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June, 2024

How affordable is your state when it comes to repairing a vehicle after an accident?

Tesla owners love the car, but not the customer service

Reviews of Hertz, Avis and other rental car companies show declining customer satisfaction

May, 2024

Researchers say new technology can speed up EV charging times

Americans are driving their cars longer

EVs are projected to have more recalls than all other vehicles

Kia and Hyundai are now the most stolen vehicles in America

Your car may be filled with cancer-causing fumes, study warns

Hyundai performed well in the latest IIHS crash tests

Tesla fires staff responsible for building charging stations

April, 2024

All new cars will soon have this safety feature

Tesla drivers too reliant on Autopilot are most likely to crash

Insurance rates breaking the speed limit on cost for many seniors

Here are the cities with the best and worst parking

March, 2024

New or used? Here are 10 used cars offering the biggest savings.

Carmakers get more time to phase out gas cars

Electric vehicle prices continue their free-fall

These three states have the deadliest highways in America

These 10 cars are selling for the most over the sticker price

February, 2024

Child booster seats are improving. Here are the best.

Kia/Hyundai reaches settlement with stolen car owners

Nearly all new EVs are selling for less than the MSRP

Here are the best states to buy a used car

Many states also offer incentives to buy EVs and hybrids

Car deals -- and advice -- are showing up on TikTok

Looking for a cheap, reliable used car? Here are some options.

January, 2024

Toyota issues ‘Do Not Drive’ order for 50,000 cars

Vroom suspends online sales, lays off most of its staff

U.S. invests $623 million to build EV charging stations

Yes, you can buy a car if you have bad credit

Electric car owners in the frigid Midwest struggle to keep them charged

Hertz plans to sell 20,000 of its electric cars

Renting a car? You might get an EV whether you want one or not.

There are still rolling potential death traps on America’s roads

KIA rolls out new theft deterrent device for vulnerable vehicles

December, 2023

Feds want alcohol-detection technology in all new cars

New FTC rule targets illegal car dealer tactics

Mazda drives off with three IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK+ awards

Who do you trust? Study finds it’s not your mechanic.

Electric vehicle buyers are now in the driver’s seat as prices fall

November, 2023

These vehicles may pose the most danger to pedestrians

Could you handle a $1,000 car repair? Many can't.

EVs lose their value faster than any type of vehicle, study finds

October, 2023

Consumers are driving cars longer, raising repair costs

Many cars still carry a ‘do not drive’ warning. Does yours?

Used car prices fall into the ‘affordable’ range, study finds

The cost of driving a car continues to rise

Pre-recall Alert: Brake and engine complaints increase

September, 2023

$23,000 no longer buys a three-year-old used car

For most drivers, fall is the most dangerous season

The UAW strike could make cars more expensive

What would an autoworker strike mean for consumers?

How to avoid buying a car that’s been in a flood

Pre-recall Alert: Airbags, steering and brake issues

These used cars give buyers some bargaining power

Does your state charge you to drive an EV?

August, 2023

These five new hybrids all get at least 50 miles per gallon

New car inflation is ‘disappearing,’ but the news isn’t all good

Two Honda models recognized for improved safety

Cell phones and driving: The bad and the good

Looking for a used car under $20K? Good luck!

Pre-recall: These car owners are reporting problems

Too many consumers are being scammed by auto mechanics, claims a new report

Why does it cost so much to get your car repaired? Experts weigh in.

Muscle cars the deadliest on the road, study finds

Toyota is bringing back its popular Land Cruiser

NHTSA opens probe into Tesla steering issues

Can you afford an electric car? Ford has its doubts.

July, 2023

Major automakers come together to build 30,000 urban and highway charging points

New EV prices are following used EV prices lower

Ford cuts the F-150 Lightning price by nearly $10,000

When it comes to the worst drivers in America, avoid the South, a new study suggests

Ford leads in the number of recalled vehicles in the first half of 2023

Used car prices have tumbled and new cars may be next

Pre-recall Alert: Can your car’s brakes fail? Subaru, Ford, Lexus and Lincoln owners say yes.

June, 2023

New car quality continues to decline, study finds

NHTSA probing the adequacy of a recent Ford recall

All new cars could soon have automatic emergency braking

June is airbag recall repair month -- time to stop procrastinating

May, 2023

Auto sales and service topped 2022 consumer complaints

Are you driving a potential death trap? Data show millions are.

Would you pay a 'subscription' fee for features for your new car?

NHTSA wants 67 million airbag inflators in U.S. vehicles recalled

Here are the vehicles with the best chance of making it to 250,000 miles

Some Hyundai and Kia owners still have trouble getting insurance

April, 2023

GM is ending production of the Chevrolet Bolt

States ask feds to recall easy-to-steal Hyundais and Kias

Here are the EV models eligible for the 2023 tax credit

There are more new cars for sale but affordability continues to decline

What happened to all the cheap new cars?

Avoid these used cars if you don't want to overpay

Used car prices are falling. Here are the models whose prices are down the most

March, 2023

Hyundai-Kia faces growing pressure over car thefts

Dealers are still selling new cars for more than the sticker price

Used car prices are moving higher again

Late on your car payment? Then, you’re not ready for this

Your car may not be as safe as you think. Here’s why

February, 2023

California Tesla crash draws more scrutiny

Kia and Hyundai owners can rejoice that the automakers have a solution for their theft issues

Telsa pledges to build 7,500 new charging stations

Get matched to your top car warranty in seconds

Ever been yo-yo’ed? The next time you go to buy a car, make sure you aren't

Car shoppers may find much better deals on the used car lot

January, 2023

Buying a used Kia or Hyundai? You might have trouble getting insurance

Buying a new car? Your timing is excellent say automotive experts

What's the best car for the money in 2023?

Buying a car isn't as much fun as it used to be

Automatic emergency braking is now nearly universal in light vehicles, increasing safety

Sixteen vehicle brands have technology bugs, making for a hacker holiday

What states have the worst roads in America?

