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Two Men And a Truck

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Last updated: Sept. 26, 2017

123 Two Men And a Truck Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 26, 2017

I scheduled the move for June 17, 2017. I described the move to the agent. They sent a truck that was too small and only moved the larger items. I had to go back and move boxes and the rest myself. Most Importantly: I had an early 1900 Antique Cedar Chest on tall Queen Anne legs and I told the movers that this piece is fragile and cannot travel on its legs and needs to travel on its head.

We got to the new house and the mover called me into the truck. I saw the chest had traveled on its side and a leg was completely snapped off. They took the chest, repaired and returned in ok condition. However, it's very frustrating since antiques lose value with repairs and I gave specific instructions that were not followed. They had no interest in the loss of value and only that it was repaired.

Next, I found my antique curved glass china cupboard with the glass broken. They picked up to repair and it's now almost October 2017 and I still do not have my cupboard. I still have boxes all over since I cannot unpack without my cupboard. I have called and called but still no cupboard. I have escalated to the corporate office.

Antiques should be moved with care and I don't think the young staff understands the loss of value when they break these pieces. No compensation from the company either. One more thing... one of the movers bought my kitchen table and chairs and I still have not been paid for that. I would recommend to everyone to get a separate agreement signed for antiques or expensive merchandise! Wanted everyone to be prepared and CYA!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 9, 2017

When I first talked with the rep on the phone, he was very congenial and business like. He answered all my questions and was pleasantly surprised to learn that they did not need a "down payment" to hold the rate he quoted. They called to verify as they said they would three days prior and we were good to go. The guys arriving in the truck were late. They called to tell me that traffic up in Atlanta was horrible. I believe it, but it was frustrating. When the three guys arrived, we went over the paper work and everything seemed to be in order. We had paid previously a $320 and the rest would be charged at the end of the day/move once it was determined how many hours were spent moving.

They were nice guys, were friendly, and worked hard to get things packed on the truck. But they just seemed disorganized and not efficient and lacking in professionalism in my view. They also asked us for drinks, which were happy to provide, but one would think they would carry their own water/drinks and even a snack since they knew they would be moving us for hours. I went ahead to the new place ahead of them to open things up and also took a load over in my utility trailer.

The movers finally arrived and my wife told me they had left a bunch of things at the old house. They said they didn't have room on the truck. I noticed when they arrived there HAD been room on the truck, but the fact that they did not take everything ultimately meant we would be making a total of 8 trips back to the old house (45 minutes each way from new home), over the course of the next week. It turns out they were leaving things because they didn't have enough blankets. They were going to leave our large flat screen TV and my wife overheard them saying they didn't have any more blankets. My wife offered some of our blankets. Kind of ridiculous. One would think they would bring enough blankets with them.

I was a bit dumbfounded at the lack of organization on their part. I had every box marked as to where it was supposed to go and pointed out the corresponding rooms for them. Most of the boxes were to go in our garage/shop. In spite of that, numerous items were put in the wrong place. On several occasions, one guy could be seen carrying an exercise ball or something small. I was wondering if the job would ever be done. They broke a knob off our dryer - the one that emits the buzzer sound when the dryer is done. They said they would fix that and noted it but we never had any follow up with the company. They never called.

The amount of times we had to go back to our house with our utility trailer was very frustrating because of all the items they said would not fit into their truck. You're trying to get your new home set up but you still have to deal with the old house. I hadn't really kept track of payments, though I normally check out account every day. Two months later, I see a charge from Two Men And a Truck for $800. I was under the impression that they had charged me what I owed ($1120 total). But then I see this charge and immediately assumed it was a additional charge over the $1120. I did some checking and realized they had never charged me the $800; just the initial $320.

