Xfinity may have pushed out the largest TV streaming bundle ever

Xfinity is the latest content provider to roll out a bundle, but how much do you really save? - ConsumerAffairs

Streaming service expert shares tips that could make the deal even sweeter

If we hang on long enough, will we all eventually get all the streaming services we want for free? Well, maybe not free, but Xfinity, part of Comcast, is doing its best to make it darn near free and better than what Disney, Hulu, and others have tried to lure us with.

The second-largest cable TV company by subscribers and the largest home Internet service provider in the United States is now bundling three of the largest streaming services – bundling as in a savings of over 30% or $100 a year level bundling.

Xfinity’s new “StreamSaver'' package includes a subscription to Netflix Standard with ads, Peacock Premium, and Apple TV+. The basic add-on will set you back $15 per month, and without any annual contracts.

But if that’s not enough, Xfinity is raising the stakes by offering customers to also combine the bundled apps with NOW TV for one monthly price of $30. NOW TV would add another 40-plus live channels to the deal: including AMC, A&E, Hallmark, History Channel, Lifetime, WEtv, plus over two dozen integrated (free ad-supported) FAST channels like AccuWeather, NBC News, TODAY All Day, and Xumo Movies.

Is this such a good deal after all?

TechHive’s Jared Newman is pretty good about breaking these sorts of things down to what it really means to the consumer and he thinks there are a couple of points you consider before signing up for Xfinity’s new deal.

The first is that compared to the cost of each service separately, StreamSaver turns out to be $8-per-month cheaper. 

“Whether it’s actually worthwhile depends on how much effort you want to put into saving even more money. Even without bundling, Peacock is regularly available at a discount,” he notes. For instance, Newman claims you can get $30 off a full year of Peacock Premium, which averages out to $2.50 per month for the ad-supported tier.

Newman’s sleuthing went even further, saying that if you’re willing to do individual deals with the three services, you can do better in the savings department.

His first example is Apple TV+, where extended free trials for both new and eligible returning subscribers are currently being offered. Extended as in two free months directly through Apple, three free months from Best Buy, three free months as a Target Circle member, or three free months via Xbox consoles.

“So, let’s say you coast by on Apple’s trial offers, grab a half-price Peacock subscription, and pay full price for Netflix. That brings your average monthly bill to $9.50 with Netflix’s ad-supported tier or $18 with ad-free Netflix,” he said.

“Either way, you’re saving $5.50 per month over Comcast’s StreamSaver package, and you’re not locked into Comcast’s TV or internet service.”

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