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Last updated: July 20, 2017

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Original review: July 20, 2017

This is the worst mistake I've ever made when hiring someone to move. I should have hired Dircks Moving because these guys are absolutely the worst. I've been waiting since 7 in the morning. It's 4:30 p.m. They're still not here. Do not hire these people please.

Original review: May 30, 2017

We were hesitant using this company due to reviews, but were assured that they had turned the corner, from apartment movers to first class moving company... using only experienced people. What a joke!! Price very competitive, but no quality; promise a time, don't show up. But the most frustrating is the careless way these people treat your furniture; they don't care if it gets scratched, dented or ruined, since they are only have to pay 30 Cents per pound for damage!!! Better get a lot of extra insurance if you use this dreadful company.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 12, 2016

I did not listen. I read reviews on this website and because I was rushed and had little time to plan. It was a huge mistake. They never showed. They confirmed my appt., took my money and then failed to show. Canceled after the fact and showed no effort to correct actions. All I can say is please listen to past reviews and DO NOT DO IT.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 22, 2016

If you have never been through a process before, it is easy to be taken advantage of. I asked the sales person if APT was a broker. He said "no" and assured that APT would be transporting my belongings. The salesperson told me that if I chose a pickup date I could change it. I asked to change the date APT would pick up my belongings. I was told it was changed. Then the Mover's Choice Moving company showed up on the original date I had chosen with APT. Who is Mover's Choice? I never packed so fast in my life. They came 4 days early. They asked if I wanted to change the date but APT told me that I would be charged $300.00 for changing the date. They had all my correct info I gave to APT, so I accepted Mover's Choice arrival 4 days early.

Now, a totally different company is delivering my belongings! What! Not what I was led to believe. Once APT got their money, they were gone. Contacting them was nearly impossible. When I did contact them, after many many attempts, they were very Rude. A couple of the agents were nice. They just did not know one thing about the services offered. I am sure they will make my suffering my own fault. I'm not sure how much money they stole from me in this process.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 28, 2016

I had a very bad experience, and the manager/owner is extremely unprofessional and rude! They booked my move under false pretenses, charged me a 10% deposit, called to confirm the move, and then failed to alert me that they did not have the adequate insurance needed. I called to find out why I'd not yet received proof of insurance the morning of the move, and the mgr/owner told me I would need to pay an additional $150 for the insurance. I let her know that prior to booking with them and canceling my other reservation, I was assured that they had the insurance, and then I was promised a flat rate.

I sent them a copy of the request from the bldg the previous day. No one called me back except for the gentleman who called to confirm the move. She kept saying I was trying to get the move for free, and that she wasn't going to pay for my insurance. She said that the guy who told me that bad info was new. I explained that he put me on hold for approx. 10 mins to verify the certificate of insurance. But she couldn't tell me who he spoke with. I asked her when I can get my money back, and I want to try to rectify the situation prior to filing a complaint with the BBB or Consumer Affairs, and she accused me of "threatening" her.

I assured her that I was not in any way threatening her, I was just trying to come to some agreement prior to filing a complaint, as is required by BBB. She called her attorney and began telling him that I was trying to get them to pay my insurance and I wanted to move for free, and about what she never told me. I let her know that I know she told me nothing because I didn't speak with her, I spoke with the employee helping me. She basically ended the conversation by saying they didn't want to do business with me because I don't want to pay, and that they will refund my money today.

I will await the refund; but I won't be using them or recommending them again. Their terrible customer service, unprofessional staff, and unwillingness to defuse a situation which was caused by miscommunication of their own staff member, along with her stating that she was going to file a complaint against me if I file one against them (go figure!) is more than reason to remove them from anyone's movers list.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 6, 2016

This company is terrible. They changed my contract because of an error on their part. They are rude and very unprofessional. Please save yourself the frustration. It's not worth it. I wouldn't trust them with anything. Beware or you will regret it in the long run.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 30, 2016

Do not do business with this company. Wish I had researched them before using! Look up the definition of "bait and switch" and you will see them!!! Just as everyone else has reported, they must intentionally I price your move so expect to pay more than twice what they tell you! Movers kept delaying pick up. I called our representative at Moving APT to express concern - he never returned my call! Was given quote of $4k and when movers showed up, they wanted nearly $9k and we did not add anything! We actually deducted a few items. Movers were two days late and when Moving APT called us the day after the pick-up asking us how our service was, we told them 'horrible'. The lady said she would get with her manager and call back. Guess what?! No return phone call! Beware of their scam and run away!!!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 12, 2016

I found APT thru I was honest with them about what I was taking. Was supposed to get 1-2 day notice when they would be there. Got a call while at closing they would be at house in 1 1/2 hour. Then JT Express showed up instead of APT. After my stuff was loaded, got a call from JT that I was 1,000 pounds over. Had money stolen from purse. Stuff was picked up 9 days ago and still waiting.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 1, 2016

HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE! Did I say HORRIBLE?!! If you value your money, you value NOT getting ripped off, deceived and lied to and you value your belongings and don't want them ALL being completely decimated, don't ever, ever, ever deal with Moving APT or Most Valuable Movers, ever! Where do I begin? First, let me state I'm disabled & on a fixed income & stated so to these people. I got off the phone with what in hindsight, appeared to be a decent moving company who was talking to me straight about what I had to do, i.e., not being able to leave anything in drawers, etc., and talked to this woman at Moving APT.