December, 2022

There will be plenty of new cars available next year, experts say

Feds look into claims that Hertz rented vehicles that were under recall

Takata airbags are still killing drivers

Here are the used cars that provide the best value

These cars haven’t been recalled, but maybe they should be

Car subscriptions are starting to challenge ownership, renting, and leasing

November, 2022

Can your vehicle last more than 200,000 miles? Here are 20 that can

How safe are small cars? New side crash test yields mixed results

Finding water inside your car? It’s more common than you think

Need new wheels? Here are some lease deals for under $200

Here are the cars that hold their value the most

FCA issues Do Not Drive order for older Dodges and Chryslers

October, 2022

Safety regulators are investigating ‘catastrophic engine failure’ on some Ford Broncos

Used car prices are dropping but fewer consumers can afford the payments

Will all vehicles soon have digital license plates?

Rising interest rates are sending car payments into record territory

Goodbye Hurricane Ian, hello flooded vehicle rip-offs.

September, 2022

The chance your car will be stolen is increasing, report finds

Insurance analyst confirms Hyundai and Kias are favorite targets of car thieves

Here are the new cars getting marked up the most over sticker price

Automakers have thrown the industry into reverse when it comes to consumer satisfaction, a study suggests

Here are five auto lease deals under $199 a month in September

Used car prices dip but new car prices are still climbing

Thieves want your car’s catalytic converter

Consumers continue to cite concerns about new vehicle tech

August, 2022

The auto industry is tracking housing, with fewer sales but higher prices

Hyundai and Kia owners are now targets of car thieves, thanks to TikTok

New car inventory dipped last month as prices hit a record high

Despite rising new car prices, there are still some deals in August

Prices of used electric and hybrid cars continue to skyrocket

Ford raises price of Lightning F-150 electric vehicle as it comes back to market

Ford tops list of SUVs with the best gas mileage

July, 2022

Vehicle repossessions are surging, report finds

Car thefts rise 8% following record rise in used car prices

Car buyers prefer rebates over tax credits for electric vehicles, study finds

New cars sold at a record-high average price in June

Tesla's front-end vibration issues aren't going away even after recall

Charging and range concerns continue to hold back electric vehicle sales

Consumers in rural states show strong interest in hybrid and electric vehicles

New car sales plunged in June, but prices didn’t

FTC cracks down on deceptive car sales tactics

June, 2022

New car quality dropped sharply this year, J.D. Power reports

Don’t expect many July 4th new car deals

Used car prices rose 16.9% in May

The average car payment is at a record high

Brightly-colored vehicles lose the least amount of their value

NHTSA upgrades investigation of Tesla Autopilot-related crashes

White House reaffirms charging station pledge for electric vehicles

Used car prices rose again in May

Ford CEO announces plan to shift all electric vehicle sales online at fixed prices

Consumers driving flex-fuel vehicles are paying a lot less to fill up

May, 2022

Toyota and BMW were most shopped-for car brands during first quarter

Average age of cars in U.S. hits record 12.2 years

New investigation opened into Tesla Autopilot following crash involving three deaths

Illinois suspends Carvana’s dealer license over titling delays

Tesla accuses another engineer of stealing trade secrets

April, 2022

Kia EV6 edges out Tesla as ‘Best Electric Vehicle’

Most Americans support tougher distracted driving laws, poll shows

Tesla owner says his car ‘froze’ at 83 MPH on LA freeway

New vehicle prices dipped in March

Used car prices rise more than 30% in February

Consumers report problems with dying Tesla Model Y vehicles

Average car payments to likely set record in first quarter

Honda and GM to co-develop electric cars priced under $30,000

Biden invokes Defense Production Act to bolster U.S. EV battery production

March, 2022

Average new car prices now list 9.9% above sticker price

NHTSA reinstates fines against automakers that failed to meet fuel standards

Traffic fatalities increase in 2021 despite consumers driving fewer miles

Consumers often make mistakes when purchasing replacement tires

Pickup trucks and SUVs threaten pedestrians the most, new study finds

Used car prices increased by 35% in February

Honda and Toyota take top honors in family car rankings

Ford to sell some SUVs without rear seat temperature controls due to chip shortage

Toyota and SUVs top list of longest-lasting vehicles

Ford to divide electric vehicle production into its own auto division

Toyota picked as the best automotive brand for retaining value

GPS directions may not always lead you to the safest routes, study finds

February, 2022

Car dealers continue to mark up vehicles beyond the sticker price

Feds worry about the increasing cost of used car loans

Buying a vehicle in 2022 is difficult for many consumers, survey shows

NHTSA opens investigation into Tesla over 'phantom braking'

NHTSA approves safer headlights for U.S. vehicles

More than 80% of new car buyers paid over sticker price in January

Kia takes the lead in latest vehicle dependability survey

Government officials earmark $5 billion to build electric vehicle charging stations nationwide

Kia and Hyundai owners warned about potential engine fires

Pothole damage costs drivers $3 billion a year

Tesla recalls over 50,000 vehicles over issue with Autopilot feature

January, 2022

Electric vehicle buyers report improved satisfaction, study finds

Despite recent price increases, there are still affordable used cars

Prosecutors file first felony charges tied to Tesla Autopilot crashes

Teen hacker finds way to remotely take control of 25 Teslas vehicles worldwide

Honda Civic named North American Car of the Year

Used car prices continue rising as demand heats up

Toyota to develop 30 new electric vehicles under new $70 billion initiative

Toyota passes GM as America’s best-selling automaker

December, 2021

NHTSA steps up probe of Hyundai and Kia engine fires

New car buyers will face an expensive 2022, experts predict

Tesla under investigation over ‘Passenger Play’ in-dash gaming feature

Toyota earned the most Kelley Blue Book Awards in 2021

Decreasing vehicle emissions will reduce deaths tied to air pollution, study finds

