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About AmeriFreight

AmeriFreight is an auto transport broker that aims to address the three most important areas of shipping a vehicle: price, quality and safety. AmeriFreight works with a network of more than 11,000 carriers to find the best possible rates. It uses an internal quality rating system to select the top carriers

Pros & Cons

  • Money-back guarantee
  • Ships nationwide
  • Ships more than just cars
  • Discounts available
  • No phone support on Sundays

Featured Reviews

Hinesville, GA

The entire transport took six days and the vehicle arrived in good condition … My interactions with the transport organizer were clear and concise. He answered all my questions an...

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Pensacola, FL

Harry, the transport organizer, was very diligent and did a great job. He called us back a bunch of times throughout the process with different quotes and kept us updated. We appr...

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Insights from 1,212 recent reviews of AmeriFreight

We used sentence-by-sentence statistical analysis to decode more than 1,200 AmeriFreight reviews published on ConsumerAffairs in the past year. Read below about customers who were happy, satisfied or upset about the four topics mentioned most often in reviews of AmeriFreight.

AmeriFreight staff reviews

The 467 recent AmeriFreight reviewers who discussed staff focused on the drivers that executed their vehicle’s shipment and delivery. 96% of those customers were happy or satisfied, ranking AmeriFreight sixth among car shipping companies on our site.

Many reviewers told us their drivers were communicative about their ETAs and worked hard to coordinate smooth pickup and delivery, even in tight neighborhoods.

Just a few reviewers described a negative experience with their drivers, usually stemming from damage to the vehicle or a lack of communication about delivery timelines.

AmeriFreight customer service reviews

95% of 286 recent AmeriFreight reviewers who mentioned customer service were pleased, like Xavier from El Paso, Texas: “Jennifer is full of patience, kindness and reliability. She went above and beyond to make everything as smooth and straightforward as possible, all while offering an incredibly reasonable price.”

AmeriFreight’s reviews on customer service rank the company sixth among auto transporters on our site.

Many reviewers praised AmeriFreight’s customer service reps for their communication throughout the process, especially their initial explanations of the auto transport process and regular status updates during shipment.

AmeriFreight punctuality & speed reviews

Of 229 recent AmeriFreight reviewers who talked about punctuality and speed, almost 97% were satisfied or happy with the timeliness of their car shipping experience. That ranks AmeriFreight sixth among auto transporters on our site.

Reviewers generally reported their vehicles’ pickup and delivery were on time or within the provided window.

“We had no issues with pick up or delivery - everything was more or less on time,” said David from Merion Station, Pennsylvania. “I would definitely use AmeriFreight again for car shipping needs.”

AmeriFreight price reviews

230 recent reviews of AmeriFreight mentioned price, and reviewers largely felt that AmeriFreight’s auto transport costs were reasonable. Some customers noted that their broker was willing to negotiate with them or offer a discount to arrive at a mutually agreeable quote.

Ultimately, 96% of recent reviewers who mentioned price were happy or satisfied, ranking AmeriFreight seventh among auto transport companies on our site.

AmeriFreight Reviews

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    2 featured reviews
    How do I know I can trust these reviews about AmeriFreight Auto Transport Company?
    • 4,461,376 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed May 7, 2024

    AmeriFreight was incredibly responsive and followed through on everything from the initial phone call through the final delivery. The reps were very clear and detailed about what to expect, how much it was gonna cost, and how the process worked. They were not pushy. When they said they would send out information, it was sent out immediately. When they said they would follow up, they followed up immediately as well. At every step of the way, they were absolutely spot on with doing everything they said they were gonna do.

    They picked it up a day early and dropped it off two days early. They called in to make sure that it would work for us. If we had said no, then there would have been no change, but it worked better for us with the revised schedule. They outperformed everything along the way. The quote was very accurate. I talked to other organizations and they were vague in how this whole process worked. I was pretty skeptical but I was blown away by how well this worked with AmeriFreight. I have one point of contact so I was able to call or email or text her, and there was always a response.

    One day, I emailed and called but didn't get a response. I got a call back from somebody else because it was on a Monday or Tuesday, and those were my contact’s days off. Instead of just letting those messages sit there till she came back, somebody else in the company picked up her messages and followed up so that I got a response. That is service above what I have come to expect from a lot of services. That is terrific on our end, especially under the circumstances where we were packing up our home, had to be on the road by a certain date, and if we couldn't get the car on a truck ready to go, then it was gonna delay our departure. They were delivered on every step of the way. It's such a delight when you find a company that delivers. I would recommend AmeriFreight to anybody who's considering doing something like this.


