Drive on a toll road or a bridge? Scammers are looking for you.


Tech security expert lays out how it works and what you should do to keep from taking the bait.

If you or someone in your family drives on a toll road, EZ Pass highway, or bridge, be careful if you get an email or text saying you owe money for a missed toll payment, because it is most definitely a scam.

The scammers are sending out volumes of these fake messages hoping that you’ll be curious enough – or their scare tactics will scare you enough – that you’ll click on a link to pay up. The problem is that all the scammers really want is your credit card info.

Part of the grease that the scammers use is a small amount of money for what you supposedly owe – like $10 – just enough to make you think, "Ugh, maybe I did forget a toll," and just pay to get it over with.

Despite the fact that toll places usually send you a bill in the mail and not some random text, human nature being what it is, take the advice of Truman Kain, a security researcher at Huntress if you get one of these toll messages...

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