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June, 2024

Feds go after companies that put 'gotchas' in their fine print

Mortgage rates fall back below 7%

May, 2024

Mortgage rates move back above 7%

Insurance industry sues to overturn new rule to protect retirement savers

Americans might be feeling better about the economy after all

Do you really need a college degree? More Americans have their doubts.

Inflation is pushing familiy expenses up more than income

Mortgage rates fall below 7% again

These towns and cities will pay you up to $20,000 to move there

Americans are falling behind on credit card payments. Here's who can help.

Worried that inflation is sticking around? You aren’t alone.

Child care and mortgage costs now take most of a family’s paycheck

Court blocks limits on credit card late fees

Financial experts suggest where to park your extra cash

Nearly 80% of consumers use some form of digital banking

April, 2024

How close is the U.S. to a debt crisis?

How will the new ‘fiduciary’ requirement for retirement planners affect you?

Turns out that everything that glitters is not gold after all

There’s good news and bad news about household debt

Here’s the new standard your retirement planner must meet

If you buy gold, how do you go about selling it?

Are you putting off saving for retirement?

Gold gets a new price target - $3,000 an ounce

How’s your bank’s customer service? Study suggests it could be better.

Millennials are dragging their feet when it comes to estate planning

March's Shopping Cart Index fell slightly from February

If the economy isn’t bad, why does it feel like it is?

These 10 banks produce the most complaints about fees

Gold prices continue their record run

March, 2024

Guess how much you're paying for just 10 essential items

Attention student loan borrowers! Limited-time chance to cancel your debt!

Did you receive a large medical bill? Make sure it's not affecting your credit score

If you cancel enough subscriptions you could pay for a Tesla

Consumers rescued from late fees

Gold prices hit record high. Is there still room to run?

February, 2024

Wow – another Social Security stimulus check so soon?

Here are the best and worst states to buy rental property

Mortgage rates are rising again. What are your options?

Where are gold prices headed? UBS says ‘higher.’

What bills can consumers negotiate? Believe it or not, quite a few!

January, 2024

How to reduce credit card debt in 2024

Can you trust financial advice from TikTok?

Three things consumers need to know in the days ahead

Feds propose another new rule to rein in bank overdraft fees

Many economists say the consumer is ‘just fine.’ Are you?

You can now buy a Bitcoin ETF -- but should you?

Gold prices slump to begin 2024

Can renters get the same credit score benefits as homeowners?

Government money for your phone, internet, heating, and cooling bills

Are you using autopay the right way?

December, 2023

Federal government updates how to find unclaimed money

Stories about the economy and scams resonated with readers

When buying gold you aren’t limited to using dollars

What will the economy and stock market do in 2024?

U.S. Bank to send nearly $6 million to consumers

Bond yields are falling but not CD interest rates

Living paycheck to paycheck? Here’s how to stop.

Costco has sold $100 million in gold bars since September

Fed signals rate cuts. What does that mean for your money?

Fed decision could set off a stampede of mortgage refinancing

Suddenly, mortgage rates are falling

Amid high inflation, gold prices hit a record high

Have you fallen victim to an imposter scam on Zelle? A refund could be in your future.

November, 2023

Here are states where borrowers can face the highest rates and fees

The cost of heating your home may be less this winter

Feds seek more regulation of fintech apps to protect consumers

Has your bank account been closed? You aren’t alone.

Childcare costs have surged 30% in four years

The government proposes new protections for retirement savers

October, 2023

Consumers can add Venmo, PayPal, and debit cards to Apple Wallet

Credit reports are now free every week of the year

Rite Aid files for bankruptcy and will close some stores

Biden adds some muscle to his fight against junk fees

Is now a good time to invest in gold?

Grocery prices jumped in September

Best (and worst) states to win the Powerball

September, 2023

Costco has begun selling gold bars

Auto loans and credit cards may remain expensive for a while

Buy Now Pay Later companies try to woo more customers

Are you still in the middle class?

August, 2023

Here’s how to lower your homeowner's insurance costs

Two legendary Wall Street investors turn bearish

Some student loans are being forgiven. Is yours?

Paying rent with credit cards is a bad idea, experts say

Orange juice is about to get more expensive. Here’s why.

U.S. credit card debt tops $1 trillion

Warren Buffet’s not worried about Fitch’s U.S. downgrade. Should you be?

Bank of America's wronged customers are getting compensation

July, 2023

CFPB charges some lenders are misleading consumers

More companies are piling on fees. Can you spot them?

Wronged Bank of America customers to receive $100 million

Stamp prices are going up again Sunday

Are you ready to resume student loan payments? A financial adviser has some advice.

June, 2023

Will the stock market rally continue in the second half of 2023? Experts weigh in

President Biden gets some major players in the 'junk fees' game to change their tune

Feds say you shouldn't keep money in PayPal or other similar apps

Are you stressing out over money? More than half of adults say it’s affecting their mental health.

May, 2023

Have you changed your spending habits? Amid rising prices, many have.

Has dining out become too expensive? Here's how you can keep those costs down.

Consumers struggled with rising debt in the first quarter

Here's what happens if the U.S. government defaults in early June

Consumers can expect checks within weeks from TurboTax’s $141 million settlement

Got medical debt? Make sure it’s not on your credit report.

