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I hired these movers to move from New Jersey to Texas. I live alone and do not have that much furniture or stuff. At first these movers seemed friendly and organized, they called to confirm arrival time etc. When my items arrived to San Antonio, and the movers began taking them off the truck, I noticed that some of the items were taken out of the boxed that they were originally packed in. I questioned the driver and he said that they had to consolidate some things to make as much room in the van as possible. They proceeded to bring all of my stuff and pile all the boxes in the garage. Then they started assembling the furniture. They ended up putting the wrong legs on my sofa and my cabinet, so the cabinet was too high and the sofa was too low to the ground. They also couldn't assemble my futon, which they had disassembled in New Jersey. They ended up breaking a screw for my futon.

At this point it was getting late in the day and the driver assured me that they would return tomorrow with the replacement screw and reassemble my futon. He also asked me to sign all the paperwork completing the move, without explaining that I needed to check off each and every single box to make sure that my items were all present at that time, or I would not be able to claim anything that was missing. So, silly me, I signed. Biggest mistake. Turns out my box with all of my winter coats was missing. I filed a claim with the corporate office, but after 30 days they informed me that since I signed the customer sheet at the end of the move, I basically waived my right to seek reimbursement. To make matters worse, no one ever came to fix my furniture. It took 5 phone calls and endless emails and texts to get someone to finally show up a week later.

I am beyond upset at this company. I don't understand how I was supposed to check EVERY SINGLE BOX on moving day, when they literally piled about 100 boxes into my garage, and at that point let them know exactly which box with which items was missing. Moreover, the driver never informed me that that was the proper procedure, and the very rude customer service representative on the phone later informed me that there was a disclaimer on the top of the page. I have learned my lesson when it comes to putting my trust in movers. But, I just wanted to let you know that Allied Van Lines are dishonest, disrespectful and don't care about their customers. Do not be fooled by their lower prices. You get what you pay for with Allied.

I honestly do not know how this company is still in business. My parents hired them to move from Texas to Colorado. They knew it was going to take up to two weeks to get their furniture. They were told that the truck broke down on the way to pick up the delivery. Then the driver claimed that he was going to be a day late because a road was closed due to a "fun run" and he couldn't get to the warehouse. The road was open by 10:30 a.m., but he decided not to pick up the goods until the following day.

The next call was that he had to get new tires, and that he was going to be delayed again. The day came around that he said he would be there, and no phone call and no furniture. I made numerous phone calls to complain, but I just kept being transferred and told I needed to talk to someone else. I did finally get someone to give me the driver's phone number. When I called him he told me his truck broke down again in Waco, Texas. That was the exact spot he claimed it broke down the first time. He told me he would have more information and assured me he would call my parents in two hours to let them know when he would be delivering the furniture. You can probably guess that he never called.

The following evening he called and said that he would be there between 12:00 - 1:00. After 1:00 came around my mom had to call him and she was told he was almost there. My dad is a disabled American Vet. And he had to sleep on an air mattress for three weeks! The company did not make the promised deadline for delivery, but still expected them to pay the full price. The full price was also $1,000 more than they were originally quoted! I will be posting reviews about how awful this company is to everyone! My husband is also in the military, and we will pass this along to all of the military community to make sure no one else has to go through this!!!

The move went well. On time, movers took care of everything or so I thought. My problem is this, I'm missing one piece of outdoor furniture. Tried several times to fill out claim form online... to no avail. Had two different neighbors try on their computers. I also tried on my iPad and my PC. All four were failed attempts. I called and explained to person at Allied that their website was not working properly. He explained that complaint must come from me and that I would have to save form to my desktop, fill it out, print it out and mail it to Allied. I followed all instructions but form would not let me type in information. I and my neighbors even tried pulling up form to print it out. This did not work either. Called Allied back and explained situation. I told them under the circumstance [their website was not working] why could I not give them the information and they in turn would be able to fill out form...

He explained to me that this complaint must come from me and the best he could do was to snail mail me a form... that was Monday. It is now Thursday and my window to register complaint is closing. I have been in contact with Mike [the driver/mover] since latter part of April via text. I did not contact Allied, until now, because Mike told me he had glider and I did not want to make any problems for him. I've learned a hard lesson. He keeps telling me he has glider and he will bring it to me asap. Mike has promised and set up at least four dates to bring glider and failed to deliver all four times.

This is now October and still no glider. Frustrating and disappointing to say the least. Mike [the mover] and I know he has my glider... I have all the text messages as proof. Still think if Allied website is not working they should have a plan B to fill out form other than "snail mail" if you are working within time constraints. Also had my vehicle transported... this worked out extremely well. Kudos to Montway Auto Transport, Inc.

BE WARNED! Bayshore and ALLIED misled and cost me during my move at every phase of the process. Movers were supposed to arrive two days in advance to pack, then show up to pack. All of this was supposed to be planned in advance. When I finally got in touch with my move coordinator Anthony ** (which was difficult to say the least), he could give me no information on scheduling. The movers ended up never showing up to pack a day in advance as they were supposed to, and did everything the day we were supposed to be packed up and moved out. What should have been a process that was done at 11 am took until 5 pm. On top of this, my car which was supposed to be moved wasn't picked up until a day and a half after the supposed pick up time, which, again, was never coordinated with me.

On top of all this, the extra care package which was sold to by Bayshore and Allied, was supposed to cover damage. Lo and behold, my 65" TV was broken during the move, and when I went to file the claim Charleen ** the claims manager is attempting to refute the claim since it involves electronics - EVEN THOUGH, ALLIED OWN WEBSITE lists a tv as an example of an item covered under this type of protection. All in all, I was screwed out of at least half of the services I paid for and now will be forced to used litigation to recoup the loses on my television. Use at your own risk.

I was fooled into thinking this was a decent moving company. I needed my items within a three day window and this company offered me that so I went with it. Big mistake. Please trust me when I say these people are going to "lose" your items. I was an idiot and just got the basic insurance which really doesn't cover anything. I figured my furniture isn't really fancy and if it gets nicked here and there it'll be fine. I guess you need to actually have your furniture delivered for it to be nicked. I wasn't missing a box or two. Go ahead and take my boxes.Three large furniture items were "lost" along with two smaller pieces of furniture. Granted I wasn't really attached to any of these items but to pay several thousand dollars just to have my things "lost" is ridiculous. Spend a little more money and go with a moving company that won't steal your items. This company should be shut down.

Do not let them fool you when the moving consultant comes and is really friendly and thorough. That's how they suck you in. DON'T FALL FOR IT! The movers weren't the friendliest people but whatever. I don't care. The job I needed to have done was to get ALL of my things from point A to B. Did that happen? Of course not. You file a claims with them and they make you wait 6 weeks just to tell you that your items were not found. And then the reimbursement they give you is ridiculous. I waited a month and a half eating on the floor because my tables mysteriously disappeared. Now I get to buy cheap furniture with the small amount of money they gave back to me. This was my first big move. The next time I move I'm going to suck it up and move myself. Worst experience ever.

