Moving companies help customers move their belongings from one location to another, whether their customers are homeowners, corporations or others. The company must have the capability to plan the move and pack and unpack items, as well as maintain moving vehicles to make sure that the client safely receives all of their belongings and can also insure their items in the event of damage or loss. Many moving companies offer materials necessary to pack items from homes and offices, including cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and wardrobe boxes. Specialized moving companies help with particular objects, such as art pieces or large musical instruments. For individuals and families planning to move overseas, look into international moving companies that know the regulations and requirements involved with moving to a new country.

Top 15 Most Reviewed Moving Companies

International Van Lines is an A+ rated company and has been ranked as one of America's top 3 moving companies. IVL offers long-distance, international and local moving services through the continental U.S. and worldwide.
American Van Lines is a moving company that has been in operation since 1995. The company is licensed, insured and registered with the Department of Transportation, and it offers full-service moves.
Long Distance Van Lines is a company that is based in Ellicott, Maryland, and it offers businesses and homeowners interstate moves. The company has been in business for more than 17 years and is known for its white-glove service.
Colonial Van Lines bases their success on values of discipline, reliability and the hard work of their employees. This family owned company assists with long distance moves in the lower 48 states, and moves for military families.
National Moving Group, based in Boca Raton, Fla., offers long distance, commercial and residential moving and auto transport options. They also work as a broker with class A licensed and insured movers.
Moving Squad® of South Florida offers local and statewide moves, and packing and storage services in the Fort Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach areas only.
Protected Van Lines provides long distance moves, packing services and auto transport, and pairs each customer with a dedicated moving expert to ensure your customized relocation exceeds expectations.
Rolls Van Lines offers local moves, packing and storage services in the Baltimore, MD area.
Affordable Movers assigns each customer a relocation expert who then meets with the customer to evaluate moving needs. Customers can discuss costs, schedules and unique logistics; and plan for a hassle-free move.
Fully insured and licensed in the states of New York & New Jersey, Xtreme Movers specializes in full-service moving, offering packing supplies, storage facilities and even antique specialists.
First National Moving & Storage is licensed, insured, and committed to making your move happen with ease. They offer full-service long distance moving, packing, setup, and storage for your personal or business needs. ​
Federal Relocation Services is a licensed and insured moving broker that has been in operation since 1965. The company is headquartered in New York, and offers services for commercial and residential relocations nationwide.
Exclusive Van Lines offers residential and commercial interstate moves as well as storage in transit services. Whether a local or long-distance move, you can trust Exclusive to safely pack and deliver your belongings.
Founded in 1993, Prestige Worldwide Moving & Storage specializes in long distance moving, corporate relocations, secured storage and more. Prestige Worldwide Moving has discounts for senior citizens and military veterans
North American Relocation has 51 years of combined experience in the moving industry and is one of the largest relocation brokers in the United States. Specializing in long distance, full service moves.

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What features matter most?

Customer service

It is important to work with a moving company that provides excellent customer service and can respond to a client's needs quickly and efficiently.

  • Accessibility: How easy is it to get in touch with someone at a moving company? Do they respond quickly to questions and concerns?
  • Methods of contact: How many methods of contact do they offer? In case of emergency it is important to do business with a mover that has multiple ways of connection, like an office phone, a cell phone, and an email.
  • In-person visits: Some moving companies have a brick and mortar office so you can visit and consult with the movers. These are perfect for customers that have a lot of questions and want to get information and detail from their movers. Other companies offer communication over the phone and online, which work best for consumers who want information fast and with convenience.


Moving companies offer a wide variety of pricing options depending on the services that you are looking for.

  • Pricing levels: Some companies charge per box while others charge per weight, mileage, etc. Be sure to take their pricing structure into consideration to figure out which one is best for your move.
  • Discounts: Look for companies that offer discounts for various reasons. Some reason are because you have used them in previous moves or you are extending them more time to accomplish the move.
  • Moving materials: It's convenient when a moving company can also supply moving materials, such as packing boxes, tape, bubble wrap and more. Make sure they charge reasonable rates for these items.


Movers can use many different sizes of trucks in order to accomplish a move. Depending on the size and degree of your move, different trucks might appeal to you.

