Verizon is starting to send out $100 million in settlement checks


Customers can receive as much as $100.

If you’re a Verizon Wireless customer, you’re likely due part of a $100 million arrangement the company has entered into to settle a class action lawsuit.

The suit claimed Cellco Partnership -- Verizon’s official name -- deceived its customers by not making clear certain fees in some of its wireless service plans. In other words, “junk fees” that were “unfair and not adequately disclosed.”

As described by TopClassActions, the settlement class includes current and former Verizon account holders who received postpaid wireless or data services between Jan. 1, 2016 and Nov. 8, 2023 and paid for an Administrative Charge and/or Administrative and Telco Recovery Charge.

As other companies have found, Verizon says it considers it "desirable to resolve this Action" and in its "best interest" rather than fight it tooth and nail. 

How to get your share of $100 million

If you qualify as an eligible class member, the wheels are already in motion to get you your fair share. The $100 million that Verizon is paying will be distributed to class members via check or electronic payment.

The process will begin with the class members getting a minimum of $15 for each account, plus $1 for each month that their Verizon account was charged those “administrative fees” or “recovery fees.” There is a cap, however. The settlement says that the maximum amount to be paid per account is $100.

And there’s a second “however,” too. There is a possibility that the total amount may be lower if there are fewer class members filing valid claims and each class member has been a Verizon subscriber for a shorter period of time.

The last hoops you have to jump through are these according to TopClassActions:

  • Class members may file their claims online or via mail. 
  • Claimants must provide their Verizon Wireless phone number and contact information and must choose a form of payment. 
  • Those who received a settlement notice via mail or email must also provide their notice ID and confirmation code.
  • Claim forms must be submitted by April 15, 2024.

Here’s the link to the claim form.

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