Amazon drops Just Walk Out technology in grocery stores

The next move for the retailer is AI-powered shopping carts

Amazon Fresh and Amazon Go stores are getting a new look – one that doesn’t include the company’s Just Walk Out technology.

The AI-powered technology allows shoppers to go through the store and put items in their carts, bypassing a checkout line on the way out. Once they were done shopping, they’d receive an electronic bill for their shopping trip. 

However, now the company has announced its plans to revamp the stores and move forward without Just Walk Out. 

“We’ve invested a lot of time redesigning a number of our Amazon Fresh stores over the last year, offering a better overall shopping experience with more value, convenience and selection – and so far we’ve seen positive results, with higher customer shopping satisfaction scores and increased purchasing,” said Jessica Martin, Amazon spokesperson, in a statement.  

“We’ve also heard from customers that while they enjoyed the benefit of skipping the checkout line with Just Walk Out, they also wanted the ability to easily find nearby products and deals, view their receipt as they shop, and know how much money they saved while shopping through the store.” 

Amazon will continue to utilize Just Walk Out technology at stores in the U.K., as well as in third-party retailers like hospitals, airports, stadiums and theme parks. 

AI shopping carts are the future

Moving forward, Amazon plans to prioritize its AI-powered shopping carts, Dash Carts, which still allow shoppers to skip the checkout line. 

Dash Carts are equipped with a digital touch screen, and shoppers can log in to their Amazon accounts straight from the screen. As they go through the aisles, they can pick things off the shelves, scan them on the Dash Cart’s screen, and keep moving. 

The Dash Cart also has a built-in scale so shoppers can weigh items that are sold by weight, and it tallies up your total as you shop, so you can see exactly how much you’re spending as you go through the store. 

The technology is currently available in two dozen stores, including Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods, McKeever’s Markets, and Price Chopper, in 13 states. 

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