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New BP app offers convenience and security when buying gas

Customers can use the app to pay for gas without swiping a card at the gas pump

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BP gas stations are introducing an app that the company says offers both convenience and security -- not to mention an introductory 5 cents a gallon off fuel.

The app is part of the company’s loyalty program, called BPme Rewards. It can be used at participating BP and Amoco retail stations nationwide.

A unique feature of the app allows consumers to complete their fueling transaction directly through their mobile device, meaning they don’t have to swipe a credit card or enter a debit card PIN.

That’s not only more convenient but could also be more secure. Visa recently warned that gas pump skimmers have gotten a lot more sophisticated, making it easier for thieves to intercept and steal your credit card information.

Better security

Security experts have warned that gas pump card readers aren’t that secure because most have not adopted embedded chip technology. If you don’t have to use a card to pay at a gas pump, chances are you’re going to be more secure.

With the app, consumers pay for their fuel purchase online, not at the gas pump. Of course, that’s only as secure as the network’s security. But your odds are probably better than swiping a card at the gas pump.

The app also combines fuel rewards into a single place so they’re easy to track. Users can also receive additional savings and automatically apply rewards to purchases. 

"We know our consumers are busy, so we want to make fueling up as quick and easy as possible, while continuing to provide great rewards that keep them coming back," said Nicola Buck, BP head of marketing, "BPme Rewards delivers on both of these promises – and is a cornerstone of BP's strategy to connect seamlessly with today's on-the-go consumers."

Gas discount

Customers who use the app to pay for gas will get 5 cents off on every gallon of fuel they purchase at participating BP and Amoco stations during the first month of use. Customers who spend $100 on fuel every month will continue to get that 5 cent discount on every gallon with no gallon limitations. 

The company is also offering new bonuses and in-app promotions that will give consumers the opportunity to save even more on their fuel purchases. 

Consumers who open a new BP Visa Credit Card or BP Credit Card and enroll in BPme Rewards will save 30-cents per gallon on every gallon purchased at participating BP and Amoco stations during the first 30 days from their account open date.

The BPme Rewards program replaced the BP Driver Rewards program, which ended on September 30.

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