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Absolutely appalling business practices - as follows: They give you an inflated estimate for moving charges based on estimated weight, packaging, etc. At the time of delivery of goods you HAVE to pay the originally estimated, inflated charge EVEN THOUGH at the time of delivery they know the EXACT weight of the goods and the true, lesser charge. 5 weeks later you get a refund of your excess payment, even though Allied knew the exact charges on the date of delivery.

In other words Allied FORCES EACH OF ITS CUSTOMERS TO EXTEND TO ALLIED AN INTEREST FREE, UNSECURED LOAN (in my case, perhaps, for 1,000 or more) otherwise Allied won't give you your bed, your furniture, etc. At the time of delivery, having been told the actual weight of the goods I calculated the approx refund. The refund check I received was accompanied by NO explanation or arithmetic to justify the amount of the refund and was approx $1,000 less than I calculated. I'm waiting for an explanation of the amount of the refund. Even if their calculation is correct (which I doubt) I still find their business practices above to be absolutely shameful.

Items promised to be moved were not taken, loading was poorly executed, items were damaged and we incurred additional charges the company won't cover. Beverly Hills Transfer was contracted by Allied to organize our move from CA to UT. They came to the house and evaluated the weight of the move and drafted a contract. The logistics of planning the move were not well executed but we finally got confirmation that packing would be June 20 and 21, with loading on June 22. The packers completed their job in a timely manner but the loading was where the problems began.

Instead of sending a semi to take our items, the moving company sent two 26 ft trucks and we advised them the items would not all fit. They assured us they would make it work and began loading. They were nearly an hour late and then didn't start loading for an additional 30 minutes while we tried to resolve the issue. They started loading on Wed, 6/22 at 11:40 a.m. and loaded all through the night until 8:30 a.m. the next morning. We couldn't sleep while they were taking down furniture and had our house totally open through the front door and garage. They informed us at that point that not all the items would fit. We asked what they were going to do and we just couldn't get an answer. They left with what they could on Thursday, but we still didn't know what they would do with the remaining items.

We never heard from the company and we had to leave on Friday morning because they were delivering our items in Utah on Saturday. We had to have the house empty because new tenants were moving in so we frantically called to rent a trailer to take the items ourselves. We picked up the trailer on Friday morning and loaded it ourselves because we had never heard from Beverly Hills. Our departure time was pushed back several hours because of this and again we never heard from the company.

As we are prepared to pull out a third truck showed up (unannounced) to take our items. There was no way we were going to off load the trailer and delay our leaving any longer. We didn't arrive in Utah until 2:00 a.m. Saturday morning. When they arrived, they unloaded boxes and were just putting them in the garage or the living room and not into the rooms listed on the boxes. I had to ask them to move the boxes to the proper rooms and in the process items were damaged or broken. When they were done off loading, the driver left and never even asked for the check.

Two days later the company contacted me and said "I didn't pay and they were wanting payment" as if I didn't plan on paying. I even got a phone call from the driver to my cell phone claiming "I heard you are refusing to pay and the company is telling me if you don't pay they will take it out of my pay". We are still in the process of unpacking and I continue to find items damaged or broken. I tried to communicate with Beverly Hills and they told me until I paid in full they wouldn't work with me. I sent a cashier's check for $12,300.00 and once they received it they informed me that I would have to work directly with Allied since they were contracted by them. They won't do anything to help me and have just shut down any further communication just referring me to Allied. I did contact Allied and filed a complaint. I just received word today that they won't do anything to reimburse for any of our costs and that they don't feel any compensation is in order.

I don't understand how they cannot see the cluster screw-up of this whole situation. I actually would like to file my complaint against Beverly Hills and Allied since they seem to be "connected" but neither is willing to work with us. I was told I have nine months to file claims for damaged or broken items at which time they will have an adjuster review our claims. In the meantime, we are not to discard or attempt to repair any items we are claiming. They also said they prefer one claim for all the items. It has been a most disappointing experience. I have posted comments on both of their Facebook pages but I'm sure those will fall on deaf ears as well.

We have moved 8 times and this was the worst experience ever. The local company in WV was wonderful but when Allied got involved everything went downhill. On the morning of loading, no one came at 8 am as promised. The driver said his truck broke down. Finally at noon the local folks sent a truck over. We were supposed to receive our possessions by the end of May.

On Memorial Day weekend the driver again said he was in Portland but, yup his truck broke once again. When he came on Saturday he was high. We think it was on Monster or some other highly caffeinated beverage. He asked us to wave using the tag slips to check off our goods, but we refused. Good thing because five minutes later he said that he had to leave some of our furniture in Morgantown! Next, they lost that part of our shipment and we didn't receive it until the end of June (beds etc.). Please tell anyone you know who is considering using Allied NO! They should not be in business.

Add my complaints to the Allied list. Allied was the contracted company from my local moving agent in Seattle, Hansen Brothers. While Hansen Bros has in Seattle a well-earned reputation they like many other agents contract with Allied. Due to this they can thereby absolve responsibility as is the case with any local agent across country. Thanks to an outdated law - e Carmack Amendment. Put in place in 1906, the law was designed to establish uniform guidelines for carriers’ liability during interstate shipments. While it sounds beneficial, this law effectively shields moving companies from having to keep their promises to consumers; consumers cannot sue for gross negligence or even fraud.

This means that if a moving company holds a person’s goods hostage, uses deception in its business practices, or even drives someone’s stuff off a cliff out of sheer spite, the consumer can only make claims for the value of the goods and nothing more. In essence, consumers must uphold their end of the bargain, but the same cannot be said for the moving company. So write your local legislators, demand that Carmack be repealed and in turn a new law that updates and demands legislation that protects consumers. We are already improving with regards to credit and debt collection so add that to the never ending list of issues that Congress must deal with. Whenever they deal with anything as frankly they are about as responsive as Allied.

Allied hires drivers and pays them. Local agents contract with Allied. You contract with the local agent, who provides the estimate, handles the communication with regards to the move and are ultimately the coordinator. That is until of course the driver arrives, takes your belongings, load them on the truck, which you are not allowed to enter or even look into. The driver is the Allied employee. The packers if you used them are the local contractors, so if anything is broken or damaged, that starts round one. If you packed, using supplies from the local agent, following their instructions, there goes another round. They have varying layers and layers of ways to obfuscate and of course deny culpability.

