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May, 2024

Your wireless carrier may have been tracking you without telling you

April, 2024

Windows Mail's default app is changing. Here's how.

Want Peacock for free? There’s a way you can get it for two weeks.

March, 2024

FTC investigating TikTok over data privacy protocols

Has Apple found a way to stop iPhones from being stolen?

Florida passes bill that bans children under 14 from social media

Does it make sense to rent a printer instead of buying one?

February, 2024

Google moves to cut down on telephone 'hold times' for consumers

Your internet provider may be pulling a fast one on you

Did you remember to cancel the free trial you used to watch the Super Bowl?

Here's why electronics repairs are still too costly for consumers

Instagram will 'nudge' teens to close the app at night

January, 2024

Why AI probably won’t take over your job

Samsung packs AI into a new smartphone, beating Google and Apple

December, 2023

Multiple email address for different functions beefs up security

Google introduces new AI model, Gemini

How much data are you giving up when you accept 'all cookies?'

If AI is so smart, why are AI customer service chats so clueless?

November, 2023

Apple gives up and adopts Android’s advanced messaging features

Free Wi-Fi in your car for your holiday road trip?

October, 2023

States sue Meta, claiming social media is addictive

How good is AI at answering consumers' questions?

September, 2023

There's good news for Spectrum and Disney customers

August, 2023

Health update: Is your mobile phone out to kill you?

Are you sick of using Google?

What does Twitter's rebrand to X mean for consumers?

July, 2023

Young consumers are most concerned about smart device vulnerabilities

Meta's updated parental controls give parents an inside look at who their kids at messaging

Meta launches Threads, a new app to compete directly with Twitter

June, 2023

State lawmakers are cracking down on kids’ and teens’ social media use

Why are Reddit users rebelling?

Robocalls may be down, but the scammers are hauling in more than ever

Some mental health apps are still causing headaches

Playing around with AI? An expert says there are potential dangers

May, 2023

Apple users can now download the free ChatGPT app

Thinking about upgrading your TV with an Android box? You may be buying one infected with malware!

AI is coming to a fast food restaurant near you

FTC says Facebook violated the 2020 child privacy order and wants it rewritten

Feel like you're being followed? Apple and Google are on the case.

April, 2023

Using ChatGPT? How safe is your privacy?

FBI warns Americans against 'juice jacking'

March, 2023

How safe are you when you use public Wi-Fi?

Hackers have used ChatGPT brand to take over Facebook accounts

January, 2023

How much will AI impact life in 2023?

Are we ready for the brave new world of AI? Experts have their doubts

We asked ChatGPT for some consumer advice. We got it in 10 seconds

December, 2022

Some Epson inkjet printers are designed to shut down after a certain number of prints

How does free, unlimited electricity sound?

If you use Virtual Try On software your face and body images may end up in a database

November, 2022

Your smart TV giving you fits? You might be able to fix things with a new, inexpensive streaming device.

Consumers still complain that some companies make it hard to cancel a service

If you use a prayer app someone else could be listening in, report finds

October, 2022

Is Google capturing your biometric data in violation of the law?

“Cancel Sunday Ticket” searches by NFL fans are up 2,856%

September, 2022

TikTok is the latest social media platform to be accused of spreading misinformation

August, 2022

Biden signs CHIPS bill into law to help lower U.S. dependence on foreign semiconductor production

July, 2022

Congress passes bill to fix America’s wide-ranging computer chip issues

Mining cryptocurrency uses a 'disturbing' amount of energy, lawmakers say

Amazon Prime Video and Netflix to set new changes in motion

June, 2022

The hot summer heat plays havoc not only with people, but smartphones, too

Senators look to create universal charging cord standards to reduce electronic waste

Spending a moderate amount of time online may help teens' mental health, study finds

May, 2022

Consumers could do better when it comes to recycling electronic devices, study suggests

April, 2022

Reducing smartphone screen time may improve well-being, study finds

March, 2022

HBO Max and Discovery Plus to combine into one streaming platform

Samsung phone owners experience slowdown of more than 10,000 apps

February, 2022

Apple gets serious about protecting AirTag users from unwanted tracking

Telecoms ask FCC for $5.6 billion to replace ZTE and Huawei equipment

January, 2022

Commerce Department says the chip shortage isn’t going away, but it’s proactively looking for answers

AT&T launches new high-speed internet service

LG introduces new line of OLED TVs at CES 2022

December, 2021

Amazon’s Alexa told a child to touch a live wire with a coin

Having good posture while using smartphones may reduce consumers' pain, study finds

Earthlink rolls out wireless internet service

November, 2021

Instagram offers content creators up to $35,000 to post videos to Reels

Comcast’s Xfinity service suffered a major outage on Tuesday

Roblox comes back online after a three-day outage

October, 2021

Facebook officially changes corporate name to ‘Meta’

FCC bans China Telecom from operating in the U.S.

