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September, 2023

Warning! There’s new tech support scams on the loose

No, your device isn’t compromised. That message is a scam.

Threat Alert: Scam protection offers are a scam

Warning: Deepfakes have invaded social media

August, 2023

Threat Alert: The summer of scams

Complaining about a company on X could make you a scam target

QR code scams pose a growing threat

Threat Alert: Scammers using sex to extort money

This letter from a 'lawyer' is just the latest scam

These 12 phone numbers are the most-used by scammers

If you have Medicaid you could be a scam target

Airline passengers are a growing scam target

Threat Alert: Back-to-school scams accelerate

Cash apps can have scam risks, experts warn

Scammers pose as funeral directors to steal from grieving families

Threat Alert: Beware of that exotic, overseas investment opportunity

July, 2023

A job offer via text message? A scam if there ever was one.

Threat Alert: Survey scams are proliferating

Threat Alert: Watch out for the new Barbie scam

Scammers have invaded Google searches, putting stranded travelers in harm’s way

WormGPT is an AI platform built specifically for scammers

A roofing scam where the contractor tears holes in your roof? Just one of the scams of summer.

‘Sign-in detected’ scam targets Venmo users

Threat Alert: Sextortion phishing scams have surged in 2023

'Free Piano?' Be careful or you’ll be the one who gets played

With rising rents, rental scams are increasing as well

Threat Alert: Amazon Prime Day scams are growing by the day

The IRS says a monster scam is on the loose

June, 2023

Here’s how Google Voice scam victims can get their phone numbers back

Sweepstakes company agrees to $18.5 million 'dark patterns' settlement

Bad weather across the U.S. is bringing out the scammers

Wanna watch the Super Mario Brothers movie for free? Here's a warning.

Why you should question messages from delivery companies

New law in New York will require gift card retailers to warn consumers of potential scams

Why are contractor scams suddenly on the rise?

Renewing your passport? You may fall victim to a new internet scam.

The FTC reveals what the hottest text message scams are right now

The USAA phishing scam is gaining momentum

Is that really law enforcement calling you? A new scam may have you thinking it is.

New twists on summer travel scams start to spread

Synthetic identity theft makes a serious threat even worse

If you’re a Netflix subscriber watch out for this scam

If a scammer says they have a photo of you in a compromising position, it’s a new AI scam

Spam texts are surging and many of them are scams

May, 2023

Summer travel season is here and so are travel scams

Your generation may determine how scammers target you

Shopping for Dad? Watch out for the Father’s Day shopping scam

How the pandemic increased your risk of identity theft

That seat down front at a ticket price that can't be beat? Uh-oh...

Is that app really free? New ChatGPT scam targets Android and Apple users.

Planning your vacation? Scammers could be targeting you.

Scammers are going after seniors harder and heavier than ever

New versions of utility scams popping up and consumers need to be prepared

Southern states had the most identity theft victims in 2022

Mother’s Day scams dominated last week's list of top threats

Beware of a jury duty scam that's circulating around the country

Looking for a job? Look out for the resume-formatting scam

‘Look who died.’ No don’t, it’s a scam.

Be careful about filling out surveys. It’s one of this week’s top scams

April, 2023

Some of April’s most active scams have included taxes and Mother’s Day

A new twist on gift card scams is starting to haunt consumers

The ‘Your computer was locked’ scam is gaining traction

Are you ready for the 'rich grandma scam?'

Look out Walmart shoppers – the company takes first place on the latest phishing scam chart

“Make big money — now?” The FTC says it’s a scam

Another week, another Netflix scam? There seems to be no end.