Getting a medical procedure? CFPB warns consumers healthcare financing is loaded with pitfalls

Explaining the changes to new mortgage fees that are now in effect

First Republic becomes the third U.S. bank to fail this year

April, 2023

Four banks where your money earns more than 4%

Taylor Swift avoided the FTX mess by asking one simple question

Overspending on homes and cars lands many people in financial hot water

What’s a better inflation hedge, gold or Bitcoin?

Here are the biggest mistakes you could be making with your money

Here’s how to stop living paycheck-to-paycheck

What is deposit insurance -- and are you covered?

March, 2023

What if your bank fails? Here’s how to get your money out

Here’s where $100,000 is a lot of money and where it isn’t

Nearly 80% of young adults get their financial advice from guess who?

CFPB roots out illegal bank junk fees

How safe is your bank?

Concerns about buy now, pay later plans mount -- along with consumer debt

After more than a decade of 0% interest rates savers are earning money again

Do you need a loan? 40% of consumers say they do

February, 2023

Thinking of moving to a cheaper state? We break down the numbers

Buying a home just got more expensive as mortgage rates jumped last week

Have you checked your credit card balance lately?

Feds propose eliminating 'excessive' credit card late fees

Good economic news brings Wall Street rally to a halt

The Fed has slowed its rate hikes. What does that mean for you?

Are you supporting your adult children or is it the other way around? Two new surveys reveal some stressful situations

January, 2023

Personal finance guru Suze Orman warns many consumers are already in a recession

Have a subscription you can't seem to cancel? The CFPB has your back

Fed economists urge consumers to cut credit card spending

More Americans are feeling economic burnout as they enter 2023

Consumer finance experts offer New Year’s resolutions to beef up your wallet

Capital One leads in customer satisfaction survey

Wall Street investors had a miserable 2022. What’s ahead for 2023?

December, 2022

Cash stuffing: A new generation discovers an old budgeting trick

Here are ConsumerAffairs’ picks for the top 10 consumer stories of 2022

FTC warns consumers about using BNPL for last-minute gift shopping

Instacart is helping consumers make the most of FSA funds before they expire

In the wake of the FTX scandal, what is the future of cryptocurrencies?

November, 2022

Should you open a Buy Now, Pay Later account this holiday season?

Tempted to jump back into the stock market? A top Fed official urges caution

October, 2022

Retirement savers who ignored this week’s market turbulence did just fine

Got spare cash? You can now earn a higher level of interest than in the past

September, 2022

Bad economic news plus growing pessimism sink stocks

Credit agencies extend free credit reports through end of 2023

With stock prices falling, some U.S. Treasury bonds are getting attention

The Fed has hiked interest rates again. Here’s how it may affect the stock and housing markets

Should we actually be worried about deflation?

Benchmark mortgage rate exceeds 6% for first time since 2008

Rail lines and unions head off a potentially devastating strike

Wall Street’s steep plunge rattles investors

Here are the states where solar panels save the most money

August, 2022

Many consumers still struggle to access financial services

You need $1,400 to meet today’s emergency expense, report finds

Did you hear about the student loan forgiveness? Scammers did, too

Favorite food prices too high? Here are some cheaper alternatives

Poor security has opened the door for crypto thieves, report finds

The cost of raising a child is over $300,000

Bank of America overdraft service fees dropped 90% over the last two months

Consumers took out more credit cards and personal loans in the second quarter

VantageScore will reportedly drop medical debt from credit score consideration

Consumer debt rose by $312 billion in the second quarter

Equifax admits to credit score mistakes for millions of consumers

Having a ‘fair’ credit score in this housing market is costly

SEC brings down global cryptocurrency pyramid scheme

More consumers lived paycheck-to-paycheck in June, report finds

Rocket Mortgage introduces new home equity loan

July, 2022

Senators push to make small cryptocurrency transactions tax-free

Personal loan and mortgage rates fall as most other interest rates rise

More than half of Americans have owed medical debt in last five years, study finds

Government regulators fine Bank of America $225 million

Inflation forces consumers to dip into savings

June, 2022

As inflation rises, more Americans are living paycheck to paycheck

Consumers can expect more expensive loans after the Fed hikes interest rates

Buy now, pay later comes with the risk of fraud, a new study suggests

Mortgage rates jumped this week amid rising inflation

Bitcoin tumbles below $24,000, creating a snowball effect in the cryptocurrency world

Consumers increased their spending in May

Landmark legislation to regulate cryptocurrencies launched in Senate

President Biden pushes back timeline for student loan forgiveness

Cryptocurrency scams are continuing to grow, FTC reports

Lenders join consumers in feeling Buy Now, Pay Later pain

May, 2022

Many consumers feel pressured to overspend on celebrations in 2022, survey finds

Online banks win customer loyalty with personalized service

Consumers are still spending, but most say their finances have suffered

Average interest rate on personal loans goes down

Bitcoin rebounds slightly, but making alternative investments may be wise

Bitcoin value continues falling to under $27,000

Bitcoin falls to 50% of all-time high over the weekend

Consumer groups urge feds to crack down on ‘junk fees’

Illegal car repossessions and credit report disputes plague consumers, report finds

