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National Debt Relief

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National Debt Relief is one of the largest debt settlement companies in the nation. Our goal is to help clients re-establish financial stability and peace of mind in the least amount of time possible. We will work hard to provide experience and proven results through education and individual customer care.

We want individuals to achieve freedom from financial debt by receiving debt reduction services and financial consultations so that they will continue to live debt-free. Call today to learn more!

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National Debt Relief works best for those with a minimum debt of $10,000. Although you will need to pay a portion based on the debt settled, National Debt Relief can help consumers escape the cycle of debt and become financially independent.


  • No-charge initial consultation
  • Free debt relief quote
  • Numerous accreditations


  • Will need to pay percentage of debt settled

Top National Debt Relief Reviews

Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

They were very helpful. I feel better about my future. Can't wait to be debt free. I have a program I can keep. Without this help I could not get out of debt and I was scared. They made a payment plan I could afford.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

All members of the staff that assisted me with getting the process started and finalizing enrollment were very helpful and knowledgeable … Thank you National Debt Relief for helping me with these tough and nerve-wracking times.

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What is National Debt Relief?

National Debt Relief is one of the largest debt settlement companies in the United States. National Debt Relief provides consumers freedom from financial debt by offering debt reduction services, as well as financial consultations. They have successfully negotiated settlements for thousands of collection amounts. Most cases settle within 24-48 months.

National Debt Relief is a BBB Accredited Business. They also have IAPDA (International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators) accreditations for all of their Debt Arbitrators and an AFCC (American Fair Credit Council) membership. Located in New York, National Debt Relief offers nationwide service.

How does National Debt Relief work?

To qualify for National Debt relief, you must: 

  • Be able to make a monthly payment into a settlement fund
  • Owe more than $10,000
  • Be several months behind on payments
  • Going through a financial crisis with no quick end in sight (such as recent job loss, reduction in hours, separation or divorce, death of a spouse, unexpected hospital or medical bills, student loans, IRS takes, etc.)

National Debt Relief works with your creditors to try and agree on a settlement for your debts with lower payments. Although successful with numerous debt settlements, each situation of debt is unique. Therefore, National Debt Relief is unable to guarantee identical or similar results for every client. Also, they cannot guarantee creditors will agree to a settlement.

You can call National Debt Relief today for a free consultation or click “Visit Website.”

National Debt Relief services

National Debt Relief provides a variety of debt and financial services, including:

  • Debt settlement assistance
    This remains one of the best options to get rid of debt. While debt settlement assistance works for some people, getting a debt settlement workable and approved can be a complicated process. Having negotiated settlements for thousands of creditors and collection accounts, National Debt Relief has established themselves as experts in the field.
  • Free budget planner worksheets
    To get on top of debt, you must have a handle on all of your income and expenses. National Debt Relief makes this step a lot easier by providing a free budget planner worksheet. You can easily download this worksheet and plug in all avenues of income as well as areas of expense.
  • Free debt calculator
    One of the best ways to overcome debt is to develop a plan of action. Utilizing a debt calculator will help you do exactly that.
  • Consultations (including a free initial consultation)
    The experts at National Debt Relief understand finances, debt and accounting. Get counseling and guidance, help with your budget plan, and settle your debts with personal, invested National Debt Relief consultations.

National Debt Relief FAQ

How much does National Debt Relief cost?
You can expect National Debt Relief to charge 18-25% of your enrolled debt. National Debt Relief does not have any upfront fees or cost to sign up. Additionally, initial debt consultations are free. Any National Debt Relief fees that will be billed is entirely performance-based. You don’t pay until you get your debt settled, and payments depend on how substantial a settlement you are awarded.
How does National Debt Relief affect your credit?
If you decide to enter a debt settlement program, your credit score may be adversely affected. However, it is often a better option than filing for bankruptcy.

Does National Debt Relief work?

