Porch pirate steals package before delivery driver can leave

Unattended deliveries are increasingly falling victim to porch pirates - UnSplash

Since pirates are getting more brazen, here are some tips to protect yourself

It has to be the fastest theft of a package on record. Surveillance video shows a FedEx delivery person placing a package by the door at a home in Columbus, Ohio. Before the delivery driver could leave the porch, a masked pirate rushed up the steps, grabbed the package and fled.

The homeowner, Kyle Dorsch, put the video footage on social media, hoping someone might recognize the thief.

"While we are home in the middle of the day – they didn't wait for the delivery driver to leave the porch, they swooped in real quick and went off," Dorsch told WSYX-TV.

In recent years, package theft has become an epidemic, especially around the holidays. According to data collected by Security.org, 44% of Americans report at least one incidence of package theft.

What to do

Home security firm ADT says the best way to deter porch pirates is “through preventative and security measures.” These can include:

  • Get a porch pirate bag – a large bag of heavy material that can be locked after receiving the box
  • Use a package receiving service
  • Require a signature for all deliveries
  • Have UPS deliver your packages to your local post office

Installing a video surveillance system might help identify the pirate if you do become a victim, but it might not deter the crime. If you want to see the video of the Columbus porch pirate, click here.

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