My driver, Allied hires and pays. Dennis was to say in polite terms was a "piece of work." He asked me who I was voting for and then launched into Trump plaudits. It was right then I should have stopped the process and had him leave my home. He was a bully, insulting, demanding and utterly lazy. His method to the madness was that - madness. Having moved many many times and across country more than once I have seen it all. The was the worst. The lack of coordination and consistency in labeling and inventory was something to see to believe. He had no idea what he was doing, complained endlessly and in turn duplicated numbers, failed to label, broke things apart but failed to inventory them as separate, his "crew" which he pays... not Hansen. Dennis pays. He pays them as independent contractors. They are paid by the hour. He hired them for clearly 4 hours to avoid paying for breaks, lunch etc. He did this on both ends.

The local agent simply sets up those individuals but they are not their employees either. The two men in Seattle were Spanish-speaking I presume picked up in front of Lowe's that day. The two men in Nashville were residents but also day laborers. Because I speak Spanish and was willing to communicate with both crews, they knew they were being exploited, could and say nothing they were not willing or able to cooperate with me in getting signed statements about what was transpiring. So we also have labor abuse. Dennis made sure that I was not able to supervise nor manage the move. Demanding that I get boxes for pot plants which again all the move and packing I did myself with clear instruction and direction on how they would like it handled and done.

Apparently that is not what Allied agreed to. There is another way to absolve responsibility. Allied does not coordinate with you. Your contract is with the agent and the agent has no role in regards to the driver and his crew. See the problem there? So I had to leave my home during phase one of the move to comply with Dennis' demands. In the interim the crew sealed boxes I had not finished packing, packed electronics (there are your issues with TV's right there.. you need oversee that but I was lucky there) without supervision and approval, dismantled furniture that could or should not be dismantled, forgot pieces and left behind requiring Dennis to call them after leaving. Thankfully they had not gotten far.

Then the demands you sign change orders about weight. As the estimator from Hansen came in with a 7K weight using the walk-through which I of course thought BS but agreed. In the interim I sold half my furniture. Funny now the Allied agent claims it is over 8K and refuses to load garden items. But loads a broken washer and dryer which he noted and does not "mention" that to me and offer to say dump it, it will only get worse moving it... no it is heavy... but load my antiques. That was a problem as those he had to handle with care. See it is about weight and ease of loading and packing or in other words shoving onto a truck, driving like a bat out of hell, not caring about it, and unloading as quick as possible. To Dennis it would have been a dream that my home was full of Ikea and in turn he could treat with the disregard he did regardless as he hated my guts. It was personal.

He hated me as I had no husband a point of issue and that I loathed Trump. This explains why he tried to tell the non-English crew to not speak to me but they pretended to not understand him and Dennis did not know I spoke Spanish. I heard him yelling from the truck repeatedly on both ends as he did NOTHING. I had to supervise and attempt to cross off items from the bill of lading... it becomes impossible. They just dumped stuff, boxes were crushed, items damaged, and I could not do it all on my own. What ended up was that the crew finished at the 4-hour mark on both ends. They walked out and left me in chaos. The bill of lading upon receipt I never finished, nor signed nor walked through the truck or my home at any point to ensure things were put at least in a manner I could repair, adjust etc. And the best part was Dennis, the ALLIED EMPLOYEE, drove off without me signing anything.

Then the local agent in Nashville, came out... Saw the mess took photos and knew it was bad. He was actually trying to help but again has NOTHING to do with the ALLIED employee. So when you file a complaint and claim you have to go through Allied. Tamra ** the claims analyst was interesting as I receive a letter from here saying your things are not found (yes of course things were missing) then 8 weeks later they arrive via the LOCAL agent in Nashville. And Allied absolves responsibility and explanation.

Write your reps and ask them about Carmack law and why we have no protection nor ability to litigate an industry that has run Americans into debt, commit crimes, such as forgery in my case, fraud by lying to people about costs and weight of goods... no way did my stuff weigh 7 or 8 k. The estimator comes up with a "number" and that is what they stick with regardless. Demand to go to the weigh in. Inventory your items yourself, ask the mover for the stickers and start doing alone, and create a bill of lading to give to them to sign, take photos, film the move and start documenting what you see. We do it with police, start with this industry too. But this is also why the growth in the do-it-yourself industry is growing but it is hard work and in turn you have to purchase the materials, etc. This is not necessary when we can demand legislation to correct this.

Allied Van Lines hires criminals and they cover up for them. I would love to see the forged documents that I supposedly signed. Add to that the labor abuse and god knows what highway and traffic regulations are violated during this period. I was lied to repeatedly by Dennis as to his arrival date/time. He was a bully and a deliberately abusive to me and the crew. I don't think he is an exception given the complaints about Allied or many others on this site, the BBB and NHTSA

I was promoted for work and had to move my stuff from NJ to NH. What a negative experience all around. I was told my stuff would arrive to my new place on Tuesday and then it turned into Thursday and then Friday causing me to live in an empty apartment for 3 days. Then when the moving company finally came they were in such a rush to get the stuff out of the truck to travel back to NJ that they handled my belongings like trash. The next day I am unpacking all my stuff and come to find out that the top right corner of my plasma tv is now a black box with blue lines running across the screen. This 800 dollar tv was a year old and in pristine condition before the company packed it. I went through the claims process only to get a letter saying they were not going to do anything to resolve it. I will have many moves in the future but this company won't be involved.

We've moved several times across the country but this was the worst. We got several quotes but went with Allied, because they had agents/terminals in both our origin and our destination cities (Huntsville/Madison, Alabama and Tacoma, Washington). It started off beautifully. Our estimator, Patti **, did everything right. She was professional and knowledgeable and so we felt very comfortable going forward with Allied, Coleman American WW Moving. We got an email stating that our "Move Coordinator", Stacy **, would be handling everything. She was supposed to be our assurance that everything would be in place, and would be our point of contact throughout the process. Here is an excerpt of the email she sent on April 29, 2016, exactly two weeks before our load date of May 13:

"I want to make sure you know how to reach me if you have any questions regarding your upcoming move. I am happy to be a central point of contact for you throughout the duration of your move. I appreciate your business and look forward to working with you. My office hours are 8:00–5:00 Central, M-F, and I can often be reached on Saturday mornings as well. I check my voicemail and email frequently throughout the day and make a purposeful effort to respond promptly, so please do feel free to contact me anytime."

We had a case where our employer was paying $5,000 toward the moving cost. The estimate was in excess of this amount, so we attempted to contact Stacy how we would proceed on paying from two separate accounts (the employer's and ours). We never did hear from Stacy about how to accomplish this. She wouldn't reply to either us or our estimator Patti **, on how to proceed. (At this point, Patti should be out of the picture, but she was doing her best to provide the customer service ANYONE would expect! Kudos to Patti.)

So, with the load date fast approaching, we just asked the future employer to provide credit card authorization for the initial $5,000 and then we'd figure it out from there. At this Coleman American place, you need to call a separate entity to do so, some Accounting Department at a separate phone number who seemingly has nothing to do with the rest of the company. It's really such a disconnect! Luckily the employer was able to put down the deposit, but we had to phone in to check on it before the movers were to come. Our Move Coordinator, Stacy, should have been on top of this, but again, she never replied.

