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Best Walk-In Tubs

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    A walk-in tub helps keep you safe from falls that can create serious health issues. Our research team vetted 11 walk-in tub companies that are rated by more than 5,540 customers. Read our guide to choose the best walk-in tub for you by comparing safety and comfort features, tub prices and customer experience. A walk-in tub is an investment, but many companies offer financing options or discounts to help you afford one.

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    Compare Top Walk-In Bathtub Companies


    Find a Walk-in Tub partner near you.

      Walk-in tub pricing is highly variable based on your home and needs, and an exact quote typically requires an in-home estimate. If a company does not disclose costs without an estimate, our listed starting price was determined from secondary sources and may not include installation costs.

      Our walk-in tub picks for seniors

      As of publishing, the top-rated walk-in tub companies on ConsumerAffairs are Safe Step, American Standard, Kohler, BOCA and Independent Home. All of these companies, except Independent Home, offer walk-in bathtubs made in the United States.

      To select our top picks, the ConsumerAffairs research team looked at safety and comfort features, including seat configurations, step-in heights, therapy benefits (such as aerotherapy and hydrotherapy jets) and additional safety precautions (such as anti-slip technology, built-in grab bars and extra-wide door openings).

      We also analyzed recent reviews to determine why happy customers were satisfied with these manufacturers. Below, we compare our favorite models based on the features above, as well as their installation processes, pricing, financing and warranties.

      Our pick for walk-in tub-shower comboThe Hybrid Tub by Safe StepAUTHORIZED PARTNER
      • Rainfall showerhead
      • Adjustable hand-held shower wand
      • Heated seat and back
      • Lifetime warranty
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      hybrid tub by safe step

      With Safe Step’s Hybrid Tub, you get the safety of a walk-in tub combined with the convenience of a shower — and it still fits into a standard tub space. The inward-opening door can be right- or left-aligned, and the anti-slip comfort seat is 17 inches high. Its frame is made with an industrial-strength aluminum frame.

      The Hybrid Tub highlights

      The shower-tub combo package comes with a rainfall showerhead and a hand-held shower wand. Both are fully adjustable and designed to produce water at the same time without any disruption in pressure. This hybrid tub also comes with a personal hygiene bidet and foot-massaging jets.

      Safety features
      • Anti-slip surface
      • Built-in grab bars
      • Auto-gravity purge jets
      • Anti-scald technology
      • Mold-resistant gel coating
      • Quick-release drain
      • Low-profile locking handle
      • Overflow drain
      • Low step-in height
      The Hybrid Tub is designed to fit into a standard bathtub space. It usually takes a day or two to install. First, a Safe Step technician removes your existing bathtub. Once the old tub is removed (or recycled), the walk-in tub goes in its place. Safe Step provides a free in-home consultation before installing a new tub.
      Pricing and financing
      Hybrid Tub costs vary based on installation requirements, location and other factors. Veterans and members of the military get access to additional discounts. As of publishing, Safe Step offers a $1,500 discount for new customers. Financing plans are available for those who qualify.
      Safe Step provides a lifetime warranty, which covers manufacturing defects, the door seal, faucets, parts and labor, water pumps, heaters and blowers.

      Safe Step walk-in tub reviews

      As of publishing, Safe Step is the top-rated walk-in tub company on ConsumerAffairs. Reviewers who would recommend Safe Step to a friend tend to mention sales reps who are “very nice” and “answer all questions.” However, occasional reviews mention difficulty getting hold of Safe Step sales reps.

      Safe Step reviews over the last year are generally positive. One reviewer likes the hybrid feature because it’s more convenient for guests who don’t want to take a bath. The customer also appreciates that Safe Step manufactures, installs and services the product.

      Our pick for walk-in tub valueGelcoat Value Series by American StandardAUTHORIZED PARTNER
      • Patented quick-drain system
      • Air spa massage bubbles
      • Optional neck rest
      • Limited lifetime warranty
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      american standard gelcoat value series

      As of publishing, American Standard’s Gelcoat Value Series walk-in tubs with whirlpool massage systems are priced lower than $7,000. These high-gloss Gelcoat walk-in tubs are available with left- or right-hand door, drain and faucet configurations. You can add a hand-shower slide bar, a 24-inch grab bar and a neck rest for an additional fee.

      Gelcoat Value Series highlights

      A Gelcoat Value Series walk-in tub comes with a watertight outward-opening door, built-in safety bars and a textured floor. Its drain system is designed to remove water quickly, and its spa features include whirlpool inline heaters and legs-only massage jets.

      Safety features
      • Built-in outward opening door
      • Pumps with quick-drain technology
      • Built-in grab bar
      • Optional hand-shower slide bar
      • Textured floor
      • Full seat transfer
      Trained and manufacturer-certified technicians install all American Standard walk-in tubs. The team removes and discards your existing tub before installing the new one. The Gelcoat Value Series is made of durable materials with a polished chrome drain and trim. The finish is available in white or linen.
      Pricing and financing
      As of publishing, the Gelcoat Value Series walk-in bathtub (32 by 52 inches) costs $6,447.25. Financing is available with 0% interest and no payments for a full year for those who qualify. The company also works with you to explore various grants and financial assistance programs available to seniors, such as the USDA Rural Repair and Rehabilitation Grant and other non-Medicaid programs. Like Safe Step, American Standard also offers discounts for veterans and members of the military.
      American Standard provides a limited lifetime warranty for some of its tubs, installation and labor. However, its Gelcoat Value walk-in tubs come with a 10-year warranty on the shell and a five-year warranty on the other components. Talk to American Standard or your walk-in tub provider to see what warranty your purchase may qualify for.