We recommend National Debt Relief given their impressive collection of proven success and many top accreditations. They also have a nearly 5-star rating on ConsumerAffairs with over 36,000 reviews recorded. National Debt Relief also offers a good supply of free services and valuable information on their website to help clients understand debt settlement. Enrolling in a National Debt Relief program offers consumers a chance at escaping debt, and for that reason we recommend them.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 14, 2019

I had just moved out to Virginia on military orders. And I had a lot of debt that was piled up, and I was getting sunk under. I wasn't really gaining a foothold on my actual debt amount with the payments I was making. So, I wasn't really getting anywhere. I was just like give and take. And then, I heard about National Debt Relief through the radio. I gave them a call and talked to a lady for 45 minutes on the phone. She was very informative and explained to me the whole process and how it works. I decided to do it because I knew that I wouldn't have a chance to use my credit cards anymore because the program closes all your accounts. So, when you do this, it helps. And then, it consolidates it into one payment. So, I'm not trying to pay four different payments each month. It's one main payment or split in two if I want to. So, it's made it easier to manage.

The information that National Debt Relief put out there was very clear and concise. I truly understood what was gonna be going on and what was gonna be happening with my debt and how it works. It made an easier decision for me to choose them compared to some of the other ones I have looked into. With NDR, I got a very quick response from the request I put in about more information.

The enrollment process was very simple. It was just providing a lot of the information and giving them clearance to look up the debt that I have. It's so easy to sign up and understand what was going on and how they broke everything down for me. The program is easy to use and I like the flexibility. Right now, as far as my debt being cleared of my name, up to 80% of my debt has been cleared. I'm in the process of just finishing some stuff up and making some last payments. I still owe NDR money, but as far as creditor-wise and my name, those big loans in the credit cards that I had out there don't exist anymore.

My negotiator has been really good as far as breaking a lot of my deals down. I'm still waiting on two to be confirmed, but it took a little bit longer of a process because that credit card company wanted an actual hard copy with my signature on the thing that I agreed that NDR would handle my debt that I owed to. My negotiator stayed on top of everything and always kept me informed. It was tough at first because apparently, my number wasn't saved on file, and I wasn't receiving the emails. But it took me to call in, which I wasn't mad about. It was a simple misunderstanding. She said that she was really glad I called because we stayed on the phone for 25 minutes taking care of everything and updating everything to make sure that all the stuff went through and got cleared out and got taken care of.

I recently came into more hardships as far as needing car repairs, and then my wife hasn't been working that much. And NDR is very flexible with me, either pushing payments or consolidating payments on one day compared to having them split up, that way I can have a little bit extra money that I need in the beginning of the month and then pay it off in the end of the month. I've told a few people about this program and how it's worked for me and helped me with clearing my debt little by little. Working with National Debt Relief allows me to get back on track with some other bills.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 5, 2019

I fell behind on quite a few of my creditors and in finding a way to try to keep a good standing with my creditors, I opted to go with National Debt Relief to help me try to at least pay off my credit. The program is straightforward and easy to understand. Basically, you open up a little savings account and from that savings account, they withdraw. There are people that represent you when they come down to your creditors when the collector is calling and they make that very easy to do. They receive all the phone calls and take over everything that has to be said in a professional manner. Sometimes, one doesn’t know how to communicate with creditors or doesn’t know how to communicate very well. With National Debt Relief, it relieves you of that stress.

The enrollment process was very simple. It was just a little lengthy as far as the questions. You have to come down and say how much you owe with the mortgage and with the electricity, how much you’re paying for gas, etcetera. They take all of those things into account and add them all up. Then they’re better able to tell you whether you qualify to get help or not. Also, to qualify, a lot of your loans have to be past due and that was very hard for me to do because I was current with all my loans, except that I was making the very minimum. I just never saw the light. So one scary thing is that you have to go negative for more than 60 days and that does impact your credit score. After that, they look at how much you owe and how much you make. I believe you have to be employed and with those things, they’re better able to help you.

