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On 6/1/16 I filed a police report in Providence, RI as a result of a Father & Son Moving Company truck hitting and totaling my legally parked car. They fled the scene of the accident. The estimated damages are $7300. I have two witnesses with 2 written affidavits and a lawyer trying to help me, but the company, as well as their insurance adjuster from York Insurance, refuse to accept liability of this claim. I'm currently going down every avenue to pursue them legally and obtain justice.

I moved recently and they broke glass items. One of their employees slammed boxes that were clearly marked "Glass - Handle With Care". They broke one of my picture frames. They took off without notice and left me with close to 10 boxes. I had to make arrangements the following day to get picked up by friends. They scratched my furniture which they denied. I'm still missing pieces from some lamps they dismantled. I have no idea what they did with the pieces and get this, to top it off one of their guys decided not to work on moving night. He Sat on my sofa and said he was not going to help any more. He even had the nerve to ask me if I could fix him dinner! Well HELLO, 1) I am not his "wife" nor friend and 2) my apartment was empty with no food!!! Like what the heck??? The other employees kept telling him to get back to work and he got up over 1 hour later.

My sons had to help the movers! Get a load of that! I'm paying and my sons had to do the lazy jerk's work!!! So much for Father & Sons... Yeah MY sons were doing the work. Then to make things even horrible, the next morning we realized one of the movers stole an expensive very small item out of one of the boxes worth over $800. I contacted the company the next morning and got an "Oh well, not our problem". I will NEVER EVER RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY. Oh yeah and to top it off, one of the guys who answered the phone told me to go ** myself. So that pretty much sums up the lack of class they have. Right from the person who answers the phone down to the movers. I will definitely never use them again and I will NEVER recommend them at all. I was forced to pick a star above but I give them ZERO stars. I hope they go out of business.

Called Father And Son about two weeks ago to move a king bedroom set, 5 pieces, from Pinecrest to North Miami. Spoke to Michael ** who told me they charged a minimum of two hours up front, 89.00 an hour. Then I proceeded to ask "what would the cost be more or less." He told me "about $319" then I asked again "would it go over much more". He said "no that's about right" so I said "ok" and I booked them. No written contract just verbal over the phone. I called him again to confirm before the move on August 19 and the same number of 319 was told to me again.

Moving day came and they showed up at my door with furniture. I had gone to the bank to get money. When I came back my husband was at the house with the police because the movers said we had to pay $478 cash or they were leaving with furniture. I called Michael to see if I could do anything but his attitude was "you don't pay what I say we take the furniture." He said there was a fuel cost I was responsible for which I was never told. Guys showed up at 8 am at Pinecrest and left my house in North Miami at 11:15, 3 hrs and $478 later. What a crook that guy is. I feel bad for the guys who came. They were decent, hard working men. They told me this kind of thing happens very often because people are not told straight up what the charges are.

Please read reviews before you decide to use this company. They use unscrupulous business practices and they take advantage of people. They hold your furniture hostage so you had no other choice than to pay whatever they want. The guys that came were very nice and understanding but I know they work for this unscrupulous company and unfortunately have to do the dirty work for this Michael guy who hides behind a desk all day and insults people on the phone. This company needs to be investigated. They rob people blind and they do it all the time. This is not an isolated incident. The workers themselves told me. Stay away from Father and Son Moving. They are crooks!

Did not unload some of our stuff and left with it on their truck. Many broken items. Claim filed with CSI which apparently has a VERY bad reputation for taking forever to "settle" claims and ultimately paying customer NEXT TO NOTHING. They basically have "stolen" our things, including new rugs clearly marked as ours. It is now going on two months and the claim is still "being reviewed". Father and Son should not allow this to happen. They should be investigated for theft of property and not fulfilling their contract to deliver all items on the truck. DO NOT USE THEM.