    Thank you so much for sharing your experience! We understand car shipping can be stressful, so clear communication and a smooth process are our top priorities. It's fantastic to hear our reps provided detailed information about the process and costs with no pressure. Early pickup and delivery options that fit your needs? That's what exceptional service looks like! We appreciate your kind words about our backup system ensuring prompt responses, even on off days. Finding a reliable car shipping partner is key, and we're thrilled AmeriFreight exceeded your expectations.

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      Verified purchase
      Customer ServicePricePunctuality & SpeedStaffDelivery & Shipping

      Reviewed March 22, 2024

      I spent a great deal of time researching car transport companies. There were a few that were consistently at the top of the reviews, Ameri-Freight being one of them. What drew me to them aside from the consumer reviews, was their record for vetting the carriers they use. I also liked their BBB ratings and years in the business. Also, a great plus is that they consistently appeared to have competitive pricing. My daughter was moving 3000 miles cross country, so reliability, service, and price were important. She was arriving at her destination on a set date, so it was important that her car not be delivered early.

      I worked with Rosalind (Rosie) through the logistics of it all. She was FANTASTIC. Clearly, she knew exactly what she was doing and knew her carriers well. I took great comfort in her expertise and confidence. There was a bit of a hiccup in that the carrier actually came EARLY to pick up the car. Normally, being ahead of schedule, especially in this line of work, is commendable, but, the movers were scheduled at the very time the driver was going to pick up the vehicle (which my daughter told the driver she would accommodate the days early pick up, but just cannot occur during a specific window of time since the movers would be at her place). The vehicle had to be picked up at a local mall a few minutes away, and she would have to walk back home, so that timing was not at all convenient.

      Rosie was very helpful at trying to get the carrier to adjust the timing to either earlier or later in the day, especially since we stipulated a "no earlier than" pick up date, but the carrier said they could not shift their schedule. So some scrambling and inconvenience on our side, but the driver himself was excellent when he arrived. He was professional, courteous and fully inspected her vehicle. We understand the process is fluid, but if you have a firm "no earlier than" stipulation, make sure it is CLEARLY communicated right at the start of the bidding process. Again, I do think Ameri-Freight and Rosie did their part, but heed my advice and ensure the bidding spells out your needs).

      The vehicle was delivered within the expected delivery window. (I must say the "no earlier than" delivery stipulation was very clearly stipulated). I opted for the Afta insurance (basic). They failed (many times!) to send the proper email with necessary log in credentials. Rosie was great at trying to get this resolved as well. She was always prompt with her responses. The car was delivered on time and no damage/no issues. So, thankfully, the Afta credentials problem was a non-issue as I didn't need to submit a damage claim. Overall, this was a good experience and I would use Ameri-Freight again.


      Thank you for your detailed review! We appreciate your kind words about Rosie's expertise and attentiveness. We do apologize for the inconvenience caused by the early pick-up. We'll definitely use your feedback to improve communication about timing expectations going forward. We're glad that your daughter's car arrived safely and on time. Thank you for choosing AmeriFreight!

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServicePricePunctuality & SpeedStaffDelivery & Shipping

      Reviewed March 17, 2024

      I called AmeriFreight for a quote, and that was when I spoke with Jen who was absolutely incredible. She made me feel very secure with wanting to partner with AmeriFreight to get my car shipped across the country and also to just help with the transition process that is very possibly stressful. She took a lot of the stress off my shoulders. Also, when it came down to comparing prices on the different car shipping companies, AmeriFreight did offer me the best quote.

      I was very concerned about how long it would take my car to ship exactly across the country. I was shipping my car from Miami, Florida to Los Angeles, California. I was working on a very tight time frame in terms of when I needed my car in the state of California to get around once I flew here, and managing different things for my move-in. I was also concerned about the safety of my car during transport and what that experience would be like. And right off the bat, Jen answered every single one of my questions.

      She made me feel confident and safe in the process, and she always made it feel like she was gonna make sure that my car was handled with care and that it was gonna get the best possible transport that it could receive. I ended up having very few questions after my initial conversation with Jen because she gave me so much information, and she allowed me to have an insight on how the company works and how the process works that I felt very at ease with everything.

