Amazon partners with Hyundai to sell cars on its website


Cars will be available online in the U.S. starting in 2024

Amazon has announced a new partnership with Hyundai that would allow consumers to purchase cars directly from the Amazon website. 

“Hyundai is a very innovative company that shares Amazon’s passion for trying to make customers’ lives better and easier every day,” said Amazon CEO Andy Jassy. 

“Our broad, strategic partnership should do just that, from changing the ease with which customers can buy vehicles online to making it simple to use Alexa in Hyundai vehicles for entertainment, shopping, smart home adjustments, and calendar checks to enabling Hyundai to transform their customer experiences and business operations by moving to Amazon Web Services.” 

A new digital shopping experience

The biggest part of this announcement is that consumers will be able to buy cars online, through Amazon, and either have them delivered to their homes or shipped to a local dealership for pickup. 

The shopping experience will be much like what consumers are used to when shopping for anything online. There will be options to see different colors, interior features, trim, and more, including which options are available at which dealerships. 

When it comes time to checkout, consumers will have all of the same financing choices available to them that they typically would when heading to the dealership. 

Prioritizing the latest technology

The collaboration between Amazon and Hyundai will also allow the carmaker to focus on integrating the latest technology into its newest designs. Hyundai will be utilizing the Amazon Web Services cloud platform to streamline many of their day-to-day processes. 

Additionally, Hyundai engineers will complete new Master Builder certification courses to ensure they understand the latest cloud skills and technology. 

Driving with Alexa

This will come in handy as Hyundai works to integrate Amazon’s Alexa platform into its new models in 2025. Consumers will be able to adjust several features in their car, as well as take care of things in their home while they’re still on the road. 

Drivers will be able to adjust what’s playing on their car speakers with Alexa, including podcasts, music, and audiobooks. There will also be options to check calendars, set reminders, or check things off to-do lists. 

For those who have smart home applications, like smart lighting, locks, thermostats, etc., they'll be able to control those features from their Alexa-compatible cars. 

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