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Freedom Debt Relief

Freedom Debt Relief
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As the largest debt negotiator in the nation, Freedom Debt Relief has resolved over $10 billion in consumer debt. Through their proven debt relief program, they have helped hundreds of thousands of Americans significantly reduce the amount they owe and resolve their debts more quickly and affordably than other options like debt consolidation loans.

The company began in 2002 with a mission to provide a debt solution that puts consumers first. Therefore, the initial consultation FDR provides is focused on educating consumers about several debt options (not just their program).

By staying true to its mission, hiring the best professionals in the industry, and continually innovating their services, Freedom Debt Relief has grown to employ over 2,000 highly trained professionals and enrolled over 615,000 clients.

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Freedom Debt Relief is a good match for those with $15,000 or more in debt. Although fees can be up to 25% of the settlement amount, it's usually a good move to eliminate debt through debt settlement.


  • No fees charged until settlement reached
  • Successful track record
  • Works with high debt amounts
  • Highly praised customer service


  • Fees of up to 25% of settlement amount
  • Negative impact on credit

Top Freedom Debt Relief Reviews

Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Freedom has definitely helped me with my credit issues and I'm thankful for it. A huge weight has been lifted off my chest. I would recommend this plan to anyone who needs help with their debt.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

FDR has done a great job for me. They always answer my questions and take stress off my mind. They have helped me manage my debt without worries. Thank you Freedom Debt Relief! I will recommend you to my friends and coworkers.

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What is Freedom Debt Relief?

Freedom Debt Relief (FDR) specializes in debt resolution, debt negotiation, and debt settlement services for those grappling with overwhelming debt. In business since 2002, FDR touts a record of saving its customers a combined $9 billion through debt settlements and is a Platinum member of the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators as well as part of the American Fair Credit Council.

If you have $15,000 or more in unsecured debt, an unsecured personal loan, or outstanding medical bills, FDR will work to help you negotiate a settlement with your creditors for as low as 50 percent of what you owe.

How does Freedom Debt Relief work?

You must have at least $15,000 in unsecured debt unattached to collateral, such as a house or car. If you qualify, you talk with one of Freedom Debt Relief’s debt consultants and determine a plan that works for you. Freedom Debt Relief’s program length can range anywhere from 24 months to 60 months, and you can track your progress on an online dashboard 24/7. To better see if you qualify, Freedom Debt Relief offers an online evaluation tool. 

FDR will then help you set up a savings account, secured by the FDIC, that will allow you to deposit cash and help with your debt settlement. Your debt consultant will then determine when the best time is to attempt to negotiate with your creditors. If you reach a solution, Freedom Debt Relief will ask you to authorize the agreement, then charge you a fee based on that settlement. Freedom Debt Relief will not charge you a fee until a settlement is reached; however, not all creditors will allow you to settle.

Freedom Debt Relief FAQ

How much does Freedom Debt Relief cost?
When Freedom Debt Relief is able to settle one of your debts, it will charge you a percentage fee. While each case is different, Freedom Debt Relief’s fees typically range from 15% – 25% of the settlement amount.
How does Freedom Debt Relief affect your credit?
As with all debt relief or debt settlement programs, working with Freedom Debt Relief will likely negatively affect your credit. However, a Freedom Debt Relief program can help encourage positive credit habits, which over time could help improve your credit.

Is Freedom Debt Relief a good company?

If you have $15,000 or more in unsecured debt, Freedom Debt Relief may be able to help. While all debt relief services will likely cause a negative mark on your credit report, Freedom Debt Relief professionals can assist you in negotiating with creditors in a way that you may not be able to do yourself. Although fees may be high — as much as 25% of what you save on your debt — it may still be less than paying the debt in full.

Freedom Debt Relief Reviews

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 21, 2019

In 2016, my son was dying in the hospital. I got a bill for 100 and something thousand dollars, it kept him alive. They found out what was wrong with him. But he was in the hospital for a month. And those medical bills kept adding up. We kept adding to the card too because we're paying for medical and paying for stuff. The next year, I had an open heart surgery, broke my leg, I had to get a pacemaker. So, within two years, we went from living okay to a life with so much debt. It hit me hard and I wasn’t able to continue paying on everything. Freedom Debt Relief took over in paying my bills. Everything went good with their consultant. I like the payment plan that they provided for me. When they get ready to make a settlement, everything falls in to place. So far, I’ve been able to pay my monthly bills off to where I can add to the monthly installment plan that I have with Freedom.