I was wrong. First, I was not aware they are not a moving company, they are some type of broker. Anyway, she told me that I did not have to remove items from the drawers of my bureaus, perfect I thought and I started reloading everything back I had already taken out... she said I could put pillows and clothing back in, no books. Ok.

I then proceeded to measure every single item I was to have shipped, took clothes out of luggage & repacked, put boxes and things in my dog crate, did exactly as she told me, which turned out be such a complete & total waste of time I desperately needed, and being disabled with Spondylolisthesis osteoarthritis in my spine and back, arthritis in both of my feet and wrist, this was a strain & very difficult, but we went over each and every thing that was being shipped & I was quoted a price, looked at the final inventory, saw the final price $948 upon pick up $948 upon delivery with a $1045 deposited electronically. I believe it was approximately that much. Ok then.

This woman also made a point of telling me not to inform any of the moving companies who would probably still be calling that I had decided to go pick Moving APT because they would get mad and give out my personal information... In hindsight now I realize that she only told me this so no one would inform me of the fact they were brokers and not an actual moving company.

I spoke with Mario at Moving APT and I told them I had some things that I already spoken to this woman, Veeka **, about what I needed removed... We went over the removed items and he said he was going to send me a list of everything, my revised final inventory and I was supposed to sign electronically. I never received it, even after asking again and again continually for it, but it never came. As a matter fact, I never personally received anything.

I left Philadelphia early Tuesday morning, 10/20 got to Phoenix Arizona and waited for my belongings to be delivered. Early Wednesday morning 10/21, about 5:45 AM here in Phoenix Arizona I receive a phone call from the driver I could barely understand him, I didn't understand one thing & he was rude. I said, "Ok, fine. My ex will come to the house and you can load everything on the truck." I said and it's going to be $948 now and another $948 upon delivery immediately. He said "No, no, no." He said, "I have to see first, I have to see first." Red warning lights and bells went going off in my head immediately because I knew I was about to get ripped off. That $948 suddenly jumped to $1,400 to pick up & another $1,400 to deliver before he even touched or weighed one thing. I said "No, absolutely not!"

I called Moving APT, who I still assumed was the moving company & was told by their rep I could get another driver... Great, then my ex called said they were working it out... I later found out they left behind and off many items that were on my list/final inventory and he still paid over $1,000 and I was extremely upset. Then I was informed now it would be 7-21 days before they delivered anything and I went ballistic and demanded faster service. I still had no idea Most Valuable Movers was the actual company handling my items.

Fast forward, received a phone from this driver on 10/29 saying the items they did manage to bring from Philadelphia to Phoenix will be delivered between 8 AM - 11:00 AM on 10/30, they actually got here approximately 1:30 PM... that after calling Moving APT to find out when the items they did bring would actually arrive. He also stated that they needed to be paid with a postal money order, not just any money order but it had to be a postal money order in the amount of $1096, it couldn't be direct deposited, it couldn't be done electronically like it been done before, it had to be a postal money order. One of my kind neighbors, who is been a savior was able to drive me to a post office because I don't have a car here in Phoenix yet to get these two money orders because they only go $1,000. I then call Moving APT to find out exactly who these money orders were to be made out to, APT or Most Valuable Movers.

No one could tell me, I had to wait for the driver to get here to find out. I call Most Valuable Movers but every time I call Most Valuable they never answer, you can't get through when you press 0 for the operator. It goes right back to the recorded message. Again red warning lights went off. The same driver arrived that I spoke to on the phone who had such a bad attitude and I could still barely understand. First off the money orders had to be made out to him personally, strange...and he proceeded to tell me that they were normally charge $75 for more the seven steps. Seven steps isn't even a staircase and I have 13, but he claimed to waive that fee. They left huge mounds of trash in front of my neighbors space, and even threw in their empty water bottles and trash for good measure... This, after I asked him to walk a few steps over and place the stuff in the dumpster, but they refused. Did I mention that I'm disabled?

Upon inspection of my belongings I was in tears - cracked screen on 40 inch flat screen television, busted lamps and shades, busted tower fan, completely busted out drawer of my nightstand in my bedroom when I opened it it fell down into the other drawer. They lost the screws to my headboard that no longer attaches, had the nerve to ask me if I had the screws. I was in Phoenix when they themselves took the bed apart. I had to push my headboard against the wall and also I had put in screws that they neglected to tighten so my bed would not fall to the floor and/or put back in at all when they "put the bed back together".

They got paid for and charged me for all this stuff. Scratches and bangs on just about everything in my bedroom. The metal plate to connect my sectional red sofa is broken also. I cannot count the number of broken dishes, art and other broken items, and I haven't even finished going through half of the boxes and crates.

They also charged me for packing things that were already packed. They put some tape around the crates and boxes that were already taped and brought things that were taken off my final inventory. Plus, I still have my items I need desperately from my final inventory - they left sitting in my house I just sold in Philadelphia. I need those items delivered to me ASAP and I fear this is another expense I'm going to incur because of these scam artists who are only out to take advantage of unsuspecting people.

