Spectrum customers now being targeted by the ‘Xfinity scam’

It’s basically the same scheme, just the company has been changed

A scam that specifically targets Xfinity cable customers has now morphed into a scheme targeting Spectrum customers. The two scams are nearly identical except for the companies that they impersonate.

Spectrum customers have reported getting a text, purportedly from Spectrum, offering a 50% discount on service. With rising costs everywhere, who wouldn’t be ready to listen?

But there’s a catch. Subscribers must pay a “deposit” of $80 a month for five months, then the deposit would be tapped to pay the monthly bill. 

And one other thing – the payments must be paid with gift cards!

Almost a year ago, ConsumerAffairs reported that a similar scam was targeting Xfinity subscribers. Xfinity customers were getting phone calls from people claiming to be from the cable company, offering them a money-saving deal.

The scam started with a phone call from someone claiming to be from Xfinity, offering to save the customer 50% on their cable bill for two years. The only catch, they require payment for one year of service upfront, over the phone.”

And these particular scammers are pretty clever, coming up with a reason the victims are told to pay the money using gift cards, which many people now recognize as a sign of a scam. Some victims told police the scammer told them that Xfinity had a joint promotion with the retailer and the deal was only available if you paid with Target gift cards.

In the case of the Xfinity scam, it seems likely the scammers had access to the cable company’s subscriber data. Only Xfinity customers were getting the pitches.

This is apparently the case with the Spectrum scam as well. Intended victims report that the scammers know their current bill and other account information.

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