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I recently moved from Topeka Kansas to Lagrange Georgia. I had to pick the truck up in Lawrence, Kansas. First of all when making my reservation I wasn't told that there was a $150 deposit. I paid $1440.00 I had a truck and the equipment to tow my car. I was given instructions to turn the truck in Alabama. I had to return the truck on Oct 8th and was told that the facility would be open from 8 am til noon. Upon arrival the facility was closed so I had to leave the key and the contract there and I would return Monday to get my deposit back.

On Monday I got a call from the facility saying that he does not handle cash so I would have to be refunded by check via mail in which I was not told that when I asked the gentlemen at the facility. Suppose I came to rent a truck and was paying cash you would take the money so you do handle cash and I had to leave Georgia to go to Alabama to return the truck.

This was a inconvenience because I am thinking when I return the truck I would get my deposit back. I called to do a follow up today and explained that I turned in all the paperwork and I didn't know the town in Alabama I turned the truck in. I was told to call the facility and I said how can I call the facility and I don't even remember the town it was in. So I have yet to get my refund and the customer care rep was very rude. I would never use them again.

Statement/Timeline: We reserved a moving truck from Budget Rental Glendale in my husband's name on 9/25/16. We received confirmation of the reservation that day. I took off work that Saturday so I can help load the truck. On Sep 29th, I received a second confirmation that said it's almost time to pick up my truck on 10/30.

We called the evening of the 29th to confirm we would by at 10 and they said, “Oh, we canceled that reservation. We overbooked!” “But we did just leave you a voicemail!" "But call this number for Budget and they will help you find another reservation in the area." We called that number and were told we would be called back within 2 hours. We weren't called back, and our search on the internet made it appear that nothing was available anywhere in LA. We called again because we did not hear back. Again, they said, "we will call you back in 2 hours." NO CALL EVER CAME! At this point, I had now wasted hours and hours trying to resolve their screw up.

I then tried UHAUL and made a reservation for an 11:30 pickup in North Hills. I call them to confirm and they say, "oh, we don't actually have anything available, that was just a request for a truck, not a reservation." It appears that this is common practice in the rental industry these days. I spoke to several other locations and they said, "yeah, we don't have anything, we have 7 reservations and only 3 trucks!"

We finally, finally found a truck to rent 2 days later with Penske, which required me to take a second day off of work. The lady at Penske said that Budget and Uhaul are notorious for doing this and that she gets calls all the time from people who have had the same thing happen to them. THIS IS A TERRIBLE PRACTICE. People are already stressed out about moving. I tried to make all the plans and to be prepared as possible, only to run into this MAJOR problem that is not our fault at all. It’s really awful, and I can't imagine how many families are affected by this.

WHAT I AM SEEKING AS A RESOLUTION: I am seeking acknowledgment that this is a poor business model, apologies that I was never contacted on both of the occasions I was told I would be, compensation for my time wasted, stress accumulated, and for the extra day of work I had to take off. In a perfect world, I would like for these companies to change their business model, as this seems like a giant problem.

Just got off the phone with Budget Truck Rental. I had a problem with my brakes freezing up on a truck this weekend. The mechanic came out 3 hours later and of course the brakes were cooled down by then and worked fine on his 20' test drive. He told me to ask for a replacement truck. So, I called Budget and the maintenance manager told me if they couldn't replicate the problem that I would be responsible for the bill. I asked what bill and he wouldn't answer. I'm not sure if it was going to be for 2 truck rentals or the mechanics bill. I asked him if he was telling me to drive a truck that I thought was dangerous and he reiterated that I would have to pay if they couldn't replicate the problem. Now it is about 11 pm and it was too late to do anything. Sunday morning Budget calls and same thing so by now I tell them to **.

They say "you don't want a replacement truck?" I said "** no". Now they ask where I am returning the truck. I ask "why?" And they say so they can repair it. Lol. I said "why? YOU don't trust the brakes?" I took it back to the place I rented it and they exchanged it - no questions asked. 24 hours after I picked it up. Two days later I call Budget to complain and they said it was my responsibility to bring the truck to a repair facility on Sunday for repairs. WHAT??? Waste 2 days on a 3 day rental. Luckily it wasn't loaded yet and I wasn't stuck on the side of the road. Hopefully I don't get billed for complaining. Do yourself a favor and avoid Budget Truck Rental. BUDGET SUCKS!!!