  • Vans: Some movers use small vans to accomplish small moves or to move just a few specialized items. These are usually safe and less expensive.
  • Mid-size trucks: Mid-size trucks can be great for handling residential and corporate moves, especially if the move is long-distance as they use less gas.
  • Semi-truck: Semi-Trucks, while expensive, are sometimes the best option if you are moving a large volume of belongings across a large distance. Otherwise, gas expenses can really add up if multiple smaller trucks are being deployed. However, the chances of items being damaged can be greater in a large truck, because items can slide around.


Movers should have the licensing and insurance it needs to move you legally. You'll need background information on the company to make sure they are legitimate.

  • Inspections and crashes: You can find out how many inspections or crashes a moving company has experienced. Try to work with a company that has an average of crashes that is less than the national average.
  • FMCSA licensing & Insurance: A moving company should have an active authority status and should not be in an application-pending state.
  • Insurance types: Movers are required to have bodily-insurance, property damage insurance and cargo insurance filed in amounts that cover the amount of your move.


Some moves will allow for a little flexibility.This is when you are able to have your belongings packed up and moved, then can wait up to a few weeks for their arrival. Others, such as large corporate moves, require quick delivery otherwise the company will risk losing money during the transition.

  • Knowledgeability: The moving company should have expertise in the type of move you are making whether residential or commercial related.
  • Personal interaction: Work with a company that provides in-home of in-office estimates and other personal touches that give you confidence in their dedication to your move.
  • Resources: The company should offer you plenty of resources in your move, from packing to unloading to dealing with valuable items and insurance claims.


In the event that your belongings are damaged or go missing, every moving company should have a claims process in place.

  • Staff: It's best to work with a company that will put you in touch with a dedicated staff member to help you with any issues that arise instead of calling a 1-800 number.
  • Waiting time: It's best to find a company with a reputation for processing claims quickly so that you can get money for lost or damaged items right away.
  • Warranties: Find out what the mover's basic coverage is and make sure to opt for the protections policies that will keep all of your valuables insured.

What are different types of moving companies?

Long distance

Long-distance movers have the ability to move customers from any area of the country to the location of their choice. They will have different rates depending on how quickly the move needs to be handled and how many items are involved.

Local movers

Some moving companies only operate within a certain local area. They often charge hourly or daily rates instead of a bulk charge, like many long-distance movers do.

Corporate movers

Some moving companies specialize in moving entire businesses. They have the capacity to move a large amount of belongings and have fairly quick turnaround times in order to make sure the company is quickly back up and running. They also typically provide more packing material and organizational help, such as assembly and disassembly.

International moving companies

International moving companies can help individuals, families and corporations move their belongings overseas. They are usually well-versed in regular tasks, like packing and moving, as well as with dealing with customs and immigration issues.

Who's it for?


Corporations are large companies that need help moving their offices to different areas. They will typically require a number of trucks and a fairly fast turnaround time on the move so they can keep their business operations efficient and running.


Individuals that live alone who need to move their households to a different area of the country or locally will require moving trucks and possibly auto transport. It is also helpful if the moving company offers packing and unpacking services to help out the individual.


Families who just need to move locally or need to move nationally will require moving trucks and will potentially need help with packing. Typically, families will need larger trucks to accommodate the size of the family and their belongings.

Military families

Many military families have to make frequent moves around the country. These families will want to work with a company that they trust and use repeatedly. These customers may also need storage options in the event they have to temporarily move overseas.

Company reviews

  • American Van Lines

    American Van Lines is a local, commercial and long distance mover that is also a family-owned business. They are headquartered in Pompano Beach, FL, and can help with moving nationwide.

    • Local moving: The company does a lot of local, residential and commercial moves. These moves are within short distances and the cost is affordable.
    • Corporate: They have a team of moving specialists that help with corporate moves and are capable of moving entire companies.
    • Military moving: American Van Lines understands the needs of military moves, which require comprehensive planning and strict deadlines.
    • Visa and immigration services: American Van Lines can help customers obtain the necessary international work authorizations, passports and other paperwork.
    • Storage: The company also offers storage facilities to help companies and families safely store their belongings while they are in the process of changing locations.
    • Best for Corporations, households, military families and individuals.
  • International Van Lines

    International Van Lines began in 2007 and is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, FL. They are one of the most recognized international and national relocation companies in the country.