Car shortage leads to big dip in new car deals in December

Used car prices will continue to rise, data suggests

Toyota to spend $35 billion on electric cars over next eight years

Toyota to start charging owners who want to start their vehicles remotely

Regulators express concerns over gaming features in Tesla vehicles

Half of all drinkers may be driving over the legal alcohol limit, study finds

If your car is on this list, it may be worth more than you think

Adding artificial sound to electric vehicles may improve pedestrian safety, study finds

November, 2021

Tesla app issue locked hundreds of drivers out of their vehicles

Used car prices set another record in October

Thirty countries and 6 major automakers agree to phase out gas-powered vehicles by 2040

Whistleblower awarded $24 million for providing information about Kia and Hyundai violations

Daylight Savings Time creates driver fatigue and road hazards, expert says

Car shortage ripple effects could slam consumers, economists say

October, 2021

Electric vehicle tax credit to climb to $12,500 if Biden plan goes through

Hertz may acquire another 100,000 Tesla vehicles for Uber drivers

GM promises to build 42,000 electric vehicle charging stations

Hertz orders 100,000 Tesla vehicles as part of a massive electric vehicle overhaul

Car sales are down, but electric vehicle sales are booming

Toyota announces major investment in electric car technology

Satisfaction with rental car companies drops sharply, survey finds

NHTSA asks Tesla why it didn’t issue recall after latest software update

Used car prices hit record high in September

Volvo plans to recall 460,000 cars over potentially deadly airbag safety issue

Injuries involving e-scooters, e-bikes, and hoverboards rose 70% in four years

September, 2021

September has been another rough month for new car buyers

Ford makes its biggest investment ever in electric vehicles

Toyota unveils the all-new Tundra pickup

Car dealers concerned about consumer electric vehicle hesitancy

GM tells some Chevy Bolt owners to park at least 50 feet from other vehicles

Toyota to invest $13.5 billion on developing electric vehicle battery tech

Computer chip shortage forces GM to pause production again

NHTSA asks Tesla to turn over crash data on vehicles with Autopilot

Consumers increasingly complain about vehicle infotainment systems

August, 2021

Another Tesla in Autopilot mode hit an emergency vehicle

Shoppers found fewer new cars for sale this month

Toyota to cut production by another 40% due to the computer chip shortage

Senators call for investigation into Tesla’s marketing of self-driving vehicle features

NHTSA launches investigation into Tesla’s Autopilot system

Ford to replace every hardtop roof on new Bronco SUVs

GM offers another glimpse of the electric Silverado

NHTSA investigates timing of Ford’s rearview camera system recall

President Biden sets national goal of 50% electric vehicle sales by 2030

Most carmakers expect July sales figures to be dismal

July, 2021

Seat belt use declined last year as highway deaths rose, NHTSA reports

Experts pick the ‘Hot Cars for Summer’ that are both popular and available

GM issues another Chevy Bolt recall over defect that increases risk of vehicle fires

Mercedes-Benz to go all-electric by 2025

GM announces production cuts on trucks due to chip shortage

Tesla drops price of hardware required to enroll in Full Self-Driving subscription program

Tesla launches subscription plan for Full Self-Driving package

GM warns Bolt EV owners not to park vehicles indoors or leave them charging unattended due to fire risks

GM to exclude wireless charging pads from some vehicles due to chip shortage

Used car sales dipped in June

Kelley Blue Book offers tips to keep your car running longer

July 4th car deals may be harder to find this weekend

Hertz emerges from bankruptcy as the pandemic begins to fade

June, 2021

New car sales are slowing but price increases aren’t

NHTSA orders crash reporting for all vehicles with driver-assist technology

Consumers paid more for new cars in May

Head and neck injuries linked to e-scooter accidents are on the rise

GM to invest $35 billion in electric and autonomous vehicles through 2025

Young people who use phones while driving are more impulsive and aggressive, study finds

The average age of vehicles on U.S. roads is now over 12 years, report finds

Used car prices began May at record highs

Ford has produced more electric Mustangs this year than gas-powered versions

May, 2021

Senate bill would bar sales of used cars with open recalls

Takata airbag fund pays out another $46 million to 161 victims

Memorial Day weekend car shopping will be different this year

Tesla ordered to pay fine in Norway for throttling battery charging speeds

Study: Nearly 20% of California electric car buyers go back to gas

Ford to unveil new F150 Lightning electric vehicle

Chip shortage will lead to $110 billion in losses for automakers

NTSB releases report on fatal Tesla crash in Texas

U.S. opens investigation into steering issues in Honda Accords

Consumers find smaller selections and higher prices for used cars

Kelley Blue Book releases list of most popular family cars for 2021

April, 2021

General Motors announces new ‘holistic charging’ approach for electric vehicles

Ford says new vehicle production will fall by 50% in the second quarter

Tesla faces charges of violating environmental regulations by U.S. and German officials

Lyft sells its self-driving division as it moves away from autonomous vehicles

Pressure on Tesla builds as investigation into deadly crash unfolds

Electric and hybrid vehicle sales jump 81 percent

Elon Musk says Autopilot was not engaged in last weekend’s fatal crash

Police investigating fatal Tesla crash believe no one was driving

Ford introduces its first hands-free technology

GM and Ford stop production at more factories due to semiconductor chip shortage

Chip shortage forces Ford to cut production of cars and trucks again

March, 2021

Volkswagen's new 'Voltswagen' rebrand was actually an April Fool’s prank

Volkswagen prepares to change its U.S. brand to ‘Voltswagen’

New report shows wholesale used car prices are rising

Pedestrian deaths increased during the pandemic

Volvo plans to grow U.S. operations to meet all-electric goal by 2030

Honda pauses production at most U.S. facilities due to supply-chain issue

Federal officials probe safety of Tesla’s Autopilot feature following violent crash in Detroit