They did wrap up items and tried their best to pack and move our grandfather clock without damaging it. Unfortunately, once the clock was set up at the new house, it didn't work. That required a service call to the tune of $225 to get it working, although the clock guy told me it is very common for this to happen and I would have been better off contacting them to pack it prior to moving. Hindsight. Overall, I was not satisfied. These guys did not strike me as professional movers. They struck me as three guys who simply work for a moving company and didn't mind picking up and moving heavy items from one place to another. I seriously doubt if I'd use Two Men And a Truck again, but then again, I looked into several companies and they didn't have good reviews either. What is a consumer to do?

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 21, 2017

    They were supposed to box/pack my house for me and move my items to another state. A manager came to my home weeks in advance to assess my items and what would be needed for packing and the move. The movers showed on packing/move day with no cushion/bubble wrap and none of the hanging clothes boxes I requested. They did not allot enough time to pack my house and as such they literally threw and crushed my things into boxes. Worried that they wouldn't get finished and concerned for how they were packing, I ended up packing my entire kitchen with a friend while they packed other rooms instead of being able to pay attention to how they were packing and loading.

    There seemed to be no order to how they packed the truck. I've moved with professional movers 4 times in the last 5 years so I've seen exceptional packing and this was as far from it as you can get. I had the driver actually tell me that he was going to have to leave my things behind because there wasn't room on the truck - the same truck size that moved my exact same items 8 months earlier (and had extra space at the back end). I pushed back and said we weren't leaving my things behind and the driver then seemed bothered and began haphazardly throwing my additional items in the truck. Of course a number of things unnecessarily got broken even after I requested that they be treated with extra care.

    At my new home, the unloading of unique/heavy items was embarrassing for a moving company. Since replacing the broken items, I have had to repeatedly contact the Baton Rouge office to try to get reimbursed for the damages despite that I also bought extra insurance through them for the move. This office is not doing any favors for the Two Men and a Truck brand, with which I have had previously positive experiences moving with their Birmingham office. What a complete failure. I cannot recommend this company. Moving is already stressful enough without having to add all of this extra hassle. Do yourself and favor and pack your valuables yourself and use another company to move your things.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 8, 2017

    The representative who came to give us a quote was very pleasant. However, the information she provided as to the services offered was totally incorrect in so many ways. Two Men and Truck do NOT package anything for you (she said they did). They will wrap large items but NOTHING is packaged. My husband and I carefully packaged everything with bubble wrap in sturdy boxes. Had we not done this we would've had to do it the day of the move.

    Firstly they arrived not at the appointed time but an hour and a half late. Items marked as fragile and clearly marked were thrown into the truck. Arrows on boxes pointing "this way up" were ignored totally. Fragile items were packed underneath heavier items. It seemed their only goal was to load as fast as possible and unload even faster to the point they were actually running to grab another box or boxes. Once everything was loaded the agreement was that they would deliver on the day following our move, in this case the 2nd of August at 9 a.m. Imagine our surprise when they arrived at nearly 9 p.m. on the 1st of August. We, ourselves had just driven almost 10 hours to get to our new home and were appalled to see them coming down the road.

    The two workers told us that their boss had told them to offload the partial load and then come back the next morning to offload the rest. We refused to have them do this as both of us were tired from the drive ourselves and we advised them that the agreement had been to offload on the 2nd at 9 a.m. The next day they arrived at 9:30 a.m. and started offloading. All the clearly marked boxes with rooms to be toted to were ignored. We found fragile stuff under heavy boxes. In offloading the washer and dryer they put a huge gouge into the brand new hardwood floor which we only found later that day. On unpacking some "clearly marked" fragile antique dishes which are over 150 years old we found several broken because of the way they were handled. These dishes are irreplaceable and in my husband's eyes priceless as they are family heirlooms.

