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American Home Shield

American Home Shield

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American Home Shield

About American Home Shield

American Home Shield is a home warranty company with over 1.8 million customers. It provides home service contracts that cover major home systems and appliances in 49 states. The company has access to a network of over 16,000 licensed contractors and has paid out over $2 billion in claims over the past five years.

    Overall Satisfaction Rating

    • 5 stars
    • 4 stars
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    • 30-day workmanship guarantee
    • Flexible payment options
    • Customizable coverage plans


    • Not available in Alaska
    • Some customer service complaints

    Bottom Line

    American Home Shield offers three warranty plans to cover systems, appliances or both. It's not the cheapest option, but it comes with some extra perks. Add-on coverage is available for electronics, pools and roof leak repairs.

    Top American Home Shield Reviews

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    Rated with 4 stars

    … They came down and assessed the problem. They determined the part that needed to be ordered and they ordered it. Then, they came back and fixed it. I wish the part could be deli...

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    Rated with 5 stars

    I feel secure having something like American Home Shield and paying that monthly premium that when things happen, there's a company that is easy to deal with that's not gonna run ...

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    American Home Shield coverage

    American Home Shield offers home warranties that cover up to 21 of the most common household systems and major appliances, regardless of their age. When a covered item breaks down from wear and tear, you pay a trade service call fee (ranging from $75 to $125, depending on your contract), and American Home Shield pays to have it repaired or replaced by a licensed, independent contractor in the company’s network.

    Keep in mind that American Home Shield will not reimburse you for services performed without its prior authorization, so you must go through the proper claims process. In other words, you can’t perform repairs yourself or hire a contractor outside the company’s network without authorization.

    Systems Plan
    The Systems Plan covers repairs and replacements of components and parts in 11 home systems, no matter their make, model or age:
    • Air conditioning (including ductwork)
    • Heating (including ductwork)
    • Electrical
    • Doorbells
    • Smoke detectors
    • Ceiling fans
    • Plumbing (including stoppages)
    • Water heaters
    • Garbage disposals
    • Instant hot/cold water dispensers
    • Central vacuums
    Appliance Plan
    The Appliance Plan covers repairs and replacements of components of 10 home appliances, regardless of age, make or model:
    • Refrigerators
    • Ranges, ovens and cooktops
    • Clothes washers
    • Clothes dryers
    • Dishwashers
    • Built-in microwaves
    • Trash compactors
    • Free-standing ice makers
    • Garage door openers
    • Built-in food centers
    Combo Plan
    The Combo Plan combines all covered items in the Systems and Appliance plans. The company says that over 70% of customers choose this plan.
    Optional add-on coverage
    American Home Shield lets you add on optional coverages if you purchase the Systems Plan, Appliances Plan or Combo Plan. Optional coverages include the following:
    • Guest unit
    • Pools
    • Spas
    • Septic pump
    • Well pump
    • Roof leak repairs
    • Electronics

    Compare American Home Shield plans

    American Home Shield offers three home warranty plans covering major appliances, systems or a combination of both. The standard AHS warranty contract is 12 months. Once you have a plan, you can get a discount when you buy coverage for another property. Customers also get discounts when they buy new air filters and appliances.

    CoverageWhat it covers
    Appliance Plan10 major appliances
    Systems Plan11 major systems
    Combo Plan*21 appliances and systems

    *Most popular plan

    American Home Shield cost

    On average, the cost of American Home Shield’s most popular coverage, the Combo Plan, is around $65 per month. American Home Shield customers typically pay monthly. Your total monthly cost will vary depending on which plan and service call fee you select. The trade service call fee is the amount you pay for each service or repair visit.

    AHS lets you choose if you want your trade service fee to be $75, $100 or $125. You can select a higher trade service call fee in exchange for a lower monthly payment or a lower fee for a higher monthly payment.

    American Home Shield provides free quotes after you provide your address and contact information. If you decide to cover more than one home, you can qualify for a $50 discount as long as the additional home is under 5,000 square feet. AHS customers also save on air filters and new appliances. Successfully referring a customer earns you a $25 Amazon gift card.

    American Home Shield exclusions

    Plans generally won’t cover routine maintenance, cosmetic defects or system or appliance upgrades. Coverage doesn’t apply if a system or appliance stops working because of misuse or abuse. It also doesn’t cover malfunctions due to lightning strikes or fire; for protection from these events, you need homeowners insurance.

    Depending on your service contract’s terms, specific parts or components of a covered system or appliance could be excluded. For instance, the Systems Plan may cover toilets and related mechanisms under the plumbing section but exclude stoppages caused by collapsed, damaged or broken sewer lines outside your house’s main foundation. Garage door openers are covered, but the door and door track assemblies might not be.

    AHS does cover undetectable preexisting conditions, items without maintenance records and breakdowns due to corrosion. However, it won’t pay to repair or replace something still covered by a manufacturer’s warranty or by a builder.