My mother scheduled the move for me from MA to FL! Given a pick up window of between 1-3! I called @ 4 & was told the move ahead of me was more than anticipated! They should be there by 6, so I then went & searched their reviews, which I should have done first! Holy crap! It's now 9:30 no-show, no call??? I'm now on the phone scheduling another moving company & disputing the $178 deposit they took! I will definitely be taking further action against them once I'm settled!

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The worst moving company ever. Please, please do not use this company. If you do you are being a desperate fool. Excuse my French, but I'm dead serious, these people are low lifes, Scumbags waiting to get your belongings on their trucks, with a fake estimate and then up the price on you three times more than what they quoted you over the phone and we all know that estimates aren't real. Yeah that Scumbag Ricki Russo, who calls himself Sal, is behind all the scams that's being done. Trust me, I know how they work. I worked for the scumbag. He get bums off the street to move you just to charge them money for a BS shirt and hat. To advertise his business you have to pay 40$ throw a jumper at you and charge you 75$ for it, force you to take a tool box when you already have tools, and threaten you not to come in without it, send amateurs on a job with professionals, kill the good workers and rob all shippers.

We need to put people like this beneath us. If we don't screw ourselves by using his company. They need to be shut down, so please, please, please if you're considering using this rip off company known as Father & Son please think it over before it really really cost you $$$. Isn't it bad enough we have to worry about moving? And then to make the matter worst, you put your trust in the hands of a crook.

Let me give you an example, although a lot of you may know already how he works, oops I forgot he's a lil **, he have his trained goons in the office to relay messages. Yes he's a **. He could never confront you face to face. He hides in that office like a lil girl, then he sends his lil crackhead worker louri, or either that clown name Mark, in all actuality his name should be Lurch from the Addams family to do his dirty work. He uses people names to hide behind when it comes to getting your pay. It's short an hour or two, knowing you did a job and knowing how many hours it took to complete the job. He screw up your money and hope you didn't write or keep up with hours so he can say bring in the discrepancy and if you can't remember it's like saying "Stick 'em up", without a gun. You're just robbed.

In fact Ricki Russo is so corrupted I seen him do his own mother and aunt dirty. He charged them as if that wasn't his family. So just imagine what he thinks about anyone else. I'm gonna continue to keep you guys posted!!! Not to mess with this company until the Scum rat bastards close down. Only way you keep him in business is by supporting, him with your hard earned work money. Don't give him another nickel penny dime or dollars ever again.

The ** comes out Staten Island to Newark to try and slave all my brothers. Don't fall for the ** Italian scumbag piece of ** lies or scandals any more. I'm letting you know from a inside experience and trust me I know all the scams and underhanded things about him. My name is **. I'm still a mover, so if you need moving, I can be reached by email ** or hit me at **. Hopefully my comment can touch hundreds and thousands of people to not support this company which is a rip off. Don't be a victim!!

My mother booked move with these guys and got a quote of $1300 for 9 hours. 7 working and 2 driving. Not a bad price I thought. Then the move day came. They sent a guy with a heavy Jamaican accent to speak to my mother, he just kept telling her, "Don't worry about it. Just sign here, all the paperwork is ok." Well it was not. The two helpers both nice but the young girl was not much help when it came to the heavy items which I wound up moving with the other guy. Then we went to leave, they wanted a $1000 deposit. I said they had all the furniture in the truck that was insurance enough for the payment and the money was at the destination. We got to the drop off and they would not unload till they got the price for the move. ??? I was confused since the price I got was the price I thought we would pay.

Well after 60 minutes of calling the office 'cause no one was around to authorize a price they agreed that with a $1000 down they would move the stuff. After about 30 min the phone rang and the driver came around to tell me that they had to stop moving the items till I paid them another $1600. Big difference from the original price, I looked at the bill and we were at 7 1/2 hours into the move but they had put 8 hours OT on the invoice. Ow I am really confused. We have not even gotten to the 8 hour point in the move and they want 8 hours OT. Are they nuts? I called the office and Joe told me like a puppet, "I can not do anything this is what I was told the bill was and I can not get anyone to help me till tomorrow." I was not happy. Joe said either I pay the bill or they hijack my furniture back to the warehouse where I would pay storage, and a return trip to my house to drop off my furniture when I paid.