Also, upon looking for my paperwork and receipts, the driver stole my copies of everything off of my kitchen counter before he left. It is absolutely nowhere to be found now. A friend sent me a news story Channel 5 in AZ in 2014 when they were caught red handed. Same company, same scams. They apparently go by different names also. Moving APT attempted to offer $250.00 for my troubles if I sign agreement and claim they're personally handing my claim for damages. I refused and I don't believe a word they say... They're also threatened to not honor my damages because I don't have all the information and paperwork because their driver stole it. They have deceived, scammed, cheated and lied to me from the very beginning and being disabled, exacerbated my stress and pain.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 15, 2016

Just saw that this company has bad reviews, but my experience was totally different. When I needed to move from Jacksonville to New York I called them to help me. The agent was really helpful from the very start and the move went flawlessly as result of their great organization and punctuality. They didn't put any additional charges from what was originally arranged. I respected their honesty and professionalism. They will be my to go option if I move again.

Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 23, 2015

From moving my time two times, to the next day, damaging my furniture, getting yelled at by my mover I couldn't understand. Please find another company.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 3, 2015

The customer service rep was great but we had a terrible mover (Suarez). We had some extra items that needed to be moved compared to the original inventory in the fixed price contract and this is where the problem started. The additional items were communicated via phone by the mover to the central office and the extra amount calculated, which I paid directly to the central office via phone. However, the mover left some of the items behind. The items left behind, were confirmed by the central office as being on the moving list but the mover refused to turn back to pick them up! The mover was rude, difficult to talk to and even arguing with their own team. We ended up paying for additional items and still having to move them ourselves! I have written to Apt movers. Will keep you posted if they at least refund the extra charge. On the whole, did not feel comfortable letting them handle my move.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 18, 2015

The movers were awesome but the customer service (Manager, Lisa) was awful. There was a problem on the day of my move and the rep contacted me to let me know it would be pushed to a later time. That time came and went and no one showed up. I called Apartment Movers and asked to speak with the manager. I was told that I had to email her. Now think about it, all of my stuff is packed and ready to go and I am supposed to email the manager and wait for a response. I used my phone to find my contract and sent it to her via email using my phone. She never called back. I called 15 times between 7:35 am and 8:00 pm and I only got a message stating someone would be answering my call.

The morning manager Ted was good but this was a day late. I missed work, had to rent a car for another day and was tired because we had to sleep on the floor because the bed and mattress was packed up. As of this email it has been another 24 hours and no one has bothered to call or contact me in anyway to see if everything went OK. Save yourself a headache and CALL SOMEONE ELSE!! Trust me!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 4, 2015

I spoke with ** who was very confused to begin with about everything from dates, items being moved, etc. I was supposed to receive a confirmation. 5 days later never received it. I then spoke to a ** who finally sent the confirmation. I had questions about it. Called back and spoke with ** who was very rude. Still after almost a week, ** is still not in the office. ** somehow pulled up my name. I'm guessing by caller ID but stated she does not see me confirmed for a move. She asked for my name and number at the end of the call when she initially told me my name and phone number in the beginning of the call. SMH. I immediately called my bank to dispute the charges. Please don't use this company. They are very incompetent and rude individuals. It pays to read the reviews before you use a company.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 13, 2015

Had movers move me from Ohio to Georgia. 1800.00 was suppose to be my fee. When I found a house to move in 32 days later, my fee went up almost 2000 more dollars. I'm a single mother of two and thought it would be easier to have movers help me, because of my daughter passing away. Now it's hard to get my furniture and my daughter and granddads remains. Now after every 30 days my fee is 400.00 more dollars. Me and my two children only have the clothes we came down here with an air mattress. I don't have 2600 more dollars to give them and it keeps going up. So instead of being helpful it's been more like hell!

Verified Buyer
Original review: April 11, 2015

I paid $250+ for 2 hours for complete and total disrespect of my time and property. They were scheduled to come on the 1st and they came on the second... after I was assured my date and time was available. Not to mention I called 6 times to ensure a driver would be coming on the 1st. When they finally came the next day they were scheduled to come from 7am-9am and didn't come until 12pm. They said they ran out of gas. A larger truck was asked to be provided for the transportation of my items... They didn't bring it, thus needing to make three trips. They didn't have the tools to take apart my bed which of course caused them to use mine. In addition, the scheduling manager ** is awful! DO NOT use this company to move.

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Original review: March 18, 2015

Moved many times this was the worst movers ever. Dropped new shredder. One of movers put air purifier on driveway then tripped over it and broke it. Never tightened bolts on bed mattress- fell while our guest slept. They emailed instructions on how to in a claim- were long and cumbersome which were designed so that people wouldn't file.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 30, 2014

My name is Chester ** and moved with APT. This was the most horrible moving experience I ever had. Yes, there were more items added than originally estimated. I had no problem in paying for those items. However, I do not understand why I had to pay another booking fee of $299.00. Washer fee that was suppose to be $150 however I was charged $250. The movers did not do anything special to the washer to warrant the extra cost. The dresser weighed more than the washer. The crew used 19 rolls of tape at $5 per roll. Some items were not even worth $5. It was stated to me that anything I disassembled I would have to reassemble and anything the mover disassembled they would have to reassemble. The only thing is the movers had NO tools. I had to unpack tools because they had none and then disassemble everything myself.