Toyota and Honda claim top honors in Best Family Car competition

Americans spent a record amount on new cars in February

The pandemic may have changed car-buying as we know it

USPS says it can’t meet President Biden’s federal electric vehicle goal

Car dealers are unsure if consumers will embrace the all-electric future

Traffic deaths soared in 2020 despite less travel during the pandemic

General Motors extends plant shutdowns due to chip shortage

Volvo pledges to go all-electric by 2030

NHTSA launches investigation into Toyota RAV4 engine fires

February, 2021

IIHS releases its list of safest vehicles for 2021

The Cherokee Nation asks Jeep to stop using tribe's name

Ford plans to produce only electric vehicles in Europe by 2030

Here are 10 ‘cool’ new cars for under $20,000

Police warn that thieves are targeting cars’ catalytic converters

Jaguar and Land Rover prepare to go all-electric by 2025

Volkswagen, Microsoft team up to develop autonomous vehicle systems

Incentive program for electric vehicles gets revitalized as their popularity grows

Experts predict auto interest rates will head lower

Industry report says electric vehicle sales could double this year

Tesla agrees to recall over 130,000 vehicles with touchscreen issues

Porsche issues ‘stop sale’ on vehicles with Sport Chrono package

Ford signs deal with Google to use its technology in vehicles

January, 2021

Toyota overtakes Volkswagen as largest carmaker in 2020

Drugged driving is becoming potentially more dangerous than drunk driving, study finds

GM says it will sell only electric vehicles by 2035

Biden moves to change out the federal gas-powered fleet for electric vehicles

New car prices hit a record high at the end of 2020

Ford launches major recall of older vehicles with Takata airbags

Microsoft partnering with GM’s Cruise on self-driving car venture

Fiat Chrysler completes its merger with Peugeot

NHTSA says traffic deaths surged early in the pandemic

NHTSA asks Tesla to recall over 158,000 older vehicles

Hyundai says it’s in early talks with Apple about developing an electric car

Fiat Chrysler, PSA to complete merger by mid-January

December, 2020

Apple reportedly plans to produce an electric vehicle by 2024

Kia, Mercedes-Benz dominate top cars of 2021 list

Even in the digital age, odometer fraud is a growing problem

Amazon’s Zoox debuts self-driving robotaxi

Car buyers took advantage of 0 percent financing to start December

Ford introduces an F150 truck for off-road driving

Uber to sell self-driving car division to Aurora

Kia recalls nearly 300,000 vehicles due to engine fire risk

Consumers saved money on new cars last month

November, 2020

GM gives EV-skeptical Cadillac dealers $500,000 buyout option

Motorists urged to check for open recalls before holiday road trips

GM to launch auto insurance based on connected car data

Mazda wins best car brand honors in annual vehicle awards

Ford announces plans for new electric commercial van

Bentley announces plan to go all-electric within a decade

October, 2020

Autonomous vehicle company Waymo releases report on trials in Phoenix

Harley-Davidson introduces an electric bicycle

Amid the pandemic, AutoNation posts record earnings

GM to invest $2 billion to renovate another factory for electric vehicle production

New car prices continued to rise in September

September, 2020

Uber wins court appeal against its ban in London

California to ban sale of gas-powered vehicles by 2035

Tesla CEO says improving the vehicle production process is harder than previously thought

Study shows rental car agencies may have the best deals on used cars

Used car prices may have peaked

GM signs strategic partnership with alternative fuel automaker Nikola

Hyundai-Kia recalls nearly 600,000 cars over defect that can cause vehicles to catch fire

GM and Honda partner up to develop future products together

New car prices jump 4 percent in August

August, 2020

Tesla unveils software update designed to let car’s camera detect speed limit signs

Adults with ADHD could be more likely to have a car accident, study finds

Electric vehicles could reduce pollution and improve health outcomes, study finds

Hyundai places big bet on electric vehicle market with three new vehicles

July, 2020

Average age of U.S. vehicles hits all-time high

Six recent trends will probably change car buying for good, study finds

June, 2020

Used cars just got cheaper, thanks to Hertz

May, 2020

COVID-19 may have permanently changed the way consumers buy cars

Automakers offer warranty extensions because of COVID-19

April, 2020

New car sales drop by record amount in April

A big drop in used car prices means this could be a good time to buy

March, 2020

Fifteen percent of drunk driving fatalities involve drivers under the legal alcohol limit

February, 2020

Drivers with more expensive cars are less likely to yield to pedestrians, study finds

January, 2020

Daylight Savings Time causes increase in fatal car accidents

How much value has your new car lost?

Subaru CEO says U.S. consumers don’t want electric vehicles

New BP app offers convenience and security when buying gas

Car tech starts to increasingly focus on safety of owners and passengers

December, 2019

Some car dealers allegedly falsify buyers’ income data

September, 2019

Ford will launch self-driving ride service in Austin in 2021

Parents reveal how commonplace distracted driving is for teens

Consumers aren't fully confident in self-driving cars, survey finds

July, 2019

Consumer groups push for probe into Tesla’s Autopilot marketing

Four automakers agree to meet modified California emissions standards

Older drivers spend too long using in-car information and entertainment systems

Despite safer cars, women are still more likely to suffer injury in an accident

June, 2019

IIHS study finds many drivers are confused about capabilities of semi-autonomous systems

Electric scooters and bikes to become legal in New York

More consumers are facing head injuries due to motorized scooters

Hertz announces car subscription program

May, 2019

Bike lanes make roads safer for everyone, study finds

Fourth fatal crash involving Tesla’s Autopilot feature occurs in Florida

Claims process opens for FCA ‘EcoDiesel’ settlement

A third of e-scooter riders are injured during their first ride, study finds

April, 2019

Whose lives matter to self-driving cars?

