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Let me begin this review by stating that, overall, my experience with Penske was fairly favorable. The moving truck that I reserved and ultimately used was in great condition. However, the trailer that I used to tow my car from Maryland to Houston, Texas was subpar. While my brother and I were trying to figure out how to hook the tires straps onto the front wheels of the car, I noticed, written in yellow paint just above the right rear trailer tires, the words "flat tire". I didn't think much of it because we were already behind schedule with leaving to begin the trip. However, we didn't get any further than Interstate 295 just before the BWI airport exit before my other travel partner urged me to pull off the road because he noticed something weird with that same tire that had the yellow words written above it. Needless to say, when we pulled off the highway and onto the shoulder, the tire was shredded. So, I proceeded to call their roadside assistance.

The representative was very helpful and I was told it could take up to about 2 hours before a technician would be able to come to where we were. However, it only took about 45 minutes before the guy showed up. Here comes the fun part: once the roadside assistance guy took the wheel off of the trailer, not only was the wheel and tire loose, the rotor wasn't even secure on the rear hub. And, upon further inspection, there wasn't even a brake pad in the rear brake caliper!!! I also noticed that that same tire was rubbing up against the inside of the trailer frame (there was a clearly visible black groove where the tire was rubbing against the trailer) and I could hear a grinding sound whenever I made a turn to the right but I couldn't figure out from where the noise was coming... until this incident.

Not only was my and my passengers' lives in danger, also the lives of other drivers near us were at risk of being lost due to Penske's poor equipment maintenance practices. Because of this gross oversight on Penske's part, they arranged for a replacement trailer to be delivered to where we were. The second technician who came out was thorough and professional with his service and in about an hour to an hour and a half, we were on our way back on our journey. However, at this point we were already about 4 hours behind schedule. I don't mind that, in the grand scheme of things, because our lives were spared solely by the grace of God.

After that, the trip went off without a hitch. That is, until it was time to return the equipment. When my brother attempted to re-hook the trailer onto the truck, the trailer jack that's used to line it up to the truck's level no longer worked. So, once again, I had to call the roadside assistance line. I was told that the driver was about 15 minutes away but it took him more than an hour and a half to get to my location. Not sure why that is but anyway... within a few minutes of his arrival, the driver was able to not only lift but also secure the trailer back onto the truck. After he was done, he gave me the address to where I was supposed to drop the truck and trailer off, which was different from the address in the contract. I was okay with that because technically, it was closer to my current location. So, we finally dropped the truck and trailer off at the main Hub in Houston and were on our way.

However, when I went to check my bank account for a completely different reason, I noticed a $160+ charge from Penske. I quickly got them on the phone after making the startling discovery and learned that, because I dropped the equipment off later than the original agreement, even though I explicitly expressed to the roadside assistance rep the issues that I was facing w/ the equipment and largely due to no fault of my own, I was charged an extra day. When I explained this discrepancy to that particular location's manager, he was quick to provide a viable solution, which included an approximately $135 refund.

While I made it safely to Houston, I'm very displeased with the quality of the equipment that I received and would like to speak to someone from corporate about this situation. Because, as previously stated, my life was at great risk and in a largely avoidable way that was clearly due to gross negligence on the part of the person who's responsible for inspecting the equipment BEFORE it's rented. Because of Penske's fairly rapid response time to equipment issues, I might consider renting from them again for any future, larger scale moves.

As I write this review I am in tears. My fiancé is driving a 26' truck with a car trailer and 3 dogs from Puyallup, WA to Mississippi with everything we own in it and the truck runs awful! He has been driving for 2 and a half days and he is still in California. They sent someone out to him yesterday and he changed the fuel filters and said it was fine but it's not. So today they had him drive an hour of course to their facility and changed a forgotten third fuel filter and said it was fine but that it was overweight.

No one ever told us that we should weigh it! For that matter no one even told us how to drive it and it is HUGE! They asked us how many rooms we were packing and what kind of car we were towing and they recommended this setup, so we rented it. I'm sure the people at the rental facility were just following protocol. Penske would rent these to anyone with a license and a credit card (not even sure about the credit card). We expected them to be the experts and followed their advice. We were a little alarmed at the size of the truck with no (at least) brief training. There are a million dash lights, air brakes, etc. The truck is misfiring and shaking, but mostly only until it drops below 3/4 of a tank of diesel. This sure seems like a truck engine issue. Why only when it is full of diesel???