    American Home Shield coverage limits

    American Home Shield will pay up to $3,000 per system or appliance to diagnose a problem and repair or replace the covered item. A coverage limit is the maximum dollar amount a home warranty company is willing to pay out per item or per contract term.

    In some cases, if the cost of diagnosis and repair or replacement of an item is above the cap, the company instead provides a cash payment. It might also offer cash if a repair isn’t possible and a replacement is not available.

    American Home Shield FAQ

    How do I file a claim with American Home Shield?
    You can file a claim with AHS online or by calling. Once you submit your claim, the company will contact a service contractor within 48 hours. The contractor will then contact you to schedule a service appointment. You will pay the service call fee specified in your contract for the contractor to come to your home. After the contractor makes a diagnosis, AHS decides if the issue is covered as part of your contract.
    Does American Home Shield require a home inspection?
    No, American Home Shield does not require a home inspection for a home warranty contract. You don’t have to provide maintenance records to be eligible for covered repairs, either.
    Can I cancel an American Home Shield warranty plan at any time?
    Yes, you can cancel an AHS plan at any time. Cancel in the first 30 days to receive a full refund. Cancel at any time after 30 days and receive a prorated refund for the remainder of your term; an administrative fee may apply.
    Is there a limit on repairs?
    There is no limit on the number of repairs during a contract period. However, you should check your contract for dollar limits per covered item or per term.

    Is American Home Shield worth it?

    Some customers choose American Home Shield when they move into an older house and aren’t sure everything is in the greatest condition, hoping to save money down the road. Others choose the company in anticipation of selling their home to avoid unexpected repair costs.

    Overall, we find that American Home Shield offers good coverage at a fair rate. Prices are on the higher end of average for the industry but still pretty competitive, considering the level of coverage provided. It’s an especially smart fit if you like the idea of managing everything online.

    Ultimately, whether or not buying a home warranty is worth it depends on a few factors, like the age of your appliances and systems and how willing you are to risk paying 100% out of pocket for repairs. If you still can’t decide, read about the pros and cons of home warranties next.

    American Home Shield Reviews

    Over 50k reviews since 2012
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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about American Home Shield?
    How do I know I can trust these reviews about American Home Shield?
    • 3,303,146 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.

    For more information about reviews on please visit our FAQ.

    Page 1 Reviews 0 - 5
    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Jan. 28, 2021

    We had a funny noise coming out of our furnace. Since we heat with natural gas, I called the natural gas people. They came out and they told me those were unfamiliar sounds, so I had to call a heating and air company. So, I called Home Shield and they told me that they would have somebody, a vendor, reach out to me. That was at three o'clock in the morning and they told me that if nobody contacted me by 7:00 or 8:00 the morning, I should call them back. So I did, because the vendor that they had originally set me up with never called. Home Shield then told me that they would reach out to that vendor one more time and when they didn't get a response either, they sent out this last heating and air company. And their tech came out on the same day and the man seemed to know what he was doing.

    When he arrived, the heat didn't make that sound anymore because Virginia Natural Gas told me to turn the heat off and not to turn it back on until the company came out. The tech said that the filter needed to be changed, so he changed the filter. Then, the foil wrapping around the furnace that seals the two pieces together was loose and he rewrapped that. He told me that if I heard the sound again, I should record then I should call him and he would come back to see. But he looked inside the furnace and said it was running smoothly as far as he could see.

    Other than that, I'm still having one issue with my refrigerator. I called in a ticket before Thanksgiving since my refrigerator was not cooling and the icemaker was not making ice. The techs came out they fixed the icemaker, but the refrigerator was still not cooling. So, I called back the company who came out to fix the icemaker and they came back out. They ordered a part and they put the part on the refrigerator. They said to give it a day or two to see if the refrigerator starts to cool with the new part.

    When it didn't cool down like it should, I call them back and this was on December the 8th. They came back out and said they had to order another part as the other one was defective. We've been going on since then about this with the refrigerator and it's still not cooling properly. I've called the contractor that came out and they said that they're going to look in to see if the part that came a particular day was our part, but I haven't gotten any feedback from the company.

    I've called Home Shield back and told them that my refrigerator is still not cooling. The company was going to order parts. And Home Shield, the last time I talked with them, they told me that the parts had been delivered and they reached out to the contractor and they didn't get an answer so they sent, I guess, a text or email and I hadn't heard anything from them yet. So I don't know what's going on with the contractor. But the refrigerator still is not fixed.

    Nocona: Is there anything that you think American Home Shield could do to improve the process overall? What would you like to see them do differently to make it an easier process?

    MONICA: Really, I guess it just depends on the contractor. Home Shield, they take the complaints. They get you paired up with a contractor and they text you the information who's coming out or who's supposed to be coming out and all. And now, let me tell you this. I had my washing machine to go out on me and they could not replace it because they didn't have one in stock equivalent to the one that I had. So then they sent me the check to purchase one on my own. I had to go out and purchase one on my own.

