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We contracted with NAVL and Allied to move us from MA to TX. The loading in Ayer, MA went well and then I don't have a positive thing to report. Our delivery window was Sept 19-26. Our shipment was loaded on the truck on the 19th. When the 26th came with no word we were told the delivery date was moved to October 1. When the driver picked up the load in Ayer, MA he told the agent that "that load will never be delivered on time." He then claims his truck was broken down for a week, but he failed to report that to anyone.

It is now October 5th and no household goods delivered. My husband has sciatica so badly he cannot stand up from sleeping on an inflatable mattress. Tracy **. in customer service said I told her I was going to dispute the charge for the move and had the booking agent call my husband at work demanding a cashier's check for the move. (Passive Aggressive manipulative behavior) What I told her is that if we did not get a delivery I was going to charge a bed and I expected NAVL to pay for it if they could not deliver the bed we owned that had been riding in a truck for 18 days. If she had an issue with my conversation with her, she should have called me. However, she chose the manipulative route having another agent call to interrupt my husband at work, who just forwarded the voice mail to me.

I finally called the President of combined NAVL and Allied and left a message on his complaint line. They agreed to take our credit card as we had contracted and are promising a delivery tomorrow. No compensation offered for a shipment 10 plus days overdue. Nobody holds employees responsible for bad service and communication. DO not use this company. Put your belongings in a POD and ship it that way. Never again!

Updated on October 7, 2016: After missing their delivery window by 10 days North American Van Lines (NAVL)/Allied Van Lines finally delivered our shipment. It took a call to the president of Allied Van Lines Customer escalation line to get my shipment delivered. There was no communication from NAVL informing us when our delivery would arrive. All information we obtained was a result of calling the NAVL customer service number. Every call resulted in a different story. Our delivery window ended September 26. When the driver picked up our load on September 19 in Ayer, MA he told the agent that our goods would never be delivered on time. The NAVL agent in Ayer, MA told us this driver did not return phone calls and had poor customer service. She was right.

On September 27th after not hearing a word about our shipment I started calling Customer service. I got a different story every day I called. On Sept 27th I was told my delivery would arrive October 1. On Sept 28th I was told that the truck was broken down since September 22 and the driver never called in to report this. (Where is the dispatcher in this situation?) I was then told my shipment would arrive on October 5.

Next call I was told my shipment would arrive October 6 or 7. On October 5 I called the president of Allied Van Lines (the driver worked for Coleman Allied Van Lines Valparaiso, Florida) customer escalation number. I told them that my husband had sciatica from sleeping on an inflatable mattress. He could not stand up straight. It was painful to look at him. He was physically miserable and was having difficulty at his job because he was trying to arrange time off work to be home when the shipment arrived and the date was constantly changing.

I called the Allied's president's customer escalation line and told them I was buying a bed and expected them to pay for it. I couldn't keep getting lied to about a delivery date. Their response was they told me I would not be able to pay for the move with my credit card because they were afraid I would dispute the charge. (Seems to me that this might be something that happens to them often as I said nothing about disputing a charge, but I liked the idea).

Well on October 6 the truck arrived. The first wardrobe boxes off the truck were crushed and about half their original height. The driver told me he had 3 deliveries and I just needed to check things off fast as he called off the numbers. I said, "No my items have been riding around on your truck for 18 days, they are badly damaged and I am documenting every damaged item." The inside of the delivery van was a mess. Furniture pads were thrown in heaps, people's possessions were helter skelter, different shipments items were commingled and as evidenced by different colored tags on the items placed next to each other, items were not secured and looked like they had bounced around as the truck went down the road.

Let me interject that my husband, years ago, was a driver for Allied Van Lines and his father (my father-in-law) was the General Manager at Allied in Milwaukee. When my husband packs a load, it does not look like this. Things are secured, padded and boxes securely loaded, pads not in use are neatly folded and stacked, and the van is clean and orderly. This van looked nothing like what I would expect of a professional mover and my items reflected this. This was a small move for us with only about 130 items in the shipment. Forty-two boxes/wardrobes were crushed, dented and damaged. The driver brought me a grey zippered bag full of Christmas wreaths and decorations. It was not mine. I refused it. He brought me a box of someone's lovingly folded and cared for christening gowns. They were not mine and the box did not have a moving sticker on it. I refused the box.

I was brought someone's cactus pot with gardening equipment inside, it was not mine. I refused that also. I hope the folks who own these items get them. The price they charge is above industry standard and I expected above average service for the price. NAVL says it will track your shipment and let you know where it is. Not true. I believe the "game" being played is when you have a smaller shipment the Van line waits until it has several going to the same area and then delivers to increase profits. Your shipment gets picked up and then gets to ride around the country until they have several shipments to your area.