Then... Days before loading, we still hadn't heard from Stacy to confirm what our loading date would be. Keep in mind, we are moving across the country, from Alabama to Washington State. Our house is on the market and a scheduled date to start a new job out in Washington. We don't have a day here and a day there to spare.

We had to be the ones calling Stacy to ask exactly when the movers would be loading! Each time we spoke with her (and that was when we were lucky enough to catch her), she was lethargic and borderline rude. Like we were bothering her!? She had ZERO sense of urgency. And that thing about her office hours being 8-5 Central and responding to voice mails? What a crock. We left several voice mails and emails with our concerns. To sum up her effort: the ONE AND ONLY TIME she actually called us (and Coleman can check the phone records, it was only ONCE) - was on loading day to make sure the movers were there loading. Wow, what an effort.

So, let's talk about loading day. We had to take it upon ourselves that it was actually happening, because we never did hear from Stacy; but luckily, the driver called us and gave an approximate time of arrival. He got his team of two movers (presumably NOT employed by Allied, just contractors so do you think they really care?)... And they arrived about an hour after the promised arrival time, another strike against them.

We are pretty low-maintenance and don't have a whole lot of valuables, but our flat-screen TVs are something that we really like. We tried not to hover or get in their way, but later on we found out that they put both our flat screen TVs simply in flat pieces of cardboard, with NO padding whatsoever. Now, you tell me that these TVs are going to last in a huge semi trailer, going 2,500 miles across bumpy roads and going over multiple mountains from Alabama to Washington State. This is pure negligence. If you are a professional moving company, you should KNOW how to handle flat screen TVs and other breakables. Sure enough, one of the two TVs wouldn't power up once delivered. We filed a claim, but of course - Allied contends they are not responsible. Here is the following email we received (and may I add, far from a professional or apologetic response):

"Since there is no external damage to the TV, I cannot determine at this time the van line mishandled it. There is a clause on the back of your Household Goods Freight Bill of Lading that states if the damage is due to age, use, or jarring, (inherent vice) I will not be able to accept any amount for the TV. You will need to take this to a certified technician to have them look at the TV and put in writing what they found is wrong. If the above is the cause, then I will not be able to accept any liability. Could be something that will fall under your warranty since you just purchased this year. You will need to send in that documentation showing what caused the problem within the next 3 weeks for our consideration. Thank you for your assistance. The repair firms we have only work on wood furniture. Jenny **, SIRVA Claims - Certified Claims Analyst"

So...WHY ON EARTH would we hire a moving company to move our things, if they are not going to take responsibility for them outside of our care??? So we are moving across the country, staying at hotels, days are going by... And of course, nothing from Stacy the "Move Coordinator" about where our goods are, or an approximate delivery date. Nothing. Since she wouldn't answer us, we decided to just keep calling the driver, since we were fortunate enough to have his mobile number. He was kind enough to answer ALL of our calls, and we were able to determine a delivery date through him.

So let's move on to the actual unloading process. Again, they showed up late, even after I got a call from the driver that morning confirming the time they would arrive. This time it was almost 2 hours late, which was rather irritating, as the agent is local (Coleman WW Moving. Origination: Huntsville/Madison, AL. Destination: Tacoma, WA.) They've had about 11 days of moving across the country by now, and our goods were sitting in Tacoma the night prior to delivery, so why can't they get a simple time frame right? Probably because they had to scramble that morning to hire local contractors to unload. Again, Allied doesn't employ loaders/unloaders, they are contracted out to whoever shows up!

And not far from our (at this point VERY LOW) expectations, these guys put forth the least amount of care and consideration in moving in our items. Most of our items were not unwrapped from all that strapping tape. Our coffee tables/end tables that had been dismantled in Huntsville were not put back together and we had to scramble to find where the nuts/bolts screws were to put them together ourselves. Which were, by the way, haphazardly tucked into a tiny pillow of brown paper and then obliterated with strapping tape to the point where it was almost impossible to find the little screws somewhere inside. Very unprofessional. (How about using a see-through sandwich bag that seals nicely, and taping just the top of it?) Matching up the screws with what they belonged with - now that's yet another story. Everything, everything was a disorganized mishmash.

Then the icing on the cake, which tells you how pathetically disorganized this company is: In our original estimate, we asked Allied to provide a quote for storage in the event that we weren't able to find a place to live right away at our destination of Tacoma. They provided a 31-day storage quote on top of our household goods moving estimate. Well, we had found a place in Tacoma during the time they were moving our household goods across the country. The timing was brilliant - the driver called and said he arrived in Tacoma just about the time we were getting the keys to our new home.

So after we had gotten our goods delivered (which was on May 24), we get a final bill that charges us the full 31 days of storage (?!). Not quite sure how that could happen when we loaded in Huntsville on May 13 and delivered on May 24, and they were on the moving truck the entire time... I haven't even scratched the surface with this experience. There is so much more to tell but I wanted to at least get the worst of the worst stated. It was a terrible experience and we would NEVER use Allied again nor recommend them to anyone.

We paid 2x for the move because of a fast approaching move out date. We paid for the insurance to cover lost and broken furniture and we paid extra to have our exercise equipment and pool table disassembled and reassembled. The furniture arrived broken and in pieces. We made a claim but Allied claims that the 500 dollar oak table came unglued so they are not liable. The re-assemble tech sent to put the exercise equipment and pool table cancelled on us several times and we asked Allied to send another. A month after the move they finally got here. Terrible company and customer service.

Beware of this company. I hired them to move my household cross-country because I had accepted a new position and the company was paying relocation. I thought a full service company would be easy to deal with. I have moved no less than 5 times and this was by far the worst experience ever. It turns out that this company is basically a sham--they work with "local agents" who have all the decision-making power, and the larger company is nothing but a conduit. My experience with the local agent in Virginia, Dunmar Moving, should have tipped me off. First, they had to move my moving dates UP because they hadn't staffed their services correctly that week. Then the packing crew were over an hour late. On load day, despite having had an in-person estimate, the truck driver declared he could not navigate the driveway.

Next, the move loaded before mine had been underestimated, and without notice to me my shipment was split into 2 loads. The second load had no delivery date (original window was by July 5). While I was in trans with my family, the company called and announced they would be delivering earlier than expected. I was told I had no recourse for this, and that I would have to pay to have my things held until we arrived.

When we got to the house and began unpacking, it became clear that the so-called packing crew had essentially dumped things into boxes: drawers were upended directly into crates with no organization or clear labeling as to the content. They had also dismantled furniture that was never intended to be dismantled, and much of it is now damaged and unstable. As of this writing, it is two weeks past the delivery window and I have not received the rest of my belongings, nor has any part of the company bothered to provide updates. Their customer service is comically poor and I cannot say strongly enough NOT TO USE Allied. I certainly never will again.