A very nice customer service girl at Penske tried to help us, but they are not allowed to think outside the box! The only solution we were offered was to rent a second truck (at a discount) and hire someone to drive it to Mississippi. What??? Really??? I asked if we could park the truck at one of their yards, drop the car, return the car trailer and drive the car to Mississippi and fly back for the truck (which should not be overweight anymore) and they could not do that for us.

So, he is driving this truck the way it is. I am a wreck, so is he I think, the dogs will be in the cab of that truck for many extra days due to the travel time and then they will most likely charge us for the extra days. If it even makes it! I called several places and talked to diesel mechanics and they all said that that truck should not be running like that even overweight. People evidently drive them a lot more overloaded than that! I didn't even mention about how they didn't have the hand truck or 42 packing pads we ordered and didn't tell us until we picked the truck up. I am very disappointed in Penske. We will never rent from them again and will tell everyone our story!

I reserved a 22 ft truck, 24 pads and a dolly, for a one way rental from North Carolina to Maryland. The night before my pickup day they called and told me they had no pads. I had to drive 1 hr to pick them up from another store the next morning. When I arrived to get the truck they told me they only had a 26 ft truck. I didn't want a larger truck since I'd have to pay for the extra gas. When I accepted the larger truck, since I had no choice, I loaded it and found out, when it started raining, that the windshield wipers were crap.

I could hardly see and had to drive 40 mph when it rained, which it did for most of the 8 hr drive. In addition the seat was so worn out it tilted at a 30 degree angle and killed my back. When I unloaded the truck I found out the van roof had leaked water on my teak furniture and mattresses. I told all this to the Home Depot folks when I dropped it off. I complained on the survey I received by email from Penske. No response. Don't rent from Penske.

Glad I didn't read some of the poor reviews prior to renting a truck. I had to move my daughter from NYC to Philly. The truck was great and the service (thank you Jake) couldn't have been better. In and out in 10 minutes. Though the facility on 141st st. was out-of-the way for me, it was totally worth it.

Absolutely horrible customer service. Penske charged me on my credit card 2 months after we returned our moving truck. They provided no notification of this charge and were very unwilling to provide information. Penske truck rental is dishonest and they concoct charges to increase customers' bills unethically.

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This is more of a FYI about Penske Truck Rental. I rented a 26 foot with a lift gate to move from So Ca. to Idaho Falls area, after checking pricing of a another truck rental co, and knowing there was NO drop off close to where I was moving too (2 hrs back to Logan Utah), and that it could carry 6000 lbs more than the "other company's truck" and with a lift gate I went with Penske. The truck was in good shape. The seat was comfortable for the drive. I knew that it was going to be a slower drive up there (in a car you can make it in about 12 hrs) but what I did not know was how slow it was going to be! Being fair it did have a good load going, the part that I did not know was, going up any hill over 2% grade and of any length was a SLOW ride. It took 18 hrs to go 950 miles that is a 52.75 MPH avg and it did get about 7 to 8 MPG so about every 4 hrs stop to fuel up and go at it again.

The Penske Truck Rental store here in San Diego people were very nice. The truck was ready the afternoon before the day I was rent it at no extra charge. In short there is no fast or cheap to move! Penske truck was slower than I thought but I have another very heavy load to take and I will use them again because self-moving trucks with lift gates are hard to come by when moving welding tables that weight 600 lbs and other very heavy stuff. O/A 3 1/2 stars.

I am writing this review to provide other consumers with insights on my experience moving from the Atlanta area to Central Florida via a Penske Truck Rental. I secured my rental of a 26' truck via the website, which was a good overall experience. I would have preferred a lift gate and gas but ended up with a diesel and ramp. Not a big deal except diesel fuel is horrifically expensive these days and the truck gets about 7 MPG. The trip of approx 500 miles cost me $152 in fuel. The truck rental including $75 insurance, tax, and discount came to $912 for 3 days unlimited mileage. BTW, rates are definitely cheaper in the spring. We had received a number of verification texts from Penske confirming the rental day, time and location for the two weeks before the move.