      American Standard walk-in tub reviews

      American Standard is the second top-rated walk-in bath company on ConsumerAffairs this year. However, not everyone was pleased with its product. One person mentioned the way installers put molding along the top and another mentioned difficulty getting in touch with service reps after the installation process was complete.

      Generally, positive reviews refer to the helpful sales staff and smooth installation process. Notably, a few customers who stated they were overall dissatisfied with their experience also said the American Standard staff was “very nice” and that the installation “went great.”

      Our pick for premium spa featuresKohler Walk-in BathAUTHORIZED PARTNER
      • Hydrotherapy and air jets
      • Adjustable heated backrest
      • Fast-drain technology
      • Limited lifetime warranty
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      kohler walk in tub

      The Kohler walk-in bathtub comes with standard features found in other top-rated tubs, including handrails, anti-slip surfaces and a multifunctional showerhead. Kohler tubs are a bit pricier than other options, but the cost includes the walk-in tub, installation and bath walls.

      Kohler Walk-in Bath highlights

      Premium comfort features like hydrotherapy and air massage, heated backrests and custom bath walls are what make Kohler stand out to us. The massage jets target stress points along your legs, feet and spine. You can heat the back, neck and shoulder surfaces before, during and after your soak.

      Safety features
      • Ultra-low 3-inch step height
      • Extra-wide entry door
      • Slip-resistant surfaces
      • Built-in handrails
      • Accessible control panel
      • Multifunctional showerhead
      Before the walk-in tub is installed, a Kohler technician completes an in-home consultation to review a 35-point checklist. At this time, you can customize the bath wall color and texture, plus the finish on the faucet. Even with the custom design elements, installation usually takes a day or less.
      Pricing and financing
      Kohler Walk-in Bath prices vary depending on several factors, including optional feature upgrades and installation requirements, so new customers must contact Kohler for an accurate estimate. The pricing structure is designed to be all-inclusive (new tub, removal of old tub and installation). Kohler provides a guarantee that its fees are straightforward and easy to understand.

      As of publishing, Kohler is offering 50% off professional installation for new customers. Financing is available through GreenSky for those who qualify, and the featured financing program boasts no payments for 18 months.

      All Kohler walk-in tubs come with a limited lifetime warranty. The warranty covers all components, including the bath door seal, pumps, motors, jets, faucet and hand-shower.

      Kohler walk-in tub reviews

      In the last year, Kohler customers who reported being “happy” or “satisfied” with their purchase were also likely to comment on helpful sales reps and a smooth installation process. Some reviews also mention that the Kohler team took extra steps to maximize the customer’s hot water usage.

      However, some customers also expressed dissatisfaction. One recent Kohler review mentioned long wait times to speak to a service representative after the tub installation was completed. Overall, about 87% of verified Kohler Walk-in Bath customers would recommend the company to a friend.

      Our pick for low step-in heightBOCA Standard Walk-in TubAUTHORIZED PARTNER
      • Air jets and chromotherapy
      • 2-inch step height
      • Additional sizes available
      • Lifetime warranty
      Read reviews
      boca walk-in bathtub

      BOCA’s standard walk-in tub is one of its most popular models. BOCA tubs also have an extremely low step-in height of 2 inches, making them a great choice for people concerned with getting in and out of the tub. You can select which therapy features and jets you want, too. While BOCA doesn’t disclose its walk-in tub prices, you can find local dealers on its website.

      BOCA Standard Walk-in Tub highlights

      BOCA walk-in tubs are made of fiberglass and come with a variety of therapeutic features, like aromatherapy, hydrotherapy and chromotherapy, which can help with joint pain, flexibility issues and other ailments. Choose air jets, whirlpool jets or a combination of both.

      Safety features
      • Anti-scald technology with thermostatic control faucets
      • Leakproof door
      • Overflow drain
      • Quick-release drain
      • Slip-resistant flooring and seating
      • Low 2-inch step height
      BOCA sells its tubs through local walk-in tub dealers, so the installation process may vary depending on the company you work with. Sometimes, installing a walk-in tub can take as little as one day. If you decide that a BOCA walk-in tub is right for you, make sure you communicate with your dealer about any special installation requirements.
      Pricing and financing
      BOCA works with local walk-in tub dealers, so information on pricing and financing isn’t available on its website.

      Because walk-in tubs are a major purchase, it’s important to know what financing options are available. Work with your dealer to understand how you might be able to afford a walk-in tub.

      All BOCA walk-in tubs have a lifetime warranty, which includes coverage for all parts and components.