I had two companies to choose from and picked Allied... bad choice! There were three guys packing the stuff up in Napa. It was a mad house with them hauling my belongings out onto the street and then into the truck! All the while one of them asking..."is this going? What about this?" And on it went! I watched as closely as I could in the confusion but when they shoved five pages in front of me to sign off on the paperwork there was no way for me to double check what was on the truck and what was not.

I packed the boxes myself, labeled everything and put them all in groups of kitchen stuff, bedding, etc. so when the house was empty I knew all items were picked up! However, when delivered in Jerome, ID, two boxes were missing. All my tools, including the special hardware for my bed and a box of kitchen stuff that had all my specialty items. Aside from dozens of spices, mom... deceased... had given me some things that had been in our family for generations, gone!

Aside from the lost boxes one chair had a broken arm. The tan couch had not been wrapped and was permanently stained and there were chips out of corners of chest of drawers etc. Of course I immediately filed a claim but after two months of dealing with them they finally got back to me to tell me that they could not "find" the boxes... offered an insulting settlement... have not cashed the check yet. What makes me so sad is that I moved to ID to retire so I spent the last year or so having garage sales to downsize and only packed those items I wanted to keep. I wish I had read these reviews... would not have used Allied.

My husband hired this van line for our move from TX to FL. Getting the quote accurate took numerous attempts even when I provided an itemized list of cartons & sizes, furniture, etc that was to be moved. Their quote always had more items on there than what I was moving. I'd change it (usually deleting) then something would be added and my quote would go even higher.

They hired 2 day laborers they picked up (not experienced movers as the sales rep had assured us was being used). I saw the driver pay them cash out of his pocket. They were clueless, careless and unorganized. One drag a piece of furniture across my wood floors - 2 huge arching scratches in the walkway where no furniture could possibly ever cover. Yes they sent someone out immediately as we were closing in 2 days. He spoke no English, took all day to do something that an experience person could have fixed in less than an hour - left a huge green hazy area not just in the scratch but all around it - 2 separate areas. There was no one at Allied or the repair service that I could speak to, just voice mails and no return calls. Ever.

When they arrived in Florida, they again hired 2 day laborers - one had done moving before (he claimed), the other was ticked off that he was having to do manual labor "I'm a driver not a mover" and spent most of the day in my home standing in the way or running back and forth to my bathroom. Drags or going thru my things, as he didn't ever take anything I offered him to drink. They spent all day moaning about having to move into a condo - all my neighbors, the property managers kept running upstairs telling me they were just sitting around outside smoking, complaining and not doing jack squat. They damaged quite a bit of furniture, my floors, stacked up boxes & furniture as they brought it up all over my covered balcony - it started raining.

I asked them to get it inside as the boxes were getting wet and starting to collapse from the moisture - nothing was done. They left my doors wide open in the FL heat for over 8 hours - should have been a simple move if they had actually worked. They took my fridge doors off - weren't supposed to. They damaged my floors with the metal brackets & didn't put them back on for 2-3 days and numerous calls approaching 20. Couldn't unpack the kitchen as I couldn't even get to the cabinets with all the stuff they put in the walkway and the heavy fridge doors I couldn't lift & had no one I could ask to lift (husband out of the country working). The boxes were finally all dumped in the family room & Kitchen, as it started raining hard. Needless to say, they started collapsing (have full pics of the disaster area).

It took me 5 days to unpack what would have been done in 1 day as I had to open each box and take things out, then take them to their rooms due to the water damage. Huge mess. I had almost $8,000 in personal items stolen. Sales rep & paperwork said "you have up to 9 months to file a claim for missing items." I filed around 60 days as the Sheriff asked me to itemize every single thing with where it came from, description, cost to replace; but Allied was notified immediately both in Florida and my sales rep in TX.

When I "told" them about what all was missing, they said if I filed a police report for theft, they would stop looking for my items and refused to talk to me - since there were 2 households on the truck and they had to move ours onto a secondary truck van as the trailer was too large to go into our complex (which they were aware of when quoting and we paid for). I kept putting the unit number on my paperwork I signed each time and sent to Allied; it was never updated. Why - the driver said they don't as they know the drivers will not accept the load if they have to do condos. I heard that all day pick up day / all day delivery day.

I just got my settlement notice - almost every damage / items stolen and they were stolen, were denied. Upon advisement, I filed the police report as that is considered threatening tactics. I was advised to file a report with the Attorney General for both TX and FL - which I will do if this is not rectified. Oh yeah, the lamps they packed, were both damaged $300 each & brand new, they offered me $10 each for repairs and I get to figure out where to take them / pick them up. That doesn't even cover gas for where we live to anywhere.

Please note: When they load / unload there is no semblance of order, not check list if provided until everything is either on the truck (when leaving) and off the truck and stacked in a pile you cannot walk around. That way you can do the correct paperwork. Yes I tipped them. Based on the looks of the crew they picked up in FL, I was scared not to. My mother said to just do it so they didn't come back since they knew I was alone at the time. Guess my next step is hiring an attorney. In Pensacola, it's Allied Coleman. Do not use this company.

The van driver showed up the first day with four "packers" he had hired locally. They were in gang attire and didn't even know how to work the tape gun. I questioned their ability, and the driver showed up the next day with better people -- but still very unskilled. Needless to say, a LONG list of items were broken or damaged. Next step -- to file a claim. Basically, the Claims Dept called me a liar concerning the condition of items. A long series of letters back and forth with no movement on their part. Basically I got a settlement which they said was for all the damage, but which paid only to replace a vacuum cleaner. If you have to use this company because it is provided by your employer ==> take photos of EVERYTHING before they pack it and get the driver to sign condition. But good luck on that.

I have not had an opportunity to publicly post a terrible story until now that I experienced with this business. It still lingers today in my mind and hope that if someone is considering this company for the next moving, I want to give them a dire warning. In June 2003 I was still living in the suburb of Georgia, just received my second college degree. After accepting a job offer from employer in other state, a recruiter informed me that they wanted me to start within 2 weeks and they were sending a mover. When I had only packed up 1/3 of my belongings after giving away some furniture, TV set, and other household items to my good neighbors, about six adult ** men showed up at my front door. Some immediately went into my bedroom. Some started wrapping up things in the dining kitchen, living room, and others into my study room. Could not keep an eye as they all scattered around the house.

I saw three or four vans parked outside. They called additional van. I gave the leader the destination address (rented storage unit as a temporary place to store). They packed up so fast without asking me anything as I trusted their integrity and never doubted something horrible would happen later on. I took a flight and taxi cab to get to a new place. After arriving the destination, I went to the storage building by taxi cab to pick up my driver license which I saw last time on the side table together with a credit card in my bedroom but was gone with the moving company. To my horror, things were all randomly piled up like a hill: on top of furniture, clothing, dishes, books, shoes, etc. It took several days to dig in and bring things to my new apartment. I noticed a lot of things were missing. At least a whole van never arrived in the destination, meaning my personal belonging and valuables were stolen.