    That process was fine. I would say it just depends on the vendors that they use, the contractors that they use. Like I said, for the most part, I've had a smooth, I guess, fix to my appliances, but this particular one for the my refrigerator, and this company had come out to do my washing machine too. They fixed my washing machine too. And the freezer, like I said, the icemaker’s making ice but I don't know what broke down in the refrigerator process. I don't know why they have been responding back to me. And Home Shield, they're very nice when you call them. I can't see what else they could do to make the process any easier because it’s fairly all cut and dry. [Laughs]

    You call them. They take the complaint and then they set you up with contractors, whoever’s gonna come out to fix the problem. Right now, I can't say. I can't think of anything.

    Nocona: If you were going to rate your overall experience with American Home Shield from one to five, a five means you'd still recommend the program for other people and a one means you're very dissatisfied with how they've handled your claims, where do you think you’d put them?

    MONICA: I would give them a 5 because it's very convenient to me when something breaks down and you don't have to worry about well, who am I gonna call, looking in the phonebook or online as to who you can call to come out to fix the problem. The only thing is this particular problem with my refrigerator, the last time I call Home Shield, they said that if I didn't hear anything, to call them back, and they would move my request up the ladder, I guess, to the next level of service in the company, I guess. And I don't know if they will send somebody else out to fix the problem. I just hadn't had a chance to call them back myself because I've got other things going on [Laughs] and I'm trying to get things -- one fire put out before the other. But I would rate them as a 5 because it takes the worry out of trying to find somebody to come to fix your problem.

    Nocona: Is it okay if we do share your comments as a review for American Home Shield to help people that are considering getting coverage?

    MONICA: Sure. Sure. Yeah. Like I say, it takes the worry out of trying to find somebody to come to fix the problem. And you can dial a number and they can find somebody for you and send them out.

    Nocona: Right. It takes out some of the legwork.

    MONICA: Yes, yes. But since I'm talking to you -- I don't know if you know or not -- but if I can't get in touch with the people that are coming out now or did come out, will they send my request to another company to have them to come out? I don't know what the problem is. I don't know if the person is sick.

    Nocona: I think there is a time limit on it. But I think you should definitely call customer service back at American Home Shield and let them know that you haven't heard or been responded to, and that you're kind of concerned that maybe they've dropped the ball and you might need somebody else to come take care of the problem.

    MONICA: Yeah. Because with the pandemic going on, you don't know whether people are sick and can’t do what they promise to do. And then too,, if they're sick, you don't really want them coming in your house. [Laughs] You don't know. But yeah, but I would give them a 5 because it takes the worry out of finding somebody for your troubles.

    American Home Shield response

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

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      Rated with 4 stars
      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: Sept. 24, 2020

      It all started in January. I had a new furnace put in then I had a broken pipe under the house that apparently had been there for a while 'cause I was beginning to get some smell from the kitchen sink. I called the plumber and he checked it out. He didn't go under the house. He noticed from the side vent outside the house and said I had a broken pipe under there. They could not get in there and fix that pipe until I had restoration done. I asked what was that and he said someone else was supposed to come in, clean up all the debris that was in there and put something underneath to absorb moisture. I had to call someone else and apparently, this is not covered by American Home Shield so I had to go on my own to do this. They came in and cleaned out everything. To get underneath the house, you go in through a closet door and it's a small opening. But they got in. Once that was done, the plumber said to call him me back and he'd come repair the pipe. So, I did.

      Meanwhile, I fell and broke my hip and had to have surgery. I was in the hospitals and rehab. It was during the time it was beginning to get a little warm which I didn't notice I was not getting a lot of air in some of the bedrooms. I was busy tending to myself and doing physical therapy and the heat was something that wasn't on my mind. Finally, June or July, I noticed that there really was no air coming out of some of these four bedrooms, two baths, and my dining room. The vents were open but there was no air coming out of it. So, I contacted the warranty company. After many, many tries of two-hour waiting, I gave up for a while. But I pursued it and they sent someone out in August. I called them to tell them what the problem was. They said they'd have the company who put the furnace in January go and take a look at it. So, they did.

      They came and said the vents in these areas that I had get no air. They're broken or they're crushed because they're old and not have the metal ducting rather than the flexible kind. They also said they took pictures and they were gonna send it to the warranty company. Home Shield wrote back and said it's not a covered item because of misused treatment or abuse. Who's gonna get under there to abuse it? Certainly not us. I called them and said how could it be abuse or misuse of these ducts. They said, "It's not a covered item but you have an option for a second opinion." That was when Delta T came out. The guy was very good. He did not have to go under the house. He just stuck himself halfway down. He took pictures, came up and told me I have crushed ducts.

      Apparently, there's not too much room between the floor and the ducts for people to get under there to do their repairs that they had to do. He said the only way they could get across to these areas was go over these ducts . You could see where the ducts were all indented or crushed where they climbed over them. He said he'd send all the information back to the warranty company and they did. Again, they said it was not a covered item 'cause it was abused and misused. I've spoken most recently to two different people. Because one person said, "No, you don't wanna talk to just a supervisor. You need to go to escalation to a higher level," I said, "Okay. Refer me to them."