    This is unacceptable but obviously the company will claim that we didn't pack them well enough. The service offered by this company is expensive as they offer a dedicated move but it's honestly not worth it. We could've saved ourselves $5000 (for less than a 2 bedroom home) by doing this ourselves and probably not had any damage. We're just writing this as a warning to other consumers who might be tempted to use this company.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 6, 2017

    My girlfriend hired these guys to move 10 items less than 1 mile. The items were 2 sofas, mattress (full size) and box spring, a mini washer and dryer set. 2 small dressers, a small tv stand and a 40 inch tv. THAT'S IT. It took them 4 hours to get it done, and they charged $652. What a scam. I'm 60 years old, and I know that me and my girlfriend could have done the job in half the time. I assumed that when you pay $145 an hour, you get motivated workers who would get the job done. WRONG! This outfit is nothing but a scam operation, and I am going to work hard to deny them any business I can, especially in the Akron Ohio area. DO NOT USE THEM.

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    Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 29, 2017

    This company is not reliable. I am not sure how they vet the people they hire but it does not seem thorough. The day after our move, my husband went to retrieve his business iPad from his briefcase and realized it was missing. We are left to wonder what else was taken from our home during this move. Over and above that, their assessment for the cost and time required for the move was ridiculously underestimated... They clearly "under quote" and then you end up paying more than you would have for other more reliable companies. Stay away from Two Men And a Truck!

    Original review: July 28, 2017

    This company is getting worse and worse. It is hit and miss depending upon the location and crew. The crew we had was overtired from an earlier move and shouldn't have even been selected to do another job that day. They were sloppy, dirty, whiny, and not careful with our things. The men were hours late, didn't have all the moving equipment that they should have, arrived with dead cell phones, and took a ridiculous amount of time for a job that was not that big or out of the norm. We had to help them move our things. One crew member said that they needed more men to finish, and that he was going to call his boss for help, but that his boss was lazy and at home with his family, and wouldn't come out anyway.

    Since the crew members' phones were dead and they never asked if they could use our phones, we settled with our ailing crew for hours. They took chunks out of our ceiling, walls, cut a corner of the wall open. Our home and furniture was damaged and we were really upset. We bought them dinner, gave them things to cool them off, even made an Epsom salt compress for a crew member who had a leg cramp. We were kind, helpful, understanding, and did what we could to help them. This company sent 2 men who were too tired and weak who made poor decisions in getting our things into our home, which caused a lot of damage to our things and the walls (both inside and outside). This job went until 10 pm... Then they knock on our door again saying that their truck broke down and they needed to borrow our phone.

    Right after that, one of the guys decided that he was going to go to the hospital because his leg cramp was bothering him. It was a nightmare. We should've gotten two able-bodied energetic careful men and a functional truck, instead we got two weak overtired careless men and a dead truck. We were made to feel guilty by the company for their mistakes and carelessness due to the crew member going to the hospital after the job ended... It was the worst moving experience ever. After we called many times, the company came to our place to assess the damage to the ceiling, walls, and our things and said they'd send someone to repair things. Crickets after that. We were not contacted again. They lied to us.

    Weeks later, we call again and tell them we'd just settle for $200 to cover getting someone else to repair the damage (after all, this is the tip that was given to the two crew members, that they shouldn't have even gotten... This doesn't include the drinks and dinner we provided, and us having to be a third and fourth crew member). We are still waiting for that check that the manager said was approved and will be mailed to us. We are going to contact the corporate office ourselves, as we realize they lied yet again. Dallas Two Men and a Truck was the worst I've ever used for what should've been a straight forward job. Incompetent, dishonest, and lazy. We will never use or recommend them again.

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    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 21, 2017

    We had a great move the first time, but the second move was beyond horrible. First they gave us the wrong quote even with an onsite inspection. Then they did not show on day scheduled. Luckily we had email proof and were scheduled 2 days later. The crew shows up. We have water and Gatorade for them. Buy them lunch. Supposed to be a 2 day job, they do it in one day only after I have to nag them to do garage as well. They leave 2 guys back to unpack and rest of us tackle garage. Meanwhile my wife has passed out from exhaustion and I did not know the full extent of reworked contract. I was more worried about my wife than job and thought they were done... wrong... tipped each guy 100 dollars a piece.