My only issue was they told me to leave a number and to change the address so I wouldn’t get bombarded with the credit companies trying to call me, which I didn't see the need because Freedom eventually would start the process of taking care of the bills and I'd have the choice of picking up the phone and talking to somebody. With that, my address changed in the whole system so when other people tried to locate me, they started sending their inquiries and their bills to a fake address. I had a medical bill that people were trying to collect on and everybody thought I live in Arizona because when you type in my name, one of my addresses is Arizona. When they finally got a hold of me, it was a collection agency. I never got that other hospital bill because it went over to Arizona. I would have taken care of it, but I didn't like the idea that the medical bill went to a collection agency. I’ve had that experience with two different companies as well.

My other issue was when I sent the bill in, I asked the Freedom people about a month ago why they haven’t taken care of the smallest one. They said they don’t choose them like that. It doesn't work that way. In fact, this one company just recently sent my bill to collection and that’s going on my report now. It was below 500 and now, it’s up to $800 because I haven’t paid on it within the last year and a half. Had I known that, I would have gone ahead and just continued. But it doesn't matter because by not being able to pay the bills, I'd still get a mark on my credit score for that, regardless. And then, the guy told me that once I make an agreement, they start paying down any bill. When it’s paying up, it’s up to the people there. Within a month, they usually take it off the credit report.

And then, it increases the credit score because some of the things that I put in were my husband's and some were mine. There were a total of nine and they have three paid off. They have four in the works, and they have two that they still have to negotiate. It’s the highest one and the lowest one that needs to be worked on. And I’m about to pay two of my bills off totally. When I do that, they told me that they’d be able to make negotiations for another one. I’ve been with them a year and a half, so I’ve got about another two and a half years. But they got it set up to where some of the things will be paid off. I was able to pay all the medical bills off. That was why I was able to increase how much I put in. And when you increase your monthly payments or you make an extra payment, they pay off some bills quicker. Every time they pay one off, they make negotiations on another one.

I made a contract with them. I started with $420. And now, it is up to $500. They told me how much my total bills were and my monthly payments. They told me that the bill would average me over $800 a month. So, when I signed up with them, they knocked it down to me owing just half of that. The payment started out at $420 and they take 210 out biweekly. I had three checks coming in a month. When I told them what days to take it out, half a payment comes out of one check, and half a payment comes out of the other one. And I don't have to worry about those bills, or those credit cards.

Now, if I go ahead and I end up increasing it $50 per paycheck, that’s $100 more a month, and they will be able to negotiate on another card to pay because they have the money in the account, and they charge a fee when they take stuff out of the account. As your account builds up, they make your payments and they give you a schedule. And that shows what happens to the money that you got in there and what you're putting in.

Also, there’s a telephone number that you can call or a site you can go on if you wanna increase your monthly payments or do a one-time payment. I can just put $100 in or I can increase it, and that was how I’ve done it whenever I’ve increased it. I’ve called the telephone number about four times when I had any questions and they answered my question with a bit more knowledge. It helps you understand what they're doing, and how they're doing it, and where your money’s gone.

When you pay your credit cards yourself, you’re paying on a lot of interest. And every time you paid, only $10 of what you paid goes to the card itself. I was doing the thing where if you paid minimum, whenever the thing would come through, it would be like I only paid three dollars on the whole thing. So, the card can really add up. Before I went to this debt relief, I tried to call the credit card companies and asked them if they would work with me on the interest. I was having trouble paying my bills and nobody would work with me. It’s funny that I had to go to a card company like Freedom to help get me out of debt when all they had to do was agree to lower the interest.

Overall, I’m not worried about the amount of money that I paid Freedom because whenever they send the particulars, when they agree and everything else, they fax or email you what they’ve agreed to - how much the monthly payments are gonna be and what the total amount is gonna be to pay a card back. So, it’s saving me thousands of dollars. One of them was $4004, and the company agreed to take 28 instead of the 4000. So, they're big chunks of money that they save you.