      In this letter that I got a denial, it was a different number so, I called that number. This is where I spoke to the first person, Drew, and he was from the Philippines. I said I wanted speak to someone higher. He said, "We do the escalation. We do the in-depth review. We're the ones that handle this." I told him the situation. I said it was not my fault. Someone that came to repair whatever it is under the house broke something. Why should I be responsible for this? He said he was gonna talk to the three vendors and would call me back the next day. I waited two days later but he never called.

      I called that same number again and spoke to someone else. Her name was Josephine and I told her the situation. She said, "Let me talk to someone else that's higher than me." She went and talked to them and came back. She said I needed to talk to someone and gave me the team that deals with the contractors. She also said they would review the telephone call that this other person made and she would get back to me. This was on a Friday. She said, "I'll be gone on the weekend, but I will call you Monday." I have not gotten a callback at all. I never spoke to someone above that, like the contractor relation who were supposed to do all this investigation. I got a letter again a week or so ago saying it's not a covered item. But I'm still waiting to hear what these people supposedly were to have done to have checked upon to see what in fact actually happened.

      I don't get a reply where they say they're gonna call me back. They don't call me back. I have to talk to someone else and give them all the whole story again. I don't know if they actually did talk to the contractors. I don't think it's up to me to talk to the contractors. At the very beginning, I did call the vendor after they told me that it was crushed and broken and he said, "We didn't go anywhere in those other areas. We just did the boot work." I don't know who did it and I doubt I'm gonna be able to find out who did it.

      We've been in this house for three years and I've had to call American Home Shield several times. They've always come through. They've sent me the vendors and I've gotten the work done. They also replaced the refrigerator that came with the house. It was a Viking Refrigerator. They sent out several repairmen to see what could be done. They needed to order parts but parts were not available anymore. So, I had to talk to someone else, not just a regular representative but someone else who was apparently higher up. I told them they couldn't repair it and I wanted a new refrigerator. They didn't replace it with a Viking 'cause they're too expensive but they replaced it with a French door Sears brand. So, I was satisfied with that. But it took me a little while to do it. They replaced my furnace too 'cause that was covered.

      Everything has worked fine, except for this time. This time, I'm not getting called back. They keep telling me it's mistreatment and misuse and abuse. If it was something that was up above the house or outside, I can understand how somebody could come and kick something and break it. But when it's underneath the house, the only people who get under the house are the repair people.

      It's also hard to get through to them. I was up one morning at 3:00. I couldn't sleep and thought of calling them. It was an hour and a half wait. If you call in late afternoon, late evening or early evening or Sunday, they don't give you the option to say, "If you want, we can call you back when someone gets free." They do that sometimes. That happens during the day. Sometimes I've had that come in but other times I haven't. At night, it didn't.

      One night, I called them and it was close to 5:00 my time. It was an hour and 40-minute wait. I cooked dinner while I was on hold. I cleaned the kitchen up. Finally, a recording came on and said they were disconnecting me 'cause they had been talking to other customers. That was after an hour and 40 minutes. I called two hours later, and it was an hour and a half but I held on. Finally, someone did pick up. The representatives that I've always spoken to have always been very helpful. They're nice. They always say, "Have a nice day and thank you for calling." But the wait time is a horrendous thing. It's too long.

      American Home Shield response

      Thanks for your loyalty. Taking care of our customers is the main goal here at AHS. We are working diligently to improve the overall customer experience and we look forward to our continued business together. Have a great day.

      22 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 5 stars
      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: Sept. 5, 2020

      The plumber did a wonderful job. He came out to do the kitchen faucet. He also did both of my toilets and my master bedroom shower. I had to recall one of the toilets because it was shooting water out of the side. Had I thought of lifting the tank, I would've realized that one of the little pipes came undone and it was squirting water every time we would flush. It was not the fault of the plumber but he came out and put the little thing back.

      Then we ended up having to have him over a total of three times for the master shower because it continuously kept leaking. When he came the first time, he changed what he called the cartridge which is the assembly that goes inside the handle and it kept on leaking. It's that type of handle that it's only one and you move it on either side for hot or cold water. He disassembled it and said he may have put it backwards. It still kept leaking. We had him come out the third time. He said sometimes they get faulty ones and to let him change it out. If it wasn't that, we had an even bigger problem. I was hoping this was gonna be it. He said that if changing it out didn't solve it, then we probably were dealing with the situation of calcification that had already ruined it on the inside which would not be insured by American Home Shield. But the second one did the trick so there is no more problem. But because of COVID, it took a while for him to finish.

      I've had American Home Shield since 2008 in previous houses. The amount of surveys that they are sending is new for me and I love that. I also love that they are getting feedback. What I'd like is for them to vet the vendors out a little more - maybe look up the reviews before they choose them. In one month, I had three items go back and it was pricey because it's 75 a pop. My garage door, my AC and the plumbing throughout the house went out. Two out of the three were awful experiences. I speak so highly of the plumber because he kinda restored my faith.