      As far as the pickup, I lived off of a boulevard in Miami, so they couldn't drive their truck into my neighborhood. They parked the truck in the middle lane of the boulevard, which is a turning lane, but also just a buffer lane. I just had to drive my car out up right behind the truck. Thankfully, it was a very low traffic time of day, so it wasn't very busy. So it wasn't a terrible drop-off process for them to take my vehicle and transport it. The courier driver with the subcontracted company that ended up taking up my contract was a little sketchy. With my contract, I had listed that I was gonna have a lot of personal items in my vehicle. I had already talked about how there's usually the 100-pound personal limit. Unfortunately, I needed to put more stuff in my vehicle, so we made sure, when my contract was posted and listed, that whoever picked up the contract would know that there would be more weight on the car. The contract was accepted.

      When I went to drop off the car, the courier driver was kind of surprised by how much stuff I had in the car even though I was still following regulation of keeping everything below the window. I was meeting those expectations. He started questioning me about the personal belongings that I had in my car. He started asking me if things in my car were really necessary to take in the vehicle. This was stuff I was putting in my car to ship across the country because I was moving. Those aren't things I can take on a plane. So, it made me feel very sketched out, and he ended up telling me that he wanted me to pay them an extra $300 to ship the car after the contract had already been accepted because of the personal weight limit.

      I was like, “Is this a price that you are trying to negotiate with me outside of the contract, or are you telling me this is something your company is telling you to do?” He said it was something that his company was telling him to do because of the personal weight limit. It felt very shifty because I felt like that would have been something that was negotiated prior to finalizing the contract, an extra charge like that versus when they come and pick up the car themselves.

      Overall, I cannot stress enough how much Jen was so accommodating and caring. I told her about the situation where the driver was trying to get me to pay extra. I let her know later that day. I called her. She heard me and she heard everything that I said, and she resolved that issue for me so quickly. She was like, “You're not gonna pay a dollar over what you agreed in the contract.” Sure enough, she went to the transport company. She cleared everything up with them. If those are the kind of representatives that AmeriFreight has at their company, I would recommend it 1,000 times over for transport. I felt very protected. It was a very big relief and a weight off my shoulders during such a difficult move and a difficult process for me to have peace of mind and say, “You know what? Jen got this.” I don't have to worry about my car because I know she's looking out for me.


      Thank you for entrusting us with your car shipment. We're so glad to hear about your exceptional experience with Jen. Providing personalized attention and ensuring peace of mind for our customers is what we aim for. Your recommendation means a lot to us, and we're here to serve you whenever you need your vehicle shipped next!

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServicePricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

      Reviewed Dec. 19, 2023

      My car had broke down. I needed to get the car to a known mechanic. We chose AmeriFreight because it was near the holidays and they gave us the lowest option. At first, my car was supposed to be picked up around Friday and Saturday. That didn't happen. They picked it up one day late. Other than that, it was dropped off at the right time. We're in a cul-de-sac. It was on a small truck that carried two cars. The driver parked at the end of the cul-de-sac without going in. He backed through a bit, and we had to take the car all the way there. Thankfully, the car did move a bit, enough to get to the trailer.

      The problem was there was a communication error somewhere because we told the company, “Hey, our car does not work. It needs to be picked up and put back down. It has to be done manually.” The trucker that came wasn't aware of this. So, we did have to pay $50 extra for him to pick the car up to the trailer. When they did come, we told the driver. Even when he was trying to pick up the car, the car didn't move backwards. It was something with the transmission but it did move if you pushed it on neutral and moved forward. Other than that, it was fine.

      I guess the trucker didn't listen. He kept telling us, “Don't worry. I'll put it on and put it back down.” At the end, the next day at around 9:00 in the morning, he dropped it off. Our friend who received the car said he had trouble. If my friend wasn't there, he might have not dropped off the car. In the end, my car was unharmed and it took them an hour or so, but they got it down finally. The quote was accurate. There was a point where negotiations were made. We like the quote. The price was much better than the $500 other companies were asking for to take the car over.


      We appreciate you choosing AmeriFreight, especially during the busy holiday season. We understand your car breakdown added stress to the situation, and we apologize for the initial delay in pickup. Additionally, we're truly sorry for the complications regarding your car's inoperable state. We are looking into this matter, as the driver's actions described in your review do not live up to the quality of service we strive to provide.

      We're glad the car arrived safely and that the quote was accurate. Your feedback about the price being significantly lower than competitors is valuable, and we strive to offer competitive rates while maintaining reliable service.

