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Credit repair companies help individuals and businesses fix or maintain their credit scores through services including credit report disputes and negotiation and credit monitoring. Having an adequate credit score is essential to qualifying for financial services such as loans and credit cards. It's important to understand what credit repair entails before determining how to fix your credit and deciding which credit repair service and company is best for you.

Compare Reviews for Top Credit Repair Companies

Credit Saint
Read 46 Reviews

A credit restoration company. Changes to credit history are often seen in 45 days. A 90-day money-back guarantee includes a personal advisor and online system to track progress. Monthly fees range from $60-100.

toll freenumber(478) 845-6310 Visit Website
Lexington Law
Read 1,501 Reviews

Free personalized credit consultation and three service levels offered that range from $89.95-$129.95/month. One-time first-use fee charged 5-15 days after sign-up. Service is month-to-month and can be cancelled anytime.

toll freenumber(855) 620-5873 Visit Website
Sky Blue Credit Repair
Read 76 Reviews

Sky Blue Credit Repair professionals do not work on commission and focus only on helping clients reach goals. Since 1989, the company has helped millions of consumers erase erroneous credit report items and raise credit scores.

toll freenumber(888) 751-6072 Visit Website
Read 25 Reviews

Credit Repair services are unique because they go beyond one-time credit repair by helping clients develop a long-term healthy relationship with credit. Certified FICO professionals empower people for long-term financial success.

toll freenumber(833) 334-6899 Visit Website
The Credit People
Read 8 Reviews

Offers credit repair services for a low monthly fee of $79/month. Most customers start seeing results within 45–60 days. Each client gets a dedicated team of credit specialists to work on their case.

toll freenumber(866) 560-5761 Visit Website
The Credit Pros
Read 33 Reviews

The Credit Pros began in 2009 when an attorney and a business man banded together to fight the Big 3 credit bureaus to help change consumer lives. Clients can enjoy better lifestyles as a result of the accurate credit reports.

toll freenumber(844) 441-1397 Visit Website
Ovation Credit Services
Read 326 Reviews

Offers credit repair and monitoring services. Charges a first-work fee of $89 and a recurring $59 monthly payment. Cancel at any time. Results are often seen in the first 90 days. No-risk refund policy.

MSI Credit Solutions
Read Expert Review

Ricardo Mendiola started MSI Credit Solutions in 2005 after enjoying the benefits of credit restoration. A team of experts now delivers reliable and affordable credit repair services so others benefit from improved credit scores.

My Credit Group
Read Expert Review

In 2000, My Credit Group assembled a team of credit experts, loan officers, debt negotiators and collections agents to deliver credit repair services. Over 10,000 consumer and commercial clients have been serviced.
Read Expert Review specializes in credit restoration, offering a variety of services that help clients correct credit report inaccuracies and improve credit scores. Once repaired, monitoring services keep the report accurate.

Trinity Credit Services
Read Expert Review

Trinity Credit Services has helped over 20,000 clients restore and improve credit. The company tries to set the industry standard for integrity, character and commitment to delivering quality services.

What is credit repair?

Credit repair involves fixing a poor credit score that may have declined for many different reasons. Repairing your credit standing may be as simple as disputing errors on your report with the credit agencies. Sometimes you can even dispute these errors on your own without having to enlist the services of a credit repair company. In the event of a more serious issue, like identity theft, you may need extensive credit repair work and may want to partner with a trusted company to act on your behalf.

How does credit repair work?

Credit repair companies begin by pulling your credit report from all three credit bureaus and reviewing your reports for any possible errors or mistakes. If they identify errors, the company will contact you for documentation to support the dispute. They will then send the documentation to the three bureaus and work with them and your creditors directly to attempt to remove the disputed items from your credit report.

You can also dispute your credit report with the reporting bureaus yourself if you find inaccurate information. You are entitled to a free credit report every 12 months, and you can also obtain a free copy if you’re denied credit based on information in your report.

If you have more than a few concerns about your report, some individuals feel more confident in partnering with a credit repair company to help them dispute major errors because they have legal teams and credit experts who know the ins and outs of the industry, consumer laws and credit repair tactics.

How long does credit repair take?

Credit repair can take anywhere from a few weeks to several years depending on the method used and your end goal. The credit repair process from a credit repair company typically takes between 3–6 months.

If your credit score is poor due to high debt or past due bills, it will take longer to improve your score. That’s because negative information stays on your credit report for seven to 10 years. Although within a year or so, you might see an improvement in your credit score.

You can improve your credit score within several months with targeted action such as aggressively paying down credit card balances.