Here's a quick summary of my experience: Reserved a truck on Tuesday. Received a confirmation e-mail Thursday. Showed up on time Saturday to pick up truck, and was told that none are available. Received no support in finding a replacement truck, and therefore was unable to move. The representative didn't care at all. Noticed a $50 no-show charge on my credit card bill on Monday. Called customer service Tuesday, got a simple "sorry", and was told the $50 would be reimbursed. Thank goodness U-Haul was able to provide something last minute. Never using Budget again.

I booked a truck over telephone 9/18/16, pickup 10/1/16 at Belvedere Road, WPB, FL. Received phone call 9/28, that my pickup location changed to N Congress Ave, Boynton Bch, FL. When I arrived was told by a very non-interested representative that there were no trucks and I must call for new reservation from a 1 800#. Called and was told it would be 4 hrs later and my truck would be only 16 ft instead of my 26 ft. This was the poorest experience I have ever had with mover rental. Then spent a long time waiting on my cell phone to cancel, with no success. I have notified my credit card provider AmEx to refuse payment on any charges from this lousy company. We had to complete move over 2.5 days with small vans from U-Haul to get our move completed. One way miles 55, so each trip was 110 miles. We made 5 trips. DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THIS VERY UNPROFESSIONAL COMPANY.

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A reservation was made and confirmed with Budget Truck Rental for a pickup at 2pm for Sept. 30 - we are moving. The day of the rental when we went to pick up the truck, there was no truck available. Yes, no truck. We were told we would receive a call within 2 hours - heck no! Of course there was no call. I had to call customer service only to be told "your request has been escalated and you should receive a call within 49 minutes or tomorrow. Is that ok?" Hell no. We contracted for a truck on 9/30 not 10/1 - what can I do. I have to wait but I can post on this site in the interim.

The rep, Kim, I spoke with said 'you don't have a contract and we don't guarantee a truck when you book online' as a response to my strong "we made a contract with you when we booked and received a confirmation number". What??? Reservation & confirmation does equal a contract! So now, we are waiting to hear from them as our house is packed with boxes ready to move. Such a large corporation without any sense of organization, and more importantly, they doesn't care about their reputation or posts that consumers make as you can see my complaint isn't the first. You pay for a service and don't receive the merchandise. Will "never" use them again and won't recommend them.

My daughter and I rented a truck in New Bedford, Mass. on Sept 27. I drove the truck to Maryland on the 28th. The truck was extremely hard to handle due to a worn out suspension system. Worse, while driving at high speed on the NJ Turnpike, the right rear tire blew out causing me to have to struggle to control the truck and get it safely off the road. Budget paid for the repair; that is not my complaint. Rather it is that they rented the truck in an unsafe condition, and when I tried to inform the service person of this when I returned the truck, she was entirely uninterested. I felt I should document this event so that others know to avoid Budget Truck Rental, and so that the company will be on notice of the unsafe condition of their vehicles so that they either will take steps to rectify the situation, or risk liability for a lawsuit if/when someone is not as fortunate as I was, and is seriously injured while renting a Budget vehicle.

My mother just rented a truck from them. She is going from ATX to Detroit. At no time did the website or the people at the location tell her that NONE of their trucks LOCK. Since when? I'm SURE this would be a deal breaker for everyone traveling for multiple days. I rented from the Ben White location in 09 and my truck most definitely locked. Also, they did not have her truck available at the Ben White location, even though she reserved over a month prior.

They sent her up north to the 183/MLK location. They made no effort to have it driven down by an employee. So now because my mother is on a budget and HAS to use Budget because of the price, she is forced to drive a truck that doesn't lock for 3 days with all her possessions inside. She also was not offered a discount for these inconveniences. Horrible service. Horrible. If you can afford it, rent from a different company. Phone calls WILL BE MADE to customer service.

The online reservation of our truck was smooth and easy. UNFORTUNATELY, that was the only thing. When we went to pick up the truck the facility was closed. Just so happens the manager had come to the office to pick some papers. When she saw my husband there, she was wondering why. He told her that he was there to pick up our truck that was rented via the web. She was shocked as they were closed for the week. My husband explained to her that we need our truck as reserved online because we are moving out of State and his job starts on Monday.

Well she gave us a truck, the only tr6 on the lot, which was a little bigger than what we reserved, which we were grateful, until the big surprise of the ants. We picked up our truck on a Wednesday, packed it but didn't get on the road until Thursday. It wasn't until Thursday evening when we finally pulled over to eat that we were surprised. The bag of chips that was sitting on the passenger seat was covered with red ants. My husband said he had seen a couple of ants but didn't think anything of it as the truck had been sitting on a lot for days. But when the ants started coming from the vents, floor mats, passenger door, up his leg, he had to pull over, jump out of the truck to get the ants off of him. All trying not to have an accident.