Nearly two-thirds of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, study shows

SEC goes on hiring spree to bolster cryptocurrency fraud division

Self-directed investors express frustration with online trading platforms

April, 2022

Economic growth fell by 1.4% in the first quarter

CFPB invokes seldom-used authority to protect consumers

Federal funding for biomedical research creates positive ripple effects, study finds

Women's salaries are likely to drop after their first child, study finds

CFPB sues TransUnion for allegedly deceiving consumers

Consumers went $42 billion deeper into debt in February

Satisfaction with banks is souring, survey shows

Poll finds large gaps in Americans’ knowledge about money

Payday borrowers should take advantage of extended payment plans, CFPB says

Biden administration extends suspension of student loan repayments

Cash App hit by data breach affecting over 8 million customer data files

March, 2022

Consumer groups urge feds to regulate ‘buy now, pay later’ apps

Legislators introduce E-cash as a way to digitize the American dollar

Fed says trouble may come with the end of the student loan moratorium

Credit bureaus are changing the way they report medical debt

CFPB launches new effort focused on financial issues faced by rural communities

Medical debt is becoming more of a burden on Americans, CFPB says

Spike in gold prices may cause some to cash in

How will a Fed interest rate increase affect consumers?

Biden to reportedly issue executive order related to cryptocurrency

Resistance training may be the best kind of exercise for improving sleep, study suggests

Consumers express concerns over cost recovery fees

February, 2022

A majority of consumers live paycheck to paycheck, report finds

U.S. households increased debt by $1 trillion in 2021

Equifax finalizes data breach settlement with FTC and starts fulfilling claims

Experts weigh in on recent selloffs in cryptocurrency market

January, 2022

Experian to let consumers with no credit history write their own credit report

Fed signals upcoming interest rate hike that will affect credit card rates

Bitcoin and Ethereum fall to their lowest values in six months

Sofi wins federal approval to become a bank

Paying bills on time and managing debt can improve your credit score in 2022

Bank of America, Wells Fargo to scrap some fees

FTC offers advice to those looking for student loan repayment extension

Cryptocurrency crime skyrockets, but consumer protections are improving

December, 2021

Nearly half of all U.S. states will raise minimum wages in 2022

Biden extends suspension of student loan repayments until May 1

Capital One tops survey of bank customer satisfaction

Bank of America beefs up its rewards programs

Buy now, pay later purchases to begin showing on Equifax credit reports

The era of low interest rates may be ending

Affirm launches cash-back rewards program

Capital One to completely eliminate overdraft fees

Credit card applications are rising, Fed survey finds

Many hospitals ignore price disclosure rules, study finds

November, 2021

Credit card debt rose by $17 billion in the third quarter

Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies hit new all-time highs

Kroger plans to accept Bitcoin Cash as a payment method [CORRECTED]

October, 2021

Bitcoin ETFs to become publicly available next week at New York Stock Exchange

Senate raises debt ceiling again to help U.S. economy escape another disaster

CFPB reminds consumers about mortgage forbearance options as pandemic rages on

September, 2021

Treasury Secretary says debt ceiling must be raised to avoid economic disaster

Consumers finding more opportunities to buy now, pay later

Inflation increased 0.3% in August

Study finds a third of buy now, pay later consumers are behind on payments

August, 2021

Many banks are easing loan standards, survey finds

Americans’ personal debt has decreased during the pandemic

Fidelity Investments reports 401(k) balances are at record high

July, 2021

Couples who disagree on finances are more likely to divorce, study finds

Having more money at midlife increases life expectancy, study finds

Circle K jumps into cryptocurrency by rolling out a huge Bitcoin ATM network

Bitcoin drops below $30,000 as $90 billion is erased from the cryptocurrency market

Consumers express growing frustration with early termination fees

Used cars and energy fueled inflation in June

Congress considers putting the government in charge of governing credit scores

Changes to wealth may impact consumers' cardiovascular health, study finds

Treasury Secretary announces backing from 130 countries for a global minimum corporate tax

June, 2021

Gold falls to 11-week low over the past 24 hours

Bitcoin goes up in value again after dipping below $30,000

Gold value falls after some Fed officials forecast higher interest rates

Ally Bank is eliminating overdraft fees. Could your bank be next?

May, 2021

HSBC to pull out of U.S. banking to focus on wealthier customers

Ethereum poised to dramatically cut the amount of energy it uses

IRS to require cryptocurrency investors to report transfers over $10,000

Bitcoin price falls below $32,000 for the first time in months

Treasury Secretary Yellen proposes higher corporate taxes for businesses

Fidelity launches investment product for teenagers

FCC rolls out program that gets consumers $50 off their monthly internet bill

Ethereum hits $4,000 value for the first time

Paycheck Protection Program stops accepting new applications as funding runs out

Treasury Secretary says ‘modest’ rise in interest rates is needed to keep economy in check

April, 2021

President Biden to propose another $1.8 trillion in federal spending for U.S. families and education

Biden to invest $80 billion in IRS to improve enforcement and crack down on tax evasion

Bitcoin value falls below $50,000 in response to Biden’s tax plans

Consumers have flocked to digital banking during the pandemic, study shows

Venmo adds ability to buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin experiences ‘flash crash’ over the weekend

