Ozempic craze sweeps the nation: What's the role of 'cultural norms?'

Demand for Ozempic is up nationwide, but more in some states than others - ConsumerAffairs

There could be a lot of 'me too' going on

Ozempic has been thrust into the headlines again. Not only are teens starting to use the medication, but cookies and candy manufacturers are making pizzas and sandwich melts for Ozempic’ites, as well.

The whole gotta-have-it Ozempic bonanza has been a game-changer for many people struggling with their weight, but when you pull back a bit and look at where it’s being used, it’s not an even playing field.

In a new study, fielded by Bison Pharmacy, researchers examined the states with the highest demand for Ozempic and explored the potential factors driving this demand. Some states are way more into Ozempic than others.

Leading the craze are Washington D.C., Massachusetts and New York. Research shows that people in those places are on the web looking for information about the drug the most.

It’s not clear what the exact reasons are, but it may be because those areas have sky-high obesity rates, healthcare that’s a bit easier to access than in other places – or it could be because they’re more concerned about health trends. 

There’s one other theory that the Bison researchers came up with, too – cultural pressure.

“Cultural norms and social attitudes towards body image and weight loss also play a crucial role in the demand for weight-loss medications,” a spokesperson told ConsumerAffairs. “In areas where there is a higher social emphasis on appearance or where obesity is highly stigmatized, individuals may be more inclined to seek medical solutions for weight loss.”

If you want to play social psychologist, be our guest. Here’s how all the states play out.

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