Amazon Prime members will have to start paying delivery fees on grocery orders under $150

Delivery charges could be as high as $10 depending on how much shoppers spend on their Amazon Fresh orders

Amazon announced that Prime members who make Amazon Fresh grocery orders under $150 will have to start paying for delivery. 

Previously, Amazon was offering free delivery on grocery orders of at least $35. Moving forward, delivery will be free only on orders of $150 or more. 

“This service fee will help keep prices low in our online and physical grocery stores as we better cover grocery delivery costs and continue to enable offering a consistent, fast, and high-quality delivery experience,” Amazon wrote in an email to Prime members, explaining the decision to hike the grocery delivery fees. 

Spending more money equates to lower delivery fees

Amazon will begin implementing these new delivery fees on Fresh orders starting February 28. The total amount of customers’ orders will determine what they’re charged for delivery: 

  • Orders $50 and less: $9.95 delivery fee

  • Orders between $50-$100: $6.95 delivery fee

  • Orders between $100-$150: $3.95 delivery fee

Currently, when Prime members make grocery orders, they’re able to select their delivery time from a collection of two-hour windows. While this will still be an option amid the delivery fee changes, Amazon will also give customers the opportunity to extend their delivery time to a six-hour window. Those who opt for the longer delivery option will also have a cheaper delivery fee. 

In recent months, consumers have been hit by the effects of inflation at the grocery store. Whether it’s the continuously rising price of eggs or how increasing vegetable oil costs will affect the prices of other food items, grocery prices continue to be a significant expense for consumers across the country. 

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