Congressman who said car dealerships don’t sell defective cars is caught selling over a dozen at his own

Enterprise announces its automobile subscription service

New reports of dying Toyota hybrids appear to confirm dealer’s story of buried ‘sudden deceleration’ scandal

Today’s teens seem to be in no hurry to drive

Self-driving cars could lead to more driving miles, fewer environmental benefits

Lime working on drunk driving detection feature

March, 2019

Automatic braking systems in some Nissan Rogues are going rogue, safety group says

Another new Toyota RAV4 spontaneously caught fire, this time while its owner was taking his children to school

Auto dealers fight to hold monopoly on new car sales

Hyundai and Kia recall 500,000 cars that could randomly catch fire

February, 2019

Edmunds selects 2019’s seven best vehicles

States that legalize weed see initial spike in traffic accidents

January, 2019

Florida ranked the deadliest state for walking amid troubling rise in pedestrian deaths

Whistleblower says Kia is downplaying risk that its cars can randomly catch fire

Amid government shutdown, Kia and Hyundai issue recall on cars that may randomly catch fire

December, 2018

Is your Explorer making you sick? Today is the last day that Ford will fix carbon monoxide leaks

Ford’s Takata airbag settlement gets final approval

New car purchases and leases predicted to be more expensive in 2019

Bicyclists, disabled, police, engineers, and medics say that current version of self-driving car bill is a disaster

November, 2018

Just a ‘thermal’ issue: is the auto industry getting lax about spontaneous combustion complaints?

It was their brand new Toyota. It exploded in their driveway. And no one can explain why

A used car subscription plan enters the consumer market

Tesla offers discount for its Autopilot feature

October, 2018

New study shows increase in people driving while stoned

Toyota recalls 800,000 Priuses in U.S. after a dealer warns that they are prone to ‘sudden deceleration’

September, 2018

Drivers rely too heavily on car safety systems, study finds

Rental car startups promise to keep unsafe inventory off the road

Toyota executive says self-driving car technology is overhyped

The 1998 Honda Civic is still thieves' favorite target

Uber hopes to beef up its billfold with Uber Cash

Dallas fatality on Lime scooter is among the first linked to dockless e-scooter industry

August, 2018

Phoenix residents say that Waymo’s self-driving cars are a road hazard

Ford finishes first among American automakers in new automobile customer satisfaction survey

UBS teardown reveals Tesla’s Model 3 may have quality issues

NHTSA investigating alleged safety defect in Ford F-150 trucks

Former SEC Chair says Elon Musk could be in 'deep yogurt'

July, 2018

Consumer horror stories about Kia cars suddenly going ablaze sparks federal investigation

Tesla Model 3 could be profitable, analysis suggests

Fiat-Chrysler to go after Tesla with new electric vehicle program

Wrap your key fob in aluminum to prevent hacking

June, 2018

Pennsylvania passes law that will make it easier for car dealers to sell lemons, safety groups say

Tesla investigating Model S fire in Los Angeles

Some Kia and Hyundai cars are bursting into flames for no reason, car safety group says

Toyota questioned after accident involving alleged unintended acceleration

May, 2018

Saturday is the most dangerous day of the week to drive, study finds

Tesla blames drivers who wreck its cars but won’t hand over crash data without a court order

Tesla crashes into parked police vehicle while in Autopilot mode

Uber shuts down self-driving car operations in Arizona

Consumer groups call on the FTC to investigate Tesla’s marketing of its Autopilot feature

Trump signs resolution overturning CFPB auto lending rule

BP invests $20 million to develop electric car batteries than can charge in minutes

AAA polls shows consumers more mistrustful of autonomous cars

A growing number of drivers claim that BMW’s ‘soft close’ doors are severing their fingers

NHTSA offers summer driving safety tips

In ‘service campaigns,’ car companies allegedly downplay defects linked to poisoning, crashes, and fires

NTSB opens investigation into another fatal Tesla crash

Uber faces pressure to drop forced arbitration policy following reports of sexual assault

It cost more to buy a new car in April

April, 2018

Tesla puts the brakes on Model 3 production

March, 2018

Before Uber pedestrian death, cyclists had warnings about self-driving cars

Despite pedestrian death, self-driving car industry lobbies for fast expansion of testing

Driver says BMW’s self-closing doors severed his thumb

Uber in self-driving mode kills pedestrian, Arizona police say

Another Tesla driver files complaints over unintended acceleration

Report: rise of autonomous vehicles will reduce car ownership

February, 2018

Lawsuit charges Tesla of misleading consumers about safety of its Autopilot feature

Former Tesla regional manager sues to get whistleblower status

Most connected car owners wouldn’t buy a self-driving car

Why now may be a good time to shop for a used car

Published documents suggest Daimler rigged diesel emissions tests

Waymo gets approved for first commercial self-driving car service

Florida police force BMW to a stop after driver claims gas pedal got stuck

Survey finds automotive technology not reducing distracted driving

Study: most vehicles still dependable after three years

Automakers to contribute up to $130 million in Takata settlement

Ford and Mazda update safety warnings for 33,000 truck owners

Takata reaches settlement with injured motorists

Uber and Waymo agree to settlement in self-driving car dispute

Driver sleepiness a factor in 1 in 10 crashes, report suggests

Carmakers are 'underinvesting in quality,' industry firm says

Drivers say Tesla is stingy with data after their cars spontaneously took off

Ram Trucks faces criticism for advertising truck with MLK speech

January, 2018

Ford blames police modifications for carbon monoxide leaks that sickened officers

Tesla in autopilot mode crashes in California

Safety group urges Ford to recall 1.3 million Explorers

When a broken car part causes a senseless death

Ford to customers: Your airbag may kill you, now please wait for the repair

Infiniti to go all-electric starting in 2021

Here are the 2018 vehicles that will best hold their value

Ford warns 2006 Ranger owners to stop driving after faulty airbags claim second victim

GM requests permission to produce cars with no steering wheel

Takata recalls 3.3 million more defective airbags

Winter driving safety tips for teens

December, 2017

New car sales tank in December

Experts reveal the best family cars of 2018

Attractive car deals mark the end of 2017

Most dangerous holiday driving may be in a mall parking lot

SUVs rule at the Los Angeles Auto Show

November, 2017

Car 'subscriptions' give consumers an alternative to owning a car

Holiday motorists reminded to look out for gas pump skimmers

October, 2017

Lagging car sales may lead to more attractive deals

How to prepare your car for winter weather

GM reaches $120 million settlement over faulty ignition switches

Autonomous car companies report getting rear-ended in most crashes, blame driver error