AI used in terrifying fake kidnapping scam

Last minute tax filers face big league scams

Could you use $720 in free money? So could that online shopping scammer you’re doing business with

YouTube warns that a very serious phishing scam is on the loose

How scammers are able to control their victims

Are you an Xfinity customer? Then look out for this scam

March, 2023

Let’s cut to the 'Chase' – bank impersonation scammers are on the loose

Tornado scammers are on the prowl, so be careful

Tax filing robocall scams have been on the rise this month

With Bitcoin’s bounce, crypto scams are back

Privacy experts say AI-driven scams are getting so good you won't know what hit you

Use caution when shopping for an expensive camera on Etsy

Scams are getting more outlandish but they still snag victims

Scammers now using AI to improve their family emergency schemes

FCC gets tougher than ever on robotexters

That 'official' letter you got from Social Security? Careful!

Is that job posting real or fake? It’s getting harder to tell

Advances in technology have also made us more vulnerable

The number of robocalls is still high, but the message is changing

Romance scams aren't just reserved for Valentine's Day

Someone on Facebook wants to give you a free phone? No, it's a scam

Identity theft has emerged as a major threat to consumers in 2023

Falsifying your W2 form isn't going to yield a bigger tax return

Vet scams are at a fever pitch

Is that a real cop on the phone or are you being scammed?

Introducing the 'I’ve got your dog and if you want it back' scam

February, 2023

Fool’s gold: the story behind a fake gold market pig-butchering scam

Romantic breakups are leaving too many people vulnerable to creepy behavior, study finds

Universal Meditech recalls 56,000 COVID-19 tests

Were you one of the 40,000 Americans who lost money in MoneyGram scams? You've got a refund coming

The Do Me A Favor scam is gaining momentum, AARP warns

Are you ready for the Super Bowl of scams?

Scammers are getting smarter. Here's how to avoid becoming a victim

19-year-old charged with running TikTok scam

This Valentine’s Day, don’t be the victim of a romance scam

January, 2023

Here are five signs that you are being scammed

Yahoo! leads Top 10 list of most phished brands

Football fans should look out for NFL playoff ticket scams

Warning: AI is about to make the fake job scam even more dangerous

Scammers appear to be targeting low-income Americans

Stranger danger! Dating apps strengthen their user protections

Is that a real parking ticket on your windshield or is it a scam?

No, Social Security isn’t suspending your number

Pig butchering is among this week’s top five scams

December, 2022

It’s the time of the season for… subscription scams!

No, that’s NOT really the Sheriff’s office calling you – ConsumerAffairs sees new scam emerging

Do you live where the incident rates for post-holiday fraud happen the most?

Five things you need to know about holiday fraud

‘Sextortion’ scam targeting boys is one of this week’s top five scams

Here are this week’s top five scams

When someone asks you to share a Facebook post, don’t. It’s probably a scam

Google Voice scam enables criminals to spoof your phone number

Here’s how identity theft threats could change in 2023

Holiday shopping led to massive spike in spam texts

Here are the top 10 scams of Christmas

Here comes Santa and here come the fraud grinches, too!

Here’s a tool that could help consumers identify imposter scams

November, 2022

The Postal Inspector warns Americans that holiday mail can be a holiday for thieves, too

Scammers could be depleting funds from Vanilla Visa gift cards

If you’re looking for a job you should watch out for these two scams

Scammers are using Facebook Marketplace, Zelle, and PayPal to snare new victims

Amazon and FBI impersonation scams move to the front burner

Five ways to avoid identity theft this holiday season

Old school check-stealing scam is making a comeback

Cold weather's coming and so are utility scammers

Veterans Day scams are lining up for their own parade this week, so be careful

The tech support scam is getting increasingly sophisticated – and dangerous

Scammers are targeting crypto traders with phony invoices

Victimized by a scam? You’re likely to be targeted again

October, 2022

With a tight housing market, rental scams are increasing

Here are the top 10 scams of 2022

Text messages from 'banks' might just lead to a costly scam

Scammers are targeting Medicare recipients during ‘open enrollment'

Scammers are trying to convince you Facebook is about to delete your account

Are you ready for the puppy of your dreams to go from woof to poof?