Financial stress linked to chronic pain later in life

Bitcoin price falls on Turkish government’s decision to ban crypto payments

Child tax credit checks will start arriving in July

Poll shows Americans plan to be more frugal after the pandemic

Bitcoin surpasses $63,000 on way to new record value

Gold prices rise as inflation moves higher than expected

Fed Chairman says economic outlook has ‘brightened substantially’

Biden proposes plan to raise taxes on major U.S. companies

Another 25 million stimulus checks are going out this week

Consumers spent $900 billion more online last year

Financial habits learned during the pandemic may last, survey suggests

March, 2021

Credit reporting agencies extend free weekly credit reports through April 2022

Visa will allow consumers to use a digital currency to settle transactions

Second batch of stimulus payments to go out this week

Coinbase fined $6.5 million over improper trading practices

CFPB steps in to help shield consumers from having their stimulus check garnished by creditors

Loophole allows debt collectors to take stimulus money from consumers’ bank accounts

TurboTax says it has taxpayers’ correct bank account information for stimulus checks

Some consumers slam Wells Fargo, JP Morgan over stimulus payments

Bitcoin hits a new weekend high only to roll back again

House gives final approval to $1.9 trillion stimulus

Stimulus bill would make it easier to forgive student loan debt

Senate passes $1.9 trillion stimulus bill

Bitcoin gets major vote of confidence as currency for international trade

House passes $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus measure

February, 2021

Mortgages and car loans may soon cost more

Military families are struggling financially through the pandemic, survey shows

Treasury Secretary Yellen calls Bitcoin ‘extremely inefficient’

Bitcoin price sinks 10 percent following Elon Musk comment

'Buy now, pay later' options start to trend as a popular but risky credit darling

FTC shuts down payday lending scheme

Bitcoin price hits new record of $50,000

Mastercard to accept some cryptocurrencies as payments later this year

Student loan forgiveness missing from $1.9 trillion stimulus bill

The $1.9 trillion stimulus measure would increase the child tax credit

Tesla invests $1.5 billion in Bitcoin as Elon Musk praises cryptocurrencies

Democrats introduce plan to increase amount of student loan debt forgiveness

Visa to allow consumers to buy and sell digital currencies at banks

The pandemic reduced retirement savings in 2020

Robinhood reduces the number of restricted stocks amid GameStop frenzy

Elon Musk says he’s a Bitcoin supporter

January, 2021

Individual traders bid up stock prices in a war with hedge funds

Bitcoin surges after Elon Musk adds Bitcoin hashtag to Twitter bio

Can job promotions make consumers more generous?

Bitcoin value falls 10 percent in two days

President Biden extends student loan payment pause by eight months

Money can play a large role in consumers' happiness and well-being, study finds

Biden proposal would give every American another $1,400 in stimulus payments

FTC warns nursing homes not to take residents’ stimulus checks

Cryptocurrency market takes a $200 billion tumble as Bitcoin loses ground

Small businesses can apply for a second round of PPP benefits starting today

TurboTax customers should receive their second stimulus payments soon

Most stimulus checks will be used to pay household bills, survey finds

IRS offers tool to track your stimulus payment

Bitcoin’s value closing in on $35,000

Biden plans big changes to how credit scores are formulated

December, 2020

Sixty percent of consumers resolve to save money in 2021, survey finds

Some Americans may have already received stimulus payments

Holiday shoppers push credit limits, raising personal debt to a six-year high

COVID-19 stimulus bill signed into law

Administration says Americans to start receiving stimulus payments next week

Cryptocurrency company Ripple prepares to be sued by the SEC

Congress to vote on $900 billion COVID-19 aid package

Bitcoin’s value continues its ride, hitting $23,000

Robinhood stock trading app faces allegations of ‘predatory’ marketing practices

Stimulus checks to Americans reportedly back in $900 billion relief bill talks

Government shutdown will occur if new spending bill isn’t passed by Friday night

Bipartisan group of senators introduce $908 billion COVID-19 stimulus proposal

Fed chairman tells Congress that the economy needs more stimulus

November, 2020

Bitcoin value soars above $19,000

Bitcoin value soars past $18,000 as it climbs towards all-time high

Retail sales suffering in absence of second pandemic relief package

PayPal launches service to allow customers to buy and sell cryptocurrencies

CFPB gives consumers more control over how debt collectors contact them

October, 2020

White House spokeswoman says chances of second COVID-19 relief bill before election are 'slim'

Pelosi sets deadline for passing stimulus bill before election day

Citigroup fined $400 million over how it manages data and handles risk

JPMorgan Chase pledges $30 billion to close the racial income gap

Billionaires are getting even richer during the COVID-19 pandemic, study finds

Trump ends talks with Democrats on a COVID-19 aid package

IRS extends deadline for filing to receive a stimulus payment

U.S. trade deficit hits highest level in 14 years

Preventing heart disease could greatly benefit economy and job market, study finds

House approves $2.2 trillion COVID-19 stimulus measure

September, 2020

LendingTree introduces free app to manage finances

Trump promises executive action to prevent surprise medical bills

Consumers may pay the bill for hospitals’ COVID-19 losses

Leaked documents suggest banking safeguards are weak

IRS offers $625,000 reward to anyone who can create tracing tool for Monero cryptocurrency or the Lightning Network