I’m probably halfway through paying off my debt at this point and it’s been going very good. I’ve been making my monthly payment and they handle the rest. Come March 31st, God-willing and Godspeed, I should be paying off my first huge debt. It was almost $5,000 that they negotiated on it. The negotiator was also very professional. He answered all my questions and he did not move forward with anything until I 100% understood exactly what was going on and what was gonna be done about it. So he was very thorough and patient. At these times, patience is the key with the consumer and me specifically because I was not just frustrated but I was flooded with a lot of questions on my mind and with stress. Talking about lawyers and lawsuits scares people sometimes.

He really hit a chord with me because his patience to answer all my questions and his professionalism seemed like it was a sign that I was talking to the right person. With him, I've felt very calm. He told me that they wouldn't have to go to court but if I had to go that way, they would have someone to represent me. He told me that I had nothing to worry about and nothing to lose and that I can cancel anytime. He also said that they may be times when I need the extra money and I can just call in and get from my savings or stop a payment to help me out. Everything is very controlled and relieving on the consumer’s end.

They also gave me three ways to communicate with them – by mail, by email and through the phone number. And their system is working for me. In fact, I have recommended two of my buddies to it. I’m also actually seeing my credit score go up now and my money is being maintained. Working with National Debt Relief has really helped me to learn a word and that word is "budget".

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4 people found this review helpful
Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 15, 2019

I had worked so hard on my credit score that I was petrified of not paying my credit card. I called a company and they marketed and advertised heavily. I heard National Debt Relief's number on the radio and I called them. They were easy to get a hold of. I didn't feel like I was going to be out on a whim. Every time I called, I could get straight to a person. I didn't feel like when I dealt with them, I was just gonna get a machine and the runaround. They explained things to me over and over again. They empathized and said that they understood about the debt seasoning.

I refinanced my house and the enrollment process was pretty simple. Everything was done over the phone and with e-signatures. I was very adamant that I wanted to be able to see the document before I signed it. I was a little apprehensive about that because I had never done this before and I am not sure I know anybody that had done it. I really just had no idea what was going on. But National Debt Relief was more than happy to let me take my time and read the document. It was easy. All I had to do was respond to an email. There was a link in the email so it made it really simple.

But National Debt Relief was supposed to refinance my credit card debt into the amount. They weren’t gonna pay out cash but they were gonna pay the debt. At the end of the day, I signed the closing papers and it was not in the contract that they were paying my credit card debt. I could have taken it all back but I needed to get it done. National Debt Relief ended up comping me a $200 check for the inconvenience and they sort of admitted guilt there.

I had a surgery scheduled that was gonna cost me $8,500. I was gonna put that on my credit card. The credit card debt that I had was supposed to be gone because they were supposed to pay that into my house refi. But I ended up with $14,000 worth of credit card debt. When I looked at the numbers, my income and minimums, they really put me between a rock and a hard place when the plan for them to pay the credit card debt didn't go through because that was my entire plan. I was paying $551 funds from a credit card. It wasn’t the minimum but it wasn’t much over the minimum and it was gonna take 18 years to pay on $14,000.

Other than that, working with this company immediately reduced the money going out by $400 a month. It also helped my credit score go back up. When you do this and they educate you, you realize that your credit score’s gonna take a horrible hit. Mine dropped 150 points which was insane. But as they resolved the debt, it started reporting as paying again. Nobody wants their credit score to go down but it goes back up as they arrange payments for you and start making those scheduled payments.

Whenever I got something from a creditor, I can call National Debt Relief. I can scan the document, upload it, email it, and the people always responded. It doesn't seem like they have forgotten me. I like their people's attitude. They didn’t seem like they were in a hurry and they had other things to do. When I was being a little emotional as I was scared, they just answered each question that I had and they sounded like they knew what they were talking about. They also send me an email that says that I have a settlement offer and I can just accept it right there from the email or I can call. I have done both.

Also, being with National Debt Relief reduced the amount of time that I'm gonna be paying on my debt from 18 years at $500 a month to $200 a month for 36 months. That’s insane. I got into this situation myself but I really intended before I had my surgery already scheduled for that other credit card debt to be gone. $8000 is a little better than $14000. When I found out that our initial credit discussion that they'd pay my credit card wasn’t in my mortgage agreement, I cried.

