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The worst nightmare moving experience ever, was with Bekins. They have several add-ons to their name and several different telephone numbers to confuse a person. You deal with at least 8 different people of so-called authority in this company who call you regarding your move... More confusion. I had to tell them "So many of you are calling to confirm the date of my move and asking my information, I don't want 6 different trucks showing up at my door!" Confusion from day 1 only continued to get worse, so I and my neighbors packed almost everything ahead of time. The one hour drive to the new location turned into 26 hours, as Bekins movers took the truck with my belongings to their warehouse where they raided, smashed, stole and broke furniture and valuables.

Boxes were crushed, items removed and transferred to other boxes, furniture was dismantled, marred, scratched and chipped. File cabinets were emptied into several different cardboard boxes all mixed up. Tax papers, property sale and purchase papers are still lost. That move was in December 2015. They more than tripled the cost of the move which charges I disputed with Amex to no avail. Fraud, theft, damages, Identity theft, perpetrated on the elderly and they get away with it. Contacting Government agencies didn't help either. They pass the buck. Attorneys take the fees and run. Where is Justice? Avoid Bekins Movers!

We had a corporate move cross country with Bekins. Avoid Bekins if you can. If something goes wrong, as sometimes things do, they do a terrible job of correcting it. For us, when the driver was a day late and Bekins didn't do anything about it and had an array of people who were in theory "helping" fix it but none seem to have any idea what was actually going on or who was doing what I was concerned. But then the driver showed up. Rather than supervise the idiot kids packing the truck he chain-smoked, dumped his butts all over the property and made conversation with me.

Soon he moved to talking to me with an eventual focus on how he hates ** and they shouldn't be let in the country. Why he thought I'd be interested in his opinions I have no idea; I was trying to keep an eye on the guys moving my stuff since clearly he was not. We finally got the truck loaded and he left. I picked up and discarded the cigarette butts, drink containers, and empty cigarette pack they'd tossed on the driveway and lawn so the new owners wouldn't have to. Disgusting.

We didn't hear from the driver (fine with us!) until he got lost during the move. Then he called me repeatedly to get directions, despite my pointing out I didn't know the area at all. Why he didn't get a GPS or call his company I have no idea. Our new road is winding so they wanted to offload remotely and then drive in multiple trips in a smaller truck. Again, my husband and I are not living at the new house, are brand new to the area and don't know it at all. This time the driver called my husband a couple of times to ask where in the area of our new house he could park his truck to offload it and whether various spots were suitable for him to get in and out in his giant truck. As though my husband would have any idea.

The delivery was like the pickup but worse. This time the driver didn't use racial epithets for Latinos. Might sound like an improvement but instead he related to my husband how he thinks "The ** are okay". He went on to talk about how he thinks Donald Trump is great (sure, not appropriate conversation but he's certainly entitled to his opinion. Again, why he felt compelled to share it I have no idea). He went on to talk about how he killed someone breaking into his house when he "snapped their neck". Next he moved back to Mr. Trump and that he agreed to keep all the Muslim immigrants out since you can't trust them.

Of course, my husband is actually a Muslim immigrant so this moved the situation from horribly racist and offensive into frankly scary. It wasn't helped by the other mover who discussed his love for guns and he thinks we should all be carrying them with us. But finally, they left and we hoped we would never have to deal with Bekins again. No such luck. When we finally got everything sorted out it was clear we had extensive damage to our furniture and that many items were just gone, despite being checked off on the list but the scary driver.

This is the worst part. I know mistakes and errors happen even in the best company. That said, I think you can get a real sense of how good a company really is by how they handle it when they know something has gone wrong. This is where Bekins the company completely failed us. I added up my damaged and lost goods and came up with over $10,000. I documented all the values and the damage but Bekins basically said, "too bad." They sent some guy out to "document" the damage and estimate repairs. I do not understand how he thought he could evaluate damage when he never got within ten feet of the pieces of furniture and only looked from one side as our items had damage on multiple sides. Maybe his goal for the repair was to look good enough from more than ten feet away? I have no idea.

The final insult from Bekins came when they offered me less than 25% in compensation and said it was my fault for not stopping the move when things were going badly and not realizing the driver had stolen (oops, I mean misplaced) my items. Sure, he "misplaced" an extension ladder. Right. We'd complained to Bekins about the awful driver early on - it should have been so clear to them that this guy was a mess and either pulled him off or done something to protect us. Instead, when the predictable damage and losses were identified Bekins denied it and said it was our fault. Nice. Because of the lousy service my corporation has dropped them as a preferred moving service. Stay far, far away from Bekins. If there is ANYTHING that goes wrong, they will abandon you and there will be nothing you can do about it.