    • Reputable: International Van Lines has a great reputation, with over 3,000 global partners around the world.
    • Complete services: The company offers customers a variety of services, from packing items, delivering them, unpacking them and helping with international transitions.
    • Auto transport: International also offers auto transport for those who need cars to be moved across the country or to foreign locations.
    • International: It's one of the best selections for those who are moving internationally because of the level of experience and foreign partnerships available to customers.
    • Corporate: They're also experienced with corporate moves.
    • Best for Corporations, individuals and military families.
  • Long Distance Van Lines

    Long Distance Van Lines has over 17 years of experience in moving individuals, families and employees all over the country. The company's employees have experience in a variety of services that are helpful for interstate moves.

    • Full-service packing: The company offers full-service packing assistance, including white-glove, fragile-only packing and careful packing for valuable or specialty items.
    • Different levels: It offers a variety of service levels, from very basic to full-moving services.
    • Antique: The company performs a lot of specialty work with antiques and is able to ensure that valuables and precious goods can be transported with ease and safety.
    • Protection: It offers protection plans guaranteeing the safety of your belongings, insuring them against loss and damage.
    • Communication: Long Distance movers often have to be without their belongings for long periods of time while they are being hauled cross-country. Long Distance Van lines is easy to get ahold of and offers up-to-date information on the status of your move.
    • Best for Households, military families and individuals.
  • Colonial Van Lines

    Colonial Van Lines is a moving broker that specializes in both long-distance residential and commercial moves. For more than 20 years, the company has helped customers arrange their move with a motor carrier who will do the physical moving of their belongings.

    • FMCSA authorized movers: The company only hires FMCSA movers to move customers' belongings, so they are sure to pick a qualified and credentialed company to handle customers' items.
    • Fast estimates: Colonial Van Lines can provide customers with quotes for their move just minutes after speaking on the phone for the first time.
    • Educational information: Colonial Van Lines provides easy-to-access educational information regarding rights, responsibilities, insurance and more via their website, making it an approachable resource for customers who are moving.
    • Wide network: Colonial Van Lines works throughout the entire United States, so they can find a moving provider no matter where a customer lives or where they are moving.
    • Discounted moving supplies: The company offers customers discounted packages of moving supplies, including boxes, packing material and tape, to make their move more affordable and convenient.
    • Best for Corporations, households, individuals and busy professionals.
  • Rolls Van Lines

    Rolls Van Lines, LLC is a company that offers residential, commercial and governmental moving and storage services. Rolls Van Lines has several types of specialists working for its clients. This helps ensure that the company can provide the logistical and physical services needed to meet the needs of individuals, companies and government agencies.

    • Packing services: They provide packing services for local, long-distance and international moves for individual and commercial clients.
    • Storage services: Rolls Van Lines has five storage facilities located in Maryland, D.C., Virginia and Miami to match the needs of clients who need secure, dry places to store any variety of items
    • Local moving: Local moving services include logistics and secure equipment to make sure items arrive on time and undamaged so clients can immediately move into their new homes or offices.
    • Free quotes: Free quotes from Rolls Van Lines can help potential clients make informed decisions when choosing service providers.
    • Best for Families, businesses and government agencies.
  • Moving Squad of South Florida

    Moving Squad is a south Florida moving and storage company that provides a wide range of services to families and companies. The company is fully licensed and insured to protect its clients and their belongings. It offers customized moving plans to help all of its clients find affordable options that match their budgets.

    • Corporate relocation: Moving Squad has the equipment, trucks, and professional employees needed to move large amounts of heavy items typically used in modern office spaces.
    • Local residential moving: Moving Squad uses quilt-pad wraps and professionally trained movers to give families the services needed to move into new homes.
    • Storage services: Moving Squad has a climate controlled storage facility with 24/7 surveillance to keep items secure at all times.
    • Packing services: Packing services from Moving Squad include all materials and blanket wraps that keep items safe, even during a hectic moving day.
    • Free quotes: Moving Squad provides free, instant quotes to help potential clients choose moving services that fit into their budgets.
    • Best for Residents of counties in southern Florida, corporations based in Florida, people who want to store items in a safe environment, individuals who need same-day moving services, and companies that need long-term or short-term storage solutions.
  • Protected Van Lines

    Protected Van Lines is a licensed, interstate moving broker that specializes in residential and commercial moves. The company has strong relationships with Class A licensed movers that provide safe, reliable and timely relocation services. Their knowledgeable moving consultants are always on hand to provide advice on the relocation process, and can be contacted via email, phone, fax or an online contact form. Protected Van Lines offers auto transport for those who need to move their cars across the country and provides free, no obligation quotes for corporate relocation services.