At time of pick up they called and stated they would be arriving between 10 and noon. Then I received another call, they would not arrive until 3-4 pm. They did not finish until 11pm. At time of delivery they did not arrive until 8pm. They did not leave New York until 10pm the day before and drove straight thru. There goes all the language that I heard about they could only drive so many hours a day and it would be 3-10 days before delivery. The guys were friendly and courteous; however, they did not care about US the ones that pay for the move. When packing it states fragile with arrows on boxes that need to stay upright. It did not matter to them. They were so tired and in a rush they just wanted to get everything on the truck and leave.

I will not recommend APT to any friends or associates that plan only moving in the future. I believe I was at least overcharged by $400 and overcharged by the weight. Weigh the truck with the men out and hardly any fuel in the tank, load the furniture, fuel up the truck and have the crew stay on the truck while being weighed and that's an easy 700 to a thousand pounds. It's amazing when you visit APT Movers' website you cannot leave your moving experience unless it's a good one. Have not visited your site yet regarding my moving experience but believe me this story will be posted on many sites.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 25, 2014

I am writing this letter to attempt to express my outrage at the worst experience I have ever had with a company in my entire life. I scheduled The Apartment Movers to move me from my apartment in Uptown, Dallas to a storage unit about 12 miles away. I found the company was one of the top rated on Google Reviews, but have now realized that Google is a review site that can obviously be bought, because there is absolutely no way a company like this should even be in business, let alone in the top review column.

My move specialist was Cynthia, who was nice enough on the phone when she scheduled my move, but as it turned out, she left out and was confused on some very important information. First, she estimated my time as lasting about 3 hours. What she did not mention is that 3 hours would then become the minimum time I would have to pay for, even if the move took less than that. She also did not mention that I have to request any moving materials I would need specifically without being asked. Fortunately, Cynthia sent me a final confirmation via e-mail that I wisely read very closely and realized that in the fine print at the bottom it mentions that you must request material. I quickly made a second call to Cynthia and made it clear that I desperately needed plenty of shrink-wrap because nearly everything in my apartment was fragile. Cynthia assured me that they carry shrink-wrap on their trucks already, but that she would note it in my records and that I would pay for what I used of it.

On the day that the movers were to show up, I was told the time frame could be anywhere from 10a-3p and I would get a call 30 min before, which is already a massive block of time to wait in an empty apartment for movers, but as it turned out they did not even call until 2:30 p.m. They told me at that time they were 30 min. away. I called them in an hour when they still hadn't arrived. They claimed they were right in the area, but when all was said and done they were not actually in the parking lot until closer to 3:20! At first, one of the movers used bad traffic as his excuse for being late, but he later admitted that he got a late start that morning and that he had then had to wait on his partner, who was even later! I watched the supposed official company movers attempt to park a shady-looking, unmarked trailer with nothing but a few blankets at the back for moving.

From the look of the trailer and the two men that jumped out (who wore no uniforms or anything that distinguished them as being part of a company at all) I would have been smart to have just sent them away. In retrospect, I wish I had because it was all downhill from there. Of the two men, the younger one, who seemed to be the leader, was pretty friendly. The older was cold and had a bad attitude from the get-go. They immediately came up to look at what they had to move. I had already done the majority of the work myself. Everything small was packed thoroughly into about 8 boxes. As far as work for them to shrink-wrap, I had 2 white couches, two chairs, a dresser, a dining table and chairs, some small side tables, and an antique secretary that was also a family heirloom.

They took one look around the apartment and immediately said that they did not have any shrink-wrap because it was not on their paperwork to bring any. I asked them what they did have and they mentioned the 4 or 5 blankets that I had seen lying in the back of the trailer. It was pretty obvious to both them and me that there was absolutely nothing, besides the boxes that I had packed myself that they would be able to move without shrink-wrap, so the younger and kinder of the two started making some calls.

At this point, though I was already frustrated by the situation of them arriving late without any moving materials, I remained very calm and kind to the movers because I knew that, according to them, there was nothing on their paperwork and that in fact, they were just contracted so The Apartment Movers is not even officially their company. (They were both very quick to throw the company under the bus in order to avoid any blame for the situation.) Anyway, he made about 4 phone calls to different people begging them to deliver shrink-wrap to us so we could begin work. This process took about an hour and during that time, we were at almost a complete stand-still while we waited to see if anyone he was calling would come through. In the end, no one did. I overheard two different phone conversations in which the person on the other line refused to help because the drive would put them in traffic!!!

This is about when I decide to get on the phone with The Apartment Movers myself and speak to a manager. I explained to the woman (Veronica?) that I would not be paying for the hour of time that we were unable to move a single furniture item and she agreed with me that an hour should be taken off and informed the movers of that fact. Overall, she was very reasonable and we were able to have a calm conversation. However, in the end we still had the issue of no shrink-wrap and her suggestions of how we would come about some were unsatisfactory to say the least. At first, she made the suggestion that I run to Lowe's and get some while the movers put what they could in the trailer. Well, I did not trust one of the two men as far as I could throw him and there was no way I was going to leave my apartment with them there.