Once we reported this to Budget, there only words were "we are so sorry. We can send another truck." Well that would have been fine but who was go to repack a truck. So we bought bug spray and had to stay overnight at a hotel until some of the ants subsided, plus my husband could not drive because of the ** he took due to the ant bites. So we report all of this. Was told that we will be issued a refund once we return the truck. Well we were satisfied with this because at least they were not going to charge us for this horrible experience. So we go to drop off the truck, only to be told that the office is closed for 2 days and will not open until Wednesday. This was not told to us by budget, but by a tenant in the company next to the budget rental office. As a matter of fact, he said I was the third person he had told that morning.

Well once again we get screwed. There at 8:00am, late to work, and no one there. We were told by the service rep that once we return the truck, they would issue the refund. Well how convenient to be closed. Once I reported this incident to customer service, I was told that the charges will remain on hold until the ticket is closed. He assured my husband that NOTHING CAN BE DONE UNTIL THE TICKET IS CLOSED. So left the keys in the night drop as instructed, waited until Wednesday to speak with the rep, who stated that she had informed Budget that she would be out until Wednesday and please do not lost this site as a drop off until Wednesday.

Bottom line after contacting customer service, my husband was told that no charges will be charged to our credit card, the hold should call off in 5-7 days. NOT. THEY HAD ALREADY CHARGED MY ACCOUNT ON MONDAY AFTER WE WERE TOLD THAT NOTHING COULD BE DONE UNTIL WEDNESDAY. Liars, poor customer service, infestation, all made for horrible experience. Never rented from this company.

So we are an active duty family. Last April my family and I were restationed from Fort Carson Colorado to Fort Drum New York. We rented a budget truck in Colorado and got in an accident that damaged the roof of the vehicle. Prior to starting our move I purchased what Budget Truck claims to be a foolproof insurance purchase through them. Directly after the accident contacted local law enforcement reported the accident and then called Budget Truck customer service where I was redirected multiple times until finally connected to somebody who informed me that the cover all insurance that I purchased for almost $400 did not cover rooftop damage even though I specifically told buy a Budget Truck employee that it covered everything that you could imagine.

The accident happened in Illinois in the middle of the night. We were advised that Budget Truck would not rent us a second moving truck and we were told that we needed to get all belongings out of the 24 foot box truck. They left my father and I stranded in Chicago with everything we have ever owned. They had no regard for our situation and simply left us out to dry. My insurance covered the damages after they attempted to charge me 10,000 dollars in repairs. It was nowhere near that amount in true damages/labor. I want the public to hear my story and acknowledge the complete disregard for the customers well-being or simply safety. Thank you U-Haul and State Farm for helping me and my family out.

Tried to claim gas was 3/4 full yet was barely over empty (glad we checked that before left). Was given a rental truck that had cigarette smoke smell in cab and very very dirty in back of truck. Back was dirty with all kinds of stuff on floor, smelt of oil and weed! Course did not know this until we were loading our items. We returned after hours with key drop box. Next day I requested a receipt be sent to my email, have never received one.

***DO NOT RENT WITH #BUDGET OR #AVIS*** We broke down 3 times in 3 days less the 35 miles from where we were starting. Then waited 28 hours for the replacement truck so we could leave. The next day the replacement truck broke down also. Called Customer Service and was lied to repeatedly and then told we "would get money back after the trip." They offered 17%. Then 18% then 25% and then 35%. I said no I wanted all the money back and they said I need to get a lawyer to talk to legal. I told them my rights are that I do not need a lawyer in America. They hung up.

According to Budget's own Terms of Service, your reservation guarantees the price of a truck, but does not actually guarantee the truck will be there. In my case, the reservation did not even guarantee that the business would still be there. I reserved my truck back in late June for a move at the end of August. During the week leading up to the move, I received several e-mails indicating the truck would be ready on the day of pick up. This was perfect because I had decided to hire movers to make the day go smoothly.