Consumers have paid off a record amount of debt during the pandemic, study finds

IRS to send out millions of letters urging taxpayers to request unclaimed stimulus checks

Americans prefer to save until an effective vaccine is available, study finds

Climate change could have serious impact on U.S. financial markets, report warns

Consumer groups line up against proposed banking rule change

Consumers’ saving habits evolved quickly during the pandemic, survey suggests

Robin Hood reportedly faces SEC probe over disclosure practices

August, 2020

Economists say we could be facing a ‘double-dip’ recession

Twenty percent of small businesses won’t survive pandemic, survey finds

Consumers are paying their bills and spending at retailers despite COVID-19

Trump’s payroll tax deferral plan amounts to a ‘payroll tax loan,’ expert says

Nearly 6 out of every 10 families of college students have taken a financial hit

Retirement account balances have surged during the pandemic

President Trump signs executive orders to extend some COVID-19 relief

July, 2020

Eligibility cutoff being considered for second round of stimulus checks

COVID-19 coin shortage has businesses scrambling to make change

June, 2020

Americans have taken full advantage of loan forbearance programs during pandemic

May, 2020

Some people are mistaking their stimulus payment for junk mail

FTC tries to clear up confusion surrounding stimulus payments on debit cards

Fed makes noise about buying ETFs and catches the ire of Bitcoin advocates

IRS clears the air on why all stimulus checks aren’t the standard $1,200

Cryptocurrency goes through the roof again

Consumers saving more money in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic

April, 2020

Cryptocurrency value jumps by $35 billion in one day

IRS updates stimulus check payment portal

Credit card companies lower credit limits as coronavirus pandemic rolls on

White House, Democrats close on new small business aid package

February, 2020

Young consumers are going into debt seeking health and fitness, survey shows

More Americans are raiding their retirement accounts, study finds

Payment apps are becoming increasingly popular with consumers

Fidelity clients may have seen a $0 account balance due to technical glitch

Most consumers entered 2020 stressed out over debt, survey finds

Improving your credit score might improve your love life

January, 2020

The Federal Reserve wants to relax investment rules for banks

TD Bank wins top ranking for best customer service

States charge feds of giving payday lenders a loophole around usury laws

Apple CEO says global tax structure needs to be changed

December, 2019

New SECURE Act requires faster taxable withdrawals from inherited retirement accounts

What’s your biggest financial regret of the decade?

Trying to game a rewards credit card program could get your account shut down

Experts say spending continues to be a major source of secrecy in relationships

November, 2019

Consumer debt reaches record-high of $14 trillion

Report shows consumers are spending more with plastic instead of cash

October, 2019

Online banking has become more widespread among consumers, survey finds

Financial forecasters say millennials need to start socking away half of their paycheck

Consumer credit default rates are rising, report finds

September, 2019

Americans think financial education classes should be mandatory, survey finds

Researchers say Trump’s Fed criticism is hurting the central bank

New York Fed injects capital into money markets to alleviate credit squeeze

Survey finds lack of transparency in health care costs

You can now use MoneyGram to send money to someone’s debit card

August, 2019

Ten percent of college students think credit cards are ‘free money,’ survey finds

New investors often fail to diversify their stocks, which could lead to disaster

July, 2019

Here’s how to claim your portion of the Equifax data breach settlement

Survey shows 45 percent of couples borrow money to pay for weddings

What keeps you awake at night? For millions, it’s money

June, 2019

Facebook announces plans for its digital currency

Survey shows the lingering effects of the Great Recession

Facebook reportedly ready to launch its digital coin

Wealthfront ups the ante on simple savings accounts

May, 2019

Hidden fees have become more common and more costly

Teaching kids how to give can make them financially literate adults

Social Security benefits buy 33 percent less since 2000

Rent is becoming unaffordable for most college graduates

April, 2019

Major changes for consumer credit reports are starting to roll out

Survey finds consumers still clinging to cash

Experian settles claims over inaccurate credit reports

A third of taxpayers who got refunds last year owe the IRS this year

March, 2019

TD Bank survey finds millennials lack credit knowledge

Personal incomes fell in January for the first time in three years

February, 2019

World economists predict another great recession by 2021

Young adult cancer survivors faced with issues related to work and money

American credit card debt reaches a record $1 trillion

FTC says it collected $2.3 billion in consumer refunds in a 13-month period

January, 2019

Millennials are both rich and poor, studies suggest

Most Americans under-save for retirement by almost 20 percent

December, 2018

Facebook is reportedly developing its own cryptocurrency

Experian says it can help consumers instantly raise their credit scores

Survey: Consumers less confident about paying off credit card bills

Consumers losing access to credit in 2018

October, 2018

Should you let your child use your credit card?

