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American Van Lines

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American Van Lines is the moving company to trust for your commercial or long distance move. As a family owned and operated moving company, we strive to convey our personal values through the respect and high service standards we give to our customers. Whether you are moving across the block or across the country, our cost-effective moving and storage options can make your entire relocation process as effortless as possible.

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American Van Lines provides long-distance moves for individuals and businesses. AVL requires deposits and has some weight limitations, but it’s worth it for the large fleet of shock-proof vehicles that protect the integrity of your belongings.


  • Flat rate pricing
  • Easy booking process
  • Free quote


  • Some weight limits apply
  • Deposit required

Top American Van Lines Reviews

Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer

The packers were excellent! They put blankets on your furniture then shrink wrap it. That is all furniture! They took real good care of my stuff that I could see because it was placed in storage. They stayed in contact from start to finish they did not complain about anything and were very polite!

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer

They delivered on time and nothing was damaged. Their customer service was easily reachable and they helped me with my questions. Good experience in my opinion and I would therefore recommend American Van Lines.

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About American Van Lines moving company

American Van Lines is licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to provide residential, corporate, commercial and military moving services, including storage facilities during the moving process. Whether you’re moving across the state or to another country, you can choose from a selection of comprehensive and flexible moving service options with a large fleet of well-maintained transport trucks to accommodate city-to-city or state-to-state moving. American Van Lines movers also specialize in packing fragile high-value items, such as paintings, prized figurines and pianos.

Trucks are spacious, clean and equipped with an air-ride suspension system to ensure a smooth ride for your delicate items. Backup trucks can easily take over to make sure your belongings are delivered on time or with minimal delay.

 Local movingLong distance movingInternational moving
Full packing and crating services
Multiple delivery options
Flat-rate pricing system

American Van Lines moving services

American Van Lines offers a range of moving services:

  • Corporate relocation: If your business is paying for an employee to move for a job, American Van Lines can coordinate under tight deadlines to make their relocation a seamless experience for you and your employee.
  • Military moving: Moving your family to a new military post can be a tall order. It needs comprehensive planning, has strict deadlines and requires some budgeting. AVL offers free in-home estimates, valuation insurance options, full-service packing and transportation, storage facilities and online shipment tracking.
  • Business moving: Relocating business offices, stores, factories, banks, schools, libraries and other commercial establishments is an enormous challenge. AVL applies a systematic approach to moving businesses. The process starts with a thorough evaluation of both new and old offices. AVL then offers services according to your needs, such as disassembly and reassembly of furniture, complete or customized packing, commercial storage and anti-shock vehicles to keep your furniture and equipment in great condition throughout their journey.
  • Storage facilities: American Van lines is licensed to provide private storage compartments housed in fireproof and stormproof buildings with 24-hour security surveillance cameras. The storage units sit in a climate-controlled environment to preserve the condition of furniture, machines, antiques, fine art pieces and other delicate items. Storage vaults are also available for high-value items.
  • Piano and antiques moving: AVL’s moving specialists are trained in the proper handling of pianos throughout the moving process. They can disassemble and reassemble pianos of all types, be they grand, vertical, electrical or digital. Movers also have experience in protecting your antique and fine art collections.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 25, 2019

Initially, I was working with a company called Purple Heart Movers which is a third party broker. I learned a really hard lesson trying to work with them. They showed up at my house and tried to say that the size of my load had doubled and it had not changed at all. I put a halt to the process at that point. Eventually, I talked to American Van Lines and they provided me a quote. The guy who gave me the quote referred me to a guy on American Van Lines' operations team and we planned the move on the spot in front of the other movers. That was a person that understood my predicament and worked out an instant plan in 20 minutes. He helped me out of an incredible jam. Three days later my stuff was picked up very easily with a great team and it was on its way to Utah.

The delivery went super smoothly. The crew was funny and friendly. The guys that showed up in North Carolina were doing the happy dance when they saw that everything was already staged in the garage and that they didn't have to walk up any stairs. They got 537 cubic feet of stuff out of my place. The move was delayed by a couple of days versus our original schedule but that wasn't a big deal. Also, there was small damage to a bike seat which was ripped. I've been reimbursed for it and everything was taken care of. I was thrilled with the way American Van Lines did my move.

I knew I probably paid a little bit more because of the timing being so close. But when people are moving, they're held over a barrel. That's why the other company thought they could take advantage of me because people usually have places to go, have flights to catch, or have closings to go to. I wasn't gonna play that game. American Van Lines guys bailed me out. I have a broken neck so I couldn't help their guys out. The guys on both ends were really helpful and they were able to do stuff that I would have helped them to do. I had a really good experience with this company and I would recommend them to anybody.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 4, 2019

I was moving from Florida to Iowa and went with American Van Lines. However, the process had a tendency to get confusing as to who was who and who did what. While all their reps seemed to be fine, I would talk to one person and they would transfer me to somebody else. I didn't like the huge window of when the move could happen. Also, American Van Lines gave me really short notice when I thought there would be more notice in that huge window. I had wanted to be picked up last and delivered last -- because we were in Florida and we were selling a house, and we wanted to be sure we had time to get the things picked up. Instead,

they picked us up last and immediately went to Iowa. Because we had to fly home, that made it kinda tough. That's weighing in the favor of American Van Lines to where they keep all their flexibility but they eliminate a lot of their customer’s flexibility. That time, I had already bought our airline tickets and hotel rooms.