      The garage door did that thing where something snapped and the whole door came down. It was super scary because if somebody had been there, they would have died. From the get go, the claim went bad. The contractor called me up and started almost shaming me that he couldn't find the house because the numbers to the house were not on the curb which he was correct about and the one that's on the house itself was being slightly covered by the eaves. But I didn't construct the house. I have no control over that. We hadn't even met each other face to face yet and he was already shaming me on the phone so I didn't appreciate that.

      He told me it was my coils and it's not covered by American Home Shield. I thought that was odd. How did he know what I have? I could have had the Basic Plan, the Premier Plan, or the Plus Plan. He said for him to go forward, I needed to pay him $293. I went to my computer real quick, looked up the contract (which by the way American Home Shield makes it so easy to do) and there it was black and white. I was covered for everything. I printed it and brought it over to him. He acted as though he was really researching it and reading it carefully.

      Then he said I was covered for one coil but I needed to pay him $75 for the second coil. I said, "Why would I do that?" He said, "Because it's going to snap sooner or later." I asked him, "What you're trying to tell me is in the future, that thing's gonna go?" He said, "Yes. So you can either pay me the $75 now, or you can pay me later when it snaps." I thought I won't pay him ever because it won't be him. I'd prefer to pay American Home Shield another $75 and have whoever comes out that's deserving that $75, not him. I said, "Nope. I can't predict the future. Just please change the one only." He did it in a huff and left.

      Since then, just like he said, the second one is squeaking. But I don't care. If and when that happens, I'll call and get the second one replaced but the money won't go to him. I was going to give that company a very bad review and call this person's manager and let them know what kind of customer service he gives and how he speaks to people. If that's the way he speaks to people in general, or is it just females, I'm not sure. I called and he's the flippin owner. I did tell American Home Shield how bad that was but I didn't hear anything from them as though it felt like they swept it under the rug.

      The second experience was probably worse than the first one. I have a daughter who has breathing issues through the roof so the last thing she needs is to struggle with getting air or hot air. It was very important for me to get somebody out quickly. It was during one of our heat waves that we were having and the AC was doing that little thing where it would work for two hours then it would turn off, it would work, and it would turn off. I have a good friend who fixes ACs, but he doesn't work for American Home Shield any longer. I told him over the phone what it was doing and what it sounded like. He said to have them check the capacitor. The man came over. I said, "My understanding is that it can be the capacitor." He rolls his eyes at me. I don't know, but it meant like, "Oh, man. Now she's either a, telling me what to do or b already knows, or it's not going to work like I'm planning to do here."

      He changed the capacitor. Then, he went to turn it back on and said I'd need to give him $623. I asked why and he said I was completely out of freon that's why it was not cooling down and if I kept using it like that, I'm gonna burn the motor then my insurance won't cover me at all. I thought that was odd. He was only here like 10 minutes. How could he know all of this in 10 minutes? I didn't even see him check the machine. I was texting my friend and he said to ask the contractor to give me the pressure reading. I asked him and he said he couldn't do that anymore. He already took the apparatus off. I said, "If I decide that I'm gonna need freon and I ask you guys to come back, how long do I have?" He said, "You have 30 days. But meanwhile, don't use your machine at all because you'll burn it."

      He started to leave and I said, "Wait, wait, wait. Wait a minute. Aren't you gonna give me a receipt?" He gave me this look like I had just insulted his mother. He said, "You want a receipt? I have to give you receipt?" I said, "Yes, of course you do. How will I know? How will I have proof of what you did here today?" He practically threw the old piece that he replaced. He said, "Here. Here's your old one." He got really huffy with me. He went to his truck, wrote out this receipt and gave it to me.

      I had my friend come over and he checked it. He said there was nothing wrong with my freon. It was my blower motor. He told me to call American Home Shield back, tell them that I want somebody else, explain to them that I had a medical emergency and that I already know what I need. I called American Home Shield, explained what happened with the first guy and asked them not to send me that guy. They gave me an emergency company that came out. They called me at least the very next day and I explained. The lady said, "We're two weeks out because of the heatwave that we're having and because of COVID. You'll need to pay $50 as an emergency fee." I went and did it. It's better than to go to the emergency room with my daughter.

      The second guy was so awesome. He made sure that he had the part on his truck before he came out. The guy not only fixed it but he completely made sure that everything was running smooth. I explained my medical need so he double-checked everything. He made it run. He stayed there for like 15 minutes to make sure nothing was going to turn off. It was great experience. I'm an example of a really good experience and two very bad ones and American Home Shield made right on the bad experiences.

      American Home Shield response

      Thanks for your loyalty. Taking care of our customers is the main goal here at AHS. We are working diligently to improve the overall customer experience and we look forward to our continued business together. Have a great day.

      11 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 4 stars
      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: Sept. 1, 2020

      I normally call American Home Shield on the phone instead of trying to do it online because I wanna be able to explain what's going on. I'll get a text or an email that says my contractor has been assigned, which normally takes a couple of hours. It's fast and it’ not a long process. The contractors have all been very good and I've not had an issue with any of them. I've learned to try to take a video of stuff acting up because if it doesn't act up in front of them, they can't diagnose to fix anything.