The facility was a You Ship It type business in a strip mall in Hiram, GA, west of Atlanta. The people were very nice and even opened the store 30 minutes early for me to get the reserved truck at the requested time. Check out and payment was quick and easy, and I was on my way in less than 20 minutes, including inspection. By comparison, trying to open a US Post Office box was a bigger pain in the neck. The truck was quite new and in good, clean condition. So far, so good. Again, would have preferred gas over diesel but Penske obviously delivers trucks to this location, so they don't have an inventory on site.

The diesel has a remarkably SLOW rate of acceleration. Noisy, nasty, but lots of torque for pulling heavy loads. Diesel fuel runs about 20-30 cents a gallon more than gasoline. The Penske website tries to sell you on diesel with a comparison chart that suggests diesel gets 8 mph and gas only 6 mph, suggesting better fuel economy. Do you really believe that? Maybe under certain circumstances. But then they use the price per gallon as $2.37 per gallon for diesel (pretty close) and $2.23 for gasoline. BUSTED. I don't know where you live but in the southeast (AL, SC, GA, FL) the average prices are more like $1.91- 2.15 for a gallon of gas. Of course prices and conditions vary but keep in mind Penske does not offer gas (as far as I could ascertain) vehicles for the 26-foot truck, so this comparison is a little on the disingenuous side.

But once you are on the interstate and cruising (the truck did have cruise control!!) the vehicle is OK. And the longer the vehicle runs the more well behaved it becomes. Still if you are not familiar with diesel performance and characteristics, it will take time to adjust (Don't forget to not start the engine before letting the ignition system warm up. Turn the key to the first position and wait until the beeping and the six hundred lights on the dash stop sounding/flashing before starting the engine. Best to let the truck idle for a few minutes to warm up the engine).

OK, so I get to the storage location to load up. I had friends coming to assist at 9 am, and I had to be in Savannah (260 miles away) that evening. Truck took A LOT to get used to, especially being a diesel. More on that in a moment. So I go to pull out the ramp (again I wanted a lift gate but didn't have time to quibble) and the ramp only pulls out about 4 feet and jams. I tried multiple times to slide it in and out with no success. In the meantime my help arrived and now I am behind schedule and wasting others volunteer time.

I called the place I rented it from and the referred me to the 1 800 Roadside Assistance number. They answered promptly and were very friendly and efficient. They said they would call me back in 5 minutes and they did. A repair man was dispatched to the site, and I was advised it would take up to 90 minutes. He arrived in less than an hour. The rails the ramp slides on were bent in and corroded. He repaired the unit in under 30 minutes and we were back in business. The rest of the trip was uneventful and truck return was quick and easy. However this is a large truck AND a diesel. I experienced what amounts to a chiropractic back adjustment as this truck communicated every bump, nuance, and irregularity on the highway. And it is noisy. You wouldn't expect a great ride or quiet. But I have driven similar trucks in the military that were much better behaved.

Further, I have rented large trucks from U-Haul and moved household goods and cars hundreds and thousands of miles. This one was the worst I have ever experienced. I haven't driven a large U-Haul in the last 5 years so I won't venture a direct comparison, but I recall they have a advertised air cushion ride. Further, my memory of my U-Haul experience was generally more desirable. Keep in mind while most my drive was on Interstates (20, 75, 16 & 95) it was still nasty. The roads around Atlanta were painful to endure in this truck. However, once running on the flat roads of I 95 in Florida, it wasn't too bad.

So, with all that said, you might ask "Why didn't you rent a U-Haul?" Simple: money. Penske was hundreds cheaper than U-Haul. I called U-Haul to shop the Penske quote and try as they may, I didn't get close. Budget was WAY cheaper than both but did not come close. My son in law fared better months earlier, going from Atlanta to Dallas, and U-Haul really beat Penske's when he shopped the quote at the national toll free site. Again, U-Haul didn't come through for me.

So, in summary, Penske was cheaper but the truck was brutal to endure over most highways. My suggestion is to shop early and often until you find what you are after. If you are moving anything that isn't sensitive to road surfaces, then Penske could be the best bet. But you may be better off with a gas driven U-Haul with a lift gate for household goods moves. This is definitely true for expensive furniture and personal goods.