    • Wide network: Protected Van Lines arranges relocations throughout the United States.
    • Flexible packing options: Packing services from Protected Van Lines include do-it-yourself packing and fragile packing for delicate, valuable or sentimental items.
    • Authorized movers: Protected Van Lines only hires licensed, insured and bonded movers as authorized by the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).
    • Experience: The company has helped thousands of individuals and households find the right relocation services for their interstate moves.
    • Auto transport: Protected Van Lines offers auto transport for those who need to move their cars across the country.
    • Best for Corporations and families who are moving across town or across the country.
  • Exclusive Van Lines

    Exclusive Van Lines is an interstate moving company that specializes in providing residential and commercial moves and storage in transit solutions. The company's highly trained staff is able to offer expert advice on the relocation process and up-to-the-minute information on the location of items in shipment, and can be contacted via phone, email or an online contact form. With years of experience in the moving industry, the company has the knowledge and resources to offer dependable and efficient basic to full-service interstate moves.

    • Storage assistance: Exclusive Van Lines provides storage in transit as well as short-term warehouse storage solutions for residential and commercial clients.
    • Specialty moving services: The company assists clients in relocating fragile, sentimental and valuable items, including mirrors, pianos, artwork, antiques and statues.
    • Full-service packing: Exclusive Van Lines offers preparation, packing and unpacking services to ensure items are fully protected throughout the relocation process.
    • Online shipment tracking: The company allows clients to track the location of their shipments via a 24/7 online shipment tracking feature.
    • Free estimates: Exclusive Van Lines offers free moving estimates to help potential clients make informed hiring decisions.
    • Best for Corporations, individuals, families and military personnel who are moving long distances, as well as those who require storage in transit solutions.
  • Affordable Movers

    Affordable Movers & Storage Inc. provides moving and storage services for residential and commercial customers. In business for more than three decades, this family-owned company can meet both local and long-distance moving needs. Each move is carefully planned to ensure a smooth moving day within the mover's budget.

    • Team assistance: Affordable Movers provides a team of experts dedicated to ensuring each move goes smoothly, beginning with packing up home or office contents and ending with transitioning into a new location.
    • Upfront costs: This company tells each client how much his move will cost upfront, providing all-inclusive, guaranteed rates, rather than giving an estimate that may change later.
    • Storage assistance: Affordable Movers helps arrange short-term and long-term storage solutions for residential and business clients.
    • Easy communication: Customers can request rates and information about moving through the Affordable Movers website, via email or by calling the company's toll-free number.
    • Packing supplies: Affordable Movers provides a full selection of supplies for packing up homes, townhomes, apartments and offices of all sizes.
    • Best for Affordable Movers is best for anyone looking for cost-effective options for moving to, from or within the Westchester New York area, as well as those in need of reliable storage solutions.
  • First National Moving & Storage

    First National Moving and Storage is a full service moving company that offers customized services for homeowners across the United States. They also offer corporate relocation and logistics for businesses, whether they are moving across town or across the country. With over 15 years of experience helping homeowners and businesses relocate, First National Moving and Storage will make sure your belongings are protected and arrive safely at your final destination.

    • Long-distance moves: First National Moving and Storage specializes in helping homeowners make a long-distance move. You will work with a move manager throughout the process who will help you with all the logistics involved in a long-distance move, including choosing which packing materials to use. You might even be eligible for a discount when you make an interstate move, so be sure to ask your move manager if you qualify.
    • Corporate moves: First National Moving and Storage will guide you through the process every step of the way when your business is ready to relocate to a new town and/or to a bigger office.
    • Free planning tool: Use First National’s free planner to make a schedule, set up task reminders and receive discounts to help you organize your move. In addition, read through First National’s extensive list of tips to help you pack room by room.
    • Fast, free and easy quote: Fill out a short form online to receive a quote for your move. You will be contacted by a representative shortly after your submission.
    • Online tracking: Keep track of where your stuff is throughout its transit with First National’s online tracking tool. Simply input your order number to find out its location.
    • Best for First National Moving and Storage is best for homeowners making an interstate move and businesses.
  • Prestige Worldwide Moving

    Established in 1993, Prestige Worldwide Moving & Storage specializes in long-distance moves. They have main offices and warehouses in Ohio, NC, FL and NY, but they have moved customers to and from every state in the U.S. They also offer services for local moves, corporate relocations, storage and packing/crating.

