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Procera AVH promoters face $1.4 million settlement

The supplement was hyped as improving memory, mood and cognitive functions

Procera AVH may have lifted the moods of its promoters but the Federal Trade Commission says claims that the supplement improves memory, mood and cognitive functions aren't scientifically proven.

Amazon.com sells the supplement for $69.98 and calls it a "doctor-developed brain booster and memory enhancer" and makes these promises: 

  • New natural solution to forgetfulness, fuzzy focus and poor memory
  • Improve your mental clarity, focus and concentration.
  • Improve your ability to learn and recall information faster.
  • Sharpen your thinking and mental quickness.
  • Boost your alertness and mental energy.

Despite the FTC action, Amazon was still promoting the supplement at mid-afternoon today, Eastern time. 


Deceptive claims barred

The marketers will relinquish $1 million under a settlement with the FTC and another $400,000 to satisfy a judgment in a case brought by local California law enforcement officials.

They also will be barred from making similar deceptive claims in the future and from misrepresenting the existence, results, or conclusions of any scientific study.

“The defendants in this case couldn’t back up their claims that Procera AVH would reverse age-related mental decline and memory loss," said Jessica Rich, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. “Be skeptical of ads promising quick and easy cures.”

A "solution"

According to the FTC’s complaint, the defendants marketed and sold Procera AVH as a “solution” to memory loss and cognitive decline, including as associated with aging. The defendants advertised the product using infomercials, direct mail flyers, newspapers, and the Internet.

In one newspaper ad for the product the headline stated: “Memory Pill Helps the Brain Like Prescription Glasses Help the Eyes … Remarkable changes observed, helps users match the memory power of others 15 years younger in as little as 30 days!”

The cover of a multi-page direct mail ad was called a “Special Edition” of the “Physician’s Mind and Memory Alert.” Inside the text stated: “The thought of being a prisoner in one’s own home, or being unable to recall who you are, where you live, or to whom you are related is sending forgetful baby boomers and retirees scrambling for a solution.” The ad then promoted Procera AVH as “the memory pill preferred by many doctors.”

Procera AVH typically cost $79 per bottle, or $119 for three bottles for consumers who signed up for the continuity purchase plan and agreed to get automatic refills.

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