One final thing, give yourself wiggle room on pick-up date/time. Renting at a large lot that has many trucks to choose from offers replacement options if your truck is a dog. Check the ride, rear door, ramp, or lift gate for satisfactory operation. That way they can effect repair or provide replacement vehicles on the spot. I needed the truck immediately and had a tight schedule, which is toying with disaster. Thankfully, I had a successful move.

Do not rent from this company. I have three complaints. Firstly, they charged an exorbitant amount for "loss of use" while repairing a dent in the roof. They charged four weeks of extra rental for something that was probably fixed in two days. Secondly, when I told them that I would file an insurance claim for the repair charges they charged over $3000 to my personal card instead of billing to the insurance company. Over a month later and I still have not been reimbursed by Penske or my insurance company. I believe that Penske knows that the insurance company would argue down the overpriced fee, and so they thought they would get the full amount from me. Thirdly, they went ahead and charged a fifth week of rental, which they claimed was a "admin error".

At this point I do not believe that they act in good faith and are trying every trick they can to get more money out of me instead of going through the proper channels with the insurance company. I have already filed a fraud dispute with my credit card to try to get this money back, and I will not be dealing with Penske ever again.

** is a charity that helps bring entertainment to our military veterans. In moving to larger facilities, we reserved a 26 foot Penske truck in late May. We specifically asked for and was told we would receive a ramp and not a lift-gate. Even the night before picking it up, they called our director and said the unit with the ramp was not available at the original pick-up location and if he didn't mind driving to the next Penske location, a truck with a ramp would be waiting. Our truck came with no ramp but with the lift-gate and with no instructions. The truck also had extensive ignition problems (it would not start three times while on the road). We then had a nasty accident with their lift-gate when our director had his right foot severely crushed.

When returning the truck, he asked if he could fill out an incident report. The Penske manager told him they didn't have any. When they were asked to please call or email up the chain of command to report the crushed foot, he replied, "Even if I did, corporate wouldn't do anything." Found out after the fact the lift-gate may have been broken from the start. Two weeks later, part of our director's right foot had to be amputated as a result of this accident. But we do credit Penske with showing concern. Five minutes before our director was sent into surgery, a representative called him and asked what he "wanted." We are totally disappointed in Penske.

They say that we will have a truck and most of the time you can't count or rely on them at all. I tried to rent 4 trucks and I did not even get 1 truck from them, saying that "sorry we are overbooked" and this is not the way of doing business.

I spoke with Craig ** - very pleasant, very informative. He gave an extremely decent quote, compared to their competitors. I was informed that a truck would be waiting for me on the date requested, and at a location to our liking. I will remain positive - another family member made an across country move, and were very satisfied. I will base my review upon my arrival experience. As of now, I am highly satisfied. Thank you Craig!

This is not the Penske of years ago, with quality trucks and decent customer service. They just closed the Mom and Pop dealer in town, and now I have to rent through the idiot savants at the Home Depot tool rental department. When I picked up the truck, they were too lazy to do a walk through with me - they told that "it had already been checked out." Midway through the trip it started to rain, and the cab leaked so bad over the seat backs, it was if it didn't have a roof. We both got a cold drenching. When we arrived only 45 miles later, our shirts were so wet we wrung them out.

Called Penske, told us to drive 20 miles back the other way to get a new truck, which we would have to unload and load ourselves (the truck was full). On my return to Home Depot, it literally took an hour to try and check out, and the Depot computer program is so screwed up, they couldn't close my account unless I paid them even more money, even though I had a refund coming. The rental was put on a corporate card when rented online - a card not in my possession.

The mileage was over the estimate, the days fewer than estimated, and the "deposit" processed on the credit card way more than the estimate or the final bill. They owed a refund of $91. However, before they could close the account, they wanted me to charge $58 on my personal credit card to pay for the extra mileage, which they would then transfer to the corporate card in order to give a refund of $150.

It's been several days, and they flatly refuse to close the account and give a refund, much less give any sort of credit for the faulty vehicle they shouldn't have allowed on the road in the first place. Budget and U-Haul have crappy trucks but good service. Penske used to have good trucks, but whoever bought them out a few years ago has run them into the ground. I never had this kind of problem with the old place, although I did show up a few times to find they had lost my reservation and had no truck for me. But now having to deal with Home Depot idiots clinches it. Run, don't walk to find another company.