My driver license, credit card, electronic gadgets, designer clothing, jewelry, and so on went missing. I ordered to disable my credit card. The most serious: I was unable to rent a car without my driver license! I was unable to go pick up my car left in my old place nor to commute without a license. First week of employment was nothing but embarrassment as I had to depend on my new supervisor and new coworker for a ride twice daily. I found myself being placed on a very busy role within a technical division that had chronic problems with regard to the automotive electronic products they were making. As such I had to work overtime, day after day, and very difficult to find a personal time to go to the licensing center nor to report to the police in GA. It was a personal disaster caused by the thieves hired by the business.

Just wanted to let you know that I have choosing to go with another company and thank you for your time. I want you to know that it was not anything you did and it was not over the pricing. I choose the other company for 2 reasons. First and most of all because the first contact with the other company was outstanding. Everything I ask and needed was done to the T...walk thru times, packing times, pickup times and drop off times. Second reason was my contact person. She was friendly. She followed up with every detail in writing and made things happen. On your company's end, my first contact was not so good. The contact person did not follow thru with what was asked.

She said that I drop the ball on appointment time and that I was to contact her back, but it was left that if I could not make the meeting time of 10:30 on June 1st that I would contact her. I did set up that meeting time. So because there was not a additional call to her she dropped the move and lost the dates I needed. Because of the timing I setup airline tickets, hotel room and rental trucks. Since she drop the dates needed additional cost on my end would be added. I also want to make you aware that once I stated that I needed to contact my partner on time change on Monday's appointment, her tone and demeanor completely changed and will make that note when I review your company. I hope this help you in the future.

When we moved from PA to GA, the local crews on each end were horribly inept. I had packed most of the house but the crew of 4 plus driver took over 13 hours to pack the van, loading and unloading furniture numerous times. The driver was going to leave all our lamps and a large Christmas wreath behind until my husband spoke to him! On arrival, only two local movers showed up to unload our large load. One argued with me about where to put things. One plastic container was smashed to bits and most of the contents are missing.

Another has a hole punched in the top. They toppled a dolly of treasured, valuable Christmas ornaments, breaking and scattering them. My piano bench legs are so wobbly we can't sit on it until we tighten them ourselves. One man opened a bathroom door which had a sign saying "Do Not Open, Cats Inside" and left it open. We felt lucky we discovered it and the cats had not escaped. Our coffee table received tall legs that went to a side table, and they would not have corrected it if we hadn't noticed.

One bookcase had doors jammed shut, and only when I called attention to it did the driver finally repair it. One man repeatedly told me we had too much stuff. Another was more pleasant but appeared to know nothing about moving - I thought everyone knew moving boxes should stay right side up, but he was tossing them around, ignoring signs that said fragile until I directed the stacking process.

Although I specified garden tools to go into a shed, many of them were stacked in the garage, taking up space we needed for other boxes. The piano and another bookcase have fresh chips out of them near the bases. IT WAS A NIGHTMARE. I would not use Allied to scoop my cat boxes and would urge other consumers to run the other way from this moving company.

At the end of 2015 I secured a new job in CO and had to plan a move from NC. I contacted many moving companies, online and met with five of them in person to get accurate quotes. After much consideration, I hired Allied. The staff I originally worked with seemed considerate and professional. The date of pick up was arranged and contracts were signed. I was assured the movers would be company employees, not day laborers and my belongings would be treated with care.

On the day of the move, the driver and loaders (they had been hired by driver that morning) showed up with an large moving truck and stated they could not get into my apartment parking lot. Since the sales rep had been to my apartment and saw where I lived there was confusion as to why the driver was misinformed. The driver and staff had to leave with their truck, pick up a smaller rental truck and return. This put the loading approximately two hours behind schedule. When the driver returned, he and the loaders moved all my boxes into larger mover's boxes because they said they had to consolidate space. I didn't question their decision. When all was loaded I was told they would be taking my belongings back to the warehouse and move them into the larger truck. They asked me to sign off on the loading of my belonging and I did. What I didn't realize was this was a BIG mistake.

My belongings were to meet me in CO just before Christmas but that didn't happen. When I hadn't heard from the driver by the day before my possessions were to delivered, I called his cell number and learned he (and my stuff) was still in NC. At that point I was informed the truck would be in CO the following week. The following week I was contacted by the driver and told my belongings were being taken to a warehouse in CO, stored for a few days and then would be put on yet another truck. My 3rd delivery date was now the end of Dec. My items were delivered on Dec. 28th and I can say the team who finally delivered my belongings were very nice and very helpful.

Once I had begun to unpack and found some items broken, I contacted the company. I was sent forms, via email and it was explained I should be specific about the damage. I carefully documented the issues and submitted the forms. A few weeks later I received a check for 1/3 of the amount of the damage. I called the company back to inquire why the discrepancy. I was informed the forms I signed on the original day of the move indicated the boxes were "crushed" and as such, the company was not responsible for the damage. I explained I had not seen that notation and all the driver showed me was the bottom of the pages to sign. At no time was it explained he had indicated some boxes were crushed or that by signing the forms, I was giving up my ability to get reimbursed for damage from the move. I was essentially told, "too bad".

I will warn anyone about to book a mover to be very careful about who you hire and to especially be careful about signing anything you are handed regardless of what you are being told it is for. I know people are told not to sign anything without reading it carefully and I usually do not, however I was completely overwhelmed by the move and events of that day. Never did I think the driver was making notations that would negate any responsibility of the movers for damages. My experience with Allied movers was that they were late in the first day, took nearly three weeks to move my possessions across the country, took my items in and out of multiple trucks and stored my items in a warehouse for a few days but have refused to pay for damages.

I am a recent widow and hired Allied Van Services to move me from Florida to Indiana. This was the first time I have ever used a moving service and it will be the LAST time I will use Allied. Once I signed the contract with Steve ** absolutely NO ONE called me. I was told by Mr ** that my moving coordinator would be contacting me with dates and information regarding the details of my move. Cynthia ** was my coordinator and she never once phoned me. Each time I had contact with Cynthia ** I had to initiate the call. The day before the scheduled move - I again had to call Allied. I was told by a young lady that Allied calls after 4 pm to advise of the time frame when the movers will arrive (I phoned Allied shortly after 1 pm.). The lady looked in the computer and advised me the movers would arrive at my storage unit from 8:30 am to 9:30 am. I got up at 5 am as it is over an hour drive to my storage unit. I was on site by 8 am.