They charged me for a truck from Newark 3 hrs travel when they have a location in Brooklyn where I live so there would be no travel time. They broke items and said, "Yeah man it happens." The driver said, "If you do not like it. Take them to court." So many other things to list, I called the next day and was told they would call me back, 2 days later I called and was told they were too busy to talk to me now they would call me back. I'm still holding my breath. I want the $500 back that you strong armed me for. DO NOT USE THESE GUYS <<< TOTAL RIP OFF.

This company needs to be investigated by the state attorney and IRS and should be shut down. The reviews are horrible and my story is not different. I called a month in advance and spoke to Micheal who stated he was one of the owners. Micheal gave me a flat rate of 300 and 89 per hour for any extra hour. 300 includes 1 hour load, 1 hour unload and 1 hours travel. By the time they arrived to my destination it was only 2 and half hours of work. The driver would not unload my stuff unless I paid 456 cash. I got on the phone with Joe who screamed at me. Meanwhile the driver Eric gets in the truck ready to drive away with my belongings. One of the movers placed himself in front of the truck while I was on the phone with Joe. I paid the 456 in cash and then the movers damaged all my furniture.

My queen size Serta mattress and box spring were placed on the floor of the truck with no protection. So you can imagine how filthy it is. The mattress went from white to black and gray. I took pictures of everything. The story is too long to continue but I'm sure you get the picture. Father & Son are a organized crime company that no Government especially a Democratic country such as the Us should allow to stay open. Consumers need to be protected from such companies. Moreover, why are they demanding cash only as payment?? Because they are for sure hiding income from IRS.

Please report your experiences to the state's attorney and ask that this company change their practices or be shut down forever. Expose them by using every social media possible and contacting local news to broadcast a thorough report about their conduct. Micheal, who seems to forget his lies, later said he is only a dispatcher, but according to Lori from claims department, he is one of the general managers and related to the owners.

My review is much like all the others. When I called I told them I wanted to purchase replacement insurance for anything damaged, they said of course. My fault, I did not get anything in writing. When I asked for something in writing the man said, "You don't need it, you have a problem, you talk to me." He was so nice. I felt comfortable. When they picked up my furniture, they did not have enough moving men, and the truck was too small. The movers were a little rough around the edges but nice enough. I tipped them generously and the contents of my home were put into storage for 3 months until my new home was complete.

When they arrived at my new home and started to take things off of the truck every other piece of furniture had a nick or scratch. I called the office to complain while they were unloading. Within minutes they stopped working, demanded payment and said they would not unload one more item without pay. When I called the office back about a claim, they said I never purchased insurance. When the movers were getting ready to leave they actually stood there and waited for a tip. When I said they wouldn't be receiving one they could not understand why. They stood there almost in an intimidating manner. If they offer to move you for a dollar DON'T USE THEM. HORRIBLE!!!

Move on with anyone else but these guys. Get proposal IN WRITING and include everything. They add on at the end and have you over the barrel or will not unload. Your stuff is held hostage. Just to add a little more stress to a very stressful moment. Scheduling was a nightmare. Requested packing material did not arrive. DO NOT USE THESE GUYS.

Pick up my furniture since Dec. 30th up to today Feb. 4th, still no answer & no call. And my mother is 82 yrs old, she's giving me hard time about her furniture. Not receiving proper service. Please help.

We moved to new Hampshire from Massachusetts. During the move we had no choice to store our goods with them for a few days. They didn't explain the storage fees and I had a lot of household items missing. I would not recommend you using this company. The employees were rude and did not listen or explain anything properly. All and all, terrible company to do business with.