I just got rip off by Penske and will never use them again! Their customer service is medieval, their trucks falls apart, their price is double of the market for truck rental. I rented a truck from Penske today without lift gate which can cost around $80 to $100 from Budget, Enterprise or even Ryder that is a bit more expensive. But from Penske it cost almost $400 and they lie to you on the phone, giving you the wrong rate. You will just find out the real price when you return the truck!! Go to hell Penske!!!

I've had the worst experience with this company. So many things have gone wrong I would like them to know exactly what they have done to me. The FIRST truck I had broke down one hour from starting out on an 11-hour trip. Roadside assistance arrived 45 minutes later. "Fixed the problem". Got back out on the road again and it broke down again. Giving us just enough time to get off the highway. Called again and they acted like they had never spoken to us and we hadn't called roadside before.

After about waiting an hour in the car for roadside to come again, it was about one am and I called to complain. They said the roadside guy was going to be late and that they would PAY for a hotel and any expenses from the problems we've had with them. So we walked to the hotel. We left the keys with the front desk for the service guy to work on the truck. I get a call 5:00 am saying that the truck needed to be driven to the Penske shop in Columbus.

So we take the Penske truck to the shop when it opened only to find out that it would take too long to fix so they would have to trade out trucks and all our stuff. So we waited 4 hours for the "credible" people they hired to move our stuff. They broke the filing cabinet, bent a handle on my dresser, and DENTED my 100-lb safe. How do you dent a safe? I found all this out after we moved into our new place. So we finally got back on the road again. We arrived too late to sign for our keys to our apartment so we were forced to get a taxi to a hotel and stay at a hotel for the night. Thank God my apartment understood and let us wait another day to sign.

The next day we move in and go to drop off the truck. I was told I was going to get my expenses paid for there. The drop-off location was a Home Depot, and they said they couldn't do anything. So I called a number I got from an operator and get the Manassas VA direct #. I get a hold of a guy named Henry **. He says that there is no notes or anything on our policy saying we had any problems. I tell him to listen to the recordings and he'll hear it all. I had to call him every few days to check up on how it was going and he kept avoiding me. After about three weeks he finally said they would pay for our hotels and the taxi but nothing else or even give us a discount on our truck rental. No $ for damages. Nothing.

Two weeks later after Henry ** said he sent the check in the mail. It has yet to arrive. I've called twice with no answer and a girl named Tiffany answers and says he's "out on the lot". He never calls me back and I'm the one who has to do all the work. I am fed up with this company and I should have just taken them to small claims in Pittsburgh PA. I cannot stress enough how sketchy this company is and how they don't even know how to take care of their trucks. This isn't just for Manassas but any Penske dealership nationwide. I called and wanted to file a complaint and the operator looked up the truck rental and policy. There was still no notes of any problems or any damages that we had to go through.

Not only that but because I had to spend two days driving in a truck instead of one. I was sitting for too long. I got a pain in my leg. It was so bad I went to the hospital. I ended up having a blood clot in my leg. I have to be on blood thinners for the next three months and I am out hundreds of dollars even after insurance.

Please do not use Penske. If you do make sure you get all of your problems in writing and if you have to put a holding payment on the truck make sure you get that back because I still am waiting for the $150 to go back on my card. In total this place has probably cost me hundreds if not a thousand dollars that I wasn't expecting to have to pay. And they think that 345.45$ will make up for it. I moved March 2nd of 2016. Returned the truck on the 5th of March. It is now April 25th 2016. And I haven't seen a penny and I've had to fight them every step of the way. I will be writing to corporate and my step father's company that uses Penske is reconsidering. They probably rent five trucks a month. So they will be losing some business. STAY AWAY!! Even if they are the cheaper option there is a reason for it! You will have problems and it's not worth it! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

First of all, my husband cut a 4 inch gash in his hand because whoever installed the fire extinguisher left metal screws sticking out, had to return to pick up location to get it corrected (amid trying to stop the bleeding). The passenger seat had to be washed before I could sit on it because it was filthy, the dash and console had something spilled all over as well as the floor. Vehicle was just filthy. There was a strong oil smell the entire 750 mile trip. We had to keep checking if there was a leak, never found one. Our guess is that is what was spilled on the floor. The noise behind the passenger seat was so loud that I got an earache and had to get ear plugs. We finally took one of the blankets and stuffed it in the hole and that helped. We sent pictures of the cut to corporate 4 days ago and have not heard a word back. We will NEVER rent from this company again. Worst trip driving 750 miles.