When 10 am came and still no movers - I AGAIN had to initiate a phone call to Allied. I was told that my pick-up time had been changed to 12:30 to 1:30. I quickly asked for a supervisor and Kevin came on the line. He advised me that Allied did fail to call me and advise me of the scheduled pick-up time. I told him I was missing work and that this was totally unacceptable. He told me my moving coordinator was not in but that he would have her call me as soon as she arrived. She NEVER called me. I again had to initiate the call. She came on the line and apologized but there was nothing they could do for THEIR mistake.

I wish I had read the reviews on Allied prior to hiring this horrible moving company. They were hundreds of dollars more expensive then the other 3 bids I received from other movers but I went with them as they had the BBB on their website and they were supposed to be a reputable moving company. The two young men (Zack and Marcus) that FINALLY showed up after 2:00 pm were wonderful! They worked hard and fast and they did a great job. I wish I could say the same thing for the Allied office staff. I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone!

My family recently moved from Southern California to the Bay Area using Allied-Coleman American movers (COVAN). They came across as well organized and both their representative and marketing material were superb. They were based out of the San Diego area. However, I wish I had read the prior reviews of folks who had used them before I hired them. My problems began with the packers, and their high level of disorganization and the fact they spoke and understood little English, which limited their ability to properly label boxes. It took them approximately 5 days to deliver the goods after delivering 2-3 other loads. Once the driver arrived he was in a hurry to get back home leaving us little time to properly ensure that all our boxes and goods had arrived.

After several weeks of unpacking boxes, we discovered an expensive set of sterling silver silverware in addition to a stainless set were missing. These sets had been wedding gifts and had been through 9-10 previous moves with no problems. Surprisingly, the cleaning cloth for the sterling silver set arrived, but the actual sterling silver was missing. It took me several days to find where their insurance carrier was located (seemed like a 2 person backwater office) and I filed a claim. It was immediately rejected within a day, and I promptly sent off an e-mail to the agent who has been the focal point and he got me in contact with their regional VP, who tried to smooth over my frustration and claimed to start a trace on the box (good luck on trying to find a missing box). I await for a resolution, but I am not optimistic! My lesson learned is: DO NOT USE ALLIED VAN LINES, and especially COLEMAN AMERICAN (out of San Diego).

I wish I had read the reviews contained here. They are all the same but I think ours is a little worse. We moved from Beaufort SC to Ladera Ranch CA. in January 2014. First sign there was something wrong was when driver refused to come into our neighborhood because of narrow roads. When moving to Beaufort the Mayflower driver had no problem and numerous other drivers had been the neighborhood with large moving vans. So there was an additional charge of $363 for a small truck to shuttle our boxes and furniture to the local Allied yard.

Next, as always seems to be the case the load weighed more than the estimate so there was an additional charge of $1200. The other estimates we received were each correct. Going with the lowest bid is very expensive. We left Beaufort a week later and kept in contact with the driver who was in Savannah, Georgia for a week waiting for a load, or so he said. We drove to CA and waited over a week for him to arrive. Our home was not ready so everything had to go into storage.

He arrived late one afternoon with his nephew to help unload and the craziness commenced. Many of the boxes had no stickers on them which was amazing since the packers and the driver had put duplicate numbers on each box. My wife and I were by ourselves and couldn't keep up with the boxes being placed in several piles and moved into a large storage bay, 10ft by 16ft. When we complained they would show us unmarked boxes and wanted them checked off the list. We still weren't satisfied so they got belligerent and said that they would have to empty the entire load from the bay. We wanted to get into the truck and check for other boxes and they blocked our way. We saw a chair that was ours and they unloaded it. We wanted to look at boxes that were still on the truck and they wouldn't do it. We signed after some more heated discussion and a threat to put everything back on the truck and just to get to away from them.

It was three months later when we moved into our home that we learned of the extent of the theft. Over twenty boxes were missing containing valuable items, hand picked. Wardrobe Box containing all of my wife's shoes and all of her jackets. All of our cooking pot sets and utensils. Small tv for the kitchen counter. Tools. Brand new bedding. Silverware and chef knife sets. HP printer. Costume jewelry. Water glasses and wine glasses. And many other items that we keep discovering are missing.

When Allied was contacted we found that the extra insurance, which cost $300 plus, was not really insurance but increased the value of what they were responsible for and they would decide if we had a claim. Further, we were told by the only person who talk to us that they would launch an investigation into the missing items. We have never heard back except for the damaged chair, which of course, was less than the deductible so we weren't even offered the $57 that others have reported receiving.

Somewhere along the journey our clothes, shoes, electronics, and kitchenware was identified and singled out to steal. Things of very little value just magically arrived. Obviously, the driver while helping the packers was able to identify the boxes that would look nice in his home and on his wife. Do not use Allied under any circumstances. I wish I had paid more and used containers.

Contracted with Allied in 2008 to move from east coast (CT) to the mid-west (MO). We were consolidating two homes to move my aging mother-in-law in with us in the move. We had their "professional estimator" and his electronic clipboard do the complete walk around both homes and based on his estimate set up the move. We were told it was booked and to call the week before to confirm our move date. When we called they had forgotten to book the move and we had a mad scrabble to get them to honor the move date. IT WENT DOWN FROM THERE!

After loading our belongings and we had set off to drive to our new home we get a call while on the road from Allied. They informed us that the final price would be TWICE the estimate and would not release the truck until we paid at least half the amount. So sitting outside a truck stop where we were having lunch I had to arrange a cash transfer from our bank account of over $10,000 to cover the half they demanded.

Delivery day arrived and most all the boxes with it. Turns out they double booked the truck so it had picked up 80% of our stuff then traveled to VT from CT to pick up a small move leaving some of our stuff for a small contract driver to pick up and deliver a week after the main delivery. When we started unpacking we discovered broken, lost and stolen items galore. These guys should change their company logo to a black flag with skull & cross bones because they are a bunch of pirates. You hear horror stories about movers, these guys live up to every one of those stories and more.

My move from Colorado back to Idaho which was costly even though they are not a top moving company. They lost (HOW) valuable one of a kind objects, scratched our 1800 antique dining table, damaged a wall in our new home while delivering along with ruining our dresser, etc. Although having 2 surgeries on my right foot and being unable to walk for months prolonged my ability to unpack and see what was missing and damaged. It was the unanswered phone calls and emails, inaccurate information, website that was down and not working, time to receive paper forms, and unable to get my questioned answered to complete the claim form especially since part of our lost was from Europe and I could not come up with a reimbursement amount to finish the form.

All of Allied's actions or non-actions, and inaccurate answered cost me weeks and months. I got turned down for emailing my claim 9 months and 3 days, although Whitney ** who was assigned to deal with my claim told me I had 1 year to file a claim. Do not use Allied, North America, or Sirva relocation since they are all connected when filing a claim.