      Thank you for your understanding and for sharing your experience. We're constantly working to improve our service, and your feedback helps us to do so. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions or concerns.

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServicePriceStaff

      Reviewed July 16, 2023

      The drop-off took one day longer than it was originally scheduled to take but I was informed that that was a possibility when I booked. And I was told the pick-up will be either at the end of the day or the morning of the next day. I gave the driver a call. He was a subcontractor and didn't actually work for AmeriFreight. But I was talking to the driver directly and I told him where my house was, which was where the car was. He came into the neighborhood, drove by my house, turned around, and then we started the pick-up inspection. He looked at the vehicle and checked the gas to make sure it was under a quarter tank. I took the little XM radio and took it off so it didn't get damaged and then, he took panorama pictures of the outside. We agreed on any damage that he marked on a sheet. I signed and then he put the vehicle on the truck and drove away.

      AmeriFreight communicated the price that I was quoted online was the lowest possible offer and that it was likely to be higher in the bidding process. So, the drivers or companies who were actually doing the transportation will bid against AmeriFreight as a broker. From the time when the bidding started to when it was picked up, I had to call them a couple of times to figure out whether I'd been picked up or not. And then as the price was going up, I had the full information. AmeriFreight did a good job of explaining that when you contact them about what they are and what they're doing and how to get the lowest price for their service.

      The only trick that I found out was to ask a question when you get a bid and maybe the price will go down. I didn't counter. All I asked was if I could pay electronically on drop-off. And then, the company dropped the price. It was $250 from the original bid, which was great for me.

      It almost seemed like no matter what I had asked for, the company would have offered to drop the price. So, consumers that are gonna book with AmeriFreight shouldn’t take the first offer. Just by asking an unrelated question, the standard response from the company was apparently to drop the price. It was weird. But that might be the transportation company and not AmeriFreight. My understanding was AmeriFreight was paid a set rate. I paid them $250 to find me a company. They have connections to various trucking companies and the trucking companies will bid. The larger city that you're starting in and the larger city that you're dropping off in, the cheaper it becomes because the margin of loss is relatively low.

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServiceStaffDelivery & Shipping

      Reviewed June 12, 2024

      Awesome reflection on your company. Very professional, knowledgeable, conscientious, thorough. The entire process was painless and quick. Kudos, too, to the company that did our transport. HS Logistics, LLC. Timely, uneventful & constant communication re delivery status. The driver, said he would provide the courtesy of a heads up, when he would be approximately 2hrs out so the recipient of the vehicle didn’t sit home all day. AND he did!!!! Smooth transport PA to CO. Highly recommend AmeriFreight, Amanda Pike and HS Logistics, LLC.


      We’re thrilled to hear that the process was smooth and professional from start to finish. Thank you for recognizing our team. Your high praise and recommendation mean a lot to us!

      Verified purchase
      Delivery & Shipping

      Reviewed June 12, 2024

      AmeriFreight shipped my car from Malta, NY to Hillsboro, OR. They rescheduled my pick up date because of the carrier's maintenance issue at the last moment. Then they found another carrier and shipped my car. Everything was smooth from that point and I got delivery of my car on my intended date.


      Thank you for sharing your experience! We’re glad we could quickly find another carrier and meet your delivery date. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we appreciate your feedback!

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed June 12, 2024

      AmeriFreight is a very professional company. They exhibited excellent customer service. They explained the process very clearly & precisely with me. The representative was very knowledgeable and answered all questions I had. Everything was executed as stated. Amerifreight made my transporting experience worry and stress free. I highly recommend them for your vehicle transporting needs.


      We’re happy to hear that our professionalism and clear communication made your transport experience worry-free. Thank you for your high recommendation and for trusting us with your vehicle transport needs!

      Verified purchase

      Reviewed June 12, 2024

      This company was honest... Communicative... Perfect. I did a lot of research on this type of service and I'm grateful that this company was honest and cost efficient. This is a real review by the way. I appreciate how great the service was and the follow up after receiving my car. They helped me feel safe and like I'm not going to be scammed.


      We appreciate you doing your research! AmeriFreight is built on honesty, clear communication, and affordability. We're glad your experience with us lived up to those values. Thanks for choosing AmeriFreight!