How long it takes to dispute and resolve inaccuracies on your credit report depends on several factors, including how many mistakes you must fix and what you hope to accomplish once your credit is repaired. The timeline below outlines some common time frames for individuals who want to repair their credit.

Credit repair stepTime to completion
Download your credit reports30 minutes
Review your reports for errors1–2 hours, depending on familiarity with credit reports
Gather documentation and draft dispute lettersA few hours up to a week, depending on your records
Await a responseUp to 30 days for each dispute
Total time required1–6 months, depending on how many disputes you must make


How much does credit repair cost?

How much you spend on credit repair depends on how involved you want to be in the process. If you can invest the time to repair your credit on your own, the process can sometimes be entirely free. If you use a credit repair company or dispute software, credit repair prices go up. The average credit repair company cost is generally a monthly fee between $30 and $100.

Type of credit repairCost
Do-it-yourself repairFree–less than $30
Dispute software$30–$400
Concierge repair services$15–$90 setup + $30–$100 per month
LabelCompany nameLogoContactSummary
Best Overall(478) 845-6310 Get a Free Quote Visit website
  • Monthly cost: $79.99
  • 3 bureaus: Yes
  • Credit monitoring: No
LabelCompany nameLogoContactSummary
Runner-Up(855) 620-5873 Visit website
  • Monthly cost: $89.95
  • 3 bureaus: Yes
  • Credit monitoring: Yes
LabelCompany nameLogoContactSummary
Runner-Up(866) 560-5761 Visit website
  • Monthly cost: $79
  • 3 bureaus: Yes
  • Credit monitoring: No

Types of credit repair services

Credit report disputes

Credit histories often contain inaccurate items. The dispute process disputes erroneous entries to get them removed from your credit report and improve your credit score. Depending on the item and the reason it has been included in a credit history, this could involve writing a short letter or performing significant amounts of research.

Credit monitoring

Since inaccuracies and identity theft can happen at any time, many credit repair companies offer ongoing credit monitoring services that catch problems early. These services make it easier for you to address inaccuracies, potentially before they cause financial problems.

Debt negotiations and collections

Negotiating with creditors may help remove inaccurate or out of date marks from credit reports, improve credit histories and increase credit scores. Credit repair companies can also assist in dealing with debt collectors trying to collect expired debt that you no longer legally owe. Professionals should have the credentials and experience required for successful debt negotiation. Most credit repair companies employ lawyers to help with these processes and can send official cease and desist letters to get these collectors to stop contacting you.

Who are the best credit repair companies near me?

We’ve compared the best credit repair services across the United States to help you find trusted companies in your city.

Credit Repair FAQ

Do credit repair companies work?
Yes, credit repair companies work. Credit repair companies work with a team of licensed attorneys who understand the nuances of the law. While you could essentially do the work yourself, you benefit from the experience and the negotiation power of the attorneys employed by credit repair companies. However, credit repair companies cannot guarantee success.

Credit repair companies help individuals:

  • Understand their credit score
  • Analyze and evaluate their credit reports
  • Identify strategies to improve their credit
  • Report inaccuracies directly with creditors
  • Reduce or eliminate calls from debt collectors
What are the best credit repair companies?
When you need assistance from a credit repair company, it’s helpful to research the features and services each one provides to make the best decision. Look at reviews from real customers to see what experience others had with a company. You can also check the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s complaint database, which breaks down complaints by issues, such as unexpected fees, confusing or misleading advertising or suspected scams.

The best credit repair companies will review and monitor reports from all three credit reporting bureaus, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Reports can be inconsistent, and it’s important to check all three. A legitimate credit repair company will review all your legal rights with you and will never ask for payment upfront. Also, consider looking for a credit repair company who also offers credit score monitoring, fraud protection and alerts.

Avoid credit repair companies that make any guarantees. It’s not possible for a company to know how successful they’ll be before they begin.

Is a credit repair service worth it?
Repairing your credit can be a messy process, especially if you’re struggling with a complex issue like identity theft or have multiple errors on your credit report. Credit repair services specialize in removing incorrect information from your credit report, which can help raise your credit score.

While working with a credit repair company isn’t the only way to fix bad credit, you might be interested in it if you have complex credit problems.

How can I raise my credit score in 30 days?
While it is possible to raise your credit score in as little as 30 days, it’s more likely that the process will take longer. Check out the 9 steps to improve your credit score here.
Is Credit Repair illegal?
No, credit repair isn’t illegal. However, you should make sure that the company you choose to work with has a good reputation by reading reviews from customers. You can read reviews of popular credit repair companies at the top of this page.
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Expert reviews for credit repair companies

Credit Saint

Credit Saint is a credit restoration company with representatives you can contact via email, phone and online chat. The company helps clients remove items such as collections, late payments, bankruptcies, foreclosures and judgments.