Do not use this company. They broke my lamps and dining table. The movers were rude and disrespectful. Never return my calls after they promised me that they would fax paperwork to file claim. Very bad. DO NOT USE OR YOUR LOSS.

A word of extreme caution...do not use them! In fact run in the opposite direction. Slow, careless, unprofessional and worst of all...the final bill was twice as much as they estimated. It was a disaster from start to finish.

DO NOT USE, Father and Son moving and storage. They work with True King Relocators (Hires UN Licensed revoked Movers, Like G&M (License revoked 09/09/2015) moving who hostage your goods for 6000.00 above the quote provided by True King (quote 2400.00). This is a situation that has happened multiple times. Read complaints and stop this scam. This situation is involving 3 seniors who they have cussed out, screamed and took a gangster attitude. A 94-year-old, an 87 with Alzheimer and Last a person who had open heart surgery months ago and has survived cancer 3x. They have their LIFE being held hostage and if you come across this, call Lawrence **, Head of US DOT Moving Task Force at **. Put an end to this Scam.

Made arrangements 1 week in advance for move in office building from one floor to another. Was promised 9 AM arrival. Called at 10:00 and got the old flat tire story. Was told there was truck in my area and they would be there in an hour and a half. Called back at 11:30 and was told when they have a truck available they would be here. I was like, "Excuse me? This is an office, we are not sitting here all day." Joe said, "You know what? Call someone else." I was like "Ok..." Hung up and was thankful as I did call another company. Rude, crude and scammers. Do not use.

I secured Father & Son for my move from Salem, NH to Chester, NH and storage. Since our house was under new construction, I knew I needed storage. Since Father & Son offered both, it seemed like a good idea. The movers were great. The issue that I have is in sales/billing - the sales person was rude and was yelling at me on the phone. The initial quote for moving from Salem into storage ended up costing me and additional $700 from what was quoted. Since my quote was for $1500, this was a HUGE oversight and miscalculation. Additionally I needed two trucks. So they had to go back to Billerica and bring another truck.

Storage fees seemed reasonable. I did have to fight for the price quoted on storage due to us having a hard time reaching each other via phone the sales person was not going to honor the rate special quoted. I did need an additional 4 vaults but it is what it is. I don't have an issue with that. On the trip from storage to Chester was another HUGE debacle. They did provide me with a more conservative/higher priced quote since the initial trip horribly inaccurate. The quote called for 2 crews and 2 trucks. The quote had a start time of 8-9AM however, they told me they started at 6AM. I didn't get two crews nor two trucks. I have a hard time believing it took 7.5 hours to pack ONE truck with a crew of 3 people.

All items were disassembled and wrapped/packed. In theory it should be quick to unload from a vault to a truck - no stairs, floors, etc. It takes less than an hour to drive from Billerica, MA to Chester, NH. They supposedly started at 6AM and arrived at my house at 2:30pm. It took them 2.5 hours to unload, unwrap their blankets and assemble 1 bed and 1 table. How does it take 7.5 hours to pack a moving truck? Since I didn't get two trucks nor two crews, I had to pay 5 hours of overtime. Since this resulted in a lower amount that was quoted, the sales guy thinks he gave me a deal.

I've had more than my fair share of moves and this one takes the cake. I believe that the sales team quotes inaccurately is nothing short of a scam. The movers also held onto two of my leather recliner chairs until the billing was resolved/paid for. They wanted cash/money order only and I was given a hard time when I wanted to pay via credit card. From experience, other people's moving experience, reviews I have read, and I recently consulted 2 other moving companies - ALL agree this is NOT right. Father and Son is dishonest and untrustworthy. Both other moving companies said it should not have taken 7.5 hours. With a crew of 3 people, 3-4hrs max was the average. I'm seeking resolution with the BBB since no one at Father & Son is willing to be reasonable.

