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Best Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

Bathroom remodeling can be extensive, often involving electrical and plumbing work, as well as cosmetic changes. Make sure you research all your options before you settle on a home remodeling contractor. It is important to work with a bathroom remodeler who will stay on budget and work efficiently to meet your timeline, especially if there’s only one bathroom in the house.

Compare Top Bathroom Remodeling Companies

Bath Fitter
Read 4,136 Reviews

Founded in 1984, Bath Fitter makes it easy for homeowners and commercial properties to update their old and worn bathtubs. Bath Fitter manufactures and installs custom acrylic bathtubs that fit snugly over existing tub surfaces.

Bath Planet
Read 503 Reviews

Choose models with the thickest acrylic material in the industry. Many model options, each with safety features like grab bars, non-slip floors and seat and ADA compliance. One day installation available.

Toll free number (866) 257-5307
Read 875 Reviews

Founded in 1979, Re-Bath is one of the world's leading bathroom remodeling specialists. Headquartered in Arizona, the company has over 200 franchise locations, and partners with dozens of national bathroom product vendors.

Luxury Bath Technologies
Read 173 Reviews

Luxury Bath Technologies offers homeowners easier and faster bathroom remodeling services. In as little as one day, Luxury Bath Technologies is able to install and complete your new bathroom during a hassle-free process.

Toll free number (866) 673-9706
Read 46 Reviews

Offers baths and shower renovations that can be completed in as little as one day. Safety and accessibility remodels available including walk-in tub installation.

Granite Transformations
Read 1,422 Reviews

Granite Transformations is a global, full-service home and business remodeling company. It has production facilities in the United States and over 50 countries.

Read 108 Reviews

MAAX helps you remodel your bathroom with multiple designs and styles of bathtubs, showers, shower doors and accessories. Tub styles include alcove, freestanding, corner, drop-in or tub showers.

Read 294 Reviews

Kohler was founded in 1873 and today makes bathroom and kitchen fixtures. You can choose from multiple styles and models of faucets, toilets, tubs, shower heads and more.

Read 640 Reviews

Founded in 2003, eFaucets is an online retailer that sells high-quality, high-end kitchen and bath fixtures from top manufacturers. You can browse multiple brands of bathroom, shower, tub and outdoor faucets.

American Standard Plumbing
Read 121 Reviews

American Standard provides technologically advanced bathroom fixtures to make any bathroom more modern. View all models of toilets, sinks, faucets, showers and bathtubs online.

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    What to consider when choosing a bathroom remodeler

    Bathroom remodel cost

    Bathroom contractor pricing varies widely depending on the type and complexity of the bathroom remodeling project. Budgets are also impacted by complications, changing orders and increases in project scope, so homeowners need to completely understand pricing before any work begins.

    • Project scope: The project scope covers exactly what work the remodeling contractor handles and does not include anything falling outside that scope. It should describe in detail precisely which materials will be used and what work will be done.
    • Subcontractors: A bath remodeler often works with subcontractors—such as electricians, plumbers and tile setters—who can impact the overall cost and timeline of the project.
    • Compare quotes: Bathroom remodeling projects vary in costs, so compare quotes from a minimum of three contractors.

    Bathroom remodelers speed

    Bathroom remodelers work on specific project deadlines, but their work speed is impacted by several factors.

    • Work hours: You’ll need to work with your contractor to make sure their daily working hours in your bathroom are compatible with your schedule.
    • Milestones: The bathroom remodel needs to hit progress milestones so that the contractor stays on track for completion. The contractor typically sets these milestones.
    • Reliability: Keep in mind that you won’t be able to use your bathroom while it’s being remodeled. Make sure you work with a reliable contractor who will finish the job within a reasonable timeframe.
    • Contracts: A thorough, clearly written contract keeps the contractor and homeowner on the same page with a bathroom remodeling project. The contract will help avoid problems, misunderstandings and overlooked details.
    • Remodeling work: The consumer and contractor define all work required for the bathroom remodeling project, the materials needed, the design style, paint colors, cabinetry, faucets and many other details.
    • Resolution methods: The contract defines recourse the consumer can take if a dispute occurs with the contractor. The resolution methods may include contact information for upper management, discounts on missed timelines and mediation.


    Bathroom remodelers have different levels of expertise. General contractors and specialty contractors provide homeowners with different levels of service. When comparing brands like Bath Fitter vs. Re-Bath, it’s important to understand if they can do the type of remodel you need.

    • General contractors: These bathroom remodelers have general knowledge of, and the many skills required for, bathroom remodeling. They typically manage the project from start to finish, and hire and supervise all subcontractors.
    • Specialty contractors: This type of bathroom remodeling service has specialized contractors on hand for electrical, plumbing and other specialties. You’ll get an all-in-one service instead of relying on subcontractors.

    Style of bathroom contractor

    Most bathroom remodeling services can create any style of new bathroom, but some specialize in certain distinct styles. For example, some contractors might focus on modern designs, while others are experts on historical restorations.

    • Designers: If you’re looking for a specific style or custom look, you should work with a bathroom designer.
    • Interior decorators: Some contractors have in-house interior decorators, or hire them as subcontractors to match the customer’s preferred bathroom style.