Allied Van Lines should not be allowed to represent themselves as a 1st class Moving Company. They charge top dollar. Do not care about their customers. All they care about is taking your money. They have lost several very valuable items of mine that were being shipped from North Carolina to Los Angeles, Ca. On calling and reporting this they sent a claim form which I sent back but no follow through 2 months later. DO NOT USE ALLIED VAN LINES or store your items at EXCEL in Raleigh, NC.

Horrible experience. The move out of my apartment in California seemed to go well, but the delivery in NYC was a terrible experience. The movers showed up three days after the last date of the move-in window after having notified me that they would miss the Friday deadline at ~4pm on Thursday (I actually had to call them to find out this fact, and the reason for missing the window was that they forgot to book a shuttle needed for the move). Upon arriving, we found one box of items from my California bedroom both mislabeled and partially empty. Missing from the box were over $2000 of cufflinks and a vintage watch that was a gift from my grandfather. Despite having full, dollar-for-dollar insurance that supposedly guaranteed reimbursement, I was denied any compensation because the movers labeled the box 'Cosmetics' and didn't note any of the contents.

By this logic, a customer cannot receive compensation for any damage or theft that occurs if the movers don't specifically list the individual item on the inventory list. Given the movers are the ones labeling the boxes, and given they tend to list broad categories of goods instead of specific items, the insurance I purchased was worthless and no action will be taken to address the fact that items were likely stolen. I am extremely disappointed in the outcome of this move, and I would not recommend this company to anyone seeking an honest, fair, and transparent mover. Update: the company has acknowledged not providing a high value inventory form necessary for submitting and settling loss disputes though will still not acknowledge any loss occurred. This process has lacked any transparency and has been hugely impersonal.

Don't believe a word they promise. I hired Allied Movers and got them Quality Move Management. I made it very clear when I met with the "Allied Representative" that I was not interested in being sub-contracted. Also, clearly discussed with her the details and concerns of my move including fragile antiques and outdoor pot plants, baby grand piano and I specified I did not want my belongings to be shifted from truck to truck and truck to storage - told, "NO PROBLEM, we promise to take care of you and make your moving day stress-free!" What lies. What arrived was totally unexpected - an understaffed, uninformed crew in a small moving truck with no idea what was needed to be done or that there was a piano, outdoor plants etc.

One of the crew, with a runny nose wiping his snot on his hands then handling my belongings. We had to ask them to leave and I called the manager, Roy **, in another province to inform him of the goings on. He was very apologetic and offered to send more crew and a bigger truck and my stuff was put into storage!!! For a discount of $700. We had packed most things but it took an entire day to get this move on its way. We ended up having to pay more than expected as the representative totally underestimated the weight of our move and I paid for additional insurance to cover my valuable antiques and piano.

Got screwed. Expect your belongings to arrive damaged and then when you try to make a claim get bumped from Allied to QMM to an independent insurance company who don't do their job. Expect to be running around getting your own repair estimates and running around for a service you paid for. One big warning - AVOID this company. I am still waiting to hear back from the manager, Roy ** 3 months later.

Most nightmare move of my life, and I've made a lot of moves, two of which were local with Liffey Allied and were fine. Our last with Liffey however was 1 1/2 years ago, long distance, and it was horrible from start to finish. Reason I'm reviewing now, is 1/3 of our things had to be stored at our previous location because we were grossly misquoted by the Liffy front man for the initial move by several THOUSANDS of dollars and were forced to leave belongings behind. We had less than a week's notice as to the actual cost discrepancy before our move. I'm just now trying to find an affordable way to get the rest of our belongings to our current home.

Rude, short-tempered and patronizing moving supervisor (beyond description), prior agreement to pack certain items that they didn't follow thru with, truck too long for our private drive (even though they had been to the property twice) and we had to pay for a rental truck to take belongings up to moving truck on the main road, insufficient packing materials dropped off prior and had to purchase much more at a store on the day of move, crew showed up on morning of move 2 hours late, my husband and I were up until 11 PM still wrapping items THEY were supposed wrap and pack according to our original agreement. Turns out, all the actual moving is subcontracted, and thereby lies the problem.

So, to recap, upon finding out our move would cost THOUSANDS of dollars more than initially quoted only a couple of days before our move, I had to suddenly switch gears and make some sudden decisions about what to take. We then were subjected to the most stressful, expensive and poorly run operation on this earth. Fancy that. We cut it down by more than 1/3, and went on our way. Upon arriving in SC, we found that our bill for less than 2/3 of our stuff was still MORE THAN ONE THOUSAND than had been estimated upon leaving and we had planned for, or we could afford, and were threatened with non-delivery. There was also damage to our belongings, but next to the trauma of the whole experience, it was nothing.

I was naive to believe that a company like Allied Van Lines, which has been around for a while, has honed its process of moving household belongings to the point that I could trust them to deliver on their promises. That misplaced trust led to the loss of several important personal belongings that I was unable to recover or receive compensation for them. The reason that Allied Van Lines got away with it was that I had signed their so-called "Customer Check-Off List" to avoid what would have been an explosive conflict with a driver, who barely spoke English, and his younger helper who told me that if I complained of all the broken boxes, they would say the boxes broke because I made them search for numbers on the boxes that were not checked on the Customer Check-Off List. The arbitration judge sided with Allied Van Lines based on my checking off the items on the list, even though I did so to protect my family.

I am against frivolous lawsuits and not a complainer but because of this painful experience I thought I should do whatever I can to warn other consumers so that they can avoid the same pitfall I went through. Here are my suggestions: If possible, rent a truck from U-Haul or some other truck rental company to move your household belongings in-state or interstate. You can go out to Home Depot and hire a couple of day laborers that can help put stuff in the truck with no chance of taking any of your stuff because you are there. If you have to use the services of a moving company, I suggest you find a smaller and newer company where the owner knows the driver and everybody that works for the company personally. The bigger companies like Allied Van Lines tend to contract out their services to the point that they really don't know the people that handle your belongings.

If you decide to use the services of a company like Allied Van Lines, then ensure that you have a complete list of items in each box outside the boxes. Ensure that all items worth $100 or more is listed as "high value items" whether they are electronics or non-electronics. If your household belongings are to be picked up on a smaller truck to the larger interstate truck, then make sure that you are at the transfer point to ensure that everything picked up from your home is transferred to the larger truck. At the destination, make sure that you have other family members or friends with copies of the Customer Check-Off List in hand at the door to check off the numbers on the boxes at the door before the movers deliver them inside your home, rain or shine.

If the Allied Van Lines' driver and his helpers begin to get hostile because they think that you are not letting them move your stuff in as quickly as they want, you may refuse to sign the Customer Check-Off List, and if they insist on your signing it, call the police immediately to get them out of your home. Experience, they say, is the best teacher; unfortunately, mine turned out to be costly. If I need another mover in my life, it won't be Allied Van Lines.

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