Want Peacock for free? There’s a way you can get it for two weeks.


Military, students, first responders should always ask if they have special discounts.

If you can’t go on another day without watching Oppenheimer, the latest Trolls movie, or the newest episode of Yellowstone, there’s a sneaky way you can get those checked off your to-watch list for free.

As he’s prone to do, Jared Newman of Cord-Cutter Confidential, has found a promotional tie-in that can get you a free trial of Peacock. It’s one of those things that fell into Newman’s lap unexpectedly because Peacock doesn’t offer a free trial.

Newman says the promotion is “unofficial,” but here’s how it works: “Peacock is currently included for free with an Instacart+ subscription, and Instacart+ does offer a free trial–with no credit card required. By signing up for the latter, you can also check out Peacock at no extra charge.”

The crease you’ll be riding to get this free trial is that, last November, Instacart added Peacock Premium (with ads) as a free benefit for Instacart+ subscribers. On its own, Peacock Premium’s ad-supported tier costs $6 per month or $60 per year, so getting it for free is a pretty nice perk.

This isn’t one of those short-term deals, either. According to ConsumerAffairs research, Instacart + trial periods run 14-days, long enough for you to binge all you want. Newman says the trial is available to anyone, including folks who’ve subscribed to Peacock before.


Breaking that down to the steps you need to take, Newman’s steps are as follows

  • Sign up for an Instacart + trial.

  • After signing up, head to the Instacart + benefits page.

  • Scroll down to the “Unlock special offers” section, find the Peacock benefit, and click “Activate.”

  • On the Peacock redemption page, enter your email address and either create or sign into your Peacock account.

“If all goes according to plan, you should see a message confirming your Peacock Premium subscription, and you’ll have access to the service for as long as your Instacart + trial remains active,” he said. 

If you like what you see on Peacock and get from Instacart + in the way of shopping benefits and want to extend the trial period to two months, all you have to do is head back to the Instacart + benefits page and scroll to the “Unlock special offers” section. Find the ‘2 free months of Instacart+ with your eligible Mastercard’ benefit and click “Activate.”

“While this step does require you to put a credit card on file, you can still extend the trial without being auto-billed at the end. Just make sure to select ‘I’ll decide later’ in the renewal options section after adding your MasterCard details,” he said. “Unless you select a monthly or annual plan later, the subscription will automatically end after the two-month trial period.”

This isn’t the only Peacock deal

If you didn’t finish your Peacock binge, no sweat. There are other workarounds you can use to avoid paying full price.

One of those is that military and veterans, first-responders, and students get Peacock discounts. So do some Comcast Xfinity customers and some JetBlue customers.

If you are a Peacock ex-pat (returning customer), you might call and see if there’s a discount code if you sign back up, too. Newman keeps an up-to-date list of deals in this TechHive article and posts new codes in his Cord Cutter Weekly newsletter.

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