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ConsumerAffairs is the service to use for life’s important purchases. We provide resources and thousands of consumer reviews to help you make smarter buying decisions.

What we do

We make it easy for you to pick the best companies for your big purchases. Our in-house research team works closely with industry experts to write our comprehensive buyers guides and how-to articles. We offer hundreds of thousands of consumer reviews and intelligent matching tools that use our proprietary technology to pair users with companies that meet their needs.

Our philosophy

We believe everyone deserves to make smart decisions based on consumer feedback and research-driven information. Consumers and business owners need a platform to share and respond to reviews. Brands need an efficient and effective platform to respond to feedback and engage with their customers. ConsumerAffairs is the place online where brands and their customers can connect.

Editorial policies

Fact-checking policy - ConsumerAffairs fact checks all information included in our editorial content to ensure that all articles meet our publishing standards. Writers and reporters work from primary sources whenever possible, corroborate facts and attribute claims when appropriate.

Ethics policy - All editorial content created by ConsumerAffairs relies on impartial coverage based on fact. While third parties can apply for accreditation and contractors are free to champion causes of their choice outside of their work with ConsumerAffairs, all published content must remain within the bounds of the given topic and focus on its importance to consumers.

Corrections policy - For cases in which a factual correction is deemed necessary, the text of the original article will be changed to reflect accuracy. In some cases, a note will be provided at the conclusion of the article with an explanation of how it was modified. Please note that updates to evergreen content may be made without a note of correction as new information becomes available and industries change over time.

Customer reviews

Having access to a broad spectrum of reviews is helpful for consumers researching online. We encourage our visitors to write reviews about every experience they have with a brand. We publish more than 300 Authorized Partner and over 1,000 additional company reviews on our site.

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Jim Hood Founder and Editor
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Trina Thomas Contributing writer
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Emily Moore Home and Mortgage Journalist
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Christopher Maynard News Manager & Editor