FTC refunds 117,000 Ring customers after privacy settlement


If you qualify, you'll have 30 days to cash your payment

Do you have a Ring doorbell? If you do, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) likely owes you part of the over $5.6 million in refunds being sent to Ring customers following a 2023 settlement.

In the suit triggering the settlement, Ring was blamed for insufficient security that allowed both hackers and its own employees to access private consumer videos.

In the agency’s eyes, Ring erred in three ways. One, that the company didn't do enough to stop employees and others from peeping at videos; That it used customer videos without permission; and overall, Ring simply didn’t have things together when it came to security. All of those spell one thing: privacy violations.

How will you get your money

If you own a Ring doorbell and had one during the affected period, then you and 117,000 others qualify for a payment. To determine that, you should get in touch with the administrator (Rust Consulting, Inc.) at 1-833-637-4884 or visit the FTC website's FAQ section. 

Once you’re registered, you should get a PayPal payment, but it’s important to note that consumers should redeem their PayPal payment within 30 days.

Also, you can expect fraudsters out there to offer you a “Ring” payment of their own, so be careful. Remember, the FTC never asks for payment or personal information to process a refund.

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