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Find the Best Home Warranty Companies

Quick and easy. Get matched with a Home Warranties, Service Plans partner.

Quick and easy. Get matched with a Home Warranties, Service Plans partner.

    by Michele Lerner Mortgage & Real Estate Contributing Editor

    With the right home warranty plan, you don’t have to worry so much about budgeting for unexpected home repairs. Our research team vetted 23 home warranty companies that are rated by more than 138,280 customers. Read our guide to choose the best provider for you by comparing coverage options, contract lengths, service fees, reviews and complaints.

    Quick and easy. Get matched with a Home Warranties, Service Plans partner.

    Quick and easy. Get matched with a Home Warranties, Service Plans partner.

      Our 7 top home warranty picks

      To select our picks for the top home warranty companies, we first looked at customer reviews and ratings. Of the 23 companies on this guide, 19 have at least 15 verified reviews on our site over the last year. To narrow it down, we excluded those with an overall satisfaction rating below 3 stars, leaving 15 companies.

      The ConsumerAffairs research team then considered multiple factors, including coverage options, cost transparency, sample contract terms, time in business and availability. The companies below are highly recommended by existing customers and meet our criteria for availability and online experience.

      All prices are correct as of the time of publishing.

      Our favorite pickAmerican Home ShieldAUTHORIZED PARTNER
      • Number of plans: Four
      • Contract length: One year
      • Service fee range: $75 to $125

      American Home Shield is one of the biggest players in the industry, and it offers some of the best coverage on the market, as well as a simple claims process for customers. We love the company for its “Build Your Own” plan, which lets customers completely customize their coverage to protect exactly what they need.

      American Home Shield is available in 49 states (not available in Alaska). We recommend AHS for customers looking for complete coverage. AHS does not require a pre-inspection, and you can get a plan at any time, regardless of the age of your home’s systems and appliances.

      Our pick for service coverageSelect Home WarrantyAUTHORIZED PARTNER
      • Number of plans: Three
      • Contract length: One year
      • Service fee range: $60

      Select Home Warranty offers three different home warranty plans, with the cheapest starting at $36 a month. Each plan is customizable, and the company offers free quotes. Select Home Warranty has a network of local professionals who perform all repairs and replacements, and it lets clients submit claims online or by sending a direct email.

      The company offers several discounts, including savings for those who purchase multiple-year coverage. It also lets clients add home warranty coverage for pools, sprinkler systems and well pumps. The company offers roof coverage with all of its plans. Select Home Warranty is available in 46 states (not available in Nevada, New York, Washington and Wisconsin).

      Our pick for valueHomeServeAUTHORIZED PARTNER
      • Number of plans: Several mix-and-match plan options
      • Contract length: One year
      • Service fee range: No service fee

      HomeServe is a good choice for homeowners looking for maximum customizability in their home warranty plan. Homeowners choose the systems they want covered and only pay for those, which means plans can be as low as a few dollars a month. All workmanship is covered for a year, which is one of the longest guarantees we’ve seen.

      Another bright spot is that the company has no service fees. Customers can file a claim online, by email or by mail. Available coverage includes septic line coverage, electrical line coverage, heating system coverage and appliances coverage.

      Our pick for customizable plansLiberty Home GuardAUTHORIZED PARTNER
      • Number of plans: Three
      • Contract length: Monthly, annual and multiyear
      • Service fee range: $60

      Liberty Home Guard offers comprehensive coverage for systems and home appliances, including ice makers or whirlpool baths, which often require add-on coverage under other warranty plans. Liberty Home Guard also offers a wide range of optional add-ons, including coverage for pools, spas, sump pumps, well pumps and septic systems. Add-ons also cover less common options, including re-key services, pest control and cleaning services.

      The Total Home Guard plan covers household appliances and home systems. Liberty Home Guard is available in 45 states (not available in California, Illinois, Washington, Wyoming and Wisconsin). The company states a technician is sent on-site within 24 hours after a claim. Customers can pay less than $1 a day for their Appliance Guard or Systems Guard plans and less than $1.50 a day for their Total Home Guard plan.