They say they have a broken down truck so that allows them to wiggle out of their agreement to deliver on time, but they do not provide the customer with any documentation that the truck was off the road. No professional organization has a truck off the road for 8 days. A rental truck is found or a shipment is loaded on another truck. If a truck is broken, does not the customer deserve a call? This organization does not pass the smell test. Do NOT use. I sincerely hope the family who owns the christening gowns gets them back.

We hired North American to pack and move our home from Cincinnati to Florida in June 2016. Aside from it costing nearly $9,000, our packers helped themselves to valuables (jewelry, sports memorabilia). In addition to the theft, the vast majority of our items were broken. The company refused responsibility and continues to blame me, the customer for the thefts. Their actions are unacceptable and criminal. Please do not be a victim and use a different van line.

North American Prime is North American Van Lines. They are under the same company and probably changed the name because of poor service and complaints. THEY ARE CROOKS. They will do anything they can to change your quote. One couch that wasn't listed on their inventory sheet even though I did verbally list it (Who wouldn't? It's a couch. Who doesn't have one?!), so it cost $900 more because one couch that wasn't listed was over the cubic feet. My stuff took ALMOST two weeks to deliver, because everyday something comes up and no one can give you a straight answer. Everyone is either rude or a liar. There is not one good reason to go with this company. They're not affordable, reliable or courteous. They are crooks!!! ANY GOOD REVIEWS FROM THESE COMPANIES ARE CLEARLY FRAUD. Do your research!!!

I will first apologize if my tone is pointed, I know it is not personally your fault, I am just extremely sad and disappointed with your company. I have been crying for the past 5 hours due to the unprofessional nature of NAM that I am at a loss for verbal communication. Customer service on the telephone was no help, so I am writing a formal letter. To be frank, your agents lied and mislead us into this awful situation and I am extremely disappointed. My husband has been in the Army for 16 years and we have never experienced anything like this.

When the agent came out to estimate our move, he reassured us 6+ times that our items would arrive on August 9th (the day our housing is available on base). We spoke about that being the latest we could formally move in because my husband had to return to duty immediately - you know, because he doesn't want to go to jail. He continued on about the professional nature of your company and how quickly we would be moved out of our home by his guys. We were told a big team would be there to assure the safety of our items. He reassured us of a pickup date (the 2nd) and we called back to confirm within the time constraints he gave us.

All the sudden, he says he made a mistake and has to move us on the 4th. Normally, this wouldn't be an issue - but my husband is in the Army and has to call his commander and extend his leave (not a great way to start that relationship). $4000 is a lot of money, and we were told that your actual company with your actual truck with actual employees would be the ones in control of our move. We were reassured that our things would arrive on time and not to stress about that part of the move and to enjoy a short vacation. Awesome. I trusted him, unfortunately.

Then arrived August 4th (pick up day). The driver (her name included in the information below) repeated a delivery day of the 9th multiple times. I then was surprised to learn that she doesn't actually work for you at all and isn't even particularly licensed to drive it. She owns that truck, independently operates it, does side jobs while having property in her truck, and *literally* scotch taped a sign with your logo on the door (which I only noticed as they were pulling away). She found out only 30 minutes prior to her arriving that she was even assigned our shipment and had no idea what she was picking up or delivering until she saw our paperwork. That should've been my sign, but being Army - we have to arrive when his leave is up and were left no other choice.

The big team ended up being a gentleman and a teenage boy. The entire team arrived an hour and a half after they claimed they would. Both dropped numerous boxes off of the loading ramp (marked fragile with the correct stickers) and loaded things that were marked with Do Not Load signs, which my husband and I had to crawl back in through the items to retrieve. This included our clothing for the journey, medicine for my daughters heart condition, and a box of aerosol items that was meant for our personal car (as obviously, they cannot go in the truck).

As they disembarked, they said "we'll see you on the 9th." Perfect. On we went towards Ft. Belvoir. I set aside my worries temporarily. The past two days, we have been trying to confirm a time the truck was arriving. When we finally got someone on the phone today, we were told that they never assure a date for moving and our items WERE STILL IN KANSAS CITY. They were loaded A WEEK AGO. They then informed us that they would probably arrive on or around the 15th. Therefore, unless we spend a ridiculous amount of money to stay in a hotel until then, my family (including a 3-year old child) has no bed to sleep in, no toys to play with, no furniture, no personal items to cook actual non-road food. Had we known this, we would NEVER have paid almost $4000 to have our items be held for 2 weeks in a hot van somewhere in Kansas City (as per CS rep).

Every single one of my toiletry items will have been destroyed (I would've brought them with me if I had known how long they'd be sitting - and yes, a week makes a huge difference). My husband has none of his uniforms/shoes/items for work - which we would've obviously packed in our travel items if we had known there was a week window. He cannot extend his leave any further (we now have surpassed the leave he would get to spent Christmas with our families - devastating), so because of multiple lies and misleading/non-communicating agents, we will spend an additional $1500 total on this move (we are staying in the cheapest hotel in the area at $89/night).