      BOCA walk-in tub reviews

      BOCA reviews are generally positive, with reviewers praising the company’s customer service representatives as well as its highly customizable options. Multiple reviewers mentioned that they were referred to BOCA by trusted friends.

      While customers were largely pleased with their walk-in tubs, one reviewer did state that they had to purchase a larger water heater due to how much hot water the tub uses.

      Our pick for wheelchair accessibilityIndependent Home Access Walk-in BathtubAUTHORIZED PARTNER
      • Water, air or dual massage jets
      • Slide-in seat
      • Double grab bars
      • Lifetime warranty
      Read reviews
      independent home walk-in bathtub

      Independent Home’s Access Walk-in Bathtub has a 34-inch outward-swinging door with slide-transfer seating that eliminates the need for stepping into the tub. This tub is designed for wheelchair accessibility, so it also has a low seat height and two safety grab bars.

      Independent Home Access Walk-in Bathtub highlights

      Independent Home’s Access tub is made of triple gel-coated fiberglass and has a stainless steel frame. It has a 24-inch ADA-compliant seat and an extra-wide door opening. This tub comes in white only, but you can choose between water jets, air jets and dual massage systems.

      Safety features
      • Two safety grab bars
      • Extra-wide, outward-swinging door
      • Slide-transfer seating
      • Slip-resistant floor
      • Quick draining system
      • Low seat height
      Independent Home’s representatives will handle installing your walk-in tub. A specialist performs an on-site inspection of your home, observing the layout of your bathroom to determine where your tub should be installed before construction begins.
      Pricing and financing
      Independent Home’s walk-in tub prices vary depending on the model and features you want. As of publishing, Independent Home offers a $1,500 discount on its website for walk-in tub purchases.
      Independent Home has a lifetime warranty on its walk-in tubs. This warranty covers all components of your tub, including the installation.

      Independent Home walk-in tub reviews

      Independent Home reviewers noted positive experiences with the company’s customer service representatives, stating that they were nice and informative. Installation was another highlight of reviews, with many people stating that it took less than a day to install their walk-in tubs.

      Some dissatisfied customers were frustrated with how long their Independent Home walk-in tub takes to fill, as well as the amount of hot water it uses. A few customers even stated that they had to buy a new hot water heater to accommodate their walk-in tub’s water usage.

      Compare our walk-in tub picks

      safe step walk-in tub logokohler walk-in bath logoamerican standard walk-in baths logoindependent home logoboca walk-in tubs logo
      Authorized Partner
      Tub materialsAcrylic and gelcoatUnknown; optional stone upgrade availableGelcoat or acrylic with a fiberglass moldAcrylic or fiberglassAcrylic, with some doors in stainless steel and tempered glass
      Drain speedVariesVaries2 minutes or lessAs fast as 60 seconds80 seconds
      WarrantyLifetime warranty on parts and laborLimited lifetime warranty on materials and laborVariesLifetime warranty on parts and laborVaries
      safe step walk-in tub logoAcrylic and gelcoatVariesLifetime warranty on parts and labor
      kohler walk-in bath logoUnknown; optional stone upgrade availableVariesLimited lifetime warranty on materials and labor
      american standard walk-in baths logoGelcoat or acrylic with a fiberglass mold2 minutes or lessVaries
      independent home logoAcrylic and fiberglassAs fast as 60 secondsLifetime warranty on parts and installation
      boca walk-in tubs logoGelcoat and fiberglassVariesLifetime warranty on all parts and components

      Walk-in tub FAQ

      What is a walk-in tub?
      A walk-in tub is a bathtub specifically designed for easy accessibility with a low step threshold, a seat and other safety features. The tub has a door that lets you get into the bath without having to step over a high wall. Tubs are typically constructed with sturdy grab bars and handrails to provide support. All walk-in tubs have sealed doors to prevent leaks. The seats are typically covered with a textured surface to keep users from slipping off the seat, which allows for a safer bathing experience.

      Most walk-in tubs are made with fiberglass gelcoat or acrylic. Acrylic tubs are typically a more durable option, but they’re usually more expensive too. Some tubs may be made from a combination of both materials.

      What are the different types of walk-in tubs?
      The various types of walk-in tubs are designed to make bathing safer for those with different needs. The most common types include soaker tubs, lay-down tubs, bariatric tubs and walk-in showers.
      • Soaker tub: A walk-in soaker tub is a basic model and does not have any air or water jets. It includes a leakproof door, a seat and a low step-up entry. Most also include grab bars and anti-slip floors and seats.
      • Lay-down: A lay-down is as close to a traditional bathtub as you can get with a walk-in tub. You lie down while you bathe but can still take advantage of safety features like nonslip surfaces and safety bars.
      • Bariatric tubs: A bariatric tub is specifically made with larger individuals in mind. They’re walk-in tubs that are bigger than standard models to ensure comfort.
      • Walk-in shower: Walk-in showers don’t have doors or curtains. They’re usually much bigger than traditional showers to ensure they don’t need a door or barrier. Walk-in showers usually have a very low or nonexistent step threshold as well, and they let you shower while experiencing the traditional benefits of a walk-in tub.
      • Wheelchair-accessible tub: Wheelchair-accessible baths have outward-facing doors that let you move from a wheelchair into the bathtub more easily. The tub seat is generally lower than standard walk-in tub seats.
      • Combination walk-in shower-tub: Some walk-in tub manufacturers make shower-tub combinations. These models have the accessibility of a walk-in tub and the convenience of a shower. Walk-in showers often let you shower sitting down or standing up and come with features like hand-held showerheads and waterproof remote controls. They typically don’t require extensive remodeling and can fit in an existing shower space.
      How much is a walk-in tub?
      The average cost of a walk-in tub with installation is between $2,000 to $7,000, which is quite an investment. For more information, read about the costs of aging in place.
      Will Medicare pay for a walk-in tub?
      Medicare typically does not cover walk-in tubs. Many walk-in tub dealers and manufacturers offer financing options that can help ease the cost of a walk-in tub, though.
      How do walk-in tubs work?