This company deserves every terrible review. I used them only because they were the only movers available at the end of August. First, I was scheduled to move on Wednesday August 26th. I was given an estimate of $730 for the move and was given an arrival window of 7 - 9 a.m. I had only a four hour window in which to move into the other building, which is very strict about not exceeding the move-in time. Shortly after 9:00 on moving day, I was called by the manager and told that there was a problem with the truck and that they could not be there until 10:30, which would not have met the 12:00 move-in time at the other place. I was then not able to move until Friday and was assured that the truck would be deployed right at 7:00 and would be there no later than 7:30.

The truck arrived at 6:30 a.m. an hour early. Annoying as we had just gotten up, but, we figured that was a good thing so that we could definitely make the move-in time. This was a relatively light load as there were only about 5 pieces of furniture and almost everything I packed myself, with the exception of closets, which needed garment boxes. Everything seemed to be going very quickly, and I was satisfied that the moving would be completed well in advance of the 12:00 deadline. We had to leave at approximately 7:45 a.m. to get to the other place in time for a furniture delivery scheduled the same day. The other delivery came and went and we waited, and waited, and waited. At this point, I'm sure they are just sitting on it to jack up the price.

I was about to go down there and see what they were doing (it was only 3 miles) and then about 10:00 I get a call from them saying that they underestimated the amount of time it would take to move me. It was a six hour job and they estimated 4 and the amount of supplies it would be an additional $700 dollars. Of course now my hands are tied because they have my stuff and the clock is ticking to get it all in by 12:00. When they finally arrive it gets unpacked quickly enough and is in by the 12:00 deadline. Of course they prefer to take cash and discourage credit cards. Since they underestimated the amount due by half, I insisted on putting it on the card. The next morning, while unpacking my jewelry armoire, (which was taped shut) I discovered about $2000 of missing jewelry. I had carried all my valuable jewelry with me, but forgot about 4 pieces of sapphire jewelry.

Everything in the box was in order, except for that particular drawer, which was helter skelter with things tossed everywhere to cover up the fact that one compartment had been completely emptied. Don't be fooled by their alleged cheap moving costs, it is all a scam. Many reviews have said they were charged double the estimate. If I could give them less than one star, I would. Do yourself a favor, and use someone reputable, these guys are horrible. The manager, Michael flatly denies everything and told me to file a police report, which is advice I'm sure he gives all the time.

I had a terrible experience with Father and Son Moving. I would not recommend. Movers were very slow and unfriendly. Scratched furniture. Holes in the hallway walls. Overpriced. Held furniture hostage in truck. Very, very unfriendly company.

Moving is stressful. I had used Father & Son in a different county over 11 years ago and had a smooth experience. However, this time was very different. I don't want to talk bad about the movers as they worked a lot of hours, but it cost us a lot more than original quote. They do not tell you upfront about the overtime charges. They were nice the first time, and second time I called you could hear a slight change in their attitude. They claim to be the only movers that blanket your furniture. Not true. They send their workers with no tools or supplies. We did 80% of the packing. They just stood there waiting, thus wasting time, costing us more.

The worst part is that when we arrived at new location, just a few miles away, they held the furniture in the truck and said boss would not allow them to unload until we paid $2500. Outrageous! They said, "If we owe you money back, you will get it." I said, "No." Then there was a woman calling me on the phone begging me for a check for $54 or she could lose her job. Then one of the so-called bosses drives there, sits in his car, and said, "Waiting for big boss." For $54 dollars? Then he drove away. 45 minutes wasted. Now we are still going through items. We hope to find our camera, coffee pot, etc. -- still can't find. And a lot of furniture was dented, broken, scratched, just totally mishandled. Will never use them again!

I have never had such a bad experience moving like I had today with your company "Father and Son". From the moment your employees arrived at my residence:

1. Arrived 2 hours late. Time arrival was supposed to be between 11-12 pm.
2. Extreme abusive behavior from employees.
3. Extortion to pay up the full amount before delivery keeping my furnishings captive in the truck.
4. Furniture was never properly protected as you stated through our conversation therefore damaging many pieces.
5. Your men left half of my moving furniture in the service elevator/lobby fully packed and ran out after being paid.
6. There is also boxes missing.