    • Experienced movers: Every one of Prestige’s workers has successfully passed a background check and is certified. They all have at least five years of experience, so you know you are putting your personal possessions in good hands.
    • Senior citizen discounts: Prestige offers discounts for senior citizens who are planning a long-distance move.
    • Antiques and pianos: Prestige specializes in moving pianos and antiques locally and across the country.
    • International moves: In addition to local and national moves, Prestige can also help homeowners who are moving to another country. Their export packers take extra care to pack and shrink wrap your items so they arrive at your destination in the same condition they left in.
    • Exclusive offers: Receive exclusive news and offers when you sign up for Prestige’s email newsletter.
    • Best for Homeowners and senior citizens making a local, long-distance or international move. Also, businesses making a corporate move.
  • National Moving Group

    National Moving Group is licensed as a moving company and a moving broker, which allows them to work with other moving companies to operate competitive pricing. They provide residential, commercial and inter-state moving services and automobile transportation.

    • 24-hour customer service: Customers can reach a National Moving Group 24-hours a day by phone and e-mail. If customers have any problems, they will be able to get in touch with a representative quickly.
    • Climate-controlled storage: National Moving Group and their carriers have climate-controlled storage facilities, so customers’ belongings will be in a safe temperature if there is a delay between their pickup and delivery dates.
    • Packing help: Customers who don’t want to or don’t have time to pack their belongings can get help doing so from National Moving Group movers. There is an additional charge for this service.
    • Free quote: Interested customers can visit National Moving Group’s website to submit their information to receive a free quote.
    • DOT information: National Moving Group clearly lists their Department of Transportation number on their website. This number lets customers review the company’s safety record and any complaints on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website.
    • Best for Households, individuals, busy professionals and all those moving long distance.
  • Xtreme Movers

    Xtreme Movers is a licensed insurance company based in Passaic, N.J. They offer long distance moving, storage options, packing services and items and more. They also offer full-service moving.

    • Free quote: Interested consumers can visit Xtreme Movers’ website to get a free moving quote. They can also chat with a representative online to get immediate answers to their questions.
    • Stress-free moving: Xtreme Movers specializes in full-service and white glove moving to give customers a stress-free moving experience. Customers can choose to have Xtreme Movers provide all packing materials, pack all items in boxes or securely wrap them, and deliver them to the customer’s new home.
    • Storage: Xtreme Movers offer short- and long-term storage for customers who do not wish to bring all of their belongings to their new residence immediately. The company will wrap items so that they are safe while in storage.
    • FAQs: Interested consumers can visit the company’s website for answers to frequently asked questions. If their question isn’t on the list, they can use an online form to contact Xtreme Movers to get an answer.
    • DOT information: Xtreme Movers’ website clearly lists their Department of Transportation number. This number lets customers review the company’s safety record and any complaints on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website.
    • Best for Busy professionals, individuals, households and all those looking for a full-service company.
  • North American Relocation

    North American Relocation offers consumers several services to help them through the entire moving process. They are headquartered in Boynton Beach, Florida, and can help homeowners move anywhere in the country.

    • Packing: North American Relocation can take care of packing your belongings for you, ensuring they are safely packed to prevent breaks while they are in transit.
    • Commercial shipping: In addition to helping homeowners, North American Relocation also has shipping options for commercial users.
    • Auto transport: North American Relocation can ship your vehicle along with your belongings for long distance moves, which can save you gas money and wear-and-tear on your vehicle.
    • Real estate assistance: In addition to helping homeowners pack and transport their belongings from one location to another, North American Relocation can also offer real estate assistance. Some things they can help with include understanding the real estate market in your new location, understanding the economy of your new location and finding a home in your new location that meets your needs.
    • Long-distance moves: North American Relocation specializes in long-distance moves, and they make sure their customers understand what is going to happen at every point during their relocation process.
    • Best for North American Relocation is best for families making long-distance moves and companies who need shipping service.
  • Armstrong Moving & Storage

    Armstrong Moving has been in business for almost 50 years, and opened their New York headquarters in 2009. They specialize in cross-country residential moves. They have offices in New York and Texas.