Well, Saturday comes around and I pull up to the address to find they were co-located with a self storage business. I asked the lady at the storage counter where the Budget truck window was and she informed me that they had closed down two weeks earlier. I look over at the next window where Budget was supposed to be located and there is a sign on crumpled notepaper that read "Questions? Call **." I didn't take down the number because I was already calling the main line. Budget actually answered pretty quickly, however, it only went downhill from there. I was told about their lovely Terms of Service and that they would be willing to help me find another truck for the same price.

The woman was so insistent on the same price, but didn't seem to realize that my movers would be showing up any minute and their price wasn't changing. In addition, the Budget rep couldn't book a truck for me and had to take my number down so that an inventory manager could respond. Two hours later, I received a call from Budget asking if I wanted to pick up a truck. By this time, the movers had arranged for a truck and I told Budget to stuff it.

Several days after this debacle, I called Budget back to complain about the incident to see what they would say. I spoke with another representative and I told her the story about how the business closed without informing their customers. I made sure to let her know that I was essentially paying movers to sit around and do nothing while we waited for a truck to show up. The Budget rep offered her apology for the situation and noted that the location was closed so that other people would not have to deal with this issue. Apparently, they were still unaware of the problem, even though several complaints on Google Maps and Yelp were starting to show up.

The woman apologized one more time and asked if there was anything else. I told her I expected to be compensated for my inconvenience due to their complete failure to provide any service and the inflated price I owed the movers due to their mistake. She again cited the Terms of Service agreement and apologized for the 40th time.

Budget truck rental is not to be trusted. They write damage control language into their policy, so that when these situations arise, they can claim they did nothing wrong. Any company that takes reservations, but does not make any guarantee of service on their end is useless. Based on the number of complaints and specificity of the policy, my guess is that failure occurs on a regular basis.

Dealing with Budget Truck was a nightmare from start to finish. Pickup location reserved weeks ahead of time, but Budget calls a couple DAYS ahead of time and says no truck will be there. I must drive to location twice as far from my home. It’s Labor Day weekend, so nothing I can do but deal with it - and Budget agent acts like he knows that too. Power outlets not working in truck, so no place to plug in a GPS. Drop off address in confirmation is an abandoned location, with large signs saying it moved to another location 10+ minutes away (and obviously had moved a while ago - inexcusable that Budget has wrong information).

No after hours key slot there, even though I had been assured after hours drop off OK at that location, and Budget website confirmed (and still confirms right now) that after hours drop off OK there. That then required me to make another trip to the drop off location to return the key when they're open. Staff at that location has the nerve to call me, complain I'm not getting back there quickly enough, that I should have guessed OK to leave key in slot at abandoned location (even though the slot was taped over - which the guy on the phone didn't realize). He threatens to tow the truck, even though I’m already steaming mad I have to go there at all, all due to Budget’s incompetence. Total nightmare. Wasted my time and cost me real money to compensate for Budget's errors. Had to deal with obnoxious and badly trained Budget people at multiple steps along the way.

Budget Truck Rental is the worst rental company that I have ever dealt with. The first truck had no power (26 foot diesel) and had to wait for another one to become available (1 day later). Second truck wasn't any better. Traveled from Tampa to Knoxville. Truck worked fair until wheel hit rolling hills, then truck could barely make it up a minor hill (half full and pulling a car). I have a Ford F-350 that can pull three cars better than the Budget Ford F-750 pulled one car. Called Budget to express my concern and disappointment and they offered a $70 refund on a $758 bill, that is less than one day of rental! That was an insult. These trucks are very underpowered and dangerous. The lady at the local Budget also admitted they have had problems with these trucks. Everything about this company has been horrible, will never rent from Budget again...

I "reserved" a truck for a move a few weeks before the actual date of my move. I was called this morning, days before the move, and told they "had no trucks because it's a busy weekend". When I asked them what I could do their representative said "Nothing. We don't have any trucks" She told me that their reservation system is "just for preference" and that it doesn't actually relate to booking a truck - which is apparently done at their leisure. Sure enough, from their site: "A reservation is not a contract. Reservation only guarantees the rate quoted and shows a customer’s preferences for a pickup location, drop-off location, time of rental, date of rental and equipment type." Don't waste your time. I called UHaul and they guaranteed me a bigger truck for a lower price.

Worst company ever. The truck broke down. My movers were stuck for two days so they could fix the truck. They would not send another truck. I lost the hotel and return airline tickets and I had to feed the movers 2 extra days. Their broke down truck cost me an extra $900. They offered me $300. After sending 12 letters they finally gave me the extra expenses back. Awful Awful customer service. Spend the extra 100 bucks at Uhaul.