Kelley Blue Book names hottest October car deals

CarMax sells cars under recall without repairing the problem, report warns

Used car prices hit a record high in September

Auto safety groups line up against autonomous car legislation

Aggressive driving costs consumers money at the gas pump

September, 2017

Volkswagen introduces six-year, 72,000 mile warranty

Ford unveils new $100,000 pick-up truck

After two hurricanes, flooded cars an even bigger issue for buyers and sellers

Federal panel places some blame on Tesla over fatal Autopilot accident

Aggressive and risky driving behaviors linked to greater accident rate

VW announces move towards all-electric vehicle lineup by 2030

Why a ringing phone may be one of the worst driving distractions

House speeds up self-driving cars on U.S. roads

Majority of drivers report mind wandering when behind the wheel

Feds order Tesla to respond over allegations of violating workers' rights

Consumers paid more for new cars in August

August, 2017

If you need a car, you should probably buy it now

Consumers less satisfied with new car choices

Bicycle fatalities jump 12.2%

8 safe cars for inexperienced young drivers

Chinese automaker to begin negotiations to acquire Jeep

Ghost in the Engine: Cabbies, engineers, dying whistle-blower say unintended acceleration is real

Feds sued for not requiring rear seat belt warning indicators in cars

Cities need to curb speeding on local streets, safety agency argues

Auto safety group names new director

Your next Jeep may come from China

Driver-assist devices making drivers complacent, experts fear

Mazda announces improvements to gasoline engine

Many adults still resist using seat belts in the back seat

Toyota and Mazda team up to build cars in the U.S.

Honda delivers new electric sedan in California and Oregon

Self-driving car bill wins bipartisan support

July, 2017

Florida woman may be latest Takata airbag victim

New Colorado law aims to combat hot car deaths

Kelley Blue Book names year's most-awarded cars

Feds may scrap aggressive fuel-economy standards

GM wins another ignition switch case

Current diesel-powered cars are cleaner than gas-powered cars, researchers say

J.D. Power finds increasing consumer skepticism about autonomous cars

Local police agency suggests that Hyundai accelerated on its own before fatal crash

Honda still wins when it comes to car thieves' top choice

Consumer group raises pointed questions about self-driving cars

Latest Takata airbag death occurred in a parked car

2.7 million more Takata airbag inflators being recalled

Manufacturers offering big incentives on used cars this month

Trump may lessen fuel-economy fines for carmakers

If you've bought a lemon, you'll know soon

Volvo accelerating move to electric engines

Auto loans reach record length in June

June, 2017

Automatic braking sometimes brakes for nothing

What's behind the push for autonomous cars?

Critics question sanity of building the Dodge Demon

Auto lease payments sink in June

Kia takes top spot again in J.D. Power initial quality study

Parents magazine, Edmunds name the '10 Best Family Cars of 2017'

Toyota is liable for a fatal car crash that sent a driver to prison, appeals court rules

Here are five affordable new car deals for June

Fiat Chrysler diesels nearly as dirty as VWs, researchers report

Distracted teen driver crashes spike in the summer

Why you shouldn't finance a car for seven years

Where your car is most likely to be stolen

Bill calls for alarm to prevent children being left in hot cars

Nissan making automatic emergency braking standard

New car down payments nearing record high

Consumers spent 2.6% more on new cars in May

May, 2017

Trump: Too many German cars sold in the U.S.

Lawsuit claims GM diesel trucks use illegal emissions device

Used car buyers are in the driver's seat

Things to consider when new car shopping

Texas bill seeks statewide regulations for ride-sharing companies Uber and Lyft

Ford making first 'over-the-air' update to Sync 3 cars

Honda launches Civic Si coupe and sedan

Hot new car deals to watch out for in May

April, 2017

Here are America's most deadly highways

Consumer Reports downgrades Tesla models because of missing safety feature

New York finds 104 car dealers not performing recalls on used cars

Older people also talk on a cell phone while driving

DC changing its drivers licenses to accommodate geography know-nothings

New car options for budget-conscious consumers

Research suggests consumers are not ready for driverless cars

Spring is a good time to give your car some extra attention

Extended auto warranties can save big bucks but be sure to buy carefully

Here are 10 attractive new car deals for April

Ford unveils its first pursuit-rated hybrid police car

New car prices still going up

March, 2017

Uber self-driving cars return to streets after last week's accident

Uber suspends its self-driving car tests after one of its cars flips over

California doubles down on clean car standards in challenge to Trump

Why it might be easier to get a good used car deal

Consumers increasingly happy with auto service providers

Kelley Blue Book picks March's top new car deals

California releases proposed rules for driverless cars

EPA may be preparing to loosen fuel economy, air pollution regulations

Consumer borrowing for cars at record high

Feds, states probing emission allegations against Fiat Chrysler

February, 2017

Kia settles class action alleging engine failure in 2003-2006 Sorento SUVs

British woman who reported sudden acceleration in her Nissan is cleared of killing pedestrian

Smartphones blamed for rising tide of traffic deaths and injuries

Kelley Blue Book’s best family cars of 2017

Feds investigating auto lenders' use of 'kill switches'

Lawsuit claims Chevrolet Cruze diesel uses defeat device

The future is here as flying cars go on sale

Annual Car Book picks the safest cars, trucks, and SUVs for 2017

Water in the trunk causes problems for BMW owners ... and BMW

Safety groups sue FTC for letting dealers sell cars with uncompleted recalls

Alfa Romeo runs off with the Super Bowl car ad crown

January, 2017

Chinese carmaker Trumpchi hopes to launch in U.S.

Tesla sues former Autopilot director for taking proprietary information and poaching employees

Walmart experiments with selling cars

What 2017 vehicles will best hold their value?

New app offers auto financing options from your smartphone

What's the best off-road pick-up truck?