      Walk-in tubs are designed with a low step-in threshold that makes it easier for people at risk of falling to step directly into the tub rather than lift their legs over the side to enter. To bathe, you simply step in, sit down and turn the water on.

      Once the water drains, you can open the door and exit the tub. Rising from a seat is much easier than from a standard tub floor. You don’t have to worry about getting up or down from the base of the tub again.

      Because walk-in tubs are big, they’re notorious for taking a long time to fill up and drain. Most walk-in tubs come with a hand-shower, which you can use to stay warm while the tub drains. A model with heated seating can also keep you comfortable.

      In some ways, walk-in bathtubs work much like traditional tubs — they take up about the same amount of space and use your regular tub’s plumbing. The main difference is that walk-in tubs have seats and a much lower step-in threshold than traditional bathtubs. This means you can bathe yourself with more independence if you have mobility issues. Caregivers like walk-in tubs because they reduce the physical strain of helping their patients wash themselves.

      How are walk-in tubs installed?

      Walk-in tubs are installed in place of your existing bath and use the same plumbing and electrical lines. This installation doesn’t usually require extensive construction or renovation. However, the installation requires a licensed plumber and electrician, so you shouldn’t try to do it yourself unless you have experience. Many manufacturers have local technicians who can install your tub.

      Some walk-in tub companies offer optional trim kits to ensure the tub fits correctly in the available bathroom space. Other manufacturers sell compact walk-in tubs specifically designed for smaller spaces. If a tub doesn't fit correctly in your bathroom, your installer can use a tub extender to eliminate gaps between the tub and the wall.

      Extenders can also be used as shelves to store soap, shampoo or other bath materials. However, you might have to move the shower curtain to ensure it covers the entire tub and prevents water from pooling on the floor, which creates a slipping hazard.

      A tile flange is used to create a watertight barrier and prevent leaking — this is a raised area around the edge of the tub deck between the wall and tile. Tile flanges also give your tub a more modern, organic look that can help to match your tub to your bathroom design.

      How big is a walk-in tub?
      Generally speaking, walk-in tubs are about the same size as regular bathtubs. Width and length vary among models and providers, but walk-in tubs are usually 28 to 32 inches wide and no more than 60 inches long. Most walk-in tubs are between 37 to 47 inches tall, and the water in these bathtubs can get up to about 2.5 feet deep — standard bathtubs are typically just more than a foot deep.
      How much water does it take to fill a walk-in tub?
      A standard walk-in tub uses around 50 to 55 gallons of water. Compact tubs may hold as few as 40 gallons, bariatric models hold an average of 100 gallons and double-seated tubs allow about 120 gallons. You might need to get a larger water heater, depending on your current heater and the size of the walk-in tub.
      How long does it take for a walk-in tub to drain and fill up?
      The time it takes to fill or drain a walk-in tub varies based on several factors, including the size of the tub, your home’s water pressure and the age and quality of the plumbing. A standard-size walk-in tub usually takes from six to 15 minutes to fill or drain. Tubs with quick-drain features can drain in as few as two minutes. Ones with fast-fill faucets might take a few minutes.
      Can you use bubble bath in a walk-in tub?
      You could put bubble bath in a walk-in tub, but we don’t suggest it if your tub is jetted. The volume of the suds can be difficult to predict, and some formulas might overflow. However, you can occasionally put Epsom salts or essential oils in a walk-in bath as long as you thoroughly rinse the tub afterward.
      Does a walk-in tub add value to a house?
      Depending on where you live, a walk-in tub could add value to your home. Walk-in tubs are a popular addition to houses in retirement communities, and a walk-in tub is more likely to increase the value of your home if you live in an area with a large senior population. In addition to older adults, anyone with limited mobility might have an easier time bathing in a walk-in tub than a traditional tub.
      How do you clean a walk-in tub?
      Just like a standard bathtub, a walk-in tub requires routine cleaning. It’s often easier because many walk-in tubs come with a built-in cleaning or sanitizing system, like an ozone generator or UV sterilizer. Here are some tips to keep your walk-in bathtub clean:
      • Wipe the interior surface with a towel after every use
      • Use mild dishwashing detergent and water on the interior surface once a week
      • Clean your drain with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda once a week

      Overall, cleaning a walk-in tub isn’t very different from cleaning a traditional tub. You can either keep a bath or shower cleaner near and use it daily or perform routine, in-depth cleanings of your walk-in tub. You could also consider rinsing your body off before entering a bathtub if you’re particularly dirty. This can help remove bacteria before you sit in the water.