I've rented from Budget 3 times over the past 5 years. Will NEVER be a customer with them again. Their customer service has been markedly worse each time. This past year, arrived on time for my rental, and had to wait an hour in their lobby to be given a truck, because there was only one person working at the location--at a SNAIL'S pace.

Just recently my experience is what perturbed me most. I reserved a truck with them 8 weeks in advance of my pick-up date. One week prior to the pick up date, I asked if they had a truck with a lift. They said they did, followed by the fact it would be $400 dollars extra. I had to check with my mother to ask if she would want the lift for her fridge. In the meantime, Budget had changed my reservation to $650 from $220 to get the truck with the lift. Fine.

When I called back to have my reservation switched back only 5 minutes later, they said there was nothing they could do because rates are subject to change. I explained I changed the reservation 5 minutes ago and for my rate to go up over $400 was ridiculous. The manager I spoke with said there was nothing she could do; once they changed my reservation, there was no going back to the original amount. What a pathetic company. Pathetic customer service. Needless to say, I cancelled the reservation and went with U-haul. I have had fantastic service from them so far.

I rented a truck for a one way move from Chicago to Daytona beach FL. The truck I rented costed over $1000.00. This isn't about the cost because I don't know what a truck costs to do a one way rental. The truck wasn't very clean as if someone just got up the big pieces of paper and didn't vacuum it out (rush job). I took it and did the vacuum because I was gonna be spending many hours in this truck. Got it loaded and once I hit the highway I noticed that truck pulled heavy to the left, so I called Budget to ask them what can be done about this. This makes my drive harder and I have a lot of driving to do. They didn't answer, it was late that Saturday. So I called Sunday didn't get much help, emergency roadside only limited services on weekend.

So Monday I called and I finally spoke with someone and they told me that I could take it to a repair shop in some town that I was close to and they would take a look at the truck and possibly repair it or change the truck. I said this truck is loaded with furniture and all. That would mean that I would have to transfer everything from one truck to another! So I asked if they could just compensate me for the rental and I would be ok with that. So, "Yes, when you make it to your destination give us a call back and we'll discuss compensation," was they're reply. So I done that and 3 days later no word from Budget. No one has inspected the truck yet! I wait 2 more days and finally they tell me that someone looked and that truck and couldn't find a problem with the tires. So they couldn't compensate me for my troubles! I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH BUDGET AGAIN!

I made a reservation for a truck that was listed as available in Mississippi, the afternoon before I was to pick up my reservation I got a call from a budget representative saying that my truck was unavailable at the place I had reserved it so I had to drive to the Tennessee border to pick it up instead. The move was rough, it rained hard every day (1000 year flood for Louisiana but only a hundred year flood for Arkansas). Instead of returning the truck on Sunday, I was already late a day, I figured Monday morning would be fine because the closest return business (8888 Faulkner Lake Rd North Little Rock) was 40 minutes away.

When I went to return it Monday morning, the front right tire had sunk into the mud. I called for roadside assistance and the tow truck that came to help got stuck worse than me. He then had to call a bigger truck to get us out of the mud. I returned the truck a few hours late and was charged for two extra days ($85 a day even though it says $70 on the web) and two extra days for the dolly at $15 a day with the bent wheel ($22.00 when I rented it for 2 days). I paid more for the 30 hours extra that I had the truck then I did for the initial rental ($237.45 vs $206.19). I will never use Budget again. I need one more truck to complete the move but they have lost a lifetime of my business. I called customer service, I guess because I will never be their customer again. They decided that service was something they didn't have to abide by. If any Budget Exec or employee reads this, my customer reference number was **. There it is, I was a customer.

Do you enjoy being horrifically inconvenienced during moving? Do you want your blood to boil as some snarky employee sneers at you that they can't offer you their services on the morning of your reservation? Do you enjoy playing endless phone tag with an incompetent customer service staff, getting transferred from line to line, repeating the same story across many hours, all the while getting absolutely no where? Then Budget Truck Rental is for you!

I made an online reservation for a truck 2 weeks in advance. The day of my move and reservation, I call my Pick-Up Location to request that I be able to pick up my truck at 2:00 p.m. instead of my 1:00 p.m. reservation, out of convenience since the moving out process was taking longer than expected. I am then rudely informed that there is no truck, despite my reservation. I am told they don't know when a truck will be available either. I argue with the employee about this ("But I have a reservation!" "How are you going to resolve this?") until he grows annoyed and says "I can't help you, we don't know when the truck is coming." I throw in the towel, realizing that I'm fighting a losing battle. I hang up and frantically try to book a UHaul truck instead.