    Well it's been almost 2 weeks going back and forth with company. Every day we are finding broken items or items just thrown in a box. We are still going through boxes that were mislabeled and finding more broken items. Jewelry box was opened and items missing. Cables missing. I have a 2000 dollar computer that I can't use because I can't find any keyboard or mouse... etc. I check storage shed and stuff thrown in there. Still trying to get to lawn mower.

    Trust me this is only the tip of the story. So we contact 2 Men and they are willing to send guys over at a discount to fix! This was supposed to be a 2 day job. Pack and deliver then unpack but the guys did want to come back on a Saturday. No problem, they will not get our business again and we are calling off the offer to fix at discounted price.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 20, 2017

    The lack of stars is intentional. If you value your sanity, finances, and home contents, stay away from these people. The movers dropped a box; not something I would consider is the end of the world. After all, material possessions can be replaced. But the attitude of these people is appalling. Rudeness is their guiding principle. Do Not Use This Company unless all other movers have disappeared from the face of the planet.

    Original review: July 15, 2017

    Hired 2 men and a truck to move 3 appliances, 10 pieces of furniture and a dozen boxes. Before leaving the first house the wheel on my entertainment system was broken. When they went to move my bed frame they dropped it breaking it, it is a oak 7 piece set. When at second resident, one of the movers crushed my standing mirror base and tried to hide it. When asked he said “oh ya I dropped it”. Now the company will not return my calls. $900. For a simple move. Not if things get broken.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 13, 2017

    Hired Two Men And a Truck for a local move within the Salt Lake City area. I decided to go with them because they are a known name and I was told their workers are given background checks. The morning of the move things seemed to be going well, they did care for my property. Towards the end I was asked to sign some papers by the driver, I signed, no issue. The driver then made me an offer. If I paid him in cash he would give me a discount and cap the number of hours I was being charged. If he doesn't complete the work on time that would be on him and his partner but they would still pay the main office. I thought the office did know they were here doing a job so there was no way to scam them so I agreed to the terms.

    They moved my items to the new location, the only issue with the actual move was they forgot two items. No big deal, they were small so I took them myself. They also bent an old lamp and honestly I had no issue with that as well. Overall they did well so my wife gave the driver a generous tip. He hung around a while and I came out looking for him to pay him his cash. I thought I made out well receiving a decent discount. Days later I found out they charged my wife's credit card which they had on file when she booked the move. That is when it dawned on me that I did not collect a receipt for the cash transaction. A big mistake on my part!

    We started the complaint process with the office. After several phone calls over a couple of weeks I was told the general manager was going to take action and would get back to me with the resolution. That was the last I heard from them. I was cheated out of hundreds of dollars. This dishonesty on their part is the reason they get a half a star from me. If I can't trust them when making payments I should not trust them with my property. It's very unfortunate that the office would not do anything either despite the serious nature of their workers' actions. Instead they tried accusing my wife and I of not telling the truth and having inconsistent stories. I am now considering my legal options but will never use this company again and will discourage my friends and peers from using them.

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    Original review: July 12, 2017

    Fair Oaks, California. Two Men and a Truck came to move my ex husband, now an old man, from one apartment to an apartment downstairs, in the same apartment complex. The old man had $9000 cash stuffed in a shoe box. Two ** guys came to move the old man's belongings, one of the ** guys stole $4000 cash and didn't show up for work the next day. The old man, didn't notice the cash gone until he didn't show up... When the old man called the company, NO ONE CARED! Did nothing to remedy the situation. NEVER NEVER NEVER Trust this company! And don't put ** men in a ** neighborhood where they THINK people are rich.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 1, 2017

    They give you a quote on the phone and say they will email you the quote. Require credit card to generate quote, never send quote and when you call 12 hrs later. Informed of a cancelation policy but not a change policy, to change date they charge you $240 fee which they never tell you about. They also know condos don't allow you to move on Saturday and when asked to change from Saturday to Monday this fee surfaced. So they lost out on an approximately $650 move due to refusing to remove change fee which they never tell you about. Working with CC company to void fraudulent charge. This company is merely a franchise who does not even provide estimates via email as they claim.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 30, 2017