Intel CEO predicts computer chip shortage will drag on

Facebook oversight board rebukes company for withholding information about how it moderates VIP users

Former Spectrum customer claims he got a billing threat

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp went dark for six hours on Monday

September, 2021

Roku announces an improved Live TV offering

Buying the new iPhone 13? A new survey says picking the wrong model could cost you a bunch of money

Study reveals people use their smartphones much more than they think

Apple's new iPhone is here. Is it worth buying?

Cybersecurity researchers find major flaw on Apple devices

The new iPhone is scheduled to roll out this week

Amazon to start production on its first Amazon-built TV

August, 2021

Microsoft to release new Windows 11 operating system on October 5

Google Fiber rated fastest internet service in new study

J.D. Power rates the best companies for wireless customer satisfaction

Lawmakers draft bill aimed at addressing Google and Apple app market dominance

T-Mobile to shut down Sprint LTE network by end of June 2022

Elon Musk says Starlink internet service now has 90,000 users in 12 countries

July, 2021

Google bans ‘sugar dating’ apps from Play Store

Twitter tests new feature that allows users to buy brand products

Instagram announces new safety features for teens

Gaming to beat feelings of boredom may be harmful to your health, study finds

Consumers are less satisfied with their internet connection in 2021

Instagram now allows users to further limit ‘sensitive’ content in the app

AT&T and DISH sign $5 billion deal to create a wireless network

President Biden to direct FTC to create ‘right to repair’ regulations

Pentagon cancels $10 billion JEDI cloud contract

Pinterest bans ads related to weight loss on its platform

Facebook, Google, TikTok, and Twitter to introduce new settings to keep women safe online

June, 2021

Microsoft announces Windows 11 with new features and design updates

Google delays timeline for blocking third-party cookies

Twitter may soon launch new ‘Super Follows’ service

Facebook expected to end special treatment for politicians

Microsoft seemingly drops hints that Windows 11 is on the way

May, 2021

Facebook, Instagram users now have option to hide like counts

Microsoft to drop support for Internet Explorer next summer

Zoom announces online platform ‘Zoom Events’ for hosting events

Twitter said to be working on a new $2.99/month subscription

State attorneys general urge Facebook not to create an Instagram for kids

Verizon sells off Yahoo and AOL to focus on its wireless business

Florida’s efforts to protect consumer data fail

April, 2021

FCC sets new date for phone companies to adhere to robocall mitigation efforts

Google misled consumers about location data settings, Australian court says

Advocacy group urges Facebook to abandon idea of Instagram for children under 13

PC shipments continue to grow by leaps and bounds

Apple and Google headed to Capitol Hill for a hearing over app store antitrust practices

T-Mobile pushes free 5G phones and unlimited data plan upgrades in latest campaign

Americans increased broadband use by 30 percent during the pandemic

March, 2021

Google extends free ‘unlimited’ version of Google Meet until June

Facebook agrees to pay News Corp Australia to show news in the country

Smartphone addiction affects nearly 40 percent of college students

Twitter establishes new ‘strike’ system for dealing with vaccine misinformation

February, 2021

FCC announces discounted internet service program for low-income households during pandemic

Australia passes law requiring Facebook and tech companies to pay news publishers

Loneliness could make teens more susceptible to internet addiction

Facebook says it will invest $1 billion in news industry following Australian standoff

T-Mobile to offer a real unlimited plan with 5G and no speed throttling

Starlink internet speeds ‘will double’ this year, Elon Musk says

Facebook blocks Australian users from viewing news content

LastPass announces changes to its free tier

SpaceX launches 60 more Starlink satellites

Microsoft supports media rules that would share profits with news organizations

TikTok sale to U.S. firm on hold ‘indefinitely’

Huawei asks courts to overturn FCC’s national security threat designation

How the computer chip shortage could affect consumers

Google to drop Chrome support on certain old PCs

TikTok is reportedly planning an online shopping channel

SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet service hits the 10,000 user mark

Facebook to urge users to opt into tracking for ‘better ads experience’