My family and I cannot live in an empty house for a week - particularly because my daughter has to sleep on an incline for her heart. Right now, we have her propped up in a hotel bathtub. THE AGENT KNEW THIS. Every morning, she wakes up and asks for home with tears in her eyes. It's devastating. In that truck is everything we own. Everything we've worked hard and saved for. Furniture we bought when we got married. A toy chest full of my daughter's things she painfully packed away. To be told they are STILL somewhere in Kansas City is unacceptable. To have a window of a week for a move without informing the customer is unacceptable and has NEVER happened in the 6+ times we've moved. There have been instances with weather where the drop off date fluctuated by 24 hours - that's doable. But now we are forced to spend even more money that the Army will not reimburse us for, because it's not their fault.

The customer service rep claimed it was a miscommunication between the agent and contractor and there was nothing she could do - we were flat out told multiple times that our items would arrive on the 9th and we would be constantly updated (we have never gotten a call from you since pick up a week ago and it took 36 hours to get a hold of someone on the phone with any idea where our items were). She acted like it was absurd to be able to give a customer even a day when their entire home is being delivered.

This cannot ever happen to anyone again. You cannot do this to families. I have never experienced a situation where it took 2 weeks to move a small house 13.5 hours east by one interstate. If well, it's somewhere in Kansas City is the remedy to this situation, I ethically have to submit this letter to the blacklisting committee on base. We have to remedy this situation because my daughter shouldn't have to sleep on a floor because of NAM's negligence and I cannot spend another second worrying about the state of my items. Yes, they are just things, but when you're at the mercy of the Army 24/7, it's all you have.

I read the reviews and I'm going thru what all these customers went through just to get my personals things. I am so frustrated with this company and had the same dishonest quotes, the yelling and hang-ups and lies and late calls and more lies. I just don't know what to do about this awful company. Like everybody is saying STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

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I have used several long distance - nationally recognized moving companies over 8 times in 30 years. Several things went very wrong with this move. After the initial call to North American Van Lines, and the timely arrival of the estimator, things began to go south. First, I had to keep calling their office to get updates on the date and time of the move, and to get copies of the estimate. Even the night before I still did not know the exacts. The movers from Maine were nice, thorough and efficient. The estimate was off by $2,600. I know it is just an estimate, but really? That far off? Then my furniture was off loaded for 1 week in Garner, NC, reloaded and delivered to my apartment.

Prior to my move I was very specific that I could not move in until June 10th at the earliest, and they gave me a 5 day window with June 10th as Day 1. This was fine, until the mover here in NC, called and wanted to move me in on June 8th. I don't know why he had the impression that I could get in earlier. I insisted that the move happen on June 10th at the earliest, and it did. That morning they were prompt and it started well. About 1 hour into the unloading, one of the movers had to sit down due to dizziness, and inability to see due to his Hypertension and Diabetes. Long story short: In Maine, it took 2 movers and the driver to transfer all the furniture and boxes from two floors, steep narrow stairs, a cramped attic and a garage load the van and be off in about 5 hours. I was pleased. It took 3 movers, no driver, to unload the van walk straight on concrete (no stairs, no hill) into a first unit one level apartment, no attic, no garage, over 7.5 hours.

Also a half hour break in Maine meant 30 minutes, a half break here meant 80 minutes. After 30 minutes, I went out and started moving things in myself and they Sat on the van and watched me. Then to top it off, I noticed when they were leaving that my 6 ft. wood step ladder had not been delivered. They said it had. It had not, as there was nowhere to hide it in the apartment and it was not visible. He stated to check and make sure it wasn't still in the garage in Maine, and left. I checked with persons in Maine and there was not a ladder there, and it stated it had been loaded.

I filed a claim with the company, and described the statements given to me by the crew here, about checking back in Maine, and the company denied my claim, stating that the forms indicated it had been delivered. Needless to say, I will not be pursuing a further claim, as the minimum out of pocket for the consumer is $300 and the ladder is valued at approximately $125. Somewhere out there a North American Van Line Employee has a really nice, excellent condition, wood, 6 foot ladder that was a housewarming present from my parents 25 years ago.

Damaged my electric fireplace and lost SEVERAL items. Lost the legs to a bench, lost one drawer to a cabinet, lost several boxes and I am missing a collectible dish, my telephone and am sure I will eventually miss other items. How do you lose ONE drawer from a set of 3??? Their reply to my claim was "sorry" - my reply was also "sorry I have to give you a bad review." Just stay away from North American Van Lines if you want a good move!!!

