me feel as though I'm a priority. I prefer to talk to representatives instead of online. It is difficult to get through and when l left messages, at least 3, I didn't get call backs. I rate your company poorly because you didn't take care of my business when I needed you.

      1. You declined to fix the seal around the door of my refrigerator ** in October or November 2020.

      2. I called about the water heater in January 2021 at 1408. I was told it would be 7 days before you could send a technician out,, in the dead of winter. I couldn't leave my tenants without hot water. I was forced to go buy and installed a new water heater that costed me over 1,000, while I still paid you a premium. When I complained about the situation. I was told I should have sent in proof of repair but it was too late.

      3. I called about the furnace not holding the temperature at 1408. The tech came and said the filter was dirty, collected his fee and left. He did not bother to investigate further. I had the furnace cleaned and checked again. Within 2 weeks another call was made about the furnace. Which of course cost another tech fee. He came out and said the filter was dirty again. At least this technician searched further to find the inner motor needed cleaning. Of course, you didn't cover that either at the tune of $65 fee plus $225.

      4. I called for service at my primary address ** in December 2021, my dishwasher stopped. The tech came and condemned it. Your solution was to settle the claim by offering me a $250 payment on a machine that cost $899 in every store I searched. When I spoke with the representative I told her that was not an acceptable amount.. I asked to speak with a Supervisor. She refused and said she was it, no one above her. Liar, If that's true, you will be getting many more complaints and perhaps You will be doing another name change. You can't run from bad service. It's unfortunate, that you get these celebrities to endorse your products, do they really know or care that your follow through sucks. I have tried on many occasions to get in touch with that representative about my payout with no success or follow up from her. You still owe me a payout from December 2021 for my dishwasher.. I haven't found any maytag anywhere to replace my washer for such a low price. unless you are telling me to find a used one. That's not what your advertisement protray. I have screen shot this feedback and I am considering forwarding this statement to your celebrities as well as the better business bureau. I thought you were here for me, it don't feel that way. Show me that you value me as a customer.

      5. I called this month for service and the technician came and preformed excellent service. Still not enough to stay or to give you good press.

      Regards Norma

      39 people found this review helpful
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: June 1, 2023

      Choice Home Warranty is the most dishonest, deceitful home warranty company I have ever dealt with, and I have used 4 of them. First, they couldn’t find a technician that actually wanted my repair job, then they reassigned it to a tech that never showed up after they confirmed the appointment and I cancelled my weekend plans to wait around for him, then I was required to find my own tech, and then after 1 month of this mess they cheated me by denying my claim based on a technicality, refusing to accept my tech’s evaluation, but they also wouldn’t refund my monthly payments even though I never filed a previous claim. Do not use them!

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      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: May 31, 2023

      Our appointment was between 8:00 am and noon today and our technician is a no show and no call. My wife waited until 12:20 before calling and your representative told her to be patient. He was rude to her. Sears needs to have a little more courtesy towards the people waiting. Just contact them.

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      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: May 31, 2023

      I have had Choice home warranty for as long as I can remember, they have help me replace or fix whatever appliance in my house has failed me. I will recommend because they have been prompt to my needs. Thank you.

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      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: May 31, 2023

      I’m very pleased with the way that the claims representative. Handle my claims request and the response to my to the need for assistance. I am also pleased with how she responded. It was very professional and she did the best job.

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      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: May 31, 2023

      Did their job. Yes. I was going to call you but got sick. Still sick. The salesman did his job. The other should have stayed out. Thought I was senile and was trying to get me to sign on to everything he could think of just to get more money out of me. The first salesman was nice. I wasn't going to say anything but the more I think of the conversation, I am pissed at him. Because I am 94, he was trying to bleed me. They never told me there was a 75.00 charge. I realize why the fee and it is justified.

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