January, 2021

Verizon suffers a major internet outage in the Northeast

SpaceX launches 143 spacecraft as a new era space race continues

TikTok announces privacy changes to keep young users safe

CES 2021 kicks off on screens around the world

Wi-Fi industry begins certifying Wi-Fi 6E devices

Microsoft said to be planning ‘sweeping visual rejuvenation’ of Windows

Venmo launches new ‘Cash a Check’ feature

December, 2020

FAA issues rules to expand the use of drones

Facebook expands access to ‘Facebook Protect’ security monitoring tool

Zoom to continue unlimited free calls through the holiday season

EU unveils draft policies that would curb power of Big Tech firms

FTC and 47 states launch antitrust suit against Facebook

Google launches feature with COVID-19 vaccine information

SpaceX wins nearly $900 million in federal aid to boost internet access

TikTok sale deadline passes without final deal

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to resign in January

November, 2020

Microsoft Teams no longer supported by Internet Explorer 11

Comcast to impose data cap for non-unlimited customers

FCC votes to open up additional Wi-Fi spectrum for consumers

Twitter announces new ‘Fleets’ feature

Tech addiction in kids isn't as big a problem as previously thought, researchers say

Zoom lifts 40-minute time limit for Thanksgiving video calls

Commerce Department says TikTok can continue to operate in the U.S.

TikTok says negotiations with Trump administration are at a standstill

How consumers use social media affects their well-being, study finds

October, 2020

Tech CEOs face tough questions from the Senate about free speech

Apple reportedly building an alternative to Google’s search engine

Kids with popular YouTube channels are promoting unhealthy foods, study finds

Pakistan lifts its ban on TikTok

EU to investigate Instagram over children’s privacy concerns

Facebook expands policy banning anti-vaccine ads

Facebook bans Holocaust denial content from its platform

Pakistan bans TikTok over ‘immoral and indecent’ content

Democrats unveil blueprint for breaking up Big Tech

Facebook has reportedly readied argument against splitting up Instagram and WhatsApp

Senate committee subpoenas executives of major tech companies

September, 2020

Judge blocks U.S. from banning TikTok downloads

TikTok files for preliminary injunction to avoid U.S. ban

Social media platforms reach new agreement with advertisers

YouTube turns to AI assistance to place age restrictions on videos

Facebook gives more photo rights to content creators on its social media platforms

Restrictions against TikTok and WeChat to begin this Sunday in U.S.

Comcast announces plan to bring free internet to community centers

Trump raises concerns over latest TikTok deal

Facebook launches climate change information hub

Microsoft loses in its bid to purchase TikTok

Facebook to reportedly pay users to deactivate their accounts leading up to the 2020 election

Fear of being away from your phone could be linked to obsessive compulsion, study suggests

August, 2020

Walmart joins Microsoft in bid to buy TikTok

Trump administration invests $1 billion in AI research and quantum computing

Facebook’s CEO reportedly stoked the government’s fears about TikTok

Bluetooth interest group working to include wearables in contact tracing efforts

TikTok launches new information center to counter criticism and accusations

Commerce Department imposes more restrictions on Huawei

July, 2020

Google’s Android 10 update enhances and simplifies privacy settings

June, 2020

Senate bill would update how liable online companies are for content on their platforms

The advertising boycott on Facebook picks up steam

Mac users report serious graphical glitches on Google Chrome

New text-blocking app protects against COVID-19 scams

Nearly a third of streaming subscribers added a new service during the pandemic, new poll shows

April, 2020

Zoom to roll out security update this weekend

T-Mobile and Sprint receive final merger approval from California regulators

February, 2020

The merger between T-Mobile and Sprint is finally approved

January, 2020

Tech companies tackle safety issues with new devices

Can tech simplify a person’s life? In our evolving digital world, anything is possible

As people age, new tech is there to greet them and make their life easier

Robots are stealing the show at CES 2020

December, 2019

Consumer groups push FTC for wide-ranging probe of ‘Big Tech’

October, 2019

Blockchain could vastly improve how goods move through customs at the border

September, 2019

Elizabeth Warren wants to reinstate the Office of Technology Assessment

Microsoft may go back to old update system to alleviate Microsoft 10 issues

August, 2019

Verizon activates free spam filtering for select Android phones

Appeals court rules 5G cell sites can’t skip environmental and historical review

The future of product recalls: AI and Amazon

July, 2019

Consumers and tech addiction -- gaming addiction continues to grow

Microsoft adds option to make Windows 10 devices passwordless

June, 2019

Thinking of capturing Fourth of July fireworks with a drone camera? Better think again