Moving from Peru to Iowa was a nightmare. The worst part was having the truck unloaded by "professionals" from North American Van Lines. They dropped cartons from the truck, cut cardboard boxes apart in a hurry to strip the content thereby severely damaging antiques 200-300 years old, expected to be fed by me at my cost, and said that they would have two strong men take furniture from wooden crates who never showed up. North American Van Lines do not answer their calls, will not honor their commitment even when contracted, and worse. Only a total fool would ever use North American Van Lines! They did not leave a copy of signed paperwork saying they only had the original but would copy it and send it -- never happened. It is like being raped.

"Jamie" (team leader from Des Moines, Iowa) allegedly took pictures -- but they were never sent or mentioned. One of his team was drunk and spoke rubbish questioning why the contents were being unloaded. The entire team left with 6 hours and what they would not unpack or put in the right rooms was dumped in the basement.

Under the name "North America Prime," they have screwed me. The salesman was the ONLY pleasant experience. He gave me a quote of about $1000 to move my stuff (which all fit in one room at my mother-in-law's place, using maybe half of a 14'x14' room). In the interest of full disclosure, I'd forgotten some loose and unimportant stuff like clothes hampers and shoes. And apparently, there was 400 cubic feet of loose stuff they had to box that I had forgotten to tell them about. And I get that this is my fault, though I was describing a room I hadn't seen in nearly 2 months.

What's crap about them is that after seeing this, they took the liberty of packing up the loose stuff in their boxes and loading everything up. Then they told my mother-in-law (they didn't even think to call me, the guy paying) that they would be charging me for going upstairs, for their boxes, and for the remaining cubic feet. Came to around 3160.

When I found out, I was able to get it talked down to 2600. Not ONLY is this 2.5x what was quoted, but they waited until AFTER everything was loaded up. And come to find out, if I backed out there, I would still owe them 800 for him coming out and loading, then unloading. So before I know it, I'm 800 in even if I quit. So no, DO NOT go with these guys. They WILL rack up extra fees, and they will wait until they can already charge you labor before telling you.

I wish I knew whether I could swear in this review, because my words for them are fit for a sailor. The only reason I give them a 2 in customer service is that I was able to talk it down by that 500. Otherwise, there is nothing redeemable about these guys and they haven't even moved my stuff yet. This is just after they picked it up. I'm afraid to see what my stuff will be like when it gets here.

Regrettably, I hired North American Van Lines to pack, move, and deliver my household. I've never used this type of platform to broadcast my dissatisfaction with a company before but I felt it was important to share my experience so other consumers can make informed decisions:

The Relocation Consultant will tell you everything and anything you want to hear to assure the sale. Their office, the drivers and the "trained" movers do not communicate well with each other about what was agreed upon in your contract and will attempt to extort additional handling charges on the day of the packing and moving. Call the office. Do not purchase the "Protection Plan" (insurance). It does not protect you or your household valuables. I had two dressers, a sofa table and a king size pillow top mattress damaged.

The value exceeding $4200.00 #NAVL reimbursed me for $400.00. They paid an "appearance allowance" on the case pieces and would not reimburse me for the king size pillow top mattress as I did not provide proper oversight to their "trained movers" therefore I was blamed for the mishandling of the mattress. I had 3 movers, using two different entrances of my home at the same time, and I did not see the mattress get folded. Apparently this is my fault according to their Claims Department. The movers at the pickup location did it right. The movers at the drop off location did not (More training with their movers is required).

Going back and forth with North American Van Lines claims department to receive a judgement; don't expect anything in a timely manner and assume it will be your fault. I am now beginning the long process of arbitration. Customer Service and Claims Department will find blame and fault with the homeowner. As a consumer, you want to be treated fairly. NORTH AMERICAN VAN LINES misrepresented the quality, the training and the professionalism of their services and employees.

Do not use North American Van Lines!!! After losing 3 boxes containing my belongings on a move from Atlanta to Florida, they have refused to reconcile my claim. They expect you to make the claim the same day as your move, even though there were 160 boxes stacked 5 high. Do not trust them with your belongings!!!

I am moving from Alabama to Tennessee. When my furniture was picked up they tried to jack up the price by an additional $900.00. After threatening to have them unload my furniture and going with a different company, they finally got the price back down. Now that they have my furniture in their storage warehouse, I can't get it back. I called them in the middle of June to have my things delivered. Here it is July and I am still sleeping on the floor. I called them and after getting the run-around, I got Mike from dispatch on the line and he was rude, yelling at me and telling me that he will get my things delivered on his timeline and not mine. After asking for a manager he hung up on me.

We moved from Calgary to the GTA last July. We had a large home and went for the deluxe package if you will to insure TVs, china etc. They packed and unpacked which the contract for the insurance said would need to happen. They lost one box called "Kitchen" but I couldn't be certain as to all that was in there. We got reimbursed $250. I do know it had dishes from a 1970's complete set that I had packed away 15 years ago. So now my set isn't complete.