Study finds physical and financial health are linked

Social security checks to increase slightly next year

September, 2018

Consumers getting refunds from record fraud judgment

One in three households struggle to pay utility bills

Payday lenders say they are suffering 'irreparable harm'

Update to credit file law allows consumers to freeze their credit reporting

August, 2018

Average cost of childcare almost as much as rent

Cryptocurrency market loses 10 percent of its value in 24 hours

Cardless transactions now available at ‘nearly all’ Chase ATMs

June, 2018

Florida appoints its own cryptocurrency czar

Central Bank agency warns that Bitcoin could break the internet

Bitcoin price plummets to new low after academics declare its value was artificially inflated

May, 2018

Bitcoin consumes as much energy as the country of Ireland, study claims

Nearly 51 million households can’t afford basic necessities

April, 2018

Young Americans have less consumer confidence than their parents

March, 2018

Bankruptcy makes loans more expensive, but not impossible

Experian launches free tool to remove mistakes from credit reports

Two-thirds of millennials haven’t saved anything for retirement

Debt collection still a big source of consumer complaints

February, 2018

Citi refunding $335 million back to its overcharged credit card customers

The best cities for consumers seeking a fresh start

Congress may be moving toward cryptocurrency regulation

Millennials having trouble keeping up financially

Hackers rifle through thousands of sites panning for cryptocurrency

Government's consumer watchdog says agency will be less aggressive

Stock market volatility taking investors on wild ride

How rising interest rates will affect consumers

Report claims CFPB is backing away from Equifax probe

Federal Reserve limits Wells Fargo's growth, demands board changes

Credit card companies saying no to cryptocurrency purchases

Federal Reserve sees building inflation but keeps interest rates the same

January, 2018

Consumers' top financial regrets and how to avoid them

Thieves now use malware to take control of ATMs

Consumer savings rates fall to 10-year low

Cryptocurrencies rocked by 'disappearing' NEM

Bank of America customers owe a fee if they’re low on funds

Some Wells Fargo customers report getting double charges

Cryptocurrencies start the week with double-digit losses

Is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau mission changing?

December, 2017

Federal proposal would allow employers to pool their workers’ tips again

Tax deadlines and strategies to maximize your retirement savings

Renting is a good deal and about to get better

Federal Reserve raises key interest rate

Big banks and hackers go after Bitcoin, but value remains high

Discover launches new financial literacy program

November, 2017

How the new Republican tax plan may affect the average consumer

Bitcoin's value surges past $10,000

Banks are paying more for your deposits

Credit score requirements for renters getting higher, study finds

Most high school students graduate without personal finance course

Freedom Debt Relief faces federal lawsuit

Surveys show renters still 'cost burdened' by rents

Parents often overspend on their children’s weddings, survey finds

October, 2017

Millennials urged to start saving for retirement now

TD Bank survey reveals U.S. consumers' average spending habits

Credit card interest rates poised to go higher

Millennials are more likely to share salary details with co-workers, survey finds

Why consumers should closely follow upcoming tax debate

Financial matters couples should discuss before saying ‘I do’

September, 2017

What the tax cut proposal would mean for consumers

The future of consumer banking rests in artificial intelligence

An emergency savings fund can start with a modest amount

Why the Fiduciary Rule faces uncertain future

Consumers still struggling to put money away

Veterans cautioned on VA loan charges

How do I protect my financial documents from an impending disaster?

The biggest financial stress may be avoidable

Online gambling industry targets low-income consumers and those with past gambling problems

August, 2017

Survey finds owning a home still biggest part of American Dream

A 2017 low point for 30-year mortgage rates

Reverse mortgage a risky way to increase Social Security payments

Do you live paycheck-to-paycheck?

Feds end consumer measure that earned wrath of payday lenders, Republicans and sex industry

How raising the minimum wage by $1 could reduce cases of child neglect

J.D. Power: great time to be a credit card customer

Perceptions of your partner's spending habits could lead to financial conflict

Lenders making fewer subprime loans

Labor Department delays full Fiduciary Rule for additional 18 months

Record high stock market not telling the whole story

JPMorgan Chase fined $4.6 million for not guaranteeing accuracy of consumer information

Lender rolls out 1% down mortgage for first-time home buyers

Poll: consumers back the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

July, 2017

Making time-saving purchases increases happiness in consumers

The economy has improved but money worries persist

Consumers support strong regulation of Wall Street, poll finds

Kiplinger rates the top banks and credit unions

What kind of financial shape is your state in?