    Two Men & a Truck from Newport News, VA moved our belongings to Ashland, VA on June 7, 2017 and held our 60-inch plasma TV on sides with screen sagging face down. When we turned on the TV, it now has two blue lines running down center of screen. We telephoned and emailed the company for three weeks, but they refused to answer or return communication. Finally, after three calls to the corporate office and bad reviews on social media, the franchise owner called and apologized, saying she would make it right, but we never heard from her again. We purchased additional insurance to cover damages, but Two Men & a Truck doesn't want to bother with customers after they receive their money for moving folks. This is not a reputable company!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 27, 2017

    They quoted me $400.00 and charged me $800. Cussed me threatened me and then laughed as they took my money. I am disabled and no one deserves to be treated this way. They had me so emotionally drained after it was over. I would shut this place down. These people are cruel and don't care about anyone. I should have sued but was not in the right frame of mind after it was over.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 27, 2017

    This problem is with the Two Men and a Truck in Fort Wayne Indiana. The manager came to our old house and did the cost estimate for $750 to move our furniture one mile to a house we had just purchased. They showed up on time as promised with three guys who started going to work right away. When they were about halfway done the team leader said that the job was taking longer than they had expected and the cost would be $1,200 to finish plus that paid for the third guy.

    I told them to unload the truck and forget it because their manager gave me the price and saw everything that needed to be moved and the agreed amount was $750, and nothing was said whether one guy, two guys, three guys or a whole army of guys was coming would alter the rate. So after about an hour going back and forth on the phone with the manager who estimated the price, and my wife just wanted it done (otherwise I would have said to unload it all back into the old house), we agreed on $950. I only had one piece of furniture that was very slightly damaged, nothing worth getting upset over.

    I will never do business with these people again. The manager had been doing estimates for over 10 years, he knew exactly what we needed moved and exactly what it would cost, and nothing was ever mentioned that there was an extra charge for the third man or else I would have said no. This was a very dishonest way to do business. The only reason I gave them one star was because I can't give them zero stars or else I would have! I guess one star was worth them being on time.

    I struggled over doing this review because I can't find the receipt which means this review cannot be listed as from a verified buyer. Which if this is the same thing as a problem I had with La-Z-Boy purchase where I had the receipt and after entering the number of the receipt I was told a representative from La-Z-Boy would contact me... they never did, so I doubt anything would be done about Two Men and a Truck anyways. This company should have a class action lawsuit to stop them!

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    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 1, 2017

    I was charged double my quote. I had damaged property. I was not given a final charge amount prior to my account being charged. When speaking to the GM I was yelled at and spoken to as if I was noneducational about the common sense required for a business transaction. I am disputing my charges and contacting the BBB. My lawyer will be involved if Two Men And a Truck do not get this mess they made fixed.

    Original review: May 27, 2017

    Two Men and a Truck did not fulfill a single promise, the final prices was THREE TIMES THE ESTIMATE. They harmed so many precious items and much is missing. Don't trust this company, use another mover.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 19, 2017

    Regarding Two Men and A Truck. It is my opinion DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY is poor in their service and care in moving customers property. Moved from a 3700 sq ft home, lots of furniture. Most furniture damaged in various degrees and have not corrected much of their damage using a 92 hr damage claim policy. Well they were contacted within the policy time frame, however since the garage was packed with furniture and items from the move, all damage could not be reported. Representatives from the company stated that was not their problem. As they were leaving one of the representatives uttered something under his breath. When asked by my husband asked what he had said, he turned around while in our yard, started to approach my husband and acted as if he wanted to start a fight and this individual was supposedly a manager of the company. They also became argumentative in our home and were told to leave the property. AGAIN THIS IS MY OPINION OF THE COMPANY AND WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND ANYONE USE THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE A BAD COMPANY.