They reimbursed us for some other minor breakages but what really happened was this. We had tools in our garage. A complete tool box, table saw and saw attachment for a table, pitch fork, 2 sanders, ladder, hedge clippers, rose pruners and other minor tools that we didn't think about until we needed them in the new house. Well they weren't on the original sheets so the packers D. ** and his gang must have walked off with them before the moving truck arrived. Of course we trusted them to tag everything and my husband did not babysit them. Alero Moving who NAVL contracted in Calgary denied any theft and wouldn't reimburse us.

As has been said in previous posts they are crooks. The lesson here is to review everything that is tagged before the moving truck arrives. Delay the moving truck if you have to. And of course their estimated weight conveniently went up when the final weight was done even though we purged a ton on heavy stuff after the estimate and before the move. How does that work? A friend recommended NAVL although it wasn't Alero Moving and I certainly will say stay away from Alero.

Moving from Miami to Las Vegas we shopped around to try to find best price and had a really good moving company set up, but then this guy name Chris from (** North American Van Lines) called us and made like he was with the first company. Have talking to him he said he was with this company North American Van Lines. After all and said we set up a moving contract with him. (Should have read the reviews and asked around). Moving on so weeks in advance we had this set up. Chris was quick to get our deposit and promise the world. Box count recount and items adjusted and got a quote locked in. So, moving truck was a small sub contractor was late to show up for pick up.

All our stuff was packed and labeled by me because if not would be a charge of $20 per item. After the now second deposit 60% of total bill he says he wants to charge us for supplies to wrap the stuff that was in quote to be wrapped and packed by movers. Didn't happen. So now back to the BS that Chris sold. Gave us a delivery date/mover gave an earlier moving date. I mentally stayed with the first date by Chris - not to get our hopes up. We pack up the car and summer road trip to get there before the moving truck which was only suppose to be several days. SO NOW 16 DAYS PAST DELIVERY DATE AND NO DELIVERY. We called last week and they said because of a Miami trucker strike. At no point did they call us to let us know of the delay.

Chris is nowhere to be found. Not answering phone. Dispatch said some time this week and trucker will call us to let us know when they are near. SO LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT. YOU'RE OVER 16 DAYS LATE AND I HAVE TO WAIT FOR HIM TO DELIVER WAITING ON BATED BREATH. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME...THIS COMPANY ARE CRIMINALS. DO NOT USE THEM!!! And let see the condition of our stuff when we get it and let see if they try to add extra fees or storage fee...stuff that is not on the contract. No customer service, no communication, no nothing.

Be advised that the company we're all complaining about may be NORTH AMERICA Prime Van Line since Bridget, Amanda, Ian, etc are all the common names I see on this thread as representatives/co-owners of that company and is actually different from North AmeriCAN Van Lines. Regardless, here is my review as well... Amanda and all of them lied to my husband and I on several occasions saying that the bad reviews are for North American Van Lines when in reality it's for them (North AmeriCA) after all. We had the worst experience with them and if not for U-Pack/ABF movers, we would be ruined from ever getting movers ever again.

Even one of their own reps told me over the phone that they themselves are not doing a great job of being up front with their customers. Let's just say we needed to move on a certain date and after 3 days of rescheduling on our already tight schedule, they end up telling us they couldn't pick up our stuff due to us being not in the same "route" as their trucks and our $2,000 job was nothing compared to the $14,000 job they picked up. We are CUSTOMERS. They talked about the cost of gas - haha. Are they for real business owners?? Because true, good business owners will have already known the risk of the price of gas, etc, all associated risks of owning a MOVING business.

They PROMISED again and again they'd come and pick up our stuff, and PROMISED to send us confirmation emails, and PROMISED so many things. It was the most emotionally troubling time of our life - on top of all the emotions of moving to begin with. They did not come through, obviously. Be forewarned - it's best to try ABF! Or even the real North American! Not the North America Prime from Hollywood, Florida!!! PS: Though we were extremely courteous, we got hung up on. Got put on hold several times and a different person kept picking it up then putting us back on hold, then finally they hung up. Days of great customer service are over. Also...why is this company still in business? They can be sued on so many grounds, since they're not brokers.

Red alert, please do not use North American Van Lines. Horrible experience. I am surprised how these people are in business. Lot of lies. All. Commitment failure. They gave me a quote of 1400 and charged 2500. They were supposed to come for pick up 2 pm but came 10 pm. They will make you a prey as asking lot of money on night of pick up when you are helpless. Terrible liars.