      I called AHS for my electrical and the contractor came out. They were able to repair some electrical sockets that were not getting power in my kitchen but they couldn’t fix the ceiling fan. While it is on, it starts spinning faster than you turned it on to spin and the light sometimes just goes out. For them to fix it, it had to do it while they’re here. I didn't call AHS back because all they're gonna tell me is I’ve got 60 days and if the problem exists, then I can call back and have the contractor come back out and service it. I have to actually get a video of it doing it.

      I have a slide-in range and I didn’t realize that the control panel on it had a glass top. I dropped something in the kitchen not knowing that it hit the stove but it shattered the glass. The part had to be replaced so they called it into a company to get the part. The guy told me upfront that it was gonna take about two weeks to get it. I was cool with that. Two weeks came and the part didn't come. So, I reached out and I asked to be updated on getting the part. So he sent me a screenshot of the order. The contractor was trying to stay on top of it and told me that it was gonna be in the following week. This was the first week of August and so at this point, I've been without a stove for three weeks.

      I waited and it was supposed to come in the following week. It didn't show up and I called them back. He asked me not to get mad. Now, they're saying it may be in by 20th, which will be six weeks with me without a range to cook. The contractor said he was going to engage American Home Shield to try to see if they could find the part. It's a Whirlpool part and Whirlpool is right here in Michigan. They're in the same state. So, I was trying to figure out from AHS what my options were because at that point, I was ready for them to escalate my case. It got to the point where I had googled the owners and the actual company that is the parent company, which is called Front Door and I was gonna take it to them. It was bad. There's a woman named Doris and she wanted to tell me everything I already knew such that the part was ordered by the contractor and that the part didn't come. It has been five weeks.

      AHS does nothing but get on my nerves. The escalation department, which took me a three-hour phone call to get on, told me he was gonna escalate it. He gave me a phone number to call on Monday, because this was on a Saturday, to get my options for purchasing a new range or getting a cash out. I called that number on Monday and it was a bogus number. He put in my file that the customer has to just wait until the part arrives. It was a very extreme amount of time and the week is going by. There was this one woman who was the only one who told me the truth. She said that they finally found the part and they've ordered it. That happened Saturday while I was on the phone three hours and they couldn't tell me the part was ordered then.

      The rep said it would come maybe by the 29th of August. August just went down. I said that I didn’t want the maybe. I couldn't feed my family and I couldn't afford to keep buying food from restaurants. It was unacceptable. I understood that there was nothing she could do and she couldn’t even get me to a supervisor. It got to the point that I had to call back to the contractors because they're really and truly, the only person that could help or the one that has to say that they couldn't fix this range. Because if he would say that it was null and void, and they couldn’t fix it, then AHS would have to replace it.

      I called Lucas appliances on Monday and I told the guy I needed him to do x, y and z. He said that my part came on Sunday. He had been ordering it since July 17th and he finally cancelled it because he figured American Home Shield would either get it or they would get my range over again. It's a $2,000 range. Whirlpool, Lowe's and Home Depot don't have it so I would have had to get a range from a different company, which was not my preference. I would have maybe been in a trip back to have to wait for them to ship one to me. Because of COVID-19, the whole supply chain is jacked up right now. You can't even find stuff.

      The guy said he would check his truck because he brought the part thinking it was for the house that he was at and it was not the part. He thought it was mine. They went on and still sent it to him. So that part took six weeks to get somewhere. It happened to be the part and he called me about 30 minutes later, which he said it would be. He said he was gonna come to me right then and he did. He fixed my stove. I thank him for still calling me back because I was still so livid that they gave me the runaround, they lied to me blatantly, gave me incorrect information, and had no compassion for the fact that I had not had a range. I was done. I filled out the paper where I wrote down the CEO of Front Door.

      I'm working from home and I'm finding stuff that are broken. We put in new shower heads in both of my bathrooms but they were leaking. It won't stop. I called AHS and the contractor was able to fix the back bathroom. After two visits and me videotaping it actually leaking, they finally came back out. They had to order a part and fix it.

      My main shower has the same showerhead and I finally got a video of it. I take a shower in the morning and sometimes like this time of day. I would hear a water trickling from it. I finally got a picture of it doing that and a picture of the puddle on the bottom of the tile where it's wet. I went online and said that I wanted to reopen it because it's within 60 days. They need to put a diverter in. When I talked to AHS on the phone, I told them what the problem was. They put it in as a leaky faucet. But Home Service Corp who was supposed to come out to do the second fix is saying they couldn’t come out if it was not a faucet. The other one wasn't a faucet and it was in their record what they fix. So now, I'm waiting.

      American Home Shield response

      We appreciate you taking time to share your warranty experience. We look forward to handling your AHS needs. Have an amazing week.