Tesla Autopilot not at fault in Florida accident, feds find

Traffic safety agency awaits a new administrator

Coming soon -- the digital license plate, ads included

Subaru's multimedia system gets eight new apps

Tesla car suddenly and unintentionally accelerated into driver's house, lawsuit says

Latest automotive technology on display at Consumer Electronics Show

December, 2016

FaceTiming driver caused fatal accident, lawsuit charges

U.S., Takata nearing agreement on $1 billion fine

Feds study possible brake issues in Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan

EPA won't loosen strict fuel economy standards

Which cars have the fewest 'check engine' light incidents?

Using hands-free devices while driving is just as distracting as using handheld ones, study finds

Insurers identify devices used by car thieves to unlock and start cars

Judge dismisses suit that claimed Mercedes rigged diesel emissions

AutoNation abandons pledge to finish recalls before selling cars

Car wash incident highlights unintended acceleration problem

November, 2016

EPA sticks with tough 2025 fuel economy standards

Honda Civic takes top Kelley Blue Book honors

Class action charges Dodge RAM diesel emissions are excessive

Auto safety crusader Clarence Ditlow dies

Deadly car crash video captures possible unintended acceleration of Hyundai in Korea

FTC revises its used car information sticker

T-Mobile offering device that brings Wi-Fi to your car

Carmakers responsible for airbag recalls with or without Takata, safety chief says

October, 2016

Whether it's safe to drive with recalled Takata airbags depends on which car company is talking

Feds press carmakers to beef up cybersecurity

Buick joins Lexus and Toyota in Consumer Reports top three

Tesla setting up its own Uber-style ride service

In a priority zone, dealerships still waiting for replacements to dangerous airbags

September, 2016

Consumer attitudes towards electric cars growing more positive, survey finds

Flooded Louisiana cars may wash up on used-car lots

August, 2016

Off-road vehicle deaths running 10% ahead of last year

The hidden costs of leasing a car

Senators warn connected cars create privacy risks

July, 2016

Senators want certain Hondas with Takata airbags taken off the road

Party platforms ignore highway deaths

Roadster aims to simplify the car-buying process

April, 2016

KBB's ten best 2016 sedans under $25,000

March, 2016

Leasing a car isn't the same as buying one

February, 2016

Low mileage lease hides higher cost of new cars

Traffic deaths up nearly 10% -- driver behavior blamed

January, 2016

Consumers more loyal to some car brands than other

'Out-of-control' Toyota acceleration blamed in California crash that killed five

December, 2015

Kelley Blue Book launches instant car offer feature

November, 2015

Fatal drunk driving accidents are more likely to occur late at night and at 7 p.m.

September, 2015

Subaru owners complain of engine failure, high oil consumption

The 25 most dangerous interstate highways in America

August, 2015

10 best new car deals in August

Volkswagen and other keyless ignitions easy to hack; VW spent two years suppressing this in court

Gas prices falling nearly everywhere but California

July, 2015

Almost half a million late-model Fiat/Chrysler owners are at risk of a remote hacker attack

Rental-car drivers: take these important steps to protect your privacy

Class action says BMW stores delicate electronics in leaky trunks

Car air conditioners don't last as long as the cars

June, 2015

How accurate is your car's fuel economy rating?

Feds probe brake issues in 2013 Dodge Darts

Korean automakers oust Japanese from top spot in latest initial quality ratings

How much does your credit score affect your car insurance rate?

Feds blame driver error for 16,000 annual unintended acceleration cases

May, 2015

Chevy adding smartphone integration to 14 models

Federal oversight of General Motors extended

Don't forget insurance cost when shopping for a car

Why you shouldn't trade in your used car

7 new cars that consumers tend to sell after a year

April, 2015

Entry-level luxury cars are getting cheaper

Feds end GM brake-line rust probe, advise owners to wash underneath their cars and trucks

Millennials are changing how cars are marketed

Jury awards $3 million in Ford Ranger unintended acceleration case

March, 2015

Child car seat-maker Graco hit with multi-million dollar fine

Partial timeline of the Jeep Grand Cherokee fuel tank fire scandal

Which cars are the safest? It's hard to tell from the government's ratings

MINI Cooper illegally denied warranty repairs: FTC

February, 2015

Hyundai plans to build big trucks for the U.S. market

Subaru, Lincoln and Honda rate as high values among 2015 cars

January, 2015

Subaru tops in resale value, Lexus first among luxury brands

Headlight problems leave drivers in the dark

NY used car dealers indicted, accused of odometer tampering, money laundering

Selling your car on consignment

December, 2014

Buying an old car for your teen could be dangerous

No surprise: EZ Pass knows how fast you're going

Electric vehicles could reduce air pollution deaths by 70%, study finds

Are you spending too much on that new car?

Is a new car a realistic holiday gift?

November, 2014

Lexus fires preceded recent recall

October, 2014

Sounds of silence not what Harley riders are looking for

No recall for corroded General Motors brake lines

September, 2014

Millennials buy cars differently than their parents

August, 2014

GM truck owners fired up as flames consume their vehicles

Brake line issues continue to fester with GM truck owners

Toyota extends warranty for some owners of Camry hybrids with brake problems

July, 2014

Lawsuit charges Subaru engines may have defective piston ring

Hot weather takes a toll on your car battery

New Jersey gets $1.8 million settlement with car dealers

GM truck owners say safety review has ignored brake-line corrosion issue

June, 2014

Does no-haggle car pricing cost you money?

May, 2014

Buying a car at auction

April, 2014

10 used cars for under $8,000

Not all owners of recalled vehicles get notified

Jumpin' Jeeps are hard to tie down

March, 2014

When buying a used car, don't leave without the title

The top three things to consider when buying a car

February, 2014

Feds probe braking problems in Mazda CX-9

Jeep owners complain about the "SkySlider" roof

J.D. Power reliability ratings drop; Jeep among the worst, Lexus best

January, 2014

10 Luxury cars under $40,000

Consumers complain of corroded brake lines in older GM trucks

Stuck in a blizzard? Here's an inexpensive emergency heating system

Feds investigate braking problems in Toyota Camry hybrid

RAND study: Benefits of self-driving cars outweigh the drawbacks

December, 2013

What to know before donating a car to charity

Hyundai drops arbitration clause in warranty disputes

November, 2013

Feds to probe reports of VW Tiguan headlight failure

October, 2013

Hitting a deer is no small matter

September, 2013

What car maintenance is most important?