I figured this would be like my experience with UHaul - reserve a truck, pick it up, drop it off. Flew my son in from Colorado, went to pick up my 16' reserved truck, all they had was a 12'. Said they didn't receive the trucks they had requested from Penske (someone before me had to make do with a 16' instead of the 26' they had reserved). I walked away, called UHaul, had the truck I needed within 15 minutes, and moved on. I will never use Penske again. Ever. When you size a truck for a one-time move, invest the time and effort and expense needed to make that move, you should get the truck you ask for. Or at the very least, a courtesy call the day before stating your chosen truck isn't available. UHaul does a much better job on this end.

Date of delivery was to be 3/20/2016. As of today 3/22. Nothing! Am now told Friday. I was told my items would not be on a truck with anyone else's items... not so! Was charged $600 more than estimate. Was to be out of town this week for spring break with grandchildren, had to cancel. Great disappointment for us all. If you are reading this... do not use this company. I wish I had read the reviews before using them. I can only hope when the truck arrives with my stuff it will not be damaged... especially our grandfather click. Will update when items arrive.

Pickup was 8:30 A.M. Truck wasn't ready until 10:30. My movers were waiting which cost me extra $. The truck wouldn't start. They had to call roadside assistance. They gave me a roadside assistance brochure and said, "Sorry it's in Spanish, that is all we have." They told me it would be an extra 50 per day if I told them ahead of time. They charged me 100. I paid 359.05 at pickup on Feb 20th and dropped off my truck on March 5th (they were closed so I used the key drop box). I returned the truck 11 days after what I originally told them because my closing got pushed back. I called and notified Penske of the extra days ahead of time so this should have cost me 11x50=550. I expected to get a bill in the mail for the remaining 550 that I owed. On March 16th I checked my bank account and saw that Penske drafted 1,100 without even as much as a phone call to me! This is double what they told me it would cost and it came with no warning!

I called Penske and spoke to a Brittany **. She didn't even apologize for any of the issues and said that "there will be no refund because they charge 100 per extra day not 50." I am furious that she was not able to resolve this. Maybe 100 per day is Penske's policy but that is not what I was told. And with all of the other problems that happened, it's crazy to think the 550 wasn't immediately refunded! The truck was simply sitting in my neighbor's driveway because I sold my house and the closing for the home I was buying got pushed back. I think the fact that I am still willing to pay a total of 909.50 for this terrible experience is kind of me.

After posting my negative experience on social media, Jeremy from twitter contacted me and worked towards a resolution. I am increasing my review from 1 star to 2 stars because they did make efforts to resolve the situation, but it was far too great of a headache the day of rental and working with their staff to remedy the situation.

Original Review

I had my reservation weeks in advance to pick up 3/13/2016. I go to pick up my truck and there is a parade on the street and I cannot get to the location. Sure, the truck was physically at the building, but I can't get there to pick it up or even if I were to walk there I couldn't drive it away. They say they guarantee your truck, but what good is it if it can't leave their parking lot. It may as well not have wheels.

I spoke with their customer service and was basically told tough **. Spoke with a manager this morning and again was basically told tough **. "It's not our fault the city was holding a parade on the street." Well no of course not, you don't have that kind of power. But you could have informed me "Hey, the location is inaccessible at your reserved time, we can change your reserved time or pickup location." I regret not going with the FAR cheaper U-Haul option.

Moved from Iowa to South Carolina and used Penske Trucks to make the move. They were very helpful from the initial call. They called several times to confirm our order and make sure nothing had changed. When we arrived to pick up the trucks and car trailer they had everything ready. As we were getting ready to leave Iowa we started the trucks to warm them up, particularly the diesel. The keys accidentally got locked in the truck. Called Penske road side and within 40 minutes we had someone there to unlock the truck for us. The people at our drop-off point were very friendly and respectful. As we empty the rental equipment we were able to drop off each item so we didn't have to wait to bring it all back at once. I would definitely use them again.