Two days later a pending charge appears on my account - a $50 no-cancellation fee from Budget Truck. These people had the AUDACITY to massively inconvenience me, and then CHARGE ME FOR IT? Cue several calls to Customer Service who were completely useless and sent me on wild goose chase calls to various numbers. Eventually they make me call the Pick Up Location again, and I talk to a different person than the rude employee who I had talked to on moving day. I get told that they'll call me back when things are cleared up. I never receive the call. The charge goes through. I paid $50 to be inconvenienced. Do not let this happen to you! A reservation with this company is not a guarantee, (as stated in the reservation email), but if it does not work out they may be RUDE TO YOU and then DEMAND MONEY FOR IT.

I'm a 34 year old female and I know nothing about cars or towing them. I went to Budget and explained to the employee that I was moving from MA to VA and that I would need a moving truck; I also asked about towing my car, a 2011 Subaru Legacy. The employee asked for my car information, and I gave it to him. He then went on to suggest renting a 16' truck and a 2-tire tow dolly. I listened to his suggestion, and made reservations for my moving date. On my confirmation print-out, it states that I will be towing a 2011 Subaru Legacy on a tow dolly.

I moved down to VA, and when I took my car off the tow dolly, it was making a funny noise. I took it to the Subaru dealership where I explained the situation, and they were very concerned that I had towed it on a dolly. They explained that because ALL Subaru Legacy’s are AWD, they should NEVER be towed on a 2-tire dolly; they can only be towed on flatbeds. They continued to say that on AWDs, all four wheels need to be moving, or not moving, at the same time; when two wheels are moving, and two wheels are not, it causes major problems. My car needs a new differential, which is going to cost $1,600. It may also need repairs to the transmission, or it might even need a new transmission, which could cost upwards of $8,000. I listened to exactly what the employee at Budget told me to do, and my car now has significant damages to it; it could cost anywhere from $1,600 - $9,600 to fix it.

Wish I could give negative star (except for roadside assistance and agent at receiving location). Those two contacts were the only bright spot in entire ordeal. Long story short, cross country move 24' truck and car carrier. Agent (manager I assume) at the pickup location very rude, unprofessional and untruthful. Second day of trip A/C went out in Montana, 95 degrees plus, roadside assistance was contacted, even though they were extremely sympathetic to our problem, we would not be able to get any assistance for 2 more days. And, using their words, "That truck should have never left the local area and a substantial refund should be accorded!" This last statement was also repeated by 2 CSR's from Budget!

After wrangling with them over 3 days after our return, their offer was $250 for our "inconvenience." They seem to like using that term throughout the entire CSR department. The offer, I was told was only good for 7 days then it would be withdrawn. Well, I ended up taking it even though our "inconvenience" could have very easily been a serious health issue after 3 days of 95 plus heat in an old beat-up wreck of a truck. Needless to say my relationship with Budget is over. Next time I will pay extra from U-Haul or Penske because I am sure it will be worth it!

I reserved a 24 ft truck at this location: {Durhamcorp Inc 1750 W 81St. Avenue, Merrillville, IN (219) 791-4219 11:30 AM, Aug 04, 2016}. This is a actual copy of part of the email confirmation. I budgeted very carefully for this move out of our storage in Merrillville In. to Bourbon Mo. I called and checked on my confirmation. They had no truck, The representative was very rude although I remained civil. He refused to answer my request for a manager, hung up the phone on me, and hid in the back of the office when I went in to speak with someone. We are currently stuck in Chicago having to come here and stay with relatives and finally ending up renting a new hotel room while we look for another moving truck. We already spent 400.00 on hotels, 200.00 on food and had to pay for another months rental on our 2 storage's.

Also we had our movers with us on pick up day and had to pay them something. This new hotel is horrible But all we can afford. Another couple of hundred dollars. Plus the 6 tanks of gas. We have already burned more restaurant food totaling who knows what at this point. I have stopped logging it down. Did I also mention we have a disabled granddaughter with us who is wheel chair bound with extreme cerebral palsy?

WE received promises from a manager that they would look for a truck and contact us. 6 days have passed and 1 contact. Another Guy who did promise to keep in touch but had no truck on that Monday and we've not heard back from him. We are late getting back for my grand daughters hospital appointments in St. Louis and for the storage we had on hold in Mo. WE have started paying rent on a home we are not moved into, and I have no Idea what we will do for money to subsidize all the monthly bill money we've spent. We asked for the corporate office phone # and was told that they don't have one! I am in the process of looking for a lawyer for a lawsuit. Maybe class action?!