Student loan forgiveness scams are lining up. Are you prepared?

A scary new scam can steal your phone without thieves even touching it

The White House announces offensive against student loan debt relief scams

Despite what that email says, you don’t have a package from BHL

Don't fall for the astronaut romance scam!

Is that survey from a real company or a scammer?

Scam forecasters predict a cold winter and a 70% chance of utility company imposters

You could lose your home to this scam!

How to avoid disaster relief scams

Senators press banks to reimburse victims of Zelle scams

No, that text is not from your mom

September, 2022

AT&T and others step up their game to stop text messaging scammers

That great-sounding remote job posting is probably a scam

Scams -- old and new -- are showing up across America

Scams that promise free solar panels can cost consumers a lot of money

New crypto investment scam shows up on TikTok

Arkansas scam victim loses $54,000 to fake CIA agent

How to protect your parents from scams

Credit card skimming at gas stations appears to be increasing

Think you can outsmart the NFL and stream games for free? Boy, do scammers have a deal for you!

Robotexts are surging this year and most are scams

'Accidentally' receiving money on Venmo is almost always a scam

Here’s how scammers are victimizing student loan borrowers

August, 2022

FTC sues Roomster, charging it with defrauding people seeking apartments

Who are you, really? Tech support impersonation scams continue to grow

New scam targets local school sports games streaming services

Concert-goers should beware of the Ticketmaster imposter scam

Scammers are targeting social media users with a new phishing scheme

Facebook survey scam targets victims with 'free' refrigerator and oven offers

Find an unordered package on your doorstep? You might be a victim of a 'brushing' scam

When ‘friends’ ask for financial favors online, it’s almost always a scam

Scammers are impersonating software maker McAfee in new imposter scam

FTC warns parents about back-to-school shopping scams

Four scams that target college students

FTC issues new warning about text message scams

FTC says scammers are pretending to be FTC Commissioners

QR code scams are growing, experts say

Scammers are victimizing people who sell things online, FTC warns

July, 2022

Scammers continue to push PPP loan scams

Apple and Google grilled by legislators over recent cryptocurrency app-driven thefts

FTC tells military families to beware of identity theft when moving

FCC makes major move to crack down on 'auto warranty' robocalls

Robocalls have been cut in half, but a study shows robotexts have skyrocketed

Jewelry chain settles charges that it ripped off military personnel

CFPB may require banks to reimburse victims of the Zelle scam

FBI warns banks and investors about fake cryptocurrency apps

Scammers are taking advantage of record-high used car prices

FTC warns of scammers impersonating U.S. immigration officers

Amazon Prime Day is here, and scammers are looking for victims

Summer is the season for vacation rental scams

Beware of gas card scams circulating on social media

Consumers need to beware of the 'Fuel Relief Program' scam

June, 2022

Job listing scams are on the rise this summer, FTC says

FTC warns users of LGBTQ+ dating apps to beware of scams

Law enforcement imposter scam is making a comeback

FTC warns consumers about threat of Medicare scams

Scammers are preparing to target travelers this summer

May, 2022

Consumers warned about growing number of Costco scams

Scammers target consumers with fake student loan debt relief offers

‘Smishing’ scams plague consumers and companies, and the next variant could be even worse

FCC bolsters protections against international robocalls

Most scams are reruns of schemes that have worked before

Scammers are exploiting the infant formula shortage

Applying for jobs? The FTC says you should be on the lookout for scams

The ‘mystery shopper scam’ is making a comeback

Officials warn seniors of scams during Older Americans Month

April, 2022

Scammers favor deepfakes and cryptocurrency scams in 2022

FBI warns public of new text message scam

Google files lawsuit to stop alleged puppy scam

FTC to issue $102 million in refunds to consumers duped by fake government websites

Ukraine-related phishing campaigns continue to grow

Scams surged during the first year of the pandemic

March, 2022

New text message spoofing scam uses the victim's own phone number

Clever new scam targets Instagram users

FTC pushes education for consumers during National Consumer Protection Week

The ‘Zelle scam’ is spreading quickly across the U.S.