Penske communicated with me on Facebook and was able to contact the store Supervisor over the Penske Truck rental located on College st. In Beaumont, TX. An investigation was conducted from the time I reserved the truck. I was told the $426.00 was not the correct total for my situation. It was a misunderstanding and I will receive a refund of $262.00.

The supervisor also sent me an email of receipt and if the money is not on my card in 3 days I need to contact them. I also will receive a discount on next rental. The reaction to my issue was quickly resolved by ^KB, which he responded to me on Facebook from Penske Corporate Office. I will give a 4star now because of Management resolving my issue.

Original Review

ON 2-19-16 I rented a truck from Penske located on College street in Beaumont, TX. Unit no. 9170654. I was charged $426.00. I only used 141 miles on truck. The sales clerk was a liar. I was told I would save on one way trip. Let's see... .79 cent a mile, truck 38.99, and 9.00 environmental fee is way less than 426.00. Who in the world would want to pay a flat rate of 426.00, when they would save paying by miles if one not traveling too far. Do Not Rent from this company!!!

Contract called for returning trucks full of gas. We stopped, filled up both trucks (the gas station is providing a receipt for the purchase). Today I found a charge of an extra $103.00 on my credit card. When I called the Tullahoma, TN location they claimed the tank was short 12 1/2 gal of fuel. If one was full when returned, doesn't it make sense that when we stopped to fill up, we'd fill both vehicles? Especially with receipts. The trucks were ok but apparently not checked for safety since lights were not all working.

I am totally disappointed and will never use them again. With two trucks I could have just hired a company to do it all and would have come out spending less and without the hassle. Both trucks were rented from Steve at the Nolensville Road location for December 4th and 5th. They were both returned full of gas and swept out before they were returned to the Tullahoma location. They can provide the paperwork. They apparently have it since they had my credit card number. Since I don't have the paperwork they can provide the location.

I hired a mover to relocate my furniture, but my fragile items, the things that were breakable, clothes, personal possessions, I chose to carry myself for fear of loss or damage. I also needed to tow my car to another state and the pricing of moving companies was ridiculously high! Vinnie arranged from start to finish. First a 16 ft, then we changed to a 20 ft, and ended up with a 22 ft plus the carrier (all four wheels up) for my Toyota. He was great during the emotional times of moving, and the horrible experiences I have had in the past with professional movers and even renting trucks over the years. He was so patient when I had to keep calling for larger trucks, different carriers, changing dates (as I awaited the movers to finally arrive who were horrid!) and yet he never changed prices.

Never felt it was an issue, helped with getting more boxes, changed pickup location when Home Depot employees said they couldn't take responsibility to help me load my car (a woman alone, I just feared doing this myself despite the videos I watched on "how to..."), and Vinnie was absolutely amazing from start to finish! He went over and beyond the call of duty in Sterling, VA, and I arrived safe, sound, as well as my car, in Connecticut 10 hours later! He even made suggestions on directions, where to get help, how to feel more confident, whom to call if this or that happened.

Nothing went wrong, the truck was NEW, the carrier was easy, and he made it all happen for me, when all I could do was wring my hands, anticipating the worst! An amazing company, a true asset to the company, Vinnie ** and a great experience overall for me! I would give 10 stars if I could, but I guess 5 is the limit :-) Thank you, Vinnie, for all you have done to help this difficult move end happily ever after! Penske should be proud and thankful to have you as a manager/leader in their industry!

Nearly every part of this experience was disappointing. In the days leading up to my rental, I was contacted through every channel possible to try to sell me on extras like furniture pads, despite continually telling them I did not need any. For the trip itself, the truck has a limiter on the engine which does not allow the truck to go above 75 mph, and does not allow the cruise control to be set above 70. It's their prerogative to do that, but I wish that was advertised so that I could have budgeted my time accordingly.

