Trend Micro unveils new protections for AI PCs

Trend Micro is trying to make it safer to use an AI device - UnSplash +

Enhanced threats require enhanced protection, the company says

Trend Micro has introduced new tools to help computer users protect themselves against threats that employ artificial intelligence (AI). It’s part of the company's ongoing development of cybersecurity solutions that use AI.

While AI can be useful in a number of areas, law enforcement has recently warned that its misuse is leading to an increase in scams, as well as an increase in scams’ effectiveness. For example, fake images, audio and video can make victims believe they are seeing or hearing something that is completely fabricated.

In a recent study conducted by Trend Micro, nearly 72% of respondents expressed excitement about AI’s potential to enhance task quality and uncover new opportunities, but almost 65% said they worry about AI’s role in spreading misinformation while 58% are concerned about AI’s misuse of their images and likeness. 

Other vulnerabilities

Beyond these potential abuses of AI, there are other possible vulnerabilities to AI applications themselves that, without protection, may result in consumers unknowingly being misdirected or unintentionally exposing their private data.

“Generative AI represents an infrastructure shift that requires us to use our long history of understanding digital threats to develop innovative solutions and meet the moment,” said Eva Chen, CEO of Trend Micro: “Our goal is to ensure every user, from individual consumers to the largest organizations in the world, can harness the full potential of AI and AI PCs securely and confidently.”

Protection when using an AI computer

The changes are specifically designed to offer enhanced protection when using AI PCs. Trend Micro will introduce new solutions for consumers in the second half of 2024 that are designed to protect users from AI abuses while leveraging in both existing and new products and services.

Among the features are protection capabilities against tampering with AI applications,     contaminating the AI application with malicious input, and preventing AI applications from inadvertently or maliciously accessing sensitive data.

There will also features that protect consumers from malicious AI-generated or AI-altered content. 

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