Utilizing AI can be beneficial for people on the job hunt

Jobseekers can utilize artificial intelligence in their job searches to help them save time and increase their chances of landing an interview - Eric Prouzet on UnSplash

A new survey revealed that the tech could increase your odds of a job offer

Artificial intelligence is helping make people’s lives easier in several ways, and now a new study is showing that it could be beneficial for those on the job hunt. 

Experts from LiveCareer surveyed over 1,150 U.S.-based workers in March 2024 to get an idea of how AI has impacted the job search. Overall, 85% of those surveyed said that AI saved them time in the job search, while 51% said the tech is helping them land more interviews, and 42% say they hear back from more employers than before. 

However, employees were less excited about the idea of hiring managers using the tech to choose candidates – 75% said they agreed that employers should be prohibited by law to use AI in the recruitment process, as nearly 40% worry they could be overlooking qualified candidates. 

To help give consumers more information on AI and the job hunt, Jasmine Escalera, a career expert with LiveCareer, shared her best insights with ConsumerAffairs.

What role can AI play in the remote job hunt? 

“AI can be a tool to support remote job seekers; however, it should only be used to lay foundations, not replace personal efforts in crafting remote job applications,” Escalera said. “While AI can provide good suggestions for skills and keywords to be highlighted in job search application materials, job seekers need to take the primary responsibility for creating resumes and cover letters that showcase their remote work experience and capabilities.”

What are the risks of AI in the job hunt? 

While there are certainly benefits of AI in the job hunt, there are also some risks job-seekers should be aware of. 

“Job seekers may be using an AI-generated resume or using AI on a skills test, but it doesn't mean they should be,” Escalera said. “As AI will likely become increasingly adopted in the job search process, we shouldn’t neglect some of the concerns about its use that require careful consideration. 

“While AI is a helpful tool, it’s not a substitute for a human touch in the job hunt. Relying too heavily on AI can lead to a lack of personalization and customization. Human judgment is key when preparing for any job search, especially when considering what experiences and skills to display in your resume and how to best discuss your career journey during networking and interviews.”

The do’s and don’ts of AI in the job search

For consumers on the job hunt, here are Escalera’s do’s and don’ts when it comes to using AI in their job search: 

  • Do use AI to streamline job application processes. 

  • Do leverage AI to free up your time for strategic job search activities. 

  • Do rely on AI to reduce job search stress. 

  • Don't use AI as a substitute for your own voice and creativity. 

  • Don't forget the human connections in your job search. 

Another piece of advice from Escalera: use AI as a tool, not the complete source of your work. 

“Job seekers should consider everything AI generates as a starting point they can build on,” she said. “AI can help you avoid having to start a task with a completely blank slate, but it shouldn't replace you. Have it help you enhance your work, not do all the work for you.” 

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