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Freedom Debt Relief response

Hello, Julia, We are sorry to hear about the difficult medical situations you have been through. We are glad that our program has been of assistance thus far, and that you are now in a more comfortable payment plan to work towards paying off your debt. reach out to our client services department at (800) 655-6303 or if you have any questions or comments regarding your account. Thank you for choosing Freedom Debt Relief!

11 people found this review helpful

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 31, 2019

    We live in the RV capital of the world and my husband and I were both in RVs. The RVs tanked since 2008 and stopped. We went from bringing home three grand a week to bringing home 300 bucks a week. I was also pregnant and I couldn't work, and my husband got let go. We lost everything. We had built back up, and it takes a long time to get built back up and get back on track. Then I got sick. They thought I had thyroid cancer and I ended up missing three months worth of work because I got septic. Before that, I didn't have issues. I actually had a pretty good credit score.

    Freedom Debt Relief was there and they are helping to get it back on track to get the creditors to stop calling because that in itself is just stressful. We're not having to deal with those calls anymore and that makes it nice. We also had somebody that was gonna take us to court and Freedom Debt Relief did prevent us going to court. That was very good because we didn't have to take a vacation day or miss work to go to court. They took care of it on our behalf.

    Freedom Debt Relief has been great. They prevented me from filing bankruptcy. I've already recommended them and they're helping my sister. The only thing that I'm dissatisfied about is the whole income thing. They did not explain to me that I have to pay taxes on any money that they saved me. They're supposed to help me do it and I'm gonna get a 1099 from each one of my creditors. Then I have to claim that as income. Now, I'm a little scared. Do I need to up my taxes being taken out of my check every week to maybe cover this or what? What if I have to pay them 10 grand? Nobody's giving me any real answers.

    They are a little slow too. I had enough in there before they even made my first settlement. I could have paid out two of my credit cards which weren't huge ones. I understand that they're letting all my debt fall behind and that way, it forces the creditors to make a deal. But there were times that there was more than enough in my account to pay off a couple of the small ones and not make them get so bad, and Freedom Debt Relief just completely ignored them. That is a little bit disturbing because with the money I had in there, I could have paid that off, I wouldn't have had that on my credit, and I wouldn't have to pay taxes on it.

    The more that we're looking at it, Freedom Debt Relief is not really saving me that much money because what they're doing is basically writing off the interest. I submitted something that's $800 then by the time they did a settlement on it, it looks like they saved me $1,500 but they didn't because I was making that payment and that payment was good. I was on time and they're the ones that let it get it that far behind before they try to do a settlement with them. They also didn't really work with me on a payment plan. They told me how much I had to pay, and I had to pay it. My payment is automatically deducted every two weeks so we make two smaller payments instead of one. Whenever they reach a settlement, they email me a settlement form then I have to approve it.

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    Freedom Debt Relief response

    Thank you, Jill, for sharing your Freedom story! We are pleased to be able to assist you to a brighter financial future. Please reach out to our Client Services department at (800) 655-6303 or if you have any questions or comments regarding your account. Thank you for choosing Freedom Debt Relief to assist you on your journey to financial freedom!

    5 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 29, 2019

    I got so far behind on my finances being on a fixed income. I pay to that fund, my account thing, with Freedom Debt Relief and then they are negotiating with my creditors. If I had any concerns they were answered. I am always kept in the loop when there is a negotiation up, when they’ve struck a deal and do I agree with it. And I get notices as to when those payments are made. And if I don’t remember if I got that notice then I can always get online and doublecheck. Right now, it’s working out great because we went by what could I afford and what could not afford and how much less my payments are compared to what I was paying every month in credit card bills.

    I love the service. It’s one less factor in my life, like credit card people and collections calling. I don’t need any more stress. Number one, I’m already a heart patient. So, I'm trying to keep from having a heart attack, and my dad’s health is failing. It was getting beyond what I can handle. I was literally getting sick and depressed. But now that they handled that part of it, I don’t have to deal with anybody. When I see a phone number I don’t recognize, I don’t even answer the phone.