Fake auction scams have returned and are growing in number

February, 2022

States ask for federal help in stopping the rise in ‘imposter’ scams

Romance scams haven’t ended with Valentines Day, officials warn

TurboTax users urged to beware of phishing scam

FCC moves to shut down 'ringless voicemail' robocalls

Consumers warned about new social media scam

January, 2022

FTC warns of new cryptocurrency ATM scam

December, 2021

Identity fraud may be a major 2022 scam trend, consumer group warns

FTC warns consumers about end-of-year student loan scams

FTC warns consumers about growing threat of gift card scams

Online shopping scams are proliferating, experts warn

November, 2021

Business imposter scams are on the rise this holiday season

FTC gives advice on how to celebrate Hanukkah without getting scammed

FTC warns businesses to avoid ‘tricking’ consumers with negative option marketing

Cryptocurrency investors targeted by scam on social media

Squid Game-inspired cryptocurrency developers rip off investors for more than $3 million

October, 2021

Beware of new Amazon impersonator scam, FTC warns

September, 2021

A duet of new scams is climbing the charts

Robocallers have apparently found a way around FCC’s mandates

FTC warns number of scammers using LGBTQ+ dating apps is growing

FTC refunds victims of a decades-old computer financing scheme

Watch out for the Venmo money request scam

August, 2021

FTC says scammers are impersonating FTC Chair Lina Khan in email phishing scheme

FTC warns of text message scam designed to steal unemployment benefits

Scammers are using QR codes to ensnare their victims

July, 2021

FTC blames social media platforms for spike in consumer fraud

Two Florida men sentenced for running grandparent scam in northern Ohio

June, 2021

FTC to send money to victims of another student loan debt relief scheme

FTC to send $223,000 in refunds to victims of student loan and mortgage debt relief operation

The rental car market is teeming with scams, the FTC says

Officials warn the jury duty scam appears to be making a comeback

FTC offers tips for spotting job scams

May, 2021

FTC offers tips for avoiding cryptocurrency investment scams

FTC warns of romance scams during Older Americans Month

FTC sends refunds to victims of Manhattan Beach Venture student debt relief scam

April, 2021

Travel booking scams emerge as the summer vacation season approaches

Student loan borrowers should watch out for debt forgiveness scams

FTC to send $4 million in payments to victims of Stark Law phantom debt collection scheme

FTC offers tips on avoiding job scams

FTC warns of imposter scam targeting college students and staff

Struggling students should watch out for the ‘tutor scam’

March, 2021

New scam asks Amazon account holders to confirm a recent purchase

Walmart warns customers about gift bag scam on Facebook

Beware of vacation rental scams as spring approaches

Romance scam losses totaled $304 million in 2020

New FBI report shows meteoric rise in cybercrime

FTC warns of a new email phishing scam

FCC imposes largest ever fine against telemarketers that made 1 billion robocalls

February, 2021

COVID-19 resulted in fewer scam robocalls in 2020

Watch out for the new ‘car wrap’ scam

January, 2021

FCC forces robocaller to pay nearly $10 million for spoofed calls

Anatomy of a scam: How criminals can victimize almost anyone

The overpayment scam enters the world of online shopping fraud

December, 2020

Compromised account alert? Think before you act

November, 2020

Scammers are enticing victims with deals on video game consoles

U.S. consumers experience sharp uptick in robocalls after an early pandemic lull

Paying to delete stolen data doesn’t always work out for the victim, new study suggests

Small business owners report email scam related to Google and Facebook ad accounts