August, 2013

Nissan Cube problems derail mother's quest for her daughter's killer

Is August the best month to buy a new car?

Consumers complain of Mini Cooper timing belt failures

July, 2013

Tired of being spied on? Spy back with a dashboard camera

Jeep owners complain of stalling

April, 2013

BMW sunroofs leak, class action claims

How to tell if you're dealing with an honest mechanic

Leasing a vehicle has some tax advantages

March, 2013

The pros and cons of leasing a car

February, 2013

Does that used car you're buying have an open recall?

January, 2013

Petition seeks federal action to stop Jeep fires

October, 2012

What's the Best Vehicle for a Disabled Driver?

September, 2012

Vehicle Repo: What Are Your Rights?

August, 2012

Survey: Consumers Value More Comfortable Car Seats

July, 2012

Would You Ever Be a Slug?

June, 2012

E-Z Pass Not Always So Easy

Consumers Fume as Their Toyotas Burn

When Carfax Gets It Wrong

February, 2012

Five Ways Car Ads Mislead Consumers

March, 2011

Congress May Require 'Drunk-Proof' Cars

February, 2011

Airbags Can Be Lifesavers; They Can Also Be Lethal

October, 2010

Be Careful Putting Oil, Coolant, Fuel, Other Fluids In Your Car

'Government Motors' Hands Out Hefty Bonuses, Still Owes Taxpayers $43 Billion

August, 2010

Buckling Up Fido A Good Idea

June, 2010

Ford Discontinues Crown Victoria, Lincoln Town Car

Volkswagen HID Headlights Defective, Suit Says

November, 2009

Religious License Plate Banned in South Carolina

September, 2008

Buying A Computer With Poor Credit

Small Car Bumpers Fail to Prevent Expensive Damage

August, 2008

BMW Recalls 200,000 Vehicles for Airbag Failures

July, 2008

2007 Chevrolet Tahoe Ignites and Burns

Nissan Recalls 2007-2008 Sentras

"Run Your Car On Water" Scheme Could Leave Consumers All Wet

June, 2008

Feds Probe Saturn Timing Chain Problems

Toyota Siennas Recalled to Fix Power Liftgate

April, 2008

Ford Recalls F-250, F-350 Trucks for Fire Hazard

Ford Class Action Settlement Leaves Consumers in the Dust

March, 2008

Unauthorized Charge? How To Fight It

February, 2008

Ford Recalls 57,000 More Trucks, SUVS for Fire Hazard

August, 2007

Groups Sue to Block Mexican Trucks from U.S. Highways

June, 2007

Mexican Truck Program Endangers Motorists, Opponents Charge

10 Worst Used Cars and Trucks

May, 2007

Black Car Buyers Pay Higher Interest Rates

March, 2007

Online: The Worst Place to Buy a Car

February, 2007

Researcher Says Airbags Pose Threat To Hearing

December, 2006

GM to Offer Rollover Airbags, Ford to Strengthen Roofs

November, 2006

Car Fire Reports Increasing

October, 2006

CARFAX: Not Always All the Facts

U-Haul Gets Hauled Into Court

August, 2006

GM Owners Still Steaming Over Dex-Cool

Car Thieves Like the Fast, Furious and Blinged Out

May, 2006

Alternative Fuel Sources Are No Secret

April, 2006

GM Spends $17 Million Per Year on Viagra

March, 2006

Detroit Fuming Over Consumer Reports Top Ten Picks

January, 2006

A Wild Ride in a Prius

December, 2005

Survey: Car Buyers Shun Bankrupt Companies

October, 2005

Record Oil Profits Prompt Calls for Probe

American Workers Pour 2005 Salary Increases Down Gas Tank

September, 2005

Status Of Gulf Refineries, Pipelines Slowly Improving

New Jersey Finds 25% Of Gas Stations Overcharging

June, 2005

Brake Problems Plague Silverado Owners

May, 2005

Suzuki Verona Rates Lowest in Government Crash Test

Car Buyers Flee SUVs, Prius Sales Triple

March, 2005

Blazer Most Dangerous Vehicle, Insurance Study Finds

October, 2004

Electronic Stability Control A Lifesaver, Study Finds

Spot Delivery Puts the Dealer in the Driver's Seat

August, 2004

Caution: Windshield Replacement Scams Ahead

Car Buyers Scammed on Warranties, Illinois Charges

July, 2004

Loose Oil Filter Caused Honda CR-V Fires

June, 2004

Review of Passport Auto Transporters

15-Passenger Vans Most Likely to Flip

May, 2004

Hyundai Offers $85 Million to Settle Horsepower Suit

December, 2003

Report Alleges Massive Fraud in Auto Sales

July, 2003

Enterprise Will Repay $2 Million in Insurance Charges

January, 2003

Consumer complaints about "Certified" Used Cars

December, 2002

Conseco Files for Bankruptcy

October, 2002

"BioResonance" Promoter Settles Charges

September, 2002

California Sues European Health Concepts

December, 2001

Cure Packages Distributor Agrees to Clean Up Claims

November, 2001

Phony Bioterrorism Potions

Red Cross Will Spend All 9-11 Donations on Victims

July, 2001

NTB - Damage to Rims

January, 2001

Computer Learning Centers files for bankruptcy, cancels classes

November, 2000

Class Action Suit Filed Against DeVry Institute of Technology

September, 2000

$37.5 Million Judgment Against Porn Site

June, 2000

$300 Million Providian Settlement

Prescription Errors Rising

March, 2000

More Charges Against Publishers Clearing House

December, 1999

Adams Mark Hotel Chain Charged with Racial Discrimination

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