The long-awaited Windows 10 update is here -- and it’s a mess

May, 2019

Google changes how apps will be rated in the Play Store

March, 2019

New study shows our phones are making us more tired and less productive

Apple found guilty of violating Qualcomm patents

More than 200 Android apps were affected by adware before being pulled

Verizon to launch 5G network in Minneapolis and Chicago next month

January, 2019

New software could crack down on Netflix account sharing

Researchers uncover dozens of adware apps on Google Play store

Apple App Store games found to be communicating with malware

December, 2018

AT&T’s caller ID performs best in new study

About half of U.S. consumers lack access to broadband

November, 2018

Google Play removes driving apps that installed Android malware

iPhone or Android? The answer may reveal who you are

October, 2018

Samsung fined millions for slowing down phones through updates

July, 2018

Lawmakers push for more research on technology's impact on kids

AT&T announces latest cities to get 5G

Microsoft CEO calls on Congress to regulate use of facial recognition

May, 2018

Google rolls out Chrome changes that stop videos from autoplaying with sound

April, 2018

Cyberattack on gas pipelines highlights vulnerability of pipeline infrastructure

February, 2018

The Weekly Hack: Tesla, Facebook founder’s college roommate, and Fortune 500 companies under attack

Intel ships firmware updates for 7th- and 8th-generation Core chips

Google reveals flaw in Microsoft’s Edge browser

Google to roll out a built-in ad-blocker for its Chrome browser

Winter Olympics, televisions, and 'smart' sex toys may be under cyber attack

Former Silicon Valley insiders launch anti-tech campaign

January, 2018

Windows update neutralizes Intel Spectre fix

Why you may be losing home internet connectivity

AT CES, television sets are the star of the show

Microsoft pauses Meltdown and Spectre fixes for AMD chips

'Meltdown' and 'Spectre' flaws cause huge security concerns

AT&T to test 5G wireless service in 12 markets this year

Intel processors' design flaw may lead to huge computer slowdowns

December, 2017

What consumers can expect from the first ‘Always Connected’ PCs

Expert insight on securing your home’s smart devices

November, 2017

Survey shows millennials are Bitcoin early adopters

Walmart deploys robot workers at undisclosed stores, and they haven’t crashed

Lowe’s launching ‘smart home’ centers in stores across the U.S.

Smart household devices may be your biggest security blindspot

iPhone X performs poorly in durability tests

October, 2017

Which devices are most vulnerable to cyberattack?

Sophisticated malware may evade antivirus software

September, 2017

Hackers target CCleaner and infect it with malware

Lenovo settles with FTC over adware that exposed users to cyber attacks

July, 2017

Hackers find voting machines as secure as a car with the key in the ignition

Why millions of PC users are locked out of Microsoft's Creator's Update

Teens most likely to struggle with technology addiction

Protection plans for electronic devices -- are they worth it?

June, 2017

Another ransomware attack threatens systems worldwide

Researchers urge makers of wearable devices to keep older consumers in mind

How to protect your personal and financial information online

The pros and cons of the Samsung s8

Sharp sues Chinese firm to reclaim its name

May, 2017

Why your personal fitness tracker may not be all that accurate

Consumers are cool to virtual reality gear

How to protect yourself from the WannaCrypt ransomware scheme

Huge ransomware attack unfolding worldwide

Windows Defender vulnerability allows hackers to take over systems without a fight

Microsoft joins the AI race with the Invoke

April, 2017

Tips for cleaning up digital disorder

March, 2017

Tech companies fight government 'gag orders' on search warrant cases

February, 2017

Google launches new wireless gigabit service

Intel to invest $7 billion to create a chip plant in Arizona

January, 2017

Majority of Americans are data breach victims, survey finds

Yahoo to change name to 'Altaba' pending a successful acquisition deal

Samsung hoping for reboot at Consumer Electronics Show

November, 2016

Preserving your pictures and videos for posterity

October, 2016

Sanders joins Trump in opposing AT&T/Time Warner merger

Google parent Alphabet pulls the plug on Google Fiber

September, 2016

AT&T unveils AirGig, a wireless broadband solution that uses power lines

USB Killer 2.0 raises concerns over computer protections

July, 2016

Why employees shouldn't respond to work email after-hours

April, 2016

MightyTV can help you decide what to watch

Skoove can teach you how to play the piano from your computer

February, 2016

Facing new market challenges, GoPro gets a reality check

October, 2015

Wearable tech to be 2016's top fitness trend

September, 2015

Where's the TV guy? Dish lets you track him

August, 2015

Hackers can steal Gmail passwords from Samsung “smart” refrigerators

Video camera uses artificial intelligence to automatically edit footage

July, 2015

Yet another U.S. government cybersecurity breach; this time it's the Census Bureau

