Netflix DVD subscribers may get a bonus

Photo (c) D Benito Stock - Getty Images

The streamer will shut down its DVD rentals on September 29

Earlier this year, Netflix announced that it would be officially ending its DVD rental subscription plan. 

Now, the company has sent an email out to DVD subscribers, giving them the opportunity to sign up for 10 extra movies before the service ends for good. 

The catch: subscribers can’t choose or keep the movies, and they also won’t know if they’ve been selected until the package shows up in the mail. 

Your recent watches will determine your extra movies

“After 25 years of movies in the mail, we’re approaching the end of our final season,” Netflix’s email read. “We really appreciate that you’re sharing movie nights with us until the last day. Let’s have some fun for our finale!” 

The email then goes on to encourage subscribers to register at this site by August 29 for a chance to get up to 10 extra movies mailed to them with their final shipment on September 29. 

Netflix will determine which extra movies they’re sending to each subscriber based on their previous order history. In the email, the company also encourages subscribers to adjust their queues and adjust their must-watch movies to be at the top of the list. This will help them determine what movies they send to subscribers. 

Though this will be the final shipment for Netflix’s DVD rentals, subscribers will still have to send back any extra movies they’re sent. All DVDs – including the extras – must be sent back to the streaming service by October 29. 

For those who are interested in getting the most out of Netflix’s DVD rentals before it’s no longer available, there are three subscription options. One disc at a time will run you $9.99/month, two discs cost $14.99/month, and three discs come out to $19.99/month. 

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