Then she called the lead mover (the younger, kinder one) and told him to go pick some up. Unfortunately, the trailer was hooked to his truck so he would have had to leave with the trailer and go get some. In my mind, it was not ideal, but it would have to work, but apparently in his mind it was out of the question because he argued with her about what a hassle it would be and how much traffic he would be in until she gave up. When she got back on the line with me I told her that I was terrified of having these guys move my stuff completely unprotected into a trailer, drive it completely unprotected, and then unload it completely unprotected and all she could do was assure me that I could file a claim when they damaged every item I owned!

So we were back to square one and at this point it is 4:30 and they have moved almost nothing. They finally convinced me to let them just move things in blankets, pack the trailer as carefully as possible, and then I would have to purchase shrink-wrap and couch covers at the on-site store at my storage unit so they could wrap it before they unloaded. The store was going to close at 6p.m. and I knew there was no way we would make it in time and the last thing I wanted was them rushing down the road with all my valuables in their trailer with zero protection on them, so I had to call my mother and have her go to my storage unit and buy it for us and then wait for us to get there!

As I watched the men carry my furniture, stacking items precariously on top of each other I about burst into tears. A couple times, especially while moving my antique secretary (The family heirloom) I tried to convince them to tape the doors shut, cover it better and carry it more carefully and they would just say, "It's fine!" and go about what they were doing! I also watched them carry multiple boxes that said This side up on them completely upside-down! Also, with the antique secretary, I explained to the lead mover how special it was to me and that it was very fragile and had already been glued on the leg so he would have to take extra care. He listened politely and said he'd take care of it and then let the other man grab it and load it without explaining anything I had just told him to him! I am still so upset about this that I can barely type this part without shaking with rage.

They moved things very slowly, which in some ways was a comfort because I thought it meant they were packing the trailer very carefully (later I would find out that was wrong), but they went so slow that I actually ended up loading some smaller items into my own car to save time! So, they finish loading and we head to the storage place in high traffic with about 15 min. to spare before 6 so it was fortunate that I had my mom picking up supplies. I told them as we drove out of the lot that we did not need to rush because my mom was picking up supplies so we could drive slowly and carefully. They didn't listen and instead attempted to keep right behind me, resulting in them making sharp turns and quick decisions, despite the fact that I drove as slow as I could and gave them plenty of notice for turns and lane changes.

Here comes the best part: When we arrived at the storage unit I typed in my code to get my car through and, instead of waiting for me to get in and put the code in for them, they attempted to follow me behind the gate that clearly said One vehicle at a time and my mother and I both watched as they knock the entire gate off! When two men from the storage place came out to fix it they asked for some help from your movers and the older, rude one immediately got an attitude with them and said "Not until we're done unloading!" My mom then said to him, "No, you go help them with the gate that you knocked off first!" He ignored her completely, but the lead-mover did end up going to help them.

After giving us the shrink-wrap she bought, my mom had to take off. The storage place is now officially on after-hours so there is no one there but me and the movers and they are having to unload and wrap everything before putting it in the storage unit, adding more time to the already unbelievably long day so by now it is getting dark out. I cannot attempt to stress to you how uncomfortable I felt around these two men being a 24-year-old female out in an abandoned storage unit at 7 o'clock at night in the dark, especially with what I had already seen from the one older mover in particular, but that was nothing compared to how I felt when the two of them got into it and started yelling at each other and me!

This was the highlight of the experience and resulted in my calling both my parents and almost the police on these two men!!! It all started when one of them unloaded the antique that I had stressed so much over and it was broken again on the foot (where in all fairness it had been glued once before) AND in another new place! I showed the lead-mover the two places that were broken and he immediately tried to cover himself by saying, "Well that can be so easily fixed. I've fixed this stuff all time!" I explained to him that I realized it could be fixed, but that REALLY wasn't the point. That's when he told his partner that it was broken, his partner turned to me and actually had the nerve to say, "Well how'd it break? Because it certainly wasn't us!"

Things went from bad to worse when the leader first tried to calmly tell his partner that they would have to take fault for it and then when his partner immediately turned on him and said, "That's your fault! That's coming out of your check, not mine!" And then they started arguing back and forth with each other about who was to blame! In the midst of that a second item came crashing down from inside the unit, shattering this time an antique plant stand made out of marble. At this point they are yelling at each other and me again and I have reached my limit, not to mention become terrified of what these two men might do. At this point, even the nicer, lead-mover was saying, "Well no sense spending a lot of time on this anymore since what we broke is already coming out of my paycheck. I'm basically working for free anyway."

I feel it is necessary to note that through all of this pathetic process, I had remained completely calm with both the movers and the people I had spoken to at the company. By the end of this process though, you better believe I was screaming and cussing my head off at this circus! This was when I made a call to my parents and my dad immediately jumped in his car to come get me out of this mess that had now turned dangerous. I then called The Apartment Movers again and had a girl find the closest manager, explaining to her the situation (which she was appalled by) and that if she did not get a manager on the phone with me right away I would be forced to call the police because I had two grown men screaming at each other and me while I stood alone with them in an abandoned storage unit at night.

By the time Christina (who better had been a manager, but never actually said she was to me) got on the phone, naturally I was in no condition to be civil. She definitely got the short end of the straw speaking to me so late in the game that I could barely get out one word that wasn't a curse word! Sorry Christina! But I can't say I feel guilty about it after the hell your company had put me through that day! Naturally Christina did nothing but tell me that I had to sign and pay for this disaster, but that I could file a claim at a later date regarding the broken items. She did mention, however, that since the antique had already been glued in one place previously, there was really no point in file a claim for that because they wouldn't pay, despite the fact that things were obviously not packed properly and they had broken it in another new place! Thanks for your help Christina!