Questions to ask before selecting a robo advisor

June, 2017

More employers promoting financial wellness among employees

Most Americans can't afford a new car, study finds

Complaints about banks on the rise

Study finds Millennials spend far too much on vices

Consumer groups seek expansion of CFPB's authority

Capital One, Discover win honors for best mobile financial apps

Fed hikes interest rates amid record high credit card rates

Feds revising rule covering third-party debt collectors

Supreme Court splits straws over the definition of a debt collector

Brokers trim mutual fund line-ups as Fiduciary Rule takes effect

Social Security going up, but expenses rising faster

TIAA rolls out new automated investing platform to simplify retirement planning

Mortgage rates fall to six-month low

May, 2017

Fiduciary Rule policing financial advisors takes effect June 9

Judge voids car title loans for Massachusetts consumers

Here are some alternatives to taking out a payday loan

Three out of four consumers live with financial regret, survey finds

Consumer debt reaches record high in first quarter

Financial management tools for college students

Chase mortgage rolls out the points for Sapphire Card customers

What to consider before taking out a reverse mortgage

States with the highest and lowest cost of living

More research stresses financial compatibility in relationships

Fiduciary Rule not killed, as expected, in spending bill

April, 2017

Consumer advocates say repealing the Prepaid Card Rule would harm consumers

Feds fine auto lender for violating earlier consent order

Debt consolidation: the pros and cons

Three financial documents you should be checking

Why world tensions are making mortgages cheaper

All of a sudden, gold is glittering again

How to dispute inaccurate information in your credit report

How financial literacy can help ease anxiety about growing old

When 'fake news' can cost you real money

Common mistakes consumers make preparing their taxes

AGs ask Congress not to abolish protections for prepaid debit card users

New concerns about growing consumer debt

March, 2017

Supreme Court weighs in on credit card swipe fees

Credit card and student loan complaints on the rise

Millennials saving more for their kid's college than for retirement, poll finds

How paying a little extra can reduce your debt faster

Feds considering changes to banking rules

Municipal debt collectors agree to clean up their act

Do you have $2,000 to meet an emergency?

Experian misled consumers about how its credit scores are used, feds charge

Planning for retirement still not high on workers' things-to-do lists

Survey finds consumers feeling better about savings

What are Millennials most likely to save for?

What the Fed's second rate hike means for consumers

Consumers increasingly turning to personal loans

Bitcoin passes gold in value for the first time ever

Survey finds consumers don't know about the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

February, 2017

How to talk to your significant other about finances

Credit card defaults continue to rise

Military personnel speak up for beleaguered consumer agency

AARP raps Trump executive order reversing fiduciary rule

Study finds link between finger length and lifetime income

January, 2017

Prospect Mortgage to pay $3.5 million for making illegal kickbacks

About half of consumers emotionally overspend, survey finds

Millions of payday loan ads removed from Google

Consumer groups file motion supporting CFPB in court battle

Dow Jones Average tops 20,000 for first time

Citigroup mortgage units to pay $29 million for giving homeowners the runaround

Why your emergency fund might not be big enough

Moody's to pay $863 million for favoritism in its ratings

Morgan Stanley pays $13 million to settle overbilling charges

Why you might have to move to get ahead financially

New Amazon rewards Visa pays 5% cash back

5 habits of financially fit consumers: #3, Setting financial goals

CFPB: TransUnion, Equifax deceived consumers, ordered to pay restitution

5 habits of financially fit consumers: #1, Checking credit reports

December, 2016

Dow Jones Industrial Average closing in on 20,000

Race track owner selling his business to protest new South Dakota payday law

November, 2016

Five easy household budgeting tips

October, 2016

Do you really need a brick-and-mortar bank?

Credit card worries weighing on consumers

Navy Federal Credit Union fined for improper debt collection practices

August, 2016

Chase, Capital One top bank brand study

What causes you the most financial stress?

The psychology of saving money

July, 2016

Is it easier to save money when you pay with cash?

June, 2016

Costco's switch to Visa from Amex doesn't sit well with everyone

May, 2016

Wells Fargo launches new loan program for first time homebuyers

Millennials go out more but spend less, survey finds

How much does it cost to attend a wedding?

April, 2016

Stockpile: gift cards for stock

March, 2016

Credit card showdown: Chase Freedom vs. Blue Cash Preferred

Rising life insurance premiums challenged in court

Bankers warned about putting student loans into default when co-signer dies

February, 2016

HSBC paying $470 million to settle mortgage abuse claims

Study finds that more expensive weddings often lead to shorter marriages

January, 2016

Royal Bank of Scotland warns investors to “sell everything”

December, 2015

Feds fine Clarity Services Inc. $8 million for consumer credit violations

November, 2015

Wells Fargo to pay $81 million for mortgage violations

As costs skyrocket, wedding loans becoming more common

October, 2015

Congress may allow debt collector robocalls to cell phones

Gold prices are up and so are the gold commercials

More military members identified as eligible for foreclosure relief

September, 2015

Mortgages continue to dominate complaints to the CFPB

Latest health insurance hacking compromises confidential data of 10.5 million people

August, 2015

Why cheap Chinese products are about to get cheaper

July, 2015

Feds take action against sellers of non-existent credit or identity theft monitoring services

June, 2015

Mortgage rates on the rise

RPM Mortgage to pay $19 million penalty

May, 2015

Feds charge Nationwide Biweekly's "Interest Minimizer" is deceptive

April, 2015

Green Tree Servicing to pay $63 million to settle federal charges

Many students starting STEM education aren't finishing

March, 2015

Subprime loans -- betting that new car will last 84 months

Fifth Third Bank customers miffed by security procedures

What you should know about home equity loans

February, 2015

AT&T to GigaPower home Internet customers: online privacy costs $29 extra per month

Midland National Life agrees to $1.3 million penalty

January, 2015

TD Bank's overdraft fees are excessive, lawsuit charges

December, 2014

Fannie Mae unveils new mortgage for first-time buyers

Conventional mortgage or FHA? Which is cheaper?