I moved from Illinois to Arizona with Bekins, paid a lot and even bought extra insurance. The first thing they were supposed to crate was a 6 ft. marble top for a European antique sideboard. It never made the crate, it is in two pieces now. Tried to keep positive the rest of the day. Great, nothing else broke, all my antiques made it on the truck without any breakage??? After that everything went bad. Unpacking in Arizona, things start coming off the truck broken, three dining chairs, backs broken, sideboard doors bad, antique secretary legs and supports tape together and in their moving blankets, (still in the blanket).

Wing back chair leg broken, didn't find that for a few days, they stuck it in the corner of a bedroom and stacked boxes around it and hid the broken leg underneath, and also cracked the glass base of a floor lamp. They can't find an antique ornate mirror with lights and a signed oil painting, just purchased two months before still wrapped in shipped box. They said the other customer after me didn't have it, really, so who does???

It is now August and they only want to fix the marble and three chairs for $2000.00. The marble alone is $1500.00. Customer service, Sharon and Laura, don't expect anything from them. I tried to get a copy of the adjuster's report and Peggy said Bekins won't let her send that report to me. Four months later, still can't use dining room or living room because of the unrepaired items just sitting around waiting. I guess my next step to thru the court system. Over a month to get the claims adjuster out for them to inspect.

I was ready to give Bekins high marks based on the packing, delivery, unpacking. Sadly, due to the claim office, I will NEVER recommend Bekins. They packed the 42", very heavy TV and lied on the papers saying it was PBO (packed by owner). My husband and I could have never lifted that thing and packed it ourselves. They also unpacked and set up but never told me it was shattered. I've been going back and forth with Sharon ** (claims person) who, when she got back to me, was no help at all. Customer service is the worst! I am now waiting for a call from the driver who falsified the records. I would have accepted something like value of TV is less than your deductible, but to LIE to me? Wrong!!

I moved from Michigan to Georgia and hired Bekins for my move. The facility in Canton, Michigan was nice clean and seemed suitable for storage. I was told that my household items would be stored in Eastpoint, GA at a sister facility. When I got to the facility, it was NOT like the facility in Canton where I made my agreement for shipping. The facility was very old, very dirty, had no AC where the items were kept. My piano was supposed to be stored in a cool place, but it wasn't and the evidence showed on the instrument. Items were missing from my shipment, 2 bikes, a full tool box, and two boxes. Very precious crystal mementos were broken, looks like they dropped the box and they don't want to reimburse me, saying because I packed them.

It's a shame they were packed and durably wrapped and about 10 of the items were broken. The box was marked fragile, but they had heavy stuff packed on top of fragile boxes! The movers couldn't find all boxes to be checked off so they counted them, but that was not accurate because they kept coming up with a different number and all the boxes were not accounted for. My household items were stored at a scorpion and mice-infested facility and arrived at my home! And the mover packed my pictures and two of them were damaged and he falsified the paperwork and armed they were packed by me. Bekins will not honor my claim...bad customer service because the claims agent has not returned my calls. Save yourself money and hassle by using a more reputable and customer service-friendly company who cares.

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I recently moved from Amarillo, Texas to Dallas, Texas. A&W Moving and Storage are the agents for Bekins in Amarillo. My experience was extremely positive. The moving crew was fast, careful with my possessions, and very efficient. They arrived on time for pickup and delivered 2 days later, as agreed, on time. My furniture, glassware, and everything else was unscratched, unbroken and all there. As they had been when they picked everything up, they were fast, careful and efficient. I won't hesitate to use them again.

The perfect move described by the agent, turned into a nightmare. Supposed to be delivered on the 9 or 11 at the latest. It was the 14th when we got our goods. All boxes packed by me [76 YOA] were labelled - number of the box and destination in the house. [I kept a log.] They had to move the goods from a big truck to a smaller truck because they refuse to enter the property. [They must have built our house using only a wheel-barrow.] 50% of the boxes were delivered in the wrong room or building [like big shed]. The furniture was not put back together [bed] - the shelves of the bookcases, they lost the pegs! I packed the set of shelves with the "legs" inside the shelves and roped each set separately...we have the shelves, no legs... Most of the bathrooms boxes went to the big shed and the garage stuff in the closets.

The moving staff in Texas was there 2 hrs prior to the truck and finished in pitch dark [7.30 pm in December] and no street light. Same thing in Georgia where they left at 11.30 pm. We have some pretty expensive antiques... broken [too bad] and they are not paying. Thanks G_D I carried all the waterford and Limoges in the trunk of my car. Hope people read all the comments and pick up other companies. Bad service after you signed the contract. Also we have missing boxes and missing items in some boxes...they must have evaporated! So disappointed. They can go to hell.