    • Free quote: Interested consumers can visit Armstrong’s website to get a free quote for a move. If they would like an immediate quote, they can call the company’s toll-free number.
    • Moving coordinator: Armstrong provides all customers with a free moving consultant to help them prepare for their move. Moving coordinators have multiple years of experience in the long-distance moving industry.
    • Available services: In addition to general transportation services, Armstrong offers full-service packing options. This service includes all necessary packing materials.
    • Storage options: Customers who will not be immediately ready for their items to be delivered to their new home can utilize Armstrong’s storage options. All moves include 30 days of free storage, and customers can pay for storage for lengths longer than one month and up to one year.
    • Payment: Customers can easily pay for moving services using PayPal. They accept all major credit cards.
    • Best for Armstrong Moving and Storage is best for individuals moving across the country and/or in New York or Texas.
  • Allied Van Lines

    Allied is a trusted national and international moving company capable of offering you a variety of services throughout the course of your move. It was founded in 1928 and is one of the largest relocation and van line companies in the country.

    • Capacity: Because they are such a large company, they have the capacity to handle moves of all sizes and to give you accurate price and timeline estimates.
    • Experience: The Allied team has over 85 years of moving experience as relocation experts and has a vast array of satisfied clients.
    • Corporate moving: The company offers both corporate relocation services and lump-sum relocation packages in order to help businesses get back into operational mode immediately.
    • Customer service: It provides excellent customer service through call centers and multiple branch offices.
    • Customized packages: Allied offers customized packages for people who are moving, depending on their individual needs.
    • Best for Corporations, households and military families.
  • United Van Lines

    United Van Lines is a trusted mover that has over 340 agent locations in the United States and also offers international moving services. The company was founded in Cleveland, OH, in 1928.

    • Quotes: The company starts by offering you a detailed quote so you are aware of how much your move will cost.
    • Unpacking: United Van Lines offers many levels of packing and unpacking that include furniture assembly, disassembly and setting up new offices.
    • Pricing: It has fair prices and a number of optional services to keep moves affordable, such as having customers pack the material themselves and extending the delivery dates so that they can bulk your move in with other customers.
    • Protection plans: The company offers many protection plans in order to ensure that your belongings arrive safe and are insured against damage.
    • Auto transport: Car transport is provided on United Van fleets so you don't have to drive your car yourself or add extra miles to it.
    • Best for Individuals, households and military families.
  • Two Men And a Truck

    Two Men and a Truck is a professional moving company that began as an after-school business for two high school friends. It has been in business for over 30 years.

    • Accessibility: There are more than 320 locations worldwide for customers to access.
    • Growth: The company is expected to grow into locations in the United States, Canada, Ireland and the UK.
    • Ethics: Two Men and a Truck donates around $2.5 million of money to charity organizations each year.
    • Accountability: The business sticks to a very strict standard. Their staff is always expected to be on time and trustworthy, if this is not the case you are compensated for lost time.
    • Rates: The company offers very competitive rates for moving and makes sure to make the pricing structure very clear from the beginning.
    • Best for Households, military families and individuals.
  • Neighbors Moving & Storage

    Neighbors Moving and Storage is a family-owned business with over 60 years of experience. It covers a variety of locations, including cities in Florida and Colorado.

    • Residential and business moving: Neighbors works with both residential customers and businesses to help them with their moving needs.
    • Expertise: Their movers are experts at packing and unpacking and have a reputation for getting even large, expensive items moved safely in their targeted locations.
    • Storage options: While you are getting settled and relocating, the company can provide you with storage options you can take advantage of until you are able to move into your new home or office space.
    • Long-distance moving: Neighbors performs both local and long distance moves.
    • Family owned: This is a family-owned business that takes pride in nurturing personal relationships with every client.
    • Best for Corporations, households, individuals and military families.
  • Full Service Van Lines

    Full Service Van Lines has been helping customers move for over 27 years. The company is located in Florida and provides both local and long-distance moving services.

    • Local specialists: The company is known for providing top-quality assistance to customers who are moving locally or long distance.
    • Ease: Customers can let them handle every aspect of their move, from assessing the expense to packing items and unpacking to make sure that moves are easy and stress-free.
    • Storage: It also offers a variety of storage solutions to customers, including personal belonging and record storage.
    • Packing services: Full Service Van Lines helps with a variety of packing services to ensure that your belongings get to your location in good shape.
    • Specialized moving: The company also performs specialized moving for valuables or industry equipment that requires extra care and attention.
    • Best for Corporations, households and individuals.
  • Federal Relocation Services

    Founded in 1965, Federal Relocation Services is a moving broker that specializes in the statewide transportation of residential household goods. It is federally authorized and contracted by the United States Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide emergency relocation assistance to citizens in the event of a national disaster.