We had a remodel going on in Spirit Lake and the flooring just barely got in under the wire because they delivered it three days after they picked it up. It gave me leverage on the people getting the flooring done. American Van Lines could be a little more customer-friendly in terms of giving us more notice. I have a hard time believing that they figured things out the day they told me the move was gonna be three days 'cause they had to notify all the other people.

Even so, we’re glad the move happened the way it did. During the move, the crew was very good. The people who packed my things and traveled with the driver are different people and so were the guys who unpacked. The driver was the same. He found an issue during the move which was a stand which was a stand for an outdoor umbrella on which a plastic piece broke. Overall, we had a good experience with American Van Lines. Going with them worked out well for us.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 29, 2019

I was moving to Florida and I asked my daughter to help me find a moving company. She found American Van Lines that was based in Florida and we thought that it would work out well because the drivers and the workers will end up back at their home base. Their price was fair because they charge by the weight. I had three workers. One was the driver, but he had to help load also. And then the other two were doing most of the work. The driver did most of the paperwork. But they all worked very hard. I was called by one of the representatives at American Van Lines while they were helping me and loading the truck, to see if they were doing a good job. I told him they were doing a good job and he said I have their best crew, which I was glad to hear. They were very careful with my belongings. I had no damage. They packed it up and then they drove to Florida.

When they came to Florida, they put everything where I asked them to. They put things together that they had had to take apart, like the legs off of tables. I have some glass top tables and they were careful about that. I also have two china cabinets that have glass shelves in them and they very carefully put all the shelves in. They were really good workers, and very thorough. It didn't seem like they were rushed or they were trying to get done in a hurry.

I had a couple of broken dishes, but it was no big deal. Everything was wonderful. My only problem was that it took three weeks for them to deliver my furniture. I had thought it would be faster than that. From my house in Arizona, I was told that they went to California, and then they went to Texas. But then, they had to wait for some time for some person in Texas to pay them. And then eventually, they were able to get to Florida. I had to sleep on a cot while I waited and it was uncomfortable for me. I just kept thinking any minute, they would show up. When they got here, they were efficient, extremely courteous and very capable. If I have to move again, I would use American Van Lines and I would recommend them to people that I knew were moving.

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7 people found this review helpful
Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 20, 2019

My son was moving out to Orlando from Dallas and at the time, I was trying to evaluate whether it was worth it to pay for professional movers or do it ourselves with the U-Haul. Dory, American Van Lines' rep, was able to offer a service wherein the cost was by the pound. I itemized the list and the rep gave me an allotment of boxes by the size. We were then able to get our son packed up. Also, I didn’t have to load it and drive a U-Haul truck myself. That worked out really well for us. I was also impressed with how Dory was able to make that work and within our budget.

However, the moving coordinator didn't live up to the excellence that we had with the rep. We didn't feel like her communication was timely enough. She said she would let me know about the move by a certain day or time. But then, she dropped the ball and didn't call. The date range was one of the hang-ups I was having at the time because our son had to get out of the dorms and I didn't wanna stay in a hotel longer than we had to see the items. There was a day when we thought their mover was coming but then the coordinator called me back and told me that they couldn't do it. Though we got the job done with her, it wasn't at the level of excellence that I expected given our encounter with Dory. Despite that miscommunication, the mover worked hard and got the move done the second day thereafter.

The way their movers loaded up my son's things looked very unorganized from the perspective of someone who's a type A control freak. Their mover pulled out other people's stuff out of the truck and had those things all over my driveway. At the time, I hoped that if they had three or four stops in between, that the driver would not be pulling out our stuff onto somebody else's driveway. Still, he obviously knew what he was doing.

American Van Lines people loaded, delivered and unloaded the boxes. The crew was good and the guy's skill level was fantastic. They thought they'd have to offload to a satellite truck because the driver had a big semi-truck and he couldn't maneuver that at the Orlando location. Instead, he was able to back the semi-truck at an angle that was like putting a square peg in a round hole.

We have a move coming up and I'll be calling Dory again to see what she can do for us. For a normal person, working with American Van Lines is a worry-free experience. Their coordinator gave a two-week window and the timing was good. Everything turned out great.

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4 people found this review helpful
Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 7, 2018

I looked into many companies but American Van Lines originally said there was a 90%-95% chance that they could do the move in one day, so I went with them. It turned out, however, that wasn’t the case and that made me a bit upset. During the pick up, the crew wasted an hour, saying there was more stuff than they thought and they had to count everything. It probably took them two and half hours to take the first package out of the house even though everything was boxed and by the door. One guy had to call the home office while the other two weren’t really doing anything. They brought out some boxes, packaging and things until the other guy got the okay to start moving.