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed June 11, 2024

      My car engine completely died on my trip to SC for mother's day. My husband and I completely panicked because we were 3 hours from home and the dealership quoted us $14,000 for repairs. We just needed to get the car back to NC and get a game plan together. Luckily I remembered my niece used a shipping company to ship her car from NC to California about 4 years ago. I called her up and she texted me the information I needed. Just as quickly as I got in touch with AmeriFrieght, Jennifer, my agent was contacting me. You guys took the worry and stress out of what could have been a chaotic situation. She assured me she would get lowest quote she could get in the time frame I needed. I thank you! Definitely would recommend you guys, hands down!


      We’re so glad Jennifer could help you during such a stressful situation. Thank you for sharing your story and recommending us! We’re happy to have provided the support you needed when you needed it most.

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      AmeriFreight FAQ

      What is AmeriFreight?

      AmeriFreight is an auto transport broker that works with a network of reliable carriers to help consumers transport their cars and other vehicles across the lower 48 states, Canada and a few other select locations.

      AmeriFreight offers a price guarantee, so the price you are quoted is the price you will pay. AmeriFreight also offers several discounts, so be sure to ask if you qualify for any of them. AFta gap coverage covers unexpected damages, so customers can have peace of mind knowing their car is covered. AmeriFreight can ship motorcycles, automobiles, trailers, RVs, boats, classic cars and trucks.

      How does AmeriFreight work?

      AmeriFreight details the auto transport process on its website. Here’s an overview of how to ship your vehicle with AmeriFreight:

      1. Get a quote. Call AmeriFreight or use its online quote calculator tool to get a quote for your vehicle, location and timing.
      2. Confirm your order details. Make sure you have provided all the necessary information, including your vehicle’s year, make and model, any modifications, pickup and delivery locations, and timeline.
      3. Accept an offer. Review your options, choose from the available carriers and pay the deposit.
      4. Prep your vehicle for pickup. Remember, your car must be cleared of all belongings before shipping.
      5. Inspect your vehicle. In the presence of the driver, do a thorough inspection and document the condition of the vehicle before transport. You’ll do the same when the vehicle gets delivered to review if any damage occurred during transport.
      How much does Amerifreight cost?

      AmeriFreight notes that costs range from $495 to $1,300 to ship a sedan on open transport. Looking at the numbers on Amerifreight’s site, we estimate the average cost of a cross-country auto transport is about $935. Several factors will affect the cost, like the season, vehicle condition, vehicle size, distance traveled and popularity of the route.

      You can use AmeriFreight’s rate calculator on their website to get a better idea of how much it will cost to ship your vehicle. AmeriFreight also has a chart listing estimated prices for several popular routes, and the company provides discounts for military, first responders, students and seniors.

      Washington, DCFort Lauderdale$750
      AtlantaLos Angeles$850
      San FranciscoNew York City$1,050
      What are AmeriFreight’s shipping options?

      AmeriFreight ships to the contiguous United States, Canada and select international locations. AmeriFreight can also ship trailers, RVs, motorcycles, classic cars, trucks and boats.

      You can choose to go with enclosed shipping for cars that need additional protection. Door-to-door shipping is AmeriFreight’s most popular option due to its convenience — this means your car will be picked up at its current location and dropped off exactly where you want it.

      AFta gap coverage works to cover up to $2,000 for insurance deductible coverage, up to $800 for minor damage, up to $350 for broker deposit paid for cancellation of shipment, up to $350 for lost, stolen or damaged keys and up to $50 per day for car rental coverage in case there is a delay in delivery of the vehicle. As long as the issue is reported within 48 hours of delivery, the AFta gap coverage should be able to cover it.

      Where is AmeriFreight available?

      AmeriFreight can ship vehicles within the contiguous United States, Canada and select international locations.

      Is AmeriFreight a broker or carrier?

      AmeriFreight is an auto transport broker, which means it works with a preferred network of carriers to ship your vehicle or fleet to its destination.

      Is AmeriFreight legit?

      Yes, AmeriFreight is a legitimate auto transport company. We like AmeriFreight’s transparent pricing as well as its gap coverage that covers your car in the event of unexpected damages. We also like that the company ships trucks, motorcycles, RVs, trailers and boats in addition to cars. AmeriFreight reviews mention a smooth auto transport process and, since that is what most consumers are looking for when transporting a car, we recommend using AmeriFreight.

      AmeriFreight Company Information

      Social media:
      Company Name:
      AmeriFreight Auto Transport Company
      Company Type:
      Year Founded:
      417 Dividend Drive, Suite D
      Peachtree City
      Postal Code:
      United States
      770 486 7429