This is a bait and switch company. Original quote to get you to sign contract was half of what they charged me. I was charged $3000 more than quote. Pick-up guys were late. Their packing was horrifying! They expected me to give them some my personal items for their services or $100 each in tip and gave me an attitude. Delivery driver arrived unexpected the day before scheduled date and then charged me $500 wait time. I refused to pay the additional fee and then said if I had sex with him in the truck he would release my items. He also forced me to sign all the paperwork BEFORE items were unloaded releasing him from any liability. Boxes labeled fragile were thrown about and much broken glassware and dishes. He called me horrible names and a liar. It was the most traumatic experience I have had in my life and I am still mentally distraught about it.

Here is a summary of the events surrounding my move from Miami to New Orleans, May 20 picked up and May 28 delivered. This information can be used to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else. I understand, estimates are estimates and moving is stressful and not an exact science. I get it and I was expecting some things to go wrong, that's life, but the amount of what went wrong/amount of mis-information was just too vast to not say/do something (I've noted what went wrong and what went right from my point of view/experience.).

Chain of events: Since March 17th I had been in contact with Amanda about my move the 'binding' quote of $2,500 which was provided was off from the final bill $4,000. That's too big a discrepancy to be considered reasonable. That is an overage of more than 50%. I was told it would not go up from $2,500 and to this day, have not been told why the cost went up so dramatically.

When I was told by Josh (lead guy with my move) that my move was going up so high and I tried to talk to Amanda, while the movers were in my apt., suddenly I was not allowed to talk with her. That's just bad business. He and I supposedly had developed a trustworthy relationship. I wanted to understand the staggering variance. Btw, Josh did not take any pictures, TV, a bed or box spring - all which were on my original estimate, however, this too have never been discussed with me. Wouldn't this reduce my bill? Josh's demeanor was sleazy. He told me that if 'I was good to him, he would be good to me.' What kind of behavior is that? In my book, shady, shady, shady. I gave him and his 2 guys each $100 for a total of $300 tip so that things would go well.

Josh also made me paid $400 for a long haul fee which was later waived. Thank You, but why was he even allowed to do that? WHAT IF I DID NOT HAVE THE $400? PLUS, I told N.A.M. that I lived in a Condo, in Unit 1908. Ugh, you think 'people' in the business would say, 'I think this guy lives on the 19th floor and the truck will be more than 75 ft away' or AT LEAST ASK. The Josh then told me he would remove the fuel cost. A LIE. Amanda's estimate already had that eliminated, approx. $400. This too was never addressed.

Lorene called on 5/26 and said that I could get a $750 deduction by paying a wire transfer of the entire balance, but I when I called back to double-check that, she outright said she did not make that offer. WHAT A SCAM??? Maybe it was another person, but the call was made to me. Why would I make this up? Own up N.A. M. At the last minute the day before my delivery, I was told that the $2,750 due could not be paid in cash and must be a Postal Money Order! I has just moved, had no idea where a Post Office was, but found one before they closed at 4 pm. Thought I was done. However, on 5/28, the driver Eli delivering my shipment said I could pay cash again, a different story and it's like they are not talking to each other.

This has been the worst experience of a move and I have moved with movers 4 times. Communication was weak and disorganized and I feel cheated, lied to and manipulated of the 20 or so calls I have had with at least 4-5 people. Only 4-5 of those conversations went well. The amount of what when wrong is out of alignment with what went right and I don't understand why N.A.M. cannot or refuses to see this.

Here is what went well: Josh and his crew moved everything out in 3 hours or so and everything was well wrapped and packed. Eli and his guy delivered my shipment on 5/28, on time and were friendly and efficient. Everything is accounted for. I gave Eli and his guy each $100 as well. Initial contact with Amanda and subsequent calls were great and I felt 'taken care of.' However, this was all negated. Gary, in management, tried to assuage my concerns/issues, but my issues were not fully addressed.

I have moved from Charlotte to Dallas and contacted these movers. They spoke very nice and they gave a quote for 220 cft but I have requested for 320 cft just to be on safe side. I have explained all my inventory and not single extra item added to it. They have quoted for 1440 but I ended up paying 2000$ extra. They have loaded 75% and refused to load remaining as it is over allocated CFT. I told them put the things back but they said they will charge 1500$. I have called Amanda but I never reached her and they saying talk to them.

Finally I had to throw few things there and I ended up paying more than actual cost of items. I had to accept their short notice of delivery (had to compromise on apartment too) otherwise they said it takes more than 2 weeks. Don't believe these guys... I should have read the reviews before signing the contract with them. This is my first move and very bad experience. They will always try to charge you more than they quote.. be careful with these guys.

Went through the quote a couple of times with Amanda and got a quote of $1,900. We chose what to sell before the move and that quote dropped to $1,300+-. Wife flew to Daytona Beach to get mother-in-law who I informed them of this. No senior discount. The driver showed up 6 hours late and we had to pay to change their tickets and also lost the money for shuttle to airport. Then the driver stated as he walked in that this was going to be very expensive. Dropped boxes, knocked over landscaping and then told my wife what should he charge her for all the extras. My mother-in-law wrote a check and he told them to make it out to him, and then asked for a tip. The few things that we were keeping they were told they couldn't bring it or it would cost her even more than its worth ($500 hutch) and other things they were trying to leave. The driver then only handed in $600 so he stole his own tip from the company.