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      Original review: Aug. 27, 2020

      The AC stopped cooling and it was an issue that could not be fixed when it was leaking. Even though the technician put some Freon in there to hold things off until the unit got replaced, it was still leaking out and it froze the evaporator. American Home Shield sent SN Heating & Cooling and I didn't have trouble with them. They were great and amazing but I had an issue with my refrigerator. I had a technician here in July because all of a sudden, something was leaking underneath. It got into a situation where he said that it was not leaking from the front but he didn’t know where it was leaking. We had the fridge pulled out and after he was trying to check things in the front, he pulled out my crisper and checked it to see if it was leaking there. I said that it was not leaking from there and it's not dripping from inside to go on the outside because you would be able to see that flow.

      When he went to pop the crisper back in, he was moving it around and trying to get it to get into the slider, and he was very nasty about it. I told him that he had to be a little careful because he would break the sides. I told him to let me put it in and so, I did. But he was not happy about things. He told me to let him decide what was wrong with the refrigerator. The guy was back there and he was taking the back off the bottom of the fridge and I asked about the water down there on the bottom. There was something in there that’s gotta be leaking. He said to let him decide. It was not a problem but he was getting nasty with me.

      A refrigerator has a plastic tubing that gets attached with a nut and then, it's the copper tubing that goes to the sink. All of a sudden, he asked us to turn the water on. As he was holding the tube, he said it was leaking. My husband checked that last night because that was one of the first things that we checked and it was not leaking. He said, “Well, it's leaking now.” I said that it wasn’t leaking last night and that there’s got to be something else that’s got to be doing this. I told him that where it was leaking was right at the lug nut. The plastic had a cut in it and it looked like a clean slice. I told him that it was not a problem to fix it then. He said that he couldn’t do it. It was a plumber’s job and that it was not part of the refrigerator. I said that when you buy the refrigerator, that plastic tubing is attached to the refrigerator. The plumber’s job is to attach the copper tubing with a little nut to attach it to this plastic piece.

      He still said it was a plumber’s job and I asked him if he was not going to fix it. He said it was not his job. I asked him if he had parts to do it. He told me not to tell him how to do his job. I was just asking him if he didn’t have parts for simple fixes like that. If my husband saw that this was broken and if that was what was leaking, my husband could have fixed that himself. But it wasn't that and something else was leaking somewhere.

      We didn't see what he was doing back there. Firstly, my husband didn’t see him slice it because he didn't know what to do with how to find the other thing that was leaking. The tech got argumentative with me. My husband came out from where he was and he said that he would appreciate if he didn't talk to me like that. The tech said that we were trying to just get this resolved and that thing needed a plumber to work on it. My husband said that when we got that refrigerator, that tubing was already attached and he replied that all we got to do was cut it and then put it on the lug nut there. I asked him if he couldn’t do that. I paid American Home Shield a hundred bucks to do this. He said it wasn’t his job and he got argumentative with my husband.

      Meanwhile, I was waiting for American Home Shield to come on the phone. I was on the phone with Sears because I didn't like his attitude, the way he was talking to me, and all of a sudden now he’s trying to say it's not his job. I said that I was gonna get Sears on the phone right now and he said he didn’t care who I call. I could call whoever I want. It was starting to get to the point where my husband was saying that it would be best for him to get out of our house and he told me to call the police. This guy was getting to my husband’s face and I thought there was gonna be a physical altercation in my kitchen. The guy grabbed the stuff very nastily. I asked him his name and said Mr. Band Aid. I told him that I didn’t think that was his name and that he didn’t have to have an attitude like that.

      Sears came back on the phone with me and I told them what was going on. They apologized and said that they would send another person. I told them that the guy said it was not his job and it was up to a plumber to do the job. They said no and the technician said there was no reason why. I said that I've got American Home Shield on the phone and that if this was an issue last night, I would have had it resolved last night. I didn't need to have a plumber to do this. This guy should do it. We paid them $100. I was on the phone with all afternoon between Sears and American Home Shield. Sears told me that he filled out the paperwork and said there was not a charge. That was because he knew what he did was unprofessional.

      Within half an hour, I get an email with the invoice that says there was a charge of 129 but then underneath it, it said there was no fee. I didn't know what that meant because it said “Money Due by the person.” It said 0, because it showed, “Labor 129” but I've already paid $100 to American Home Shield. They paid them where the guy told me that there was no fee and they were not charging me. I've been going back and forth and I’ve called American Home Shield five times now. Every time I call them on the phone, they said that they were gonna get Sears on the phone because the technician never called them to give them any paperwork.

      I asked why they still paid Sears if the technician didn’t give them paperwork. They told me that I should probably get the $100 back from Sears. I asked why I should get the $100 back from them. I didn't pay them. I paid American Home Shield and they owe me the $100 as far as I’m concerned. They paid Sears when they shouldn't have especially before the job was even considered complete. They said it was completed and I said it never was. He didn't do anything and there was still a holdup. I ended up getting someone else to fix that.