      Are walk-in tubs safe for seniors?

      Yes, walk-in tubs can provide a safe bathing option for seniors who want to maintain their independence. The main reason people install walk-in tubs is to reduce the risk of falls and other accidents in the bathroom.

      Getting in and out of the shower can be an enormous fall risk for anyone with balance issues or limited mobility. A fall from the bath or shower can be especially devastating for an older adult. A traditional bathtub requires a big step to get in and has slick surfaces and few places to find a stable grip — and then it can be challenging to get up once you're in one. With a walk-in, you don’t ever have to lie down in the tub.

      People with limited mobility at any age can benefit from the easy access of a walk-in bathtub. Elderly individuals might want to switch to a walk-in tub so they can add safety and therapeutic features.

      What is an ADA-compliant walk-in tub?

      ADA-compliant walk-in tubs meet guidelines created by the Americans with Disabilities Act. These guidelines are designed to help make life easier and safer for people with disabilities. While meeting ADA guidelines is not mandatory for most residences, it could be something to consider when checking out nursing homes or other care facilities.

      Do all walk-in tub companies offer a warranty?
      Most walk-in tub companies offer a warranty on their products, but these warranties differ. For example, Safe Step offers a lifetime warranty on its walk-in tubs, including parts and labor. Other companies may only offer a warranty for select components or for a shorter period. Check each manufacturer’s warranty policy to understand what they really offer.

      What to look for in a walk-in tub

      If stepping into your bathtub feels dangerous, we suggest looking for a walk-in tub that makes your life easier, safer and more comfortable. For instance, some walk-in tub therapy features are designed specifically for people with lower back pain or arthritis. Others are made with extra-wide doors to accommodate larger individuals.

      Many bathroom injuries happen when people try to stabilize themselves on doors and fixtures that are not designed to support human body weight. If this is a primary concern for you, look for models with extra sturdy built-in safety grab bars. As you compare different models, here are the three main features we suggest looking for:

      • Low step threshold: The lower the threshold, also called the step height, the safer the tub is to step into. The step-up is the height of the threshold that leads to the tub. The most common step-up heights are 3 to 7 inches, though some models have step-ups as low as 2 inches for even safer access.
      • Easy-access doors: Walk-in tub doors usually swing either inward or outward. Inward-swinging doors require less bathroom space, are easier to close and can help reduce leaks and ensure the door doesn’t bump into anything nearby. Some people prefer walk-in tubs with outward-swinging doors — for example, if you’re in a wheelchair, it’s easier to transfer to the seat if the door isn’t in the way.
      • Quick drain and fill system: Choose a model with fast fill and drain technologies that work quickly to prevent you from getting cold. Newer models include drain and fill systems that make the process much faster. In fact, some walk-in tubs can drain in less than a minute now. If you want your tub to fill quickly, look for a rapid-fill faucet.

      Walk-in tub safety features

      The most common reason people purchase walk-in bathtubs is to prevent falls due to entering or exiting standard tubs. High walls, nonslip floors, seats and grab bars make these tubs safer for people with mobility problems. Most walk-in tubs include safety features like low-threshold entries, showerheads and anti-slip flooring that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

      • Nonslip surfaces: Nearly all walk-in tub models include a textured floor surface to prevent slipping. Textured surfaces are a must if you’re buying a walk-in tub for someone with mobility problems. We also suggest looking for tubs with contoured seating — these seats are comfortable and prevent you from slipping and sliding.
      • Grab bars: Most walk-in tubs are equipped with at least two grab bars or handrails. You should consider the placement of these bars and install them where they’re most convenient to use. Grab bars are optional for some walk-in tubs, but we recommend them if you have a disability and would benefit from the additional support and safety they provide.
      • Anti-scald valve: The anti-scald valve compensates for pressure changes in cold and hot water lines to keep your water temperature from changing suddenly. Because quick spikes or falls in temperature can cause bathers to jump and injure themselves, anti-scald valves are standard safety features for walk-in bathtubs.
      • Hand-held showerhead: Most walk-in bathtubs feature hand-held showerheads to make bathing easier for those who have trouble standing. Showerheads are often located near the faucets, but some tubs have raised showerheads with adjustable rods.