Now instead of half upfront (we paid $800) and half when delivered instead they increased the amount to $4,300. That is 3x the quote. Instead we get a call that they fired the driver and reduced it to $3,300. The dispatch manager at GREYBULL of Florida told me if I get the money he will ship it at their convenience and storage will be $300+ a month extra. So now we have no idea about where in Florida our things are. My mother-in-law is heartbroken because she doesn't think they will give her stuff back. You guys are lying to people and are inconsiderate people to play this trick on seniors and veterans. I would love to hear from the actual North American Van Lines. We just want her things back.

This company is HORRIBLE!!! Sergio, and Janie and Bridget all lie. They lied about the cost! The price ended up $1800 more than their estimate. My sister-in-law moved the same day to the same area and her cost was double the estimate. After loading our furniture the driver told us there was no way our things could get to our new home on the date Sergio and Janie told us they could deliver it. So I called the North America Van Lines office and again was told by Whitney they couldn't deliver our things on the date they agree. She suggested we call in the morning the next day.

So we called and talked to Bridget who told us if we paid $3000 in cash put into North America van lines account they would deliver our furniture on the day they originally agree to. We received it three days late! They lost a beautiful 3' by 4' picture of a Florida beach, lost whole boxes of our things. They tore our couch, our 55" TV no longer works when they delivered it. After they package it, all the boxes were so damaged it was unreal. The day our furniture arrived I call and talked to Lorraine to complain and she told us to email her our complaints which we did. It's almost two weeks since we sent the email and still no answer.

We hired American Van Lines to move my family from Birmingham, AL, to Savannah, GA. We received a quote that left off about half of the items we reported we needed moved. When they actually came, they were more than 3 hours late and they hadn't brought a big enough truck. They loaded the stuff they could, then had to go get another truck. My family came on to GA, trusting them to get the job done and deliver our household. This morning, we received a call saying our stuff wouldn't be delivered if we didn't pay $5,000 more than our original quote listed. The owner/manager has been hell to deal with, saying that the whole situation is our fault, justifying the almost $9,000 bill. The customer service and sketchy operations of this company should be enough to get them written up. It's been the worst, most ridiculous experience I've ever had dealing with a "professional" company.

Do not be happy with the initial estimate they give. In my case they had 54% error in estimate!! They misplaced one of my package. And it's been more than 4 months. No resolution!

Started to consider being a van operator with Beltmann north american, but I found out that Beltmann doesn't cater to their drivers. The van operator is the backbone of the moving company, and without them, there is no company. A good friend of mine went to work for beltmann, beltmann got him a truck and put him to work, he had to deadhead from dallas to kentucky to pick up a new trailer, when he got there, new trailer was ready, so he picked up a refurbished trailer. He then proceeded to pick up loads coming back to tx. He ended up coming back to tx with 11,000 pound payload, half a trailer loads leaves no room for profit.

He in turn went to his superiors at beltmann, needing money for home, beltmann told him they couldn't help him, but that they had him a full load going out and a full load coming back. But he needed money for home when he asked. Beware of this situation, my friend had to quit and go find work elsewhere to have money for home. Even if he would have ran the next load, by having a truck note, he would have still been in the hole. Hhg is one of the hardest driving jobs you can get, and to have a company not have your back, is ridiculous. Beware.

Never use this company for any reason. They schmooze you to sign the contract then default on producing.

We used North American through Peroulas moving co in Knoxville Tn for a "full service" move in summer of 2015. Everything they told us to get us to sign an $8000 moving contract was a lie! 1/2 of our belongings were left behind and couldn't get them delivered for 30 days. 1/2 of packers promised showed up late without enough supplies. I had to pay people to go to my house 4 times to supervise! Very unprofessional after contract signed. They even went into my cabinet and started eating our girls scout cookies and said "oh, you're not moving these are you?" We had to have my dad's truck to shuttle items to house because 2nd truck couldn't get to house.

Now 9 months later still fighting them to either find our missing items or pay for replacement. Which also was promised if we bought the "good" expensive insurance instead of standard. Now that is turning out to be another lie! Because our items were so delayed they offered to pay 500 to pay us for expenses we had in that time frame. Well, after we sent receipts they aren't honoring that full amount either! Bottom line is they will tell you whatever is necessary to get you to sign and then turn their back on you and tell you it's all your fault once check is cashed. I recommend you go elsewhere for your moving needs!