    • Storage assistance: Federal Relocation Services provides short-term and long-term storage in transit solutions for residential and commercial clients.
    • Full-service packing: Packing services include preparation, packing and unpacking of fragile, valuable and sentimental items. This includes home theater systems, glass shelves, mirrors, statues, antiques and pianos.
    • Protection: The company includes full value protection in every estimate and will provide additional protection options on request.
    • Auto transportation: Door-to-door shipping is available for all types of personal, antique and commercial vehicles as a standalone service or in combination with a full household relocation.
    • Free estimates: Federal Relocation Services' certified moving coordinators offer free moving estimates to help potential clients make educated hiring decisions.
    • Best for Individuals, households, military families and corporations who are moving across the country.
  • Adept Moving & Storage

    Adept Moving Company is located in Los Angeles, CA, and charges hourly rates for moving services. It provides moving services throughout California.

    • Customer service: The company provides helpful support and can advise businesses on a variety of travel-related questions.
    • Furniture disassembly: Services include disassembly and reassembly of furniture during your move.
    • Variety of trucks: Depending on what type of furniture and belongings you are moving they have trucks that vary from 16 feet to 30 feet long.
    • Quote requests: Adept Moving will come to your location to offer quote requests for your move.
    • No extra charges: Taxes are included in the cost of moving, and the company does not charge overtime, so there are no hidden charges involved.
    • Best for Individuals, households and corporations that are moving locally.
  • North American Van Lines

    North American Van Lines specializes in corporate relocation and residential moving for long-distances. With over 80 years of experience, the company is an expert on helping companies relocate throughout North America.

    • Packing: North American Van Lines has extensive advance packing services to help ensure a timely move. They have a huge network of movers and many offices and trucks so that they have the bandwidth to handle more customers.
    • Households: In addition to corporate moving, it offers household moving to individuals and families that are moving nationwide.
    • Competitive pricing: The company is reasonably priced and offers alternatives to help keep costs down, such as flexible move times.
    • Materials: The company offers customers a number of reasonably priced packing materials, such as moving kits and boxes.
    • Estimates: North American will provide you with estimates for moving supplies and services in order to give you a true sense of how much your move will cost.
    • Best for Corporations, households, military families and individuals.