      Our pick for easy claims processOneGuard Home WarrantiesAUTHORIZED PARTNER
      • Number of plans: Varies by state
      • Contract length: One year
      • Service fee range: $69 to $75

      Positive reviews generally describe OneGuard claim representatives as professional and easy to work with. Repairs appear to be handled quickly, even when customers make more than one claim. You can submit claims over the phone or through an online form. The company approves more than 95% of claims.

      Depending on where you live and the coverage you select, OneGuard Home Warranty plans cost between $25 and $56 per month. Compared with the other providers on our list, availability is quite limited. The company currently offers plans for existing homeowners, real estate professionals, homebuyers and home sellers in Arizona, Nevada and Texas. We still think it's worth including because it's so highly rated by reviewers.

      Our pick for customer serviceAmerica's 1st Choice Home ClubAUTHORIZED PARTNER
      • Number of plans: Four
      • Contract length: One year
      • Service fee range: $75 to $125

      Of the companies we analyzed, America's 1st Choice Home Club had the longest service guarantee period. The company provides lifetime guarantees that back any repair it's made under a customer's plan, no matter how long ago the repair was.

      The company has four plans, including one just for major systems. Others add appliances, ductwork and more detailed plumbing coverage. America's 1st Choice Home Club is available in 46 states (not available in California, Hawaii, Nevada and South Carolina). The comprehensive Platinum Plan costs about $625 a year.

      Our pick for service guaranteeCinch Home ServicesAUTHORIZED PARTNER
      • Number of plans: Three
      • Contract length: One year
      • Service fee range: $100 to $150

      Cinch Home Services has three straightforward options: an appliance plan, a systems plan and the Cinch Complete Home Plan, which covers both systems and appliances. Expect the Cinch Complete Home Plan to cost around $50 a month. The appliances plan is about $1 a day. The three service fee options are $100, $125 and $150.

      Cinch repairs have a 180-day workmanship guarantee, which is one of the longer guarantees in the industry. Cinch has add-ons for sump pumps, well pumps, pools and spas.

      Compare Home Warranty Reviews

        Choice Home Warranty
        Read 31,076 Reviews

        Offers two plans with basic or comprehensive coverage. Get a plan for around $50 per month, with an $85 service call fee. Optional coverage for limited roof leaks, pools and spas available. Make a claim online 24/7.

        Get a Quote Call Now Toll Free (732) 765-6416
          American Home Shield
          Read 69,756 Reviews

          Choose from three plans to cover systems, appliances or both. Combo plans average around $65/month but vary by size of home and location. Service call fees range from $75 to $125. 30-day workmanship guarantee.

          Get a Quote Call Now Toll Free (844) 475-0310
            Total Home Protection
            Read 1,707 Reviews

            Offers two plans covering select systems and appliances. Costs start around $40 per month, with a standard service call fee of $75. Coverage options vary by location. Add-on coverage is also available.

            Get a Quote
              American Residential Warranty
              Read 1,641 Reviews

              Choose from five plans ranging from kitchen appliances to comprehensive protection bundles. Platinum Premier plan averages around $60 per month with deductibles of $55. Electronics protection add-on available.

              Get a Quote Call Now Toll Free (217) 281-0462
                AUTHORIZED PARTNER
                First American Home Warranty
                Read 7,214 Reviews

                Offers two appliance and system combination plans. Monthly costs average around $60 for the Premier Plan with deductibles between $50 and $100 and unlimited service requests. Add-on coverage available.

                Get a Quote Call Now Toll Free (855) 802-1335
                  AUTHORIZED PARTNER
                  Liberty Home Guard
                  Read 237 Reviews

                  Covers systems, appliances or both. Combo plans start at around $45 per month with a $60 service fee. Add-on gutter cleaning, floor cleaning and pest control coverage available. 60-day workmanship warranty.

                  Get a Quote Call Now Toll Free (646) 453-6807
                    AUTHORIZED PARTNER
                    America's 1st Choice Home Club
                    Read 1,874 Reviews

                    Choose from four plans ranging from systems-only to Platinum combination coverage. Platinum Plan averages around $50 per month, with discounts for pay in full or multiyear contracts. Deductibles range from $75 to $125.