    I stopped using every credit card when I signed up. But in the beginning of April, I was out mowing all my yard and I live on a hill, and the brake went out on my lawnmower and I started rolling downhill backwards. My lawnmower turned over on me. The blades were still engaged and I was able to keep it from landing on top of me but in the process, when I hit the ground, I bounced and went face first into the side of a tree. I fractured my nasal bone and knocked out five teeth. So I had to get dentures, top and bottom. I had one credit card that I discovered that was still not recorded yet or they hadn’t done anything on. And then it’d been a emergency situation so I had to use it.

    I tried to make a couple of payments on it because I didn’t want anybody thinking that I'm just gonna keep adding to it. Freedom called and asked me about it. They said, “They’re showing it’s still going.” I told them what happened and we’re not taking out to spend, it’s not being used, it’s already canceled, all that stuff. But I told them, “I did not wanna have to use it,” I said, “but emergency situation.” I tell anybody, “If you’re drowning, Freedom is who you need to call,” because it took away a big chunk of my stress. They work within your means and I picked the right choice being with them.

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    Freedom Debt Relief response

    Thank you, Claudia, for sharing your Freedom story and giving us the opportunity to be able to show you that debt-free is the way to go! Don't forget to reach out to our wonderful Client Services department at (800) 655-6303 or if you have any questions or comments regarding your account. Thank you for choosing Freedom Debt Relief to assist you on your journey to financial freedom!

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    Rated with 5 stars
    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 19, 2019

    I have been enrolled with FDR since February 2019 and now that it is July, I feel confident in writing a review.Freedom Debt Relief is a company which will take all of your unsecured debt and negotiate with creditors/collectors on your behalf through their affiliated legal group NLLG to get your accounts settled to a fraction of what you owe. When I first heard this, I was worried it was a scam but I am really happy to say that it is not.

    A little background on my situation. I went to college with the help of a co-signer to get my student loans. Some I got deferral without a cosigner. I graduated and found myself in a successful career. I was paying on my loans and even got married and bought a house when something totally unexpected happened. My co-signer filed a chapter 13 bankruptcy which automatically defaulted all of my student loans he signed (8 loans in total, totaling about $80K). I was completely locked out of them. I would send payment checks to the company only to be told over the phone that they could not tell me if the checks were received or were being directed to my account so I gave up. I was told by my co-signer that the bankruptcy covered the loans and that they would be gone at the end of the 7 year term so I forgot about them and continued to pay my federal Loans... until the 7 years were up.

    At that time I was pregnant with twins, had moved across the country and was renting a home with my spouse when I started getting collections calls. It became a nightmare. They insisted I make large ($400-600) payments for EACH LOAN that was defaulted or pay them in full. I felt overwhelmed and defeated. I had other federal student loans that I was already paying on, car payments, rent, husband's student loans and I was on maternity leave about to deliver my children and all the money I had saved for my family was suddenly gone.

    One of my children was sickly and required extra medical care and regular doctor visits. I paid each collections agency what little I could to stop them from constantly calling me and we moved from where we were to a less expensive area. I couldn't afford daycare so my amazing in-laws stepped in and moved across the country to try to help take care of the kids so I and my spouse could work full time to try to manage our finances. I felt utterly defeated.

    Eventually, the apartment we were renting became too small as the children got bigger but no one would allow us to rent a home with 4 adults, two small children so we wound up buying the cheapest fixer-upper home that was large enough to accompany all of us because we could not afford to rent two apartments. Needless to say, when the water heater died and the house did not come with appliances, we had to pay for that. Suddenly, just to get diapers and everything we needed was put to credit cards because the rest of our money went to collections agencies and bills. To put it in perspective, in total I was paying $1740 monthly to credit cards and student loans/collections. This doesn't include car payments, husbands student loans, etc. We couldn't keep up. We didn't have enough income. Then came FDR...

    I was applying around to see if anyone would give me a consolidation loan. I was desperate to get the loans out of default and into a payment I could afford but no one would help me. Then I spoke with a person named Troy who said, "Have you heard of Freedom Debt Relief? I cannot give you a loan but I believe you qualify for the program." From that moment on, my life and that of my family was utterly changed.