    Bathroom remodelers licensing

    Most states require licensing for bath remodeling general contractors, subcontractors, designers and other specialists. Avoid hiring unlicensed contractors.

    • State required licenses: Confirm whether the contractor has a license if the state requires it. Some states have optional licenses, which can set a bathroom remodeler apart from other companies.
    • Additional certifications: Some bathroom remodelers pursue additional certifications in specialty fields such as interior decorating or plumbing.

    Insurance for bathroom remodeling contractors

    Bathroom remodelers carry commercial or contractor insurance to cover any accidents and problems that may occur during the remodeling project.

    • Homeowner's insurance protection: Homeowners should check with their insurance carriers to see if their property is covered while the bathroom is being renovated. Whether it's coverage of any property moved out of the room being remodeled to coverage of any lasting property damage, the homeowners should review their policies as well as the contracts they sign.
    • Contractor coverage: Most contractors carry liability insurance – in fact, some states require it. Homeowners should be able to review these policies before they sign a contract.
    • Bonded: Though different from insurance, most licensed contractors are also bonded, meaning that they are legally bound to the work they agreed to do. A bond acts as a sort of insurance to make sure all agreed work is completed on time. Homeowners should make sure their contractor is bonded in case there are disputes with the contractor's progress.

    Communication with your bathroom remodeler

    To avoid any mistakes or misunderstandings, stay in communication with your bathroom remodeling contractor throughout the duration of the remodeling project.

    • Availability: Look for bathroom remodeling services that are easy to reach—especially after normal working hours—so changes and problems can be quickly addressed.
    • Contact options: Phone contact is not usually the best way to reach contractors. Having a variety of convenient communication channels, such as email or text, ensures the contractor can be reached when necessary.
    LabelCompany nameLogoContactSummary
    Best bathroom remodelersRead Reviews
    • Custom made acrylic tubs fit over your existing tub
    • No demolition
    • One day installation
    LabelCompany nameLogoContactSummary
    Runner-Up(866) 257-5307 Get a Free Quote
    • Bath conversions
    • Walk in tubs with grab bars and safety features
    • One day installation
    LabelCompany nameLogoContactSummary
    Runner-Up(866) 673-9706 Get a Free Quote
    • Showers, baths and walk-in tubs
    • Custom fit over your existing tub
    • One day installation

    What are different types of bathroom remodels?

    Minor cosmetic

    Minor cosmetic upgrades enhance and update the look of a bath without making any major, expensive changes. Cosmetic improvements include new light fixtures, wall paint, faucets, shower head and cabinet knobs and pulls.

    Major cosmetic

    Major cosmetic bath remodeling projects address the same issues as a minor project, but also include new flooring, wall tile and sinks.

    Bathroom repairs

    This type of bathroom remodeling project addresses problems with the current bathroom, fixing problems such as leaky sinks, slow-draining bathtubs, running toilets and cracked floor tiles.

    Remodel current bathroom

    A complete remodeling replaces all existing surfaces, cabinetry, and fittings but typically leaves in place large fixtures, such as the toilet and tub.

    Ground-up bathroom remodel

    When total transformation is required, choose a ground-up approach. The entire bathroom is gutted and rebuilt from scratch. In some cases, this includes removing walls to enlarge the bathroom.

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      Expert reviews for bathroom remodeling companies

      Bath Fitter

      Bath Fitter was founded in 1984 in Montreal. It focuses on easy-to-install custom bathtub and shower liners for homes. This bathroom remodeling company has hundreds of locations across the United States and Canada.

      Read More

      Founded in 1982, Re-Bath is a top bath-remodeling provider with franchises located throughout the United States and Canada. The company specializes in acrylic tub liners and operates out of a 165,000 sq. ft. facility in Tempe, Ariz. To date, it has remodeled over a million bathrooms.

      Read More
      Bath Planet

      Bath Planet specializes in bathroom conversions and remodels. Start with an in-home design consultation to finalize the details of your project. Professional installation of bathtubs, showers and walk-in bathtubs, takes as little as one day.

      Read More
      One Week Bath

      As its name implies, One Week Bath provides fast remodeling services that promise to complete a full-bath remodel in just one week. The company was founded in 2000 and serves southern California.

      • No subcontractors: One Week Bath is an all-inclusive, design-build firm with in-house bath-remodeling specialists. They don't hire subcontractors, which helps streamline and simplify the project.
      • One week remodels: With over 16 years of experience, One Week Bath has an efficient remodeling process that starts on time, proceeds smoothly, stays on budget, and finishes within one week. The timeline is discussed before work begins so the homeowner knows exactly what to expect.
      • Completely custom work: One Week Bath creates custom bathrooms without using liners or other non-custom supplies. They use durable and well-known brands designed to withstand the rigors of household bathrooms.
      • All-inclusive prices: One Week Bath includes all costs in its written quote. This price includes everything from materials and labor to the cost of all building permits.
      • Fully involved homeowners: An in-house bathroom designer involves homeowners in every step of the design process to create a dream bathroom. The company also offers universal design services for homeowners with special needs.
      • Best for: One Week Bath is best for real estate investors and long-term homeowners who want a fast, high-quality bathroom renovation.
      Jackson Design and Remodeling

      Jackson Design and Remodeling, based in San Diego, was founded in 1989 by an experienced, licensed general contractor. The company has worked with over 2,000 clients and has been recognized with several local and national awards.