In the end, my parents where the ones to bail me out of the situation. They showed up immediately while I was still on hold waiting for the manager and surveyed the damage, made sure the guys made proper notes on the paperwork about what they destroyed and got rid of them.

I have never in my life had to write a 5-page rant about a company, but I guess there's a first time for everything. I did get back online later and find a Consumer Reports site that revealed many more reviews on The Apartment Movers that had me actually counting my blessings that my stuff wasn't stolen and I wasn't up-charged to death so far; however, I haven't seen what they ended up charging me yet and I was forced to sign the paperwork with the 3-hours on it, even though they assured me I would only be charged for two, so we'll see how that goes! This letter is going to the company and all over social media so that hopefully people will have fair warning and not let this happen to them. Please do not do business with this company. Let them go out of business like they need to.

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Original review: Oct. 21, 2014

This company has been an absolute nightmare. In brief: They told me they were going to overestimate my shipment weight during the booking process to ensure that there was enough space on the truck, but assured me that I would only pay for the actual weight of my shipment. The truck was not weighed before and after loading as was promised. I contacted MovingAPT and was assured repeatedly that this would be done before and after unloading. When they showed up to unload, they had no weight, and MovingAPT refused to honor their agreement, telling me if I really wanted a weight, they would put my stuff back in storage for weeks to months until they had time, and that they would charge me more. In the end, I paid for their purposefully overestimated weight, not what i actually shipped.

They are impossible to reach. Their booking number for new customers goes straight to a person, but if you try to reach customer service, it takes many messages, and sometimes weeks, to get a call back. They book me with a carrier (Sammy Services) who is irresponsible and exercised no care for my belongings. Over 20 of 50 boxes were missing, furniture arrived unwrapped and heavily damaged, and boxes were crushed and torn open showing extreme negligence. The delivery also took 7 weeks because the carrier "could not find a truck". When informed of all of this, MovingAPT had no problem with it and informed me that they would continue to use this carrier for future customers.

Also, I recently discovered that they contract with, which I was led to believe was a review site like this one, but actually is a service that "suppresses negative search results". So there are probably many more negative reviews out there than you can find. Ask yourself why a decent company would need this service.

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Original review: Sept. 13, 2014

First the movers were 6 hours late and took 2 days to load the truck. They clogged up my toilet and upcharged me for supplies that weren't needed. Then, they arrived a week later than estimated with crushed boxes and scratched furniture. Many items that were triple packed in bubble wrap were broken. They also worked with a company called "Smart Movers" - but they are all together as far as I'm concerned. The move was extremely expensive. Use a Pod or a rental truck and hire local folks to load and unload for a stress-free move. An expensive lesson learned!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 6, 2014

I would not recommend this company to anyone. I wish that I had read the reviews before dealing with them. They lie to you about the cost. So sweet and convincing about how their prices are the lowest and their service is the best. I spoke with numerous people about my inventory and initially was given a price of 2,700.00. The next time it was 3,700 then the final time it was 4,700. They told me that I could get a binding contract by inventory or I could go by weight and the final cost would go down from the estimate if the weight was lower and my final payment could be lower if the weight was under.

When the mover got to my home he said that I had a binding agreement and would have to pay at least the estimate price no matter what and the price could be higher. I had cut way back on my inventory which they said I could. The mover started tacking on more cost to the tune of 500.00 bringing my total to 5,200. Adding things for bulky items and having to re wrap things that I had already wrapped in bubble wrap, thick packing paper with a layer of cardboard. Just the way APT had instructed. Well with this additional fee plus the possibility of additional weight fees. He didn't have a starting weight. I just cancelled the move after already paying over 1,500.00.

I spoke with the manager at APT and initially he was rude telling me that the company would not have told me the things that I was saying and reminded me that the conversation was being recorded. I had him on the speakerphone and he didn't know it, and when he was talking to the mover he was telling him not to rape me with this move, don't rip me off because this was a big move and the moving company owner didn't want to lose the job.

I asked to speak to Jessica who was my move specialist and was told that she no longer works there. I spoke to Karen the moving company owner and she said she wanted to work something out but was talking out of the side of her neck and would still come out on top. I have to start from scratch to get moved in the next few days. PLEASE don't do business with these people. They are not accredited by the BBB but the bureau does have complaint against them and I am also going to write them. My credit card company will also be looking into my situation to see if I can get my deposit back.

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Original review: Sept. 5, 2014

Movers are inexperienced and money-sucker and the moving company has absolutely no reason to be in business. My total move for 1 bedroom apartment was $450 @ $80/HR. I contacted The Apt Movers (Big mistake) about a month before the move (Move from 75248 to 76039). Jennifer ** was the moving consultant and said that "We are in the business for the past 30 years, we have all the equipment necessary for the move" and so on. Big lie. I asked for hourly rate with 2 hours minimum, but she actually had 4 hrs minimum on the paper.