A month after returning the truck with a full gas tank and in the same condition I received it in, I had a charge for about $40 placed on my account. Another $40 charge was added shortly after. No one at Penske would return my calls regarding these charges, and there is no information available anywhere online to explain them. I will never use Penske again. Their service was sub-par, and they are genuine thieves.

I reserved Penske Truck on Thursday, October 8. The representative took all info including credit card. Reservation was made for Sunday 9am. When I showed up at Home Depot Penske rental office 1111 Fry Rd Katy, Texas, my reservation was missing and no truck could be provided. Call center mentioned my reservation for last week!!! And a quote for this week!!! No truck was provided. My movers had to go back and I apologized with them. Nobody from Penske even apologized for my after ~20 minute call time. No positive experience with Penske, and hope no more.

I was charge 239.00 for some damn fuel and didn't even go 22 miles. How can they overcharge a account for fuel that was never used. The customer service Kathie over at the Capital Heights location is rude and should not be working in that field. She said she would call me back in 2 hours, because she with a customer. It don't take that long to get a fax, plus both location are located in Maryland. I called her back and she said she had to wait until she got the fax because "they are always with a customer". I will never rent from them again!

In January of 2015 I rented a Penske truck to go from Texas to Georgia. The gas needle on the truck would only go to ¾ of a tank and I had to gas up twice in every state. The truck was very slow and could not get up to speed properly, despite the light load we were hauling. I was told that I would get a discount the next time I rented a Penske truck, but they did not honor that. I tried to rent another truck in September 2015 and the same person that told me they would give me a discount, tried to charge me the same price that I was being quoted on Penske website. Then she said she is giving me a discount with the price she quoted. I told her, "it's not a discount if you're giving me the same price that everyone else is getting online, despite all of the problems I had with your truck from a previous move."

I also tried to book my reservations 3 times on their website and the website would not allow me to do it. Eventually I went to Budget website, booked a truck in 5 minutes, and was moving my things a couple of hours later. I also had another problem with Penske in 2009 when their truck broke down on me while I was moving. Given my history with them; I have no plans of ever using Penske in the future. What a nightmare.

I rented a 22 ft Penske truck one way from Belle Vernon Pa and returned it to Morgantown (Westover) WV. It took the guy over an hour and a half to get things straight. The computer kept saying it was going to be 5,380.00. The actual amount was approximately 230.00. It was a 2-day rental, I returned the truck the night before in Westover. Not only did I fill the tank with diesel 2 miles outside of Morgantown, I topped it off. Couldn't squeeze in another drop of diesel. I could actually see the fuel up to the cap. Next day I was charged a 92 dollar fee for diesel. I called the corporate office, Pittsburgh office, Westover office, and was redirected back to Pittsburgh. This was on Friday, September18th. Today, 9/21/15, I contacted corporate online. They gave me back the number of Dave in Pittsburgh, PA. Called and the phone rang and rang with no answer.

My brother was with me when I filled the tank and we both agreed that another drop could not be squeezed into that tank. I want my 92 dollars back. The tank was full and anyone who says otherwise, I would have no problem calling them a liar right to their face. I am a triple As member and have rented from Penske before and never had any problems. They need to make this right. If they do not, I will report them to the BBB and tell Triple A's of my experience. Don't know if it will do any good, but I will do it anyway. To be continued.

Today on September 14th 2015 we had our company truck park on the street surrounded by street safety cone and one of Penske Truck Rental hit, scratch and broke my truck mirror and refuse to exchange information. The driver was angry and rude and left without exchanging any information. Truck license plate **. I call the company and the receptionist refuse to transfer me to a manager and she was also rude and was willing to help me. I am very upset that such company - it's not been responsible and take care of this situation. Thank you.

We rented a truck from Salisbury MD to Southwest Florida. Supposed to have 10,000 miles on it. At pickup, truck had 120,000 miles. 26 ft truck was not full and would not go above 65 mph. Check engine light came on after 5 hrs, with another day to travel. Calling roadside asst, was a 45 min phone wait. We took our chances and kept going. The truck was hard to handle on the road. My golden retriever was very sick. I called again to document the truck's problem with the reservation desk. Upon our arrival, we reported the truck and was sent for repair. Check engine light did not come on for repair team and therefore would not refund us. After 2 days and multiple calls, we received a 300.00 credit. Don't rent these trucks!

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