16 – 61 Most Reviewed Moving Companies

Offering rental vehicles, self-storage and moving supplies to do-it-yourselfers, U-Haul has several locations throughout North America. Moving vehicles, available for rent, range from pick-up trucks to 26' trucks.
All My Sons Moving & Storage is equipped to handle local and long-distance moves. With more than 20 years of experience, the company provides packing and unpacking services, as well as disassembling and reassembling furniture.
Budget Truck Rental offers customers a full range of moving and cargo truck services. With discounts of up to 40 percent and easy online reservations, Budget Truck Rental helps make moving as painless as possible.
Allied Van Lines was founded in 1928, and it is now headquartered in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois. The company offers a full range of moving and packing services as well as options for assembly and do-it-yourself packing.
Founded in 2000, Nationwide Relocation Services is a moving company that works with both residential and corporate relocation. The company has over 1000 trucks and 190 carriers nationwide.
Founded in in 1933 and in Cleveland, Ohio, North American Van Lines started with just 12 trucking agents but has grown considerably in the last 80 years. The company offers moving services for corporations and households.
John and Martin Bekins founded Bekins Van Lines and named it after their family in 1891. The company is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, and it offers moves for residential, commercial and military customers.
Father and Son Moving and Storage is a moving company that has been operating in New England since 1908. The company provides residential moving services and commercial moving services as well as specialty overseas moves.
Full Service Van Lines is a moving company that is based in Coconut Creek, Florida. With locations in Palm Beach and Broward County as well, Full Service Van Lines offers full-service moving services for cross-country moves.
United Van Lines is one of the leading moving companies in the United States. It was founded in 1928 in Fenton, Missouri. The company has a network with over 340 agent locations to cover moving across all of America.
Mayflower is a moving company that has been in business since 1927. The company specializes in long-distance moving, and it also provides additional unique moving services like debris pickup and home theater setup.
Penske Truck Rental is a company that allows customers to rent large trucks to move their belongings. There are about 700 Penske locations across the United States, and trucks are available for residential and commercial moves.
As the second-largest carrier of household goods in the United States, Atlas Van Lines has provided moving services since 1948. Every Atlas agent is a ProMover and is certified by the American Moving and Storage Association.
Neighbors Moving & Storage is a moving company that offers both local and long-distance moving services. The company specializes in corporate relocation, and it also provides storage solutions for its customers.
Two Men and a Truck is a moving company that was founded in 1985 in Lansing, Michigan. The company handles home and business moving. Today, it has over 320 locations worldwide and owns more than 2,100 trucks.
Molloy Brothers Moving is a Long Island-based moving company that was founded in 1946. The company has four locations from which it operates. These locations are Long Island, Queens, New York City and New Jersey.
Based in Los Angeles, California, Adept Moving & Storage offers full-service moving services and also has options for storage. The company sells packing materials and can provide its customers with assembly services.
Condor Moving Services is a company that specializes in providing both local and long-distance moves in the state of Texas. Its services are available to customers in Dallas, Forth Worth, Arlington, Austin and neighboring areas.
United Van Lines is one of the leading moving companies in the United States. It was founded in 1928 in Fenton, Missouri. The company has a network with over 340 agent locations to cover moving across all of America.
Continental Van Lines is a company that specializes in providing moves for customers in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. The company offers local and long-distance moves for businesses and residences.
National Van Lines has been offering customers residential and commercial moves locally and across the country for more than 86 years. The company also provides warehouse storage and distribution for commercial customers.
Specializing in apartment moving in the Dallas, Texas area, The Apartment Movers have completed almost 800,000 moves since 1979. An online moving calculator provides a quote, or an exact moving price can be given over the phone.
Based in Toronto, Multicity Moving handles local moves as well as moves across Canada and the United States. Multicity Moving provides door-to-door moving and insurance to protect belongings from possible damage during transit.
As a full-service Chicago moving company, Best Price Moving and Storage offers long-distance moving services to customers moving from Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan to other points within the United States.
Premier Movers & Storage is a moving company that is based in Wyckoff, New Jersey, and serves the New Jersey area. The company provides full-service moving services as well as storage options for its customers.
Nationwide Van Lines, a certified ProMover with the American Moving and Storage Association, offers in-state and interstate moving services on the United State's East Coast. Each of its moving specialists are also certified.
Providing packing supplies and hourly packing rates, Experienced Van Lines delivers premium service to its customers. Headquartered in New York City, the company also provides long-distance and international moving services.
Microship is a Chicago-based moving company that specializes in small moves. With its service, customers can ship a single item or a whole room full of items to any location, whether it's in town or across the country.
All You Can Move is a moving company that specializes in local and long-distance moves, both residential and commercial. All You Can Move also offers temporary storage of goods as well as assistance with international moves.
Lone Star Moving offers moving services within the state of Texas, as well as long-distance moves from Texas to other states. Its owner is a 3rd generation Texas native with 16 years of experience in the industry.
J.M. Movers LLC is a company that has been working in the moving industry for more than 16 years. The company offers 4-hour moving specials, and it covers a 200-mile radius around the area of Cleveland, Ohio.
PremierVan Lines is a moving company founded by a truck driver and his wife in Salt Lake City. Today, it has expanded into a multimillion dollar certified moving company specializing in national and international moves.
Flat Rate Van Lines offers both small and large moving services, and it will pack your things too. Along with that, customers can also move cross-country and internationally. Customers can get a quote over the phone or in person.
Schneider Movers offers moving services throughout the United States. Rather than charging a flat fee or fee per box, this company visits the site consumers are moving from to generate the most accurate estimate possible.
Allstar Metro Movers is the largest moving company in Arizona. It was created through a merger with three other companies in 2002, and has provided professional moving services to Arizona residents for the past 18 years.
Velocity Moving is a packing, moving and storage service in New York City. It offers customers the option to move within the city and across the country. Customers can also move into the city from nearby and distant locations.
All American Moving & Storage is a full-service moving company that is located in Columbus, Ohio. The company has served more than 4,000 customers, and it specializes in both long-distance moves and local moves. is an apartment-hunting company that offers apartment location services for customers. The company does not provide moves, but it has been in the business of locating apartments for tenants for 13 years.
Serving customers in and around Portland, Oregon, Portland Movers Company offers both local and long-distance moving services. The business offers its services to a variety of residential and commercial customers.
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