                    Get a Quote Call Now Toll Free (855) 923-3576
                      AUTHORIZED PARTNER
                      Select Home Warranty
                      Read 11,909 Reviews

                      Appliance, system and combination plans available. Pay around $50 per month for Platinum Care (combo plan). Roof coverage included. Special promotions include free extra months on your contract and annual pay discounts.

                      Get a Quote
                        AUTHORIZED PARTNER
                        Cinch Home Services
                        Read 9,699 Reviews
                        Get $100 off Cinch’s most popular protection plan. *
                        *Partner terms and conditions apply.

                        Coverage for appliances only, systems only or a combination of both. Combo plans average around $50 per month and vary by location. Service fees range from $100 to $150. Includes a 180-day guarantee on repairs or services.

                        Get a Quote
                          AUTHORIZED PARTNER
                          OneGuard Home Warranties
                          Read 701 Reviews

                          Offers three home protection plans for residents of Nevada, Texas and Arizona. Premiums vary by state, but expect to pay around $60 per month for a combo plan. Deductibles are $69. Some home maintenance services included.

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                            Home warranty FAQ

                            What is a home warranty?
                            A home warranty is a service contract that covers the cost to repair or replace certain systems and appliances in your home that break down from wear and tear.
                            How does a home warranty work?
                            A home warranty covers the cost to repair or replace specific systems and appliances that break down from wear and tear.

                            For example, imagine you have a busted pipe that requires extensive plumbing repairs. If you have a home warranty, you file a claim and pay a service call fee for the company to send a licensed contractor and diagnose the problem. As long as the issue is covered, the home warranty company pays for the proper repair or replacement. For more, read about how home warranties work.

                            What does a home warranty cover?
                            Your contract may cover major household systems, appliances or both. Home warranties cover most major home systems, including heating, air conditioning, plumbing, ductwork and electrical systems. Home warranty contracts typically also cover appliances such as kitchen refrigerators, washers, dryers, built-in microwaves, dishwashers, ovens, garbage disposals and water heaters.

                            Home warranty policies only cover breakdowns due to normal wear and tear. Proper systems and appliance maintenance is typically required to keep coverage. A home warranty claim will likely be denied if the problem resulted from a known issue or lack of maintenance. For instance, most home warranty plans cover HVAC repair, but it can be difficult to get a company to replace the entire system for you. For more information, read about home warranty plans and coverage.

                            How long do home warranties last?
                            Most home warranty contracts last 12 months. Each year, you have the option to renew coverage. If you decide to buy a new home warranty, be sure to read the contract and know the terms and exclusions.
                            What’s the difference between a home warranty and homeowners insurance?
                            A home warranty is a service contract that covers repairs or replacements of household systems and appliances that break down from routine use. People occasionally refer to a home warranty as “home appliance insurance,” but this is somewhat of a misnomer; even the best home insurance policies won’t pay to repair or replace appliances if the damage is caused by wear and tear — that’s what a warranty is for.

                            Homeowners insurance covers structural damage to your home and loss of your property due to lightning, fire, smoke, hail, vandalism, theft and other perils. It also covers the policyholder’s liability in case they are responsible for an injury on the property. Unlike homeowners insurance, a warranty does not cover damages caused by these events; it only covers breakdowns resulting from normal use.

                            If you have a mortgage, homeowners insurance is likely required. A home warranty is not mandatory for homeowners, but it helps pay for expensive home repairs. For more information, read about the differences between home warranties and home insurance.