Over a month before the move, I ordered and paid for a 16-foot moving truck. When we arrived at the pick-up location, we were told they had only 12-foot trucks onsite. Now if I had wanted a 12 foot truck, I would have ordered it. The gentleman behind us in line had exactly the same issue. I was told by the Budget rep that I would have to take this up with consumer service. I just called them up and spoke to a lady that barely spoke English. Bottom line... No refund... So basically the attitude of Budget is tough luck. Beware of this company. They are not truthful and could care less about the customer. We ended up leaving some furniture because there was no room on the truck. Thanks for nothing Budget.

I reserved a 12 ft truck on Jul 25th, for a Aug 9th pick up date. I picked Budget because that size truck was perfect for my daughter's studio apt. move into New Haven, CT, where the parking and unloading was going to be very difficult for a huge truck. One day before we get a call saying that the location had 4 people book for the one and only 12 ft. truck they had available. They offered a 16 ft truck, which we did not want. After complaining, they said they would search inventory in nearby places and call within 2 hours. I got a call after much later than 2 hours, saying 10 ft trucks were available in Ithaca, 1 hour away, New York City, 4 hours away, which is more time to drive than my actual move, during which I lost more time to book a different rental with U-Haul.

The only available option left to me was U-Haul, where their 15 ft truck is smaller than the 16 ft Budget truck. But I had to drive 20 miles to get it. Budget's reservation and supply chain system is extremely lacking. I found the U-Haul system to be much closer with the inventory available. I still have to pick up my truck at U-Haul today. Let's see what awaits me there.

Was supposed to pick up a moving truck today 24 ft. After reading other poor reviews I called to confirm the truck would be there. The girl in Cranberry Township PA S*ra stated, "it's not yet but they said there's a big one coming later." Needless to say 15 mins before pickup time they call and said "Sorry we don't have it and won't have it but we have a 16 ft." (No way that would fit my 3 bedroom condo into it). I said "That won't work. What are my options?" "Ummm you can call other locations and try to find the truck yourself. Sorry that's all I can do. I wish you luck." Seriously??? That's customer service??? It was 5:15pm. Other locations were closed. I called the 800 number 9 times now tonight and keep being told "We'll call you tomorrow morning."

Finally a airport location told me that this has been going on a lot recently. They overbook the 24 ft trucks a lot and that within a 100 mile radius of me there aren't any trucks available. I have movers coming at 10am tomorrow morning and now don't have the truck. I called Penske and U-Haul. Finally U-Haul found a 26 ft truck matching Budget price and beat it since I have to drive 68 miles to get it. Budget has gone way downhill lately and they don't seem to care. I told the customer service lady who was probably in India she should find a new job cause Budget won't last for long at this rate.

Word of advice if you need a truck and Budget is the best price... Stay away!!! Call U-Haul or Penske and try to get them to price match for you. I have used all 3 services before as I move frequently with my job and Budget by far has the worst customer service. Hope this helps save you some stress of last minute not there. Their terms and conditions are 100% that it doesn't guarantee anything except the price. Good luck and happy Move!!!

I suspect most of us have the same definition of “Reservation”; apparently Budget Truck Rental has a different dictionary. Reserved a truck to move my son home from college in Bloomington, IN. Three hours before scheduled pick up I get a call from Goober (name has been changed to protect the not very bright). “Sorry, ain’t got no trucks today.” Tried to call store, no answer. Shocking, I know. Basically, 8 hours of my life I’ll never get back. Had to call around in a panic and drive to Indianapolis to get a vehicle. I fairness, U-Haul was very responsive and helpful. Update: To add insult to injury, I got charged a $50 “No show” fee. Really? Way to piss people off. I would also note that it took them 1 day to apply the fee, but I have to wait 5-7 business days to “process” the refund. All-in-all, a great big ** to Budget. Never going to rent a car from these Bozos, much less a truck, ever again. Or Avis, Budget’s sister company.

I am writing this review because of my recent experience with Budget Truck Rental (400 Airport Rd. Greenville NC 27834). I reserved a 16' foot truck online on 7/25/16 for a one-way move on 7/30/16. I received a confirmation email on 7/28/16. I called the local office (Airport Rd.) where I was scheduled to pick up my truck to confirm they would have a truck available. I spoke with a woman (I didn't get her name) who assured me they had my truck available. She also explained that they were located inside the airport. I arrived on 7/30/16 to pick up my truck and I was informed that there was no truck available. I was livid.

