New app, Blinker, can help you buy or sell your car online

The free service is simple and safe

Buying a used car can be stressful, and the same is true of making a major purchase online. Forking over big bucks to a relative stranger can be scary, but a new online used car marketplace may make the experience safer and easier.

Blinker, started by John Elway Dealers and Summit Automotive Partners founder Rod Buscher, launched Tuesday in Colorado. The peer-to-peer car sales app will enable Colorado consumers to buy, sell, and finance used cars.

Blinker helps sellers set a price for their vehicle or advertise their car for a monthly payment. Buyers can easily submit their payment through the app, and the seller will be paid the full amount within 24 hours.

Fields offers and payments

“The process of selling and buying used cars privately creates a lot of anxiety for most people,” Buscher, chief executive officer and a founder, said in a release, “but Blinker solves all that by making the process quick, easy, much safer and fun.”

Blinker walks both buyers and sellers through the process of buying a used car. In addition to handling offers and payments, the app makes sure title documents are completed.

Buyers get the benefit of knowing all about the vehicle’s condition and history before committing to the purchase. They’ll get a free Carfax report, as well as be given the option of buying a service contract.

Where safety is concerned, the app makes sure seller identity and information is encrypted. Buyer information is also verified, so both parties can breathe easier. 

Colorado consumers may be the first to be able to use the app, but anyone can download the app now. Blinker plans to make the service available nationwide next year.

Blinker is available as a free download on iTunes and Google Play.

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