Move day came, 2 movers (One's name was Trey -leader - and the other an old guy) knocked on the apartment at 10 AM. They gave me the paper and I saw about 4 hours minimum. Contacted The Apt Movers, moving consultant was off, but talked with one of sales consultant. She was rude and questioned me about the minimum hours. Later, this was resolved to 2 hours minimum, but the mover (Trey) had time written at 9:30 AM. When I questioned him about this, his answer was when I knock on the door, the time starts.

Movers started the move, but they were very slow. I had all the boxes packed. I had to guide them how to do the move. Trey was OK, but the other guy had some back issues (I guess) and was very slow. Overall it took 2.5 hrs to load stuff from 1 bedroom. Then, we all took off to the drop location. It was Saturday and traffic at I-635 was good. I was at the drop-off location in about 30 minutes.

The movers arrived approximately at 1 hrs and 15 minutes. I contacted the Apt Movers office, and they tried to contact Trey on his cell-phone, but no issues resolved. Finally they showed up and when asked about why they were late, Trey responded by saying "there was an accident at I-635 and I can't drive over 55 MPH with my old truck," but when I checked traffic update, I could not find one. I demanded that I would not pay for the hours that was lost due to transportation delay, but he refused to back down.

I contacted the office. Office sided with the movers. Mover (Trey) demanded that I pay him up-front, or else he would not unload the item (I should have called the police to resolve the issue). The other mover came to me and said, "Hey just talk to him, he will fix it." I was so frustrated, wanted to get over with the move. With complete U-turn, he negotiated to have my items dropped at $420+$30 trip fee (already paid). Otherwise, he threatened to never unload the item. I had to agree to the terms and he gave me the receipt that showed that the move was done in 3.5 hours with $320 invoice.

When money was received, they unloaded the items within about an hour. Finally the load was over and when inspecting furniture had dents all over the place and handles were broken. When inquired about it, Trey responded by saying - "Oh no, these were from before." Arguing with him does not make any sense and so decided to report the issue with the company. I did contacted the company for moving issues and resolution, but they were unresponsive. My dresser, night stand, queen bed, sofa all had scratches. I wish no one would have to go through what we went through. Very poor service and unprofessional.

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Original review: July 31, 2014

If I could rate lower I would!!! They said they would be here at 7:00 am to move me. At 8:00 am I called to find out where they were. At 9:50 they called me back and said they would be happy to change my time to the next day somewhere between 7:00 am and Noon. I ask why were they not at my house at 7:00 am like they said. She repeated, "We can be there tomorrow between 7 and noon," and ask if I wanted that time. I ask if there would be a discount for my inconvenience. She said, "No, the price would stay the same." NEVER COUNT on this company.

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Original review: July 12, 2014

I had the worst experience with a moving company in my entire life. I am still so upset. Chris ** in the Scottsdale region is a thief. He stole all my pots and pans... all my tools... all my patio furniture. I wish that I had never moved with this company - The Apt Movers. Also they broke table legs... Can you imagine? And the wicker caning out of my dining room antique chairs. I am still so upset I can not write about the experience.

Original review: June 24, 2014

Worst experience with movers. Had a move scheduled for an evening between 4-8. They called at 8:30 to tell me they were not going to make it without an apology. If you want your movers to show up on time... or even show up... do NOT use these movers ever. I had to call the next day to reschedule and was told I would have a priority am move the following week from 7-9 am. At 9:15 I called their office and was told that the driver had not even picked up my order from their Irving office. He stated that the driver lived in Mesquite and that there was a lot of traffic... My response was that I would assume that he would take into account traffic so that he could arrive to his first job on time. Brett from the moving co was EXTREMELY abrupt and rude on the phone. He stated that movers usually arrive at 7-7:30, but that my driver was stuck in traffic... Really... for two hours from Mesquite to Dallas??? Moving is stressful enough as it is without dealing with poor customer service and a blatant disregard for their customers time. Needless to say I contacted another mover.

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Original review: May 6, 2014

Prior to "moving" I sold most of my belongings. What was left of furniture was my recliner and a small teak dining table. I hired APT and they provided what I thought was a fair estimate - including packers. Most was packed by me but, a great deal had to be repacked. I am a disabled with compromised mobility and strength. I initially attempted to transport everything myself via 5' trailer attached to my car. I was able to get as far as Idaho Falls before my son determined it was not the safest way to travel. We returned to Boise and quickly emptied the trailer. My friends (all disabled Vets) who are caring for my home pulled items out of boxes that I gave to them to lighten the load once the decision to use an interstate carrier was made.

After depositing the items from the move in my garage, my son and I pulled out of Boise for Georgia. (They pulled out my Pots and Pans; Dishes; Glasses, etc. Leaving a few boxes of books and miscellaneous items including Art work and pictures.) APT was hired and their packers threw the unpacked items haphazardly into boxes without regard. When they arrived in Georgia, my chair was broken apart (not reassembled) and the boxes were stuffed in my storage unit. Needed boxes on the bottom. I had purchased new boxes including 2 Grand Wardrobes for my clothes. I have been only able to find a few pieces, stuffed in a flat box not the proper size.