  • Credit repair services: Credit Saint’s services are broken up between three different packages: Credit Polish, Credit Remodel and Clean slate. All three packages include help with items such as late payments, identity theft, charge-offs, collections and inquiries. Items like bankruptcies, repossessions and judgments are available on the higher-tier plans. Clean Slate is their most aggressive plan.
  • Credit repair cost: The monthly cost depends on the plan level you select. Credit Polish is $79.99/month, Credit Remodel is $99.99/month and Clean Slate is $119.99/month. A 90-day money back guarantee is available.
  • Credit repair fees: Credit Polish and Credit Remodel both charge a “first work fee” of $99 to start the program. The fee is $195 for the Clean Slate package.
  • Credit repair education: Credit Saint offers a free credit evaluation and continued support to help you understand your credit. They encourage customers to work to continue to build their credit history while credit repair is taking place, and are available to show customers how to do that effectively.
Read 46 Reviews
Lexington Law

Lexington Law is a credit repair and credit education firm that helps people all over the United States find affordable and legal ways to dispute credit inaccuracies and repair bad credit. They are staffed with attorneys and paralegals trained in credit law and consumer protection statutes.

  • Credit repair services: Lexington Law provides credit report analysis, item disputes, dispute escalation including legal representation and credit score mentoring services. Their most basic plan includes bureau challenges and creditor interventions, which checks your score for errors and attempts to remove those errors from your report. Their most advanced tier includes cease and desist letters sent to debt collectors, credit score tracking, alerts and identity theft protection.
  • Credit repair cost: They have three tiers of service, Concord Standard, available for $89.95/month, Conford Premier at $109.95/month and Premier Plus for $129.95/month.
  • Credit repair fees: A one-time first work fee, separate from the monthly cost, is applied 5-15 days after signup.
  • Credit repair education: Lexington Law provides a credit education center on its website with key information about bad credit, credit repair, credit scores and your credit rights. They also have an on-site blog. In addition to on-site resources, Lexington Law offers a free credit consultation.
Read 1501 Reviews
The Credit People

Raise your credit score in as little as 60 days by working directly with the credit experts at The Credit People. Your credit expert will develop a credit improvement strategy that includes challenging and removing questionable items from your credit report.

  • Credit repair services: Services geared toward helping with the removal of late payments, charge-offs, collections, bankruptcies, repossessions, judgments, inquiries and identity theft from your credit report.
  • Credit repair cost: Most customers pay $79/month, though there is an alternative flat rate membership available at $419 for 6 months of service.
  • Credit repair fees: $19 startup fee.
  • Credit repair education: The “Help Zone” on their website includes guides and a credit resource center with articles about credit repair, credit reports and scores, bankruptcy and taxes.
Read 8 Reviews goes beyond one-time credit repair to help clients achieve lifetime credit success. They do more than remove negative items from a credit report; they repair credit history.

  • Credit repair services: services revolve around a “check, challenge and change” timeline. They pull and review your credit reports and build a game plan tailored to your needs. Then they work to challenge any errors or issues on your report directly with creditors. Once an issue has been successfully challenged, will ensure the correction is made on your reports by following up with the credit bureaus.
  • Credit repair cost: Services are available for a monthly cost of $99.95.
  • Credit repair fees: A one-time fee of $14.99 will be charged to pull your credit reports.
  • Credit repair education: Educational resources are available on’s website on the topics of credit improvement, debt solutions, identity theft, loans and savings. They also offer a free credit score estimator.
Read 25 Reviews
Sky Blue Credit Repair

Sky Blue Credit Repair is a credit repair and restoration company. Their counselors are paid by salary, not commission. The firm offers help to individuals and families looking to clean up their credit histories and learn how to improve their financial lives and offers faster disputes than other companies with a rate of 15 items every 35 days.

  • Credit repair services: Sky Blue Credit Repair can review and dispute errors on your credit report. They will also analyze your report and provide insights on how to optimize or rebuild your score in addition to credit repair.
  • Credit repair cost: Services cost $79/month. Sky Blue Credit Repair offers a 90-day money back guarantee. Discounts are available for couples entering credit repair together.
  • Credit repair fees: A $79 setup fee is charged six days after signup.
  • Credit repair education: Sky Blue’s website offers tips and tutorials in credit education. Tutorials include how to start credit repair, increase your credit score, deal with creditors, prepare for a mortgage, get student loans out of default and many more.
Read 76 Reviews
The Credit Pros

The Credit Pros is a national credit repair company dedicated to helping clients remove inaccurate information from their credit reports.