‘Money flipping’ is the latest pandemic scam

October, 2020

Justice Department charges 60 people in alleged 20-year telemarketing scam

Pet adoption scams proliferate during the pandemic

Instagram influencers are being targeted by scammers

FTC reports surge in social media scams during the pandemic

Scammers are cashing in on a polarized election to steal money

There’s been an uptick in the delivery service text scam

Romance scams and imposter scams are defrauding seniors out of millions

Consumers are losing more money to imposter scams in 2020

Beware of phishing scams on Amazon Prime Day

BBB warns consumers about scams linked to Breast Cancer Awareness Month

September, 2020

FCC lays out new robocall rules intended to protect consumers from surprise charges

Last-minute census push is ripe for scams, consumer advocates warn

BBB warns of text message package delivery scam

August, 2020

FTC to send over $700,000 in refund checks to small businesses duped by robocallers

July, 2020

Vehicle issues top list of most common consumer complaints for 2019

Apple accused of willingly profiting off gift card scams

April, 2020

Facebook users warned against posting senior class photos

March, 2020

Seniors now have an Elder Abuse Hotline to help protect them against scams

February, 2020

Voice cloning could make the grandparent scam more dangerous

Scammers target consumers by pretending to be political candidates asking for donations

AARP warns that imposter scammers will exploit 2020 Census

A robo lawyer app allowing consumers to sue robocallers hits the market

Romance scams cost consumers over $200 million last year

Google Docs users face a new phishing scam

Sprint and T-Mobile unite to block robocalls

January, 2020

FedEx warns consumers about package tracking scam

November, 2019

Costco warns consumers about coupon scam circulating on social media

Robocalls continue to inch higher despite the government’s efforts to shut them down