    They destroyed our furniture. I had a very valuable Victorian furniture room valued at around $5000.00 for the couch alone and they destroyed it. One of their comments was there was not enough oil on the furniture when it was oiled every two week. They also stated the weather had a lot to do with it, but when informed that it had always been in a home, never in the weather and oiled twice weekly he would not make any additional comment about the condition of the furniture. I was devastated because this is the showplace room of my home and it can not be replaced. I would have been better to have it placed in the city dump than have it in the condition it is in now. Representatives began to laugh while I was crying about the damage done and said "not our problem". Again they damaged 50% of our furniture and constantly stated "not our problem"!!

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    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 7, 2017

    Quote did not represent anything related to the billing procedure. Movers billed us for the time spent digging through our trash for items to take. I timed the entire event from the moment the truck pulled up to the moment I was asked if they were done and my response clearly indicated they had finished the job. They took apart my kitchen table and took 20 minutes putting it back together with a multi tool; probably best left in your tackle box. Not being able to put my $900 table back together is not what I had in mind. Most of the time when I saw the workers, they weren't engaging in work. I could have carried everything myself in twice the time, but then I wouldn't have had to worry about damage to walls and the poor experience. I would rather die than ever consider using their "services" again. Do yourself a solid and hire the kids in your neighborhood.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 3, 2017

    Showed up early and were polite. Everything is good so far. I walk the driver around, showing them what needs to be moved. Part of the load is in a barn so I show him the gravel road to be used so that he will not get stuck. I stress to him that it has been raining and that he must stay on the road. 15 minutes later, a knock at my door. Driver says "I have bad news." He explains that he felt like he needed to drive into the field to turn around because he thought the ground was too soft. Of course he got stuck immediately after leaving the road. (If I could include pictures here I would put one of his truck sunk up to the frame at the drivers front tire.) Approx. 2 hours later, the tow truck is gone and the mover doesn't want to drive back to the barn on the road now. He decides to carry the stuff 200 feet to his truck. (This adds time that they suddenly want to charge me for.) Whatever, I agree just to keep things moving.

    Later that afternoon around 5 PM they finish up loading their truck. I explain to him that my wife and my son will lead them in her truck to the drop off location so it will be easier to find. Everyone agrees. Driver ask if my wife minds if they stop at the gas station store on the way so they can get a bite to eat. "No Problem." She has to get gas anyway. My wife pulls into the station and starts filling her truck. Movers parked in the parking lot of the station. My wife finishes getting gas and looks for the truck. It is nowhere to be seen now. Apparently, they were having mechanical problems and decided to just go back to their home location and swap trucks. They didn't have my wife's cell number so they didn't bother to get out of the truck and walk over and tell her where they were going.

    Fast forward to somewhere late in the evening between 9-11 PM. My cell phone rings and it is the driver saying he is having trouble finding the road to my place. We explain over the phone until he finds the road. This takes about 20 minutes. I gave him exact directions. (Drive down road until you come to a "Y". Take the road to the RIGHT.) Guess what... my phone rings again about 20 minutes later. He starts explaining the house to me that is down the LEFT road. Now he has to back out down the road. He notices the right turn he should have taken but tells me he has decided to back up the extra 1/3 of a mile and just start over. (Ugh... I'm still on the phone trying to get this guy where he needs to be.)

    He finally, after a bit of arguing, makes it to the metal building they are suppose to put my shop tools inside. INSTEAD... these idiots set $30,000 dollars worth of shop and wood working tools OUTSIDE in the weather because who doesn't think that is a good idea. Not only that, they decide that it is not even important enough to call me and tell me they didn't put this stuff in the building even though they managed to call me about every other idiotic thing they could think of. They didn't just stack it either, they piled it in a pile out in the weather. Again, I would post pictures of this if possible.

    Now, after talking it over with the local and corporate offices, they have decided that their best course of action is to refuse to do anything at all. I would give them negative stars if possible. USE THESE IRRESPONSIBLE IDIOTS AT YOUR OWN RISK! Better yet, save the time and money and just throw your stuff out in the yard.