                            Does homeowner insurance cover appliances?
                            Yes, homeowners insurance usually covers appliances if they are damaged in an event covered by your policy. For example, if a lightning strike causes your dryer to stop working, homeowners insurance typically protects you from a financial loss. On the other hand, homeowners insurance won’t pay for the repair or replacement of your dryer if it stops working because it’s old. For more information, learn about how to find the best home insurance company.
                            What do the worst home warranty companies have in common?
                            Unfortunately, not all home warranty companies are created equal. After analyzing 1-star reviews from multiple providers, we noticed some commonalities between many of the poorly rated companies:
                            • Bad customer service
                            • Pattern of denying claims
                            • Misleading or aggressive marketing tactics
                            • Confusing contracts
                            • Hidden fees
                            • Delays in service calls
                            • Disputes of reimbursements or replacement amounts
                            Is a home warranty required at closing?
                            It isn't always required to include a home warranty in the sale or purchase of a home. This will vary depending on your state requirements and your local customs. If a home warranty is wrapped into the purchase of your home, this will be included in closing costs. However, whether it's a part of the buyer’s or the seller's costs depends on your purchase contract and your local regulations.
                            Which is better, Choice Home Warranty or American Home Shield?
                            Choice Home Warranty and American Home Shield are both legitimate companies. The right home warranty for you is one that provides the coverage you want at a price you can afford. We suggest comparing different home warranty providers on coverages, costs and contract policies. For more information, see how Choice Home Warranty compares with American Home Shield. Next, read about TotalProtect vs. American Home Shield.
                            Who regulates home warranty companies?
                            Every state in which a home warranty company operates has some state-level regulations and requirements that they must follow. In some states, the insurance commissioner is the regulating authority, while in other states, the real estate commission or another agency governs home warranty regulations.

                            These types of regulating authorities help to protect consumers from fraud and mistreatment by investigating companies and giving residents a way to file complaints when necessary.

                            Should I get a home warranty?
                            While a home warranty isn’t required by law, it’s often a smart idea to have one. It’s a good rule of thumb to identify the systems and appliances that matter most to you and ask if the home warranty company you are considering covers those particular items. You can save money if you only get a warranty that covers the items you really care about or couldn’t live without if they broke down.

                            A home warranty is especially helpful in the following situations:

                            • You own an older home: Older homes often have older appliances and systems. A warranty offers extra assurance that your vintage charmer stays in working order.
                            • You’re buying or selling a home: Buyers, sellers, real estate agents and current homeowners are all eligible to buy a home warranty. In many areas, it’s customary for the seller or real estate agent to package a home warranty in the purchase price as an added benefit to the buyer. This can be particularly attractive for first-time homebuyers or people purchasing older homes that are more likely to need repairs.
                            • You don’t have a large savings account: If you don’t have a rainy day fund set aside for unexpected expenses — like when your air conditioner goes out or your dishwasher calls it quits — a home warranty protects you for a relatively affordable monthly premium.
                            • You’re not handy: Those who have not owned a home before or are unfamiliar with the maintenance of major systems and home appliances should consider how much a plan covers and how much work they are willing and able to take on themselves. Many industry professionals recommend that new homeowners choose a more comprehensive plan that helps them acclimate to the responsibilities of owning a home.
                            Are home warranties worth the money?
                            A home warranty can pay for itself with one major repair. Even if you don’t end up having a huge problem, the peace of mind that comes with financial protection in case of a household breakdown is worth it to many people.

                            The cost of a home warranty is likely worth it if you have an older home and older appliances that are no longer covered under manufacturer warranties. It could also be worth it if you have limited credit access and don’t have a savings account.

                            Keep in mind that when you make a claim, you normally have to pay a service call fee, which is specified in your contract. Depending on your contract, your policy will cover a replacement or repair. However, you will be financially responsible for fixing anything that’s excluded from your warranty plan. Providers typically have payout limits or per-item caps, so be sure to read the terms of a contract carefully.

                            How much are home warranties?

                            Home warranties cost between $40 and $60 a month on average, or around $600 annually. Depending on the coverage you choose, you may pay a little more or a little less. You might also get a discount if you opt for a multiyear plan. In addition to your premium, you pay a service call fee any time the company sends a service technician to your home to diagnose or make a repair. Service call fees average $75 per visit.

                            While there is a cost to having a home warranty, it is important to note the monthly premium could be much less expensive than paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a system or appliance repair or replacement. Be sure to get quotes from multiple companies — some home warranty providers may offer price matching.