7. Scammer- When I asked for the owner he pretended he wasn't there only after realizing the severity of the problem attending to the phone right away.

After looking at all the reviews it's just a matter of time when your company will be closed. I will report you to every social media: FB, IG, Twitter, BBB and many more. The owner Joe is a true con-artist/ thief that needs to be closed down immediately before taking advantage of more people.

I'm have waited to complain because I called the manager in charge of missing property. He didn't get back to me until I made several calls. He told me I only had 15 days. Because I had to chase him the time was longer. I am missing a lot of things. My surround sound speakers, pots & pans, brand new coffee maker etc. I am very upset with the company. I was told it’s my loss. Also he argued with me about the price which was from AD. The booking employee. He quoted me a price & I took it under the agreement I'd call back to confirm my move. I called back the next day and AD said the hourly rate went down 10 or 12 dollars which he gave me. On moving day the manager called me when they were there to confirm the price. He argued with me about that too. I'm very disappointed in the employees who work there. I LOST.

I would not recommend this company to anyone. Father and son did my moving on 03/05/2015 and they broke my 58" inch TV. They scratched my furniture as well. I called ** to discuss about insurance and he said that he was going to find out with the crew and call me back. And he never did. I have still not received a call so I'm assuming they probably they do not have insurance. I worked for in the moving industry for more than 5 years and I never experienced anything like this. I called him again and he told me to take the tv to a place that repairs TVs and ask a specialist how this could have happened to the TV. I wasted my time taking this TV to a repair shop because the guy told me the tv was hit somewhere and I called ** back to let him know what the specialist had said and give to ** the technician name, ** told me again that he is going to find out with the insurance and call me back on next business day.

Today is May 26 and I tried calling him again and left several messages and he never answered my phone calls again. That is not professional at all. Now I lost my tv that that costed me more than 1.000 dollar. When you have the need to hire a moving company try searching for review about the company because I chose this company without reviewing them and they are not a reliable and an honesty company to work with. They are a big scam!!!

After reading the reviews from those before me, I guess I got off pretty easy. I'm missing some furniture and called (239) 205-7003 the office of Father and Son Moving. Spoke to both ** and brother ** about missing furniture which they said they had stored away. I asked to have it returned several times until finally ** told me to: "stop crying about my damn furniture!! I'll get to it when I get to it." And then he hung up on me. Unprofessional and cowardly would be my review. So, I guess I'm just out of luck. Don't let this happen to you. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS!!! I paid $1200 cash (they insist on cash only) for 6.5 hours of work and got most of my stuff moved.

I don't know if they even deserved a 1 star but they break a lot of items, such as my grandmother's crystal vase. It has been in my family for years. Legs on my dining room table. Burnt a hole in my new mattress. Stole 2 antique angel statues. Ripped my box spring. Split the wood on my brand new bed. Putting it together, this is just a few items when I called to complain. They told me the person was out and for 5 weeks I tried and tried sending pictures and letters etc. Called the BBB there was over 3k damage and sent me a check for $60. Never ever would I recommend them. At the end of the delivery I was told they had to have cash as payment and the price was an additional $300. They left my house with a beer they stole in each hand.

One of the movers admitted to being an ex con. Items were stolen from my move. Furniture was broken and walls were scratched and dented.

I book this company without reading the reviews, which I never do but this was an emergency situation. Book them for 8am. They arrived at 2pm. The workers were great by the way. Its the owner who scams people out of their money. Anyways we started at 2pm and finish at 6 pm. You have to pay before they take any furniture off the truck. So I did. I was told prior that travel time is included in the $96 an hr rate.

