Looking for a remote job this summer? Check these companies.

Remote jobs are still available in the summer of 2024, but there will be a lot of competition to land one - UnSplash +

It’s important for consumers to stand out from the crowd in their applications

Though many employers have made the push to get workers back into the office, the remote job market hasn’t cooled down. 

In fact, FlexJobs, a site dedicated to highlighting remote work opportunities, highlighted the top 75 remote companies that are actively hiring this summer. 

“FlexJobs’ 2024 report is an excellent indication that even in a changing job landscape, remote work isn’t going away,” said Keith Spencer, career expert at FlexJobs. “These forward-thinking employers are a testament to the importance of flexibility in the future of work, and we hope the list helps job seekers better identify and connect to the many remote career options available.” 

Who comes out on top? 

FlexJobs looked at over 60,000 companies and their job postings from January 1, 2024 through May 31, 2024. To make the list of the top 75, companies must have the highest remote job openings of the year. 

The top 10 on the list include: 

  1. Robert Half International

  2. Veeva

  3. AECOM

  4. CVS Health

  5. Creative Financial Staffing

  6. LHH – Lee Hect Harrison

  7. UnitedHealth Group

  8. Prime Therapeutics

  9. Guidehouse

  10. TELUS

Digging deeper into the data, FlexJobs put together a list of the job categories that had the most remote job opportunities from these companies: 

  1. Computer and IT

  2. Accounting and Finance

  3. Project Management

  4. Sales

  5. Medical and Health

  6. Marketing

  7. Account Management

  8. Customer Service

  9. Business Development

  10. Operations

How to stand out from the crowd

Competition for remote jobs has become fierce, and Spencer shared his best suggestions with ConsumerAffairs on how to land a remote job this summer. 

“A generic resume and a cookie-cutter cover letter will no longer suffice in today’s remote job market,” Spencer said.

“It’s absolutely crucial that consumers are taking the time to gain clarity about the type of role they want to target and closely analyzing job descriptions to understand what employers are looking for in potential candidates. Consumers should also aim to tailor and customize their application materials to showcase their relevant skills and experience for each role, as well as some accomplishments that highlight the positive results they are capable of delivering. 

“It's also important to reference any previous remote experience you might have and to demonstrate that you possess the necessary skills to be effective in a remote environment,” he added. “Include information about your communication, time management, problem solving, and teamwork skills, as well as your ability to use common remote communication and collaboration tools, will give employers confidence that you can perform successfully in a remote capacity.

Spencer’s final piece of advice: get to networking! 

“People who are doing the type of work that you hope to do one day and in the type of environment in which you want to work can be a great source of helpful information––and can even refer you to open roles at their company,” he said. “Take time to identify and engage with these types of professionals, laying the foundation for a strong relationship that could lead to some interesting opportunities you might not have otherwise found.” 

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