                            Compare home warranty costs

                            Authorized PartnerPlan optionsAverage yearly costService fees
                            American Home ShieldYes4 plans$540$75, $100 or $125
                            Select Home WarrantyYes3 plans$504$60
                            HomeServeYesMultiple plan options$475$0
                            Liberty Home GuardYes3 plans$540$60
                            OneGuard Home WarrantiesYesVaries by state$475$69 to $75
                            America’s 1st Choice Home ClubYes6 plans$625$75 to $125
                            Cinch Home ServicesYes3 plans$600$100 to $150
                            Authorized PartnerYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
                            Plan options4 plans3 plansMultiple plan options3 plans3 plans6 plans3 plans
                            Average yearly cost$540$504$475$540$420$625$600
                            Service fees$75, $100 or $125$60$0$60$85 - $125$75 - $125$100 - $150

                            How to choose a home warranty

                            Home warranties help homeowners pay for expensive home repairs related to the breakdown of major home systems, such as heating or plumbing, and major appliances, including kitchen refrigerators or water heaters. Home warranty providers charge customers a monthly premium in exchange for providing repairs at a set service call fee. This can save homeowners thousands of dollars over the length of the contract.

                            To choose a home warranty, find a company you trust and select a plan that covers the systems and appliances essential to your home. You can choose a home warranty by following these steps:

                            Decide on the type of home warranty plan you need

                            The majority of home warranty companies offer three primary types of home warranty plans: appliances, home systems and combination plans. A combination plan will cover your home appliances and your systems. An appliance plan covers home items like your dishwasher and refrigerator. A systems plan covers a home’s plumbing, electric and other systems.

                            Some companies have add-on options for other home items that don’t typically fall under these three categories, such as outside spas or hot tubs and swimming pools. Most customers opt for a combination plan, but some do prefer coverage for appliances or systems. If most of your home appliances are brand new and still covered under a manufacturer’s warranty, you may want to opt for a systems-only plan.

                            Know what you can afford

                            Companies that provide home warranties charge a monthly premium for their services, generally around $50 a month. If cost is a significant factor for you, shop around for the best deal or consider opting for less coverage to reduce the price. Also, keep in mind that home warranties often require regular maintenance on your covered appliances and systems to keep the contract valid.

                            Research and compare providers

                            Researching home warranty providers is the most critical step when choosing a plan. As you research, we recommend comparing:

                            • Monthly or yearly cost
                            • Service call fee
                            • Plan options
                            • Number of covered systems and appliances
                            • Available add-on coverage
                            • Service recall period (the length of time a warranty company guarantees a repair)
                            • Any caps, maximum payout limits or exclusions the company sets in its contract terms

                            Once you select a provider and are ready to make a purchase, the company will likely have a 30-day waiting period before your service contract goes into effect. Once this period has passed, you can typically use your home warranty as often as needed.

                            Compare companies side by side

                            Types of home warranties

                            The right plan for you varies based on whether you own a home, are buying a home or are planning to sell a home. Optimal coverage also differs based on the type of home that needs protection. Some of the most common types of home warranties are:

                            Homeowner warranty

                            A homeowner may purchase a home warranty at any time. Providers offer home warranties that fit different needs, whether you're planning to sell your home or stay in it for the foreseeable future.

                            Homebuyer warranty

                            People often purchase home warranties immediately after buying a home. A homebuyer warranty becomes effective on the day of closing. The buyer or the buyer’s real estate agent may purchase the home warranty.

                            Seller home warranty

                            Purchasing a home warranty while your house is on the market is a smart move. You can quickly fix any issues that come up while your home is on the market and help close the deal by providing potential buyers a home warranty that transfers into their name after the sale. It’s especially useful to purchase home warranties when selling an older home.

                            Home warranties for rental properties

                            Landlords benefit greatly from the security of a home warranty. You’re protected against unexpected costs when major systems or appliances malfunction, and you can budget the warranty price into your overall expenses and adjust your rental fees to cover the cost.

                            New construction home warranty

                            New construction warranties offer extra protection for new properties. These warranties are available in different terms, ranging from a one-year warranty to ensure the overall quality of the construction to 10- or even 20-year warranties for critical items, such as the home’s foundation.

                            Condo home warranty

                            A condo home warranty is similar to a traditional house warranty. One unique issue condo owners encounter is finding coverage for shared home systems. For example, most condo home warranties don’t cover an air conditioning system used by two condos.

                            Mobile home warranty

                            Mobile home warranties are like traditional house warranties, but they focus more on the systems and appliances most common in mobile homes.