Bekins Movers quoted $1200.00 to move belongings to another house in Arizona, a 60 mile run. I protested the overnight warehouse stay they insisted on, took it anyway. Money, Jewelry, FOOD, valuables were stolen, glassware broken, furniture literally destroyed at their warehouse where they opened the boxes, took items, repacked the boxes. They more than TRIPLED their charges. I paid 3 people to help me pack. I bought boxes, packing supplies which I have receipts for. I found one mover in my kitchen eating my food and had already drank two bottles of Organic Juices and left an empty Fudge Bar box in my freezer. Same guy was in my bathrooms at both houses stuffing his long winter coat with my valuables. (82 degrees outside.)

Bekins movers had me sign a paper showing packing supplies with NO CHARGES ON IT. They said they don't put the charges on. It's done at their office. They put figures in AFTER I SIGNED IT. Squeezed boxes in my garage cabinet I cannot get out were done purposely so by the time I get everything open, they would long be gone with my valuables. One guy quit the next day??? They destroyed my life, throwing manuscripts, taxes, important documents in different unlabeled boxes. Locked drawers were pulled out of my desk and file cabinets. Furniture was taken apart screw by screw. An 81 year old, 17 years widow who cannot pay Bekins thieves for damaging my life.

Hello Rene, I'm disappointed to hear you did not have a successful move. Regretfully, it sounds as if your move was a local move. At Bekins Van Lines we only have the authority for interstate moves (state to state). Please direct message your phone number and full name and I can help you get in contact with the correct company.

As others have stated the salesperson said everything right. When it came down to it they weren't ready. They didn't have a driver to pick up my things. I was moving from Fl to Michigan. I only was in Fl for that weekend. My things were moved from my home to a Penske truck, to a warehouse, back to a Bekins truck. Took 6 weeks to get my things up to Michigan.

They lost items, broke items, ruined the top of a desk, left me things that were not mine. When I brought that to their attention the driver said we could split the items between us. They took things apart. I said, "Who is going to put these together at the other end?" Oh the driver will. Got to the other end the very rude driver said, "I'm not putting these back together." Horrible experience. I'm moving things from the storage unit they left them in to a new place. Thought I would call to see if they would redeem themselves, only to find out they will charge me $150/hr to put my things back together. Never again. And will tell my friends to never use them to move.

I'm sorry to hear you did not have a positive experience with Bekins Van Lines. We appreciate being made aware of some of the issues you experienced during your relocation. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss these with you. Please direct message or email your order information (name on order, order number and phone number) to If it is more convenient for you, you can call our customer service team at 1-800-992-5202.

It was agree that they would come and packed my household belonging on 4/21/2014. I waited three hours before I called. I was informed that my husband change that date. He was out of town and the contract was in my name. In NO WAY did my husband change the date. They finally showed up the next date without inform me of a new date. I was NOT able to talk to the manager. They were packing 37 years of belonging collected, so it took me quite some time to go through everything. I call three day later because of broken dishes (very expensive $40 a plate). I was told that they would call me back. NEVER DID!!

I found boxes of clothes missing and jewelry. They write down my belonging without a care! I think that is why they are in the business they are in. We also are missing collectibles. THEY HAVE NO REMORSE!! Plus they try giving me three different estimates as time went on. I would NOT USE THIS COMPANY IF THEY MOVE ME FOR FREE!!

I am sorry to hear that you did not have a positive experience with Bekins Van Lines. We certainly appreciate being made aware of some of the issues your experienced during your relocation. Regretfully, I'm unable to locate your account based on the information provided. Please direct message or email your name on order, order number and phone number to

We decided to use Bekins Van Lines to move our household from Oakland, CA to Raleigh, NC. Before we signed on with them, they were great - a rep came to our house and gave us an estimate on the spot. He checked in frequently before the big day - we thought we were in great hands. On packing day, a crew of three came to pack up our stuff. I didn't supervise too closely because I was watching my four-month-old baby. They ran out of boxes long before we ran out of stuff to pack, but they assured me that the team who was coming the following day to put stuff on the truck would finish packing. Not surprisingly, it was not the trucking crew's job to pack, so I had to run out and buy boxes and bubble wrap and finish packing for four hours while the truck was being loaded. I did try to reach my contact at the local office for help, but he was on vacation, and I got the run around with others who were clueless. I was given $75 for my trouble.