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    Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 1, 2017

    I had Two Men And a Truck move me about 3 miles from where I was staying. It was raining. The men carried my mattress in without a cover over it, got it soaking wet, carried in 48 inch TV, put a chip in the screen which broke it. I called the company. They started making excuses and would not make things right.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 20, 2017

    We hired Two Men and a Truck for packing, moving and unpacking service. Someone came to our house to review everything that needed to be moved and to provide an estimate. On the move day we find out that they screwed up on dates (instead of packing Friday and moving Saturday, they had it for packing Saturday and moving Sunday). After this mishap... movers came on Saturday and were surprised that we needed wardrobe boxes, dish pack etc... Even though all of that was included in estimate. They also kept telling us the items they would not move or that they can't guarantee that it won't break during transport.

    The movers spent about 2.5 hours on Saturday packing and said rest will be packed on Sunday when they bring the wardrobe boxes and dish packs and that it would take about 1.5 hour on Sunday. They show up on Sunday with just thicker boxes (not the wardrobe boxes with things to hang etc), didn't bring dish rack boxes. It took them over 5 hours to pack everything (a lot of time wasted as significant amount of those things could have been packed on Saturday). When they unloaded items at the new place, everything was done in a rush and extremely carelessly. They dented our brand new wall in the house, they ruined our bed, scuffed up both our dressers. They put the beds together and unwrapped the sofa. That's it and off they went. They didn't unpack anything else even though unpacking was included in the quote.

    The nightmare began when we started to unpack boxes. Kitchen items were just thrown in boxes with no wrapping. The food items were mixed with cleaning supplies. Nothing was taped so half the food spilled in the boxes. Several of our glasses were broken. Some of the items were dinged and chipped since nothing was wrapped. Clothes were just shoved in boxes along with all the dirty items. Every single box was packed with no care or regard for our items. As the movers moved items in the house... they didn't bother covering the floors or wearing any protective things over their shoes and thus ruining all of our floors. The list can go on and on about extreme carelessness with this move.

    Overall, it will take us weeks, cost us money in getting all of our clothes dry cleaned and laundered, cost us money in hiring a maid to clean the house top down again and get the walls fixed. I would highly dissuade anyone from considering them for their next move. Pay a little etc and go with another larger reputable service for the move.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 21, 2017

    I have no problem with what was moved for us. My problem is that Two Men and a Truck called me ahead of time to estimate the amount of stuff I had. They asked numerous questions, which should have realistically given them a pretty good idea. They said I would need one full truck and two or three men. On the day of the move, they came out and filled their truck with about half my stuff and said I would have to pay the same amount to move the rest. So it would have cost double what they quoted me. Instead, I had to rent a truck of about the same size, load it, and unload it myself. Try that sometime on your weekend off! I would never use Two Men And a Truck again and could never recommend them to anyone that I don't hate.

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    Original review: March 18, 2017

    You never showed up!! You inconvenienced two families for half a day!! I was sent a confirmation which I have in writing that we scheduled 1-4 pm, so don't even try to lie about that! I was also told I would be contacted one half hour prior to arrival... No call, no Show, no NOTHING. So unacceptable and unprofessional! I will tell everyone I know of my experience. You owe me a FULL REFUND TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. I have a more appropriate name that rhymes with truck for you! And if I do not receive that full refund first thing Monday morning, the next call I make will be to Joe Pagonakis from Channel 5 News... Ever heard of him??

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 16, 2017

    DON'T USE TWO MEN AND A TRUCK IF YOU CHERISH YOUR ITEMS BEING MOVED!!! They destroyed our belongings!!! Their movers do drugs!!! No background checks or drug screens per the mover we had! They made us go ahead to the new house and when we went back the house smelled like pot. The one mover even told us he does drugs and never went through a background check. We were told they fired the two guys and were going to reimburse us for the move and damages. Today they offered us $800.00. The original moving quote was for $1K but we were charged almost $2K! An antique armoire over 100 years old from my father as a wedding present in 1983 destroyed with pieces missing, this is something That can never be replaced and he is now gone.