    Troy was the person who helped me into the program and got everything set up. He told me it would negatively impact my credit at first which didn't bother me at all. My credit was already shot. He told me it would take a few months to accrue enough money to start negotiating with collectors and explained how everything worked. I enrolled the majority of my debt that I could. I could not enroll it all, because I wanted to be sure I could afford the monthly payment to FDR without fail. Then something amazing happened. My monthly payment to FDR was something I COULD afford, and it saved me enough that I was able to save up and pay off my federal student loans.

    When they were gone, I was then able to save enough (thanks to tax returns and no longer paying what I did to collectors) to settle on my own, the other debts I could not previously afford to enroll in the program. I changed all my work benefits to maximize my income, I sold things to make money and did overtime. I changed from a phone plan to something much cheaper. I started listening to Dave Ramsey and cash-budgeting and couponing. Now not only can I afford my monthly payments, but all the smaller loans I was able to pay-off on my own allow me to give that money to FDR to speed-up my payoff of the program.

    I have 3 settlements in process as of my writing today. Customer service has always been very helpful in answering my questions or concerns via the phone. The client dashboard is very easy to use. My first settlement didn't come until about 5 months into the program, but I have so much enrolled that it took time to get enough deposited to really push things forward. Now I have a strict budget for all of my expenses and I plan ahead for things like Car registrations. I feel like I can finally breathe and I see a huge light with a rainbow at the end of the tunnel and I am just so thankful and grateful to FDR for helping me get this far.

    My graduation estimate was 36 months but I'm going to keep depositing as much as I can and selling things and working overtime to see just how fast I can graduate. I feel like the sky is the limit and I know it doesn't end with FDR. Once I've finished the program, I plan on sequentially paying off our car loans and my husband's student loans and then we are DEBT FREE. The mortgage is a whole other ballgame, but I am so THRILLED and EXCITED at the progress I've seen and as Dave Ramsey says "Live like no one else so you can LIVE like no one else!"

    I'm not making any of this up. Joining FDR is not the end game. You have to change your money mindset. You need to budget. You need to work hard. You need to be wise with your money and pay FDR at least monthly but I assure you that if you enroll in FDR to win and get and STAY out of debt, you CAN do it if you really want to. It's not a gimmick. The change begins with you first, and FDR is an amazing helping hand. And definitely enroll with the NLLG group. It's a monthly fee but it is TOTALLY worth it and the payment is included in your monthly payment. I would have been in trouble without them.

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    Freedom Debt Relief response

    Thanks for the awesome review, Patricia! We work hard to meet expectations like yours, and we’re happy to hear we hit the mark for you. If there is any other way we can help out, please contact customer service. Thank you for being a part of Freedom Debt Relief.

    16 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: March 15, 2019

    First thing is I want to say is thank you Shaun ** for helping us and getting all of the information about your company to us so we felt we were could make an informed decision. You know the ole saying information is powerful. I had received something in the mail that I looked at on Sunday and decided to apply. I believe it was by Even. I first submitted it under my husband’s name because he makes way more than I do and wanted to see if we could file jointly to get a higher loan with us both being on it. A representative called me before I think I had the chance to hit send. We couldn’t do a joint loan so I applied with my information and that’s when you called me as I was hitting send. We normally would have taken the loan offer under my husband’s name but we realized that not even for a full $10K when it was said and done we would have paid over $32K for the life of the loan.

    As soon my application was sent you called me and you held no judgement in your tone nor your voice. We went over some very important but private information and you still gave me the feeling that you could turn this around without a single push for a hard sale or a change of tone in your voice. You really were informative, explained everything and because you sounded too good to be true I pulled up the reviews while I was talking with you. The reviews were great and the fact we could be debt free in 4 years was a very satisfying. I never thought this would be us.

    I’ll be 44 years old tomorrow and before I’m 50 we will be on the road to financial success. I’m not the best writer so I apologized but explaining how much we had to pay last year for our medical due to my illness and the fact 4 years ago I went from working a full time job making almost $70k to going on disability making less than $24k you understood. Again no judgement. I respected your advise so much I asked several times. When a question would be brought up and I wasn’t sure what to do I asked you what would you do if it was you in my position? You always replied with what I really believe was an honest answer so I took your advise.

