Loan Broker Disclosure Statement

Consumers Unified, LLC d/b/a (“we” or “us”) is a licensed mortgage broker, where applicable by law, with its principal place of business located at 600 East 4th Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74120. We operate a mortgage marketplace platform. In most states, offering these services requires us to be licensed as a mortgage broker, a mortgage broker/lender, or to hold some similar state license. Our goal is to help you find products and offerings which meet your needs. We do not take mortgage applications, make credit decisions, lock rates, fund loans, service loans, or offer any other similar residential mortgage loan services. We do not and cannot issue approvals or commitments on any lender’s behalf. Lenders will require additional information and consent from you in order to complete your loan application.


  • Colorado Mortgage Company Registration, NMLS ID #2110672 , Regulated by the Division of Real Estate
  • Wyoming Residential Mortgage Lender/Broker License No. 4182
  • Iowa Mortgage Broker License #2021-0150