When the time came to unpack everything at the new house, there were a few damaged and broken items from careless packing. Additionally, they managed to lose my 4' fire pit/table. When I filed a claim, they offered 10% of the original cost of the fire pit and a pitiful sum for the other things that were damaged. While I took time to track down receipts/evidence of value for all of the items to send with the claim, the reimbursement total was based on the weight of the goods and not their actual value, so that was another waste of my time. I don't know if they treat all of their customers this way or only those who aren't military or corporate, but it feels a bit like discrimination. My advice is to not use Bekins if you value your possessions or your time.

If I ever move with this company again, please send someone with a 2x4 to hit me around the head! I still await the loading which was to have occurred Wed. Today is Friday. No amount of talking to them has helped. Mr. ** the brilliant dispatcher, was to have me packed and loaded on Wed. No movers on Thur. Now supposed to be here by 1pm on Friday to load. This house is in closing and I need to be out of it. Buyers paid for this home and they cannot get in until I get out. A driver was to have been here at 8am coming from Chelasis. That changed yesterday when that driver said he had a full load.

These people who say they are the best are at the bottom of the pile. So far they have not done one thing to be where they are supposed to be when they said they would. How can you do business with a company that does not stand by their words and commitments! I chose Bekins because of the name familiarity. That was a mistake. This has caused me much angst. Additionally I discovered the packers had not completed their job. Two drawers in kitchen not packed, one cupboard in laundry room not packed, one cupboard in garage not packed. My recommendation is to go Elsewhere.

This company stored my belongs for over 2 years. When I finally was financially able to request delivery it almost took an act of God for delivery to happen. The delivery company (contractor) was amazing. The shipper was much less so. Bekins broke, damaged, and ruined furniture that was not sent to them in those conditions. And refused to acknowledge so, the delivery team pointed out the items. The company attitude was so disconcerting, so darn rude and condescending. I was appalled. After doing business with them for so long one would have expected a better response. I just got a runaround and an insulting check for $39 which I returned to them. Be wary of Bekins of South Florida. Not a good company to do business with.

Giving 1 star is even painful. Wow, we had such an incredibly bad experience with Bekins! People need to beware. We had an experience with misquoting... showed up without the right boxes to pack TV & mirrors & then of course charged us more for those. Truck they sent wasn't nearly big enough so had to send another the next day which backed up to our settlement on the house, how very inconvenient. Even though it was evident the first minute the truck pulled up that it wasn't going to fit our stuff. And did I mention the customer service woman was severely rude every time we spoke?!

Just like in previous reviewer's case our items were then handled SO poorly. Just about every piece of wood furniture was at minimum scratched, some broken. Boxes were crushed, dishes, glasses broken. To top it all off our stuff was in their storage for 6 weeks and items were STOLEN. Very high value items. All in all though the owner, Craig Schloer, has handled the claim incredibly badly. They said they gave us all this "insurance" and come to find out (after we went through the trouble of filing the claim) the so called insurance doesn't include theft of items while in storage. How convenient. He even wouldn't as a sign of good faith refund any portion of the over $5,000 that we paid him. And never apologized for a thing... go figure. RUN to any other moving & storage vendor.

We recently hired Bekins to move us cross country at a projected rate we considered reasonable. Prior to moving we sold a majority of our furniture and did not have but one single large appliance. There were about 200 boxes we packed. Once the movers arrived we were told we could not have smaller boxes and that all of them had to be packed into large wardrobe boxes. We were charged an additional $35 per box they packed. Originally, the reason for packing into smaller boxes is so I could lift them as I am a senior citizen who has limited ability to lift heavy items. I was not told that everything had to go into wardrobe boxes.

Keep in mind that each box was specifically labeled and sorted according to how they were to be delivered. Once the move was made and delivered to a storage unit, I had no idea where to find our neatly labeled boxes. In addition, the final weight calculated increased our bill by over $3,000. Either the estimator should have had better knowledge or the contracted mover saw a way to make easy money. Although I know the weight was not consistent with what the mover says, I have no way to prove the inaccuracy. I feel we were ripped off by Bekins movers and would never recommend this company to anyone else.

When our household effects were moved from North Scotland by truck, then 8,000 miles by ship to Vancouver then by truck to Point Gray, there was absolutely no damage. When we relocated in New Westminster 3 years ago we called Bekins, a fine old English firm to move us but we were unaware that Bekins is now owned by people from a country where principles are of a very much lower calibre. We have been advised that their workers are engaged on a daily basis from a casual worker's employment agency and are not bonded.