Firefox browser bug allows hackers to scam consumers

October, 2019

Watch out for this scam claiming your Netflix account is about to be suspended

Consumers put up with 4.5 billion pesky robocalls in September

September, 2019

A new genetic testing scam is hitting Medicare patients

August, 2019

FTC to refund victims of tech support scam

FBI warns consumers to look out for romance scams

FCC closes telemarketing loophole used by scammers

July, 2019

FTC rolls out new interactive robocall data site

Robocall numbers continued to decline in June

AT&T to offer automatic robocall blocking feature at no extra charge

New credit card scam combines two of fraudsters’ favorite tricks

June, 2019

At one hospital, robocalls can be deadly

Robocall monthly figures take another tumble

FCC votes to allow carriers to automatically block robocalls

May, 2019

FCC warns consumers about ‘one ring’ scam

April, 2019

New vacation rental scams enter the scene just in time for spring break

Chinese-language phone scams return in full force

March, 2019

FTC shuts down four major robocall operations

New phishing scam uses church pastors’ names as bait

February, 2019

FTC freezes debt collectors seeking payment of ‘phantom’ debts

December, 2018

FBI issues new warning about money mules

Holiday season scam activity is up 129 percent

Police warn of new Netflix email phishing scam

States join the war on illegal robocalls

Two new phishing scams have one thing in common

November, 2018

A new gift card email scam just in time for the holidays

The top five robocall scams of 2018

September, 2018

Phishing email claims you're locked out of your Wells Fargo account

By 2019, nearly half of mobile calls may be scams

August, 2018

Seniors again warned about Social Security and Medicare schemes

May, 2018

Scammers increasingly 'spoof' numbers to ensnare victims

April, 2018

Consumers got nearly 5 billion robocalls in the first quarter

March, 2018

Millennials may be more likely to fall for scams than seniors

February, 2018

IRS warns sophisticated new tax scam has emerged

Tech support scam gets a new wrinkle

January, 2018

W-2 phishing scam targets consumers' tax refunds

Home-based business marketer settles deception charges

December, 2017

Telephone scams more numerous and dangerous in 2017

Advance fee loan schemes target people who overspend during the holidays

Hotel industry warns travelers of growing reservations scam

November, 2017

Beware of phishing scams this holiday season

October, 2017

Dangerous scam targets home buyers at closing

New scam targets tax professionals and their clients

More scams moving to social media, experts warn

September, 2017

Watch out for scammers pretending to be from Equifax

Scammers are now masquerading as the Better Business Bureau

Avoiding Amazon-related phishing scams

August, 2017

Harvey hits Texas -- and so do the scammers

Price-gouging widespread in Hurricane Harvey's wake

FTC announces refund process for victims of alleged tech support scam

Delaware warns consumers about unclaimed property scams

IRS warns of the increasing popularity of W-2 scams

Three scams that target seniors

'Free cruise' spam calls could net consumers up to $900 in restitution

New Jersey couple accused of scamming Lowe's for thousands in free merchandise

Watch out for new wrinkles in the tech support scam

FTC charges online operation of running a negative option scam

FTC warns consumers of a new government imposter scam

Text message scam targets owners of lost pets

July, 2017

Here's the latest utility company scam

New Social Security scam making the rounds

FTC charges debt collectors with illegally collecting 'phantom debt'

Think it can't happen to you? Think again

June, 2017

IRS impostor scam tries to scare you into paying

Illinois sues phony basketball academy for defrauding families

The Federal Trade Commission doesn't need your bank account number

Bogus breast cancer charity shuttered

Washington AG warns consumers of deceptive tobacco settlement ads

FBI warns consumers about ATM skimmers

May, 2017

Trampoline reviews bounced a bit too high, feds find

Green Coffee buyers getting refunds

A new wrinkle in an old scam makes it very dangerous

Illinois charges a 'wealth-building' scheme is a scam

U.S. government steps up focus on cybercrimes

Another sophisticated phishing scam targets Gmail users

April, 2017

Insurance agent pleads guilty to bilking clients out of $8.2 million

Feds warn 14 companies to stop making cancer-cure claims

Lowe's warns of new Facebook scam

Feds seal deal to stop envelope-stuffing scheme

Taco Bell restaurant falls victim to phone scam

The IRS comes knocking, but who is REALLY at your door?

FTC takes action against tech support scammer

March, 2017

California business scammed immigrants, district attorney alleges

Why older adults may be more vulnerable to scams

Target employees praised for stopping scam

FCC alerts consumers to the "Can you hear me?" scam

Government grant scam still claims victims

T-Mobile to roll out scam call blocker

FCC wants to cut off malicious robocalls at the start

Bank of America email scam still going strong

FTC settles with affiliate marketers over deceptive and bogus weight loss claims

Robocallers increasingly turn to artificial intelligence

'Drinkable" sunscreen and mosquito repellent are bogus, Iowa charges

'Business opportunity' to return $7.5 million to consumers

February, 2017

For-profit college chain and owner to pay $22 million for defrauding the government

Technology scams becoming more numerous and creative

Fake news talk show used bogus experts to push dietary supplements

Women's group used deceptive recruitment, NY charges

Robocalls promised free cruise but delivered high-pressure upsells

Louisiana supplement maker agrees to stop selling unapproved drugs

Profile of an investment fraud victim

Scam artists impersonating immigration agents to extort money, NY warns

FTC: Florida man collected funds for India-based scam telemarketers

Magazine subscription scammers fined $23 million

Another reason to file your tax return ASAP

Internet fraud again tops the list of scams in 2016

Western Union reaches settlement with 50 states

January, 2017

Don't fall for the 'can you hear me' scam

Western Union forfeits $586 million in money-laundering bust

Gmail users vulnerable to sophisticated phishing scam

Why people still fall for phishing emails

Latest email scam targets PayPal and Amazon users

December, 2016

State officials crack down on professional fundraisers

Scammer lured women into posing nude and having sex with him, state charges

Seven plead guilty in online romance scam

Why you should stay away from a social media scam called the 'Blessing Loom'

'Tis the season for the Fed Ex delivery email scam

November, 2016

Fake apps become more pervasive as the holiday shopping season begins

October, 2016

Feds shut down 'business opportunity' scam falsely linked to Amazon

Red light camera fraud draws prison sentence

Scammers cashing in on election season

Consumers far from perfect at detecting phishing emails

Is your small business really pre-approved for a $250,000 loan?