  • Credit repair services: The Credit Pros help individuals identify issues on their credit reports and work to ensure essential consumer rights are being upheld.
  • Credit repair cost: There are four packages available from The Credit Pros. The Money Management Plan costs $69/month, the Prosperity Package is available for $119/month and the Success Package is $149/month. A CreditSentry Monitoring plan is also available for $19/month, but only offers credit monitoring, not credit repair services.
  • Credit repair fees: A first work fee may apply.
  • Credit repair education: The Credit Pros provide educational resources through their blog and through eBooks like “7 Proven Ways to Prevent Identity Theft.”
Read 33 Reviews
MSI Credit Solutions

MSI Credit Solutions assists clients with credit repair, restoration and credit building. MSI is fully bonded and offers services in English and Spanish. Their credit repair services can help you remove incorrect marks on your credit report, including items like late payments, collections, charge offs, repossessions, tax liens, judgments and bankruptcies.

  • Credit repair services: Credit repair services include identifying credit report errors, disputing the information and auditing the three credit agencies. After removing the disputed items, MSI helps clients establish proper lines of credit and improve their credit score.
  • Credit repair cost: The monthly fee is $98 for a single enrollment and $69 each for joint enrollment. MSI offers a free consultation and evaluation of the client's current credit health to determine the steps they need to take to improve their credit.
  • Credit repair fees: The cost includes an initial setup fee which starts as low as $30. There is also a $29.94 charge to pull your credit report through a third-party credit monitoring service called ScoreSafety. You can choose to keep an account with ScoreSafety for additional credit monitoring for $29.94/month, or simply pay the one-time fee.
  • Credit repair education: MSI Credit Solutions provides credit education on topics such as stopping debt collectors, understanding collection practices and avoiding scams. Both written and video resources are available.
My Credit Group

My Credit Group is a credit repair company staffed by credit experts, loan officers, collection agents and debt negotiators. The company has been employed by numerous organizations, including the United States of Defense and Chase Manhattan. They will develop a personalized plan to repair your credit, tailored to your credit history and needs. They can also employ debt settlement negotiation services while working on repairing your credit.

  • Credit repair services: My Credit Group’s comprehensive suite of credit repair services includes credit bureau disputes, goodwill interventions, debt validation and original creditor negotiation. If the firm fails to get an item deleted, they attempt to negotiate a “pay for delete.” After addressing the client’s negative credit issues, the company helps the client open new lines of credit to improve their credit score. My Credit Group helps many clients qualify for a home loan through their credit repair services.
  • Credit repair cost: My Credit Group services have a monthly cost of $89.
  • Credit repair fees: The initial consultation is free, but there will be an enrollment fee upon official signup.
  • Credit repair education: Clients receive credit education from My Credit Group’s staff of experts so they can manage current credit issues and avoid credit problems in the future. is based on a credit restoration process that the CEO created to help overcome his own credit problems. It is a division of RMCN Credit Services, Inc. and offers both credit repair and educational tools.

  • Credit repair services: provides free credit report evaluations to help potential clients decide whether they need credit repair services. Their services include credit repair, credit restoration, credit counseling and credit education. Services are available in Spanish and English via phone and email.
  • Credit repair cost: You can get a free credit report evaluation and consultation. After the consultation, you’ll receive additional information about the monthly cost for the services you want.
  • Credit repair fees: Because doesn’t post their fee structure online, we recommend you complete a free consultation to learn more about fees.
  • Credit repair education: offers a wide range of educational resources to help consumers understand how credit scores affect them and how they can take more control of their credit.
Trinity Credit Services

Trinity Credit Services provides a range of services designed to help consumers repair and improve their credit scores. In addition to credit repair, Trinity Credit Services also helps clients navigate the loan-approval process.

  • Credit repair services: Trinity Credit Services helps clients with credit issues ranging from a quick fix to total restoration. The process begins with a free credit report evaluation. Next, they develop a customized credit repair plan. Credit repair services include filing letters to remove inaccurate information from credit reports, such as late payments, bankruptcies and other harmful information.
  • Credit repair cost: Trinity Credit Services does not disclose its pricing online. A free consultation can give you a personalized quote and detailed recommendations.
  • Credit repair fees: After your consultation, Trinity Credit Services should provide all fees upfront before signing up.
  • Credit repair education: The professionals at Trinity Credit Services provide credit education to help clients make wise financial choices to improve their credit scores. Their Credit Survival Guide outlines the steps toward financial success.
Ovation Credit Services

Ovation Credit Services provides legal and business expertise to help clients repair their credit and gain an optimal credit profile. The business was founded by attorneys who saw a need to help clients who received misleading or inaccurate credit reports. Ovation’s customizable programs give clients options to find the right care they need.

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