The Grand Wardrobes were stuffed with items I intended to leave in my home in Boise. I am still missing so much including a canvas bag about the size of a briefcase that contained CDs and DVDs that I wanted handy... (They are possibly melted now with the hot weather). In GA, we had a rough winter. 25 hours without power when a tree fell on a power line. My storage unit remained untouched until the weather was better. (Left Boise January, 2014 - arrived GA January 17th). Because of my disability, I have been pulling boxes out one or two at a time, every few weeks. (Note, I came to GA to be with my parents. They are elderly and ill. My son is working on his degree in Aerospace Engineering out in California).

I have not posted photos. I was not aware this site existed until May 6th, 2014. APT has ignored my complaints via email and demand for a refund. My estimate was about $1800 - payable in 3 payments of about $600 each; after my property was packed, I was advised that the move would cost me $1400 immediately, with an additional $1400 upon delivery. I was told there were over 90 heavy boxes. (90?? Some of the boxes were the size of a printer box or smaller. Most were small and medium size moving boxes. There were not many larger boxes!) After I began pulling boxes out of storage, I immediately contacted APT via email. NO RESPONSE. I requested a full refund of all charges over and above the estimate.

Would I recommend this carrier? No way. I believe I am the victim of a scam. This company is unprofessional and does not care about your belongings. (I am the daughter of a late attorney/law professor, and I spent years working in Title Insurance with a specialty in fraud and forgery prior to becoming disabled. I never thought I would find myself as a victim.)

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Original review: Feb. 3, 2014

I made a reservation with the Apt Movers of Irving to move my belongings to Dallas on Sunday, January 19th, between 3-8pm. Sunday morning I drove to around 7 different places in order to get their cashier's check. Everything was closed. I contacted Apt Movers to let them know and they recommended a few shops that would be open. They told me that if I could get the money order in time that they could proceed with the move. So, I called around and finally found a place that was open and got their money order.

I called before 3pm to let them know that I had the money and they could move my things. Despite my reservation and our agreement, they told me that they would move me the next morning. On Monday morning, I called again and was told that they were en route. The movers did NOT SHOW UP!!! Instead they came around 4:30pm that day. So, they were 24 hours late. I had made my own plans for the day. I had two meetings that I needed to attend. Due to the Apt Movers' lack of professionalism, I could not go. They messed up my life and I will never forgive them.

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Original review: July 9, 2013

We accepted the bid from The Apt Movers to complete a move from our former residence in Plant City to Clearwater. We had moved most of the items ourselves but needed help with larger items such as a 4-person hot tub, patio furniture, dinette set, etc. I corresponded with a representative both via email and phone and asked for (and received) written verification that they could move a 4-person hot tub, and the quote included the cost of moving all items within a 4-hour time window. We were contacted the day prior to the move and were told that our movers would arrive between 8:00am - 9:00am the next morning and would contact us when they were en route. We arrived at the house at 7:00am and had EVERYTHING except for the hot tub and a small deep freezer waiting in the front of the house on the driveway and sidewalk for the movers to just load onto the truck.

We did not receive a call notifying us when they were en route but they did show up at 9:10am with 2 females and 1 male to complete our move. When they saw the hot tub they stated they would have to request additional help because the females would not be able to lift the hot tub... even though it was stated up front there was a hot tub to be moved. They loaded the truck and we had to wait for another crew to arrive to help with the hot tub and were told at that time there would be an additional charge for providing us with an extra person to help with the move. That wouldn't have been an issue if they had been taken by surprise by the hot tub, but as I stated, we had specifically mentioned the hot tub and had written verification that they were aware of it.

On our way back to Clearwater, the moving crew started to go in a direction that would have taken them much longer to arrive at our new residence... thus going over the 4-hour time allotment. My husband and I pulled up next to the truck at a stoplight and the driver told us they would follow us to our new home. They then proceeded to slow way down and fell far behind us, even though we were driving slower than necessary to allow for the fact that they had our belongings on their truck and we wanted everything to arrive safely. At one point, they exited the freeway, even though we hadn't, and since we had no contact information for the driver, we called the dispatch number and was informed they had to stop to get gas.

Since we knew we were working within a 4-hour time frame, we took extra measures to make sure we had as much accomplished as possible to stay within our allotted time restraints. When the truck finally arrived, we just had them put everything, with the exception of the hot tub, in our garage, and they placed the hot tub in the back yard as requested. The moving crew and dispatcher were pleasant, but the company itself is somewhat sketchy because they tried everything possible to extract more money than the originally quoted price. By sending a crew who could not complete the job and then having to send an 'extra' person and charge more for that person to attempting to drive a farther distance than necessary and then making a pit stop for gas, they certainly pulled out all the stops to increase their bottom dollar amount. We ultimately paid an extra $60.00 beyond the quoted price and will definitely be more cautious if we ever plan a move again. We will probably not use The Apt Movers next time though.

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Original review: June 27, 2013

We had Apt Movers move us in January 2013. Everything went well until one of the movers dropped and smashed our 36" Sony TV which was about 5 years old. He was very sorry and apologetic. He immediately took pictures on his phone and submitted the claim. I asked if we needed to do anything and he said he would take care of everything. We waited 30 days before calling and kept getting referred to different people at different numbers. We told our story to several employees, to no avail.

Finally, we were put in touch with Christine in the claims dept., who told us that it would be taken care of in 60 to 90 days. We are still waiting!!! The last message we received was on June 14, saying she would be mailing it out that day. It is now June 26 and still no check. I have been emailing her and have not received a response. Don't use this company!!

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