    Your company really has something special going on and it's employees like you is the reason people don’t feel judged, alone, scared or embarrassed. Also, I told you from the beginning I didn’t have the best memory and I tried to write down everything you said but I know I repeatedly asked you the same questions multiple times and you handled it like a pro, like it was the first time I asked you. Thank you Shaun for calling me exactly when you said you were (always on time) and if I needed to call you and you were on the other line I knew you’d called me back the moment you got off the phone even though I didn’t leave a message. We spoke a lot during the last 4 days and you made sure that I had the best information at all times. So if you can’t tell this is a huge thank you letter for everything you have done for us up until this point.

    You all moved so fast that you let us know this was as important to you as it was us and you treated it like it was your personal dilemma not ours. Thank you for for saying, "You don’t need that other loan to just buy you a few more months and then you're back to where you were prior to that loan only to be deeper." The stress I carried about juggling money to make sure I could pay for this or that each month is over and that’s all because of you. You set us up so we can just pay our bills and not wonder where the next dollar is coming from and that we would have enough left over if there was an emergency without taking out another crazy loan.

    Thank you Shaun so much and I’m so happy that when I picked up the phone that day it was you on the other line. I’m not sure how someone else would have made me feel probably fine since the people I have spoken to for verification never made me feel any sort of less than. Regardless I’m so happy you have taken care of everything, made this a hassle free transaction and getting off the phone without an ounce of shame for the situation we are in. I was so sure you had done this program before yourself because I felt you had been in my shoes at one point. Crazy to find out you weren’t. Thank you for listening to me cry about why this was such a huge deal and how you literally were giving me not only financial freedom but freedom from other things we spoke about that was personal to me. You never once rushed me off the phone or made me feel like I wasn’t your only customer.

    If you are looking for a great human that holds no judgement call ** or email him at **. That’s his direct line and his email. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to put his contact info in there but I was lucky enough to get him so all I can do is recommend the man who gave me hope. If your in a financial situation regardless of your reason don’t worry Shaun will embrace you with open arms and take really great care of you! Tell him Kelly sent you!

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    Freedom Debt Relief response

    Thank you for sharing your feedback, Kelly. At Freedom Debt Relief, we have your best interest in mind and we are glad to inform and explain our program very thoroughly. We are thrilled to hear of your positive experience with Shaun and we wish you the best in regards to becoming debt free! Please reach out to our Client Services department or you can log into your Client Dashboard at if you have any questions or comments regarding your account. Thank you for choosing Freedom Debt Relief!

    9 people found this review helpful
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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 22, 2020

    I have had a good experience with this program so far. The representatives are supportive and knowledgeable and I am confident they advocate in my best interest. My experience has let me share the Freedom program information with others as well.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 22, 2020

    Excellent understanding of program what my responsibilities are. Great feedback on settlements incurred and accounting specifics of my dedicated amounts paid. I appreciate your excellent Customer Service, along with the empathy given to hear my concerns on matters I may have. Thank you for your Professionalism along the the Compassion FDR implements.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 22, 2020

    Freedom Debt Relief helped me during a hard time when I was hurt and unable to work. My debt piled up. They are friendly and knowledgeable and will work with you on what you can afford. They have been great and three of my debts have been paid off in a short time for way less than I owed.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 21, 2020

    My wife has MS. She was diagnosed in 2010. Over the years our credit cards got out of control. Buying medical equipment, co-pays and out of pocket costs. We were both retired and I had a part time job. We had to rely on credit cards to make ends meet. I got an email from Freedom and checked it out. Everything was explained in understandable terms. My wife and I decided to go with their program and could not be happier that we did. Great people and great program. I would recommend this program to anyone in deep debt. They are working on getting our $36,000 debt resolved.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 21, 2020

    All my questions were answered and very polite and in a timely manner. It was easy to get to my portfolio and see my progress and understand it. All in all it seems this could possibly be a great choice for me and my current situation. I believe there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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