Publishing Principles

All guides, company profiles and news articles are the independent work of the ConsumerAffairs editorial team and meet our standards for voice, tone, style and factual integrity.

We strive to employ voices of diverse backgrounds and age groups to provide a careful and thorough look at topics and companies that affect buyers. This page is a summary policy and not intended to be comprehensive, and the information is updated as needed to reflect changing policies.

Fact-checking policy

ConsumerAffairs fact-checks all editorial content to ensure information is accurate and helpful and meets our journalistic standards. Our writers and reporters work from primary sources, corroborate facts and attribute claims when appropriate.

Ethics policy

ConsumerAffairs' coverage is impartial and data-driven. While companies can apply for accreditation or may provide us compensation, this does not affect our evaluation or recommendations.

Contract writers and editors may champion causes or express opinions outside their work with ConsumerAffairs, but our site's content must remain within the bounds of the given topic and focus on helping readers.

Corrections policy

When a factual correction is deemed necessary, we update articles to ensure accuracy. We may make updates as new information becomes available and industries change over time. In some cases, we'll include a note at the conclusion of the article with an explanation of the modification.

Diversity policy

Since 1998, ConsumerAffairs has collected stories from customers all over the U.S. who have had personal experience with companies in our site's categories. We are devoted to upholding rigorous journalistic standards and prioritizing a wide range of perspectives from various demographics to support our readers in their biggest moments of need.