T-Mobile gets more disruptive, ends North American roaming charges

Your smartphone suffers in hot weather too

June, 2015

Vulnerability in iOS could allow hackers to spoof Apple Pay, steal users' credit card data

May, 2015

Verizon, Sprint to pay $158 million for illegal cramming of customers' mobile phones

Future PCs may be cooled without fans

Mumblehard malware turns Linux servers into spam-senders

March, 2015

Hackers breach public wi-fi at multiple hotels and convention centers

Proposed “right to repair electronics” bill moves forward in New York State

PlayStation Network accounts hacked; Sony leaves victims holding the bag

February, 2015

Reminder: change the default password on your home router, before a hacker does

New smartphone app records police and uploads video to the Internet, automatically

Digitizing slides with the Epson V600

January, 2015

Don't let “breach fatigue” leave you vulnerable to hackers and malware

November, 2014

Hackers steal Hilton Hotels' loyalty program reward points

October, 2014

Guardian claims "anonymous" app Whisper secretly tracks users, shares info with U.S. government

5 of the best mobile online billing software apps for business owners on the go

September, 2014

Thermal-imaging devices can steal your PINs and passcodes

January, 2014

Lawsuit challenges MacKeeper's "clean computer" claims

December, 2013

Scam alert: Microsoft will not call you at home

November, 2013

Satellite Internet: Which plan is best for you?

July, 2013

Web giants to deaf consumers: go away

March, 2013

Anti-Google Glass group warns of dire consequences

February, 2013

How to disable McAfee's auto renewal

November, 2012

DIRECTV and Exede to Bundle TV, Internet Service

Survey: Low Battery 'Chirp' May be Smoke Alarm Safety Hazard

December, 2011

Staples Addresses Security Concerns In Used Computer Sales

October, 2011

Sony Recalls Flat-Screen TVs Because of Fire Risk

September, 2011

What's Wrong With Flat- Screen TVs?

June, 2011

Cloud Site Dropbox Drops the Ball

October, 2010

Nvidia Settles Faulty Processor Suit; Dell, HP, Compaq, Mac Owners Stand to Benefit

July, 2010

Consumers Frazzled by Samsung LCD TV Problems

April, 2010

Beware of the Yahoo Email Scam

Second Lifers File Class Action

March, 2010

Classmates Sued Over Content-Sharing Arrangement

October, 2009

Gateway Unloaded Warranties on Insolvent Company, Suit Says

August, 2009

"Black Screen Of Death" Afflicts Many Flat Screen TVs

April, 2009

FCC Pressed To Defend Wireless Open Internet

September, 2008

Wilmington Goes Digital In DTV Transition Test

January, 2008

Data Thieves Hit Georgetown University Students, Faculty

FCC Not Ready to Pry Open Wireless Networks

December, 2007

A Visit to the Video Professor's 'Classroom'

October, 2007

AT&T Threatens Complaining Customers With Cancellation

September, 2007

Gamers Irate Over NFL Madden 2008 Glitches

Online Camera Stores: Take a Close Look

August, 2007

Georgia Man's Dell Laptop Bursts into Flames

May, 2007

Ubuntu: Too Good to be True?

March, 2007

The End Of Internet Radio As We Know It

February, 2007

Planned Obsolesence Comes to Ink Cartridges

January, 2007

BlueHippo Funding: The Pitch

November, 2006

GPS Tracking Adds Layer of Security to Laptops

August, 2006

"Exploding" Dell Laptop Destroys Truck, Imperils Outsdoorsmen

July, 2006

The Death of E-Mail?

June, 2006

Survey: Employees Are Biggest Threat To Data Security

March, 2006

Citibank's Cards Mysteriously Shut Down

February, 2006

Homeland Security Looking at RFID Technology to Track Individuals

January, 2006

TV Logos Blamed for Plasma Screen Burn-In

Symantec Hides Rootkits In Software

November, 2004

Risk of Cell Phone Explosions Growing