      Walk-in tub comfort features

      Therapy options such as hydrotherapy massage jets and heated backrests are popular add-ons for walk-in tubs. Some hydrotherapy tubs are specifically designed to address problems like lower back pain, joint pain and arthritis. Among the comfort features typical to walk-in tubs are:

      • Built-in neck rests, shoulder rests or backrests: Seats can be outfitted with additional features if you need more support than the standard seat provides. Seat cushion risers, bath pillows and other support accessories are also available.
      • Heated seats: A heated seat is helpful if you have a walk-in tub that takes a while to fill. An inline heater helps keep the water at a consistent temperature when the jets are in use. Maintaining a comfortable temperature lets you use the tub for long, therapeutic soaks.
      • Aerotherapy features: Aerotherapy tubs are soaker tubs outfitted with air jets for water circulation. These tubs are designed to provide a therapeutic massage experience.
      • Chromotherapy features: Chromotherapy is the term given to color therapy used in conjunction with water. In chromotherapy walk-in tubs, multicolored lights shine in the water. Manufacturers state this feature helps improve your energy and mood.
      • Aromatherapy features: Aromatherapy walk-in tubs let bathers try out essential oils to create an aromatic experience. Bathers often enjoy lavender, jasmine and green tea scents, but you can use any essential oil you like.

      Compare walk-in tub models

      How to buy a walk-in bathtub

      Consider your needs and budget as well as your existing bathroom space and limitations. For instance, there are certain considerations to make when buying a walk-in tub for a mobile home. As you compare companies, look for ones that offer a free quote and no-obligation consultations. It could be a red flag if a company wants to charge you for an estimate or consultation. We also suggest finding a company that offers helpful customer service and has easy-to-understand warranty information. Keep in mind: Walk-in tub prices might cause some sticker shock, but many companies offer financing options or discounts so those who need them can afford the expense.

      Walk-in tub prices start at around $2,000.

      1. Consider your needs and budget

      Finding the right tub for your specific needs is easier if you come prepared. Whether it’s for yourself and/or a loved one, decide what you want to get out of the tub before you start comparing companies.

      Think about the features most important to you, such as added safety options like handrails and comfort options like inline water heaters. For example, if you have joint stiffness, you might consider a tub with hydrotherapy massage upgrades. For added convenience, consider a walk-in tub with a built-in towel bar so your towel is always within easy reach.

      Knowing what features you want helps narrow down brands that fit into your budget. How much a walk-in tub will cost for you to install depends on a variety of factors. It can be difficult for a company to provide a starting cost or price range without knowing some basic information about your existing tub and bathroom.

      Depending on your financial situation, there are different ways you could pay for a walk-in tub. Those on a fixed income might be able to use Medicaid benefits to pay for the purchase and installation of a walk-in tub. If you're a veteran, you may be able to get a grant from the VA to subsidize a walk-in tub. Others may take out a loan to pay for a walk-in tub.

      2. Explore financing options

      Walk-in tubs are an expensive investment, so make sure you explore the available ways to finance your tub. Many walk-in tub manufacturers offer financing options with low down payments, depending on the tub you want and your financial situation. To find out more about a walk-in tub company’s financing options, visit its website or reach out to a representative. Also, consider looking at local walk-in tub dealers to compare financing options from multiple brands.

      3. Compare a few quotes

      Walk-in bathtubs are an investment, so compare a few cost estimates to ensure you purchase the best tub to fit your needs and budget.

      Most companies are eager to help you research the right fit. Don’t waste your time with a company that isn’t helpful or doesn’t answer your questions. Walk-in tubs are no small investment — find a manufacturer that stands by its product if you ever need repairs or replacements.

      We suggest starting with the top-rated companies listed above. You can also check major retailers like Home Depot, but be sure to ask about installation services.

      4. Request an in-home consultation

      Most walk-in tub companies offer a complimentary home visit to assess your existing bathroom space. A technician measures the available space to get the correct tub dimensions and helps you choose the features you need, including handrail placements and safety options.

      You should also confirm that your home’s hot water capacity is compatible with the model you like during this time. After all, you don’t want to spend money on a tub that you can’t fill with hot water. Additional questions you should ask during your walk-in tub consultation include:

      • What is the door like? Walk-in tubs come with inward- and outward-facing doors, and doors can be situated on the left or right side. Occasionally, you find walk-in tubs with a rising wall instead of a swinging door. Ask about the width to ensure you can safely step in and comfortably sit down in the tub.
      • How low is the threshold? Generally, the lower the threshold, the safer the tub will be to step into.
      • Can I reach the controls? You want to be able to comfortably adjust the settings if you select a model with a heated seat or massage jet features.
      • Are the surfaces slip-resistant? Be sure the nonslip surfaces provide enough stability for you. Most walk-in tubs are made with slip-resistant surfaces. However, the placement varies by model and brand.
      • What is the warranty? Walk-in bathtubs are typically protected by a warranty on the entire package or individual components. Nearly all companies include some type of warranty that typically ranges between two years and the lifetime of the product. Be sure you ask what the warranty covers and how long it lasts.
      • Will you remove my old tub? Ask if the installation service includes the removal and disposal of your existing bathtub. Many walk-in tub installers do this as part of a package deal.

      5. Customize your walk-in tub

      If the in-home consultation goes well, you can start customizing your order. With all the manufacturers, models and features available on the market, there’s almost no end to the customization opportunities when buying a walk-in tub.

      In addition to standard safety and comfort features, most of the top walk-in tub companies also offer automatic cleaning systems, wall surrounds and custom finishes and colors so that the tub fits in seamlessly with your existing bathroom decor.

