Mayo Clinic launches new diet program focused on weight loss

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The program uses a behavior change platform to help break unhealthy habits

Just in time for New Year’s resolution season, the Mayo Clinic is launching the New Mayo Clinic Diet on a nationwide basis. The diet uses “a medically-supported, scientifically rigorous and proven approach,” to help people lose weight.

The diet uses a new digital behavior change platform and was developed by a team of weight-loss experts at the Mayo Clinic. The basis of the diet is breaking unhealthy habits and adopting healthy ones.

“The New Mayo Clinic Diet partners a whole-health weight loss program with an innovative digital platform." said Dr. Donal Hensrud, the medical director of the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program."

People who enroll in the program can choose from Mayo Clinic-approved meal plans and recipes. The organization says the program is based on a weight loss solution that has received recognition from a number of sources, including US News & World Report.

Other weight loss programs to consider

The Mayo Clinic’s plans range in price from $19.99 a month to $49.99 a month, putting it in competition with the “big three” weight loss programs – Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and Nutrisystem – all three of which are popular with ConsumerAffairs reviewers.

“Weight Watchers’ new program is very easy to follow,” Sandra, of Boyton Beach, Fla., wrote in a ConsumerAffairs review. “I lost 20 pounds during the pandemic (when most people gained weight) and never felt hungry or deprived.”

Maria, of Alpine, N.J., was sold on Jenny Craig when she learned that her consultant had lost 40 pounds on the diet. While some people complain about the food that diet systems provide, Maria isn’t one of them.

“I started with the Rapid Results and I loved some of the foods I thought I'd hate,” Maria told us. “Their Tuna fish salad, broccoli and cheese potato, chicken fettuccine, chicken fajitas, cheesy egg and bacon, sunshine sandwich, which is an English muffin with egg white and Canadian bacon were all delicious.”

Tom, of West Covina, Calif., has been on the Nutrisystem diet for five years. He also likes the meals the system provides.

“I go on the Nutrisystem plan every January and February and lose about 20 pounds,” Tom wrote in a ConsumerAffairs review. “The food is convenient and the guides and journal helped me create a routine.”

Overall, consumers posting reviews at ConsumerAffairs like all three systems about the same. On a 5-star system, Jenny Craig earned an overall 4.0 rating; Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem received an average of 3.9 stars.

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