August, 2014

Bank of America to pay $16 billion fine for mortgage fraud - homeowners to get $7 billion

The small fortune hiding in your loose change

July, 2014

Pension loans and why you should avoid them

May, 2014

Payday loans, debt collection, credit reports -- all have big problems

April, 2014

Could you get $2,000 in an emergency? 40% of Americans can't

Bank of America to pay $727 million for deceptive marketing of credit card add-ons

March, 2014

Walmart MoneyCards: still being hacked

January, 2014

Is your check any good? Certegy thinks it knows

December, 2013

Telecheck Code 3: denying checks despite sufficient funds?

September, 2013

Is it any easier to get a mortgage now?

Prepaid money card fraud: What can you do?

July, 2013

Foreclosures fall but the pain continues

May, 2013

Starting over after bankruptcy

April, 2013

Mortgage re-defaults increasing at an 'alarming rate'

January, 2013

Want to sell your own art or merchandise? Here's how

The pros and cons of buying a franchise

November, 2012

How Secure is Mobile Banking?

June, 2012

Banks Charge Non-Customers to Cash Checks

March, 2012

About Those $1 Charges on Your Debit Card Account

November, 2011

American Express Offers $25 Credit On 'Small Business Saturday'

October, 2011

Banks Awash in Cash, Which Isn't Good News

September, 2011

Can't Pay Your Alimony? Don't Panic

August, 2011

Bank of America Subsidiary Sued For Illegal Foreclosure

June, 2011

Bank of America's 'PayPlan' Was Deceptive, Homeowners Charge

Foreclosure Backlog Will Take Decades to Clear Out

GAO Finds Little to Support Congress' Abolition of ACORN

Bankruptcy Rates Higher Among Cancer Survivors

January, 2011

Food Prices Expected To Climb In 2011

Chase Making Refunds to Overcharged Military Personnel

Finding Money from Pension Plans of Past Employers

Federal Reserve Sees Improvement In The Economy

Top Financial Products for Young Adults

Gym Membership Contracts: Read The Fine Print

December, 2010

Study: Credit Card Reward Programs Lead to More Debt

High-Dividend Stocks May Offer the Best Value for Today's Investor

October, 2010

4 in 10 Americans Saving 0 for Retirement, Women Worrying More Than Men

September, 2010

Foreclosure 'Short-Cuts' by GMAC Mortage May Be Just the Latest in a Series of Missteps

Payday Loan Lawsuit Brings $18 Million Settlement Against Advance America

How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

August, 2010

How Safe Are Online Financial Transactions?

July, 2010

Consumers Warned About Scam

June, 2010

How To Cancel A Credit Card

February, 2010

Colorado Attorney General Sues Veracity Credit Consultants

January, 2010

FCC Questions Telcos, Google on Early Termination Fees

Major Changes To Quick Tax Refund Loans Industry

December, 2009

House Passes Financial Industry Regulations

November, 2009

Ohio Sues Credit Rating Agencies

April, 2009

Class Action Filed Against U.S. Fidelis

March, 2009

FDIC Warns It's Running Out of Funds

February, 2009

Split Your Direct Deposit to Save More Money

October, 2008

Scams Sprout from Financial Crisis

August, 2008

When Should You Sell Exchange Traded Funds?

California: Citibank Stole $14 Million from its Customers

July, 2008

Some Blame Obscure Accounting Rule for Financial Crisis

Lawyers Rate Allstate as Worst Insurance Company

May, 2008

Did Wall Street Wreck The Economy?

November, 2007

High-Fee, Low-Credit Charge Cards Prey Upon the Poor

October, 2007

Macy's Customers Get New Citicards--Like It Or Not

July, 2007

Consumers Dispute FTC Report on Insurance Credit Scoring

February, 2007

AARP Launches Annuity Program for its Members

January, 2007

Subprime Lender Implosion: Bad Omen For Housing Market

Jackson Hewitt Pays $5 Million to Settle California Charges

November, 2006

Michigan Credit Card Mystery Deepens

October, 2006

New Bankruptcy Law, One Year Later

The Ads Say "It's Time to Talk to Chuck" But what if Chuck no longer works there?

"Trailing Interest" Snags Bank Of America Customers

Your Next Home: Custom or Modular?

July, 2006

Chase Warns of Online Survey Scam

Congress May End Wal-Mart's Banking Dreams

June, 2006

TransUnion Gets Into Tenant Screening Business

Study Disputes Lenders' Excuses for Charging Blacks and Latinos Higher Rates

May, 2006

Plastic Peril: Credit Cards and Students

April, 2006

Bank Of America Considering Its Own Credit Card Brand

March, 2006

The "Worst Hack Ever:" Debit Card Security Crisis Continues

IRS May Let Tax Preparers Sell Customers' Information

February, 2006

The Earnings Suspense File: Social Security's "Secret Stash"

January, 2006

Ameriquest Settles Multi-State Probe

December, 2005

H&R Blocked, Again

October, 2005

Credit Cards Ensnare, Victimize Working Families, Report Finds

June, 2005

Spitzer Charges Feds Conspiring to Shield Banks Against State Consumer Protection Laws

March, 2005

Predatory Lending Bill A Ruse, Consumer Groups Charge

Senate Passes MBNA's Bankruptcy Bill

October, 2003

Credit Counseling Scams On the Rise

September, 2002

CitiGroup Settles Predatory Lending Charges for $215 Million

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