The fact that they, therefore, were not qualified to properly store our effects in their truck giving consideration to the character of each item explains the considerable damage resulting from their simple 12 mile trip from Vancouver to New Westminster. Our sandstone sundial, an item over 4 feet high was split in 2. It has been in my family for over 200 years. It would seem to have been placed vertically in the truck without support instead of being carefully laid on its side. Bekins accepted responsibility and arbitrarily assessed its weight at 80 lbs, offering their ridiculously low rate of compensation based on that figure. We had to have a photograph of the sundial placed on a weighing machine so that its actual weight of 160 pounds clearly showed when Bekins did refund us an amount based on our figure, but it in no way made up for the damage done.

Glassware was shattered, it was not properly wrapped. Expensive teak furniture was scratched and broken. We are still becoming aware of stolen items - these include treasured books, electronic meters, tools, a hat, an electric razor charging base and very sadly my father's birth silver spoon dating from 1870 and my birth silver napkin ring dating from 1927. Many items were unnecessarily wrapped in umpteen sheets of brown paper including a face cloth separately wrapped. We were charged extra for all paper. We are not seeking compensation.

An acquaintance who used Bekins for his move and having many items stolen was told that if he could not provide photographs of them they could do nothing - whoever photographed household items? He stopped legal pressure when the lawyer's bill became more than his losses. We simply wish to advise anyone contemplating a move to be aware of the problems they can expect if they engage Bekins. Additionally, we have learned that Bekins moving charges rate among the highest.

On Friday Oct 25/ 2013 Action Movers dba Bekins moved our household contents 75 miles to Spokane WA. We sold our home and had the opportunity to travel in our RV for up to two years. We made arrangements to have our contents put into a sealed container. We were assured it would be kept until we gave notice. The problem started when they didn't have a container available so they picked up our things in a Bekins truck - assuring us that our contents would only be moved once more and stored in a container. Due to the condition that our things were received on Wed. March 25, 2015 - there is no way they were only moved once and possibly not in a container right away!

When our household contents were delivered to us via a Bekins Truck (NOT a container) there was so much damaged, crushed boxes, broken furniture and so dusty and dirty we were actually in a state of shock!!! One example among many was that our Q Mattress and Box springs that left our home completely encased in newly purchased plastic zip bags. However, when received our things the bags were gone - no covering remained at all. Our couch was the only furniture piece that had any remaining shrink wrap on it - but it was in shreds, the couch was so dirty. I was so distraught I just gave it away along with a club chair and ottoman after I cleaned the up the best I could. We purchased a replacement policy, but only to find out it's not honored? Why? They Bekins say that policy was only good for the move to Spokane, which doesn't make sense - the damage occurred while in their care.

To sum our complaint up Bekins or any of their partner movers are NOT Trustworthy. They mislead us, basically cheated us and will not accept responsibility for their negligence in handling, moving and storing our household contents. Oh yes they also lost two boxes. Now that we are totally unpacked I know what's missing and they refused to look in their warehouse for them.

Their sales rep. said that we could pack our own boxes adding some basic instructions. We purchased several hundred dollars of bubble wrap and "movers" paper-wrap. Most glass items were double if not triple wrapped. No amount of wrapping would be sufficient when the boxes are crushed, most looked as if they were tossed around! When the movers (two young men) were unloading the truck they dropped our oak hutch which broke one of the lower doors in half. One of young men dropped my 1812 vintage sewing machine - fortunately my husband had made a box for it. The metal assembly shifted so that the wheel won't turn.

They offered us $500. for a $5,000 claim. We even have pictures of each box as it was unpacked to prove the damage was due to their negligence along with pictures of some of the same items before they were moved. NO it doesn't mean a thing. We refused the check and sent it back. Have talked with several people with Bekins. They just won't accept any form of responsibility.

We used Bekins Los Angeles for our move from the West Coast to the East Coast and our experience was absolutely awful. The packers did a terrible job packing our things--some of our kitchen items broke, our clothes got ruined. The person packing the bathroom items packed a bag of my son's poopy diapers we had kept to be thrown in an arm and hammer plastic diaper bag with our bathroom items. Therefore our bathroom items were stinking and we had thrown out most of them. My son's crib as well as the bed in our guest room was not put together properly as they lost the screws. This was our worst experience with this company and we will not be using them again or recommending them to anyone else.

The DoD transportation office assigned Bekins to package and store our household items after my husband retired from the military after 28 years of service. Our household goods were stored in crates in a local warehouse in Woodbridge. Another moving company was awarded the contract to transport our household goods to Texas. The first thing that I noticed when the moving truck arrived was that the items had been taken out of the crates and the truck was not as full as it was for other moves.