At this point, National Debt Relief had settled 50% of my debt. I had five creditors and four have agreements made. The agreements took place pretty quickly. I believe the reason why the rest of my debt isn’t settled is because I have only paid $200 towards it and they only have so much money to work with. If I had put $13000 in that bank, I think that all of it would be settled right now. When I have enough money, like when one payment is probably paid up, I expect for another one to be made. I just don't think there is enough for them to work with to schedule six payments. Right now, they’re working with four. But they did tell me that my debt would need to season.

The process is very uncomfortable to not pay your bills and let things go in too deep. I was scared. I remember telling their guy that if they didn't follow through, I was screwed because if I took a hit on my credit score, I wouldn't have any negotiating power to come up with any other plan or any other alternative. But I was comfortable with my payment plan. I asked them if I could pay bi-weekly because it’s how I get paid. They said that I can pay however I want to the recommended amount that I needed to and their rep explained about it too. That’s really why I know that the debt settlement isn’t complete right now because of the amount of money. Their rep explained that if I could paid more, even if there were taxes, it would help the negotiation go faster.

National Debt Relief gave me the option to pay and told me what the minimum was. I was also told to pay in the amount of time that I wanted since I asked about the timeline. We kind of went back and forth until we found a number that worked for me and them. The company has greatly impacted my life because $500 a month going out to credit cards was really stressful. It was causing an impact on my mental health. My happiness and my finances are all sort of intertwined. Now, I don’t even think about it much.

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28 people found this review helpful
Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 13, 2019

A friend of mine recommended me to National Debt Relief because I had some debt that I was paying off. I was actually contacting individually and negotiating myself. Then my friend told me to try this program. I was investigating to see how it is and it took me a month. I saw that these companies tend to be money pits so I did my research. The reviews and the testimonies were the determining factors that made me go with National Debt Relief. Plus somebody I know and trust very well personally went through the process, and that gives me that comfort.

I thought the enrollment process would be more of a hassle. But as I was starting out the program, they gave me materials to read the disclosures, and they made it simple and fluid. Then the money I pay monthly was determined by the amount of debt that I have and that they're trying to pay off. It was 900 bucks a month and they said 48 months. They also have one that’s pretty high but I was in the process of buying a house so I was thinking whether I could afford it. But they were able to work with me. I had moving expenses and they postponed my payment for two months. They were able to do that with no problem and no pressure. I didn’t have to go through hoops and mazes to get that request. It was literally a quick phone call. That was cool.

The money goes into a savings account and once they see a certain amount, they try and negotiate with the creditors to pay off the debt at a good discount. The negotiators have also always called me when they've settled debts. Every time they came up with a deal, a payment schedule or anything to do with a specific creditor, they would contact me, inform me and ask for my permission to continue if I would choose to continue. I like the fact that they actually take the time and ask if they have permission to proceed. Sometimes, companies think they have a power of attorney and they're safe like that. But NDR actually contacts you to see where you're at. And if they require additional payments to close the account, they would reach out. “You have to pay extra 50 bucks a month for the next three months if that's okay with you. It's feasible to get this debt covered.” They're straightforward and on their ball.

This might be because of the legal measures but they have a limit on the amount of time you can settle the debt. I think 46 months is the most. Having extra cash, I can afford it. But for somebody who is of lower income, it will be a little bit more fees if they allowed more time to accumulate the funds in the savings account. NDR gets a little percentage as their cost but most of my money is being used to pay off the debt. And for anything left over in the savings account, they let me refund checks. It's great. You can't ask for more. I would definitely recommend somebody to the process.

I'm also pretty comfortable working with them. My customer service representatives call me once every two months just to see where I'm at. They give me updates and ask me about any questions on any of my accounts, any of my creditors being negotiated or the saving account that the money goes to. And I like that. It's so refreshing. Not even my car loan bank calls me. NDR is a big company but they try to make sure that they're squared away.