      • Self-cleaning system: Hardly anyone enjoys cleaning the bathroom, and self-cleaning walk-in tubs make this task a little easier. Just add some bleach and dishwashing soap to your walk-in tub and let the automatic cleaning system take care of the rest.
      • Wall surround: An acrylic wall surround can be added to your tub if you want to create a taller shower. These surrounds often have shelf space, and they protect the walls from water damage.
      • Custom color or finish: Entry-level models of walk-in tubs usually come in shades of off-white. Some companies let you choose a wall design or select from different finishing options. Depending on your current bathroom design, you might want a stainless steel faucet color or marbled wall finish, for example.

      6. Schedule the walk-in tub installation

      If you already have a standard bathtub, a walk-in tub can be easily installed in that opening in as little as one day. For projects that need a remodel, you’ll need to hire a contractor to install your walk-in tub.

      Most walk-in tubs are designed to fit in the space required for a standard tub (about 60 inches long and 30 inches wide). This can vary by tub, depending on the design and your needs. For example, a bariatric tub will be wider than a standard tub — possibly around 35 inches.

      Pre-installation, the tub should be tested to inspect the plumbing and seals for leaks. Since electrical wiring is usually installed around the pump locations, it’s crucial that the tub doesn’t leak. Otherwise, you risk electrical shock.

      Although many walk-in tub manufacturers have technicians that install the tub, some require you to hire a licensed electrician and local plumber to perform the installation. In this case, you want to be sure your plumber is familiar with the tub and piping.

      Not sure how to choose?

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        Walk-in tub reviews

        BOCA Walk-in Tubs

        Boca walk-in tubs are best known for their safety features. The tubs have a 2.5-inch entry threshold. Boca’s Diamond Elite walk-in tub is highly customizable in terms of color, design and comfort.

        • Products: Boca’s Diamond Elite tub comes in a variety of widths, depths and seating arrangements to fit in existing bathrooms. Boca makes each size out of marine-grade fiberglass material.
        • Safety features: All Boca walk-in tubs include anti-slip floors, a very low threshold, an ADA-compliant seat, a quick drain and an automatic purge system to prevent mold. Grab bars are optional.
        • Luxury features: Beyond basic safety and comfort features, the company offers optional luxury add-ons for the Diamond Elite. These include 18 air jets, 10 water jets, a bidet, chromotherapy, aromatherapy and a heated seat and back.
        • Installation: Thanks to their frameless design, Boca walk-in tubs are easy to install in small spaces. Installation is included in the price of the tub.
        • Warranties: Boca offers a lifetime warranty on all its products, which includes the frame, faucets, jets, door and any additional features.
        Read 166 Reviews
        Hydro Dimensions

        Hydro Dimensions has 16 different walk-in tub models that provide a solution for any space or mobility need. Each tub features an electronic control panel, and every product comes with a lifetime warranty.

        • Products: Hydro Dimensions sells 16 walk-in tub designs. Five of these designs feature an outward-swinging door and a larger, deeper tub.
        • Safety features: The company's tubs include safety features like angled grab bars, a low step-in entryway, nonslip flooring and a built-in seat. All its tubs also have an automatic purge cycle and ozone sanitation for easy cleaning.
        • Luxury features: Some Hydro Dimension tubs come with up to 15 water jets and 20 air jets. Some tubs also come with aromatherapy.
        • Installation: Hydro Dimension walk-in tubs can fit in any space, and the company uses trained technicians to perform the installation.
        • Warranties: The bathtub’s shell, door seal, motors, electronic controls and supporting equipment all come with a lifetime warranty.
        Read 340 Reviews
        Independent Home

        From the Cube model to the Royal, Independent Home offers a wide variety of walk-in tub sizing. All Independent Home walk-in tubs include standard safety features, and many come with hydrotherapy and aromatherapy features.

        • Products: Independent Home sells nine different models in a vast range of sizes. Specific models come with a 2-inch drain system that empties the tub in 90 to 120 seconds. Independent Home offers specialty tubs, including bariatric models, wheelchair-accessible bathtubs, compact walk-in tubs, models with attached lifts and walk-in showers.
        • Safety features: All Independent Home walk-in tubs come with a 5-inch step-in, a built-in safety grab bar, and nonslip surfaces. The wheelchair-accessible tub also comes with an outward-swinging door.
        • Luxury features: Users can find comfort in the textured seats, air and water spa systems, dual massage jets and chromotherapy. Each of these options is available on specific models.
        • Installation: Independent Home uses trained technicians with plumbing and electrical skill to install all tubs. Installation typically takes just one day.
        • Warranties and financing: All Independent Home tubs are backed by a lifetime warranty, and financing is available to qualified buyers.
        Read 1217 Reviews
        Jacuzzi Walk-in Tubs

        A household name in whirlpool bathtubs, Jacuzzi designs some of the most luxurious walk-in tubs on the market. Consumers can choose between the Finestra models, designed for new construction, and the standard model, designed to fit in the space of your existing tub.

        Read 300 Reviews
        Safe Step Walk-in Tubs

        Safe Step designs walk-in tubs with standard safety features as well as state-of-the-art cleaning systems and patented massage systems. With options for showers, tubs and a combination of both, Safe Step’s products can fit in any space at any budget.