We started noticing things missing after we unpacked for the next two weeks and suspected a whole crate had been left behind at the warehouse based on the number of items missing. Many of the missing items like my husband's military coin collection or the gifts he received after his retirement are irreplaceable. This is why I flew to Virginia to visit the warehouse and plead with them to look for our missing crate but they claimed that nothing was left.

If you value your belongings do not use Bekins Van Lines. They have a multiple page document that gives every reason for their being not responsible for any damage to broken items. Be sure to look at all the documents, especially BVL-100 on their website as they will not tell you how they handle claims. They did not give me this information when they sold their services. They did not explain it when they picked my items up. They removed the legs from my piano and dropped it, breaking the peddles off and yet refuse to take responsibility, even when I paid additional fees for Full Replacement Coverage. They broke three other items. They would only pay $490 on items valued at $2250. Be very careful with the company you choice for your moving needs.

Was given a delivery window. They keep telling me they have no drivers going that way.

We hired Bekins to move our household goods within our state with a delivery date of 4/13/15. The move seemed to go well. We had a number of items that broke or were scratched and a claim was filed for those items and Bekins agreed to pay for that claim. However, the night before the arrival of the goods, I had taken off my wedding ring set and watch and put them in our master bathroom on the counter with the intent of putting them on again in the morning. The morning came and with the arrival of the company I forgot to put them on. Four boxes were delivered to the master bathroom by the two younger movers (I know this because they asked me personally where to put the boxes).

That night, after dinner, I went into the bathroom and found that the ring set was gone and the watch remained. The watch was inexpensive, but my expensive wedding ring set that I have been wearing for 26 years was missing. I looked everywhere and when it was apparent that the set had been taken I called the police and filed a report, called my insurance company and filed a report and called Bekins and told them what happened. I then went through the claim process. It took Bekins three weeks before asking for the police report and upon receiving that report denied my claim on the basis that the Police Officer had found nothing (because the police had done nothing) and that there was no proof.

What is really important in this situation is that one of the young movers had been hired the week before, after walking into the moving company's offices in Seattle. He had just moved from Hawaii where he said he had worked for Mayflower. I know this because I spoke with him. However, the other movers kept teaching him how to move things. He was not dressed professionally and his manner was not like that of the other Bekins movers.

My complaint is in how Bekins handled the loss. Did they investigate on their end? Did they do a background check or get employment verification from a former employer on the new employee before hiring him? From doing many military moves, I know that moving companies hire people off of the street when needed. This pervasive practice of hiring untrained and un-vetted people off of the street to handle personal property needs to stop.

I would advise anyone to ask the moving company about the people who will be handling your possessions. When you receive delivery, ask the company the same questions and upon meeting the people who will unload your goods, interview the crew and if you don't like what you see or hear, stop the move right there and demand a new crew or replacements for those that you don't feel fit. You are paying for your move and if your company or the government is paying, it is your stuff and it would be better to wait a day for delivery than receive broken or damaged items; and worse case, have things stolen.

Bekins is not a reliable moving company. Their employees work jobs back to back and make a lot of mistakes because of fatigue. They ruined our teak dining room buffet when an employee didn't support it properly and just let it fall inside the moving van. The legs were broken, there was a hole in the bottom, shelves were dented and there were other dents and chips. It hit a brand new dresser and damaged that as well. Since we moved, I have never seen my pressure cooker.

The frames on my artwork were damaged when they had their employees just grab a bunch and knock them all together as they brought them in. On top of that, the protective blankets were removed from the furniture before they were put on the dolly and brought in my new house. The job foreman was more concerned about keeping his padding clean than the fact that my furniture might be dinged. A handle was torn off one of the mattresses, the exercise bike had a broken control panel.

Listed under Bekins, which we used several years ago out of MD. Great experience with them. BUT THESE JOKERS OUT OF WILKES BARRE, PA still have me fuming two weeks later as I continue to unpack. The sheer mishandling, boxing, labeling, and packing almost had me in tears. Breakable items were not wrapped. Clothes that should have gone into wardrobe boxes were not hung, just shoved in with bathroom items. Toiletries dumped into boxes along with kids' belongings. Rolls of holiday wrapping paper folded in half and shoved into boxes. Framed artwork glass cracked. Not wrapped, just shoved diagonally into boxes and our belongings shoved along the sides for cushioning. Lamps not wrapped and not packed with their shades??? Really guys?