Telemarketers raised $9 million with get-rich-quick scheme, feds charge

Backpage CEO arrested, charged with pimping

September, 2016

States slap retailer who hoodwinked military members

Court finds Grey Defence doesn't defend against gray hair

Beware the Hotwire travel scam

Feds launch crackdown on mass mailing fraud schemes

NutraClick ordered to change billing procedures

Why you shouldn't use your debit card at a gas pump

How to avoid a fake shipping scam

Iowa cracks down on 'toner pirates'

August, 2016

Fake law firm scammed troubled homeowners out of $9 million

July, 2016

Robocalls make scammers more efficient and dangerous

April, 2016

Feds draw blinds on Mercola tanning beds

March, 2016

Alleged Amazon phishing scam is scarily sophisticated

January, 2016

Survey: 11% of adults lost money to a phone scam last year

TaxAct notifies customers of possible data breach

Florida shuts down “debt relief” companies

December, 2015

Timeshare donation scheme is a scam, feds charge

November, 2015

FAA warns of drone registration scam

October, 2015

Promoter of "alcoholism cure" found in contempt, could face prison sentence

September, 2015

Microsoft attacks fake tech support scams

Job scam alert: real company name, fake company job offer

Your smartwatch motion sensors could tell hackers what you're typing

“Collect Call From Prison” scams: snagging two categories of victims

Malware scam targets Tinder and other dating-site users

August, 2015

Drivers beware: new phishing/notice-to-appear scam targets E-Z Pass customers

Tech firm loses $47 million to business email compromise scam

July, 2015

Mortgage payment company and servicer penalized for deceptive ads

"Thin green line" scam allegedly made millions for scam artists

The “Car-Wrap” payment scam: an old form of fraud that refuses to die

Do your research before buying a teacup pig or mini potbellied pig

California case illustrates dangers of annuity frauds

Vending machine scam victimized hundreds

Jobseekers beware: don't fall prey to this advance fee scam

Hotel guests: be on guard for the “front desk scam”

June, 2015

New Facebook scam promises $100 Aldi gift card, but will cost you a lot of money

Latest Facebook scams offer cash and “Disney World” vacations to spread malware, or worse

FBI warns against dangerous CryptoWall ransomware

May, 2015

"Miracle Mineral Solution" promoter convicted of selling bleach as a miracle cure

April, 2015

Like-farming Facebook scams: Look before you “like”

U.S. and European police shut down massive malware-spreading Beebone botnet

States file lawsuits to stop phony subscription renewal scams

March, 2015

Ukrainian identity thieves snag a victim in their money-laundering scam

February, 2015

Scam alert: the company is real, but the job offer is fake

Beware those scammy friend requests on Facebook

January, 2015

Double scam alert: fake invoices can cheat you — and now real invoices can, too!

Scam alert: this job offer is really an envelope-stuffing scheme

Scam alert: Don't take that “Travel Coordinator” job that requires an upfront payment

"Rachel from Cardholder Services" pays up

Don't ShipYourEnemiesGlitter, despite what this site tells you

Beware of scammy census surveys (but don't ignore the real ones)!

Beware the burglary scams popping up all over the country

Scam alert: New ransomware puts child pornography on victims' smartphones

December, 2014

Malware alert: beware fake shipping notices and order confirmation emails!

Scam alert: Be wary of gift cards sold on a retailer's rack!

Watch out for the “letter from Santa” scam

Woman almost loses $40K to online dating scammer

Malware alert: ignore that order confirmation email!

