Here’s how much more your Memorial Day cookout will cost over last year

This Memorial Day weekend, burgers on the grill, and the condiment that go on them, will cost about 10% more - Zac Cain on UpSplash

If you skip the relish you can save a lot

This may come as no surprise, but Memorial Day weekend celebrations this year will cost more than last year, with higher prices for everything from the burgers on the grill to the condiments that go on them.

Datasembly, which tracks grocery prices in real-time, predicts that consumers will have to spend an average of 10% more on their cookout staples than they did last year. While inflation is said to be cooling, that’s more than 2023’s increase over 2022 and much more than the current rate of inflation.

The 10.19% increase in barbecue basics for early May is a large jump from the overall .03% increase in grocery inflation reported for the month of April, by Datasembly’s Grocery Price Index, which measures weekly changes in grocery pricing using data collected from over 150,000 stores spanning over 30,000 zip codes across the U.S. 

Believe it or not, the biggest increase over 2023 is relish, whose price is up nearly 50% since last Memorial Day weekend. The smallest increase is for hamburger buns, up  less than 1%.

Memorial Day weekend this year is May 25-27. See our chart below breaking down costs.

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