Damaged antique bed rails, decorative finial snapped off four-poster bed (witnessed one mover do this...he simply thought THEY JUST CAME OFF!?). He then had the gall to argue with me on this. He also backed into our new neighbor's telephone pole and tore down lines. He told me I HAD TO TALK TO HER ABOUT IT! Seriously? I've gotten no real response from the higher-ups and probably won't. We made lots of big moves over the years and this one still has me gobsmacked! Thank God they're only possessions. Don't use these jokers...they don't care about your stuff!

We obtained the usual estimates for our commercial office move, and Bekins came in with the best and most detailed estimate. It was a local move for our Tampa, Florida office. They arrived on schedule, were prepared and had ample trucks and personnel. Move went as scheduled and without a hitch. All personnel involved, including General Manager Jay **, were professional and personable, and the move was actually fun. There were some additional last minute requests, and a couple of last minute time and date changes on our part, but Bekins sailed right through them and responded quickly and met our needs. The final invoice was exactly as quoted on the estimate. I would definitely recommend them.

I have found Bekins Moving & Storage is unreliable. They advertise "Trust goes a long way". In my case it only went as far as loading my things into a Bekins moving van but never delivering due to a fire in the van. I lost all my belongings on November 5, 2014, including household goods, clothing, documents, and personal items. The fire department says the fire was due to mechanical failure and started near a tire and spread into the van. The driver failed to notice the truck was on fire until it was too late to save my belongings. I had purchased insurance through Bekins to protect my cargo. I was told it was full replacement value protection, but have found out it is really to release Bekins from liability. It will not cover my losses. Bekins is bad for business, they cannot be trusted to deliver. My experience tells me if you NEVER want to see your belongings again hire Bekins.

Bekins Moving and Storage moved my family from Sarasota, Florida to Bar Harbor, Maine this summer. (2014) Somewhere between Sarasota and Bar Harbor, $14,000 worth of our belongings went missing. The search for our belongings has been closed and each and every part of our claim denied. We aren't talking about a few boxes here. We are missing large pieces of furniture like my grandfather's desk and chair. Dining room furniture is missing. My children's baby books, family Christmas ornaments, photo albums, yearbooks, book collections, clothing, framed photos, artwork, eight over sized wreaths, all gone! The list is long. Most upsetting are the large canvases of my Mom's original artwork that she has painted over the years for my three children. My mom was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer so the loss of her paintings really stings! If you had artwork delivered to you by mistake signed "Susan **," please, please contact us.

We realized immediately upon delivery that the furniture was missing. We asked the driver if we should call Bekins. The driver recommended writing "Many items missing. Delivery not accepted until we have completely unpacked." The driver said if we both sign the papers with this statement then Bekins would be clear that our belongings had not arrived or had not arrived in good condition. The movers then proceeded to remove all of the boxes we had unpacked. We thought they were be helpful. Now we wonder.

At first Bekins suggested that our boxes got put in someone's long term storage. Then they asked us to supply the numbers written on the missing boxes. This was impossible to provide since the Bekins movers has removed all of our empty boxes. Bekins said because we couldn't provide the numbers that our missing items were "unconfirmed."

Bekins sold us on the quality of their packing services so we only packed a few boxes ourselves - books, stuffed animals and clothing. We had so much damaged and broken by Bekins. Most of our glass frames were broken, figurines from China, chair legs etc. (again, another long list.). Because we had packed a few boxes ourselves, Bekins said we had to PROVE the broken and damaged items were packed by them and not us. Seriously?

They had a "reason" to deny every item on our claim. Damaged carpet from the movers dragging oily-wheeled dollies up the staircase? Can we provide a documented photo of the carpet before the move? King mattress damaged by the movers dragging it up the driveway? Did we take a picture of the mattress beforehand? It goes on and on.

We also had twelve furniture bases (bigger and heavier than regular legs on couches and chairs) delivered that did not belong to us. We had to call Bekins FOUR times before they would arrange to get them.

This has been a heartbreaking and stressful experience. So many family heirlooms with priceless sentimental value are just gone. And then to have Bekins deny our claim with a lot of double speak and tricks has caused us many a sleepless night. By writing this we hope that one family in America can avoid the nightmare experience of dealing with Bekins.

Bekins totally misrepresented the turnaround time for this cross country move. We were told it would be 5 to 7 days. Oddly, on moving day Bekins must have had the driver give me a new contract for me to sign, although the only thing I remember signing was the 7 pages of inventory. I was given copies of the 7 pages yet not the alleged contract. Did I sign the contract that day or was the original paperwork manipulated? Why have the truck driver be responsible for a contract, and lastly why was I not given a copy??