October, 2014

Feds red-light alleged green coffee bean scams

September, 2014

FTC wins shutdown of online high school diploma mill

August, 2014

Amerisave to pay $19 million for alleged bait-and-switch mortgage scheme

July, 2014

FTC: T-Mobile made hundreds of millions of dollars through cramming

June, 2014

Don't fall for utility bill scams

How to tell if your elderly parents are being scammed

May, 2014

Digital printers let counterfeiters operate with ease

April, 2014

Kidnapping scam exacts a heavy price, both financial and emotional

March, 2014

The warning signs of a scam

Miss Annabelle's money pit: Neothink, the League and the Twelve Visions

January, 2014

"Like farming" on Facebook: scammers never give up

November, 2013

Online 'Yellow Pages' scam halted

September, 2013

Beware the tech support scam

April, 2013

Seniors an especially attractive target for scams

December, 2012

Stay away from 'forensic mortgage audits'

'Cramming' appears to be migrating to cellphones

August, 2012

John Beck Promoters Ordered to Pay $478 Million for Deceiving Consumers

November, 2011

Magic Jack Being Used In Phone Spoofing Scam

October, 2011

Beware Of Chimney Repair Scams

September, 2011

New York Training Firm Accused Of Running Scam

August, 2011

Internet Explorer IQ Hoaxer Says He'll Do It Again

April, 2011

Consumers Not Required To Return Unsolicited Products

California Pyramid, Stock Scam Netted Millions

February, 2011

New Scam Targets Netflix Subscribers

'Reporter Has Stroke On TV' Turns Into Facebook Scam

Casino Cheating Ring Dismantled

Missouri Indicts Companies On Real Estate Fraud Charges

November, 2010

The Latest Scam: Hijacking Your Phone Number

Massachusetts Settles With Cape Cod Timeshare Sellers

September, 2010

Internet 'Modeling Job Scam Warning Issued

August, 2010

Beware of Door-To-Door Security Alarm Sales

July, 2010

'Questionable' Home Improvement Contractors Pursued In Pennsylvania

June, 2010

Three More Suspects Nabbed in Home Refinance Scam

February, 2010

FreeLotto.com to Pay New York $1.5 Million

December, 2009

Top 10 Scams Of 2009

October, 2009

Computer Experts Deconstruct FDIC Email Scam

April, 2009

Feds Charge Five in $70 Million "Dream Home" Scam

March, 2009

FBI Warns of Online Car-Sales Scam

February, 2009

Text-Phishing Scam Making the Rounds Again

December, 2008

Top 10 Scams Of 2008

Class-Action Scam Threatens Consumers

August, 2008

FTC Bans Pre-Recorded Telemarketer Calls

April, 2008

Losses From Cybercrime Nearly $240 Million in 2007

March, 2008

Art Dealers Indicted in Alleged Global Scam

More Counterfeit Money Order Scams Reported

December, 2007

Top Ten Scams of 2007

October, 2007

Email Scam Spoofs FTC

September, 2007

Scammer Claims To Be 'Verified By Visa'

August, 2007

Online Job Postings May Lead To Phone Scam

December, 2006

ConsumerAffairs.com's Top 10 Scams of 2006

November, 2006

"Grandparents Scam" Exposed

Author Finds Sport In Tricking Scammers

October, 2006

Medco Settles Fraud, Kickback Charges for $155 Million

June, 2006

BP Charged With Propane Market Manipulation

May, 2006

Texas Drains Fake Fuel Pill Scheme

March, 2006

"Smiling Bob" Not Smiling Anymore

December, 2005

Colorado Claims Genealogy Book Is Bogus

October, 2005

"Freedom Tower" and "American Mint" Coin Scams Halted

March, 2005

72# Scam Spreading

December, 2004

Free Money? Don't Think So

October, 2004

135 Arrested in Telemarketing Scams

August, 2004

Government Grant Scam Still Active

July, 2003

Court Seizes Internet Treasure Chest

November, 2002

Miss Cleo Settles for $500 Million

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