North American Van Lines lost a number of our boxes that contained valuable items. Unfortunately full insurance was far too expensive to put on everything we owned so we had to settle for a $.60 a pound insurance policy. We took out this policy in case something happened to the truck. It would have provided at least something to start over with. Our truck did arrived safely. Every item was marked with a sticker upon loading. About 1 in 20 stickers fell off before the movers ever got out of the house (I joked with the driver that I would sweep up the sticker mess after he left). Another 1 in 20 stickers were lost in a transfer, and 1 in 20 fell off in the unloading (scattered in the truck and our yard).

This was North American Van Lines idea of an inventory control system. I do not believe North American Van Lines really believes this is a reliable system, but they used it to deny our claim of $24.00 based on our $.60 a pound insurance policy. In truth, after a most confusing unloading process with many missing stickers, we finally signed a form that we had received everything, unable to determine whether we really had everything but trusting we did.

As we unpacked, we found we were missing boxes of DVDs, dishware, art, and more. We felt robbed. However, this review is not based on our denied claim that would have been less than 10% of the value of our lost items. It is based on the silly inventory system that simply does not work and resulted in the loss of valuable and irreplaceable possessions. Using a sticker with stronger glue could damage furniture; however, such a sticker reserved for boxes may have prevented our loss or at least provided us the $24 to buy beer to drown our tears. We hope this review will provide fair warning to other customers that they might create their own inventory system as a backup to the professionals system and prevent others from the losses we experienced.

We contacted several moving companies to get quotes and went over everything with the 2 that bothered to come out. 2 other firms only gave us phone quotes that were half of the ones who bothered to come out. The agent was nice and seemed very professional. He gave us packing hints and suggestions. Generally very helpful. The mover arrived as scheduled and proceeded to load our goods. I had requested that they bring several telescopic mirror/picture boxes, which they agreed to. They brought 1. I was given a delivery window of the 12th to the 18th. Seeing that this was across Canada move and wasn't quite a full van load we agreed.

On April 12th, we got a call from the van lines operation manager informing us that since WE changed the delivery date, our shipment would not be delivered between the 18th and 28th. So here we sit with our goods, God knows where, without any recourse. If I don't pay I don't get my stuff. AS for the sales agent? Nothing. Nada. Zip. No aftersale support. Recommend to anyone looking to move... AVOID.

I recently relocated from Seattle to Madison. I chose NAVL because they did a great job relocating me in 1997, and their local affiliate did a great job on my local move in 2011. They came in a tiny bit more expensive than Graebel, but I had had good experiences previously, so I went with NAVL. I purchased MVP insurance ($20,000 replacement value) and had the movers pack select items in order to ensure that they were packed to the standards expected by the insurance broker, should anything go wrong.

My CPU was wrapped in paper and was not even put into a box. No fragile labeling. Of course it was not working when it arrived in Madison. I was told by the insurance adjuster that I must prove that they damaged the computer. This is still pending and I may revise my rating if they get their act together, but I am dismayed that the packers put the code MCU, CU next to the computer, indicating that the condition and mechanical condition were unknown, never mind that the computer was in use in their presence up until the moment that they were ready to pack it.

Thankfully, I still had the packing material, so I could forward pictures of that along with pictures of the computer, which was a custom build, but it remains to be seen whether they will make good on their obligations. I am sorely disappointed and will not likely use NAVL again if this is the way they do business. If the insurance arm does not wish to cover household electronics, then that should be clearly stated in the brochure. If need be, I will retain my attorney, but I hope that SIRVA will realize that they do need to actually live up to their obligations. Not having my computer has affected my livelihood, so in my opinion, they owe me more than just the damage done to my computer. It makes no sense to screw over one's customer base.

It's been 10 days since my things were picked up from Oklahoma. There are only 2 business days left on the delivery window and they JUST found out that the DRIVER NEVER PICKED UP MY STUFF. It's still sitting in Oklahoma. No one thought that was a problem. No one mentioned it to anyone. They just let it sit there until I started bugging them about when I would get my things in Pennsylvania. God knows when I'll get it. I can't believe the utter incompetence of this company. DO NOT USE THEM. They are unreliable and untrustworthy.

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North American Van Lines specializes in corporate relocation and residential moving for long-distances. With over 80 years of experience, the company is an expert on helping companies relocate throughout North America.

  • Packing: North American Van Lines has extensive advance packing services to help ensure a timely move. They have a huge network of movers and many offices and trucks so that they have the bandwidth to handle more customers.
  • Households: In addition to corporate moving, it offers household moving to individuals and families that are moving nationwide.
  • Competitive pricing: The company is reasonably priced and offers alternatives to help keep costs down, such as flexible move times.
  • Materials: The company offers customers a number of reasonably priced packing materials, such as moving kits and boxes.
  • Estimates: North American will provide you with estimates for moving supplies and services in order to give you a true sense of how much your move will cost.
  • Best for Corporations, households, military families and individuals.

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