We were driving across the country to arrive ahead of the delivery, when we received a call confirming the delivery window which was 2 to 3 weeks! How did we go from 5 to 7 days to almost 3 weeks?! We were shocked. We called the company and were informed we signed a second contract with this date clearly noted. Our contention is Bekins deliberately misrepresented the delivery time and fraudulently changed the original contract. We would never have knowingly signed a contract which allowed a moving company to have possession of our belongings for three weeks. We would not have traveled across country to sit in a hotel room for two weeks while we wait for this truck!

My wife and I moved from Illinois to Florida. Multiple items were smashed, broken with items arriving in different boxes than we had packed and one box stolen (of course it was my comic book collection). They were two days late to deliver and they will not reimburse us for that. They allowed us $250.00 for loss and damage, just what the deductible was and that's it! The comics were in a box like many things were and they imply that I am lying that I ever had the comics at all! Of course I should have had EVERYTHING documented but in normal life you don't always have documentation for everything you own. When the movers pickup and deliver there really isn't time to check every single thing - it's when you start unpacking you find problems. They know that and got themselves covered in the small print that nobody has the time to read which almost spells out you will get screwed. If you read this and still hire Bekins, you will be very sorry. These people are just professional thieves.

INCOMPETENTS OR CROOKS? I still can't decide. What is clear is that neither of the choices is what you want from your movers. I will start with the good: The crew was outstanding both packing and moving. If I had my own moving company I would hire each and every one of them. Professionals and polite.

The bad: I was quoted $1,954.45 for the packing portion of the job by a representative of Ridgewood Moving Services (you can ask her name if you care, this is not personal so I will omit it). The final cost ended up being $3,505. I repeat, THREE THOUSAND, FIVE HUNDRED AND FIVE US DOLLARS. A 79.3% error in the estimate. Even the packers were apologetic and said that this kind of "miss" was ridiculous.

Why the difference in cost? My fault of course. There was one room, size 9x9 which I did not request to be included in the estimate and which I requested to be packed the day of packing (10/6/14). Out of that room, I personally cleared and removed the contents of half the room. The other half was comprised of clothing racks with clothes, which were included in the price of the packing to be done on move date (not on packing date). So we are left with 1/4 of 9x9 room which is what Steve **, General Manager and VP of Operations tells me that accounts for a very large part of the difference between price and estimate. Just to clarify, the contents that were packed were not delicate, hard to pack china, but towels, comforters and bedsheets. Lots of them, but easy to pack.

The ugly: I reported the huge divergence between cost and estimate to the company on 10/7. Mr. ** contacted me that same date and promised to stop by the day of the move (10/8), which he did. He apologized for the mistake but made it clear that it was pretty much my fault for adding a room that was not included originally. I invited him to stop by the house we were moving out from the next day so he could personally see what the size of the room was and that it was physically impossible that its contents represented an 80% increase in cost. He said I should call him to let him know when to meet in the house. I left a message on 10/9 to meet the morning of 10/10, a few hours before our closing. I never heard back from him until I emailed him on 10/12 with pictures of the room in question and the following message:

“I left you a vmail on Thursday to meet on Friday morning it I never heard back from you. I am attaching pictures of the room that was not included in the estimate. The room is approx 9x9, there is air conditioning system in the middle and I personally emptied and threw away half the contents of the room. You can also see that most of the space is shelving and it was mostly beddings that were packed, lots of boxes because bulky but very easy to pack. The rest was the space I cleaned up ad. The clothing which was part of the estimate and packed by your crew on Wednesday, not on Monday. It should be obvious that this room cannot make the 80% difference in estimate vs actual. As I mentioned before 20%, 30% difference between estimate and actual on a job is understandable. But 80% is simply outrageous. I hope you make a good long term business decision and adjust pricing accordingly. Please get back to me ASAP.”

I finally heard back from Mr. ** today, 10/17. He offered to not pay the commission to the person who made that terribly bad estimate of the cost of the move, thus offering to refund me $175. He offered $175 for a $1600 mistake (I was not expecting a $1,600 refund, maybe split the difference between the quote and the horrible estimate sounded fair to me). I understand missing an estimate by 20%. 30%. Maybe 40%? But 80%??? I wonder how many times they estimated 80% too high and then ended up giving the customer money back.

I do not think that Mr. ** profits in any way from the $1,600 mistake. Thus I have to believe that his inability to offer any discount other than $175 has to be part of the company culture, the owners' view of how to run a business or some other force beyond his control. Ultimately, the question remains the same: INCOMPETENTS OR CROOKS? I am still pondering. I hope you don't have to.

PS: If you are interested in seeing the original documentation related to the case I can make it available to you if you leave me contact information.

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