        • Products: Safe Step offers two models: a standard walk-in tub and a Safe Step Hybrid Tub, which includes a shower system. All Safe Step makes all products with lightweight aluminum frames for easy installation. Safe Step also sells walk-in showers and fixtures.
        • Safety features: Safe Step walk-in tubs come with low step entrances, two built-in grab bars, anti-slip flooring, anti-scald technology and a fast fill and draining system.
        • Luxury features: Safe Step offers hydrotherapy, chromotherapy and aromatherapy experiences with its patented luxury systems. These include the Dual Hydrotherapy Massage System and the MicroSoothe Air Therapy System. Customers can also purchase a bidet.
        • Installation: Safe Step includes installation with the purchase of a tub. Each installation is a custom job, so pricing is determined upon a consultation visit.
        • Warranties and financing: Safe Step offers a lifetime warranty on the entire walk-in tub, its components and installation labor. Safe Step also offers a two-year warranty on caulking. Qualified customers can receive financing from Safe Step.
        Read 2161 Reviews
        American Standard Walk-in Baths

        American Standard walk-in tubs are entirely customizable, letting customers choose massage features, fixtures and the drain type. Tubs can include up to 44 jets and a patented quick drain system.

        • Products: American Standard offers customizable models of soakers, whirlpool tubs, air baths and combination massage tubs. With each, you can install a Quick Drain system and customize your tub with different fixtures.
        • Safety features: All American Standard walk-in tubs come with 3-inch step entrances, a safety bar and nonslip textured floors. Users can keep the jet systems clean with the ozone self-cleaning sanitation system.
        • Luxury features: For a more luxurious experience, American Standard can customize its walk-in tubs to include air, whirlpool and combination massage options. A bath can include up to 44 massage jets. Aromatherapy and chromotherapy solutions are also available.
        • Installation: The installation cost for American Standard walk-in tubs is determined after an in-home consultation. Tubs are installed by factory-trained specialists who discard your old tub and test your new one. Installation typically takes one or two days.
        • Warranties and financing: American Standard walk-in tubs have a lifetime warranty on installation labor and the door seal. They also come with a 10- to 15-year warranty on the shell and a 5- to 10-year warranty on components, depending on which model you choose.
        Read 1557 Reviews
        Spirit Walk-In Tubs

        Spirit Walk-in Tubs operates out of the Greater St. Louis area and sells and installs U.S.-made products. Its walk-in tubs can be customized to fit into any space and accommodate luxury features.

        Read 6 Reviews
        Kohler Walk-In Bath

        Let Kohler customize your entire bathroom, from a luxurious walk-in tub to the LuxStone Wall designs. Kohler offers a price promise that guarantees your quote if you buy within one year.

        • Products: You can completely customize your walk-in tub. Choose from six different options for your sidewall along with your bath color and fixture finishes.
        • Safety features: Kohler walk-in tubs have important safety features, including a low step-in threshold, grab bars, an extra-wide entry door, slip-resistant surfaces, easy-to-reach controls and a multifunctional showerhead.
        • Luxury features: Built-in comfort features give you a spa-like experience every time you take a bath. These include whirlpool jets, air jets, heated surfaces and fast draining. Kohler's air jet and heating technology are patented and one-of-a-kind.
        • Installation: An installation specialist can remove your current bathtub and replace it with a new walk-in tub in just one day. Full bathroom remodels — including LuxStone Walls — are also available but may take longer.
        • Warranties and financing: A limited lifetime warranty is available on the major systems of your Kohler walk-in tub, and Kohler covers manufacturing defects.
        Read 583 Reviews
        Ella's Bubbles

        Ella’s Bubbles designs and sells a wide variety of walk-in tubs. Each tub comes with dual drain technology for fast draining, and customers can change the look of their bathrooms with new fixtures and marble shower walls.

        • Products: Ella’s Bubbles sells more than 20 models of walk-in tubs, including wheelchair-accessible tubs, two-seat bathtubs and tubs with inward- or outward-swinging doors. Multiple sizes are available, and each comes standard with safety features and dual drain technology. Customers can also purchase a fast-fill faucet and marble walls.
        • Safety features: All Ella’s Bubbles walk-in tubs come with standard safety features including grab bars, slip-resistant floors and an entry threshold as low as 3.5 inches. In addition, Ella’s tubs prevent water burns with thermostatic control valves.
        • Luxury features: Many of Ella’s walk-in tub models come with air and water jets that provide a patented Microbubble therapy experience. Heated seats and foot massage jets provide additional comfort.
        • Installation: Ella’s Bubbles tubs are available for purchase and installation through local dealers.
        • Warranties and financing: Ella’s offers a limited lifetime warranty on the tub shell, frame and door.
        Read 183 Reviews
        Accessibility Professionals

        In addition to other accessibility products, Accessibility Professionals sells four models of walk-in tubs. Accessibility Professionals customizes each tub with heat and jet systems.

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        ARIEL Bath

        Ariel Bath sells a variety of bathroom fixtures, including showers, toilets, faucets, standard bathtubs and walk-in tubs. Free shipping is included with every product.

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