      • Unique designs: Jackson Design and Remodeling focuses on cutting-edge bathroom designs that are custom-built, unique and innovative.
      • One team: Homeowners work with a single design-build team throughout the entire remodeling process. All work is done in-house; no subcontractors are used.
      • Streamlined communication: Jackson Design and Remodeling makes it easy to keep in touch with the bath-remodeling team so there's no chance for miscommunication or major problems.
      • Design and build process: Jackson Design and Remodeling handles the entire remodeling process from design to execution to the finishing touches. As a result, the work goes smoothly with fewer worries for the homeowners.
      • Green building practices: Consumers can incorporate environmentally friendly and sustainable construction practices into their bathroom remodeling with Jackson Design and Remodeling.
      • Best for: Jackson Design and Remodeling is best for long-term homeowners and landlords who want unique, custom-designed bathrooms.
      John Moore Services

      Founded in 1965, John Moore Services is a respected plumbing air-conditioning, and electrical contracting firm, serving the greater Houston area. It has grown into a full-service company that also offers expert home-remodeling work, including custom-built bathrooms and the installation of new showers, tubs, vanities, fixtures and finishes.

      • Repair expertise: John Moore Services has over 50 years of bathroom and plumbing repair experience. This highly experienced provider can quickly identify and resolve any bath problem fast and professionally.
      • In-house training: Contractors working with this company go through an extensive in-house training program designed to produce top-quality professionals.
      • Easy booking process: Consumers can contact the company either online or by phone to request information or book a consultation.
      • Selected savings: The company’s website offers downloadable coupons for significant savings on many remodeling services.
      • One-stop option: John Moore Services has electricians, plumbers and other specialists available if a bathroom remodel requires complex work.
      • Best for: John Moore Services is best for short-term homeowners, long-term homeowners and landlords who need a reliable and experienced bathroom repair contractor.
      Innovate Building Solutions

      Innovate Building Solutions, based in Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio, has nine companies under its umbrella. With over 28 years of experience, this company serviced more than 150,000 customers. Its bath-remodeling division provides start-to-finish, all-inclusive services focused on a customer-friendly experience.

      • Extensive customer resources: Innovate Building Solutions offers a wide range of resources to help homeowners understand and choose the best options for their bath remodeling project. And personal attention and professional guidance help homeowners throughout the process.
      • High-quality products: This bathroom remodeling and home services company uses only high-quality products. It specializes in modern and contemporary designs but happily accommodates a wide range of style preferences.
      • Accessible designs: Innovate Building Solutions works with consumers with various needs, including those who need custom designs to create a more accessible and usable bathroom.
      • Accurate estimates: The company's project scope is clearly defined at the start of the project so there are no hidden surprises for the homeowners.
      • Constant communication: Innovate Building Solutions focuses on keeping homeowners in the communication loop throughout the entire design and bathroom remodeling process.
      • Best for: Innovate Building Solutions is best for long-term homeowners, short-term homeowners, real estate investors and landlords who want an all-inclusive bathroom remodeling service.

      Thumbtack is a website that connects homeowners with service providers in their local area. This online company offers more than 200,000 active professionals available in all 50 U.S. states.

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      BathWraps exclusively sells 100% U.S.-manufactured products made from high-quality materials. Each tub or shower is entirely customizable with a variety of color options and accessories to complement the bathroom of your dreams.

      Read More

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      Compare Top Bathroom Remodeling Companies

      Tile Redi
      Read 18 Reviews

      Tile Redi makes and sells shower pans, shelves and kits to fit most showers. Its shower pans can be made to fit any angle, with any drain style. Your shower pan is leakproof and can be tiled with any design.

      Innovate Building Solutions
      Read Expert Review

      Innovate Building Solutions has over 28 years of experience in bathroom remodeling in the Cleveland area. With an honest and personal approach, Innovate Building Solutions take pride in using high-quality building materials.

      Jackson Design and Remodeling
      Read Expert Review

      Jackson Design and Remodeling is a San Diego-based remodeling agency.. The company combines design and construction operations under one roof, leading to quick, seamless jobs.

      John Moore Services
      Read Expert Review

      John Moore Services is a Houston company specializing in residential plumbing, heating and electrical. Founded in 1965, the company has grown from a one-man operation into a large team of hand-picked professionals.

      One Week Bath
      Read Expert Review

      One Week Bath is a bathroom remodeling company serving homeowners in southern California. The company saves the homeowner any hassle by bringing its showroom to the client, using quality materials and no sub-contractors.

      by Joseph Truini Home Improvement Contributing Editor

      Joseph Truini is a home improvement expert who writes extensively about do-it-yourself home remodeling and repair, woodworking projects and tools and techniques. His work has appeared in several national magazines, including This Old House, Popular Mechanics, Country Living, Woman’s Day, and Today’s Homeowner.

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