Plus anytime I call, have a question or want to deposit extra funds, they respond quickly. I'm not on hold for too long, no more than 10 minutes. If they don't know the answer, they would put me on hold and ask the supervisor or even the supervisor would get on the phone and talk with me. When I email them, I get a response within 24 hours. I'm about 60% of the way done and the program has paid off a few of my debts. I was able to close out at least four accounts and NDR is working on a few more. The program has also helped me save a few gray hairs with all these creditors because sometimes they can be a little feisty.

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10 people found this review helpful
Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 25, 2018

I had been trying to get out of debt for at least a year and had been paying more than the minimum balance required, but I was not seeing a dent in what I owed. I started looking at different places that could help. I looked at personal loans to see if that was a good option, but it seemed like that was just gonna make things worse for me and my wife. National Debt Relief laid everything out - how much I owe, what I was potentially gonna pay, and my monthly payment to them. They also told me how they were getting paid. Everything was right out in the open and it was clear that it was gonna be the fastest route to getting out of debt.

I had to agree to a couple of different credit cards and that they were gonna take care of. I had one at 0% that I wanted to do on my own, but they said it would be better to do it all at once. I had to agree to let them take on all of my debt to make sure that everything was taken care of. I had to then give them my personal information so that they could gather all the information on what I owed. Then, we set up an automatic payment that I send over each month. The monthly payment was a combination of what they thought they were gonna be able to negotiate my debt down to and what I would be paying them. It was $200 less than all my minimum payments added together. I was immediately gonna see savings, which was nice.

They've told me upfront what to expect so I knew the collection calls were gonna come and that they were doing their thing on the other side. I just had to let it go until they contacted me. NDR was able to negotiate a lot of my stuff down so that we can get the debt taken care of and move on with our lives. They would contact me when they have a settlement to talk about. They’ve all been really nice and accommodating. I had one that came in around the same time as another one was going on and the numbers weren’t gonna work out. They were able to go back, negotiate and figure it out. They changed the payment dates so that it would work out so we could have two credits being paid off all at once. I had a couple of questions on stuff and I called them. They’ve been very clear and recommended I pull it up in my page so I could look at the numbers with them. Everyone I talked to has been nice, friendly and understanding.

Four months in, I started to see some settlements come in. It has been seven months since I started and I have had half of my debt paid off. We have gotten two of my major ones paid off, which feels great. I just have a couple of small ones here to take care of and I’ll be done. You’re not in the greatest position of your life, but NDR works with you and try to figure out what’s the best solution to get you into a better position. Their service is great and what they charge is perfect and in line with what they provide. Everything has been spectacular with National Debt Relief.

I’ve recommended NDR to a few guys I work with who were the same boat. A couple of co-workers were talking about going filing for bankruptcy. One has taken out a debt consolidation loan and has seen how it's not beneficial to him. I told him before he took that big step of going to bankruptcy, he may wanna at least call and see what NDR can do for him.

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6 people found this review helpful
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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 15, 2019

This process was so thorough, I was in amazement. I am so grateful for the assistance that I needed so badly. My every question was definitely answered before I got off the phone even at welcome call. A good experience and they help to relax your mind.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 15, 2019

I talked with only three person and every one of them spoke with me with compassion and empathy, it was like these guys experience my situation before. Thank God that I was able to qualify for this program. I will make sure I see the.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 15, 2019

Amazingly patient and thorough advisor Myles. I am confident in the job that NDR can do and look forward to results. I did not know much about NDR before I made the call but Myles was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I appreciate his honesty and willingness to make sure I understood exactly what was going to happen.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 15, 2019

The informations were clear and easily understood. They advised us on how to keep well on our finances. They were patient in giving me the instructions on how to do online transactions and signing the contract. All in all it was a good experience. I would recommend it to anyone.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 15, 2019

The representative that helped me to get set up was very friendly and thorough. He explained the process well and answered all of my questions. He walked me through each phase of the process and was patient with me if I did not understand. Very pleased so far.

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