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                              Compare Home Warranty Reviews

                                AUTHORIZED PARTNER
                                Home Warranty of America
                                Read 3,326 Reviews

                                Offers two combination plans, both covering more than 20 systems and appliances. Pricing starts around $40 to $50 a month with deductibles from $75 to $100. Drywall, doorbell and burglar and fire alarms are included in coverage.

                                  AUTHORIZED PARTNER
                                  Read 1,004 Reviews

                                  Covers HVAC, plumbing and electrical repairs for systems and lines both in and outside your home. Provides coverage starting at $3.99, though prices vary by location. Offers a one-year guarantee on most repairs.

                                  2-10 Home Buyers Warranty
                                  Read 6,418 Reviews

                                  Provides coverage for major systems and appliances. Premiums vary but range from around $20 to $50 per month with a $85 deductible. Kitchen-only plan and roof leak coverage available. Provides structural warranties for new homes.

                                  Chat with a ConsumerAffairs decision guide

                                  Live agent
                                    AUTHORIZED PARTNER
                                    Landmark Home Warranty
                                    Read 1,794 Reviews

                                    Offers coverage in Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Texas, Oregon and Idaho. Prices vary, but expect to pay around $50 to $60 for a combination plan. Deductibles range from $60 to $100. Pest control, re-key and termite coverage included.

                                      AUTHORIZED PARTNER
                                      Super Home Inc.
                                      Read 112 Reviews

                                      Offers coverage for both repairs and maintenance. Three levels of service range in cost from $47 to $119 per month. Covers major appliances, systems and maintenance for lawn, cleaning, pest control and more.

                                      Amazon Home Warranty
                                      Read 232 Reviews

                                      Offers home warranty packages for basic appliances and major systems. Pay around $50 a month for a combo plan and $75 per service visit. 90-day guarantee on parts and 30-day guarantee for labor.

                                      Chat with a ConsumerAffairs decision guide

                                      Live agent
                                      Fidelity National Home Warranty
                                      Read 151 Reviews

                                      Provides multiple plan options in nine states for existing homes and new construction. Deductibles vary by state, but expect to pay around $75. Offers optional add-on coverage for special items, including roof leak repair.

                                      Chat with a ConsumerAffairs decision guide

                                      Live agent
                                      Old Republic Home Protection
                                      Read 797 Reviews

                                      Offers home warranties designed for real estate professionals in the home selling process. Costs vary by state, but expect to pay around $65 a month for Platinum coverage. Deductibles are $75. Plans are renewable by the homeowner.

                                      Chat with a ConsumerAffairs decision guide

                                      Live agent
                                      The Home Service Club
                                      Read 740 Reviews

                                      Choose from two plans to cover systems and appliances. Available add-ons include roof coverage. Premiums vary by state, but expect to pay about $50 per month for standard coverage, with deductibles from $65 to $125.

                                      Chat with a ConsumerAffairs decision guide

                                      Live agent
                                      GE Service Contracts
                                      Read 256 Reviews

                                      Offers in-home service for repairs of qualifying appliances. The Service Protection Advantage plan, which provides extended warranties for any GE appliances, is provided through Assurant Inc.

                                      Chat with a ConsumerAffairs decision guide

                                      Live agent
                                      HSA Home Warranty
                                      Read 236 Reviews

                                      Basic coverage includes systems and appliances with monthly costs averaging about $40 per month. Select 7-Star Upgrade coverage or optional add-ons to customize your coverage. Deductibles range between $75 and $100.

                                      Chat with a ConsumerAffairs decision guide

                                      Live agent
                                      American Home Guardian
                                      Read 18 Reviews

                                      Purchased by HomeServe in 2019.

                                      Out Of Business

                                      Chat with a ConsumerAffairs decision guide

                                      Live agent
                                      Allied Home Warranty
                                      Read 24 Reviews

                                      Merged with OneGuard Home Warranties in 2018.

                                      Out Of Business

                                      Chat with a ConsumerAffairs decision guide

                                      Live agent
                                      by Michele Lerner Mortgage & Real Estate Contributing Editor

                                      Michele Lerner, author of “HOMEBUYING: Tough Times, First Time, Any Time”, has been writing about personal finance and real estate for more than two decades. Michele writes for regional, national and international publications in print and online for a variety of audiences including consumers, real estate investors, business owners and real estate professionals.