I knew ahead of time that the initial amount was based off of an estimate, and everything with the move was done based off of the weight of the truck and the weight of my stuff. So, I didn’t understand why it was taking so long. It didn’t really matter if there were little boxes or not. I used small wine and beer boxes to pack things so they were easier to lift versus using bigger boxes. Instead of having the normal-sized moving box that would be three times as much in weight, I used a wine box. There might have been more boxes, but the weight was about the same. Yet that played into the fact that we didn’t get the move done in one day.

The other issue was that they said they would get there between 9:00 and 11:00. My thought was if you’re trying to move somebody in one day, you would get there at 9:00, especially when there’s a four-hour drive between locations. But they got there at 11:15, which kinda put it out of the same-day move. In my mind, at that point, I had to get a hotel room because my bed was on the moving truck, so I wasn’t overly happy with that. Plus, I have a dog, and there are always extra charges with dogs in hotel rooms.

American Van Lines had me talk to the lady in Texas that set up the move, and also to the local dispatcher in North Carolina. But there has never been any conversation with anybody about compensation for all the troubles I went through. American Van Lines did a good job with the actual move. They moved everything properly, and I only had one or two things that were broken, so I was happy with that. If I'm trying to get the move done in a day, I’d probably go with one of the smaller companies where I could talk to the people ahead of time and get them on the same page.

American Van Lines said they had tried to get in touch with me early in the week. But I was finishing out a job, and I work 12-hour days as a physician’s assistant, so there was no time to talk on the phone. But I was told everything was set up and I was told what was gonna happen. When somebody tells me there’s a 95% chance something is gonna happen, that’s my expectation. Still, they did not lie to me. They just didn’t exactly push the truth all the way.

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10 people found this review helpful
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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 13, 2019

We were relocating out of state from Louisiana to Florida to be closer to family. The person from American Van Lines who helped me first to do the purchase was very patient and nice. She helped me step-by-step to figure out what I had and what I needed. Then Marcus, the coordinator, kept in touch with me to let me know when they would be coming to pick up my stuff, where it was gonna be stored, and then how to get it back out when I was ready for it. He answered any of my questions. Both of them were very good as well as the crew which picked up and delivered.

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Rated with 3 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 7, 2019

Only a 2 man crew to load and unload a 14000 load. Damage to 2 pieces of furniture due to problems with stacking order. We had 3 changes of who would be our liaison/ point of contact. Pushed us to ship by weight rather than by cubic feet. As a result the final bill was $3000 higher than the estimate.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 6, 2019

I looked for a moving company on the web and heard about American Van Lines. I’ve had a couple of different people from their company contact me, that they would be letting me know about when they would be coming to pick up the goods, and then it was switched to someone else. Everything went fine though. If I had any questions, I called and it was all taken care of. The delivery seemed to go fine. It went out to my son in Montana and so far, he has not told me there was any damage.

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Rated with 2 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 3, 2019

They said they were carriers but they were really brokers and the didn’t move my things according to time schedule. The guys they had carry the stuff were rude and they didn’t answer their phones to give me any idea when they were coming. I had a good experience with the dispatcher but she wasn’t reachable after hours. I know my things must have been offloaded going across country. I was very frustrated with this company.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 2, 2019

My dad did some searching locally, and he found American Van Lines online. Prior to the move, I spoke to Renee. It was a couple of times over the phone. She was very helpful. Everything went really well with the delivery. I was very happy with the two people that came and did the move for me. So, that was great.

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American Van Lines FAQ

Can American Van Lines move on the weekends?

American Van Lines accommodates moving services during weekends with no extra fees, provided they are done during regular working hours. However, loading, transport and unloading services rendered after normal working hours are subject to overtime fees.

Will American Van Lines move boxes that I pack myself?

American Van Lines will accept boxes that you pack yourself provided they are safe to move and do not contain items that fall under the prohibited items, such as hazardous materials, deadly weapons and illegal drugs. You’ll have to declare the nature and overall value of the contents in the bill of lading for transparency and valuation purposes. The valuation process will determine the carrier’s liability in case your boxes get lost or are damaged. The carrier may increase your fees for additional insurance coverage for high-value items.

Do we recommend American Van Lines?

American Van Lines specializes in a variety of flexible moving services for individuals and businesses to relocate across the U.S. American Van Lines reviews indicate that over 80 percent of verified customers had a good experience with American Van Lines in the last year. About 17 percent of verified American Van Lines moving reviews reported some dissatisfaction. As with many big moving companies, common American Van Lines complaints mention late cancellations or unexpected changes to quoted price estimates. Pricing is a consideration, but if you shop around for the best state-to-state moving services, you’ll find that the cheapest option may not always be the best choice.

American Van Lines Company Information

Social media:
Company Name:
American Van Lines
Company Type:
Year Founded:
1351 NW 22nd Street
Pompano Beach
Postal Code:
United States
(800) 567-3903
(888) 689-9991
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