Latest perk for Costco members: discounted healthcare


A virtual primary care visit will run just $29

While many consumers go to Costco to stock up on household essentials, shoppers can now access a new perk with their membership plans: discounted healthcare services. 

Costco has partnered with Sesame, a digital healthcare marketplace that connects consumers with providers across the country at low prices regardless of insurance status. With the new partnership, Costco members will be able to access the Sesame network at low cost. 

“Quality, great value, and low price are what the Costco brand is known for,” said David Goldhill, co-founder and CEO of Sesame. “When it comes to health care, Sesame also delivers high quality and great value – and a low price that will be appreciated by Costco members when it comes to their own care.”  

No health insurance needed

Costco members are eligible for the following benefits with Sesame: 

  • Virtual primary care visit: $29

  • Virtual mental health therapy: $79

  • Health check-ups (standard lab panel and a virtual follow-up): $72 

  • 10% off all other Sesame services – including in-person appointments 

Consumers can choose between virtual or in-person appointments with Sesame, and no health insurance is required. According to Sesame, for those who want to utilize their medical insurance, the services will be billed as out-of-network, and your specific insurance provider may reimburse you for the charges. 

In the Sesame network, there are providers across more than 40 different specialists – cardiology, dentistry, dermatology, radiology, and more. Patients can also make appointments specifically for prescription refills to ensure they don’t miss out on any medications. 

To get started with Sesame, Costco members need to create an account with Sesame, verify their account, and then they’ll be all set to start scheduling appointments and utilizing the special pricing. For families, only one account on Sesame is necessary, and there will be options to input information for a specific patient. 

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