At 5.15pm the owner calls one of the workers and ask if I paid and he told him yes. He ask how much. The guy told him. He then said that is not the right amount. Mind you my 4 hrs wasn't up yet. He then tells the guys to lock the truck with the rest of my stuff if I don't pay another $200 and something dollars. I couldn't believe this. But the workers said they weren't going to do that and he told the workers it would be coming out of their pay. I tipped all 3 workers $20 each, hug them and told them to find new jobs. It would take 2 more pages but just wanted all to know NEVER EVER book with this company. ZERO stars.

We hired Father and Son Moving to help us move to our home in September of 2014. Here is a breakdown: Good luck getting a hold of claims. The guy who answers the phone is the same guy for each location, and he never knows anything. The people who deal with claims are only there a few hours, for a few days a week, and never call you back. (I'll get to that later). What they don't tell you about on the phone is the 22% diesel surcharge, which if we do the math, easily adds a couple hundred dollars to the bill. You find out about this in the fine print when they arrive.

We filed a claim because we had over $430 worth of damage during the move. Once we had photos taken, proof of cost and a notarized document, we submitted the claim. Not only did we wait past the 60 days, we continued to attempt to get an answer for another 60 or so days, until we finally received our check...for $37. Yes, we received a check for $37 to cover the $430 worth of damage. During this process, the lady that did the claims changed 2 times, she was never reachable, they couldn't give us any update, and the supposed owner who signs the checks had health issues and was out constantly while the check sat on his desk.

This was the absolute worst company I have dealt with on so many levels. From lack of professionalism, to honesty, please avoid at all cost.

Relocated from Logansport, IN to Louisville KY a couple of weeks ago. Received 3 quotes from companies to handle our move. Chose Father & Son which turned out to be a huge mistake. No professionalism, lack of skills and definitely no organization when it comes to loading a truck. They treated our possessions as if they were trash. Just throw things in boxes without wrapping to prevent damage. All boxes packed with heavier objects on the top which damaged the more fragile items below. China is usually wrapped as individual pieces (at least by a respectable moving company) but not this one. Let’s wrap cups together then a stack of plates with no material between the individual items. Plates on top with extreme weight pushing down on the items under them. Can't put the bed together cause they don't remember where the additional pieces are. Call the guy that is not on the final destination unload. Duh, I put 'em in a box.

Of course none of the boxes were labeled! All boxes emptied and no parts for the bed. Had to buy a new frame, Antique mirror and dresser. Can't attach the mirror since it's damaged and lost pieces. All lamp shades destroyed due to improper packaging. Glass chandelier going out in the trash since it’s beyond repair. Same for an antique sewing machine cast iron base converted to end table. Let's not mention the fact that I'm missing items... center speaker to surround sound, exercise bike that was basically brand new, folding step stool, etc. They called on the delivery day to say they had trouble with their truck and would be delayed. No problem, or so I thought!

I've formed an opinion that they off loaded one of the 2 trucks and reloaded into one that ran. Here's where my items disappeared and I gained a few others that I did not have prior to the move. Someone out there missing a cast aluminum lawn chair, or glass shelving or table tops? I have had no response to my request to file a claim with their corporate office. Supposed to be in Houston but cannot find a way to contact them. What a bunch of scam artist. Consumers please note that homeowners insurance does not cover damaged items only lost or stolen. Also expect to be dinged with higher premiums if you choose to file a claim.

Unfortunately, I did not read the reviews of this company before calling them. They charged $90 an hour with a minimum of three hours. I specifically instructed them to bring boxes to box artwork that was going from one office to another. The distance between the two offices was 2 miles. When the drivers arrive there, refuse to pack the things. They also refused to take the artwork saying that they did not want to be responsible. After leaving our office, only after one and a half hours of work, they called her supervisor to tell them that it was our staff that told them that they did not need their help any longer. When I called to complain, the manager didn't believe me. I informed him that his behavior and attitude is the result of his poor ratings of service. I'm so angry that I'm going to call my credit card and cancel the payment. It's the worst moving company of ever dealt with. Do yourself a favor and call another.

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