    Our items were thrown in the garage, basement, etc broken and since it was dark by the time they got there we could not see thing until the morning and then going back to the old house was a nightmare. We have over $18K in damages but money can't bring back the armoire my father bought me as a wedding present. We even bought these guys dinner since they said they would come back and finish. Then the 2 guys said not to tell the owners but they would come back and finish the move on that Sunday for $300.00. It was after 8 pm when they finished even though they started at 8 am. We could not see all the damage in the dark until morning. Never got reimbursed either! Then the next set of their movers came out and even said they could not believe all the damage the 2 guys had done! Nice to know their movers do drugs! Also sad that they take advantage of seniors with cancer and mental health issues!!!

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    Original review: Feb. 17, 2017

    The move was twice the time quoted. Items are missing and there are many damages. They are not accountable and have been treating me without respect or helping me at all. They also falsified information and breached a contract. Yeah operations manager blew me off on the owner never took the time to call as promised. Pompano Beach Florida was location used. Had to make a police report and now going to court. It could've been avoided if they were not negligent. Did not wrap my things just threw it around.

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    Original review: Feb. 6, 2017

    The movers they sent were fine. Not great, fine. They seemed very rushed and actually ended up putting things on the truck that I asked them not to. My things sat on the truck for a few weeks and during that time there was water damage to my belongings due to a hole in the roof of the truck. When I tried to contact the office about the damage, they ignored me until I disputed the credit card charge. That woke them up and we settled on a crappy amount. The worst part, my cc company sent me a copy of their dispute letter... a complete and utter lie about how they attempted to contact me. I'm truly disgusted and would never use them or recommend this company to anyone... ever.

    Original review: Feb. 5, 2017

    Where do I start? Most of my emotional damage occurred after finding they destroyed a Heirloom horse head made by my grandfather 75 years ago! To add insult to injury, Jason (big management in Tenn.) offered $150 for compensation. Don't use them, they don't care and they hire people that don't care to move your stuff! I am missing a lamp that was most likely thrown in the garbage when the movers went to lunch. I found pieces of the lamp on the driveway and never found the lamp at the new house. Who knows what else is missing at this point. When I told them I was taking them to court, they don't care; they are willing to let bad reviews like this happen instead of making things right.

    Here goes... Broken heirloom - irreplaceable. Smashed in gutter from truck. Rock landscape wall collapsed from truck. Outdoor light fixture bent from truck. Broken and missing lamp. Another broken lamp. Holes in drywall. Armoire doors broken. Did not fit everything onto the truck and had to take a day off from work, rent truck to get it all moved. Things that were supposed to go into storage ended up at new house and vice a versa. James at the Loveland, CO store came out promptly and apologized and told me that we would not have to pay for the move. When I insisted that my damages were properly handled, I was told that I would have to pay for the move BEFORE any sort of settlement. Jason is the biggest joke of them all. STAY AWAY!

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    Original review: Jan. 30, 2017

    We received the details for our move day from the company and we responded immediately due to concerns the truck and equipment would not cover all the items in our move. We emailed a detailed list of the items we had and dimensions. No response to email or phone call. Sure enough, they weren't able to get all our items on their truck. We called them in hopes of it being made right and the only offer we were given was 20% off. This is unacceptable when a customer does their due diligence and the company can even respond to an email. Lack of planning on their part shouldn't constitute an emergency on our part.

    Being dissatisfied with their response, I contacted the corporate office in hopes they could look at things from our perspective. The agent I spoke with was nice, but lead me to believe I could provide her with information (like the email we sent) before making a final decision. Nope. Just sent an emailing saying there was nothing further that could be done and that 20% was a good solution to their own error. I asked for further explanation, but no response. Again. Moving is stressful and Two Men and a Truck made it worse.

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    • Ethics: Two Men and a Truck donates around $2.5 million of money to charity organizations each year.
    • Accountability: The business sticks to a very strict standard. Their staff is always expected to be on time and trustworthy, if this is not the case you are compensated for lost time.
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