I told the woman that I just called and confirmed 2 days ago and the woman I spoke with assured me they had a truck for me. She said she is the only woman that works there and I never spoke with her. She said, "No, no I would have never told you that." In a nutshell, she blew me off and told me it's not their issue and that I needed to call the 1-800 number because they made the reservation. She was very rude and dismissive. She then proceeded to assist the next customer in line.

I will be honest, I became very enraged at this point and I called her a ** and walked out of the store. I saw a gentleman come in a few minutes later so I went back in the store. The lady and I went back and forth and I finally just told her to just shut up (it got very heated). Well the gentleman (whose name was **) pretty much did the same thing. He said I may have called and all that, but the fact remains they don't have any trucks available. He basically dismissed me too without even attempting to offer an alternative. I will NEVER conduct business with this company again.

I will not be doing business with Budget Avis rentals again! I had an experience about a year ago where I rented a 26 foot truck from the Northgate/Colerain location. On the day I scheduled to pickup the truck I was informed that there was no truck available because a customer decided to keep for an extra day. After getting the runaround I finally was given an option to drive to another location to pickup a truck. I was not happy but had to have a truck that day so I picked it up. STRIKE 1 for me!

I decided to give Budget Avis rentals another chance here recently. I booked the same size truck on Monday July 18th for Wednesday the 20th as I wanted to give them a chance to get a truck in. Because of my first experience I called in on Tuesday the 19th to make sure a truck would be there the next day as I was hiring several workers for the day and had to confirm with them that we were good to go. On this day, I spoke with Carlos and he confirmed that the truck would be there the next day. I asked him several times and explained my previous experience to him as I wanted to prevent it from happening again.

On Wednesday, July 20th, I received a call as I was driving to the location to pick the truck up that there was no truck there. Pick up time was 9am and I had 2 guys I was paying $15 an hour that arrived at 8:30 am. I was told by Grant that he would call around to get a truck there for me. At 11am I still had no call back or answer to what was going on. I called in and was immediately put on hold and then eventually hung up on. I then preceded to call back 9 more times before finally getting a hold of Grant.

Again, he told me he would call me back as he was going to check all the locations in the area for the truck again. At this point I have two workers that I have paid $75 between the two and no work has been accomplished. Grant informed me he would call me back in 5 minutes with an answer. I should've known! It was now 2pm and I was out $165 with two workers sitting around. Called Northgate back and received no answer. STRIKE 2 for me!

At this point the only option was to call corporate. I spoke with a David ** who took my info and was going to have the Regional Dealer call me. He also asked me how far I would be willing to drive to pickup a truck. I answered and said, "0 miles. I booked the truck for Northgate/Colerain". Not too long after talking to him I received a call from the regional dealer (Naz). I explained the situation and told him I paid to workers all day long. I asked him what he was willing to do for me. He told me he could comp me the miles to the closest dealer with a truck. That was definitely not good enough.

I suggested a fair solution for him to comp me one day free minus the cost of the miles in addition to the two days I already had booked. He immediately said "we cannot do that." I then explained to him that even if he gave me a free day which is only equal to about $50 that I still would be losing as I paid my workers at this point $165 to stand around. He then agreed and said he would add a free day along with the miles to the closest dealer which was about 15 minutes out of my way each way.

The next day, (Thursday July 21st) I drove to the Avis Budget Sharonville location and picked up a truck. The owner Linda was pleasant to talk to and you could tell it was her business by the way she treated us. We took the truck and used it all day Thursday and Friday which were our paid days. The free day would've been Saturday. We decided to call in and see if we could turn the truck in early and use the free day another time. We reached out to Linda and she said she could take the truck back. She also informed us that Naz only informed her that we would get 10 free miles each way for driving to this location. NO FREE DAY! She said she would have Naz call us by the end of the day. Of course no call, no call Saturday or Sunday either.

I then called in on Monday and said I never received a call. Was told he was off or in meetings on Monday and Linda said she would have him call me Tuesday. NO CALL! STRIKE 3! I will now be calling my credit card company to decline this transaction. I have left reviews everywhere possible with my experience. I would suggest taking a closer look at Naz, your regional dealer, as well as the reps at the Northgate/Colerain location.

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