YouTube warns that a very serious phishing scam is on the loose

'Looks like' a real email address is not the same as 'being' a real email address

Photo (c) Gerenme - Getty Images

There's a new YouTube phishing scam circulating and it’s so good that YouTube itself is shouting from its rooftops that no one should even think about opening the email.

“Heads up: we’re seeing reports of a phishing attempt showing as the sender,” TeamYouTube said in a tweet. “Be cautious & don’t download/access any file if you get this email.”

Tech influencer Kevin Breeze shared a screenshot of what the suspicious email looked like.

This is serious stuff

TeamYouTube said that the number one thing the scammers are pinning their hopes on is that the people who get the email will gloss over the fact that the sender’s email address looks similar to one from Google or YouTube, but is slightly different. Also, taking these steps can help, as well:

  • Check that the email address and the sender's name match

  • Check the message headers to make sure the "from" header isn't showing an incorrect name

  • Check that the email is authenticated

“To protect your Google/YouTube Account, we strongly recommend enabling 2-step Verification. When this is enabled, if someone tries to sign in from a new device or location, Google will send you a unique code for an added layer of security. This helps prevent unauthorized people from accessing your account,” the YouTube team suggested.

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