      Every time I'm on the phone, AHS was on the phone with Sears. I'm on hold, waiting for them to come back. And after a good 20 minutes, maybe longer, the phone gets disconnected. They're supposedly talking to Sears. The last person I spoke to last week said that he was still on the phone with Sears. I told him to put me back on hold. After coming back twice, I was still on hold. The rep was trying to talk to Sears and I said that the other person was supposed to do that three weeks ago. The other person before that was supposed to do that weeks ago but I never got a call back from American Home Shield to say that there’s a resolution now.

      I was told in the beginning that if the guy doesn't turn in his paperwork, there's a problem there. I have not gotten back my $100 and I disputed on my credit card. I'll let my credit card companies deal with it and dispute it with American Home Shield to get me back my $100 because the service was not done. Sears said they will send someone else out but no. Sears is not walking in my door after that. That guy was very rude and unprofessional. AHS asked if we had someone else do it. I said my husband ended up fixing it. We had to pay money to fix it.

      A month and a half ago, I recommended AHS to my sister- in-law who opened up an application with them. But I would not recommend them now. I'm just very disappointed. At this point, AHS needs to call me. When the call gets disconnected when I'm on hold, they do not call back. They have my phone number. I work in Customer Service and whenever a call gets disconnected, we call them back because we have their number.

      No one wants to deal with it because they don't know what they're doing at this point. It's very rude that I've had to deal with five different people. I've had phone calls upon phone calls and hours on the phone with them. I've given them a whole month before I turned around and put a dispute in my credit card.

      I’m still waiting for a response as to what's going on with the service that happened in July. They were at my house July 17th and still no resolution, which is downright wrong. They’ve got phone calls and records of me calling them. American Home Shield kept telling me that they would call me and get some information from me. They're not calling. They are calling for something totally different.

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      Original review: July 25, 2021

      Submitting the claim was very quick and easy. I did a short phone call, and then they gave me a confirmation number. They said they'd be back with me within a day or so, and everything was just like they said. The guy that came out was very professional and informative. He got here a couple of hours before the time he said he would be here. He did a little more than he needed to do. He showed me how to flush out the coils after he fixed the problem. So that was very nice of him. I was very pleased.

      American Home Shield response

      We really appreciate you taking time to share your warranty experience. We look forward to handling your future AHS needs. Have an amazing week.

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      Original review: July 25, 2021

      Over the past weekend, we noticed our bath faucet was leaking. So I called AHS on Monday for the faucet. Then I had to call them back Tuesday for the refrigerator. Everything was fixed and I had no issues. With AHS, I don't have to search around for a repairman and wait forever for them to get out here. Also, it’s cheap.

      American Home Shield response

      We appreciate you taking time to share your warranty experience. We look forward to handling your AHS needs. Have an amazing week.

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      Original review: July 25, 2021

      American Home Shield was responsive as far as getting the folks out to the location to do the analysis of what the problem was. The contractor did do some due diligence as far as cutting some holes to make sure that their understanding of the situation was valid. So everything was good as far as a contractor coming out and providing recommendations. I spoke to an American Home Shield representative two days ago and he was talking about having the contractor come out and close the holes that their plumbers made. He said he was going to reach out to them and get back with me within four hours. But that was two days ago. So I have a problem with the actual follow-up action.

      Making the initial contact and getting the work order submitted to American Home Shield was all very positive. I’ve been an American Home Shield customer for many years now. So I have been impressed with that process undoubtedly. Everything flows well but up to this point right now, where I'm trying to get a call back on the closure of the current work order.

      American Home Shield response
      Taking care of our members is the main goal here at AHS. I am glad that you were happy with the work done.

      We look forward to servicing you in the future as needed. Enjoy your day.

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      Original review: July 24, 2021

      The contractor addressed the AC issue very, very well. They were very professional and timely. The AC was not cooling at all due to a blower fan that was not running, so everything iced up. They knew what they were doing right away and had it fixed.

      American Home Shield response


      We really appreciate you taking time to share your warranty experience. We look forward to handling your future AHS needs. Have an amazing week.

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      Original review: July 24, 2021

      American Home Shield's process of getting a company out here has been streamlined and it is nice to not have to deal with that. Additionally, they've included the ability to do a remote triage for some things. That would be a lot easier most of the time than trying to schedule with the contractor between three to four-hour windows, which doesn't really work well with a family of seven. Unfortunately, my particular microwave didn't qualify for that remote triage.

      Generally, I've had really good luck with the technicians who came out. The only ones that I have had consistent issues with have been with the HVAC technicians. They are not very responsive and I had a horrible experience with one of them. We had a unit that was worked on several times before and we needed a new one. The technician reported to American Home Shield that our unit wasn't in compliance when it was installed. That had been after five years of work that had already been done on it. It voided our warranty so we ended up having to pay out of pocket. We later found out that what the technician said about not being in compliance isn't required in the State of Texas. That was a $5,000 expenditure that was unnecessary and it was caused by the technician because he wasn't interested in doing the work. Other than that, I recommended American Home Shield on several different occasions to different folks.

      American Home Shield response
      Taking care of our members is the main goal here at AHS. I am glad that you were happy with the work done.

      We look forward to servicing you in the future as needed. Enjoy your day.

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